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    Wolverine 99-Hit Combo FAQ by sevenofnine

    Version: v1.0 | Updated: 12/08/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    by sebastian campos aka sevenofnine on GameFAQs
    December 5, 2005
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    Table of Contents
    I. Legal
    II. Intro
    III. Controls & Terminology
    IV.a. Infinite Combo - Setups + Infinite Looping Sequence
    IV.b. Infinite Combo - Explanations
    IV.c. Tips
    V. Thanks & Miscellany
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    I. Legal
    No part of this FAQ may be copied without permission from the original author. 
    This FAQ may not be redistributed for free or for profit.
    II. Intro
    Let's get things straight from the start: this FAQ is for Wolverine's infinite 
    (+99 hit) combo, NOT to be confused with "Infinity Combo," which is a rather
    silly name for super moves (especially because they are _not_ infinite). I will
    assume that you already have a feel for the game's mechanics and understand the
    (air) combo system. Once you master this infinite combo, little will get in 
    your way, as there is nothing your opponent can do but sit there and take it. 
    Just remember who taught it to you! =P
    If you are familiar with Wolverine's infinite combos in X-Men vs. Street 
    Fighter, you'll be glad to know that they're exactly the same in this game, 
    only the timing is a bit different. Additionally, all of the setups in that 
    game work in this game, save one. If you're not familiar with these combos, 
    then by all means, continue reading.
    III. Controls & Terminology
    Please take note of the button layout for this FAQ, as it is different from 
    other FAQs devoted to the X-Men / Marvel Super Heroes / "VS" series.
           [UB]   [U]   [UF]         UB => "up back"
             o     o     o           U => "up" 
              \    |    /            UF => "up forward"
     [B]  o --     o     -- o [F]    B => "back" 
              /    |    \            N=> "neutral" 
             o     o     o           F=> "forward" 
           [DB]   [D]   [DF]         DB => "down back"
                                     D => "down"
                                     DF => "down forward"
    1 3 5                            1 => Jab punch
    2 4 6                            2 => Short kick
                                     3 => Strong punch
                                     4 => Forward kick
                                     5 => Fierce punch
                                     6 => Roundhouse kick
    Direction+button => press the designated button while holding the required 
         direction (ie. D6 = down and Roundhouse kick) 
    Direction(buttons) => all of the buttons within the brackets need to be 
         pressed while holding the specified direction (ie. D(12356) = press
         12356 while holding down)
    /\ => hyper jump
    xx = > cancel the previous move with the move following xx (ie. 5xxBerserker
         Barrage = cancel the Fierce punch animation with Berserker Barrage)
    OTG => "Off The Ground"
    flying screen => an event triggered by specific moves; once triggered, hyper 
         jumps, throws, dashes and command moves are disabled until the opponent 
         lands and recovers
    , => take a brief pause
    [G] - the following buttons are pressed while on the ground
    [A] - the following buttons are pressed while in the air
    [L] - land; designates when you land from a jump
    IV.a. Infinite Combo - Setups + Infinite Looping Sequence
    There are six possible setups for the infinite combo. The first two are easy, 
    the second two are somewhat difficult, and the last two are expert-level 
    setups - especially the last one. Detailed explanations follow afterward. 
    i. Condition: opponent descending from jump while in corner
         You: [G] U [A] 123356 [L]
    ii. Condition: cornered opponent 
         You: [G] Berserker Barrage X (hits) 
    iiia. Condition: opponent near corner
         You: [G] 6 /\ [A] 123D4xx56 [L]
    iiib. Condition: opponent is 1 screen away from the corner
         You: [G] 6 /\ [A] 1233356 [L]
    iv. Condition: opponent within one screen from corner
         You: [G] D(2356)xxUF/\ [A] 123D4xx56 [L]
    v. Condition: opponent right in corner
         You: [G] D4xxD2xxUF [A] 23356 [L]
    Infinite Looping Sequence:
    [G] UF(123356) [L] UF(123356) [L] UF(123356) [L] ... ad infinitum
    IV.b. Infinite Combo - Explanations
    i. Although it's unlikely that such a setup will occur during a real match, 
    this is perhaps the easiest way to learn the timing required to perform the 
    infinite combo. You can practice by having the opposite player be your dummy 
    and have them jump straight up when they're in the corner. Time your jump so 
    that you meet them just as they're about a character's height off the ground. 
    Then, nail them with [A] 123356. As soon as you land, you need to jump UF and 
    input the sequence again. 
    Infinite sequence:
    [G] U [A] 123356 [L] UF [A] 123356 [L] UF [A] 123356 [L] ...
    ii. For this setup to work, you _need_ to be right in the corner along with 
    your opponent, or at a distance where you can reach your opponent when you jump
    UF. Additionally, since your super move needs to hit, it's best to combo into 
    it. D(25)xxBerserker Barrage X is the best was to do this. After Berserker 
    Barrage X connects, two things happen: 1) the flying screen activates and 2) 
    your opponent gets knocked high up into the air. Just as in setup i, as your 
    opponent is coming down, jump U (if you're right under them) or UF (if you're 
    not in the corner) and hit them with the repeating sequence: [A] 123356 [L] UF 
    [A] 123356 [L] ... ad infinitum. Heavier characters come down quicker than 
    lighter ones, so take that into consideration before jumping.
    Infinite sequence:
    [G] Berserker Barrage X, U/UF [A] 123356 [L] UF [A] 123356 [L] ...
    iiia. This setup is a toughie to learn at first, but it will most likely end 
    up being the one you use the most. First, knock your opponent into the air and 
    follow them up. The most important part to getting this setup correctly is 
    timing your air Jab. You need to press 1 so that you hit your opponent's head. 
    If you hit earlier (ie. hit their legs or body), you will be too low and your 
    D4 will miss. Another place where you might encounter difficulty is canceling 
    your D4 on time with 5. If you're too slow, Wolverine will bounce off your 
    opponent and there goes your opportunity. Lastly, try to time your attacks so 
    that you're not high up in the air by the time you strike with 6 or else your 
    opponent will be able to recover in mid-air before you are able to jump back up
    and hit them. If you manage to get past these obstacles, you shouldn't have any
    problems. But note: this setup does _not_ work on Ironman! I have no idea why 
    this is, but if you manage to get Ironman up in the air and begin your combo, 
    D4 will always miss! @_@ I play the European version of this game - perhaps it 
    has been fixed in the American version?
    Infinite sequence:
    [G] 6 /\ [A] 123D4xx56 [L] UF [A] 123356 [L] UF [A] 123356 [L] ...
    iiib. Although the difference between this setup and the previous one may seem
    trivial, the difference in execution is quite different. Besides not using 
    Wolverine's dive kick (D4), this setup allows you to perform the infinite 
    combo if you catch your opponent at a distance from the corner. If you're a 
    full screen away from the corner, then this is the way to go. Knock them into 
    the air, follow them up, and begin hitting them with 1 when it will strike them
    on the head. Once you land, just jump up and input the looping sequence.
    Infinite sequence:
    [G] 6 /\ [A] 1233356 [L] UF [A] 123356 [L] UF [A] 123356 [L] ...
    iv. The first of the expert setups is the second most challenging of all, but 
    without question, is definitely the most visually impressive one and will 
    certainly leave onlookers awing at your skills. Please note that this setup is
    very difficult to perform on small characters. With that said, if your opponent
    is within one screen of the corner (this depends on opponent's size, of 
    course), dash in and press: D(2356)xxUF/\ [A] 123D456. (You might want to skip 
    D3, as depending on your opponent's size, they may juggle too high and your D5 
    will whiff.) Wolverine's 6 sends him sliding forward with his legs 
    outstretched. During this time, you need cancel the animation with a hyper jump
    in the UF direction. The timing is _very_ difficult, I cannot emphasize this 
    enough. But, it can be done. Once you connect with your airborne 1, you need to
    hold the joystick downwards, so that Wolverine will execute his diving kick. If
    you don't, Wolverine will continue to ascend into his hyper jump and there goes
    your infinite. Honing this setup will take time and a lot of patience, but it
    is worth it. Note that since this infinite setup requires the use of an 
    airborne D4, it cannot be used against Ironman.
    Infinite sequence:
    [G] D(2356)xxUF/\ [A] 123D4xx56 [L] UF [A] 123356 [L] UF [A] 123356 [L] ...
    v. The last of the setups is by far the most challenging one of all in terms 
    of timing as it's an OTG . For starters, it can be done on light characters 
    (Wolverine, Spiderman and Psylocke), but it will be extremely difficult. When 
    you have your opponent cornered, trip them with D4, and, if they don't roll, 
    hit them with D2 as soon as they touch the ground. In fact, your leg needs to 
    be out _before_ they even touch the floor. If timed well enough, D2 will cause 
    the opponent to roll back after a short vertical "hop." Here, you need to jump 
    UF very quickly, and nail them with an UF 2 (1 strikes too high to OTG the 
    opponent). If you're not already kicking while you're ascending, you won't 
    connect. As soon as you connect, continue with 3356 and follow up with the 
    looping sequence once you land. The downside to this impressive combo is that a
    quick-handed opponent can roll away after the first hit and avoid the infinite 
    altogether. =(
    Infinite sequence:
    [G] D4xxD2xxUF [A] 23356 [L] UF [A] 123356 [L] UF [A] 123356 [L] ...
    IV.c. Tips
    1) For all of the aforementioned methods to work, you will need to hold UF 
    during the entire infinite looping sequence to counterbalance the "pushback"
    experienced after every airborne 6. Secondly, as soon as you land, you need
    to jump right back up - do _not_ stay on the ground, not even for a second!
    2) Shuma Gorath's stage is the only stage without a corner (after the "wall" 
    gives away). However, Wolverine can still perform his infinite combo! How? 
    Well, once the walls break away, the background of the stage loops if you keep
    going in one direction. However, the screen scrolls very slowly, allowing you 
    to perform your infinite. And might I add, it looks really cool, since you're 
    moving either left or right the entire time! The only setup that will not work
    in Shuma's stage is the Berserker Barrage X approach, as it will hurl your 
    opponent several screens away, way out of your reach.
    3) Meeting your airborne opponent for the first time after your setup is the 
    most crucial moment in determining the success of your infinite combo. If you 
    strike too early while going up, your 5 will whiff and if press 3 only once, 
    your opponent will not be high enough to juggle afterwards. After your first 
    (successful) leap, it's a bit more lax, however. If you strike too early going 
    up (say, on your third leap), you can make up for it by attacking a little 
    later on your fourth leap, etc. You need to be very conscious of your 
    opponent's position onscreen to keep the infinite combo going.
    4) Once you reach 99 hits, the counter stays fixed at 99 even if you keep 
    nailing your opponent. While it is to your advantage to keep hitting a human 
    opponent past 99, if you're playing against the CPU and going for the high 
    score, once you hit 99, stop hitting them! You will continue to damage them, 
    but the bonus to your score will not go beyond 99 000. 
    5) If you're going for the high score, _never_ kill your CPU opponent with the 
    infinite combo. For some strange reason (most likely a glitch), if you finish 
    off your opponent with a combo, you do not get a combo bonus added to your 
    score. Instead, let them fall out after 99 hits and combo them again.
    6) Since neither an airborne 5 nor 6 activates the flying screen, after 
    juggling your opponent against the corner, you can actually nail them with a 
    Berserker Barrage X! It gives you a quick +10 hits to your infinite, and 
    afterward, you can continue your infinite combo as outlined in method ii! 
    Remember that the Berserker Barrage X needs to be connected when your opponent 
    is off the ground, but not high enough so that they fall out. Additionally, 
    Berserker Barrage X activates the flying screen, so you can only do this once 
    per combo.
    7) Practice! Practice! Practice!
    V. Thanks & Miscellany 
    My highest score (died once at Thanos): 2 399 202
    CJayC - for GameFAQs - best gaming resource site ev4r!
    Capcom - for Marvel Super Heroes and other awesome fighting games!
    No Thanks:
    York University - for limiting the time I have to play video games =(
    Questions? Comments? Corrections (not related to syntax/spelling)?
    Hope this has been informing. Now get out there and kick some ass! =)

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