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    Ranking Mode FAQ by JUttayaya

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    Date: Mon, 25 Nov 1996 12:52:21 -0800
    Virtua Fighter 2 Ranking Mode FAQ
    By Jirawat Uttayaya a.k.a. Peaking Duck (jirawatphys.ufl.edu)
        The innovative ranking mode, designed by Kota Matsumoto, measures your
    mastery of a character's moves, the quality of your joysticks, and the
    amount of money you've wasted on this game.  Ranking mode is best compared
    to an Olympic trial, where the judges give scores based on the successful
    completion of certain moves.  To initiate ranking mode, after you insert
    your money, hold down the punch, kick, and defense button then press start.
    If your machine has ranking mode turned on, the instruction "Ranking Mode:
    P + K + G + Start Push Open" should appear during the game demo.  If you
    do not see this message, then your VF2 machine does not have ranking mode
    turned on.  It should be a simple task for your arcade manager to turn it on.
    If you are feeling particularly masochistic, you may use ranking mode
    concurrently with expert mode.  Simply input the expert mode code
    (down, down, up, up, left, left, right, right) on the character selection
    screen after selecting ranking mode.
        Depending on your machine setting, if someone challenges you during
    ranking mode, after the match the game may automatically end no matter who
    won. This apparently is the default setting on most American machines.  On
    most non-American versions, if you defeat your challengers, you will continue
    ranking mode against the CPU.  If you lose, ranking mode will cease and
    game play will proceed normally.  Of course, ranking mode is not in effect
    during human competition.  Also you can not continue if you are defeated by
    the CPU.
        At the end of the game, the computer will rate your performance based on
    your play.  In the Japanese version of VF2, the rankings range from 6th kyuu
    to 9th dan, with 9th dan being best while in the English version, the rankings
    range from 15th grade to 1st grade, with 1st grade being best.  For Akira
    only, there is a method to reach 15th dan on the Japanese version, which is
    described at the end to the FAQ.  Akirath grade is the English equivalent
    version of 15th Dan.
        In order to reach 9th dan or 1st grade, all the following conditions
    must be fulfilled:
    1. Get 100 technical points.
    2. Defeat Akira within 6 minutes and 30 seconds.
    3. Defeat Dural.
    Technical Points.
        Every character has special moves which must successfully connect against
    the CPU opponent in order to receive technical points.  Each special move
    has two marks.  The first time the move connects you receive one mark.
    You also receive a fractional mark based on how many times the move connected
    as compared to the requisite.  For example, as a requisite, Sarah must connect
    with 4 kickflips during the game.  Assume that she only connects 3 kickflips.
    Then she would receive 1 mark for the first time the kickflip connected and
    3/4 mark for the success percentage for a total of 1  3/4 marks.  Technical
    points are a percentage of your marks against the maximum possible marks.
                         Your Marks
    Tech Points = ---------------------- * 100
                       Maximum Marks
    Of course the maximum number of marks is the total number of required moves
    times two.  However, connecting with a required move more than once per
    CPU character only counts as one mark.  Thus if Sarah connected 3 kickflips
    against CPU Lau and 5 kickflips against CPU Sarah, then she would only
    be awarded 1  2/4 marks:  one mark for the initial kickflip, 1/4 mark for
    CPU Lau and 1/4 mark for CPU Sarah.
        When a requisite move is a combo, like PPPK, only the last move in the
    sequence, eg the K in the PPPK combo, needs connect for you to be awarded
    a mark.  Even when certain characters' P+G throws are broken, a mark will
    be awarded for the P+G throw.
    Characters who are awarded marks even if their throws are broken
    Pai, Wolf, Kage, Jeffry (b+P+G throw only), Shun
    Characters who are not awarded marks if their throws are broken
    Akira, Lau, Sarah, Jacky, Jeffry (P+G throw), Lion
    You will also earn marks normally for moves you connect during Dural's stage.
    Requisite moves list
    f = Forward    d = down    u = up   b = back
    P = Punch      K = Kick    G = Defense
    Must connect 3 times:
    Single Palm                (Hold d, f+P)
    Double Kick                (f, f+K, K)
    Body Check                 (b, f, f+P+K)
    Reverse Body Check         (b, d/f+P+K)
    Shoulder Ram               (f, b, f+P+K)
    Must connect 2 times:
    In-out throw               (d/b, f+P)
    High Reverses              (G, b+P)
    Mid/Low Reverses           (G, d/b+P or G, d+P)
    2 of 3 SPOD                (P+K+G, b, d/f+P+K)  1
    Must connect 1 time:
    Knee                       (G+K ---> K)  2
    Yoho                       (d/f, d/f+P)
    3 of 3 SPOD                (P+K+G, b, d/f+P+K, b+P)  1
    1. Doing a 3 of 3 SPOD counts as a 2 of 3 SPOD also.  Thus doing 2 full
       SPODs will fulfill the requirements completely.
    2. See the VF2 FAQ for full explaination on how to perform the knee.
    Torso Supplex            (P+G)
    Clothesline              (f, f+P)
    Kickflip                 (u/b+K)
    Two Sidekicks            (d/f+K, K)  1
    High Knee or
    3 punch & High Knee      (Hold d, f+K)  or PPPK
    Tornado Kick or
    Roundhouse               (u/f+K+G) or (K+G)
    Hopping Roundhouse       (u+K)
    3 punches & Hopkick      (PPP, u+K)
    Double Knee              (f+K, d/f+K)
    Back Throw               (P+G from behind)
    1. A triple sidekick (d/f+K, K, K) will fulfill this move if the second kick
    Any PK combo               1
    Brain Buster             (P+G)
    Clothesline              (f, f+P)
    Kickflip                 (u/b+K)
    Bitch Slap               (P+K)
    Neck Snap                (f, b+P+K)
    Double Kick              (K, K)
    Lighting Kicks           (d+P+K, K, K, K, K) 2
    Roundhouse               (K+G)
    Back Throw               (P+G from behind)
    1. The 9 valid PK combos are:
         Punch, Roundhouse            (PK from a far distance)
         Punch, Sidekick              (PK from a close distance)
         Punch, Kick                  (Hold f, P, K)
         Punch, Sweep                 (P, d+K)
         Elbow, Heel Kick             (f+P, K)
         2 Punch, Elbow, Heel Kick    (P, P, f+P, K)
         Backfist, Roundhouse         (b+P, K)
         Backfist, Sweep              (b+P, d+K)
         Low Backfist, Sweep          (d/b+P, K)
    2.   Only 3 consecutive Lighting Kicks need connect in order to get a
    Flipkick                 (u/b+K)
    Double Scissor Kick      (u/f+K, K)
    Heel Kick                (Hold d, release+K)
    Reaping Throw            (f, f+P+K)
    DDT                      (f, d+P)
    Wrist Twist              (P+G)
    Lunging Kick             (f, f+K)
    Stumbling Throw          (b, d+P+G)
    Pushover                 (b, f+P)
    High Reverse             (b+P)
    Mid Reverse              (d/b+P)
    Roundhouse               (K+G)
    Flipkick                 (u/b+K)
    Cartwheel Kick           (u/f+K)  or (u/f+K+G)
    3 punches & Roundhouse   (PPPK)
    Piggyback                (b+P)
    Neck Drop                (b, f+P)
    Floater                   1
    Waterwheel               (P+G)
    Stumbling Throw          (b, d+P+G)
    Two-footed Sweep         (f, d+K)
    Heel Kick                (Hold d, release+K)
    Roundhouse               (K+G)
    1. After you float, eg. with a lifting palm, you must combo with a 4 move
       sequence like PPPK or d/f+P, PP, d+K
    Shoulder Flip           (P+G)
    10 foot Toss            (b+P)
    Flying Kick             (f, f+P+K+G)
    Flying Corkscrew        (f, f+K+G)
    Flipkick                (u/b+K+G)
    Floater                   1
    Reaping Throw           (b, f+P)
    Windmill                (P+K+G)
    High Knee               (Hold d, f+K)
    Roll Kick               (d, d/b, b+K)
    Hedgehog                (two rolls and P, eg.
                             rolling f, d, b then b, d, f+P) 2
    Reverse                 (d+P)
    Butt Bomb               (Hold u/f+K, from a distance)
    1. After you float the CPU, most probably with a 10 foot toss, you must
       combo with a 4 move sequence, eg PPPK.
    2. To get one mark, the hedgehog must float three times.  So the motion
       is rolling f, d, b  then b, d, f+P, then b, d, f+P, then b, d, f+P.
    Drop Kick               (u/f+K)
    Backfall                (P+G)
    Brain Buster            (d/f, d/f+P+K)
    Twirl & Hurl            (b, d, f+P)
    Uplift Punch            (d, d/f, f+P)
    Shoulder Ram            (b, f+P)
    Dashing Clothesline     (f, f+P)
    Backflip on ground      (u+K, when Opponent on ground)
    Frankensteiner          (u/f+K+G)
    Belly Takedown          (d+P+G)
    Sidekick Counter        (d/b+P)
    Double Arm Steiner      (d/f+P+K+G)
    Windmill                (d/b+P+K+G)
    Fireman's Carry         (P+G)
    Power Slam              (f+P)
    Front Backbreaker       (b, f, f+P+K+G)
    3 Headbutts             (b, f+P+K, f+P+K, f+P+K)
    Body Drop               (b+P+G)
    Splash Mountain         (d/f, d/f+P+K)
    Hell Stab               (d+P+K)
    Butt Bomb               (P+K+G)
    Foot Thrust             (f, f+K)
    Heel Axe                (f, d+K)
    Iron Claw               (d+P)
    Powerbomb               (d/f+P+K+G)
    Machine Gun Knee        (d, f+K)
    Drunken Punches         (P+G)
    Pokie                   (P+K)
    Spinning Kick           (d/b, d/b+K)
    Lying Kick              (b+K)
    Hop-back Kicks          (b+K+D)
    Cartwheel Kick          (f, f+K)
    Drunken Sweep           (d+P+K, K, K)
    Sweep                   (Hold d, K+G)
    Scorpion Kick           (d+K+G)  1
    Handstand Kick          (roll f, d, b. Then K)
    1. Due to a programming error, you do not get a mark for performing this
       move.  Thus Shun can never get 9th dan or 1st grade.
    Trip                    (P+G)
    Trip II                 (b+P+K)
    Torpedo Throw           (f, f+P+G)
    Frontal Piggy Mount     (roll f, d, b+P+G)
    Dashing Poke            (f, f+P)
    Spinning Fists          (u+P)
    Handstand Kick          (d, d+K)
    Lunging Sweep           (d/f+K+G)
    Dodging Swipe           (G, d/f+P)
    Cartwheel Kick          (u/f+K)
    Downward Poke           (u/f+P)
    How to obtain 15th dan with Akira
       To achieve 15th dan, you must first fulfill the requirements for 9th
    dan.  Moreover, you must get 100 technical points by the time you defeat
    Akira.  Then you must KO Dural each round with a full SPOD.  Sometime
    Dural will KO before all three moves of the SPOD connect, but as long
    as all three moves of the SPOD came out, ranking mode will still accept it.
    If you start the Dural stage with less than 100 technical points but
    still KO Dural with a SPOD on every round, then ranking mode will
    automatically improve your ranking by a level.
    Kawabe Koh     (kawabeeis.s.u-tokyo.ac.jp)   Japanese VF2 FAQ ver 2.01
    Chia Jin Ngee  (mcblab47leonis.nus.sg)       English VF2 FAQ ver 3.00
    Yupasawa       (yupasawaaol.com)             VF2 Mailing List
    Colin Leong    (ColinMAILHOST.NET)           VF2 Mailing List

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