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    Rolento by ObiWein

    Version: 1.02 | Updated: 04/18/96 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    From: Obi Wein <ObiWein@mail.concentric.net>
    Newsgroups: alt.games.sf2
    Subject: ROLENTO Faq Ver 1.02
    Date: Thu, 18 Apr 1996 21:37:34 -0400
    If you find any moves or trick that I haven't covered, please e-mail me 
    and tell me what they are.
    P = yellow orange
    K = dark gray
    3P = maroon
    3K = dark green
    CC Symbol = green grenade
            Rolento tosses a grenade a short bit in front of him.  The 
    grenade poofs in a little cloud of brownish smoke.
    -Alpha Counters
            B,DB,D + punch or kick
            The punch counter is similar to the third spin of the pipe spin 
    (see below).  It goes from the block position way out to a stretch with 
    the pipe up in the air near the front.  This counter is an auto 3 hit, 
    and happens kind of fast compared to AC’s done by some other people.  
    The kick version of the alpha counter is insane.  It doesn’t do any real 
    damage, but it flicks you past your opponent to the spot right behind 
    them.  This is not that useful with regular moves since they turn around 
    to face you as soon as their animation is completed.  This is really 
    disturbing to use on your opponents custom combos.  The timing has to be 
    pretty precise since their moves come so quick.  Counter a move, fly 
    through them and throw off an 11 hit pipe spin (see below) or a custom 
    combo if you had a level 2 or 3 charge initially and pummel the 
    flandinkie out of them since they now have their back to you with no 
    ability to block or AC or anything.
    -Grenade Throw (also Pogo Hoping motion)
            F + STRONG
    You have to stand right up next to your opponent.  They fly through you 
    to the side you started on set on fire by a grenade.  If done in the 
    open or even a pixel too far away from your opponent, Rolento does a 
    little pogo hop thing with the pipe.  If you are far way, the recover 
    time is not long enough to matter, and this is neat to do against slow 
    non-fireball throwing characters just to mess around.  However, if you 
    mess up and do a pogo hop close to your opponent they will eat you for 
    lunch.  The pogo hop does have a use.  It is neat to use in the air as a 
    jumping in attack, but if it misses you get clobbered when you land on 
    the pipe on the ground. 
    -Pipe Spin
            D,DF,F + punch (D,DF,F + punch; D,DF,F + punch)
            The way to through this move is similar to the rekka ken of Fei 
    Long in SF2T. The first twirls the pipe out in front and then behind.  
    Second spin continues the pipe twirling around out in front. The third 
    spin goes farther forward and up high. If timed correctly, the second 
    spin move can take people out of the air if their jump is a tad short, 
    and the third spin can take out a jumper that is coming pretty much 
    straight down and from a pretty good distance. The third spin covers a 
    large amount of space on the screen and takes out anything in the air. 
    However this is very hard to do since there is such a delay on it. The 
    delay also causes some problems if the first pipe spin doesn't connect. 
    With a connecting first hit, this usually turns into a lethal 11 hit 
    -Flying Pipe Leap
            F,UF,U + punch
    -Roll with Flying Pipe Leap
            D,DB,B + punch (punch)
            The roll is faster than the one that Ken has. It also goes in 
    the opposite direction. This move can be used to escape from quickly 
    from your opponent. FIERCE punch will get you all the way to the far 
    side of the screen, while JAB goes near half length with STRONG is 
    between them.  The second punch causes a jumping back toward your 
    opponent with what appears to be an overhead strike with the pipe.  
    FIERCE second punch won’t hit unless your opponent decided to move 
    forward.  Instead it lands right in front of the other person and pretty 
    much leaves you at their mercy.  A good tactic is to use the FIERCE roll 
    once or twice sending you a full screen away, and then throwing in a JAB 
    roll with a FIERCE or STRONG second punch.  This looks the same at the 
    beginning and fakes the full screen roll.  The jump back pipe attack 
    comes as a surprise especially when the FIERCE roll was done before.
    -Lunge Attack
            D,DB,B + K 
            This move pretty much gives Rolento the title of hit and run 
    master.  If your opponent does anything, especially starting a fireball 
    animation, you can fly through the air at a fairly quick speed and get 
    them from behind.  A ducking roundhouse is decent to use after the 
    lunge, but if their move has fast recovery and they are able to block 
    you are in trouble similar to Vega in SSF2.  A ducking forward kick is a 
    good substitute as it has almost instant recover time and can be 
    followed with a pipe spin if the kick connects.  If distance is right 
    the actual jumping part of the Lunge Attack can have a second kick 
    (actually it comes first time wise) thrown in for an air attack or a 
    STRONG punch, even a Pogo Hop can be used.  Something with quick 
    recovery (jumping STRONG) is especially good so as to still be able to 
    do the ducking kick.
    -Knife Throw
            F,D,DF + kick, kick
            The control motion and the first kick sends Rolento up into the 
    air while pulling out some knives.  The second kick send out a knife 
    projectile on a downward angle toward your opponent.  JAB pretty much 
    goes straight down, STRONG goes a bit farther, and FIERCE goes furthest. 
     This is very similar to Akuma’s air fireball, but a bit slower on the 
    way down.  This move can be used to knock other projectiles out of the 
    air, but this is hard to get the timing for since the knife is such a 
    small object, it just takes a bit of practice.  Unlike Akuma, this is 
    tough to corner trap somebody with.
    -Backflip and Action Roll
            3 punch, (1 punch)
            Rolento jumps high into the air leaving him wide open for pretty 
    much anything.  Another draw back of this is the fact that the effect of 
    gravity seems to lessen its pull downward causing the jump to be 
    immensely slow.  It can be used to escape from a sweep, but a backward 
    jump also does this and at a much faster speed.  The major good point of 
    this is the second punch.  Rolento rolls forward at somewhere near mach 
    one or so.  This move hits your opponent as a low attack and does decent 
    # Super Combos #
    -Grenade Roll
            D,DB,B,D,DB,B + P
            Rolento ducks down and does a series of hops backward while 
    throwing grenade with very larger explosions at the starting point of 
    each hop. With each level meter increase, there is an added grenade.  
    This is pointless to do to an opponent far away and it doesn’t help to 
    be standing next to them since it will only hit if you were standing 
    inside of them.  The only real opportunity to throw this move is at a 
    jumper. Each grenade juggles your opponent in the air and lands them 
    lying down at your feet.  Have yet to see this Alpha Countered as it is 
    basically impossible to do an AC in the air.  It is also yet to be air 
    blocked.  The animation looks like your opponent is already knocked down 
    and can’t come to a stop on the ground because of the explosions so your 
    opponent can’t start blocking is the middle as in Ryu’s fireball SC 
    because they are juggled in the air by the explosions.  An opponent 
    jumping in can do nothing but be upset that they can’t retaliate. This 
    is definitely the more practical super combo out of the two.
    -Trip Line
            D,DF,F,D,DF,F + K
            This is a pretty funny combo if nothing else since even at level 
    3 it does practically no damage.  Rolento bends down and grabs a string 
    from out of the ground.  At the same time, a small army guy lowers 
    upside down from the top of the screen with a big metal hook.  Rolento 
    yanks on the string and up goes the opponent in a snare that catches the 
    feet of the other player, and yanks them up in the air toward to hook.  
    This move must be done at fairly close range or you are left wide open 
    especially to.  The only good aspect of this SC is the priority, and 
    that it has to be blocked low.

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