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    Sub-Zero by CGrey

    Version: 4.00 | Updated: 05/06/98 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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       -  -   --- - - - -  - KOMBAT ZONE
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    MK4 Sub-Zero Guide for Arcade versions 2.1/3.0
    Revision: 4.00 (FINAL UPDATE)
    Created : 09/16/97
    Updated : 05/06/98
    By      : Charles Grey
    What's New:
    *Combos, combos, combos!!!!!
    *Some breaker information
      BL :B  * F
    2)The Moves
    Unmask Sub-Zero:
    At select screen, hold START, hit HP+BL+RN, and select the "Yin-Yang".
    If both sides choose Sub, only the right side player will be unmasked.
    Rotate Character Towers:
    Tap START during "CHOOSE YOUR DESTINY" to change opponent roster.
    (Try to avoid Rayden or Tanya!)
    [HP]High Jab
    Light face-level jab that does 4% damage and will juggle midair opponents.
    [LP]Middle Jab
    Hits a little lower and only 3% damage.
    [HK]High Kick
    A kick to the face. Best known as an anti-air counter.
    [LK]Quick Kick
    Quick kick with fair damage that can check nearby opponents. This
    will not knock their weapon out of their hands, though.
    [HP/LP rapidly]Punch Pummel
    A rapid flurry of punches, and five of these will stagger. However, these
    can be blocked at any time and is not a combo. One or two of these that
    hit an opponent out of air "float" them up and set up a juggle combo.
    [BL]High Defense
    Blocks all attacks except for weapon sweeps,the B+LK sweep, and
    Sonya's Leg Grab. It can be done IMMEDIATELY upon landing on the ground.
    Knocks them up..way up. Do after a close HP or HP-HK for a weak one
    that sets up juggle combos.
    [crouch+LP]Low Jab
    Just a low jab.
    [crouch+HK]Donkey Kick
    Think uppercut with kick, but quicker recovery.
    [crouch+LK]Ankle Kick
    Anemic damage and range, but useful for push outs and foiling run-in
    throw/combo attempts.
    [crouch+BL]Low Defense
    Use to block sweeps/LK's low fireball/Sonyas' Leg Grab.
    [crouch+RN]Pick Up Weapon/Throw Object
    This will pick up a dropped weapon, or pick up and throw a rock or head.
    The rock toss does a lot of damage and lands near you if it hits so you can
    throw it again!
    The swing.. SLAM!! Knocks them into the background.
    [B+LK]Foot Sweep
    Full-circle leg sweep. It must be blocked low!
    [close HP]Face Punch
    A blow to the head. Combo link starter.
    [close LP]Scoop Throw
    Sub will scoop and slam them, unless they used the throw block method.
    [close HK]Knee Strike
    Knee to the gut. Combo link starter.
    [close HK,HK]Double Kick
    The second kick adds 9% more damage but can only be followed by a
    Weapon Draw or Special Move.
    [close LK]Leg Breaker
    Sub grabs their leg and twists it, and casts them away. This stuns them
    for about a second.
    The computer can reverse this even if it's in a combo. Dosen't count as
    a hit in a combo.
    [HP during jump]Air Jab
    This can be followed by a ground link combo.
    [LP during jump]Power Punch
    A powerful punch that knocks down.
    [Jump UB/UF,HK]Jumpkick
    This kick "floats" them up a little before they fall down.
    [Jump UB/UF,LK]Dropkick
    Flying kick that knocks straight down.
    [Jump U,HK or LK]Front Leg Kick
    Jumps with front leg out. It does 9% damage and can be followed by a
    ground combo!
    [Hold B or DB]Block Throws
    Their throw attempts turn into LP jabs.
    Self-explanitory. There is about a 0.1 second transition time that
    must be completed before you can do crouching attacks.
    [UB]Jumpflip Back
    Jumps backwards about 2/3 of a screen.
    [U]Jump Straight Up
    A medium hop upward. Good for avoiding projectiles.
    [UF]Jumpflip Forward
    Jumps forward about 2/3 of a screen.
    [Hold(F+RN)]Run Towards
    Runs for as long as you hold both F and RN. Good way to set up those
    MAX DAMAGE ground combos.
    [RN,RN]Sidestep Away [D+RN,RN]Sidestep Towards
    Takes two steps to the side. This is especially useful for evading
    projectiles. If, for example, Liu Kang starts chucking his fireballs,
    you can sidestep and attack/run in from the side, while the fireball
    totally misses! 3-D Movement. Try it. It works.
    [D,F,HK]Draw/Throw Weapon
    This draws his Ice Staff. If used right after a close HP/HK or a
    ground link combo, he will quickly draw his weapon and throw an
    Uppercut Swing, which adds 9% to the combo.
    To throw the weapon, do the motion while carrying it. If it's blocked,
    it bounces toward the camera and is lost. If it hits, it takes off
    nasty damage and lands near you, and you can throw it again!
    (U Cheezball!)
    [HP]Side Swipe
    A powerful hit that sends them into the background. Neat camera angle.
    [B+HP]Uppercut Swing
    This hits them up into the air, setting them up for a Slide or
    Freeze Dash juggle. If it hits in the corner you get pushed back.
    Trips them up. Works just like the foot sweep.
    [B+LP]Freeze Dash
    Sub dashes and reaches across about 2/3 of the screen with the staff.
    If it hits, they get frozen. This can catch falling opponents from
    far away. Little or no recovery.
    NOTE: Will not work after the 3rd hit
    [HP during jump]Air Swipe
    A very powerful swipe that will "float" opponents just like the
    jumping HK would. Big damage but slow execution.
    [LP during jump]Air Crush
    Knocks them to the ground but about 3 times the damage.
    [D,F,LP]Ice Ball
    Now has a cool luminescent look instead of the comet look. Let me guess,
    it freezes them for about 3 seconds.
    STRATEGY: Don't use too often, because there is a 2 SECOND recovery if
    they catch on! The CPU will often sidestep and run in, and there is
    rarely time to block. Throw it mainly at FULL screen where you'll have
    time to recover.
    NOTE: Will not work after the 3rd hit
    [D,B,LP(also during jump)]Ice Clone
    Do they like to abuse the run feature or jumpkick until the cows come
    home? This will stop them "cold."
    STRATEGY: They have to run into this for this to freeze them.
    This now goes about 5/6 screen length and flips them over his head
    if it connects. If it is blocked there is about a 0.6 second recovery.
    STRATEGY: Use sparingly as a surprise attack, or as a juggle finisher.
    When playing the CPU, always follow this with a freeze for a sure hit.
    Head Yank: F,B,F,D,HP+BL+RN(close)
    Ice Smash: B,B,D,B,HP(outside sweep)(3.0 only)
    Fan Stage: D,U,U,U,HK(close)*
    Spikes   : D,D,D,LK(close)(In stage with rocks, 3.0 only)
    *One FAQ has it as U,U,U,HK but trust me that's a lie.
    The "dial-a-combos" like HK,HK,LK,B+HK and HP,HP,LP,D+HP have been
    replaced with a link combo system where you "cancel" one attack into
    another. Of course, the traditional MK juggles are worth learning.
    "Freeze" can be Ice Ball,Ice Clone, or Freeze Dash.
    There are four types of combos he can do afterwards, depending on
    how is opponent is frozen.
    Air Freeze Combos
    (3)Freeze in air,HP,HP,Slide(13%)
    (3)Freeze just off ground,Up Kick,HK(26%)
    Ground Combos - use after far freeze or running in.
    (7)HK,HK,Ice,Up Kick,HK,HK,..Slide(44%)/Draw(48%)
    Ground Freeze Combos
    (4)(weapon)Freeze,Up Kick,HK,HP(30%)
    (5)Freeze,Up Kick,HK,HK,Slide(32%)
    (6)Freeze,Up Kick,HK,HK,Draw,..Slide(39%)/jump+HK near corner(40%)
    (7)(weapon)Freeze,HK,B+LP,Up Kick,HK,HK,Slide(36%)
    (7)Freeze,HK,Ice,Up Kick,HK,HK,Slide(35%)
    Guaranteed on computer only
    Jump-in combos
    (5)Up Kick,HK,D+HP,jump+HK,Slide(37%)
    MKX - Mortal Kombat EXTREME - cool MK site
    MORTAL KOMBAT 4, characters and concepts (c)MIDWAY

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