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    Taunt FAQ by Derrick

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    Original Author: <G0uk1@aol.com>
    Compiled & Edited by : Derrick P.S.P.<ghaven@pacific.net.sg>
                        (Gamers' Haven at http://home.pacific.net.sg/~sepoh)
    Subject: Some more SFA2 tricks plus a TAUNT FAQ
    This Document may be freely copied, distributed or used
    in any way provided proper credit is given to it's author
        Hello fellow Street Fighter fans; if you are reading this, you are 
    probably not just the occasional player dabbling in Street Fighter. Even 
    if you are, you will be happy to note that I have tried to make this FAQ 
    both informative and as entertaining as possible. Considering the 
    subject of the FAQ, SFA2 taunts, it is not difficult to muse on the 
    entertaining aspects of this, rarely used, but rewarding aspect of the 
    game. I say rewarding as in respect to the total gaming experience. 
    Sure, taunts do not help you beat the opponent, or at least most players 
    think they don't, but they sure are fun. Many players, in their quest to 
    pulverize their opponents, tend to forget that videogames are supposed 
    to be form of entertainment, and therefore fun!
        Before I go into the heart of the FAQ, let me quickly, explain 
    why, in my humble opinion,the Street Fighter series is the best 
    available. It is not just that Street Fighter is fun. Many games, 
    including a variety of other fighting games are really enjoyable to play. I 
    do not want to put down other fighting games, especially ones
    that I have not played. Fortunately, I own or have played extensively 
    most of the popular fighting games available. My problem with many of 
    them is not how entertaining they are, but for how long they keep one's 
    attention. Longevity, I believe is the key to greatness in a game, and 
    the key tolongevity is gameplay.
        What is gameplay? Gameplay, to me, is all the fine little 
    intricacies in a game that the next battle slightly than the last. It is 
    all the possibilities that can result from a certain move. Many games 
    can be mastered in days. The more complicated ones, in weeks. Players 
    have been playing Street Fighter for years and have not mastered every 
    single thing in the game. Herein lies the strength of the Street Fighter 
    series. It is a game that one can play for months and one day discover 
    something that you didn't know. 
        If you have read this far into the intro, I apologize for 
    rambling. I tend to get carried away when talking about things that 
    interest me. And Street Fighter, obviously, one of them. I will
    now return SFA2 TAUNT FAQ. 
        In this FAQ, I have tried to list and describe as many of the 
    taunts in the game as possible. I have also included information on 
    victory poses. At the end of the FAQ is a list of all the codes
    for the SATURN and PSX versions. Though I own both versions and have 
    played the arcade extensively, most of the testing was done on the 
    SATURN version. This version, I feel, is the superior home version; but 
    in general, they are both great translations. The SATURN version wins 
    out in the its depiction of the small details. If you have any comments, 
    question, corrections, etc, I can be contacted via EMAIL at 
    G0uk1@aol.com. This is my first time writing any kind of FAQ, so any 
    input would be greatly appreciated. Hope you enjoy and happy gaming!
        I would like to take a moment to thank a person that has sent a 
    bunch of corrections. I would to thank Kenneth Miller for his email and 
    I would like to say without people like him helping me out this FAQ 
    would be as informative as it is amusing! Anyway, thanks Kenneth, feel 
    free to write any time you feel like it!!
    ---[ CHARACTERS TAUNT GUIDE ]------------------------------------------
        Dan is the king of taunts! He can taunt in any imaginable 
    position! By pressing SELECT or the CHOHATSU button you can taunt while 
    standing, jumping, crouching, rolling back, rolling forward, and the 
    MIGHTY super taunt!! Dan is one of my favorite characters, he's very fun 
    to use because of his speed and the fact that everyone underestimates 
    him. His air taunt is a safe move to do because it is quick and there is 
    little chance of getting hit out of it. Just make sure the opponent is 
    not in the process of uppercutting! For example, read Ryu for a 
    fireball, quickly jump doing the taunt, then land and throw them! In two 
    seconds you do two of the most infuriating moves in the game!
    START- normal standing taunt. raises fist and says, "Doshta Doshta!" 
           means "What is wrong?", in other words Dan asks why the hell 
           aren't you attacking him?!
    fireball motion+START- rolls forward, like Ken/Akuma, and then stands 
                           and says, "Rachoo!"
    NOTE: this move goes under regular and super fireballs!
    backwards fireball motion+START- rolls backward and then does taunt, 
                                     says, "Rachoo!" does NOT go under 
                                     fireballs but is useful when opponent 
                                     does an involving move(uppercut), you 
                                     back away then taunt!
    START in the air- "yahoo!", very safe taunt to do!
    START while crouching- takes just as long as the normal standing one, 
                           says, "Jodan ja ne zo!"
    double fireball+START- SUPER TAUNT, what can I say! Absolutely never can 
                           you do this and not get hit! Bonus audacity 
    NOTE:    Victory poses: hold START and the appropriate button 
                            immediately after winning to choose your pose. 
    Most characters do not have six poses, so some buttons are redundant.
    START+fierce- Dan raises fist and, with tears running down his cheeks, 
                  says, "Oyaji!", means  "Dad!"
    START+strong- raises fist and flexes, gi falls of his shoulder
    START+jab- just like standing taunt, can also be done with ST+forward 
               and ST+roundhouse
    START+short- thumbs up and BIG smile! This is an exact replica of Yuri 
                 Sakazaki's pose from Art of Fighting 2 and the KOF series! 
    SUPER TAUNT- says, "Ikuzora! Yoshya! Doshta Doshta! Rachoo! Yahoo! 
                       Oroaroara! Jodan ja ne zo! Yoyush!!!!!!"
                       'explaination: "Ikuzora!" means something like "Lets 
                       go!"  "Yoshya!" is just a general yell like when 
                       excited. "Doshta Doshta!" I already explained. 
                       "Rachoo!" is basically like "Yoshya!" "Yahoo!", need 
                       no explaining... "Oroara!" is a taunting phrase to  
                       incite his opponent to attack. "Jodan ja ne zo!" 
                       means "is this a joke!" But more like the other
                       person's efforts are laughable. -"Yoyush!" I am not 
                       sure if he says this but it sounds like it. No 
                       definition. Just another yell.' - Kenneth Miller
        Sakura is a fun character as long as you understand that you 
    CANNOT play like Ken/Ryu. She has basically the same moves as Ryu but 
    they are used completely differently. Rely more on her hurricane than 
    START- she only has one taunt:(  but its reasonably funny, she wipes her 
           noses, points her finger and giggles. Her taunt also hits!!
    victory poses:
    START+short- she does a few kicks, shoe flies off and hits her on the 
                 head, "Duuuuh!"
    START+fierce- same as short but the shoes stays on!
    START+strong- raises arm above her head and laughs!
    START+forward- the dance!
    START+jab- same as taunt but says, "Sonna toko da ne", which basically 
               means, "Thats the way it goes.", also done with ST+roundhouse
        Ranked number one in most charts. When played well, se can give 
    ANY opponent a major headache! She also has the elusive hitting taunt, 
    sometimes it hits, sometimes it doesn't. Best bet is to knock an 
    opponent down then as they get up, do the taunt. If they try to attack 
    they will usually get hit by it, though sometimes not. Try at your own 
    START- her only taunt, she smiles and waves, hits maybe 60% of the time, 
           risky. She says, "Gomen Ne!"
    victory poses:
    START+fierce- she jumps up several times, smiles, then does the V sign, 
                  for victory, with hand
    START+strong- does a few kicks for show
    START+jab- crosses her arms, then bows her head, can also be done with 
    ST+any kick
        What can I say about Ryu that hasn't been said before. One of the, 
    if not THE, most popular characters. If you don't pick him alot, you 
    sure will fight him often! I find Ryu quicker than his evil counterpart 
    and more effective if played correctly.
    START- stops and fixes his gloves
    START+toward- stops and fixes his headband
    victory poses:
    START+fierce- crosses arms and looks away, leaf blows across pants
    START+strong- just crosses arms
    START+forward- raises right arm and smiles, also done with ST+jab
    START+short- raises left arm and smiles, also done with ST+roundhouse
        Zangief is quite frankly the most humiliating player to play with! 
    I love picking him because everyone swears it is easy to beat him, until 
    they're into the match, then they realize they are dead. Only move that 
    competes with his LEVEL 3 SUPER PILEDRIVER is Akuma's DEMON RAGE!
    START- only taunt, does his most muscular pose!
    victory poses:
    START+fierce- flexes right arm and smiles, says "Bolshoi Pavieda!" which 
                  means "Big Victory!"
    START+short- flexes left arm and then smiles, says "Xorosoa!" which 
                 means "Good"
    START+jab- lifts arms high in the air, and says, "da!", which means 
               "yes", also done with ST+strong, ST+roundhouse, ST+forward
    NOTE: On the SATURN, if you play ZANGIEF vs ZANGIEF you will get the 
    pose that he flexes his pecs before raises his arms, this is because 
    when one plays same characters ALL the frames from the arcade are used!
        Ken is not as capable as Ryu, but more fun to play. Maybe it has 
    something to do with his uppercut. My problem with Ken is that his 
    flying forward has short range and doesn't stick out as long as Ryu's. 
    START- runs his hand through his hair then gives the thumb's up sign, he 
           says, "Yatta ze!",which is an arrogant way of saying, "I did it!"
    START+foward- tells his opponent to "come on" with his hand
    victory poses:
    START+fierce- the classic pose from SF2, victory!
    START+strong- same as taunt but runs left arm through his hair, says, 
                  "Yatta ze!" again
    START+forward- raises right arm and smiles, like Ryu's
    START+short- raises left arm and smiles, also done with ST+roundhouse 
                 and ST+jab
        Adon is, arguably, the quickest character in the game, except for 
    Shin Gouki! He'd be damn near invincible if his Jaguar Kicks didn't have 
    such bad lag time after being blocked! He also has FIVE win poses, most 
    of them are pretty cool too.
    START- Adon gives them the thumbs down!
    victory poses:
    START+fierce- turns around and flexes, what is this, SF or a 
                  bodybuilding contest?
    START+string- same as taunt
    START+short- puts hands behind head, then bobs head up and down, kneels 
                 and looks up
    START+forward- flips back and takes off headpiece
    START+jab- crosses arms and laughs!, is also done with ST+roundhouse
        Birdie is the prince of taunts. He has three, of which one of the 
    hits. The knife not only hits, but it hits regularly. It acts as a 
    regular move, opponents can block it, though they cannot air block it, 
    and most importantly, if you want to be really, really cool, you can end a 
    custom combo with it! Just sweep, do two to three headbutts and then hit 
    CHOHATSU. The opponent will be juggled by the knife!
    START- Birdie pulls his knife, can hit!
    START+toward- Birdie rubs his stomach, too much to eat huh?
    START+back- Birdie licks his chain, is this guy weird or what?!
    victory poses:
    START+fierce- runs a comb through his hair, then it gets messed up again
    START+strong- combs hair, but this time it stays combed!
    START+short- same as taunt, he pulls his knife
    START+jab- licks his chain, says, "I'm number one." also done with 
               ST+forward, ST+roundhouse
        Rose is a fun character to play with. For some reason I liked her 
    better in SFA, but she is still a solid character. Not to difficult to 
    wup ass with! Also has SIX poses! Her taunt has hit a few times for me, 
    I think it works like Chun Li's.
    START- she waves her finger and says, "Mada mada ne!", means, "Not yet" 
           as in you're not ready to fight her yet
    victory poses:
    START+fierce- same as taunt but with two FRIENDS
    START+strong- extends arm and a glowing orb of energy floats around it
    START+jab- same as taunt
    START+short- leans against one FRIEND
    START+forward- hides behind huge tarot card and then appeard in a 
                   dress!, says, "Daijoubu?", which means, "are you  
    START+roundhouse- she flips a tarot card to the ground 
        Akuma, akuma, you are the man! I actually like his story better 
    than the actual character, but who can argue with a DEMON RAGE! They 
    should have not made him playable, as every version of Akuma gets more 
    watered down. He even takes more damage than anyone else! That was fine 
    in SFA when he was actually more cheap than everyone else but not 
    START- Akuma is not a very vocal character, he just goes into the Horse 
           stance and grunts
    victory poses:
    START+fierce- turns around and the TEHN symbol on his back shines
    START+jab- same as taunt, also done with ST+forward, ST+roundhouse
    START+short- same as fierce, but Akuma says, "shoush!", means Pathetic!"
    START+strong- he goes into the horse stance, but doesn't stomp, and 
                  keeps trembling
        Guy is an unconventional character is there ever was one. You have 
    to pester the opponent like hell to win, using Guy's poking moves and 
    overheads. He's an alright character, but I liked him better in SFA. The 
    chain combos made poking alot easier.
    START- turns around and does the Bushin sign with hand
    victory poses:
    START+fierce- same as taunt says, "Waraku omou na", means "don't make me 
    START+strong- folds arms and does the bushin sign again, also says,"Kore 
                  zo Busin Ryu!", 
    Bushin Ryu is his fighting style and he's letting you know what style he 
    used to kick your butt!
    START+jab- just crosses his arms, also done with ST+any kick
        Rolento is really fun to play with. His style reminds one of Vega 
    from SF2. He's been called the "flying monkey" because he's always in 
    the air pestering opponents. There's something about grenading your 
    opponent that's just too funny.
    START- Rolento throughs a dud, unfamiliar opponents will try to avoid 
    victory poses:
    START+fierce- snaps fingers and says, "mission complete!", the guys that 
                  hang down from the guys that hang down from the top of the 
                  screen come down with the fourth guy outta sync
    START+strong- same as above but the guys are all in sync this time
    START+jab- throws grenade on opponent while the lay helpless, and then 
    START+short- snaps fingers... but guys come down in waves
    START+forward- same but the fourth guy has a hook this time
    START+roundhouse- snaps fingers... but(amazingly), no guys appear!
        Bison is evil incarnate! If you watch the animated movie you'll 
    know what I mean. He has been weakened drastically since SF2! Still fun 
    though.They slowed down his scissor kick A LOT! Not combo-able any more.
    START- stands and says, "Nurui wa", an insult
    START+toward- stands and runs thumb across neck
    victory poses:
    START+fierce- he does a mini teleport into the air above him then hovers 
                  while laughing
    START+strong- runs thumb across neck
    START+jab- stands and says, "Nurui wa", also done with ST+any kick
        Dhalism, in my opinion, is the most improved character since SF2. 
    He is VERY effective if used with patience and guile. One of my 
    favorites, Dhalsim is another person that is underrated!
    START- stands with hands together as if in prayer and says, "yoga!"
    victory poses:
    START+fierce- hovers in air with legs and arms crossed
    START+strong- stands with hands together and says, "yoga!"
    START+jab- same as above but stays silent, also ST+roundhouse
    START+short- same as fierce but chants
    START+forward- hovers in air with palms out and chants, mouth moves
        Charlie is Guile, except a lot slower. He's a popular character 
    but, I don't like using him. I used to be able to stand him. His only 
    redeeming feature is his double super juggle. At the end of a combo you 
    do the super kicks then the super flash kicks, in the corner. Chun Li 
    can supposedly do all three! If you have done this, mail me!
    START- pulls out a notebook and writes something
    START+toward- pulls on his jacket
    victory poses:
    START+fierce- puts on glasses, says, "huh!"
    START+strong- pulls on jacket
    START+short- turns around and says, "too easy!"
    START+jab- writes in diary?, also ST+forward and ST+roundhouse
        Gen is my weakest character. I still like him though its really 
    hard to win. The switching styles idea was cool at first, but each style 
    has good moves and you're forced to switch every second! He reminds me 
    of Chun from REMO WILLIAMS! Though not nearly as cool.
    START- motions "come here" with his hand
    victory poses:
    START+fierce- puts hands in sleeve and says, "you a big fool"
    START+strong- puts hands in sleeve and laughs
    START+jab- same as fierce, also done with ST+any kick
        Sodom is very cool. Sure, he looks funny, but he's fast AND has a 
    piledriver. His tick is better than Birdie's. His taunt hits also. His 
    taunt is fun to do at the end of CC's also! He was MUCH more powerful in 
    SFA, though.
    START- he bows, hits, can also be done in CC
    victory poses:
    START+fierce- bows
    START+strong- pulls out fan with flowers
    START+jab- pulls out fan with water sprouting out, also done with 
    START+short- twirls sai
    START+forward- twirls sai, then drops them, shakes head
        Sagat is a decent character. They sped him up from SFA. His 
    uppercut rules. Other than that, his only highlights are hitting someone 
    with an uppercut right before they die, and they have to sit through six 
    SLOW hits(I LOVE THAT SOUND!!!), and the way he laughs when he wins, 
    START- grabs chin with hand
    victory poses:
    START+fierce- grabs chin, also done with ST+short and ST+jab
    START+strong- folds arms across chest and laughs loud
    START+forward- same as fierce but laughs and also done with 
    The following are codes for the home versions that I know of:
    Chun-Li original outfit-
    hold SELECT on her picture for five seconds then press any buttons
    Super Akuma- 
    press and release SELECT on Akuma then press: down, right, right, down,
    left, down, left, down, right, right, right; you should be on Akuma 
    again. Hold SELECT and press any button.
    Chun-Li original outfit- 
    hold START for five seconds long then press any buttons
    Evil Ryu- 
    press and release START then press: right, up, down, left; then hold 
    start and press any button
    Super Akuma- 
    press and release START on Akuma then press:  down, down, right, down, 
    right, down, down, down, left, down, left, down; you should be on Akuma 
    again.  Hold START and press any button.
    Championship Edition Zangief- 
    on Zangief press and release START then press: down, left, 
    left, left, left, left, up, up, right, right, right, right, right, down; 
    you should be on Zangief again.  Hold START and press any button.
    Championship Edition Dhalsim- 
    on Dhalsim press and release START then press: left, down, 
    right, up; you should be back on Dhalsim.  Hold START and press any 
    Super Sakura colors from SFZ2A - 
    press and release START on Sakura then press: up, left, down,
    left, down, right, right, down, left, left, down, down, down, right, up, 
    up, right; you should be on Ryu.  Hold START and press any button.  
    Turbo Buttons- in training mode, 
    hold LR+START before picking characters.  
    Survival Mode- when picking characters hold L+START to pick Super Akuma 
                   at the end or hold R+START to fight Bison at the end.
    that's all folks!-porky pig, looney tunes-------< END >----------------

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