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    Guile Anomaly by MShields

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    Street fighter ][: the world warrior guile anomaly faq
    Written by mark shields 'Exsiccate' (officinal@softhome.net)
    Date: 4th june 1999
    jab        - light punch
    strong     - medium punch
    fierce     - hard punch 
    short      - light kick
    forward    - medium kick
    roundhouse - heavy kick 
    Special moves:
    Blade kick : charge down for 2 seconds then up with any kick
    Sonic boom : charge back for 2 seconds then forward with any punch
    Unless stated otherwise, back or down when charging can be replaced with 
    down-back. Information about timing is hard to give, so as always, 
    practice is the best method to discovery. Anything i have heard about 
    this game but have not performed personaly has been left out.
    These moves have worked on every world warrior machine i have used, so 
    if you can't even get stance out the revision may be wrong. Excuse my 
    naming conventions as these were what i grew up hearing so the names 
    kinda stuck with me.
    i) Double blade kick:
    I'm not sure whether this is a bug or not but it doesn't seem so 
    predominant in the sequels so in it goes anyway. Guile has the ability 
    to pull off two blade kicks in very quick succesion, providing the first 
    is blocked. This is useful vs characters like cpu blanka, if he blocks 
    the first blade kick low he will cannonball into the second and take 
    huge damage. Timing isn't too strict.
    ii) Stance:
    Probably the easiest bug to pull off, this sees guile frozen in a frame 
    of his upside down kick, standing on one foot. Looks cool. While in 
    stance guile is invulnerable to alot of, but not all low attacks, and 
    some characters, notably vega will try and slide you until time runs 
    out. This provides a platform for other moves which will be covered in 
    the relevant sections.
    To perform this, charge back and do an upside down kick then release the 
    charge into a sonic boom (not button dependant), very easy to perform 
    after a connected blade kick (most guile players are always charging 
    anyway right?).
    Notes: While in stance you can exit in a number of ways, mostly anything 
    involving a down charge to an up direction with a kick will release you 
    in some form. To exit with a sonic boom charge back then release the 
    charge to foward with a kick and then a punch, try to hit kick when the 
    controller is in the neutral position. A blade kick will also exit.
    iii) Fake throw:
    This would rank as the most useful exploit as it enables guile to 
    perform his strong throw without actually touching the opponent while 
    doing the same amount of damage. This can be repeated until the opponent 
    is dead, as it can be performed when the opponent is helpless on the 
    ground meaning they will just be bounced around taking damage. Fake 
    throwing a dizzy opponent will not remove the dizzy. The fake throw can 
    be used in both directions to either pull the opponent towards you or 
    push them away. Range is rather limited, doing it straight after a semi-
    deep blade kick will be about the maximum range in most cases. 
    Some interesting applications include: 
    Throwing vega off his net
    Doing a 3/4 screen throw on bison (perform as he does his large jump 
    away from you)
    Throwing blanka out of his cannonball attack (doesn't inflict any extra 
    damage), quite hard to time.
    Performing until time expires on any of the bonus stages.
    Performing 4 in a row alternating direction each time.
    Perform on sf2-purist homeboys and get chased out of the arcade and 
    recieve death threats on a daily basis.
    Ways to perform:
    1) To throw an opponent away from you: Charge back, release the charge 
    to forward then after a slight delay press roundhouse, quickly followed 
    by any punch. Timing is rather lax and a sonic boom will come out alot 
    before you get your timing down (sign of pressing the buttons too soon). 
    Hard to perform two of these in a row as usually after one the opponent 
    is out of range.
    2) To pull an opponent towards you: Charge back, release to forward, 
    then to back again then, after a slight delay press roundhouse, quickly 
    followed by any punch. This works well when you are in a corner as the 
    opponent will get stuck at the screen edge and is easy pickings for 4 
    throws in a row.
    3) Throw from stance away from you: Charge down-back then release the 
    charge to forward-up then press roundhouse followed quickly by any 
    punch. Same deal as before but just on an angle.
    4) Throw from stance towards you: Charge down-back, release charge to 
    foward, then to back-up then press roundhouse followed quickly by any 
    1) When alternating between throwing directions, after an away version 
    has been performed, the only input needed for a towards throw is: charge 
    forward then release to back with a roundhouse then any punch. 
    2) For variations 3 and 4 pressing fierce punch immediately after the 
    motion's are completed will make guile perfrom the action but the 
    opponent will not be affected, and therefore take no damage (fake-fake 
    throw). Why is that useful? read on. (and i am aware of how cheesy that 
    iv) Reset
    Resets the machine. sound fun? It does have its purposes like doing it 
    on bison to prevent seeing the overlong ending, and doing it on cheap 
    players is kinda satisfying. Although one machine i did it on never 
    reset properly and after trying the power a couple of times i decided a 
    brisk exit might be a good idea.
    1) Non-stance: Charge down then on the way to up press fierce punch then 
    follow quickly with a kick, a standing blade gone wrong. Will work 
    without using any diagonal directions. (guile looks to be starting his 
    suplex as the machine resets which lends the question of why a neutral 
    position would trigger a throw)
    2) From stance: While in stance, charge down then release to up while 
    hitting fierce punch and a kick at the same time. An easy way to 
    practice is on vega (or bison but he usually gives only one slide) as he 
    will keep on sliding (unless he was already jumping off the wall at the 
    point you entered stance, then he will continue with his plan to kick 
    you in the head)
    v) Handcuffs
    A famous bug that renders your opponent frozen in a stun state while 
    attached to guile. Useful for chewing up time and it looks cool. To 
    release your opponent you must perform a fake throw of any variety. 
    Stance can be performed while an opponent is cuffed but nothing else 
    interesting can be. If you still have an opponent cuffed when time 
    expires it's time to reset the machine (the convential way). Reset will 
    not work at all in cuffs regardless of time.
    1) Non-stance: Charge down, release the charge to up while hitting 
    strong, followed quickly by a kick. Depending if any angles were 
    involved in the motion, the opponent will either go straight into 
    his/her stun frame on the same side or go to the opposite side first, 
    then suddenly flip back to the proper side after a slight delay. I have 
    found no manner of determining how to pick the intial side that is 
    reliable on *both* sides of the screen. But for player one side(screen 
    wise, not controller) i found that down-forward to up-forward will flip 
    the opponent to the other side first, while any other combination will 
    put them straight onto the correct side. Player two side always seems to 
    go flip-side first, except when using down-back to up-back (which equals 
    the same physical motion as the exception on the player 1 side).
    2) From stance: While in stance, charge down then release to up while 
    hitting strong punch and a kick at the same time. Again vega is ideal to 
    practice this on. The opponent is instantly snapped into cuffs usually 
    accomponied with an upside down kick (even when roundhouse was avoided). 
    I have done it without him performing an upside down kick when he enters 
    but do not know how do force it. Wrong timing can have the effect of 
    guile coming straight out of stance into his standing animation with no 
    other action, instead of jumping with a kick or something similar.
    Notes: While entering handcuffs (non stance) entering a sonic boom 
    motion (with the punch) as soon as you can will freeze guile in his 
    standing pose facing away from his opponent. This is the basic principle 
    of invincibility.
    Fun things to do with someone in handcuffs (insert application of 
    Throw back into cuffs: Enter stance, and perform a stance fake throw 
    (refer earlier) with the inclusion of the fierce punch immediately after 
    (fake-fake throw). This will throw the opponent back into handcuffs. 
    Looks cool and gives you something to help pass the time before 
    releasing your opponent. Works in both directions. A sonic boom after 
    the opponent is flipped back in will, if timed right (and the timing is 
    strict), freeze guile in his standing pose. 
    Stance into stance: Enter stance and charge down-back. release the 
    charge to up-back, roundhouse then perform a sonic boom. Can be done 
    outside of cuffs as well.
    vi) Invincibility
    Another very useful bug, this makes guile invulnerable to attacks of any 
    nature (a hack to use two guiles to perfrom a fake throw on an 
    invincible guile would be interesting). This has much the same 
    properties as stance, e.g going straight into cuffs, fake throws, fake-
    fake throws, reset and changing to stance all work. And when time 
    expires the game isn't frozen. With a bit of effort it can be done on 
    all of the bonus stages (the falling barrels stage is hard). Guile will 
    stand motionless in his standing pose.
    Exactly the same as throwing back into handcuffs, accomponied by the 
    sonic boom. charge down-back, to forward-up with roundhouse followed by 
    a punch then sonic boom or charge down-back, to forward to back-up with 
    roundhouse followed by a punch then a sonic boom. Remeber to press 
    fierce punch immediately after the fake throw to stop the throw 
    inflicting damage. The sonic boom should be performed starting at the 
    direction that the fake-fake throw motion ended up as, so doing the away 
    fake-fake throw will require a reverse sonic boom to the side you are on 
    (charge down-back, release to up-forward with roundhouse and punch then 
    to back with punch equating to a sonic boom). If you get your timing 
    wrong with any version and the opponent falls over, perform the sonic 
    boom motion anway and the sonic boom will come out but in the wrong 
    direction to which the controller was moved. The best way to practice 
    invincible is in handcuffs. The timing of when to do the sonic boom is 
    very strict, try to aim for when he has just thrown an opponent and he 
    is changing from his semi-crouching animation to his slightly less semi-
    crouching animation.
    Other information:
    For other information pertaining to the bugs in the street fighter 
    series visit Jason Gordons site http://travel.to/sf2
    or read Derek Daniels faq (can be found at www.gamefaqs.com).
    If you would like to contact me:
    email me at officinal@softhome.net
    or on irc (efnet) as Exsiccate.
    Any information no matter how trivial or anal is appreciated.
    These moves were all arcade confirmed by me long before i even used the 
    internet so please don't accuse me of plagarism if you find similar 
    information around.
    Don't rip this off without giving credit.

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