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    Wolf by Superdoug

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    Newsgroups: rec.games.video.arcade
    Subject: Superdoug's Wolf guide
    Date: Mon, 09 Sep 1996 02:47:28 -0400
    Superdoug's (dougc@umich.edu) Wolf strategy guide for VF2.
            Well, it's been a long time in coming.  Since VF3 is almost here,
    I thought I would make up this Wolf strategy guide for all you aspiring Wolf
    players out there.  I'm going to try to pack in as many Wolf tidbits that I
    can...  I'll probably end up forgetting a lot of things that I want to put
    in here but for right now this is as complete as I can get it.
    Wolf intro
    Wolf philosophy
    Move analysis
    PKG (make it your friend)
    Low punch major counter throws
    The "Wolf rush"
    Dashing in 2.0 and 2.1
    Throwing a missing low punch
    Float combos
    Versus strategy
    Wolf intro:
            Wolf was always an under-rated character untill two Japanese
    "tetsujins," (literally "steel person", these people are the Japanese VF2
    experts) Bun Bun Maru and Kashiwa Jeffry discovered valuable tricks with
    the two big guys to even the odds against the other characters.  These
    complex and advanced tricks gave Wolf and Jeffry the advantages they needed
    as well as some flash to make them more popular.
    Wolf Philosophy:
            I'm going to make this short and simple.  A good, solid Wolf strategy
    is to mix up two modes of play:  knocking down and pouncing, and throwing.
    There, that wasn't too wordy now was it?  :)
    Move analysis:
            The motion and stats for all Wolf's moves here are gleaned staight
    from Tom Harper's excellent Wolf FAQ.  (Thanks Tom!)  
    Name                          Motion    Hits  Damage  Frames   Reverse  Notes
    ------                        ------    ----  ------ --------  -------  -----
    Punch                         P          H      14     12,6      PKA      F   
    Low Punch                     d+P        L      10     10,8       A       
            See special section about low punch major counters.
    Kick                          K          H      36     16,20      PA
    Low Kick                      d+K        L      17     16,25      A
            Wolf's low kick has great reach.  You can sometimes use low punch,
            low punch, low kick to make people back off.
    Side Kick                     d/f+K      M      33     16,35     PAW
            Still a powerful move.  Use it carefully, though.
    Knee                          f+K        M      30     15,29              SF
            Wolf's knee is one of the weakest in the game for height of floats
            and damage, but you can still score high damaging combos.
            (see combo section for more info)
    Uppercut                      d/f+P      M      22     13,22     PKA       F
            A move you don't want to use against Kage and Akira because it can
            be reversed too easily.  Better than a knee because it's
            uncounterable if blocked.
    Uppercut from crouch          FC,d/f+P   M      22     15,22     PKA       F
            Same as normal uppercut...  Remember, your best float combo off
            an uppercut is almost always uppercut (float), knee, light pounce.
            This will hit everyone, do good damage, and is super-easy to execute.
    Running Clothesline           f,f+P      M      40     24,38  
            Not a move I recommend using too much.  If they're standing there
            blocking, throw them.
    Shoulder Ram                  b,f+P      n     20-70   19,32   
            This is a good move to use to end float combos but doesn't have
            many more practical uses.  You have a chance of scoring a "critical
            hit" when used on someone's back but I'd rather just do the back
    Backhand Slap                 b+P        H       20    20,32    PKA
            My vote for the most useless move in VF2!
    Scissors Kick                 K+G        H       36    20,35               G
            This move can be used cautiously when you're ahead in lifebar because
            it makes you hit the ground, wasting time.  You could use it if you
            think that someone will miss their move.
            This move is also ideal for snuffing heelkicks.  If the two moves are
            executed simultaneously the scissors kick will always beat the
    Drop Kick                     u/f+K      M        22    23,22              G
            For the most part, don't bother.
    Somersault Heel Smash         b,f+K+G    M        30    30,29              G
            Mainly used as a defensive maneuver when you are ahead in life and
            your opponent starts getting desperate and too offensive.
    Ballet Kick                   f+K+G      M        36    19,22              S
            Wolf's best move, period.
            Use this move in Kage's and Pai's sidekick range.  It will interrupt
            low punches, sidekicks, Akira's dashing elbow and single palm, among
            many others.  I personally use this move LIBERALLY.  It is
            uncounterable if blocked, and tough to counter if missed.  (but
            don't miss it. :) ) After the ballet kick is blocked or missed, ALWAYS
            be ready with a twirl and hurl if your opponent is trying to counter
            you with a throw.
            This is a move you use to feel your opponent out and make him react
            under your circumstances.  It's what the dashing elbow is to Akira.
            Also, after a minor counter hit, always follow up with a heavy
            pounce.  After a major counter hit, tap forward, forward then do a
            heavy pounce to get the maximum damage.  Never forget to pounce.
    Flying Knee Attack            f,f+K+G    H        30    23,47              S   
            This move is throw counterable if blocked.  However, if this move
            hits "shallow," (hits from maximum range) you must DASH in to throw
            Wolf if you want to catch him in time.  This is a tough thing to do
            and you will beat the person to the throw if they just tapped for, for
            for.. and didn't dash in.
    Body Blow                     f+P        M        20    14,24       P      F
            Wolf's second best move.  Use it liberally against Kage and Akira
            because it cannot be reversed.  (EVEN by Pai, Tom!!)  I like to mix
            it up between my PKG-throws because it's harder to counter than
            a knee (although it *IS* still counterable by a PK combo, so if your
            opponent has a knack for countering your blocked bodyblows, ease up)
            This sounds lame but most people CAN NOT PK counter the bodyblow
            because their reflexes aren't good enough (or they forget, I dunno..)
            Also, ALWAYS ALWAYS use a heavy pounce after you knock down with this move.
    Drop Elbow                    b+P+K      H        30    13,25              
            This move appears useless at first, but it comes out very fast and
            can always be followed up by a *heavy* pounce if it major counters.
            The ideal use for this move is against a character who relies on
            elbow staggers (Jacky, Kage, Lau.. etc)  If done from maximum elbow
            distance the drop elbow will cleanly interrupt any elbow attempt by
            these characters if executed simultaneously.  Honest.  Try it.  If
            someone if in your face with PKGs and elbows, throw in a drop elbow
            when you think they are going to do their normal elbow.  The
            knockdown and pounce will make them more cautious next time.
    Sliding attack                f,d+K      L        20    16,44 
            This move isn't really all it's cracked up to be.  It hits low,
            comes out fast and knocks down (use light pounce), which are all
            good, but is THROW COUNTERABLE if blocked, which is very bad.  The
            motion is also very fickle and the move tends not to come out when
            you need it.
            Against advanced players, I tend to reserve this move in float
            combos.  For that purpose, it's still pretty cool.
    Two Hand Upward Slap          FC,f+P     M        30    12,38           
            Great when you're being rushed with PKGs and elbows...  You can
            duck under a punch and nail someone...  It's uncounterable if
            blocked but as with most moves very counterable if missed, so don't
            miss it.  Always try to go all the way back (full half circle instead
            of a quarter circle) when doing this move because it can double as
            a twirl and hurl.  Also feel free to try a light pounce if you
            hit someone with it.
    Name                          Motion      Grabs   Damage   Frames  Notes
    ----                          ------      -----   ------   ------  -----
    Backfall Suplex               P+G           H       60       137     G
            Not a horrible throw, I use it in a jam when my brain can't
            remember to do a different throw.  If someone breaks out of it,
            RUN FORWARD.  DO NOT DO A TURN-TOWARD ATTACK.  If a fellow Wolf
            or Jeffry player breaks out of this move, they get a free backthrow.
    Body Slam                     f+P           H       50       178 
            My most-used throw.  It shares the same motion as the bodyblow,
            so don't feel guilty about getting up close and pushing for+p just
            to see what happens.  Can always be followed up by an elbow drop,
            usually followed up by a short pounce, or, if you see that your
            opponent is being lazy and not struggling, get him with the heavy
    Twirl And Hurl                HCT+P         H       100      226
            Well, it's the single most damaging move in the game.  A heavy part
            of your offensive strategy should be to get this throw off.
            A rgva poster, Mason Wood, said that the twirl and hurl is most
            dangerous when you make your opponent forget that you have it.
            This is very true.  Use knees, ballet kicks, blodyblows, etc and
            play for the knockdown.  When your opponent starts to stand and
            defend against your offense, twirl them.  Also, always remember to
            dash in and pounce after this move.  A heavy pounce is possible,
            but if you're slow to dash in do a drop elbow or light pounce.
            Oh, and don't forget to ring them out with the up/towards +
            guard move if they're close to the ring edge.  >:)
    Ghostbuster                  d/f,d/f+P+K   H        80      213
            A good throw, but it just doesn't match up with Jeffry's crucifix
            piledriver.  After you tap the first d/f motion you have (I belive)
            14 frames to do the next d/f and the P+K.  This makes it possible
            to stretch out a small crouch dash before you unleash the throw,
            giving it added range.
    Frankensteiner                u/f+K+G       H        60      118
            A fun, cool looking throw, but the bodyslam is better in any
            situation.  The bodyslam + elbow drop is more damage than a
            frankensteiner because the frank can't be followed up by a ground hit.
            A missed frankensteiner attempt also results in a horrible hopping
            weird kicking attack that should be avoided at all costs. :)
    Double Arm Suplex             d/b+P+K+G     L        70      179
    Tombstone                     d/f+P+K+G     L        70      182
    Torso Takedown                d+P+G         L        60      109
            For some reason I favor the torso takedown in low punch MC -
            throws, and the double arm suplex in missed low punch - low throws,
            but that's just me.  I *ALWAYS* follow up a torso takedown with
            a *HEAVY* pounce, making it the most damaging low throw.  (the
            torso takedown can technically be struggled out of, but use it and
            see how often people struggle out in time.  I'd say 1 in 50 people
            struggle out of my torso take downs).  The double arm suplex is
            safely followed up with a light pounce but a heavy pounce is sort
            of easy to struggle out of.
    German Suplex                 P+G           B        80      176
    Full Nelson Suplex            P+K+G         B        85      169
            The difference:  the full nelso suplex does more damage but will
            not grab a crouching opponent with his back to you, where the
            german suplex does less damage but *will* grab a croucher.  Always
            follow both these up with a heavy pounce.
    Side Kick Reversal            d/f+P         M        60       83
            A very cool and useful move, try to anticipate the sidekick and then
            go for it.  Really cool people might always do their low punches by
            pressed d/b+p instead of just down+P.
            Here's the moves that can be reversed by Wolf's reversal:
    Anyone's Side Kick--d/f+K
    Pai and Lau's Snap Side Kicks--f+K
    Kage's Heel Kick--d+K+G
    Kage's Kick in his P,P,P,K combo
    Sarah's second or third Illusion Kick--d/f+K,K,K
    Sarah's Side Kick in her Punt Kick-Side Kick combo--d+K,K
    Jacky's Side Kick in his Punch-Side Kick combo--P,K up close
    Jeffry's Big-Ass Boot--f,f+K
    Description                      Motions                     Damage
    -----------                      -------                     ------
    2 Punches                        P,P                           28
    2 Punches, Uppercut              P,P,P                         56
    2 Punches, Elbow Strike          P,P,f+P                       48
            I find these combos pretty useless, the delay on the PPP (punch
            punch uppercut) is just too long.  The PPfor+P combo is just plain
            silly, fun if you could fit it into a float, though.
    Universal Punch-Kick Combo       P,K                           44
            A good virtua skill to know when to use this.  Remember that Wolf's
            punch is slower than anyone elses (besides Jeff) and it's a lot
            harder for him to PK counter moves that other people can PK counter
            easily.  IE:  blocked knees, single palms, etc.  After I block these
            moves I usually try to throw rather than PK counter.
    PKG (make it your friend):
            PKG is a built in combo.  It is effectively a no-recovery punch that
    is done by executing a PK combo, and then G-cancelling the kick part of the
    combo.  After the kick is cancelled, any move can be immediately executed.
            This is good for up-fighting.  Mix knees and/or bodyblows and throws
    between PKGs for effective trickery.
            But, probably the most useful aspect of the PKG is the ability to do
    a PKG (major counter) - throw.
            Here's how it works.  If you hit someone with a PKG and you interrupt
    someone while they were doing a move, you will get a major counter.  This
    will result in a different sound (a heavier "bish" noise) and a longer stun
    period resulting from the punch.  In this circumstance you recover from the
    PKG while your opponent is still in "punch stun" and can get a free throw.
            Be sure to master the very powerful PKG (MC) - twirl and hurl.  It's
    tough to learn ubt is a neccesity in become a master Wolf player.
            You must tap P.. K.. G.. HCT+P all in the same rythem.  The button
    presses should be spaced out with exactly the same pause inbetween them.
    Don't do the button presses too quickly.  If you do the PKG too quickly,
    you will do the equivilent of just pushing PG, which is a punch that has
    SOME recovery.  (you will be unable to throw them immediately afterwards).
            If you find that it helps, you can also start the HCT (half circle
    towards) motion as your are doing the PKG, but this isn't necessary.  (IE,
    P, back+K, down/back+G, down, down/for, for+P)  However, I've found that the
    problem most people have with this is that they try to do it TOO FAST, so
    you shouldnt have to consolidate the twirl and hurl motion into the PKG.
    Low punch major counter throws:
            Low punch major counter throws work differently than the PKG major
    counter throw.  Let's say we were try to do a low punch major counter -
    bodyslam.  Here's is the joystick presses:
            down+punch, forward, forward, forward+P.
            That's a low punch, a buffered-in forward dash, and then the motion
    for the bodyslam.  Similarly, a low punch (MC) twirl and hurl, motion would
    be this:
            down + punch, forward, forward, HCT+P.
            You press the down+punch and then *immeditaely* do the forward,
    forward motion, then *immediately* do the HCT+punch.  It will all flow
    together.  The for,for dash buffers in while you are doing the low punch,
    and the twirl and hurl buffers in while you're doing the forward dash.
            It is essential that you always tap forward, forward DURING the low
    punch to buffer in a dash after the low punch connects in order to get in
    range to throw.  Low punch (MC) low throws work exactly the same way.  If
    you interrrupt someone while they are doing a move from a crouch, or a move
    that will result in them crouching, like a low punch, they will be "low punch
    stunned" in a crouch position long enough for you to dash in and get the
    throw.  A low punch (MC), torso takedown is simply:
            down+punch, forward, forward, down+punch+guard
            You get the idea.
            Due to the nature of low punch major counters (they make the same
    noise as a low punch minor counter) it is impossible to tell if the low punch
    major countered untill it is too late to throw, so you MUST commit yourself
    to the dash-in and throw and necessarily knowing that the low punch major
    countered or not.
            You can, however, with some fast reflexes, judge whether your
    opponent is stunned in a standing or crouching position and use the
    appropriate throw in time.  Tap down+P, for for, while watching your opponent
    closely.  After the low punch hits him, you will be able to see if he is
    crouching or standing.  Here I press for+P for a fast bodyslam or down+P+G
    for a fast torso takedown.  Since these are simple, fast motions for throws
    you can learn to react to the low punch (MC) with a little practice.  I find
    that the low punch (MC) twirl and hurl is pretty much a guess that your
    opponent will be standing after the low punch (MC).  I don't have the
    reflexes to do a low punch, dash in, and do either a low throw or HCT+P, but
    maybe someone out there can.
    The "Wolf rush"
            You'll often hear of Lau's dreaded knifehand rush or Akira's rush,
    but what could the Wolf rush be?  Here's a basic setup that starts with a
    PKG that hits or is blocked.  Then I'll show you some things to mix in after
    your opponent catches on.
            PKG - down/for, down/for+P+K, for, for, (low throw or high throw) 
            This is a PKG, then a ghostbuster (that you should get if the PKG
    major counters), then a shot a low punch MC high throw or low throw if the
    ghostbuster misses and comes out as a low punch.
            If your opponent tries to execute any move during this sequence he
    will get major countered by the first PKG or the low punch.  If he starts
    blocking without attacking, try to skip a part of the rush and just throw
    the person as he stands there.
            You can also mix it up with PKG - knee if people start looking to
    reverse or interrupt your low punch (only if they block the first PKG), PKG
    - bodyblow could also be substituted here.
            When you watch a master Wolf player rush you will often see this
     rapid series of high punch, low punch, high punch, low punch.  Get the
     opponent blocking and simple stop the rush and throw them, or interrupt
     them with a knee or bodyblow from close range or a ballet kick.
            Okizeme means something like "attacking the rising opponent" in
    Japanese.  This is the name for pressuring someone after you have knocked
    them down.  This is a very important tactic with Wolf and should always be
    used after you knocked someone down to keep the inititive.  Here's some
    simple tactices for anyone except Akira: (see the vs. section for special
    Akira okizeme information).
            Knock someone down, and then crouch dash into their body while
    they're on the ground, trying to provoke a rising attack.  If you think that
    they have taken the bait and hit 'k' to execute a rising attack, quickly
    dash out of the way of the kick and immeditaely dash back in to low throw
    a missed sweep or high throw a missed rising high kick.  This, of course,
    takes some practice, but is an invaluable tool.
            After you pulverise someone with this, they will likely rise without
    an attack.  Here you want to try to throw them as soon as they get up, or
    do a low punch MC if you think they are going to execute a move as soon as
    they get up to avoid a throw.  Yes, this is a guessing game, but a guessing
    game that is in Wolf's favor.
            If someone uses muteki-okizeme, (holding DOWN as they get up to get
    a short peroid of invincibility) try to recognize when the invincibility
    period is over and do down+P+G, for, for, throw.  If you executed the
    down+P+G at the right time you will low throw them, but if they buffered in
    a move into the invincibility peroid you can likely low punch major counter
    it and then follow up with a throw.
            A special note here while I'm thinking about it.  Wolf's best use for
    muteki-oki (when he is using it himself) is to down DOWN, then do a HCT+P.
    This will twirl and hurl them if they don't attack you as soon as you rise,
    or hit them with a double fisted uppercut if they DID try to attack you!
    Dashing in in 2.0 and 2.1
            Dashing in in 2.0 and 2.1 is different, most find the dashing in 2.0
    to be more difficult.
            In order to dash in 2.0, you must presed forward, FORWARD (hold the
    second forward) to start to dash, and then let the joystick go to neutral
    right as you get in range of your opponent.  Here Wolf will "skid out."
    After Wolf skids out you will be in range to execute a throw.  (if you dont
    skid Wolf will stop dashing before he can get into throw range).  If your
    opponent is backing off, dash in at him and do a high/low throw on him.
    After he learns to reach with a low punch or something to stop the throw,
    start doing a ballet kick just out of throw range to interrupt almost
    any attack he could do to stop the throw.  This is another great guessing
    game that's in Wolf's favor.
            Oh, in 2.1 dashing is made easier.  You still tap for, FOR but you
    will dash all the way into someone's throw range without having to "skid."
    The "dash in and throw or dash in and ballet kick" is even more effective in
    2.1 because people generally dash more in 2.1 because it's easier to do.  Let
    them know which character "jousts" the best!
    Throwing a missed low punch:
            Actually, before I talk about throwing a missed low punch, here's
    some more great info taken straight from Tom Harper's Wolf FAQ that talks
    about normal times to look for low throws.
    >Here are a set of opponent's moves that provide perfect opportunities
    >for low throws. A 'B' before the move means if you block it a throw is
    >possible. An 'M' means a throw is possible if it misses entirely, and an
    >'H' means it's possible if it hits!
    >Jacky's Low Backfist               M
    >Jacky, Kage, Lau, and Pai's Sweep  BM
    >Jacky's and Sarah's Leg Slicer     BMH
    >Shun's Slow Sweep                  BM
    >Lion's 2 Low Thigh Kicks           B
    >Shun's Low Shoulder Backpush       BM
    >Lau's double foot sweep            BM
    >Shun's Fast Sweeps after drinking  B
    >Pai's Scissor Kicks                BM
    >Akira's Low Rising Attack          B
    >Jacky's Rising Sweep               BM
    >Sarah's Rising Sweep               BM
    >Note that if Lau and Pai's Sweep is part of a PPPK combo it cannot be
    >low thrown. Use a high throw or counter method of your choice.
            Okay, now on to the nitty-gritty about throwing a missed low punch.
            In order to throw a missed low punch, you have to be quick.  I
    usually execute the low throw motion assoon as I see the low punch extended
    out.  It's very difficult to get a missed low punch low throw on the fly,
    but easier if you use a set up.  Here are some common set ups:
            Low punch (hit or blocked), uppercut (hit or miss), opponent
    low punches, low throw.
            Opponent low punches (hit), opponent low punches (whiffs), low throw.
            Akira does stun palm, then low punch (miss), low throw.
            Wolf blocks a rising sweep close, stands up, opponent low punches,
            misses, low throw.
            PP combo (hit, hit), guard cancel.  Opponent low punches, low throw.
            (against Akira): Wolf low punches (hit), Wolf low punches again,
            Akira tries low reversal (missed), low throw.
            Remember that it is always helpful to LET GO OF GUARD when you're
    looking for a missed low punch/low throw.  Wolf's torso extends out more when
    he's not guarding which seems to give him some added range with the low
            If you want to do a mised low punch/low throw without using one of
    setups, here are a few tips:
            Get a feel for the range where a low punch will just barely miss.
    Good times to look for low punches that barely miss are after blocked elbows,
    sidekicks and heel kicks.  Not every low punch after you block one of these
    moves will miss (or miss close enough for you to get the low throw) but
    after a while you'll develope that "feel" for it.
    Float combos:
            Here are some reliable combos that I like to do to each opponent
    for the best damage:
            Knee, low punch, heavy pounce.
            Knee, pkg, pkg, (pkg), knee. (light pounce)
            Knee, pkg, (pkg), knee. (light pounce)
            Knee, pkg, pkg, knee. (light pounce)
            Knee, heavy pounce.
            Knee, pkg, pkg, (pkg), knee.
            Knee, pkg, pkg, (pkg), knee. (light pounce)
            Knee, pkg, (pkg), knee. (light pounce)
            If a move is in ()'s that means that you can squeeze it on but it
    might be a little tough.
            "But those combos are boring!!!!" you must be crying out about now.
    Well then, here are some cooler combos that don't necessarily do more
    damage, but are still worth while because they are crowd pleasers.
    Lau/Kage:  knee, pkg, pkg, bodyram.
    Pai: knee, pkg, pkg, pkg, pkg, PPP.  (anyone done this one yet? :P )
    Pai: knee, pkg, kick+guard.
    Pai: knee, pkg, for+kick+guard.
    Pai: knee, pkg, uppercut, pkg, bodyram.  (how about this one?)
    Kage/lighter: bodyblow (special float), low punch, body ram.
    Kage, Lau, lighter:  knee, pkg, pkg, uppercut, up+kick pounce. (guaranteed)
    Sarah: knee, pkg, pkg, for, down+kick.
    Sarah: knee, pkg, pkg, double fisted uppercut.
    Note:  In order to get the double fisted uppercut or normal uppercut in these
            combos, you must buffer in a crouch dash first.  More simply, you
            must do down/for, down/for then down/for+P for the uppceut or WCT+P
            for the double fisted.
    Special versus character secion:
            Here's some special information while fighting specific characters.
            Use heavy okizeme.  If Akira tries any rising attack, block it and
    then throw him.  His rising high and low kick recover so slowly that after
    you block them a throw is guaranteed.  After he learns that it's futile to
    do a rising attack, you can use okizeme with the assumption that he is NOT
    going to ever do a rising attack and then base your oki-strategies from there
    (see the okizeme section).
            If Akira starts using the "option select," ie, PKG, down+P
    repeatedly, tap back,down+kick,G along with him.  This will auto-duck a PKG
    in time, and then cancel the low kick in time to block the low punch.  Don't
    try any move because it will just be interrupted, and any low punch will be
    reversed.  Just fizzy guard like this and you should eventally get a reversal
    jam.  (counter a cheesey tactic with a cheesey tactic!) while he's jammed,
    walk up and do a back throw (you can, even though it looks weird).  This will
    make him think twice aboue his little option select.
            His knifehand rush is a nightmare.  If he starts it from a slightly
    farther range than usual, you could crouch dash backwards, and retaliate with
    say, and uppercut.  If he's in your face and in "upknifeP auto pilot mode,"
    let go of block and keep jamming on PPPPPPP.  After you block the first
    upknife if Lau continues the normal rush, you will automatically continue to
    block, and when the tiny 2 frame or so window where you can attack (it's in
    there...) comes, hopefully one of your P's will register and you will punch
    your way out of it.
            Be careful of elbow staggers and use the drop elbow when to stop
    them.  And, if you get staggered, down forget to struggle while holding down
            Also remember that Lau's two footed sweep (for, down+K) is NOT throw-
    counterable if blocked so you will have to get him to miss it if you want
    to throw him.
            Eh, who plays Pai?  :)  Just practice your big float combos on her.
            Be careful with body blows and ballet kicks against defensive-minded
    Kage players always looking for the throw.  Use the drop elbow up close for
    stagger-happy Kages, and remember, DON'T forget to stuggle if you get
    staggered all while wailing on P+G.  If Kage tries to stagger-throw you you
    could struggle out in time and suplex him.
            Try to use the body blow from it's max range because Kage's fast
    PKG can interrupt it, but you need the bodyblow to fight against his low
    low punch - punch reversal 2 in 1 attack.  Also don't forget that the scissors
    kick (kick + guard) will snuff his heelkicks.  It also doesn't hurt to look
    for sidekick reversals against Kage's because Kage's sidekick is one of the
            Use the ballet kick a lot as well as his bodyblow.  Get up close
    and use the Wolf rush tactics first.  Watch out for the dashing elbow (delay)
    uppercut throw traps.  Fight him with the PKG throw and low punch MC throw
    tactics, but you'l have to beat him to it because he is likely trying the
    same thing.
            Be cautious of a Sarah with her back turned.  Her turn towards punch
    will interrupt almost anything you could do to her at that range, and watch
    out after you block a turn toward sweep because her punches will interrupt
    anything you could counter a blocked sweep with.  Against a back turned
    Sarah, use the ballet kick from max range at her and you could actually even
    use the up/for+kick+guard move effectively.
            At mid range, use the ballet kick again, and try to get up close to
    rush, but be cautious.  Look for big floats because Sarah is light.  ;)
            If Jacky is in low backfist range, a back, back, for, for, down+P+G
    will doge the backfist and low throw him.  Once again, watch for elbow
    staggers, use the drop elbow to snuff elbows.  Remember the elbow-heelkick
    is throw counterable, twirl and hurl him every time after you block it.
    Watch out when mixing in your low punches into a Wolf Rush because the
    kickflip has this annoying tendancy of snuffing them.  Use the knee more
    liberally than you normally would because Jacky players have a hard time PK
    countering blocked knees due to his weird PK combos.
            Watch for a lot of low throw opportunities and high throw
    opportunities while Shun is dodging.  Watch his fast down/back+k,k up close,
    poor on the bodyblows and maybe some knees.  The ballet kick is, as always,
    a good move to poke around with.  Watch out for his kick+def from that
    range.  Also, you could look for more sidekick reversals than usual due to
    Shun's useful sidekick.
            Like Shun, look to reverse more sidekicks that usual and look to
    throw him out of his dodge moves.  PK will smear a lot of stuff Lion has to
    offer, so poor it on.
            Lion players can be tough and unpredictable, just keep with a
    consistant offense with a lot of the tradition mixing in of throws and
    Ranking Mode:
            Here's yet another rippoff of Tom Harper's FAQ.  These are the moves
    you need to get first grade in ranking mode:
    Kudos to Jirawat Uttayaya and his Ranking Mode FAQ for this information.
    Remember to reach 1st Grade you must beat Dural, defeat CPU Akira within
    6 minutes and 30 seconds, and score 100 technical points. Score the
    technical points with these moves. Remember you must do each move in a
    separate match.
    5 Drop Kicks                             u/f+K
    4 Backfall Suplexes                      P+G
    3 Ghost Busters                          d/f,d/f+P+K
    3 Twirl And Hurls                        HCT+P
    3 Two Hand Upward Slaps                  FC, for+P
    3 Shoulder Rams                          b,f+P
    3 Running Clotheslines                   f,f+P
    3 Backflip Pounces                       u+K
    2 Frankensteiners                        u/f+K+G
    2 Side Kick Reversals                    d/b+P
    2 Torso Takedowns                        d+P+G
    1 Double Arm Suplex                      d/f+P+K+G
    1 Tombstone                              d/b+P+K+G
    Many thank yous:
            I have many VF2 buddies all over the world that have helped me
    me become the player that I am today.  Without all these people (and many
    more) I wouldn't have a virtua clue.
            Sorry if I don't have your email address... maybe I'll dig them up
    later if I remember to.
    Chia Jin Ngee - mcblab47@leonis.nus.sg
            : For the first FAQ and great early info.
    Colin Leong - leongtk@singnet.com.sg
            : One of the top 3 Vf2ers in the world, thanks for your great
            : competition and your help with missed low punch/low throws.
    Michael K. Im sim+@andrew.cmu.edu
            : Mike is just a great guy and a great player.
    Yupasawa - yupasawa@aol.com
            : Thanks Yupa for all the great matches and all the technical data
            : you offer to the VF2 community.  Also thank you for all the
            : ground breaking Sarah stuff that is all copyrighted by YOU.
    Joji Suzuki - joji.g@channel1.com
            : Thanks for adding many flames to the Vf2-mania fire.  And thanks
            : for the definitive Akira FAQ.
    Mason Wood - mwood@titan.oit.umass.edu
            : Also one of the top three players in the world, probably best
            : player in the USA.  Thanks for the great big-man discussion and
            : all the ass whippings you've given me.
    Darcy Brockbank - samurai@cs.mcgill.edu
            : Thanks for great early info on The Big Guys.  Your "Jacky Labs"
            : info is also invaluable.  (really!)
    Lan Bui -
            : Thanks for all the great matches, and your Lau help.  (I finally
            : revealed your secret Lau rush beating technique, hope you're not
            : too mad! (I figured it was time!)  One of my best VF2 buds.
    Vabrio (Yu Robertson) -
            : Thanks for the severe pummeling with Akira and the extreme high
            : level of play that you offer.  The third guy in my top 3 group.
    Jo Shun -
            : Thanks for being a great pal and one of the best VFers around.
            : Also thanks for the pioneering Shun strategy and all your
            : contributions to the VF2 community by forming the VFIC and
            : organizing tournaments.
    Moby (Heny Kong)
            : Another one of my best VF2 buds, thanks for being so cool at all
            : the VF2 functions, and for the formidible Kage competition.  Your
            : so-called Lau prowess I will have to judge for myself the next
            : time I see you.  >:)
    Evil Space Maggot (Rich Williams)
            : Thanks for all the painstakingly good Kage matches you gave me!
            : I learned a LOT.
    Bigcat (Jon Tanaka) -
            : Another person I consider a good friend, and a hell of a Vf2
            : player.  Thanks for all the trouncing with Lion!  Truly the best
            : Lion player.
    Lars -
            : Cool guy and fellow VF2 fanatic.  Maker of the definitive VF2 Web
            : Page, The Home of VF.  (www.w3masters.com/vfhome/)
    Bun Bun Maru and Kashiwa Jeffry -
            : Wherever you are guys, thanks for being kickass VF2 players and
            : being the originators af ALL the tricks.
            To everyone else I forgot, I'll fit you in here, I promise.  It's

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