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    FAQ/Move List by Elusive696

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    Three:Street Fighter 3
    A New Generation of Street Fighters
    Combo/Move List FAQ
    Best FAQ you can get on the web or anywhere else.
    By : Elusive696
    If u have any problems Email me at Elusive696@aol.com
    v. 6.4 Final
    ver 1.0 - 4.9
    -I really can't recall that far back.....
    ver 5.0
    -Added mad combos for Ibuki
    -Added more to the credit page
    -Added a Glitches section that also contains infinite combos
    -Fixed Ibuki's infinite and gave more explaination about it
    -Redid most of my FAQ so people with problems reading it can READ it
    -If I put a . at the end of the combo that means the END of the combo =|:0)~
    ver 5.1
    -Added Contents
    ver 5.2
    -Added Cameos Section
    -Added normal Throws names
    ver 5.3
    -Added Endings Section
    -Added Sean's B-Ball Trick
    -Changed Glitches Section to Glitches & Tricks Section
    -Added Ibuki Combo
    -Added Ken Combo
    ver 5.4
    -Added Gill moves
    -Added more Ibuki Combos
    -Added more info on the credits part
    -Separated Yun/Yang's Super Combos cause they are are so huge and people can't
      tell which combos which
    ver 5.5
    -Special News Bulletin Section Added(for SF3:2nd Impact Giant Attack and Pocket
    -More Ibuki Combos
    -Dudley Combos
    -Yun/Yang Combos
    -Added Ibuki's,Ryu's,Necro's,and Elena's outift colors.(not complete,though)
    ver 5.6
    -Reorganized and rearranged my whole FAQ
    -Added Background Stories for everyone
    -Added more combos to Yun/Yang
    ver 5.7
    -Added my web site address so people can see pics of SF3:SIGA
    -Added more info on SF3:SIGA
    ver 5.8
    -Added a WhoopS!! Section
    ver 5.9
    -Added Yun/Yang's Infinite Combo from teckhui@pacific.net.sg(Jason Ang.)
    -Added Dudley's Corner Combo from teckhui@pacific.net.sg(Jason Ang.)
    -Added Ken's Infinite Combo from teckhui@pacific.net.sg(Jason Ang.)
    -Added New Combo for Ken from teckhui@pacific.net.sg.(Jason Ang.)
    -Added a Who's the Cheapest Section
    -Added where this FAQ can be viewed
    ver 6.0
    -Added more Elena outfit colors
    -Added more to the WhoopS Section
    -Added more to the Who's the Cheapest Section
    -Added The Victory Quote Section
    ver 6.1
    -Added All of Elena's outift colors
    -Added All of Necro's outfit colors
    -Added more Necro Combos
    -Added Special Knockout Section
    ver 6.2 Final
    -Deleted the SF3:Second Impact Section and Pocket Figher Section
    -Added more to the Quotes Section
    -Added more combos
    -Added more and fixed the Judgement Section
    -Fixed the Cameo Section
    -Added Stages Section
    -Added a Throw Table,b/c so many requests
    -Added official Capcom names to all character's special moves
    -Added official Capcom names to Gill's Special Moves and added possible
      movements for the moves
    -Added Chains Section to every character(some of which aren't even mentioned on
    other people's FAQs
    ver 6.3 Final
    -I said screw it... I might as well update it again... hehe :c)
    -Added Ryu combos
    -Added Dudley combos
    -Added new move for Dudley which was in Gamest Mook vol.75 SF3
    -Added combo involving the Punch and Cross move from John Choi
    -It's been fun but this FAQ is come to an end its the most complete FAQ you 
      can get.
    -Soon to come a FAQ on SF3:Second Impact Giant Attack.
    ver 6.4 Final
    -Added more quotes
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    The Newsgroups at alt.games.sf2
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    Bushidows Video Game Info at http://bushido.simplenet.com
    And soon to appear at my website at 
    Which has the most up-to-date in pics and info on SF3:Second Impact Giant
    Attack, and other Capcom Arcade Fighters.
    Its still under heavy construction I want to add lots of pics to the FAQ.
    1. Official SF3 Background Stories
         f. (Ryu)
         i. (Yun/Yang)
         j. (Ken)
    2. Stages Section
         a. (Ibuki)
         f. (Ryu)
         i. (Yun/Yang)
         j. (Ken)
    3. Basic Character Moves
         a. Parrying
         b. Judgement
         c. Double Knockout
         d. Special Knockout
         e. Move Descriptions
    4. Throw Table
    5. SF3 Characters
         f. (Ryu)
         i. (Yun/Yang)
         j. (Ken)
    6. Endings Section
         f. (Ryu)
         i. (Yun/Yang)
         j. (Ken)
    7. Glitches & Tricks Section
         f. (Alex)
         h. (Ken)
    8. Cameo Appearances
         a. Cameo Appearances in TSF3
         b. Highest Record for Cameos
    9. WhoopS!!!!
    10. Who's The Cheapest ?
    11. Victory Quotes
         f. (Ryu)
         h. (Alex)
         i. (Yun)
         j. (Yang)
         k. (Ken)
         l. (Gill)
    12. Credits & Thanks
    13. No Credits & Thanks
    [Ibuki] :
    A 16 year-old,female,high school student, who is also a practicing ninja.
    With a variety of contortion movements, she can zero in to the opponent's
    weak spots. Usually, Ibuki acts just like any other high school student --
    somewhat lackadaisical,but an enthusiastic pop idol fan -- but in battle she's
    as dangerous as they come. With very little wasted movements, this lady goes 
    for the sure kill.
    [Necro] :
    Born in a small village in Russia,on the skirts of a lake, Necro has two
    older brothers and a younger sister. He leaves the cold, country living
    for the bright lights of Moscow, where he joins Gill's criminal
    syndicate and is genetically altered into a ruthless killing machine
    with super human flexibility. His fighting techniques are computer
    generated and imprinted into his brain using cyber technology.
    [Sean] :
    A Brazilian boy from a very,average household with uncanny athletic
    ability. Inspired by Ken at a fighting tournament, he hits the road in
    pursuit of his idol. Strictly disciplined by his grandfather (of Japanese
    extraction), Sean is polite and courteous, but with a burning
    desire to win. Imitating Ken's style, Sean fights very aggressively but
    without the cutting edge of Ken's attacks. His style therefore leaves
    him vulnerable to counter strikes even while he is attacking. He one day
    hopes to develop his own power moves.
    [Oro] :
    A wizard over 140 years old,who lives in a cavern in the Amazon jungle.
    He appears to be of Japanese origin, but little else is known. Although
    he cuts a somewhat comical figure, his total lack of greed and ambition
    have allowed him to become the master of skills beyond those of any
    ordinary man. Using his experience and his unflagging athletic
    abilities, Oro's movement flow freely. Even motions that appear wasteful
    show very little opportunity for the opponent to exploit. Out of
    boredom, he embarked on a journey to seek out the ideal successor of his
    school of earth magic, but he has been unable to find any fighter worthy
    of his real effort. After some deliberation, he sealed the use of one
    arm by magic, so apart from mealtime, he is limited one arm for his
    daily affairs. Sometimes the magic seal swaps arms while he sleeps.
    [Elena] :
    Hailing from a small tribe (whose enlightened chief comes complete with
    a doctorate from a French University), Elena grew up in the arms of the
    vast, harsh,and yet nurturing savanna,under the wise guidance of her
    parents. An only child, she has developed a wonder and love for life.
    Using her natural spring to advantage, she practices capoeria, the
    fighting style using only kicks and especially suited for women of
    smaller stature who have powerful leg springs. Motions are rhythmic, as
    if dancing, with constant movement to confuse and check the opponent.
    Attacks can be rapidly launched in succession as soon as the opportunity
    presents itself.
    [Ryu] :
    With his lifelong rival now happily married (Ken has become even less
    readily available since the arrival of his son), Ryu has become even
    more desperate in his quest for a strong fighter. Likely the star of the
    game again, this ageless fighter is expected to have some powerful
    punches and kicks at his disposal. Ryu's style is solid and intense,
    unlike his friend and rival Ken's style which is flashy.How will his tried
    and tested techniques fare against the new opponents?
    [Dudley] :
    A heavyweight boxer,who can fight in close or at arm's length. A
    perfectionist, this fighter seeks elegance and perfect fighting style.
    This Briton is the son of a celebrated athlete and businessman and knew
    no financial hardships growing up. When his father's business failed in
    his university years, Dudley stepped into the ring to earn back
    everything his father had lost. Armed with smoking punches expected of a
    heavyweight as well as weaker punches designed to keep opponents at bay,
    special techniques may have to be developed for this character.
    [Alex] :
    A retired soldier living in Manhattan with his father's old friend Tom
    and Tom's daughter Patricia. He has not seen his parents since he moved
    out as a teenager. Brusque, straightforward in manner, his taciturnity
    often gets him into trouble, but essentially, he's not the sort of a
    person that earns lasting hatred. Despite his size, this brawler can
    move with amazing speed to get in close and pummel the opponent with
    punches and execute powerful throws. When Tom is badly beaten by
    a mysterious challenger(Gill),Alex seeks revenge.
    [Yun/Yang] :
    Twin brothers who use Chinese martial arts. They rely on their agility
    and speed to confuse opponents. Separated from their parents while mere
    babies, the two were raised by their grandfather in Hong Kong. The two
    name eight underworld bosses of Hong Kong as their godfathers, all of
    whom are very pleased with the emerging street leaders. Although their
    abilities are essentially identical, Yun, with the hat, is described as
    attacking like the fleet wind, while the younger Yang is said to
    overwhelm the opponent with a tidal wave of attacks. Yun is the more
    responsible of the two,a born leader. He can be very impulsive though.
    Previously introduced twin brother of Yun. We thought you'd want to see
    what he looks like. Yang,is described as fighting in a style reminiscent
    of a tidal wave. It would appear his tactic is to draw the opponent into
    his rhythm and swamping them. Yang is a calmer of the two and looks at
    things more subjectively instead of rushing in.
    [Ken] :
    Having studied under the same master, Ken and Ryu respectively hail each
    other as lifelong rivals. Known to have less finesse,but greater power
    than his friend, the blond maned fighter is back in his customary red
    garb. Ken now lives on the California coast with his wife and three-year
    old son, Mel. Although domestic commitments keep him busy, he has been
    given permission by his wife to take part in any fighting tournament
    with Ryu. Ken's style is seemingly reckless but never to be underestimated.
    [Gill] :
    A secret society has ruled the underworld since B.C. Their objective was
    to make Earth into Utopia by the year 2200. Every 24 years, the president
    of this circle is chosen from the children of 1024 groups of
    specialists. Based on Zodiac predictions, Chinese Fuunshu , and various
    foretelling crafts, few of the children were picked and highly educated
    with. When they became adult, one was chosen to become the new
    president. And the current president is called Gill. The past presidents
    posessed strong wills and calm observations. All these charisma can be
    found on Gill. Expert in all kinds of fighting styles, Gill wants the
    extreme art of fighting. He summoned the streetfighters from all over
    the world, his only aim is their skills ....
    [ Ibuki ] :
    Main Stage : In Kyoto [ Japan ] Ninja Village
    [ Necro ] :
    Main Stage : In Moscow [ Siberia ] Railroad
    [ Sean ] :
    Main Stage : In New York [ New York ] Street
    [ Oro ] :
    Main Stage : In Amazon [ Amazon ] Cave
    [ Elena ] :
    Main Stage : In Nairobi [ Africa ] Nairobi
    [ Ryu ] :
    Main Stage : In Toyko [ Japan ] Warm Japanese Style Inn
    [ Dudley ] :
    Main Stage : In London [ London ] Street
    [ Alex ] :
    Main Stage : In New York [ New York ] Back Alley
    [ Yun/Yang ] :
    Main Stage : In Hong Kong [ Hong Kong ] Electric Train Station / Local Bar
    [ Ken ] :
    Main Stage : In Tokyo [ Japan ] Tokyo Zoo
    [ Gill ] :
    Main Stage : In Mediterranean Sea [  Asia, Europe, Africa ] Mediterranean Sea
    [Basic Character Moves] :
    Forward Dash : F,F
    Back Dash : B,B
    High Jump : D, U
    F.Long Jump : DB, UF
    B.Long Jump : DF,UB
    Roll : D when knocked down
    Overhead : D,D,P or K
    [Parrying] :
    Press F to parry high attacks,at the moment of impact.
    Press D to parry low attacks,at the moment of impact.
    [Air Parrying]:
    Press F to parry high attacks,at the moment of impact,lands far from opp.
    Press D to parry low attacks,at the moment of impact,lands near opp.
    [3 Parrying opportunites] :
    Do a Shoryuken motion with no button,then slide back to DB.
    [2nd Way for 3 Parrying oppurtunities] :
    Tap D,F,D,F,D,F....,but the parries must have a one sec. delay after every
    [Judgement] :
    If a fight(not a round)ends in a draw the winner is selected by random by a
    panel of 3 judges.  Judgement can be won very easily by landing and connecting
    with a lot of hits, because I won Judgement on Gill once..doubt I will ever 
    see judgement again. And all three judges vouched for me. The icon that 
    represents Judgement is the capital letter J.
    The Judges are as follows :
    [ ZuYuRiA (Sulia) ] :
    [ Description ]  :
    Top Hat [Black]
    Blond Hair [Long]
    Ringmaster's Jacket [Red]
    Pants [Beige]
    Knee High Boots [Brown]
    [ RiKa (Rika) ] :
    [ Description ] :
    Black Hair [Long,Tied in Buns]
    Traditional Chinese Dress [Blue, Red Flowers Drawn On It]
    Heels [Blue]
    [ ToKa (Toka) ] :
    [ Description ] :
    Black Hair [Long, Tied in Buns]
    Traditional Chinese Dress [Sky Blue, Yellow Daffodils Drawn On It]
    Heels [Sky Blue]
    [ ToRi (Tori) ] :
    [ Description ] :
    Brown Hair [Long, Tied in Buns]
    Traditional Chinese Dress [Purple, Bouqet of Flowers Drawn On It]
    Heels [Purple]
    [ RiRi (Lily) ] :
    [ Description ] :
    Brown Hair [Long, Tied up in a Knot]
    Skin [Tan]
    Traditional Indian Dress [Blue]
    Sash [Red-Pinkish]
    Sandals [Yellow]
    [ ANNa (Anna) ] :
    [ Description ] :
    Blond Hair [Long,Tied in Strands]
    Russian Hat [Brown, with White Trim]
    Russian Winter Coat [Brown, with White Trim]
    Mittens [Brown]
    Boots [Brown]
    [ FuEA (Flare or Faye) ] :
    [ Description ] :
    Cap [Black]
    Black Hair [Long]
    Skin [Brown]
    T-Shirt [White]
    Elbow Pads [Black, with Purple Trim]
    Gloves [Black, with Purple Trim]
    Shorts [Black]
    Knee Pads [Black, with Purple Trim]
    Roller Blades [Black, with Purple Laces]
    [Double Knockout] :
    When two players hit each other on the last hit,they both end up being knocked
    out. The icon that represents Double K O is the capital letter D.
    [Special Knockouts] :
    If you KO them with a JP or SK, they reel
    back and fall on their knees and you can still
    hit them with another ground attack and it does
    count as a combo.
    To do special moves after a KO, you must two-in-one
    or Super Cancel them off the KO hit.
    It is also possible to do Super Arts after a special move KO.
    (This has to knock them out)
    [Ibuki] :
    (Jump SK out of air) - Jump SK
    (Close FP both hits)two-in-one(cancel)into Raida
    [Necro] :
    (Tornado Hook in corner) - FP
    [Sean] :
    (SP in corner) - RK
    [Oro] :
    (Close SP) - any jump attack
    (Yagyou Dama) - any jump attack
    (SK in corner, with Tengu Stone) - SK,SK
    [Ryu] :
    (Hadouken)two-in-one(cancel)into Shinkuu-Hadoken
    [Dudley] :
    (Jump Strong) - Jump up SP,SP
    (Jump FP) - Jump FP
    (D+RK) - Jump FP
    D+RK(Jump FP),FP
    [Alex] :
    (StunGun Headbutt) - D+SK,D+SK
    (Jump FP in corner) - SP,FK
    [Ken] :
    (Jump SP out of air in corner) - Jump SP
    (JP) - Inazuma Kakatowari
    [Move Descriptions] :
    JP=Jab Punch
    SP=Strong Punch
    FP=Fierce Punch
    SK=Short Kick
    FK=Forward Kick
    RK=Roundhouse Kick
    P=Any Punch
    K=Any Kick
    Two-in-one(cancel)=If u don't know this you shouldn't be playing Street Fighter
     at all also goes by another name "buffering"
    x =and any number=means how many times you do a move.
    - =means a chain.
    opp.= means opponent.
    [ Ibuki ] :         T       T
    [ Necro ] :         T       T        T       T
    [ Sean ] :          T       T        T       T
    [ Oro ] :           H       H        T       T
    [ Elena ] :         T       T
    [ Ryu ] :           T       T        T       T
    [ Dudley ] :        H       T
    [ Alex ] :          T       T
    [ Yun/Yang ] :      T       T        H       H
    [ Ken ] :           T       T        H       T
    [ Gill ] :          H       H
    [Ibuki] :
    [Outfit Colors] :
    JP-Black Hair,Beige Ninja Gi,Beige Arm Straps,Beige Shin Guards(default)
    SP-Black Hair,Black Ninja Gi,Yellow Arm Straps,Yellow Shin Guards
    FP-Brown Hair,Grey Ninja Gi,Red Arm Straps,Red Shin Guards
    SK-Black Hair,Red Ninja Gi,Beige Arm Straps,Beige Shin Guards
    FK-Black Hair,Yellow Ninja Gi,Black Arm Straps,Black Shin Guards
    RK-Brown Hair,Shining Blue Ninja Gi,Beige Arm Straps,Beige Shin Guards
    [Special Moves] :
    (Kunai): Jump,D,DF,F + P.
    (Hien): F,D,DF + K.
    (Kazekiri): B,D,DB + K.
    (Tsumuji): D,DB,B + K,tap K.
    (Raida): F,DF,D,DB,B + P.
    (Kubiori): D,DF,F + K.
    (Oiura Ken): Tap FP,FP.
    (Rush Elbow): F + SP.
    (Koubekudaki): F + FK.
    (Bonsho Geri): Tap F + RK.
    (Tobi Saru): F + SP or FP(in air).
    (Yamikazura): F,FP or F,SP.
    [Super Arts] :
    I.   Kasumi Suzaku : Jump,D,DF,F,D,DF,F + P. [Stores up to MAX 2 Lvl] [17 Hits]
    II.  Yoroi Doushi : D,DF,F,D,DF,F + P. [Stores up to MAX 1 Lvl] [13 Hits]
         Note : If done close it becomes a Super Raida that is more damaging and
    III. Hashin Sho : D,DF,F,D,DF,F + P. [Stores up to MAX 2 Lvl] [6 Hits]
    [Air Chains] :
    [Chains] :
    [Chain Combos] :
    RK(launcher)Special Move or Super Art.
    SK,FK,RK or Hien.
    RK,Super Jump,and do JP-FP air chain.
    RK,Super Jump,and do FP-FK air chain.
    D+RK,RK,Hien or Kunai.
    Jump SP,D+RK,RK.
    Jump SP,SP,two-in-one(cancel)into Raida.
    Jump SP,SP,FP,two-in-one(cancel)into Raida.
    Jump SP,SK,two-in-one(cancel)into Kubiori.
    Jump FP,JP,SP,two-in-one(cancel)into Raida.
    Jump FP,JP,JP,two-in-one(cancel)into Raida.
    Jump FP,FP,Tsumuji.
    Jump FP,SK,FK,two-in-one(cancel)into Raida.
    Jump FP,JP,SP,D+RK,RK.
    Jump FP,D+FP,Hien or Tsumuji.
    Jump FP,FP,two-in-one(cancel)into Hien or Kubori.
    Jump FP,FP,two-in-one(cancel)into Raida.
    Jump SK,SK,two-in-one(cancel)into Tsumuji,do a Tsumuji again.
    Jump SK,SK,FK,two-in-one(cancel)into Tsumuji,do a Tsumuji again.
    Jump FK,JP,SP,D+RK,RK.
    Jump FK,SK,two-in-one(cancel)into a Kazekiri with SK,and do a Kunai with JP.
    Jump FK,SK,FK,two-in-one(cancel)into a Kazekiri with SK or FK,do a Kunai with
    Jump FK,JP,SP,two-in-one(cancel)into Tsumuji,D+RK,RK.
    Jump FK,SK,FK,RK,Hien,or Tsumuji.
    Jump RK,SP,D+RK,RK,Hien.
    Jump RK,SK,two-in-one(cancel)into Raida.
    Jump RK,SP,D+RK,RK,Hien.
    Jump RK,FP,D+RK.
    Jump RK,FP,D+RK,RK.
    Oiura Ken,two-in-one(cancel)into Raida.
    [Super Art Combos] :
    Koubekudaki ,two-in-one(cancel)Kasumi Suzaku.
    Jump in using a Kunai,two-in-one(cancel)into Kasumi Suzaku.
    After any ground chain that ends in Kazekiri,two-in-one(cancel)into Kasumi
    After any ground chain that ends in Kazekiri,Kunai with JP,
    two-in-one(cancel)into Kasumi Suzaku.
    Jump FK,SK,FK,two-in-one(cancel)into a Kazekiri with SK,Kunai with JP,
    two-in-one(cancel) into Kasumi Suzaku.
    D+RK,RK,jump back and do Kasumi Suzaku.
    FP,two-in-one(cancel)into Yoroi Doushi.
    Oiura Ken,two-in-one(cancel)into Yoroi Doushi
    Jump FP,FP,two-in-one(cancel)into Yoroi Doushi.
    Jump FP or RK,Yoroi Doushi.
    Jump FK,JP,SP,two-in-one(cancel)into Yoroi Doushi.
    Jump FP,SK,FK,Hashin Sho,Tenshu Kyaku or jump FK.
    Jump FK,JP,D+SK,SP,two-in-one(cancel)Yoroi Doushi.
    Jump FP,FP,two-in-one(cancel)into a Hien with RK,two-in-one(cancel)into
    Hashin Sho,then do another Hien.
    D+SK,FP,D+RK or D+SK,FP,D+RK,RK after the overhead(FP..duh..)you can cancel 
    into Hien or a Super or after a RK launch or Hashin Sho that dazes.  You can 
    do 3 air chains if they for a total of 6 more hits.
    Koubekudaki,two-in-one(cancel)Hashin Sho.
    D+RK,two-in-one(cancel)into Hashin Sho.
    Jump FK,SK,FK,two-in-one(cancel)into Hashin Sho, after this Super ends, it 
    acts as a close RK launcher enabling you to juggle after the Super ends for
    more hits.  If u have two Supers charged, after the juggle you can hit them 
    again.  So after the Hashin Sho is done do a close SP, then do a Second Hashin
    Jump FK(cross up),JP,SP,D+RK,RK,(daze)jump FK(cross up),FK,SK,FK,
    two-in-one(cancel) into Hien with RK,two-in-one(cancel)into Hashin Sho,SP,
    two-in-one(cancel)into another Hashin Sho.
    After any ground chain that ends in Hien,it can be cancelled into a Hashin Sho
    or Yoroi Doushi.
    32 Hits on Alex : Super Jump in FP-FK,(land)SK,FK,two-in-one(cancel)into Hashin
    Sho,jump JP-FP,(3 times)super jump in FP-SK,SK,FK,two-in-one(cancel)into Hashin
    Sho,Hien with RK.
    [Necro] :
    [Outfit Colors] :
    JP-Light Bluish Skin,Red Tattooes,Purple Hand Guards,Purple Suspenders(default)
    SP-Light Bluish Skin,Purple Tattooes,Blue Hand Guards,Blue Suspenders
    FP-Pale White Skin,Maroon Tattooes,Dull Purple Hand Guard,Dull Purple Suspenders
    SK-Sea Greenish Skin,Orange Tattooes,Yellow Ochre Hand Guards,Yellow Ochre
    FK-Dull White Skin,Orange Tattooes,Cream of Spinach Green Hand Guards,Cream of
    Spinach Suspenders
    RK-Faded White Skin,Olive Green Tattooes,Brick Red Hand Guards,Brick Red
    [Special Moves] :
    (Electric Blast): F,D,DF + P tap P rapidly.
    (Rising Cobra): D,DB,B + K.
    (Tornado Hook): B,DB,D,D,DF,F + P.
    (Snake Fang): B,DB,D,DF,F + K.
    (Fang Viper): D,DB,B + P.
    (Drill Kick): Jump,D + K.
    (Shoulder Attack): F,SP or F,FP.
    (Frankensteiner): F,FK or F,RK.
    [Super Arts] :
    I.  Magnetic Storm : D,DF,F,D,DF,F + P. [Stores up to MAX 2 Lvl] [12 Hits]
    II. Slam Dance : D,DF,F,D,DF,F + P. [Stores up to MAX 1 Lvl] [3 Hits]
    II. Electric Snake : D,DF,F,D,DF,F + P. [Stores up to MAX 2 Lvl] [3 Hits]
    [Chains] :
    [Chain Combos] :
    SP,Snake Fang with FP.
    SP,Electric Blast with FP.
    Jump SP,D+JP,SP,FK,F+FP.
    Snake Fang into Corner,D+FP(Elbow).
    Snake Fang into Corner,D+FP close(Uppercut).
    Snake Fang into Corner,D+FP close(Uppercut),two-in-one(cancel)into Electric
    Snake Fang into Corner,D+FP close(Uppercut),two-in-one(cancel)into Tornado Hook
    with SP.
    Tornado Hook with FP,two-in-one(cancel)into Fang Viper with SK.
    Tornado Hook with FP,two-in-one(cancel)into Rising Cobra,two-in-one(cancel)into
    Electric Blast.
    DB+FP,Electric Blast,Tornado Hook with FP,two-in-one(cancel)Electric Blast with
    F. Long Jump,Drill Kick,SK,SP,two-in-one(cancel)into Snake Fang.
    [Super Art Combos] :
    Jump SP,D+JP,two-in-one(cancel)into Tornado Hook with FP,two-in-one(cancel)into
    Magnetic Storm,F+FP.
    SP,two-in-one(cancel)into Magnetic Storm.
    Snake Fang into Corner,D+FP close(Uppercut)two-in-one(cancel)into Magnetic
    Snake Fang into Corner,D+FP close(Uppercut)two-in-one(cancel)into Electric
    Blast,two-in-one(cancel)into Magnetic Storm.
    Tornado Hook with FP,two-in-one(cancel)into Rising Cobra,two-in-one(cancel)into
    Magnetic Storm.
    Tornado Hook with FP,two-in-one(cancel)into Magnetic Storm.
    Tornado Hook with FP,two-in-one(cancel)into Slam Dance.
    Drill Kick with RK,SK,SP,two-in-one(cancel)Tornado Hook with SP,two-in-
    one(cancel)into Electric Blast,two-in-one(cancel)into Electric Snake.
    [Sean] :
    [Outfit Colors] :
    JP-Yellow Gi,Red Hand Guards,Black Belt(default)
    SP-Blue Gi,Red Hand Guards,Black Belt
    FP-White top,Blue pants,Blue Hand Guards,Black Belt
    SK-Fluorescent Green Gi,Red Hand Guards,Black Belt
    FK-Fluorescent Blue Gi,Blue Hand Guards,Black Belt
    RK-Red top,Blue pants,Blue Hand Guards,Black Belt
    [Special Moves] :
    (Sean Tackle): D,DF,F + P Hold.
    (Dragon Smash): F,D,DF + P and press P again for 2 hit.
    (Ground Roll): D,DB,B + P.
    (Tornado): D,DB,B + K.
    (Ryu Bi Kyaku): D,DF,F + K.
    (Over-the-Shoulder Slam): F,SP or F,FP.
    (Leg Throw): F,FK or F,RK.
    [Super Arts] :
    I.   Hadou Burst : D,DF,F,D,DF,F + P. [Stores up to MAX 3 Lvl] [1 Hit]
    II.  Shoryu Cannon : D,DF,F,D,DF,F + P, tap P rapidly. [Stores up to MAX 3 Lvl]
         [13 Hits]
    III. Hyper Tornado : D,DF,F,D,DF,F + P. [Stores up to MAX 2 Lvl] [12 Hits]
    [Chains] :
    [Chain Combos] :
    FP,Dragon Smash.
    Jump FP,D+FK,two-in-one(cancel)into Tornado.
    Jump FP,RK,two-in-one(cancel)into Tornado(Stun Combo).
    Jump FP,RK,two-in-one(cancel)into Sean Tackle with JP.
    Jump RK,RK,RK.
    Note: Timing is very tricky on the third RK.
    Jump RK,RK,two-in-one(cancel)into Sean Tackle with JP,Tornado with RK,or
    Dragon Smash with FP.
    Jump RK,D+FK,two-in-one(cancel)into Tornado with RK.
    Jump RK,FK,two-in-one(cancel)into Tornado with RK.
    Jump RK,SP,FP,two-in-one(cancel)into Tornado with RK.
    Jump RK,RK,two-in-one(cancel)into Dragon Smash or Tornado.
    Jump RK,RK,two-in-one(cancel)into Tornado with RK,at the end of the
    combo do an overhead or throw to dizzy.
    Jump RK,RK,two-in-one(cancel)into Tornado(Stun Combo).
    D+FP,two-in-one(cancel)into Dragon Smash.
    D+FK,Tornado with RK.
    RK,two-in-one(cancel)into Tornado with RK(Stun Combo).
    [Super Art Combos] :
    When an opp. is in the air jump and do SP,FP,as soon as you land do a Hadou
    Knock opp. out of the air with a D+FP,two-in-one(cancel)into Hadou Burst.
    D+FP,two-in-one(cancel)into Hadou Burst.
    D+FK,two-in-one(cancel)into Hadou Burst.
    D+RK,two-in-one(cancel)into Hadou Burst.
    Throw in corner,Hadou Burst.
    D+FK,Tornado Kick with RK,two-in-one(cancel)into Hadou Burst.
    When your opp. is standing up do RK,should hit twice,two-in-one(cancel)into any
    Super Art (Corner combo).
    Close SP,FP,two-in-one(cancel)into any Hadou Burst or Shoryu Cannon.
    D+FP,two-in-one(cancel)into Dragon Smash,two-in-one(cancel)into Shoryu Cannon.
    Jump FP,D+FP,two-in-one(cancel)into Dragon Smash,two-in-one(cancel)into Shoryu
    Dragon Smash,two-in-one(cancel)into any Hadou Burst or Shoryu Cannon(Flashy
    Note: For this combo use Shoryu Cannon or Hadou Burst for better results.
    Jump RK,RK,two-in-one(cancel)into Hadou Burst or Shoryu Cannon.
    Jump RK,RK,RK,two-in-one(cancel)into Hadou Burst.
    Note: Timing is very tricky on the third RK.
    Jump RK,RK,Dragon Smash,two-in-one(cancel)into Hadou Burst or Shoryu Cannon.
    Jump RK,D+FK,two-in-one(cancel)into Hyper Tornado.
    [Oro] :
    [Outfit Colors] :
    JP-Red Sash,Gold Skin(default)
    SP-Grey Sash,Dark Brown Skin
    FP-Dark Grey Sash,Dark Orange Skin
    SK-Light Brown Sash,Grey Skin
    FK-Dark Brown Sash,Green Skin
    RK-Red Sash,Blue Skin
    [Special Moves] :
    (Niouriki): F,DF,D,DB,B + P.
    (Jinchuu Watari): D,DF,F + K,tap K(air also).
    (Handstand Kick): F + SP.
    (Nichirinsho): Charge B,F + P.
    JP straight,SP little arch,FP arch alot.
    (Oniyanma): Charge D,U + P.
    (Hitobashira Nobori): D,DF,F+K (can also be done in air).
    (Air Throw): F + SP or FP(in air).
    (Neck Crush): F,SP or F,FP.
    (Leg Throw): F,FK or F,RK.
    [Super Arts] :
    I.   Kishinriki : D,DF,F,D,DF,F + P,press P close. [Stores up to MAX 1 Lvl] 
         [9 Hits]
         Note : That you can also do this in the air. [4 Hits]
    II.  Yagyou Dama : D,DF,F,D,DF,F + P.  [Stores up to MAX 3 Lvl] [4 Hits]
    III.  Tengu Ishi(Stone) :D,DF,F,D,DF,F + P.  [Stores up to MAX 1 Lvl]
    [Chains] :
    Activate Tengu Stone,SK-FK.
    Activate Tengu Stone,D+SP-D+SP.
    [Chain Combos] :
    SP,two-in-one(cancel)into Nichirinsho with SP.
    SP,two-in-one(cancel)into Nichirinsho with FP,jump with FP.
    FP,two-in-one(cancel)into Oniyanma.
    D+FK,D+SP,FK,Niouriki(High Damage Combo)(Stun Damage Combo).
    Jump FK,D+SK,Handstand Kick,SP,Nichirinsho with FP,jump FP(High Damage Combo).
    Jump SP,SP,two-in-one(cancel)into Nichirinsho with SP.
    Jump FP,SP,jump FP.
    Jump FP,SP,SP.
    Jump FP,SP,FP.
    Jump FP,SP(must dizzy)FP,jump FP,Air Throw with SP or FP.
    Jump FP,SP,two-in-one(cancel)into Oniyanma.
    Jump FP,SP,two-in-one(cancel)into Nichirinsho with FP,FP.
    Jump FP,SP,two-in-one(cancel)into Niouriki.
    Jump FP,SK,FK,two-in-one(cancel)into Niouriki.
    Jump FP,FK,two-in-one(cancel)into Niouriki.
    Jump Crossup Neck kick with FK,D+SP,two-in-one(cancel)into Oniyanma.
    Jump RK,FK,two-in-one(cancel)into Niouriki.
    Jump RK,D+FK,two-in-one(cancel)into Niouriki.
    Jump RK,D+SP,two-in-one(cancel)into Oniyanma with FP.
    Jump RK,SP,SP.
    Jump RK,SP,jump FP.
    [Super Art Combos] :
    Jump FP,SP,two-in-one(cancel)into Yagyou Dama,jump FP.
    Jump FK,D+SK,Handstand Kick,SP,two-in one(cancel)Yagyou Dama,jump FP x 2(High
    Damage Combo).
    Jump FP,SP,two-in-one(cancel)into Yagyou Dama,dash,jump FP.
    Jump FP,SP,two-in-one(cancel)into Nichirinsho with FP,two-in-one(cancel)into
    Tengu Stone,F.
    Long Jump FP,SP,jump straight up FP,two-in-one(cancel)into Oniyanma.
    SP,two-in-one(cancel)into Tengu Stone,jump FK
    Tengu Stone,SP,jump FP
    Tengu Stone,SK,FK
    [Elena] :
    [Outfit Colors] :
    JP-White Hair,White Top,White Tong(default)
    SP-Sky Blue Hair,Sky Blue Top,Sky Blue Tong
    FP-Egg Shell Yellow Hair,Egg Shell Yellow Top,Egg Shell Yellow Tong
    SK-Black Hair,Black Top,Black Tong
    FK-Red Hair,Red Top,Red Tong
    RK-Laguna Green with Sky Blue Highlights Hair,Laguna Green with Sky Blue
    Highlights Top,Laguna Green with Sky Blue Highlights Tong
    [Special Moves] :
    (Mallet Smash): F,DF,D, DB, B + P.
    (Handstand Kick): B + SP or F + SP.
    (Rhino Horn): B,DB,D,DF,F + K.
    (Scratch Wheel): F,D,DF + K.
    (Sliding Kick): Tap DF,RK or DB,RK.
    (Leg Toss): F,SP or F,FP.
    [Super Arts] :
    I.   Spinning Beat : D,DF,F,D,DF,F + K. [Stores up to MAX 2 Lvl] [6 Hits]
    II.  Brave Dance : D,DF,F,D,DF,F + K. [Stores up to MAX 1 Lvl] [10 Hits]
    III.  Healing : D,DF,F,D,DF,F + P. [Stores up to MAX 1 Lvl] [Gain 1/4 of energy
    [Air Chains] :
    [Chain Combos] :
    Mallet Smash,Slide.
    Mallet Smash with FP,two-in-one(cancel)into Scratch Wheel with RK.
    D+SP,two-in-one(cancel)into Scratch Wheel with RK.
    SK,two-in-one(cancel)into Scratch Wheel with RK.
    Jump SP,D+RK.
    Jump FK,D+SK,two-in-one(cancel)into Scratch Wheel with RK.
    Jump RK,Handstand Kick,Slide.
    Jump RK,SK,two-in-one(cancel)Scratch Wheel with RK.
    Jump RK,two-in-one(cancel)Scratch Wheel with RK.
    Jump RK,SP,RK,two-in-one(cancel)into Scratch Wheel with RK.
    [Super Art Combos] :
    Mallet Smash with FP,two-in-one(cancel)into Brave Dance or Spinning Beat.
    Jump RK,SK,two-in-one(cancel)into Brave Dance or Spinning Beat.
    Jump RK,SP,RK,two-in-one(cancel)into Brave Dance or Spinning Beat.
    D+SP,two-in-one(cancel)into Brave Dance or Spinning Beat.
    [Ryu] :
    [Outfit Colors] :
    JP-White Gi,Red Hand Guards,Red Headband,Black Belt(default)
    SP-Dark Grey Gi,Sepia Hand Guards,Blue Headband,Black Belt
    FP-Black Gi,Sepia Hand Guards,Yellow Headband,Black Belt
    SK-Dark Olive Gi,Sepia Hand Guards,Red Headband,Black Belt
    FK-Light Grey Gi,Sepia Hand Guards,Blue Headband,Black Belt
    RK-Indian Red Gi,Sepia Hand Guards,Yellow Headband,Black Belt
    [Special Moves] :
    (Hadouken): D,DF,F + P.
    (Tatsumakisenpuukyaku): D,DB,B + K.
    (Shoryuken): F,D,DF + P.
    (Joudan Sokutou Geri): B,DB,D,DF,F + K.
    (Sakotsu Wari): F + SP.
    (Over-the Shoulder Slam): F,SP or F,FP.
    (Leg Throw): F,FK or F,RK.
    [Super Arts] :
    I.   Shinkuu Hadouken : D,DF,F,D,DF,F + P. [Stores up to MAX 1 Lvl] [5 Hits]
    II.  Shin Shoryuken : D,DF,F,D,DF,F + P. [Stores up to MAX 1 Lvl] 
      [3 Hits Close] [6 Hits Far]
    III.  Denjin Hadouken : D,DF,F,D,DF,F + Hold P to charge. [Stores up to MAX 1
          Lvl] [4 Hits]
    [Chains] :
    [Chain Combos] :
    SP,two-in-one(cancel)into Hadouken.
    FP,two-in-one(cancel)into Hadouken.
    D+FP,two-in-one(cancel)into Hadouken.
    Cross up attack with FK,FK,FP-RK or you can do a cross up attack with
    FK,FK,D+FK,two-in-one(cancel)into Tatsumakisenpuukyaku with RK.
    Note : Cross up attack with FK,FK,FP-RK.(only on Dudley)
    Jump FP,JP,two-in-one(cancel)into Shoryuken.
    Jump FP,FP-RK.
    Jump FP,D+FK,FP.
    Jump SP,SP,two-in-one(cancel)into Hadouken.
    Jump FP,D+FK,two-in-one(cancel)into Joudan Sokutou Geri.
    Jump RK,D+FK,two-in-one(cancel)into Hadouken.
    Jump RK,FK,two-in-one(cancel)into Joudan Sokutou Geri .
    Jump RK,FP-RK.
    Jump RK,D+FK,two-in-one(cancel)into Joudan Sokutou Geri.
    Jump RK,D+FK,two-in-one(cancel)into Tatsumakisenpuukyaku.
    Jump RK,D+FK,two-in-one(cancel)into Shoryuken with FP.
    Shoryuken with SP,two-in-one(cancel)into Joudan Sokutou Geri.
    Tatsumakisenpuukyaku with RK,SK,two-in-one(cancel)into a Tatsumakisenpuukyaku
    with FK.
    [Super Arts Combos] :
    SP,two-in-one(cancel)into Shinkuu Hadouken.
    D+FP,two-in-one(cancel)into Shinkuu Hadouken.
    Shoryuken with FP,two-in-one(cancel)into Shinnkuu Hadouken.
    Jump FP,D+FP,two-in-one(cancel)into Hadouken,two-in-one(cancel)into Shinkuu
    Knock opp. out of the air with D+FP,two-in-one(cancel)into Shinkuu Hadouken.
    Knock opp. out of the air with D+FP,two-in-one(cancel)into Shin Shoryuken.
    D+FK,Hadouken,two-in-one(cancel)into Shin Shoryuken.
    Jump SP,D+FK,Hadouken,two-in-one(cancel)into Shin Shoryuken,super jump with a
    SP,then do a Shoryuken with FP.
    Jump SP,FK,Hadouken,Shin Shoryuken,jump SP,Shoryuken(High Damage Combo).
    Jump SP,FK,Hadouken,Shin Shoryuken,jump SP,Tatsumakisenpuukyaku(High Damage
    Jump SP,SP,Hadouken with FP,Shin Shoryuken,dash,Shoryuken(High Damaging)(Flashy
    Jump FP,SP,Hadouken with FP,Shin Shoryuken,jump SP,Joudan Sokutou Geri(High
    Damage Combo).
    Jump FP or RK,FP,two-in-one(cancel)into Shin Shoryuken,jump SP,Shoryuken with
    Jump RK,FP,two-in-one(cancel)into Shoryuken with JP,two-in-one(cancel)into Shin
    dash,Shoryuken with FP.
    Jump RK,D+FK,two-in-one(cancel)into Hadouken,two-in-one(cancel)into Shin
    Jump RK,D+FK,two-in-one(cancel)into Hadouken,two-in-one(cancel)into Shin
    Shoryuken,Hadouken with FP.
    Shin Shoryuken,dash,Shoryuken to juggle(Trap Combo)(High Damage Combo).
    Shin Shoryuken,dash,Joudan Sokutou Geri to juggle(Trap Combos)(High Damage
    Shin Shoryuken,dash,jump SP(High Damage).
    (Touch of Death Combo) John Choi version
    Near the corner,like 1-2 inches away......Jump FP,FP,two-in-one(cancel)into
    Shoryuken with JP,two-in-one(cancel)into Shin Shoryuken,dash into a FK,
    Shoryuken with FP, they should be dizzy..jump RK,D+FP,two-in-one(cancel)into 
    Joudan Sokutou Geri.(100 % Damage Combo)
    Note : Cannot work on Alex,Dudley,or Oro.
    (Touch of Death Combo) Onaje Everett version
    Jump FP,FP,two-in-one(cancel)into Shin Shoryuken,super jump SP,(Dash if not in
    corner)Shoryuken with FP.
    Jump RK,D+FK,Shoryuken with FP,two-in-one(cancel)into Denjin Hadouken
    Strategy on Denjin Hadouken
    Note: Its better to knock down a person then have your Denjin charged up and
    [Dudley] :
    [Outfit Colors] :
    JP-Green Bow-Tie,White Shirt,Green Pants,Blue Gloves(default)
    SP-Black Bow-Tie,Red Shirt,Black Pants,Grey Gloves
    FP-White Bow-Tie,Pink Shirt,White Pants,Red Gloves
    SK-Violet Bow-Tie,Dark Purple Shirt,Grey Pants,Blue Gloves
    FK-Lilac Bow-Tie,Blue Shirt,Brown Pants,Red Gloves
    RK-Maroon Bow-Tie,White Shirt,White Pants,Gold Gloves
    [Special Moves] :
    (Cross Counter): F,DF,D,DB,B + P,press P after they hit you.
    (Punch and Cross): F,DF,D,DB,B,F + P.
    (Dart Shot): F,RK.
    (Quick Jab): F + JP.
    (Step Straight): F + FP.
    (Lever Blow): Tap F,FK.
    (Machine-Gun Blow): B,DB,D,DF,F + P.
    (Fake Ducking): B,DB,D,DF,F + K
    (Ducking Uppercut): B,DB,D,DF,F + K,then K.
    (Ducking Straight): B,DB,D,DF,F + K,then P.
    (Jet Upper): F,D,DF + P.
    (Trip): D+FK or D+RK.
    (Rib Crusher): F,SP.
    (Dynamite Toss) F,FP.
    [Super Arts] :
    I.   Rocket Uppercut : D,DF,F,D,DF,F + P. [Stores up to MAX 2 Lvl] [11 Hits]
    II.  Rolling Thunder : D,DF,F,D,DF,F + P,tap P rapidly. 
      [Stores up to MAX 1 Lvl] [8 Hits]
    III. Corkscrew Blow : D,DF,F,D,DF,F + P. [Stores up to MAX 3 Lvl] [5 Hits]
    [Chains] :
    JP x 4 up close.
    [Chain Combos] :
    JP x 4 up close.
    FK-RK-FP,two-in-one(cancel)into Jet Upper.
    Against jumping opp. Jet Upper with JP,D+FP,FK,jump FP or SP.
    Lever Blow with FK,FK-FP.
    Jump FP,FK,two-in-one(cancel)into Jet Upper with SP or FP.
    Jump FP,FK-RK-FP,two-in-one(cancel)into Jet Upper with FP.
    Jump FP,SP-D+SP,or FP,two-in-one(cancel)into Punch and Cross.
    Jump FP,FK-RK,D+SK-FK,two-in-one(cancel)into Punch and Cross.(80% Stun Damage)
    Jump FP,FK-RK-FP.
    Dart Shot,FK,two-in-one(cancel)into Jet Upper with FP.
    Jump FP,D+SP,two-in-one(cancel)into Machine Gun Blow with JP.
    Jump RK,FK-RK-FP.
    Jump RK,SK-FK-SP-FP.
    Jump FK-RK-JP-SP,Machine Gun Blow with JP(High Damage Combo).
    SK,Dart Shot.
    F+FK,two-in-one(cancel)into Jet Upper with FP.
    F+FK,two-in-one(cancel)into Machine Gun Blow with JP.
    FK-RK,two-in-one(cancel)into Jet Upper with FP.
    [Super Art Combos] :
    Level 2 Powered Up.Jump FK,SK-FK,two-in-one(cancel)into Rocket Uppercut,when
    animation stops, do another Rocket Uppercut.(Corner Combo)
    D+FK,jump FP,two-in-one(cancel)into Jet Upper,two-in-one(cancel)into Rocket
    Uppercut,two-in-one(cancel)into Jet Upper,two-in-one(cancel)into another 
    Rocket Uppercut,two-in-one (cancel) into Machine Gun Blow with JP.(Corner 
    D+RK,jump FP,when they are landing close near you do a Rocket Uppercut. All
    Super hits should connect.(Corner Combo)
    D+RK,jump FP,when they are landing close near you do a Rocket Uppercut. If all
    Super hits don't connect and the opp. ends up falling on the opposite side of
    you wait for the right time and do a Jet Upper with FP.(Corner Combo)
    D+RK,D+FP,two-in-one(cancel)into Rocket Uppercut.(Corner Combo)
    D+RK,Step Straight,jump FP,Jet Upper with FP,two-in-one(cancel)Rocket
    Uppercut,jump FP,Step Straight,Rocket Uppercut,jump FP,RK,Machine Gun Blow with
    JP.(Corner Combo)
    D+RK,two-in-one(cancel)into Machine Gun Blow with JP,two-in-one(cancel)into
    Ducking Straight
    with FK,jump FP,two-in-one(cancel)into Rocket Uppercut.(Corner Combo)
    D+RK,two-in-one(cancel)into Ducking Uppercut,jump FP,land,Rocket Uppercut,opp.
    should land the opposite direction,then Jet Upper.(Corner Combo)
    D+RK,Ducking Uppercut,jump FP,land and do a Jet Upper,two-in-one(cancel) into
    Rocket Uppercut.When animation stops, do another Jet Upper,two-in-one(cancel)
    Rocket Uppercut.When animation stops, do another Jet Upper or jumping punch or
    Straight depending on the distance.(Corner Combo)
    Jet Upper with SP or FP,two-in-one(cancel)into Rocket Uppercut.
    JP-SP-FK,two-in-one(cancel)into Corkscrew Blow.
    SP,two-in-one(cancel)into Jet Upper with FP,two-in-one(cancel)into Corkscrew
    SK-FK-SP-FP,two-in-one(cancel)into Corkscrew Blow.
    FK-RK,two-in-one(cancel)into Corkscrew Blow.
    FK-RK-FP,two-in-one(cancel)into Corkscrew Blow.
    FK-RK-D+SK-FK,two-in-one(cancel)into Corkscrew Blow.
    F+RK,FK,two-in-one(cancel)into Corkscrew Blow.
    D,D+P or K,D+FK,D+RK,two-in-one(cancel)into Corkscrew Blow.
    D,D+P or K,D+SP,two-in-one(cancel)into any Super.
    D+JP,D+JP,two-in-one(cancel)into Corkscrew Blow.
    D+SK,FK,two-in-one(cancel)into Corkscrew Blow.
    D+RK,jump FP,Corkscrew Blow(Corner Combo).
    D+RK,two-in-one(cancel)into Ducking Uppercut,two-in-one(cancel)Machine Gun Blow
    with JP,
    F+FP,two-in-one(cancel)into Corkscrew Blow.
    Jump FP or RK,FK-RK-D+SK-FK,two-in-one(cancel)into Corkscrew Blow.
    Jump FP,D+SP,two-in-one(cancel)into Corkscrew Blow.
    D+RK,two-in-one(cancel)into Step Straight,two-in-one(cancel)into any Super.
    [Alex] :
    [Outfit Colors] :
    JP-Green pants/gloves,Red Headband(default)
    SP-Orange pants/gloves,Green Headband
    FP-Black pants/gloves,Blue Headband
    SK-Light Blue pants/gloves,Red Headband
    FK-Yellow pants/gloves,Green Headband
    RK-White pants/gloves,Blue Headband,Dark Skin
    [Special Moves] :
    (Head Butt): B + FP.
    (Flash Chop): D,DF,F + P.
    (Chokehold): Do a Flash Chop,while the opp. is turned around,B + FP.
    (Back Drop): Do a Flash Chop,while the opp. is turned around,F,DF,D,DB,B + P.
    (Cross Chop): D + FP .
    (Flying Cross Chop): Jump,hold D + FP.
    (Chop): F + SP.
    (Air Stomp): Charge D,U + K.
    (Air Knee-Smash): F,D,DF + K.
    (Power Bomb): F,DF,D,DB,B + P.
    (Body Slam): F,SP or FP.
    [Super Arts] :
    I.   Hyper Bomb : 360 + P. [Stores up to MAX 1 Lvl] [3 Hits]
    II.  Boomerang Raid : D,DF,F,D,DF,F + P. [Stores up to MAX 2 Lvl] [5 Hits]
    III. Stun Gun Headbutt : D,DF,F,D,DF,F + P. [Stores up to MAX 1 Lvl] [4 Hits +
    [Chain Combos] :
    SK,two-in-one(cancel)into Power Bomb.
    FK,two-in-one(cancel)into Flash Chop with JP.
    Jump RK,B+FP(throw)(High Damage Combo)(Stun Combo) .
    Jump FP,FK,two-in-one(cancel)into Flash Chop with JP.
    Jump FK,SP,two-in-one(cancel)into Flash Chop with JP.
    Jump RK(deep),two-in-one(cancel)into Cross Chop.
    Jump RK,SP,two-in-one(cancel)into Flash Chop with JP.
    Jump RK,FK,two-in-one(cancel)into Flash Chop with JP.
    Jump RK,Headbutt.
    Jump RK,Cross Chop,Power Bomb.
    Cross Chop,Power Bomb.
    Cross Chop,RK.
    Cross Chop,D+RK.
    Cross Chop,Air Knee Smash.
    Flash Chop with JP,SP,Flash Chop with JP.
    Flash Chop with SP,Power Bomb.
    Flash Chop with FP,Chokehold.
    Flash Chop with FP,Flash Chop with JP.
    Flash Chop with FP,Flash Chop with SP,Flash Chop with JP.
    Flash Chop with FP,Flash Chop with SP,Power Bomb.
    Flash Chop with FP,Flash Chop with SP,Chokehold.
    [Super Art Combos] :
    SK,Hyper Bomb.
    Flash Chop with SP,Hyper Bomb.
    Flash Chop with FP,Hyper Bomb.
    Jump FK,FK,Flash Chop with JP,two-in-one(cancel)into Hyper Bomb.
    Boomerang Raid,F,Flash Chop with JP,two-in-one(cancel)into Power Bomb with FP.
    Jump RK,SP,Boomerang Raid.
    Jump RK,FK,Boomerang Raid.
    Flash Chop with FP,FK,Boomerang Raid.
    Flash Chop with FP,Stun Gun Headbutt.
    Flash Chop with FP,Stun Gun Headbutt,Flash Chop with FP,Powerbomb(High Damage
    Flash Chop with FP,Stun Gun Headbutt,Flash Chop with FP,Chokehold(High Damage
    Flash Chop with FP,Stun Gun Headbutt,Flash Chop with FP,Flash Chop with
    SP,Powerbomb .
    Flash Chop with FP,Stun Gun Headbutt,Flash Chop with FP,Flash Chop with
    Flash Chop with FP,Stun Gun Headbutt,Flash Chop with FP,Flash Chop with SP,Flas
    with JP.
    Flash Chop with FP,two-in-one(cancel)into Flash Chop with SP,two-in-
    one(cancel)into Stun Gun Headbutt.
    [Yun/Yang] :
    [Outfit Colors] :
    [Yun] :
    JP-Blue cap w/yellow trim,Yellow gauntlets,White Shirt,and Black pants(default)
    MP-Green cap w/yellow trim,Yellow gauntlets,White Shirt,and Black pants
    FP-Black cap w/gray trim,White gaunlets,White Shirt,and Black pants
    [Yang] :
    SK-Yellow gauntlets,Red Shirt,and black pants(default)
    FK-Yellow gauntlets,Blue Shirt,and black pants
    RK-White gaunlets,Maroon Shirt,and black pants
    [Special Moves] :
    (Ze Sho Hohou): D,DF,F + P.
    (Senkyu Tai): D,DF,F + K.
    (Kobo Kushi): D,DB,B + P.
    (Fake Kobo Kushi): D,DB,B + 3P.
    (Zenpou Tenshin): F,DF,D,DB,B + K.
    (Raigeki Shu): During jump,Tap DF or DB+K.
    (Senpuukyaku): Tap F,FK .
    (Monkey Flip): F,SP or F,SP.
    (Knee Pummel): F,FK or F,RK.
    [Super Arts] :
    I. Tenshin Senkyu Tai : D,DF,F,D,DF,F + K. [Stores up to MAX 2 Lvl] [7 Hits]
    II.  Sourai Rengeki : D,DF,F,D,DF,F +P. [Stores up to MAX 3 Lvl] [8 Hits]
    III. Genei Jin : D,DF,F,D,DF,F + P. [Stores up to MAX 1 Lvl]
    [Air Chains] :
    [Chains] :
    [Chain Combos] :
    JP,SP,FP,two-in-one(cancel)into Kobo Kushi.
    JP,SK,FP,two-in-one(cancel)into Ze Sho Hohou with JP.
    SP,FP,two-in-one(cancel)into Kobo Kushi.
    SK,two-in-one(cancel)into Senkyu Tai with SK.
    FK,two-in-one(cancel)into Senkyu Tai with FK.
    D+FK,SP,FP,two-in-one(cancel)into Kobo Kushi.
    2 x D+FK,SP,FP,two-in-one(cancel)into Kobo Kushi.
    Jump FP,two-in-one(cancel)into Ze Sho Hohou with JP.
    Jump FP,D+FK ,two-in-one(cancel)into Ze Sho Hohou.
    Jump FP,D+SP,two-in-one(cancel)into Ze Sho Hohou.
    Jump JP,D+JP,two-in-one(cancel)into Ze Sho Hohou with JP.
    Jump JP-SK,(land) JP,JP or D+SP,two-in-one(cancel)into Ze Sho Hohou.
    Jump JP-SK,SP,FP,two-in-one(cancel)into Kobo Kushi.
    FK(against air attack),two-in-one(cancel)into Senkyu Tai with FK.
    Jump FP,SP,FP,two-in-one(cancel)into Kobo Kushi.
    Jump Raigeki Shu with FK,JP,SP,FP,two-in-one(cancel)into Kobo Kushi.
    Jump FP,JP,SP,FP,two-in-one(cancel)into Kobo Kushi.
    Zenpou Tenshin,SP,two-in-one(cancel)into Kobo Kushi,two-in-one(cancel)into Ze
    Sho Hohou.
    Zenpou Tenshin,SP,D+SP,two-in-one(cancel)into Ze Sho Hohou.
    Zenpou Tenshin,SP,FP,two-in-one(cancel)into Kobo Kushi.
    SP,FP,Kobo Kushi with FP,two-in-one(cancel)into Ze Sho Hohou.
    Jump FK or RK,JP,SP,FP,two-in-one(cancel)Kobo Kushi with FP,two-in-one(cancel)
    into Senkyu Tai.
    Jump RK,JP,RK.
    Jump JP,SK,FP,two-in-one(cancel)Ze Sho Hohou with JP.
    F.Long Jump when opp. is in air,tap JP-SK(air chain)combo will push them into
    the corner do whatever of the following any P or K,Ze Sho Hohou,or Kobo
    Kushi(Flashy Combo)(Corner).
    [Super Arts Combos] :
    D+FK,SP-FP,two-in-one(cancel)into Tenshin Senkyu Tai.
    Jump Raigeki Shu with RK,FK,two-in-one(cancel) into Senkyu Tai,wait,Tenshin
    Senkyu Tai should dizzy opp. repeat again(High Damage Combo)(Stun Combo).
    Jump Raigeki Shu with RK,SP,FP,two-in-one(cancel)into Kobo Kushi,
    two-in-one(cancel)into Tenshin Senkyu Tai.
    Jump JP-SK,SP,FP,two-in-one(cancel)into Kobo Kushi,two-in-one(cancel)into
    Tenshin Senkyu Tai.(Flashy Combo).
    Jump JP-SK,FK,two-in-one(cancel)into Senkyu Tai,wait,Tenshin Senkyu Tai
    Launch opp. with FK,Senkyu Tai with FK,SP,two-in-one(cancel)into Tenshin Senyku
    Launch opp. with FK,Senkyu Tai with FK,two-in-one(cancel)into Tenshin Senkyu
    JP,SP,FP,Kobo Kushi with FP,two-in-one(cancel)into Tenshin Senkyu Tai.
    Jump JP-SK,(land)SP,FP,two-in-one(cancel)into Kobo Kushi,two-in-one(cancel)into
    any Super Art.
    Jump JP-SK,(land)JP,SP,FP,Kobo Kushi with FP,Tenshin Senkyu Tai or Sourai
    Jump JP-SK(land)JP,SP,FP,Kobo Kushi with FP,two-in-one(cancel)into Tenshin
    Senkyu Tai, should dizzy opp.repeat again for 24 Hits(High Damage Combo)
    (Flashy Combo)(Stun Combo).
    SP,FP,two-in-one(cancel)intoKobo Kushi,Tenshin Senkyu Tai with FP.
    Jump FK or RK,JP,SP,FP,Kobo Kushi with FP,two-in-one(cancel)into Tenshin Senkyu
    Kobo Kushi(corner),FP,two-in-one(cancel)into Tenshin Senkyu Tai.
    Jump JP-SK,(land)SP,FP,two-in-one(cancel)into Kobo Kushi,two-in-one(cancel)into
    Genei Jin,two-in-one(cancel)into Ze Sho Hohou x 4 with JP,two-in-one(cancel)
    into Senkyu Tai with SK, as the Super ends,FK,two-in-one(cancel)into Senkyu 
    Tai with FK,two-in- one(cancel)into Super Jump,JP-SK.
    Launch opp. with FK,Senkyu Tai with FK,SP,two-in-one(cancel)into Genei Jin,Ze
    Sho Hohou x 4 ,(first Ze Sho Hohou with FP,the other three with JP)Senkyu
    Launch opp. with FK,Senkyu Tai with FK,SP,two-in-one(cancel)into Genei Jin,Ze
    Sho Hohou x 4,(first Ze Sho Hohou with FP,the other three with JP)Senkyu Tai 
    with SK,at this point the time meter should run out,as the opp. is falling 
    down FK,jump up JP-SK,FP,when you land.
    Jump FP,SP,FP,two-in-one(cancel)into Kobo Kushi,two-in-one(cancel)into Genei
    Jin,two-in-one(cancel)into Ze Sho Hohou with JP x 4,two-in-one(cancel)into
    Senkyu Tai with SK,FK, jump RK(High Damage Combo)(Stun Combo).
    FK(against air attack)Genei Jin,Ze Sho Hohou with FP,Ze Sho Hohou with JP x
    3,Senkyu Tai with SK,FK,jump RK(High Damage Combo)(Stun Combo).
    Jump Raigeki Shu with FK,JP,SP,FP,two-in-one(cancel)into Genei Jin,two-in-one
    (cancel)into Ze Sho Hohou with JP x 3,two-in-one(cancel)into Senkyu Tai with 
    SK x 2,FK,two-in-one(cancel)into Kobo Kushi with FP,two-in-one(cancel)into Ze 
    Sho Hohou with FP, Or Ze Sho Hohou with JP,SK Or Ze Sho Hohou with FP x 2,
    two-in-one(cancel)into Senkyu Tai with SK, two-in-one(cancel)into Kobo Kushi 
    with JP x 1,FK,F.Long Jump JP-SK x 2(Very Flashy Combo).
    Jump Raigeki Shu with RK,SP,FP,two-in-one(cancel)into Kobo Kushi with FP,
    two-in-one(cancel) into Genei Jin,Ze Sho Hohou x 4 with JP,Senkyu Tai with SK,
    FK,and one of 3 things, walk up and do SP,FP,Senkyu Tai with FK, :  from the 
    FK two-in-one(cancel) into a Super Jump,JP-SK, :  or just a Senkyu Tai with 
    Jump FK-JP,JP,SP,FP,two-in-one(cancel)into any Super Art.
    FK,two-in-one(cancel)Senkyu Tai,do a SP or D+SP,two-in-one(cancel)into any
    If in corner,FK,two-in-one(cancel)Senkyu Tai,walk up and do a FP,two-in-
    one(cancel)into a any Super.
    [Ken] :
    [Outfit Colors]:
    JP-Red Gi,Brown Hand Guards,Black Belt(default)
    SP-Black Gi,Brown Hand Guards,Black Belt
    FP-Shining Blue Gi,Brown Hand Guards,Black Belt
    SK-Yellow Gi,Brown Hand Guards,Black Belt
    FK-White Lightning Gi,Brown Hand Guards,Black Belt
    RK-Purple Gi,Brown Hand Guards,Black Belt
    [Special Moves] :
    (Hadouken): D,DF,F + P.
    (Tatsumakisenpuukyaku): D,DB,B + K.
    (Shoryuken): F,D,DF + P.
    (Inazuma Kakatowari): F+FK.
    (Over-the-Shoulder Slam): F,SP or F,FP.
    (Leg Throw): F,RK.
    (Knee Smash): F,FK.
    [Super Arts] :
    I.   Shoryu Reppa : D,DF,F,D,DF + P. [Stores up to MAX 1 Lvl] [11 Hits]
    II.  Shinryuken : D,DF,F,D,DF,F + K,tap K rapidly. [Stores up to MAX 2 Lvl] 
             [15 Hits]
    III.  Shippu Jinrai Kyaku : D,DF,F,D,DF,F + K,tap K rapidly. [Stores up to MAX
          2 Lvl] [13 Hits]
    [Chains] :
    [Chain Combos] :
    SP-FP,Special Move or Super Art.
    Hit opp. out of air with SP,immediately do a Tatsumakisenpuukyaku with RK.
    D+SP,two-in-one(cancel)into Hadouken.
    D+FP,Shoryuken or Hadouken.
    D+FK,two-in-one(cancel)into Tatsumakisenpuukyaku,Shoryuken,or Hadouken.
    Jump SP,D+SP,two-in-one(cancel)into Shoryuken with SP.
    Jump FP,SP-FP,two-in-one(cancel)into Tatsumakisenpuukyaku with RK.
    Jump FP,D+FP,two-in-one(cancel)into Shoryuken with FP.
    Jump FP,D+FP,two-in-one(cancel)into Hadouken with FP.
    Jump FP,RK,two-in-one(cancel)into Hadouken.
    Jump FK,FP,two-in-one(cancel)into Shoryuken.
    Jump FK(cross-up)SP,FP,two-in-one(cancel)into Tatsumakisenpuukyaku with RK.
    Jump FK,SP-SK
    Jump RK,D+FK,two-in-one(cancel)into Hadouken or Tatsumakisenpuukyaku.
    Jump RK,SP,FP,two-in-one(cancel)into Tatsumakisenpuukyaku,Hadouken,or 
    Jump RK,D+SP,two-in-one(cancel)into Shoryuken with FP.
    [Super Art Combos] :
    Jump FP,FK or RK or D+SK or D+FK,two-in-one(cancel) into any Super Art.
    D+SP,two-in-one(cancel)into Hadouken,two-in-one(cancel)into Shoryu Reppa or
    SP,FP,Shoryuken with FP,two-in-one(cancel)into Shoryu Reppa or Shinryuken.
    Jump FK,SP,FP,Hadouken,two-in-one(cancel)into Shoryu Reppa or Shinryuken.
    Jump RK,D+SP,Shoryuken with FP,two-in-one(cancel)into Shoryu Reppa or
    Jump RK,D+FK,two-in-one(cancel)into Tatsumakisenpuukyaku with RK must dizzy 
    then perform any Super Art.
    Jump RK,D+FK,two-in-one(cancel)into Shoryu Reppa.
    Jump FP,D+FP,Shoryuken with FP,two-in-one(cancel)into Shoryu Reppa or 
    Jump RK,D+FP,Shoryuken with FP,two-in-one(cancel)into Shinryuken.
    Note: That you have to cancel the Shoryuken before the third hit, in both 
    Hit opp. out of air with D+FP and do a Shoryu Reppa.
    Jump FP,land and perform Shoryu Reppa.
    Jump FP,JP,SP,two-in-one(cancel)into Hadouken,two-in-one(cancel)Shoryu Reppa.
    D+FP,two-in-one(cancel)into Shinryuken.
    D+FK,two-in-one(cancel)into Shinryuken.
    Jump FP,FK,two-in-one(cancel)into into Shoryuken with FP,two-in-one(cancel)into
    Jump FP,FP,two-in-one(cancel)into Shoryuken with FP,two-in-one(cancel)into
    Jump FK(cross-up)SP,FP,two-in-one(cancel)into a Tatsumakisenpuukyaku with RK,if
    it dizzies do a jump FK(cross-up)SP,FP,Shoryuken with FP,two-in-one(cancel)into
    Jump FK,D+FK,Shoryuken with SP,two-in-one(cancel)into Shoryuken.
    Jump FK,JP,two-in-one(cancel)Shoryuken with JP,into Shinryuken(Flashy Combo).
    SP,FP,two-in-one(cancel)into Hadouken,two-in-one(cancel)into Shippu Jinrai
    Kyaku, follow it up with a Tatsumakisenpuukyaku with RK.
    Jump RK,D+FK,Shinryuken,if it doesn't connect dash a little,Hadouken,follow
    it, chain into Shippu Jinrai Kyaku(Flashy Combo)(High Damaging Combo).
    Jump RK,SP,FP,two-in-one(cancel)into Hadouken,two-in-one(cancel)into Shippu
    Jinrai Kyaku.
    Jump FP,RK,two-in-one(cancel)into Shippu Jinrai Kyaku.
    RK,two-in-one(cancel)into Shippu Jinrai Kyaku.
    D+RK,two-in-one(cancel)into Shippu Jinrai Kyaku.
    Inazuma Kakatowari,two-in-one(cancel)into Shippu Jinrai Kyaku(Flashy Combo).
    D+FK,Hadouken,two-in-one(cancel)into Shippu Jinrai Kyaku.
    [Gill] :
    [Outfit Colors] :
    JP-Blond Hair,Half Red(Fire),Half Blue(Ice),White Tong
    [Special Moves] :
    (Pyro-Kinesis): D,DF,F + P.
    (Cryo-Kinesis): D,DF,F + P.
    (Saber Lariat)[ Pyro Heat ]: Charge B,F + P.
    (Saber Lariat)[ Clear Heat ]: Charge B,F + P.
    (Psycho HeadButt): Charge D,U + P.
    (Moonsault Knee Drop): Charge D,U + K.
    (Chokehold) : F,SP.
    (Power Bomb Slam): F,FP.
    [Super Arts] :
    I. Resurrection : D,DF,F,D,DF,F + P. [Stores up to MAX 1 Lvl] [Gain 100% of
       energy back]
    [Air Chains] :
    [Chain Combos] :
    D+FP x 2,Psycho Headbutt,two-in-one(cancel)into Saber Lariat [ Pyro or Cryo 
    D+FK,two-in-one(cancel)into Cryo or Pyro-Kinesis.
    Psycho Headbutt x 2,two-in-one(cancel)into Saber Lariat [ Pyro or Cryo Heat ].
    Clear or Pyro-Kinesis,two-in-one(cancel)into Saber Lariat [ Pyro or Cryo Heat].
    [Super Arts Combos] :
    [Ibuki] :
    Starts with Ibuki lying down in a field with some sort of grain sticking
    out of her mouth. She flashes back to the end of her battle with Gill.
    "I'll keep my word. Here's the G file. It's too late though! It's already
    begun! This is an execent document, you should use it as a reference
    paper, hahaha!" Then she senses the presense of someone trying to sneak
    up on her, and attacks with her knives. Her friend (the presense) blocks
    with her bookbag and yells at her. THE END. (complete with pic of Racoon
    [Necro] :
    Necro gets trapped in the power-plant where he originated after he
    defeats Gill to be left to die. In a state of panic, Necro tries his
    best to escape, but to no avail. Then, a little girl,Effie comes along, yells
    outNecro's real name which is Illia,and frees Necro, and both of them escape
    the power-plant before it blows up on a motorcycle.
    [Sean] :
    Sean is shown picking a fight with Ryu. In the first attempt, Sean gets
    wrecked badly by Ryu. Ken comes up to Sean's side and tells him, that
    he has thought Sean all he could. The rest is all up to Sean's mind and
    power. Sean fights Ryu once again, with more effort than the previous
    try, but again, Sean gets trashed by Ryu. Ryu then tells Sean, that a
    great warrior needs a great state of mind and experience in order to
    fight effectively. Ken advises Sean to listen to what Ryu has to say, as
    it is good advice. Sean, once again, rises to fight with Ryu, with all
    his might, but alas, he still loses to Ryu.
    [Oro] :
    Oro says that he has finally found a worthy student to pass his fighting
    techniques to... Ryu. Seeing now that he is certain that his great
    abilities can be passed down and not be lost in time, he rides a plane
    off,to search for Ryu.
    [Elena] :
    Elena gets a transfer and starts a schooling life in Japan. Therefore,
    she wears the Japanese school uniform like Sakura's, in a classroom with
    her new found friends. She's in hurry on her bike to invite her friends to meet
    her old
    "friends". Elena brings them to the forest to meet her forest "friends".
    [Ryu] :
    Man in Car : "Oakland is to the left." "You sure you want to get off here?"
    Ryu : "There's still some sunlight left." " I think I can make it there on
    "I will keep fighting.....training......searching.........." " Wait for me
    I live for challenge. " Ryu starts running.
    [Dudley] :
    After defeating Gill. Gill tells his secretary to give him what he came for.
    The secretary,Kolin,gives Dudley the keys for his father's car, which Gill
    stole a long time ago. Kolin tells Dudley to go away quick, before the
    "boss" changes his mind. Then, Dudley is seen driving in a car, happily.
    At a turn, Dudley breaks the steering wheel and then puts it back in place,
    saying "No Problem".
    [Alex] :
    A Flashback happens and it shows his friend Tom is beaten by Gill,and Alex
    vowes revenge.It goes back to the present,where Tom and his daughter
    congratulate him. Tom says that he sees a new person in front of him(To 
    Alex of course..)
    [Yun/Yang] :
    After defeating Gill, Yun and Yang returns to their home town in Hong
    Kong. A butcher comes over and insults Yun and Yang's Kung Fu, but in
    the end, the butcher loses. Then, Yun and Yang says that their Kung-Fu
    can't be matched, as they're the greatest fighters ever.
    [Ken] :
    Ken says," Come on Mel." All of a sudden it shows Ken being hurt and
    saying "Guha" And his wife,Eliza screams,"Ken!!!!!!"
    Scrolling down, it shows his son, Mel, punching him in the groin.
    Eliza says,"Mel do you know what you just did to your father?"
    Ken says,"You win,Mel."With a thumbs up.
    [Bonus] :
    If you beat the whole game without losing a round you get to see the ending
    credits along with ending.  Also in the Ranking System it keeps track of 
    how many times you continue (little numbers by your score, if you beat the 
    game losing a round, (represented by a silver crown) and if you beat the 
    game without losing a round(represented by a gold crown).
    Note : The crowns only count during the Gill fight.
    [Ibuki's Infinite Combo] :
    This requires some explaining. This combo is best used after the D+RK, RK 
    (launcher),SP, D+RK, RK (launcher) or the Hashin-Sho Super.  The timing on the
    infinite is very tricky. Not only do you have to walk forward and let go of 
    the joystick quickly (if you don't, Ibuki will hop forward with her 
    Roundhouse), but you must wait until the opponent is falling to get the 
    necessarry 3 hits to start the infinite. After the standing RK hits 3 times, 
    walk slightly forward and hit the RK again. This whole process must be done 
    very quickly.  If it doesn't work correctly, Ibuki will only hit the opponent 
    once in the air,and they will fall back down. If it is done correctly, she 
    will hit the opponent 3 times with RK, and it will resemble a Hien without the
    jumping motion.
    [Sean Hado Burst Glitch] :
    The Hado-Burst Super can be Super-cancelled into
    another, and another which catch 'em in midair across the screen.
    Easiest way is to do a Sean Tackle to a Hado-Burst, as soon as he throws
    it do another Hadouken motion, and another comes out, repeat for last
    one.  Not as hard as Ryu's infinite, but still pretty tough.
    [Sean's B-Ball Trick] :
    When the match begins, Sean will take a jump shot with a Halrem Globtrotter 
    B-Ball, (He's from NY, he's used to playing B-Ball there).  You control the 
    motion of the B-Ball with the joystick. If you suceed in hitting the the opp. 
    on the head, they will go into their dizzy stance, for a second or two. Pretty
    Funny to try the trick.  But controlling the Ball is tricky.
    [Oro's Infinite Combo] :
    Activate Tengu-Stone,get opp. into corner,tap SP,jump FP,(land)SP,jump
    [Ryu's Shinkuu Hadouken Glitch] :
    This works in one player mode, but it's easiest to guarantee if you play
    someone, and both do it at the same time:
            Both players choose Shinkuu Hadouken, and get a
    full bar.  Back off to full screen. Both of you (at the same time),
    throw a Hadouken with JP, and IMMEDIATELY Super-cancel into the Shinkuu
    Hadouken.  From here I have seen 3 things happen:
            1.  1 or both of you did it too slowly, and all fireballs collide and
                dissolve, or............
            2.  You both did it exactly right, and either
                A.  All Hadoukens meet in the middle in one HUGE collision, and
                    you both take MASSIVE damage (on the order of Shin-Shoryuken),
                    even if you block, or
                B.  The whole game freezes as the two Hadoukens with JP collide
                    (happens seldom).
    Note:  If done in 1 player mode, and you are the only one who does it, the 
    Shinkuu Hadouken may catch up to the Hadouken with JP before they hit, in 
    which case the Super one does much more damage then usual (why, anyone?)
    [Ryu's Infinite Combo] :
    Do a Tatsumakisenpuukyaku with RK from about a (real-life) foot away from
    the corner, and it bounces them again with the last hit; do a standing
    SK (or sometimes JP works), and two-in-one(cancel)into Tatsumakisenpuukyaku 
    with FK, that bounces them again.Repeat.Timing is tricky, Hardest part is 
    setting the distance so the first SK hits.
    [Dudley's Infinite Combo] :
    FK,RK,...over and over again,Timing is very tricky but it can be done,only on
    another Dudley....
    [Alex's Hyper Bomb Magic] :
    You can Hyper Bomb from Anywhere
    It's done with a parry(using Forward on the stick), and you can't go
    'Parry, HB' or it won't work.  You must go 'B,DB,D,DF,F (as the parry),
    UF,U+Punch.'  In other words, HB with a parry in the middle.  HARD TO
    TIME, but it works.  You can also do it if you're parrying with a different
    direction, and it EVEN WORKS IN THE AIR!! No crap, cause right as you parry 
    he's standing up for one frame.  He drops to the ground with them in his 
    clutches, and then slams 'em. "You really _can't_ escape!"
    [Yun's Infinite Combo] :
    FK,jump immediately,JP-SK(2 hits instead of the normal 3).land and do
    standing FK and repeat.This is extremely hard to do(I tried a whole day and 
    did only once!  The person who taught me this works for Capcom and he can do 
    it with 100% confidence.  Wow!)(the main problem is in connecting the JP.)
    [Ken's Infinite Combo] :
    When the opponent jumps and is on top of you, do Shoryuken with JP, Shoryuken 
    with JP again.  Dash or walk towards opponent,when he is in air after being 
    hit by the 2nd Shoryuken.Shoryuken with JP again and repeat.
    [Abbrevation Meanings] :
    A vs. P= Aliens vs. Predator.
    BOF= Breath of Fire.
    CB= CyberBots.
    CC= Captain Commando.
    DS1= Dark Stalkers 1,Vampire: The Night Warriors in Japan.
    FF1= Final Fight 1.
    FF2= Final Fight 2.
    FF3= Final Fight 3.
    MSH vs. SF= Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter.
    NWDS2= Night Warriors: Dark Stalkers 2,Vampire Hunter in Japan.
    S1= Strider 1.
    S2= Strider 2.
    SF1= Street Fighter 1.
    SFA1= Street Fighter Alpha 1 Warriors Dreams,Street Fighter Zero in Japan.
    SFA2= Street Fighter Alpha 2 ,Street Fighter Zero 2 in Japan.
    SF2= Street Fighter 2,The World Warriors.
    SFCE= Street Fighter 2 Champion Edition.
    SF2HFT= Street Fighter 2 Hyperfighting Turbo.
    SF EX= Street Fighter Extreme.
    SF EX Plus= Street Fighter Extreme Plus.
    SF2TAM= Street Fighter 2:The Animated Movie,game only released in Japan.
    SF:TM= Street Fighter:The Movie.
    SNSM= Saturday Night Slam Masters,named Muscle Bomber in Japan.
    SNSM2= Saturday Night Slam Masters 2,named Muscle Bomber 2 in Japan,never
         released in US.
    SPF2T= Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo.
    SSF2= Super Street Fighter 2.
    SSF2T= Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo,Super Street Fighter 2 X in Japan.
    TSF3= Three: Street Fighter ]|[.
    VSDS3= Vampire Savior: Dark Stalkers3,Jedah's Damnation in Japan.
    X vs. SF= X-men vs. Street Fighter.
    Cameos by the Capcom Characters in SF3.
    Adon(SF1,SFA1,SFA2,TSF3)in Elena's Stage.
     SFEX,SF EX Plus,SF2TAM,SF:TM,TSF3)bathing in a jacuzi,along with Lt. Linn 
     Kurosawa in Ken's Stage.
    E. Honda(SF2,SF2CE,SF2HFT,SSF2,SSF2T)in Ryu's Stage.
    Lt. Linn Kurosawa(A vs. P,SFA2,TSF3)in Ken's Stage,bathing in a jacuzi along
    with Chun Li.
    Still holding the record for the most Cameo appearances is:
    Andore(FF1,FF2,FF3,SFA2,TSF3)in Guy's Stage.
    Baby Head(CC,SFA2)in Ken's Stage.
    Biff(SNSM,SNSM2,SFA2)named Zalazof in Japan,in Ken's Stage.
    Bunny Girl(SFA2,SF2TAM)in Ken's Stage.
    Cody(FF1,FF2,SFA2)in Guy's Stage.
    Damnd(FF!,SFA2)in Guy's Stage.
    Dhalsim's Wife(SFA2,SF2,SF2CE,SF2HFT,SSF2,SSF2T,X vs. SF,MSH vs. SF)in
    Dhalism's Stage.
    Ed E.(FF1,SFA2)in Guy's Stage.
    Eliza(SF1,SFA1,SFA2,SF2,SF2CE,SF2HFT,SSF2,SSF2T,SF2TAM,TSF3)in Ken's Stage.
    Fei Long(SFA2,SSF2,SSF2T,SF2TAM)in Dan's Stage.
    Felicia(DS1,NWDS2,VSDS3,SFA2)in Ken's Stage.
    Ginsu(CC,SFA2)in Ken's Stage.
    Haggar(FF1,FF2,FF3,SFA2)in Guy's Stage.
    HollyWood(FF1,SFA2)in Guy's Stage.
    J(FF1,SFA2)in Guy's Stage.
    Jack(FF2,SFA2)in Ken's Stage.
    Jessica(FF1,FF2,SFA2)in Guy's Stage.
    Jumbo(SNSM,SNSM2,SFA2)named Kimala in Japan,in Ken's Stage.
    Lord Raptor(DS1,NWDS2,VSDS3,SPF2T,SFA2)named Zabel in Japan.
    Lt. Linn Kurosawa(A vs. P,SFA2,TSF3)in Ken's Stage.
    Mei Ling(NWDS2,VSDS3,SPF2T,SFA2)sister of Hsien Ko,named Lin Lin in Japan,in
    Ken's Stage.
    Monitor Cyborg(SFA2,SF2TAM)in Dan's Stage.
    Morrigan(DS1,NWDS2,VSDS3,SPF2T,SFA2)in Ken's Stage.
    Poison(FF1,SFA2)in Guy's Stage.
    Schot(FF2,SFA2)in Ken's Stage.
    Strider(S1,S2,SFA2)in Ken's Stage.
    Wong Who(FF1,SFA2)in Guy's Stage.
    Ok,I'm gonna explain this only once. This is the WhoopS!!!! section you might
    ask, WTF is a WhoopS!!!!! Section. This section is put down for the most 
    profound things that happened in SF3.
    In Dudley's Stage, there is a guy walking around in the Background giving the
    finger to everybody.
    In Ryu's Stage, with the hot baths, all the way on the left side you should see
    the girls taking a bath with each other, now look real close at the girl with 
    the pink towel.  Sometimes she flashes you. LoL!!!!!!!
    Is it just me or does Elena's hands look like brown mittens..hmmmmm.....?
    And Gill looks like a football fan...
    Ok,I made this section up cause lots of people have emailed me saying who's the
    cheapest character in SF3,and I say either Ibuki and Yun/Yang. My best friend
    tells me Dudley is cheap cause I rip the computer and competitors apart with 
    Dudley's Chains, Corner Juggles, and long canceling Supers. But from what I've
    seen I have to say that Ibuki is the cheapest. Right Here I'm going to 
    rate the characters on who's the cheapest from 1-5 and put down the reason.
    1.) Ibuki - Now this girl has skillz. She has a huge shit load of Combos. I 
    only listed about 50 or more combos on this FAQ. She can dish out lots of 
    damage. Although some mags, (I'm not gonna say any names.....) have stated 
    that she is very weak.  It's not true.  Her Kubiori and Raida are very well 
    damaging alone. And her Yoroi Doushi done close turns into a Super Raida and 
    takes out as much or more damage than Ryu's Shin Shoryuken. And her jumping 
    RK,has good air priority.  And is considered the Combo Queen or Princess. 
    She's only 16,you know...
    2.) Yun/Yang - They have lots of Tick Moves.  Can corner inexperienced people.
    Dial-a-combos.  Their infinite is almost easy to accomplish. Their Kobo Kushi 
    is very damaging on its own.  They can just touch and go when they hit. A 
    person can hardly get out from a corner when someone who uses Yun/Yang do a 
    D+SK and then D+RK..its real quick in recovery. So people who turtle up can
    easily be beat. Their sweeps must be parried.
    3.) Sean - Although he's Ken's pupil he has lots of power considering he's only
    a teenager. And thats what makes him cheap, plus the fact that he makes people
    dizzy easy with his combos, his Tornado Kick stuns more an is more damaging 
    than Ken's or Ryu's.
    4.) Dudley - Is The Combo King,he has lots of chains as well. And are very
    damaging and fill up the Stun Meter like crazy. This is a character that must 
    be played more on the offensive than defensive. His Super are damaging also, 
    but I prefer to use his Corkscrew Blow Super cause you can cancel out of it 
    and do it again as soon as it ends. It catches a lot of people by surprise. 
    His Cross Counter is soooo sweeeeet!!!!! He can basically counter anything 
    with this except some sweep moves..also you can parry his counter easily. His 
    corner combos are sweet and damaging as well. His Rag Doll Throw also has a
    good range for throwing, compared to some others.
    5.) Oro - Okies,some people from mags have also said he is a worthless 
    character not true...He can kick ass with the rest of them. His Fireball 
    should be used sparringly. His combos are damaging if done right. And if your 
    losing just do his infinite its very simple and you should come back from 
    getting beat.  His Oniynama is very good for inexperienced jumpers who don't 
    know how to air parry, and has well placed damage.
    [ Ibuki ] :
    [ General Quotes ] :
    Don't underestimate me!
    There's no second chance in the real fight!
    Devote yourself to your training.
    I'll beat you from behind next time!
    Even though I won, it was too close a fight.
    You don't have enough tenacity for the fight.
    Useless try.  You were beaten from the beginning.
    Now that you know the special move of the Shinobi, I cannot let you live.
    I don't think you can understand what Shinobi moves are all about.
    Hesitation in a fraction of a second can kill you.
    I'm the best there is!
    It was my destiny to win.
    [ Specific Quotes ] :
    Ibuki to Ibuki : There's only one original!
    Ibuki to Necro : You use strange moves. Are you a Shinobi too?
    Ibuki to Sean :
    Ibuki to Oro :  May you live long, old man!
    Ibuki to Elena :  You'll get into a lot of trouble if you fight in a 
     half-hearted way.
    Ibuki to Ryu :
    Ibuki to Dudley : You're dissatisfied with your performance?  Ninjitsu is not a
    Ibuki to Alex :  So much for you, Macho Stud!  You sure lost that Power
    Ibuki to Yun :  You're fast, but I'm faster.
    Ibuki to Yang :
    Ibuki to Ken :  Your cute charms won't save you from defeat!
    [ Necro ] :
    [ General Quotes ] :
    My rage was like a white inferno of anger.  You will burn.
    Screw you bastard!  I'm in pain!  You'll wish you were never born!
    Damn, I can't believe I'm breathing hard after fighting your sorry ass!
    I'll win by any means necessary.  I will survive!
    What are you looking at?  What's your damn problem?
    Get outta my way or I'll tear you limb from limb.
    Apologize while you can idiot!  Say you're sorry and I might forgive you for
     your crimes.
    Don't give me that punk ass attitude!  You think I cheated!
    I can't believe you're already out!  What am I supposed to do with all my rage
    So boring...I could spare change while kicking your ass without breaking a
    I warned you.  You didn't listen.  The masses of humanity will always
     suffer...at my hands!
    No mercy to weekend warriors and pansy freaks!
    [ Specific Quotes ] :
    Necro to Ibuki :
    Necro to Necro :
    Necro to Sean :
    Necro to Oro :
    Necro to Elena : You'll never beat my long reach, not even with your legs!
    Necro to Ryu :
    Necro to Dudley : Thank you for being my punching bag.  Your''re a true
    Necro to Alex : What's up? Your're hella insane! I won't waste my time with
    Necro to Yun : I'm through playing kids games with you.  Go home!
    Necro to Yang  :
    Necro to Ken : For some reason, I just don't like you blondie!
    [ Sean ] :
    [ General Quotes ] :
    Hado power!  I think I've come to understand it!
    Don't call me Dan!
    I did it master!  I beat my first opponent!
    I must defeat everyone!
    I've reached my potential!
    When it comes to the fighting spirit, I can not lose!
    Shoryu-reppa!  I'll perfect it next time!
    Rule#1: Don't fight me!  Rule#2: Never give up!  Rule#3: Don't be like Dan!
    I like close fights!  It makes me stronger!
    I'm as fast as the wind, as fierce as fire, and as solid as a rock!
    You lack strength of purpose.  Don't despise me!
    I must learn more.  Where is Ken?
    [ Specific Quotes ] :
    Sean to Ibuki : Great! Are you a real Ninja?
    Sean to Necro : I'm too desperate to win to be deluded by your strange moves!
    Sean to Sean :
    Sean to Oro :
    Sean to Elena : When it comes to rhythm, you can't beat me!
    Sean to Ryu :  Can you please show me that move again?  I'll try to watch your
     fists this time!
    Sean to Dudley : My fist is my soul! You can'y beat me with that spiritless
    Sean to Alex : I could tell when you were going to execute your move.  It was
     too obvious.
    Sean to Yun :  Unlike you, I try to defeat the opponent with one punch.
    Sean to Yang : Isn't Kung-Fu supposed to be the best?
    Sean to Ken : Master!  One more match, please!
    [ Oro ] :
    [ General Quotes ] :
    I used the minimum energy to insure victory.
    You were almost worthy of the lies you told about your ability.
    You have the power, you just don't know how to use it.
    You have to start by learning how to communicate with heaven and earth.
    It was over before I knew it.  Too bad you weren't one of my students.
    You strain yourself too much.  Fight without restraint and you will stand a
    Show some respect to your elders, whippersnapper!
    Some call it unearthly abilities.  I call it Senjitsu.
    I have no time to deal with cretins like you.
    I was truly impressed.  First time in 10 years I've broken a sweat.
    Such a lack of challenge.  I thought you had burning passion, but you are 
     devoid of talent. (Still Missing One)
    [ Specific Quotes ] :
    Oro to Ibuki :  You're vicious.  Too vicious.  You can't touch me.
    Oro to Necro :  Your screwed up face is only entertainment.
    Oro to Sean :  You're so young!  I envy your youth, but not your lack of skill.
    Oro to Oro :
    Oro to Elena :  I see potential in you girl.  Come on, come closer.
    Oro to Ryu :  You remind me of my younger days.  I must train you if you are to
     realize your potential.
    Oro to Dudley :  Your uppercut you're so proud of moves in slow motion to my
    Oro to Alex :  Don't judge your opponents by their appearance.  You're just a
     cocky youth.
    Oro to Yun :
    Oro to Yang :
    Oro to Ken:  Your fighting spirit is strong.  If I could train you like a dog,
     you might become good some day.
    [ Elena ] :
    [ General Quotes ] :
    I think we can be friends.  You think so too, right?
    Are you tone-deaf?  I had trouble timing myself to your moves.
    I'll never forget about today's fight!
    African earth is my teacher.  You must learn to respect it!
    Will you fight me again someday?  I think it's wonderful!
    What did you think of my finishing move?
    Did you let me win?  Noone can be THAT bad.
    It was a great fight!  I wanted it to last forever!
    I felt your rhythm!
    You don't have any rhythm!
    Maybe you should take up some other hobby.  You could try mountain biking.
    I was pleased to have fought with you.
    [ Specific Quotes ] :
    Elena to Ibuki :You attack like a wild animal, but you have the quickness of a
    Elena to Necro :
    Elena to Sean :
    Elena to Oro :
    Elena to Elena : I hate copycats!
    Elena to Ryu : Did I help you with your training?
    Elena to Dudley :
    Elena to Alex :
    Elena to Yun :
    Elena to Yang :
    Elena to Ken :
    [ Ryu ] :
    [ General Quotes ] :
    It was a good fight.  Challenge me again!
    These two fists are everything to me!
    I was not concentrating!  I have not trained hard enough!
    Get up!  Show me your true power!
    You're wounded.  The hot springs can heal you quickly.
    Put everything you've got in your fist and challenge me!
    You still have a fighting spirit in your eyes.  I look forward to our next
    The world is big!  There must be no limit to human strength.
    Your moves are sharp.  But I'll deal with them later.
    This match...  I think I've learned something from this.  You're nothing.
    What?  Out of stamina already?
    You can't beat me with those incomplete moves!
    [ Specific Quotes ] :
    Ryu to Ibuki :  Your ninjitsu differs from the Bushin style, but that's because
     you're not a guy.
    Ryu to Necro :  Those strange moves won't work on me, i've fought this guy from
     India!  (unverified)
    Ryu to Sean :
    Ryu to Oro :
    Ryu to Elena :  Your body has a wonderful bounce to it!
    Ryu to Ryu :
    Ryu to Dudley :  I think I learned something important from fighting you...
    Ryu to Alex :
    Ryu to Yun :
    Ryu to Yang :
    Ryu to Ken :
    [ Dudley ] :
    [ General Quotes ] :
    You're down already?  The spectators have asked for their shillings back!
    Shall I awaken you with the waters of the Thames River?
    Good show, but it's just not in your blood.
    No matter how many times we fight, I'll always pound your limey hide.
    To err is human, but to win is noble.
    This was my finest hour!
    'Cowards die often,' or so it is said.
    The British spirit is an indomitable spirit!
    I put on the kettle, but you can't even last till tea time.
    Another uncouth lout falls between my fists and the pavement.
    It seems the grace of victory doesn't love you.
    How could you have given me such a tussle?  'Tis not my day!  Time to go home!
    [ Specific Quotes ] :
    Dudley to Ibuki :  Not a bad go of things... I enjoyed the fight, Samurai lass!
    Dudley to Necro :  At first glance you looked like a right good challenge. 
      Appearances can decieve, eh?
    Dudley to Sean :  Such a greenhorn!  You left your temple wide open! Bad form!
    Dudley to Oro :  By my honor, old man.  I swear I did not pull any punches!
    Dudley to Elena :  Pardon me for my violent behavior...  Lady...
    Dudley to Ryu : Sad... The land of the Samurai must have fallen with you.
    Dudley to Dudley : You dared to piss me off.  Was it boldness, or stupidity?
    Dudley to Alex : Ah, I just can't stand ill-mannered goons who ignore grooming!
    Dudley to Yun :  Your fighting skill is equal to...child's play.
    Dudley to Yang :  For lightning fast actions, nothing can beat boxing.
    Dudley to Ken :  My apologies, but I have no choice but to pound sissy men like
    [ Alex ] :
    [ General Quotes ] :
    Talk's cheap.  Bluffing will get you nowhere against me.
    You're tough, but you can't outlast the best.
    You arrogant imbecile, you slacked off right at the end.
    You thought you had a chance?  C'mon, everyone knows you're no good.
    Just stay down.  Don't try to stand up.  You look pale!
    I don't know where you trained yourself, but you didn't train hard enough. 
     Those moves suck!
    Damn!  I can't believe how poorly I fought.  Next time I will really beat the
     crap out of you!
    I didn't think I'd have such a hard time with you!
    I give my all no matter who I fight.
    Damn!  Even my sparring partner lasts longer than that!
    You hit the ground right when I was about to go berserk.  Lucky!
    You say you were out of form?  Your excuses are out of control!
    [ Specific Quotes ] :
    Alex to Ibuki :  You're a pathetic excuse for a ninja.
    Alex to Necro :  Your moves are almost as freakin' weird as you are.
    Alex to Sean :
    Alex to Oro :  Control your temper old man.  I will ignore your piddly ass next
    Alex to Elena :  If you want a man to like you, use those legs for something
    Alex to Ryu :  You...you seem to live for the fight.
    Alex to Dudley :  You may have mighty body blows, but you can't hit my vital
    Alex to Alex :
    Alex to Yun : Don't pick a fight if you can't hold your ground!
    Alex to Yang :  You brothers sure are hot blooded! But you're both still 
    Alex to Ken :  You may be fast, but not fast enough to elude my fists.
    [ Yun ] :
    [ General Quotes ] :
    It's only natural that you lost.  Rest now.
    I can't bear to watch your moves.  They're too uncool for words.
    Everyone expects the true Kung-Fu master will win.
    For once in my life, I have a close one?  I must have the sniffles or 
    That was a close one.  But you still screwed the pooch.
    Your attacks didn't even graze my skin.
    It's scary how perfect I am.
    Hey you!  The one with the weak moves!  Are you still alive?
    Whew, you scared me.  This much.
    Sometimes I beat people up too much.  Not again!
    Hey you!  Are you done playing around yet?
    I've shown you the best moves I've got, the best Kung Fu in the whole world!
    [ Specific Quotes ] :
    Yun to Ibuki :  You look good in that outfit, but good looks aren't everything.
    Yun to Necro :
    Yun to Sean :  Your moves are hard, but they lack polish.  You'd better tone up
     or you'll never win with that junk.
    Yun to Oro :  Old man, you should be drinking hot tea or something rather than
    Yun to Elena :  I've beaten a girl.  Grandfather will scold me.
    Yun to Ryu :  You look like you enjoyed being beat!
    Yun to Dudley :  Your speed combined with your great weight is almost unfair.
    Yun to Alex :
    Yun to Yun :
    Yun to Yang :
    Yun to Ken :  Your moves are fun to look at, but easy to stop.
    [ Yang ] :
    [ General Quotes ] :
    A close one.  I almost let you win.
    I told you I was strong.  You should listen to your superiors.
    I was itching for a good fight.  Thanks!  But next time make it a good fight,
     and not just a fight.
    I did it.  No sweat.
    I've heard only he of serious mind wins fights.  Your mind is a serious sieve.
    Try to look up at the sky.  Don't look down or you'll become depressed as you
     see your lame body.
    Enough!  I'm not going to waste my fists on your scurvy face.
    What's your problem?  You want another fist in the face?
    Why am I so strong?  Why are you so weak?  Why is the sky blue?
    Some days are better than others.  Today was bad for me but really bad for you.
    You want to try again?  Sure, you'll just lose again.
    I paid you back for the injuries you inflicted on me three times over.
    [ Specific Quotes ] :
    Yang to Ibuki :  That ninja outfit is wasted on your body.
    Yang to Necro : Next time, save your posing for after the match!
    Yang to Sean :
    Yang to Oro : I don't care if you're young, or a worthless old man.  I never
     hold back my Kung Fu.
    Yang to Elena : When it comes to fighting, the lines between genders are 
     blurred to me.
    Yang to Ryu :
    Yang to Dudley : Don't bother me with your excuses, old man!
    Yang to Alex :
    Yang to Yun :
    Yang to Yang :
    Yang to Ken :
    [ Ken ] :
    [ General Quotes ] :
    What a reckless man you are!  Don' try to execute a jump-kick against me!
    Now you've learned how to kick your opponent!
    It's the fighting sense that matters.  Time off will never dull my instincts!
    It was already decided that I would win!
    I thought you had at least a little potential!  It seems I was wrong!
    That was too easy!
    It's not that you were good!  It's that I wasn't trying very hard!
    I must be getting old to allow someone of your weak ability to almost win!
    You were good!  I almost broke a sweat.
    I had an extremely good sense of how the fight would go!
    You hurt me, but I hurt you worse!
    Don't be so depressed.  You will get better with time.
    [ Specific Quotes ] :
    Ken to Ibuki :  Did I do something that makes you hate me?
    Ken to Necro :  You're so interesting...(incomplete)
    Ken to Sean :  You have to learn the basic rules of fighting!
    Ken to Oro :
    Ken to Elena :  A lady like you shouldn't act so violently!
    Ken to Ryu :  I think we've fought too many times now.  When will you accept
    that I'm better?
    Ken to Dudley : Hey old man!  Don't even think about fighting me again!
    Ken to Alex :  You're not bad!  But you're not so good either.  Just average...
    Ken to Yun :  I like a naughty boy like you!
    Ken to Yang :
    Ken to Ken :to Ken:  My style's too cool to be copied!  Shoryu-ken!  
     Shoryu-ken! And Shoryu-ken!
    [ Gill ] :
    [ General Quotes ] :
    If you tried harder, maybe you wouldn't fall so quickly.  Pathetic!
    Ignorant of your own icompetence.  What a fool!
    I should have been conquering worlds, not wasting time with the likes of you!
    I held back, and still you cower on the ground like a peon.  What a waste of
     human life!
    Look into my eyes.  I'll carve the mark of defeat on your brow.
    You actually made me pay attention to this fight for a moment.
    Not bad, but still you fall short of the perfection I embody.
    You call yourself well-trained?  Obviously humans follow the wrong leaders.
    Anyone but me!
    You did well, for one of the sheep.  Challenge me again when you learn from 
    your mistakes.
    Are you paralyzed yet?  You're way below my expectations, but that's nothing
    I admire your courage, but you'd be a fool to challenge me again.
    (Still missing one)
    [ Specifc Quotes ] :
    Thanks to Rekka 6073 (Geoff) for cool/flashy Combos and other misc. COMBOS!!!
    Much respect goes to Rekka,for getting lots of combos especially for Ibuki,
    info on the SF3 tourney, Ibuki's infinite and explaination
    Thanks to Lord BBH (Matt Hall) for Alex Combos and for correcting me on the
    news for SF3:  2nd Impact
    Thanks to myself (Elusive696..of course) cause I included alot of combos that 
    I used on scrubs and the CPU also adding Dudley's and Oro's Infinite Combo
    Thanks to Tranzorzx5/LvL3super(Adam) for Combos for Ken,Ryu,and Yun/Yang
    Thanks to DarkLancer for the background stories on all the fighters.
    Thanks to Mike Zaimont for glitches on Ryu,Alex,and Sean
    Thanks to teckhui@pacific.net.sg(Jason Ang.) for Yun/Yang's Infinite
     Combo, Dudley's Corner Combo, Ken's Infinite Combo and a new combo for Ken
    Thanks to John Choi for Ryu's Touch of Death Combo
    Thanks to ICEOUT for sparking my interest about making a Special KO Section
    Thanks to Ukie for Ryu's 100% combo
    Thanks to Zek for the victory quotes on all of the characters
    Thanks to Onaje Everett for making get off my lazy and updating it one last
     time... ^_^ plus for his own ToD combo for Ryu
    Thanks to all the scrubs for letting me practice on their sorry asses
    Enigma Co. for some special moves
    Everybody on the VGS message boards
    Capcom for making this fun,enjoyable,and strategic game except for the Option
    Gamest Magazine for the Japanese names of the Special Moves and some combos
    Capcom Co. Ltd. 1997.  Capcom USA, INC. 1997.  All rights reserved.  THREE:
    SF New Generation is a trademark of Capcom Co., Ltd.  c. 1997 by Elusive696.
    Any copy of my FAQ will result in violating in these laws.  It is highly
    restricted to bootleg off my FAQ.  And everyone for contributing their ideas 
    to my FAQ.  Beware magazine companies like EGM and EGM2 are stealing FAQs of 
    all kinds BE WARY.  Copyright your material like I did, keep hope ALIVE.  This
    FAQ cannot be put on any web site, magazine, or file library without the 
    consent of the author, which is me...Duh..
        Biggest Lamer on AOL, Aggresk8 (Steve Zuk).  This lamer stole my FAQ, 
    butchered it to make it look like it was his, even worse he uploaded it to 
    VGS Libraries, and even put it on his webpage.  Will Someone do me a favor and
    punt this lamer, or ToS him ,just for no reason.={:0)~

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