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    Max Damage Combo Guide by EBraxton

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 07/28/98 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Date: Tue, 28 Jul 1998 22:07:02 -0400
    From: Erik Braxton <landmark@adelphia.net>
    50% PLUS Max Damage v1.0
    This faq was created by Andrew Duncan and compiled by Erik Braxton
    (landmark@adelphia.net).  Andrew is an avid MK fan and has discovered
    combo's that take off more damage than was probably intended by the
    creators of the MK series.  This faq is not yet complete and will
    probably see several revision, so if you have questions or something to
    add, email me (Erik Braxton landmark@adelphia.net) and I will pass it on
    to Andrew who doesn't have an email address.
    Most of these combo's are above 50% damage and some only work against
    the computer. Many of them can be done against a person.  (Andrew has
    done several of them against me)  The were develped on the arcade
    version of MK4 but I have tested most of them on home version and they
    hp = high punch                                              u = up
    lp = low punch                                                d = down
    b = block                                                         r
    hk = high kick                                                 l =left
    lk = low kick
    r = run
    throw object (such as rock or mine) = d+r
    Scorpion (weapon) b-lp, b-lp, breaker, 2f-hk     83%
    Scorpion (weapon) b-lp, b-lp, breaker, b-hp     78%
    Scorpion (Shinnok's Weapon)  fhp, flp, breaker, weapon throw   3hits 80%
    Scorpion  (Jax/Rieko Weapon) bhp, bhp, break, /weapon throw  3hts 79%
    Scorpion (Kai's Weapon) flp, flp break w throw    3hits 75%
    Scorpion (weapon) b-lp, b-lp, 2f-hk      65%
    Scorpion jump punch+kick, teleport, spear, d+run (throw object)  52%
    Scorpion jump punch+kick, teleport, spear, d+run (throw object) 5 hits
    Fujin (Scorpion's weapon) b-lp, b-lp, f-d-f-hp, 2b-lp,
    b-f-d-lk,d+run(thow object) 75%
    Fujin (Scorpion's weapon) b-lp, b-lp, f-d-f-hp, b-f-d-lk, 2b-lp    73%
    Fujin (Shinnok's weapon) f-hp, f-lp, f-d-f-hp, 2b-lp, b-f-d-lk,
    d+run(thow object) 72%
    Fujin(Jax/Rieko Weapon)b-hp, b-hp, f-d-f-hp, 2b-lp, b-f-d-lk, d+run(thow
    Fujin (Shinnok's weapon) f-hp, f-lp, f-d-f-hp, b-f-d-lk, 2b-lp    70%
    Fujin (Jax/Rieko Weapon) b-hp, f-hp, f-d-f-hp, b-f-d-lk, 2b-lp    69%
    Fujin (Jarek's Weapon) f-lp,break, raise, slam, weapon throw   4hits 66%
    Fujin (Jarek/Sonya) f-lp, f-lp, f-d-f-hp, 2b-lp, b-f-d-lk, d+run (throw
    object) 65%
    Fujin (Jarek/Sonya) f-lp, f-lp, f-d-f-hp, b-f-d-lk, 2b-lp    63%
    Fujin d+run (throw object), f-d-f-hp, b-f-d-lk, d+run    62%
    Fujin d+run (throw object), f-d-f-hp, 2b-lp, b-f-d-lk, 2b-lp   60%
    Fujin jump punch+kick, f-d-f-hp, b-f-d-lk, jump punch+kick   52%
    Reiko (weapon) bhp, bhp, break, flipKick     3hits 69%
    Reiko (weapon) b-hp, b-hp, f-d-b-hp     61%
    Reiko d-hp, b-d-f-hk, d-hp, hk,d-hp,hp, jump punch +kick   8 hits 48%
    Reiko throw object, run in, breaker, flipkick,     2hits 60%
    Jax  throw object, breaker, breaker, dash,     2hits 63%
    Jax  (starts is air) Jump punch-kick block in air, breaker, dash   3hits
    Jax (weapon) b-hp, b-hp. b-d-f-hp      61%
    Kai d+run (thow object), 2b-hp, d=run     67%
    Kai (weapon) f-lp, f-lp, f-d-b-lp      57%
    Kai (air combo) Jump punch+kick, 2f-lp, b-hk    53%
    Shinnok (weapon) f-hp, f-lp, b-f-lp      62%
    Quan Chi (scorpion's weapon) b-lp, b-lp, teleport stomp   62%
    Quan Chi object thow or weapon throw, teleport stomp   MaxD?%
    Sonya (weapon) d-hp, hk, f-lp, hk, d-hp, jump+hk, bl (in air), d-bl+lp

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