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    Short Move List by CGrey

    Version: 9.00 | Updated: 06/13/98 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Iceout's Kombat Zone - MK4 arcade Revision 3 Compact FAQ
    by Charles Grey  Enter IKZ: http://members.aol.com/iceout0002/mk64.htm
    Version 9.00 - 06.13.98 (FINAL UPDATE)
    Final version:
    * Added combos from N64 FAQ since they're both rev 3
    * My corny descriptions of the rest of the weapon moves
    * Corrections
    2nd outfit:
    At the select screen, hold START and press the three buttons listed and
    the square will flip to a yin-yang. If both sides use the same character,
    only the 2nd player can have the 2nd outfit.
    2-on-2 Kombat:
    Each side selects two fighters, the second one joining in when the first
    gets knocked out.
    Group Select(2-player game only):
    A shrunken select screen appears. You start with Kai on the top-left and
    move down each time you win.
    Random: Randomly selects your character.
    Hidden(2-player game only): Hides your select square.
    Joystick Buttons
    B  * F   LP RN LK
    DB D DF
    HP/LP/HK/LK: High/Low Punch/Kick
    BL: Block
    RN: Run
    * : can be done in air
    MEAT - see last section after Sonya
    Hold D right after doing spikes fatality to have them slide down,
    BL for "Toasty!"
    Hold Start during Scorpions' BBQ fatality to hear "Toasty! 3-D"
    During "CHOOSE YOUR DESTINY" for 1-player games, tap START to rotate
    the towers and get a different opponent lineup.
    In 2-player games, a "VS" screen appears before the match starts.
    Use BL,HK, and LK to change icons. Hold UP to go backwards.
    111-111 Weapon falls from sky
    222-222 Draw a DIFFERENT weapon
    333-333 Randper Kombat
    444-444 Wewapons already drawn
    555-555 Room full of weapons
    666-666 No music
    123-123 One hit Kills!
    100-100 Throws disabled
    020-020 Red Rain (on outdoor stage)
    050-050 Explosive Kombat
    002-002 Can't drop weapons
    012-012 "Noob Saibot Mode"
    001-001 Unlimited Run
    010-010 Max Damage Disabled
    110-110 Throws and MAX disabled
    011-011 Goro's Lair (stage fatality,rocks)
    022-022 Scorpion's Stage (heads)
    033-033 Faces Stage
    044-044 Tomb
    055-055 Outdoors
    066-066 Reptile's Stage (spiked balls)
    101-101 Temple
    202-202 Living Forest
    303-303 Fan Stage (stage fatality)
    Air starters : Jump+HP or U,HK/LK (follow with ground combo)
    Basic series : HP>HP>HK>(B+LK/B+HK)
    Ground series: HP>HP>HK>(HK/LK)>Draw Weapon(hits)/Special
    Pop-up series: HP>HP>HK>(D+HP/D+HK)
    Weapon series: HK>Any weapon attack except throw
    Midair series: Jump+HP,(LP/HK/LK)
    Doing Kai's Handstand(BL+LK) in a combo give you a free upper kick
    finisher. This works on Revision 3 only.
    If the combo reaches 40% or more, "MAXIMUM DAMAGE" appears and you get
    knocked back.
    Throws and Breakers will not count as hits in combos, though the damage
    will be added.
    HP       : High Jab
    LP       : Middle Jab
    crouch+HP: Uppercut
    crouch+LP: Low Jab
    jump+HP  : Jumping Jab
    jump+LP  : Jumping Power Punch (knocks down)
    close HP : Face Punch
    close LP : Basic Throw
    Tap HP/LP: Repeated Punches
    HK       : Face Kick
    LK       : Quick Kick
    B+HK     : Roundhouse
    B+LK     : Foot Sweep
    crouch+HK: Uppercut Kick
    crouch+LK: Ankle Kick
    UB/UF+HK : Jump Kick
    UB/UF+LK : Drop Kick
    U+HK/LK  : Front Leg Kick
    close HK : Knee Strike
    close LK : Bone Breaker
    crouch+RN: Pick up and throw non-weapon object
    RN,RN    : Sidestep away from screen
    D,RN,RN  : Sidestep into screen
    UB/UF    : Jump back/forward
    U        : Jump straight up
    D(hold)  : Crouching
    F+hold RN: Run forward
    BL       : Standing block
    crouch+BL: Crouching block (use for trips,sweeps and LK's low fireball)
    Hold B/DB: Throw protection
    (draw move): draw weapon out/throw if in hand
    (Jump)+HP  : Midair upper-swing (floats like jumping HK)
    (Jump)+LP  : Midair down-swing (knocks straight down)
    D+RN       : pick up weapon(when standing over)
    HP  : Quick Hit
    B+HP: Overhand
    LP  : Weak Upper
    B+LP: Upper Slash
    D+LP: Sword Spin(hold D+LP DB/DF moves)
    HP  : Side Swipe
    B+HP: Overhead Smash
    LP  : Hit into screen
    B+LP: 2-hit upper
    HP  : Upper
    B+HP: Running Stab
    LP  : Back Spin
    B+LP: Sweep
    HP  : Side Swipe
    B+HP: Uppercut Swing
    LP  : Trip
    B+LP: Freeze Dash
    HP  : Short Slash
    B+HP: Spin Slash
    LP  : Throw (returns later)
    B+LP: Upward Throw (returns later)
    HP  : Side Swipe
    B+HP: Overhead Smash
    LP  : Hit into screen
    B+LP: Uppercut Swing
    HP  : Overhead Smash
    B+HP: Side Swipe
    LP  : Hit into screen
    B+LP: Uppercut Swing
    HP  : Upward Shot
    LP  : Straight Shot
    B+LP: Bouncing Shot
    HP  : Upper
    B+HP: Backhand Swipe
    LP  : Downstrike
    B+LP: The "Carver"
    HP  : Uppercut Swing
    B+HP: Backhand Swipe
    LP  : Downstrike
    B+LP: Dash Slash
    HP  : Lawnmower Slash (tap rapidly for repeated slashes)
    B+HP: Running Stab
    LP  : Upper
    B+LP: Knockdown
    HP  : Upper
    B+HP: Axe Spin (hold HP , B/F moves)
    LP  : Downstrike
    B+LP: Backhand Swipe
    HP  : Upper
    B+HP: 360 Slash
    LP  : Downstrike
    B+LP: same as B+HP
    HP  : Step Slash
    B+HP: Upper
    LP  : Weak Upper
    B+LP: Knockdown
    2nd Outfit : HP+BL+LK
    Draw Weapon: D,B,LP
    Upward Fire: F,F,LP*
    Down Fire  : B,B,HP
    Zip Punch  : D,F,HP
    Slide Kick : D,F+LK
    Handstand  : BL+LK
    (HS position only)
    Spin Kicks : LP(hold) (B/F moves)
    Upper Kick : HK
    Lower Kick : LK
    Stand Up   : BL
    (4) Up Kick,HK,HK,BL+LK(free hit)(32%)
    (5) Up Kick,HK,D+HP,Up Fire,Jump HK(32%)
    Body Rip   : U,F,U,B,HK(close)
    Saw Blade  : U,U,U,D,BL(outside sweep)
    Fan Stage  : F,F,D,BL
    Goro Stage : B,F,D,HK
    2d Outfit  : LP+BL+HK
    Draw Weapon: F,B,HP
    Spark      : D,B,LP
    Wall Smash : F,F,LK*
    Teleport   : D,U
    Dynamo     : F,B,U,U,HK(close)
    Electrocute: D,U,U,U,HP(close)
    Fan Stage  : D,F,B,BL
    Goro Stage : F,F,D,LP
    2nd Outfit: HP+BL+LP
    Weapon    : B,F,LP
    Kai       : F,F,F,LK
    Rayden    : D,F,F,HP
    Liu Kang  : B,B,F,HK
    Reptile   : B,B,F,BL
    Scorpion  : F,B,LP
    Jax       : F,D,F,HK
    Reiko     : B,B,B,BL
    Cage      : D,D,HP
    Jarek     : B,B,B,LK
    Tanya     : B,F,D,BL
    Fujin     : F,F,B,HK
    Sub-Zero  : D,B,LP
    Quan Chi  : F,B,F,LK
    Sonya     : F,D,F,HP
    (3) Up Kick,HK,B+HK(29%)
    (4) (any weapon) Up Kick,HK,D+HP,jump LP(28%)
    The Hand  : D,B,F,D,RN(close)
    Goal!     : D,U,U,D,BL(close)
    Fan Stage : D,D,F,HK
    Goro Stage: D,F,B,HP
    2nd Outfit  : HP+BL+LK
    Draw Weapon : B,F,LK
    Fireball    : F,F,HP*
    Low FireBall: F,F,LP
    Flying Kick : F,F,HK
    Bike Kick   : Hold LK 3-5 seconds
    (4) HP,HP,HK,HK,Flying Kick(29%)
    Dragon Morph: F,F,F,D,HK+BL+LK(1/2 screen)
    Screen Shot : F,D,D,U,HP(close)
    Fan Stage   : F,F,B,LP
    Goro Stage  : F,F,B,HK
    2nd Outfit      : LP+BL+LK
    Draw Weapon     : B,B,LK
    Acid Spray      : D,F,HP
    Palm Strike     : B,F,LP
    Inviso          : BL+HK
    Super Crawl     : B,F,LK
    (3) (axe) HK,LP,LP(23%)
    (3) (corner) Jump HK,Crawl,Uppercut(27%)
    Beauty Treatment: Hold HP+LP+HK+LK then U(close)
    3-D Acid Loogie : U,D,D,D,HP(outside sweep)
    Fan Stage       : D,F,F,LP
    Goro Stage      : D,D,F,HK
    2nd Outfit : HP+BL+HK
    Draw Weapon: F,F,HK
    Spear      : B,B,LP
    Tele-Punch : D,B,HP*
    Fire Breath: D,F,LP
    Air Throw  : BL when both in air
    (4) Spear,HK,HK,Weapon(31%)
    (7) Up Kick,HK,HK,Spear,HP,HK,Weapon(43%)
    B.B.Q.     : B,F,F,B,BL(1/2 screen)
    Scorpion   : B,F,D,U,HP(close)
    Fan Stage  : F,D,D,LK
    Goro Stage : B,F,F,LK
    2nd Outfit : RN+BL+LP
    Draw Weapon: D,F,HP
    Gun Shot   : D,F,LP
    Slide Punch: D,B,LP
    Earthquake : F,F,D,LK
    Backbreaker: BL when both in air
    Multi Throw: Throw,then(hold)RN+BL+LK > HP+LP+LK > HP+BL+LK > HP+LP+HK+LK
    (3) (club) HK,B+LP(26%)
    (5) Up Kick,HK,HK,Weapon(41%)
    Arm Rip    : Hold LK for before you win then F,F,D,F,release LK(close)
    Head Smash : B,F,F,D,BL(close)
    Fan Stage  : F,F,B,LK
    Goro Stage : F,F,B,HP
    2nd Outfit       : HP+LK+RN
    Draw Weapon      : D,B,HP
    Vertical Teleport: D,U
    (during V.T. only)
    Air Throw        : BL
    Air Punch        : HP/LP
    Front Kick       : HK/LK
    Horiz.Teleport   : B,F,LK
    Flip Kick        : B to D to F+HK
    Throwing Stars   : D,F,LP
    (3) Flip Kick,HP,jump HK(20%)
    (6) Up Kick,HK,HK,Flip Kick,HP,jump LK(44%)
    Power Kick       : F,D,F+HK+BL+LP+LK(close)
    Shuriken Massacre: B,B,D,D,HK(outside sweep)
    Fan Stage        : D,D,B,LP
    Goro Stage       : F,F,D,LK
    2nd Outfit  : LP+LK+RN
    Draw Weapon : F,D,F,LK
    High Fire   : D,B,LP
    Low FireBall: D,F,HP
    Groin Punch : BL+LP(dosen't work on Sonya or Tanya)
    Shadow Kick : B,F,LK
    Shadow Upper: B,D,B,HP
    (3) (pirate sword) HK,B+HP,Shadow Kick(27%)
    (5) Up Kick,HK,D+HP,jump HK,Shadow Kick(33%)
    Body Rip    : F,B,D,D,HK(close)
    Head Punch  : D,D,F,D,BL(close)
    Fan Stage   : D,F,F,HK
    Goro Stage  : B,F,F,LK
    2nd Outfit : HP+HK+RN
    Draw Weapon: F,F,HP
    Fwd. Roll  : B,F,LK
    Upward Roll: F,D,F,HP
    Blade Toss : D,B,LP
    Earthquake : B,D,B,HK
    (3) (curved sword) HK,HP,LK(25%)
    Heart Pull : F,B,F,F,LK(close)
    Eye Beam   : U,U,F,F,BL(outside sweep)
    Fan Stage  : F,D,F,HK
    Goro Stage : B,F,F,LP
    2nd Outfit  : HK+LP+LK
    Draw Weapon : F,F,HK
    Fire Ball   : D,F,HP
    Air FireBall: D,B,LP in air
    Spin Kick   : F,F,LK
    Spilts Kick : F to D to B+LK
    (3) (boomerang) Jump HK,Spin,LP(29%)
    (5) Up Kick,HK,HK,Spin,Splits(42%)
    (6) Jump+HP,HP,HK,HK,Spin,Spilts(33%)
    Explode Kiss: D,D,U,D,HP+BL(close)
    Neck Breaker: D,F,D,F,HK(close)
    Fan Stage   : B,F,D,HP
    Goro Stage  : F,F,F,LP
    2nd Outfit  : HP+LP+HK
    Draw Weapon : B,B,LP
    Dust Storm  : F,D,F,HP
    Slam        : B,F,D,LK from the dust storm
    Spin        : F,D,LP(hold)
    Flying Knee : D,F,HK
    Diving Kick : D+LK at top of jump
    (3) Dust Storm,Slam,Uppercut(24%)
    (3) Dust Storm,jump HP,HK air chain(22%)
    (7) Up Kick,HK,HK,Weapon(38%)
    Turkey Shoot: Tap BL+RN rapidly(1/2 screen)
    Wind Blast  : D,F,F,U,BL(outside sweep)
    Fan Stage   : D,D,D,HK
    Goro Stage  : B,F,B,HP
    2nd Outfit : HP+BL+RN
    Draw Weapon: D,F,HK
    Ice Ball   : D,F,LP
    Ice Clone  : D,B,LP*
    Slide      : LP+BL+LK
    (5) Ice,Up Kick,HK,HK,Slide(21%)
    (8) Ice,Up Kick,HP,HP,HK,HK,Weapon,Slide(30%)
    3-D Headrip: F,B,F,D,HP+BL+RN(close)
    Ice Smash  : B,B,D,B,HP(outside sweep)
    Fan Stage  : D,U,U,U,HK
    Goro Stage : D,D,D,LK
    2nd outfit    : HP+HK+RN
    Draw Weapon   : D,B,HK
    Skull Fireball: F,F,LP
    Teleport Stomp: F,D,LK
    Steal Weapon  : F,B,HP when their weapon is drawn
    Slide Kick    : F,F,HK
    Air Throw     : BL when both in air
    (3) (mace) HK,B+LP,jump LP
    Leg Rip       : Hold LK before you win then F,D,F,release LK(close)
    Imperson-ality: U,U,D,D,LP(outside sweep)
    Fan Stage     : F,F,D,HP
    Goro Stage    : F,F,B,LK
    2nd Outfit     : HP+LK+RN
    Draw Weapon    : F,F,LK
    Purple FireBall: D,F,LP
    Bike Kick      : B,B,D,HK
    Air Punch      : F,B,HP
    Leg Grab       : Hold D,BL+LP
    Fwd. Flipkick  : B to D to F+LK
    Air Throw      : BL when both in air
    (3) (corner) Flipkick,Uppercut(16%)
    (5) Jump+HP,HP,HK,HK,Weapon(30%)
    Kiss Blade     : D,D,D,U,RN(outside sweep)
    Deadly Flipkick: U,D,D,U,HK(outside sweep)
    Fan Stage      : D,B,B,HK
    Goro Stage     : F,D,F,HP
    Beat group mode with all 15 select screen characters.
    Then choose any character. Has all moves of that character chosen.
    MK Extreme      : Move confirmations
    TRMK            : Moves
    Badrock         : Combo Information
    kingjlc@aol.com : pointed out that Shin's Goro stage was wrong
    Tips&Tricks 5/98: Sonya/Kang/Scorpions 2nd
    Mortal Kombat 4 (c)1997-98 MIDWAY

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