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    Foot Stance FAQ by JUttayaya

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    Virtua Fighter 2 Foot FAQ
    By Jirawat Uttayaya a.k.a. Peaking Duck (jirawat@phys.ufl.edu)
    I. Introduction
    One of the most innovative gameplay features of Virtua Fighter 2 is foot
    stances.  Modeling the mechanics of real fighting, the VF2 game engine
    takes into account the effects of your opponents feet on the effectiveness
    of your attacks.  This feature also dispels the oft-cried myth that VF2
    is just a 2-dimensional fighter with a pretty 3-dimensional interface.
    II.  Terminology
    If you haven't already noticed, characters stand with either their right
    or left leg in front of the other leg.  This has quite a significant effect
    upon gameplay.
    There are two types of stances in VF2, closed and open, as shown in Figure 1.
    Figure 1: Bird's Eye View
                    Player A    Player B             Player A     Player B
    Feet positions:  F            F                   F             F
                         F           F                    F      F
                        Closed Stance                    Open Stance
    F = Character's foot.
    III. Changing Stance
    At the beginning of the game, the foot stance is closed with the right leg
    as the leading leg.  Throughout the course of the game, certain special
    moves will change the stance, ie change the leading leg.
    Super Dashing Elbow            (f, f, f+P)
    Knee                           (K+G ---> K)
    Punch, punch                   (PP)
    Shoulder Ram                   (f, b, f+P+K)
    Reverses                       (G, b+P or b/d+P or d+P)
             Type        Closed Stance        Open Stance
              Hi P           NC                      C
              Hi K            C                     NC
              Mid P          NC                     NC
              Mid K           C                     NC
              Lo P           NC                     NC
              Lo K            C                      C
    Defensive Crane Peck           (b, b+P)
    1 Scissor Kick                 (u/f+K)
    2 Scissor Kick                 (u/f+K, K)
    Dashing Knife Hand             (f, f+P)
    Stumbling Throw                (b, d+P+G)
    Elbow Drop                     (b+P+K)
    Flying Knee                    (f, f+K+G)
    Knee                           (f+K)
    Flying Roundhouse              (f+K+G)
    Elbow Stomp                    (b, f+P)
    Heel Attack                    (f, d+K)
    Dashing Punches                (f, f+P)
    Knee                           (f+P)
    Ground Stomp                   (d/f+K when opponent on ground)
    High Knee                      (H.d, f+K)
    Air Slash                      (d+P+K)
    Air Slash & Upper Slash        (d+P+K, P+K)
    Back Slash                     (b, f+P+K)
    Back Slash & Upper Slash       (b, f+P+K, P+K)
    Sidestep Slider                (b, d/b, d+K)
    Forward Sweep                  (f, f+K)
    Torpedo Launch                 (f, f+K+G)
    IV.  Effects of Stance
    Your character's special moves can increase or decrease in effectiveness
    depending upon the stance.  The attack levels of some character's special
    moves will change from high to middle or vice versa depending on the stance.
    Certain moves, such as elbows and throws, are more difficult to connect in
    open stance.
    Character        Moves                   Closed Stance       Open Stance
    AKIRA       Elbow         (f+P)                 H                 M
    SARAH       3 Punch
                & Knee        (PPPK)                H                 M
    LAU         Cartwheel
                Kick          (u/f+K)               M (H)             M
                Air Tiger
                Kick          (u/f+K+G)             H                 M
                Punch         (u/f+P)               M                 H
                Kick          (H.d, neut+K          M                 H
    KAGE        3 Punch &
                Heel Kick     (PPPK)                M                 H (M)
                House         (d+K+G)               M                 H
                Slash         (b, f+P+K)            H                 M
                Slash         (H.d, f+P+K)          H                 M
    WOLF        Body
                Blow          (f+P)                 M                 M [H]
                Roundhouse    (f+K+G)               M (H)             M
                Kick          (u/f+K)               M                 M (H)
    JEFFRY      Elbow         (f+P)                 H                 M
                Kick          (f, d+K)              M (H)             M
    SHUN        Body
                Launch        (u/f+P)               M (H)             H
    LION        Leaping
                Sweep         (f, f+K+G)            H                 M
                Poke       (f, f+P)                 M                 H
                Fists      (u+P)                    H                 M
    In addition for Lion, each character's elbow hits high, no matter what
    the stance is.

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