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    Dural by ReCharredSigh

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    written by ReCharredSigh
    e-mail me at peesigh@hotmail.com
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    version 1.1  232 KB FAQ for VF2, not bad, not bad(although the really elaborate
                 VF FAQs tend to climb into the 300s when it comes to space, heh heh)
    December 10, 2001
    Copyright 2000,2001 ReCharredSigh
    First of all, lemme sum the legal mumbo jumbo regarding this FAQ in the simplest 
    terms, please don't be like those snobby lawyers that twist every word to their
    own benefit, it's really degrading of you:
    1. I am not responsible for harm to you due to something in this FAQ, whether it 
    was in the computer sense(i.e. your computer crashed while you tried to save this 
    FAQ) or in the arcade playing sense(lost/won and got beat up due to some technique 
    in this FAQ).
    2. This FAQ is free.  Plain and simple.  You can find it free at the websites I
    3. Give me credit if you want to use anything from this FAQ, you don't need to
    quote me on everything, just give me credit at the beginning/end of your work, and
    I will have no beefs against you.  If you want to post this FAQ on your website,
    please e-mail me first asking permission, else I will be pissed off.
    4. And lastly, if you don't want to obey the above, please just ignore this FAQ, 
    and read some other.
    5. What characters Sega has created, is of their entire copyright.  I have in no
    effort tried to take one of their works as my own.
    6. This FAQ is meant either for the Sega Saturn, or the PC 95/98 version of VF2.
    This really isn't a legal thing, it's just that I don't want any of you crying to
    me about how you can't find Dural at your arcade.
    7. You can find this FAQ at the following sites:
    Gamefaqs.com, http://www.gameadvice.com, http://www.neoseeker.com
    If you didn't find it there, chances are it isn't in the latest version.
       A.Storyline of Dural
       B.Why choose Dural(actually, how to choose Dural)
       C.What's the reasons to read this FAQ
       A.General Move Commands
       B.Move Command Summary
       C.Dural's Normal Attacks
       D.Dural's Hopping Attacks
       E.Dural's Distant Jumping Attacks
       F.Dural's Turn-Toward Attacks
       G.Dural's Special Attacks
       H.Dural's Reversals
       I.Dural's Throws
       J.Dural's Ground Attacks
       A.General Strategy
       B.Computer Strategy
         a.General Tactic
       C.Vs. Challengers Strategy
     | 000    CCC  RRRR  EEEEE DDDD  III TTT  SSSS | 
     |0  00  C   C R   R E     D   D  I   T  SSS  S|
     |0 0 0  C     RRRR  EEE   D   D  I   T    SS  |
     |00  0  C   C R   R E     D   D  I   T  S  SSS|
     | 000 o  CCC  R   R EEEEE DDDD  III  T   SSSS |
     Sega (www.sega.com)
     -Yu Suzuki, you have always made the best 3D fighting games that I have seen.
     Keep it up, and try to get Virtua Fighter to become more popular, it sucks when
     I can't find it around here in the US or when you don't get good competition to
     practice on.
     -For being such a great site for VFers.  Too bad it lacks in popularity and they
     don't cover VF2 as much as VF4, but I can understand.  Besides, there's always
     the FAQs that I can find elsewhere.
     -Another good VF website to check out.
     -For providing a place to put this FAQ.  And the great VF2 FAQs, by which I
     learned about 90% of the game through.  That includes Joji's Akira FAQ, S. Hyun
     Yim's Sarah FAQ, Colin Leong's Lau FAQ, and Tan Wu Meng's Kage FAQ.  And CHIA Jin
     Ngee's FAQ for getting me started on the game at all.
     Joji Suzuki(joji.g@channel1.com, us003263@pop3.interramp.com)
     -THE man, because like many VF players he got me started on how to use Akira
     through his VF2 Akira FAQ.  I will forever thank him.  Also used some info from
     his FAQ in creating this FAQ.
     S. Hyun Yim(Esak+@cmu.edu)
     -He wrote a very good VF2 Sarah FAQ, which I learned quite a lot from, and
     probably took some info from his FAQ to use in mine.
     Colin Leong(Colin@MAILHOST.NET, leongtk@singnet.com.sg)
     -He wrote a very good VF2 Lau FAQ, which I used some info in creating this FAQ.
     Tan Wu Meng(wumeng@pacific.net.sg)
     -Wrote an awesome VF2 Kage FAQ, which I used some info from.
     Silent J(silent_j_@hotmail.com)
     -My online game chatting buddy.  I wrote this FAQ for people who are still
     hooked on VF like him(Silent J, if you're reading this, tell me if you like the
     -Hey look!  Everyone else who has wrote a VF2 FAQ has thanked God!  Besides, if
     it weren't for him, I'd wouldn't exist, or have hands and fingers coordinated
     enough to play Virtua Fighter games.
     | 11   III NN    N TTT RRRR   OOO  |
     |  1    I  NNN   N  T  R   R O   O |
     |  1    I  N NN  N  T  RRRR  O   O |
     |  1    I  N   NNN  T  R   R O   O |
     | 111o III N    NN  T  R   R  OOO  |
     Dural is in fact, Kage's mother.  Kage's mother was kidnapped by a crime
     organization called Judgement, and brainwashed.  They then applied an unknown
     metal alloy to her skin, and taught her every single martial art known to man,
     including everything from pro wrestling to Tiger Fist, thus turning her into the
     most powerful fighter ever known.
     When the Judgement organization realized Sarah Bryant was very close to
     discovering who had almost killed Jacky in his seemingly-accidental car accident
     (guess who?), they kidnapped Sarah.  They decided to brainwash her into joining
     their organization, and then taught her Jeet Kune Do in a mixture of Muay Thai, 
     Kickboxing, and TaiKwanDo.  Once done, they decided to kill Jacky, who had also
     found out who had kidnapped his sister, but they decided to do it in a sly way.
     They would host an underground world tournament, and send invitations to every
     single skilled opponent in the world.  They would also send Sarah into the
     tournament to carry out the deed.  Thus, they would test the skills that Sarah
     had picked up, and kill Jacky in the process.  Two birds with 1 stone.
     However, the organizaiton also knew that Kage would also join to find out about
     his whereabouts of his mother, and also suspected that Sarah wouldn't succeed in
     killing her brother.  Thus, they decided to send Dural into the tournament to
     overwatch Sarah.
     That was one year ago.  Lau had won the 1st tournament, Sarah hadn't killed Jacky,
     and Kage had discovered who his mother was, it was Dural.  Thus, to make sure
     that Jacky and Kage would end up dead, the Judgement organization decided to train
     both Dural and Sarah harder, and then host a 2nd tournament, to hopefully,
     kill both Jacky and Kage in the process.
     B.Why Choose Dural
     Well, given that most people don't play VF2 much anymore, much less on the Saturn
     or the PC, I'll give a simple rundown; Dural is THE best character(Hey, look,
     there's a reason why she's the last character you fight)!  She has the
     best moves from every single opponent in the game!  It is as fun winning with
     Dural as it is figuring out every single move she has, as well as trying to
     create combos of your own with her!
     SPEED-Above-average, but I wouldn't say the best.  This is because Sarah does
     move faster than her.  She does have Kage's jump, which is the best in the game,
     but given that jumping in VF is suicide, why bother?  Nevertheless, Dural has a
     ton of moves with fast startups and/or fast recoveries.
     POWER-THE BEST!  Do I have to explain?  Given that she has Jacky's kickflip,
     Akira's body check, and Wolf's Giant Swing, shouldn't that be enough?  Add to
     that Dural's amazing ability to get the opponents into the air with many floats,
     and you can kiss about 50% of your opponent's life goodbye with a simple 2-3 hit
     combo.  She really does take down lifebar fast.
     OFFENSE-THE BEST!  Given that she has the awesome Super Dashing Elbow, which
     doubles as a Jumping Clothesline, a Grasping Mind throw, which doubles as an
     elbow-whatever canned combo, a high reversal doubling as the infamous Ten-Foot
     Toss, and numerous other throws and special attacks, trying to play Machi against
     Dural is simple suicide.  Her Okizeme also rocks.  Dural can easily threaten
     Ring Out from anywhere in the match, and has a great combination of low, middle
     and high-leveled attacks.
     DEFENSE-THE BEST!  Given that her reversals are extremely versatile, you can rock
     playing Machi, Yomi, or whatever defensive skill you want with Dural.  Her high
     reversal doubles a the 10-Foot Toss, and her low reversal doubles as a punch
     reversal.  Counter attacks with a punch-kick combo into backheel sweep, or a
     body check, or a kickflip.  Or, just Giant Swing them.  I seriously could go on
     and on about how good Dural is.
     RANGE-THE BEST!  Dural can play a really good long-range to up-close fight.  Like
     I've said before, it's all in the special attacks.
     COMBOBILITY-Above-average.  I still think Lau has the best floating combos in the
     game, as his not only takes off 100% like Kage's, but are 10 times more easier
     to pull off.  Dural also has great combobility, but you need to know the Senbon
     Punch and the Iaigeri Kick to pull off long, impressive combos.  However, the fun
     in using Dural is coming up with combos not possible with other characters.  Dural
     has numerous combo starters; some don't even need to Major Counter!  She is a
     combo character for everyone; beginners will enjoy her damaging SDE, kickflip
     combo, and experts can easily do flash with her TFT combos!
     WEIGHT-THE BEST!  Weight is kinda attributed to lifebar in VF games, as the
     lightest characters will definately lose maybe 70% from one combo in a round.
     Dural is enveloped with metal, so she hits the ground instantly from nearly every
     floating attack pulled off against her.  Even Major Counter hits aren't any better
     either.  The best one can do against her is knockdown attack into low pounce.
     Basically Dural is even heavier than Jeffry, and has a smaller body build than
     Pai, this makes her the hardest opponent to combo.  Enjoy the fact that you can
     kill your opponent easily, while he/she has to put mega effort into beating you.
     To choose Dural, you must go to the fighter select box and highlight Akira.  Then,
     press Down, Up, Right, Attack, Left to choose the silver-colored Dural,
     or press Down, Up, Left, Attack, Right to choose the gold-colored Dural.
     In either case, the screen should flash back to Akira's biodata and his name, but
     instead, you will see Dural's face.  You can also place the cursor on Lion.
     On the Saturn, you can only use Dural in practice mode or versus mode(damn),
     but on the PC, you can use Dural in ANY game(Arcade, Versus, Team Battle, Expert,
     heck, even Multiplayer over the internet)!  Yeeha!
     If you want to get the PC version of Virtua Fighter 2,(because I doubt you'll
     find a Saturn anymore) visit www.sega.com.
     C.What's the reasons to read this FAQ
     I think the reasons are simple enough;
     -Learn every single move of Dural(let's face it; it's pretty tough figuring out
     every one of her moves by yourself)
     -Learn how to play with Dural well(Yomi, Machi, Okizeme, as well as threatening
     Ring Out from anywhere and setting up mean strings)
     -Learn how to take advantage of things only Dural can do
     -And lastly; pull off some of the most phat ass combos ever in VF2, or how to take
     advantage of Dural's combobility
     |  222   MM MM  OOO  V      V EEEEE  SSSS |  
     | 2  22  M M M O   O VV    VV E     SS   S| 
     |   22   M M M O   O  VV  VV  EEEEE   SS  |
     |  22    M M M O   O   VVVV   E     S   SS|
     | 22222o M M M  OOO     VV    EEEEE  SSSS |
     Here's a quick legend to help orient you with what means what
     f: Tap the joystick towards the opponent once
     b: Tap the joystick away from the opponent once
     d: Tap the joystick towards yourself once
     u: Tap the joystick away from yourself once
     G: Tap the button that is labeled "Guard" once
     P: Tap the button that is labeled "Punch" once
     K: Tap the button that is labeled "Kick" once
     all: Tap all the 3 buttons together simultaneously
     +: And(i.e. for+P means "tap forward and punch together")
     F: Tap and hold the joystick towards the opponent briefly
     B: Tap and hold the joystick away from the opponent briefly
     D: Tap and hold the joystick towards yourself briefly
     U: Tap and hold the joystick away from yourself briefly
     /: diagonal direction(i.e. up/for means tap the diagonal up-forward)
     jump: a direction that is one of the three "ups"
     SCR: semi-circle roll(i.e. back, SCR, for means roll the joystick from back to
          forward passing down)
     QCR: quarter-circle roll
     []: commands in brackets optional
     H: attack can only hit standing people, and must be blocked^ high
     M: attack can hit both standing and crouching people, and must be blocked^ high
     L: attack can hit both standing and crouching people, and must be blocked^ low
     G: attack can only hit a person knocked down and on the ground
     *: note the description
     BEHIND: attack can only be executed when facing the standing/crouching opponent's
     FC: move requires a crouch first(this is NOT the same as D, as there are numerous
         ways to crouch)
     O: no effect on opponent
     Note in the above legend,
     ^ means that it only pertains to strikes.  throws and reversals can't be blocked.
       reversals with a certain hit level can only reverse attacks at that hit level.
     A.General Move Commands
     Standing Dash
     f, f or b, b
     One of the most simple staple moves necessary for mastery of VF2, you must learn
     it as a beginner.  It will help you to move in and out of your opponent's hit
     range.  Rarely does a person ever walk in VF2 at all.  If you are crouching, you
     can use the dash to instantly stand up.
     f, F or b, B(when back is to opponent)
     If you are at a far distance from your opponent or have your back to him, pulling
     this off will cause you to run all the way to your opponent and skid to a stop, or
     in the back-to-opponent case, run all the way out the ring.  While it enables you
     to cover range fast, you could easily end up running into an attack, so be ready
     to Guard cancel your run.
     Escaping Throws
     In VF2 you can only escape the default P+G throw and Jeffry's Body Press.  To
     escape the P+G throw press P+G within 10 frames of being thrown.  To escape the
     Body Press press B+P+G within 10 frames of being thrown.  Although you can't
     escape any other throws, if you do a P+G throw at the exact same time, your
     throws will take priority over theirs.
     Guard Canceling
     G during move initiation
     In VF2, the computer usually looks for canned combo inputs, and inputs them
     whenever possible.  So if you wanted to do a punch, low kick, you'd get a
     Punch-Kick combo.  Simply press G after the punch, and you will be free to do a
     low kick.  This can also be used to help control your dash.  VERY crucial to learn.
     Guard Buffering
     Hold G while inputting commands
     If you are doing a "long" move command in VF2, i.e. f, f, f+P, chances are
     you will see the twitching movements of your player.  This gives the move away.
     In the above case, Guard Buffering requires that you hold down G while you tap in
     f, f, then release G and tap f+P.  This has no twitching movements and thus
     can help you perform moves with surprise.  Another crucial technique to learn.
     Crouch Dash
     d/f, [d,] D/F or d/b, [d,] D/B
     This is one of the more unknown secret techniques of VF2.  Many people simply use
     the standing dash.  However, this has risks, as you are considered a standing
     non-defender while dashing.  Thus, high attacks or even worse, throws can connect
     against you.  Crouch dashing is one of the more powerful simple techniques when
     mastered.  It places you into an instant crouch while moving so 1)your "from
     crouching" moves can come out instantly and 2)it enables you to duck high punches
     while moving forward.  Just imagine; crouch dash under Jeffry's Crucifix
     Piledriver attempt then TFT him and proceed to float him across the ring.  Some
     people find it more easier to add the d direction and then to roll the movements
     point to point instead of tapping them, but that comes out slower.
     Senbon Punch
     Punch-Kick combo, Guard cancelled Kick
     This is a major offensive weapon to everyone in VF2 except for Shun, Pai, Lau, and
     Lion.  Basically, everyone else has a regular punch, regular kick combo.  In this
     combo, the punch has NO RECOVERY, else the kick wouldn't combo.  However, by
     canceling the kick before it connects, you are given about 11 frames by which the
     opponent can't do anything to follow up.  First of all, before you think this is
     the greatest thing and go out and senbon punch your opponent to death, many people
     easily get pissed by this, and will rearrange your face for doing that.  So don't,
     because as for now tourneys simply haven't allowed players to senbon punch the
     opponent to death because it is simply too easy and too abusive to allow to occur.
     If you want to use it, as many do, you should use it for; 1)closing in, 2)pushing
     your opponent back(not all the way to ring out), 3)punch-whatever string, as you
     remain initiative, or 4)repeat senbon punching in floating combos.  As for doing
     the move, remember that you need to press P,K as fast as possible, but WAIT until
     the punch is retracted and the kick begins to come out to press G.  A powerful
     technique, you should learn to use it when possible in non-cheap ways.  You will
     easily be able to tell if you did it right because you will see Dural "flicker"
     after the punch.
     Iaigeri Kick
     Guard cancelled K on the 12th frame of animation
     As far as I know, only really elite Akira, Jacky, and Dural players can do this.
     Basically, this involves letting the K's animation go until it hits the opponent,
     then cancelling the kick right there.  What will result is a kick that is short
     ranged, but recovers instantly.  This is even harder to do than the senbon punch
     because you MUST cancel on exactly the 12th frame; too soon, and the kick does no
     damage, too late, and you missed the oppurtunity to follow up.  However, you can
     get in some nasty float combos with this.  I've seen an Akira combo involving
     Iaigeri(MC), Iaigeri, Iaigeri, Modified Double Palm, and it took off half of the
     opponent's life.  I personally can't help you, because while I have some success
     with the Senbon Punch, I really can't do this, no matter how much I try.  If you
     can, you can do nasty Dural combos like TFT, Iaigeri, Iaigeri, Kickflip.
     Getting up
     Ok, there are many ways to get up in VF2.  First of all, never rely on the rising
     kick/sweep.  Okizeme masters can easily thrash your butt when you do.  Instead,
     you have 5 options:
     1)Tap P repeatedly- this results in you standing straight up faster.
     2)Tap u repeatedly- this causes you to do the handspring and it's useful against
       people who choose the ground pounce, or against Lau.
     3)Tap G or G+d repeatedly- this causes you to roll to the side.  In most cases,
       this is the most desired way to get up.
     4)Tap b repeatedly- this causes you to roll away from your opponent.  Slow, but
       puts some distance between you and your opponent.
     5)Do nothing until you are grounded, then D- this is known as the invincible stand
       up.  As you get up, you will crouch, and when you do crouch, you are invincible
       for 0.3 to 0.4 seconds.  It is useful in beating the okizeme game, but remember
       that before you get up, you are still vulnerable to pounces.
     But since your opponent typically will pounce immediately after you get knocked
     out, the best bet in getting up is to roll the joystick repeatedly while tapping P
     and G, which ensures that you get up almost immediately.
     B.Move Command Summary
     Damage points are given based on Wolf's Giant Swing(100 pts), and not the lifebar.
     It usually takes about 200 points to kill someone.  Time is based on frames, and
     there are 60 frames per second(although this is irrelevant because I don't know
     the speed for each attack, it is nice to know).  If I'm uncertain about a piece of
     information I'll put a "?" in place of it.
     ***Normal Attacks***
     Description       |Command       |Level   |Damage   |Notes
     Jab punch         |P             |H       |10       |
     Low punch         |d+P           |L       |10       |
     Roundhouse kick   |K             |H       |30       |feint possible
     Low kick          |d+K           |L       |10       |
     Side kick         |d/f+K         |M       |23       |staggers
     ***Hopping Attacks***
     Description       |Command       |Level   |Damage   |Notes
     Hopping chop      |jump+P        |M       |30       |
     Hopping low jab   |jump,P while  |L       |24       |
                       |ascending     |        |         |
     Overhead kick     |jump,K        |M       |30       |
                       |              |        |         |
     Hopping side kick |jump,K while  |M       |20       |
                       |ascending     |        |         |
     Hopping sweep     |jump,K while  |L       |20       |
                       |descending    |        |         |
     Scissor kick      |u/f+K         |M       |16       |
     Scissor kicks     |u/f+K,K       |MM      |16+10    |
     ***Distant Jumping Attacks***
     Description       |Command       |Level   |Damage   |Notes
     Overhead hammer   |JUMP,f+P      |M       |30       |
                       |while asc.    |        |         |
     Take-off j.kick   |JUMP+K        |M       |30       |
     Front drop kick   |JUMP,f+K      |M       |40       |
                       |while asc.    |        |         |
     Mid-air kick      |JUMP,K        |M       |30       |
                       |while asc.    |        |         |
     Landing kick      |JUMP,K        |M       |30       |
                       |while des.    |        |         |
     Rear drop kick    |JUMP,b+K      |M       |40       |
                       |while des.    |        |         |
     2.5 Somersault    |U/F+K         |M       |30       |far
     slam              |              |        |         |
     ***Turn-Toward Attacks***
     Description       |Command       |Level   |Damage   |Notes
     Turning punch     |P             |H       |12       |
     T.low double punch|d+P           |LL      |14+14    |
     T.standing punch  |D+P           |L       |12       |
     T.roundhouse      |K             |H       |30       |
     T.c.axe kick      |d+K           |L       |36       |
     T.s.roundhouse    |D+K           |L       |30       |
     Flipover knee     |u+K           |M       |30       |
     ***Special Attacks/Combos***
     Description       |Command       |Level   |Damage   |Notes
     Punch-kick combo  |P,K           |HH      |10+30    |feint possible
     2 punches         |P,P           |HH      |10x2     |
     2 punches,s.kick  |P,P,K         |HHH     |10x2+30  |
     2 punches,elbow   |P,P,f+P       |HHM     |10x2+15  |staggers
     " ",kickflip      |P,P,f+P,u/b+K |HHMM    |""+60    |
     Super d.elbow     |f,f,f+P       |M       |20-40    |staggers
     Elbow             |f+P           |M       |15       |staggers
     Elbow-hammer      |f+P,b+P       |MM      |15+30    |
     Elbow-knee combo  |f+P,K         |MM      |15+25    |
     Elbow-kickflip    |f+P,u/b+K     |MM      |15+50    |
     Knee              |f+K           |M       |35       |
     Rising knee       |FC,d/f,f+K    |M       |40       |
     Heel thrust       |d+K+G         |M       |35       |
     D.body check      |b,f,f+P+K     |M       |20-80    |
     Jumping kick      |f,f+K         |M       |30       |
     D.jumping kicks   |f,f+K,K       |MM      |30x2     |
     Kickflip          |u/b+K         |M       |60       |
     High kickflip     |u/b+K+G       |M       |50       |
     Thrusting headbutt|d/b,f+P+K     |M       |40       |
     Backheel sweep    |f,f,f+K       |L       |20-30    |
     Back thrust       |b+K+G         |H       |30       |
     Leg tackle        |d/b+K         |L       |19       |
     Triple kick       |f,f+K+G       |HHH     |10x3     |
     Flying kick       |f,f+all       |L       |40       |
     Backward kickflip |u/b,K         |M       |40       |
     Backflip          |u/b           |O       |O        |
     Roll              |b,SCR,f       |O       |O        |
     Backroll          |f,SCR,b       |O       |O        |
     Roll and sweep    |b,SCR,f+K     |L       |20-35    |
     Backroll and sweep|f,SCR,b+K     |L       |20-35    |
     Description       |Command       |Level   |Damage   |Notes
     High reversal     |G,b+P         |H       |50       |reversal dependent on attack
     Middle reversal   |G,d/b+P       |M       |50       |reversal dependent on attack
     Low reversal      |G,d+P         |L       |50       |reversal dependent on attack
     Punch reversal    |d+P           |H       |50       |
     ***Throws/Up-Close Attacks***
     Description       |Command       |Level   |Damage   |Notes
     Backfall suplex   |P+G           |H       |60       |escapable
     Torso takedown    |P+G           |BEHIND  |50       |
     J.clothesline     |f,f+P         |H       |40       |
     Reverse body check|b,d/f+P+K     |H       |35       |setup throw
     Grasping mind     |d/b,f+P       |H       |60       |
     In-close ram      |f,b,f+P+K     |H       |20+15+25 |
     Giant swing       |b,SCR,f+P     |H       |100      |
     Frankensteiner    |u/f+K+G       |H       |60       |
     Body press        |b+P+G         |H       |60       |escapable
     C.piledriver      |d/f,d/f+P+K   |H       |80       |
     Ten foot toss     |b+P           |H       |40       |setup throw
     Reaping throw     |b,f+P         |H       |50       |
     Toka throw        |all           |H       |50       |
     Tombstone         |d/f+all       |L       |70       |
     Triple knee bash  |FC,f+K        |L       |10x3+30  |
     ***Ground Attacks***
     Description       |Command       |Level   |Damage   |Notes
     Knee pounce       |u/U+P         |G       |30       |far
     Stomping pounce   |u/U+P         |G       |40       |mid
     Headbutt pounce   |u/U+P         |G       |30       |close
     Ground punch      |d/f+P         |G       |10       |
     Foot stomp        |d/f+K         |G       |20       |
     C.Dural's Normal Attacks
     Jab punch
     Dural basically does a standing jab punch.
     If you are new at the game(which you most likely are, which is why you're reading
     this), this is one of the most essential attacks to learn.  The jab is your
     fastest attack(runs at about 10 frames to come out), and it's just 2 frames
     slower than Sarah's jab.  Because of this, you can use it to interrupt your
     opponent's attacks and give initiative back to you.  Also good for poking, if
     you touch the opponent at all, you gain some initiative.  It sets up some
     good followups too(like condition them to start ducking or blocking, then throw
     them or stagger combo them).  Get into the habit of tapping guard after every
     jab if you don't want to do anything but jab, so that you don't accidently do
     something like the 2 punches or punch-kick combo when you don't want to.  If
     you can do the senbon punch in place of this, that's even better, because if you
     touch the opponent at all, you gain total initiative, enough to dash up and
     throw or to really pour on the jabs in your juggle combos.  The jab is also
     good for closing in.  Just remember not to abuse this move that much, it does
     hit high after all.
     Low punch
     Dural ducks and throws a crouching jab.
     Again, a very, very important move.  The low punch gets you into an instant
     crouch, which is actually very, very useful against high throws, because you
     will avoid them way too easily.  You typically won't notice how effective this
     strategy is until your opponent hits you with a jab then tries to throw you(if
     you tried to duck normally, you'd get thrown).  That and the punch's speed in
     startup and recovery makes this too good for poking safely at the opponent.  It
     doesn't do a lot of damage like the standing jab, but again, way too important
     in VF2 to ignore.
     Roundhouse kick
     Dural does a standing roundhouse kick, knocking the opponent down.
     Well, the attack does good damage, is uncounterable if blocked, and knocks the
     opponent down setting up a backheel sweep, but it is just too slow for you to
     use consistently by itself.  If you are ever going to use this, use it in a
     punch-kick combo.
     Low kick
     Dural ducks and does Akira's low kick.
     Nothing too special here, you won't be using this a lot, because it is quite
     slow, and if blocked, the recovery is bad enough for you to get staggered or
     low thrown.
     Side kick
     Dural steps forward and does Lau's high side kick.
     A very important attack, mainly due to the fact that this attack is uncounterable,
     can juggle the opponent if it MCs, and the fact that when it hits crouchers, they
     will stagger.  Everytime you see the opponent crouch, pull this out to cause them
     to lose their balance, then follow up with a punch kick combo and sweep them.
     Reliable good damage.  The other place to use this is always after your Reverse
     body check, because it will be guarenteed in damage.  Anyways, the best place to
     use this is midrange.
     D.Dural's Hopping Attacks
     Hopping chop
     Dural jumps and does Kage's hopping chop.
     Eh.  Nothing to say here, the speed isn't really anything to get excited about.
     Don't use this unless you are fooling around.
     Hopping low jab
     Dural jumps, then lands and does Kage's low jab.
     Again, nothing much to say here, slow in execution like crazy, so don't use.
     Overhead kick
     Dural jumps, and then comes down with an axe kick.
     Again, slow speed, don't use it at all.
     Hopping side kick
     Dural jumps, then comes down with a side kick, knocking the opponent down.
     Slow speed, but at least your sweep can combo and if you MC, you can possible
     combo them.  It also leaves Dural somewhat safe if blocked, but still, don't
     use this move all the time, maybe once in a while against an average opponent.
     Hopping sweep
     Dural jumps, then lands and does a sweep, knocking the opponent down.
     Cool to look at, but sadly, not very useful.  Too slow to be considered a
     powerful weapon.
     Scissor kick
     Dural jumps forward with a scissor kick.
     This is Dural's best hopping attack, because it comes out at an ok speed.
     Beware that the recovery isn't as fast as you'd want it to be, but this attack
     is good for closing the gap and for some reason, the hit detection is very
     low, making it a good filler to juggle combos.
     Scissor kicks
     Dural follows her scissor kick with another scissor kick, knocking the opponent
     If you are ever comboing the opponent, you can do this if the opponent gets
     low to the ground.  Otherwise, pretty much the same potential as the regular
     scissor kick, just more damage, floors the opponent, and has a longer recovery.
     E.Dural's Distant Jumping Attacks
     Overhead hammer
     Dural high jumps, then comes down with a 2-handed hammer, knocking the opponent
     Nothing to say, jumping attacks are way too slow in VF2.  Don't use.
     Take-off jump kick
     Dural high jumps and immediately does a punt kick on the way up.
     This is the fastest attack that Dural has.  The priority on this sucker is
     insane.  If you honestly feel like your opponent is committed to doing a
     slow attack and you MUST beat them out, do this, you'll win every time.  That
     said, this attack has a terrible recovery, so you should use this sparingly.
     Front drop kick
     Dural high jumps and comes down with a 2-legged jump kick to the front.
     Eh, nothing much to get excited about, don't even bother, it's too slow.
     Mid-air kick
     Dural high jumps, then in mid-air, does a jump kick.
     Uh, why do this at all, unless if your opponent was in the air?  And the
     startup and recovery aren't good at all.
     Landing kick
     Dural high jumps, then lands with a jump kick.
     Despite the slow startup, this is worth some mention, because the initiative
     you gain after landing this attack is HUGE, blocked or not.  If it hits, the
     opponent can probably be combo'd to some extent.  If blocked, the block
     stun is enough to almost give you a free throw.  That said, this is a high
     jump attack, so you shouldn't be going for this all the time.
     Rear drop kick
     Pretty much the same as the front drop kick, except Dural aims backwards.  Only
     useful if you can actually cross the opponent up, it becomes quite hard to
     block if you do do that.  That said, insanely slow startup and recovery
     definitely makes this not that abusable.
     2.5 Somersault slam
     Dural dives into the air slowly, does two and a half somersaults, then comes
     down and hits the opponent with her butt.
     This is one of the most worthless moves in the game.  There is simply no way you
     are going to hit your opponent with this, the startup is insanely slow, and if
     you miss or get the attack blocked, expect to get MC'd like crazy.  Of course,
     if you do hit your opponent with it, then you'll know that your opponent is a
     definite scrub.  Anyways, for actually doing the attack, remember that you need
     to be about 2-3 dashes away for this to come out.  Cool as heck if you do connect
     it though.
     F.Dural's Turn-Toward Attacks
     Turning punch
     Dural turns around with a backward slap.
     Nothing much to say, Dural doesn't have any turn-away attacks, so you won't use
     this a lot, but it is fast, and chains into your punch strings.  Do what you want
     with it.
     Turning low double punch
     Dural turns around then hits low, once with each hand.
     Nothing to say again, it's also somewhat slow in startup and recovery, so not
     that abusable.
     Turning standing punch
     Pretty much the turning punch, except you need to fully crouch while doing it.
     What's the use of this?  You shouldn't be using it at all.
     Turning roundhouse
     Dural turns around and does a roundhouse kick.
     Nothing much to say, pretty much the same use as the roundhouse kick.
     Turning crouching axe kick
     Dural turns around then comes down with a weird axe kick.
     Slow startup and recovery, why use this again?
     Turning standing roundhouse
     Dural turns around then stands up and does the turning roundhouse.
     Why, oh why do you need to use this at all?
     Flipover knee
     Dural somersaults backwards, landing on top of her opponent with both her knees.
     This is an insanely slow, slow recovering attack.  If you get it blocked, not
     only do you have to go through an insanely slow recovery, but you remain with
     your back to the opponent.  Plus, the startup is not good in speed at all either.
     Another one of those I-can-only-connect-these-on-scrubs moves.
     G.Dural's Special Attacks
     Punch-kick combo
     Dural does her jab, then follows up with her roundhouse kick.
     Boring in appearance, but one of the most important combos for Dural to learn,
     because the combo is guarenteed, and the fact that you can always add a backheel
     sweep after the combo immediately makes it a great counter to many attacks(and
     since it is Dural's fastest attack, if anything is counterable for her, it's
     doable with this).  Nothing much to say here, if you are given a moment where
     the opponent is vulnerable from a blocked attack or whiffed something, go for
     this.  Just one last tidbit; if you hold forward before doing the punch, it gains
     quite some range, so this is good to keep in mind.
     2 punches
     Dural jabs, then does a straight punch with her other hand.
     Eh, nothing much to really say here, good for poking, and the 2 punches are
     a true combo, but has worse recovery than a single punch.  Nothing much to
     really say here, if you do want to use this, always tap guard afterward.
     2 punches,straight kick
     Dural does the 2 punches, then does Sarah's straight kick, knocking the
     opponent down.
     This is NOT a true combo.  However, if you connect the entire thing, you can
     follow up with a backheel sweep.  The main place you will use this is probably
     as a followup of the Ten Foot Toss throw.  Don't abuse this at all, because
     the straight kick can be ducked or blocked, and then you're dead.
     2 punches,elbow
     Dural does the 2 punches, then follows up with an elbow.
     This is a true combo, but most of the time you use this will be when you do
     the 2 punches, and the opponent ducks.  When this happens, the elbow will
     stagger them.  Othewise, you won't use this a lot, the recovery is bad enough
     for you to get countered.
     2 punches,elbow-kickflip
     Dural does 2 punches, elbows, then immediately goes into a kickflip.
     The kickflip at the end is Jacky's kickflip, so the kickflip comes out near
     instantly, but the recovery is slow.  Anyways, this entire thing is a true
     combo, and the damage you get from the entire thing is just sick, like a
     point-blank Akira bodycheck.  That said, for the entire combo to connect,
     you need to be pretty up-close or the kickflip will miss.  If you are in open
     stance(more on this later), that won't matter as much, since the elbow will
     have a greater range.  The best place to use this is when the opponent is
     up-close and is vulnerable from some attack.  The other good place to use
     this is in juggle combos.  Just remember, don't get greedy and attempt any
     pounces after this, most likely, the opponent will recover in time.
     Super dashing elbow
     Dural rushes forward and does an elbow strike, changing stance when she
     IMO this is Dural's most important attack.  If you know Akira then you
     know why this is good.  The attack has a very fast startup(comparable with
     your jab), and the recovery is quick enough to avoid all throws and
     counters(although you lose some initiative).  The damage is variable
     depending on distance, it does good damage up close, but only ok damage
     at max range.  The ways to use this attack are just endless.  It is simply
     one of your best attacks used to maintain initiative, and because it hits
     middle, this immediately makes it an excellant way to stay offensive.  Always
     be ready to throw or reverse or combo after this attack, because it easily
     flows into more followups.  If the opponent was crouching when you hit them
     with this, then they will stagger.  The guarenteed followup after this will
     always be the punch-kick combo, and then you follow up with the backheel
     sweep.  If you normally hit them, they get knocked down, and your backheel
     sweep will combo.  If you MC them, then the fun part begins, because the
     opponent gets launched slightly, and so you can proceed to juggle combo the
     opponent.  In addition, this is also an awesome attack for defense, because
     of the large range, you can stay at midrange(where the opponent can't throw
     you or usually can't hit you), and just use this to attack them from that
     range.  A very, very important attack, like I've said all along, there are
     many things you can do after the super dashing elbow, and many uses for this
     attack.  The only thing to keep in mind is even though this is your most used
     attack, it is not a total wonder move, because if you want to actually do
     damage on your opponent, you will need to rely on other attacks.
     Dural steps forward and sticks out her frontal hand hitting with her elbow.
     The elbow technique that Dural uses is Sarah's, so it has a very fast
     startup, and recovery is decent(but still beware, you can be hit out or
     thrown).  Low damage.  The range of the attack depends on which stance
     Dural is in(it goes a lot further in open stance).  This is a very important
     attack to Dural, because if you detect an opponent crouching, then pull this
     off.  It will stagger them.  From there, you are given a couple of
     possibilities.  One is to dash forward and throw, and the other is to combo
     them.  This is a very important attack to learn, mainly because of the fact
     that it comes out decently quickly, and it plays a main role in staggering
     the opponent and destroying crouchers.
     Dural does her elbow, then slowly takes a step forward and does an overhead
     2-handed hammer, knocking the opponent down.
     This is not a true combo, and definitely too slow to not see coming.  That
     said, a lot of damage gets done, but still, insanely slow, definitely not
     possible to abuse.  I believe you can slightly delay the hammer, but it's
     still not that useful.  That said, it looks sometimes that Dural recovers
     before she throws the hammer, so this may fool some people into crouching
     low and eating the hammer.  Don't follow up with a backheel sweep, it
     won't connect.  Use this sparingly.
     Elbow-knee combo
     Dural does her elbow, then follows up with a hopping knee strike.
     Definitely one of her best attacks, this attack comes straight from Sarah's
     repetoire of moves.  The string is a true combo, so if your elbow hits,
     the knee is guarenteed.  The knee is delayable if you keep holding forward
     from the elbow, so this may fool some people into trying to attack you
     and then you whip out the knee and MC them.  Speaking of which, if you either
     hit the knee from this combo after an elbow that staggers the opponent or
     as a MC, the opponent floats very high, so you can try for a juggle combo.
     If you normally hit the opponent though, it still doesn't matter, a backheel
     sweep will combo, so go for it.  Definitely the best option you go for
     if your elbow staggers the opponent, just beware the recovery(it is very
     fast, but you can still get nailed if your opponent is quick), and don't get
     this attack blocked.
     Elbow-kickflip combo
     Dural does an elbow, then immediately goes into a kickflip.
     The kickflip is Sarah's.  Anyways, this combo(which is a true combo) does a lot
     of damage.  Usually I don't use it when I stagger the opponent, because you can
     go for an elbow-knee and follow up.  However, it is very good to use if your
     elbow normally hits the opponent, as you ream some heavy damage.  I would
     advise you to use this either inside of juggle combos(expect some huge damage
     to occur, as well as pushing the opponent back very far to RO), or if your
     elbow ever hits.  I believe you can't really delay the combo, you need to do
     it immediately.  Anyways, very important combo for Dural to use, I use it a
     lot, you should too.  Just beware the recovery, it is bad enough for you to
     get hit by something quick.
     Dural hops and does a knee strike.
     Very important move for Dural.  The damage is surprisingly higher than the
     other knees.  Recovery and startup are mediocre(still don't want it blocked),
     but it still holds a very important role because of its juggle potential.  This
     is one of the major attacks that will start your juggle combos.  If it MCs, you
     have an oppurtunity to do some powerful damage on your opponent.  If it normal
     hits, you can still follow up with the backheel sweep.
     Rising knee
     Dural crouches down and then does a very high hopping knee strike.
     The rising knee that Dural does is actually Sarah's rising knee, not Kage's,
     which is why it goes more horizontally than Kage's.  The recovery and startup
     of this attack are terrible compared to the regular knee.  The damage is
     slightly higher though.  However, this can play a major role in your juggle
     combos if used properly(mainly after the Ten Foot Toss).
     Heel thrust
     Dural does an outward roundhouse kick.
     This is definitely a very important attack for Dural, because the startup speed,
     power, and range are all very good.  One of your best counters at midrange,
     and you can even follow up with your backheel sweep if you MC.  Just beware the
     recovery, and keep that in mind so you don't fully abuse this attack.
     Dashing body check
     Dural slides low forward then stands up and twists her body, slamming her back
     into the opponent.
     What can I say?  This is a must learn for Dural, because this is your most
     powerful special attack(and one of your coolest I might add).  If you connect
     with this sucker at point blank range, you take off 80 damage points, and you
     can even dash up and connect your ground stomp(and I haven't even delved into
     what damage you might cause if you MC'd with this!).  On top of that, this
     attack is a middle level attack, and the startup is about just 1-2 frames
     slower than your super dashing elbow.  The only thing to really beware here
     is to never get the attack blocked, because the recovery reeks, and to always
     connect this at point-blank range, because outside of it, this attack does
     very very pitiful damage.  Although this attack works well in juggle combos,
     I often find that the opponent gets pushed too far for the max damage of this
     attack to happen(except if your opponent is really dumb and does a forward
     hopping hammer, in which case, your super dashing elbow, dashing body check
     combo hits for full damage, taking out 80% damage).  The best way to use this
     is if you condition your opponent to try to hit you after some poke(like your
     super dashing elbow or jab) with something slow.  That's when you whip out
     this, and take off 50+% damage.  In fact, one of the best strings for Dural
     is a blocked super dashing elbow, dashing body check.  Learn to use this
     move and your breaks for connecting it, because it evens out your matches
     and puts them in your favor so well.  Oh yeah, one last note, when you do
     this move, always try doing a "deep bodycheck," that is to keep holding the
     forward motion for the 2nd forward of the joystick input.  That way the
     computer thinks you're going to dash, and so your bodycheck gets a bit more
     range, making it easier to get that full 80 points of damage(so the full
     command would be b,f,F+P+K).
     Jumping kick
     Dural jumps up and does a puntlike kick.
     The startup and recovery of this attack are ok(you can still be countered
     though).  The main appeal for using this attack is that if you MC with it,
     the opponent gets knocked upward, so you can juggle combo them.  However,
     because Dural has no break guards like Akira, this attack doesn't play as
     big a role as you'd like.  That said, the hit detection of this attack is
     very low to the ground, so you could hit people off of the ground using this.
     Double jumping kicks
     Dural does the jumping kick, then follows up with the other leg.
     A very powerful attack(takes out about a 1/3rd of an opponent's life), and
     it is a true combo.  The recovery is worse than the jumping kick, so don't
     abuse this attack at all.  The best place to use this is in a juggle combo,
     and when used as such, you can take out a TON of damage if both kicks
     connect.  Also pushes the opponent very far back.
     Dural leaps upward, somersaulting backward and kicking the opponent on her
     way up.
     This is Jacky's kickflip.  The startup of this attack is very fast, and
     the priority is pretty good.  The damage you get from this is very, very
     insane, almost broken if you MC.  Another really good attack used to beat
     the counterattacks of your opponent if timed properly.  The best places to
     use this attack are either in juggle combo(watch the opponent die and fly
     far away), or to counter the opponent if you detect their attack soon
     enough.  Just don't get this blocked, you'll pay if you do.
     High kickflip
     Dural leaps VERY HIGH upward, somersaulting backward and kicking the opponent
     on her way up.
     This is Kage's kickflip(or Jacky's special G-cancel kickflip).  For some reason
     this attack is pretty darned worthless for Dural, because Jacky's comes out just
     as fast, does more damage, and doesn't leave her as vulnerable if the opponent
     blocks the attack.  It does look slightly cooler though, because Dural spends
     more time in the air.  That said, same uses as the regular kickflip.  Like
     Jacky's G-cancelled version, you can do this after an elbow stagger, and due
     to the G input, the kickflip comes out with as little delay.  However, Dural
     has the canned elbow-kickflip combo which does just as much damage, so why
     Thrusting headbutt
     Dural rears back then thrusts her head forward, knocking the opponent down.
     This has ok startup and recovery(although you still need to beware).  The
     damage is pretty good.  The main appeal of this attack is the beginning
     animation, because during this time you can actually dodge some attacks,
     so that should be kept in mind.
     Backheel sweep
     Dural SLOWLY slides forward, then sweeps, knocking the opponent down.
     Slow startup, slow recovery, but damage is decent.  Nevertheless, this
     attack plays a huge role in Dural's game, because about 80% of her knockdown
     attacks enable her to tag on this afterward and get an extra 20-30 points
     of damage.  For instance, her punch-kick combo, super dashing elbow, and
     elbow-knee all can have this combo after them.  Learn which moves can combo
     into this because the damage will add up.
     Back thrust
     Dural spins forward, then kicks the opponent.
     The attack has slow startup and it hits high.  The damage is mediocre.  This
     attack is definitely not to be abused, however, it has almost no recovery,
     which is where the beauty of this attack comes in.  If you MC with this, you
     can do a juggle combo.  You can also stick this in as a filler of a juggle
     combo if done properly.  If you normal hit, I believe a backheel sweep will
     Leg tackle
     Dural lies down to the side and brings her legs together, knocking the
     opponent down.
     This attack is quite weird, not much damage, the startup and recovery of
     this attack are pretty bad, and on top of that, although it's not a throw,
     it behaves like one, in that your opponent needs to be on the ground and
     not in the air for this attack to connect.  The main appeal IMO for using
     this is the fact that Dural dodges to the side and falls back while doing
     this, so you can potentially avoid punches while connecting with this.
     Definitely not to be abused though, but it is fun to fool around with once
     in a while.
     Triple kick
     Dural slowly rushes forward, then jumps and quickly does 3 kicks.
     This is probably Dural's only original attack.  It would have been one of
     the most useless attacks in the entire game if it were in the hands of another
     else.  This is cause it hits high, has slow startup and ok recovery, and the
     damage is not impressive at all.  However, the attack gets its benefit if you
     can do this after the Ten Foot Toss(I suppose if Sarah got a Ten Foot Toss,
     her Tornado Kick wouldn't be useless too).  Otherwise, not much to say about
     this attack.
     Flying kick
     Dural rolls forward then flings herself going feet first forward, then does
     a handspring to get up.
     This attack is pretty much very useless.  The startup and recovery are both
     bad, and if you miss with it, expect a back throw.  The only good part about
     this attack is the huge range, that it has an initial animation making it
     duck all high attacks and then even some middle and possibly low attacks,
     and the fact that it must be ducked(it is the only attack I know of that is
     unblockable high, but can simply be avoided by ducking).  Otherwise, not an
     attack to be used that much.
     Backward kickflip
     Dural pauses a bit, then backflips, kicking along the way.
     The way to do this is tricky.  You need to do the command for the backflip,
     let the joystick go through the center, then press kick(helps if you press
     G or P as you're doing the backflip command, then do the kick).  The startup
     of this attack reeks.  You will only hit people who are confused as to what
     the heck is Dural doing during that long startup where she appears to be head
     faking.  The recovery may also not be that good, because you may be hit with
     a midrange attack.  This is more an attack you throw in here and there for
     variety, not to be abused or used frequently at all.
     Dural backflips.
     Eh, nothing much to say here, only useful for show, supposedly you can avoid
     certain leveled attacks if you backflip, but it's so slow, if you really want
     to get back, crouch dashing, backdashing or rolling are ten times better.  A
     little tidbit though; you can buffer moves during the backflip, so if you keep
     tapping u/b, you'll do multiple backflips.  Inapplicable, but cool to look at.
     Dural tucks into a ball, rolls forward then stands up.
     This is decent for getting in because you can avoid some high attacks while
     doing this.  However, once you do it, you commit yourself totally unlike
     crouch dashing, so only use this for show.
     Dural tucks into a ball, rolls backward then stands up.
     Ok to use to get away, since you can avoid high attacks, but again, like
     rolling, you commit totally, the crouch dash it better, only use this for
     Roll and sweep
     Dural does the roll, then comes out and sweeps the opponent.
     Well, this is somewhat useful, because you can avoid high attacks, get
     in and immediately attack the opponent.  But the sweep itself doesn't
     come out and recover that quickly, so it's definitely not to be used that
     much, this is mainly for show again.
     Backroll and sweep
     Dural does the backroll, then comes out and sweeps the opponent.
     Useful for avoiding high attacks while retreating and if the opponent follows,
     then you might be able to hit them.  However, the sweep shares the properties of
     the sweep from the roll and sweep, and the backroll is right from the backroll
     move, so again, mainly for show.
     H.Dural's Reversals
     All of Dural's reversals are very effective, used right they will take out the
     steam from many of your opponent's options.  Just remember you can't reverse
     attacks that use 2 limbs, come from body parts other than the limbs, come from
     the air, or throws.  Keep in mind you can't really just stand around trying to
     guess what the opponent will do and then reverse it, you need to condition the
     opponent to pull out something you want, I'll cover more on this later.
     High reversal
     Dural either 1)dodges the opponent's attack and does a 2-handed uppercut or
     2)parries and elbows the opponent.
     This is Akira's high reversal.  Basically, you can catch most attacks that are
     high or middle assuming that they are either arm or leg attacks.  The exception
     would only be attacks that come from the air or use 2 limbs.  This is an
     excellant counter to people who do jabs on you too much.
     Middle reversal
     Dural parries the opponent's attack and does some type of an elbow strike.
     This is Akira's middle reversal.  This attack will reverse elbows and sidekicks.
     This is the toughest of Dural's reversals to get down, but if you do, it
     means no more staggering.
     Low reversal
     Dural either grabs the opponent arm, pulls it straight and hammers the opponent
     in the back(!), or blocks a low kick and does a double palm strike.
     Akira's low reversal is what separates Dural from the rest of the people who
     can reverse.  Most people can low punch to counter throws, but against Dural,
     that tactic is worthless.  Basically, the opponent can't low punch to counter
     Dural's high throws for fear of being reversed, and they can't throw Dural
     because she can low punch(which is what you get if you miss the low reversal).
     Punch reversal
     Dural grabs the opponent's high punch, whips the arm around then throws the
     opponent onto the ground.
     The fact that Dural's low reversal doubles as Kage's punch reversal is just
     ludicrous(I'll cover more on this later).  Anyways, the punch reversal will
     grab almost every high level single armed attack.  The reversal always places
     Dural right next to the opponent.
     I.Dural's Throws
     Backfall suplex
     Dural lifts the opponent onto her shoulders, then falls backward, slamming them
     onto the ground.
     Very good damage for a P+G throw, however, because it is Wolf's, if escaped,
     Dural is left in the worst possible position; the opponent is right behind her.
     Not a throw to be used a lot, because if escaped, you could be eating some
     painful damage(like a behind the back bodycheck, ouch).  There are no guarenteed
     followups after this because you need to get back up.  Always key in the throw
     as d+P+G, because Dural can throw from a crouching position, so either you will
     throw the opponent, or drop to a crouch immediately and low punch, which stops
     their high throws.
     Torso takedown
     Dural slips her arm under the opponent's armpit, grabbing their torso and then
     lifts them upward and slams them onto the ground.
     If you've ever watched WWF, this resembles Rock's Rock Bottom.  Anyways, this
     isn't that good of a back throw(although I think it looks cool), because some
     back throws do a ton more damage.  The only good thing about this throw is
     being a back throw it can't be ducked.  If you wanted to go for damage whenever
     the opponent presented his back to you, go for a deep bodycheck or a kickflip or
     kickflip combo.  Just a side note; the torso takedown is NOT a good followup
     to the reverse body check.
     Jumping clothesline
     Dural jumps past the opponent with her arm out, then brings the opponent down
     to the ground with her.
     The damage of this throw is very little.  However, this is definitely one of
     the best throws in the game(used in the same way as Sarah), not due to the
     damage, but due to the move commands.  Notice the f,f and the f+P?  That's
     right, this throw has insanely far range.  You can almost throw from a dash
     away.  And the best part is if they duck, then they will either eat an elbow
     by which they'll get staggered, open to the knee followup and get combo'd,
     or they will eat the super dashing elbow(if you did f,f,f+P), and then eat a
     punch-kick, backheel sweep combo.  The only downside would be that you have
     to not use this when you are close to the edge, or you could jump outside
     the ring and lose by ring out.
     Reverse body check
     Dural steps inside the opponent's guard, then body checks the opponent from
     behind, staggering them forward.
     This throw is very useful, it does mediocre damage like the jumping clothesline,
     but gives you an advantage, as the opponent has his/her back to you.  Like
     Akira, your sidekick is guarenteed after the throw, making it a true combo,
     and if they try to move or attack when the sidekick hits, they will get knocked
     upward long enough for a super dashing elbow to connect.  Very powerful, and
     makes this throw worth considering to use when you can.  If you did this throw
     so the opponent is very close to the edge, don't be afraid to just charge
     forward and rush them off the ring.
     Grasping mind
     Dural grapples the opponent's arm, pulls them forward, then headbutts them
     forward, so they fly back quickly then gently fall back down and then take
     a ton of damage.
     This is a good throw to use, as it does good damage, and pushes the opponent
     very far back for RO purposes.  What's even better about this throw is that
     it doubles as the elbow if the throw doesn't come out, so against a croucher,
     they will get staggered so you can follow up with the knee.
     In-close ram
     Dural grabs the opponent's arm, ducks under it, rams them in the groin, then
     stands upward and lets go of their arm, hitting them three times and knocking
     them very far back.
     This throw is comparable to the Grasping mind, because it does the same
     high amounts of damage, and pushes the opponent very far back.  It looks
     cooler too.  The downside is that this throw requires a very funky joystick
     motion, and unlike Akira, Dural has no dashing palm that staggers the
     opponent which could have been used to set up this throw.  If you can use
     the throw though, great, it's an awesome throw.
     Giant swing
     Dural grabs the opponent by the legs, then swings around repeatedly before
     throwing him/her backward.
     This is the best throw in the game, period(the only one which is comparable
     is Akira's Stun Palm of Doom, and that takes a ton of skill to do).  The
     damage, and ring out potential are both very high, and if you ever connect
     one of these, expect your opponent's lifebar to decrease by 50%.  If you
     were anywhere remotely near the edge, expect your opponent to get ringed
     out or close to being ringed out.  There is nothing really much else to
     say, if you want to end the game quickly, this is the throw to use.
     Dural jumps up, wraps her legs around the opponent, then slams her legs
     backward, then rolls forward.
     This throw is very cool to get out, it definitely looks stylish.  Also
     seems to put a lot of distance between you and your opponent.  The downside
     is that if you miss, Dural spends a long time in the air doing Wolf's
     hopping downward kick, which is definitely not a good idea, so that means
     this throw is mainly used for show.
     Body press
     Dural picks up the opponent, supporting him/her lengthwise with both
     hands, holds him/her there for a while, then throws the opponent forward.
     This is a very powerful throw.  This throw plus the stomp you can add at
     the end make this about 80 points in damage, which is very impressive.
     The only downside to this throw is that if escaped, expect Dural to end
     up with her back to the opponent, which is bad news.
     Crucifix piledriver
     Dural picks up the opponent, holding the opponent behind her with both hands
     near the armpit, then hoists them up and does a modified piledriver.
     A very cool and damaging throw.  I also believe you can try for a stomp.
     This is a very good throw for Dural, because of the built-in crouch dash,
     you get a lot more range with this throw and can avoid high attacks with this
     throw in order to land it.  I suggest going for these a lot.
     Ten foot toss
     Dural grapples the opponent, then rears back and pushes them off with her
     Arguably the most useful and versatile throw in the entire game, not because
     of its damage or ring out potential by itself, but because it is essentially
     considered a setup throw, because it leaves the opponent helpless at such
     a high height, combos are opened up with many possibilities which enables
     you a very good chance at either ring out or KO.  I'll delve more into combos
     you can try after the ten foot toss later, for now, just remember 2 things;
     the 40 points are only given if the opponent doesn't get hit before touching
     the ground, and that you should get into the habit of tapping guard right
     before you do the commands, making this double as a high reversal.
     Reaping throw
     Dural grabs the opponent's face, then leans forward pushing the opponent downward
     with the hand.
     A cool looking throw, but the main strength in this throw is that the throw
     doubles an an elbow if the opponent is crouching(stagger combos, anybody?), which
     makes it much harder to avoid taking damage.  As for the throw itself, you can
     try for a stomp afterward.  There's nothing much else to say, it's a good throw,
     doing good damage and leaving the opponent at good positioning.
     Toka throw
     Dural crouches, then puts her arm between the opponent's legs and then sweeps the
     arm out, knocking the opponent down.
     Cool-looking, and you can go for a stomp afterward, but that's about it, the throw
     doesn't do huge damage, doesn't ring out that well, and doesn't exactly set up
     anything, so you don't need to go for this at all.
     Dural grabs the opponent by wrapping her arms around the opponent's arms when
     they are behind his/her back, then jumps up, flips them upside down and comes
     down with a modified piledriver.
     A very cool looking and powerful throw.  Whenever your opponent is vulnerable
     crouching and you want to do a low throw, this is your best bet.  No ground
     attacks are guarenteed though, I believe.
     Triple knee bash
     Dural grabs the crouching opponent, then knees them into the head three times,
     before they fall down to the ground.
     A totally brutal looking throw that is all style and damage.  Too bad it's hard
     as heck to connect because you need to crouch when the opponent is crouching and
     they are vulnerable to throws, but crouch dashing should help.  It also places
     the opponent very close to you, allowing good positioning to occur.  It's mainly
     going to take practice and anticipation for you to connect with this throw.
     J.Dural's Ground Attacks
     Knee pounce
     Dural jumps into the air, does a flip, twists, and lands on the opponent with
     both her knees.
     Arguably the worst pounce in the game next to Akira's.  The damage is low, you
     need to be far from your opponent to do the throw, and if you miss the recovery
     is terrible.  You have no reason to be going for this at all.
     Stomping pounce
     Dural jumps into the air, does a flip, twists, and lands on the opponent with
     a stomp.
     This is Dural's best pounce, the damage is the best, and the recovery is also
     pretty good, leaving Dural slightly away.  Just beware, you can still be
     attacked if you miss.  If you connect the pounce, be ready to turn yourself
     Headbutt pounce
     Dural jumps into the air, then dives downward hitting the opponent with her
     This pounce isn't that good because it has the same startup as the stomp
     pounce, but also has less damage, and if you miss, expect to be hit hard(I
     tend to go for deep bodychecks everytime I see Dural or Kage whiff one of
     these).  If you are that close, just go for the other ground attacks.
     Ground punch
     Dural crouches, then punches the opponent.
     This is the fastest ground attack Dural's got.  If you feel that the opponent
     might recover too quickly from the knockdown you did, this is your best
     bet, sure the damage is low, but the startup/recovery are both excellant.
     Foot stomp
     Dural slowly stomps on the opponent.
     This is the 2nd fastest ground attack Dural's got, it does twice the damage of
     the ground punch, at the cost of being slower in recovery and startup.  If you
     are up close and want to do the headbutt pounce, always go for this instead.
     |333333   CCC   OOO  MM MM BBB   OOO   SSS |
     |   33   C   C O   O M M M B  B O   O SS  S|
     |  33    C     O   O M M M BBB  O   O   SS |
     |33  33  C   C O   O M M M B  B O   O S  SS|
     | 3333 o  CCC   OOO  M M M BBB   OOO   SSS |
     I'm pretty sure some of you skipped down just to read this.  ;)
     Anyways, you should know that because Dural has access to a ton of characters'
     attacks, there is a lot of combo potential for her.  Granted, you still can't
     keep up the opponent in the air forever, but there are a lot more possibilities
     for her to combo the opponent, and they're generally easier to get out compared
     to Lau, Kage, or Akira.  Comboing is a must for Dural, it just makes her ability
     to do damage increase all the more.  There are about 3 things to keep in mind
     when you combo; the weight of the opponent, the stance you are in, damage changes.
     Confused yet?  I'll give a quick rundown.
     Weight classes:
     Light-     Pai, Sarah, Lion
     Mid Light- Shun
     Mid-       Lau, Kage
     Mid-heavy- Jacky, Akira
     Heavy-     Wolf, Jeffry
     Heaviest-  Dural
     Basically, the lighter the weight, the longer the opponent stays in the air.
     Due to the longer height spent in the air, the lighter characters tend to eat
     more hits in combos.  Pai is the lightest character and tends to eat about
     70% worth of damage against people who really know how to juggle combo.  Sarah
     comes pretty close too.  On the other hand, you just aren't going to be able
     to juggle combo Dural, no matter how well you MC, because she hits the ground
     hard everytime quickly.  When I talk about the character requirements next to
     each combo, I list 2 characters, and any character that falls between them plus
     the aforementioned 2 are the people you can do the combos on.
     God's eye view of the two character's feet alignment
         Closed stance
        *         *       or       *         *
            *         *        *         *
         P1        P2           P1        P2
          Open stance
        *             *   or       *     *
            *     *            *             *
         P1        P2           P1        P2
     Basically, in closed stance the two character's legs have the same leg sticking
     forward, and in open stance, they have different legs sticking forward.  This
     is very important to learn, because certain attacks that use frontal or dorsal
     limbs tend to have their effectiveness changed by what stance the character
     is in.  For instance, Dural is much more likely to connect an elbow in open
     stance because since it requires the frontal limb, she gets more range in an
     open stance.  However, throwing is much more effective in closed stance because
     it requires both arms.  The easiest way to tell which stance you are in is to
     look at the bodies of the characters(2 backs or 2 fronts=closed, and opposites
     equal to open stance).
     Damage changes:
     Basically, there are 2 different types of counters; major counters(MCs) or
     minor counters(mCs).  Major counters are interrupting an opponent as he's
     doing an attack.  These tend to be heard with loud sounds and whenever they
     connect, not only does 50% extra damage get awarded, but the opponent tends
     to enter a longer stun, or gets knocked higher into the air-critical in attempts
     to start juggle combos, especially against the heavyweights.  Minor counters
     (hitting an opponent during the recovery phase of his attacks)are less noticable,
     but are still crucial to VF play and award the character with 25% extra damage.
     One last thing concerning damage changes; the attacks that stagger will do 25%
     less damage when they do stagger, so keep that in mind.
     Anyways, I'll get right to the point, I know some of you are dying to know the
     combos.  There are basically 3 types of combos in VF2: canned combos, stagger
     combos, and juggle combos.
     **Canned Combos**
     These are by definition the preset combos of VF.  Not all canned combos are true
     combos, so I'm just going to list the ones that are guarenteed.  Keep in mind
     canned combos tend to work better on the heavier characters, because they don't
     get pushed as far back.
     This is your main combo to use as a counter if you detect that the opponent is
     left open.  And always remember to follow it up with a backheel sweep.
     2)2 punches,elbow-kickflip
     If you are presented with the same situations as the 1st combo, but are up close,
     then do this combo, it simply rapes the opponent.  What's interesting is against
     female characters, you can actually combo a backheel sweep afterward!  I tried
     this against Sarah and reamed about 60% damage out of her!  Never forget this!
    (In fact, a backheel sweep will also combo after a kickflip by itself against
     the female characters too, so don't forget this either)
     This is a good combo to learn, if your elbow ever connects, usually from poking,
     and you can go for a backheel sweep after it.
     Another good combo to learn if your elbow ever connects normally, it does a lot
     of damage.
     5)Scissor kicks
     I don't find this combo useful as a standalone tactic, due to the recovery, so
     I usually stick this in combos, but it is nice to know that it is a guarenteed
     6)Double jumping kicks
     Again, a combo that is guarenteed, but usually more useful in a juggle combo,
     not by itself.
     **Stagger combos**
     Staggers result when the opponent is hit by some mid-level attack and then they
     stumble backward for a while, vulnerable to attacks.  This is a stagger.  Staggers
     can be struggled, so keep that in mind for your followups.  That said, a lot of
     potential can result from these combos.  Here are some attacks that will stagger
     the opponent.
      this is a good stagger weapon to consider at midrange, at this range, the
      sidekick is rather safe to throw out, and it does stagger the opponent quite
      a major tool used for staggering the opponent, most of the times that you
      connect the elbow and it staggers, go for the followup knee so you can juggle
     -Super dashing elbow
      another good stagger option considering how many times you are going to use
      this attack during a round(and how many times the opponent will crouch to
      avoid the Jumping clothesline)
     That said, here are some good combos using those three to start stagger combos
     (on a side note, some of the damage points I calculated were guesses, since
      some of the attacks have variable damage, so I guessed to the best of my
      ability, anyways, onto the combos):
     Sidekick stagger combos
     1)Sidekick,super dashing elbow,backheel sweep
      -inputs: d/f+K-->f,f,f+P-->f,f,f+K
      -damage: 17.25+30+30=77.25 pts
      -characters: any
      -stance: any
      -tips: Start the super dashing elbow right as the sidekick is connecting, and
             start the sweep as the dashing elbow knocks them down.
       This is probably your most reliable sidekick stagger combo.
     2)Sidekick,punch-kick,backheel sweep
      -inputs: d/f+K-->F+P,K-->f,f,f+K
      -damage: 17.25+10+30+30=87.25 pts
      -characters: any
      -stance: any
      -tips: Make sure to keep holding forward during the sidekick, until you key
             in the punch.  When the opponent goes down from the kick, immediately
             key in the sweep.  Also, this combo may get harder against the lighter
             characters combined with the distance you are from the opponent.
             Against the lighter characters, you need to make sure you are pretty
             close for the combo to start out with, or the punch will not combo.
       Surprisingly, I don't consider this better than the other combo in terms
       of reliability.  That's cause against the lighter characters(like Sarah),
       if you aren't on top of the opponent when you do the sidekick, sometimes
       they stagger pretty far(and it seems sometimes that if you key in punch-kick
       early there, the punch seems to whiff), giving them a pretty good chance of
       staggering out of the combo.  In addition, it is possible that no matter
       how close this combo is done on Pai, that she will get staggered too far
       for the punch to combo.  That, and the fact that the sidekick needs to be
       done pretty close against the lighter characters(which is pointless, since
       the sidekick is best used at midrange), makes this combo that much reliable.
     Elbow stagger combos
     1)Elbow,punch-kick,backheel sweep
      -inputs: f+P-->F+P,K-->f,f,f+K
      -damage: 11.25+10+30+30=81.25 pts
      -characters: any
      -stance: any
      -tips: Keep holding forward right after the elbow, so the punch gets extra
             range, other than that, right as the kick comes out, do the sweep.
       Arguably your most effective elbow stagger combo, boring to look at,
       but gets its damage out for you.
     2)Elbow,2 punches,elbow-kickflip
      -inputs: f+P-->F+P,P,f+P,u/b+K
      -damage: 11.25+10+10+15+60=106.25 pts!
      -characters: any
      -stance: any
      -tips: Keep holding forward right after the elbow, so the punch gets extra
             range, but be sure to let go for the forward movement right as you
             start the combo or you might accidently miss the elbow.
       A very powerful combo, and pretty easy to get out too.  Just make sure
       you're close enough.  Also very effective.  Against the female characters,
       you can tag on a backheel sweep if you execute the sweep right as you hit
       the ground from the kickflip and up the damage to 136.25 points!
      -inputs: f+P,K-->u/b+K
      -damage: 11.25+25+60=96.25 pts
      -characters: Akira-Pai
      -stance: closed
      -tips: Just do the kickflip as soon as you land.
       This is your most reliable closed stance elbow stagger-float combo.
     4)Elbow-knee,low punch,backheel sweep
      -inputs: f+P,K-->d+P-->f,f,f+K
      -damage: 11.25+25+10+30=76.25 pts
      -characters: Akira-Pai
      -stance: open
      -tips: Start tapping in the sweep commands as you are low punching.
       This is your most reliable open stance elbow stagger-float combo.
     5)Elbow-knee,low punch,rising knee
      -inputs: f+P,K-->d+P-->d/f,f+K
      -damage: 11.25+25+10+40=86.25 pts
      -characters: Jacky-Pai
      -stance: open
      -tips: You can slide the joystick from d to f and tap K instead of having to
             tap d/f,f and press K.
       This is essentially Sarah's elbow-knee combo.  Very cool to get out, and very
       reliable(although it won't hit the heavier characters).
     6)Elbow-knee,low punch,sidekick
      -inputs: f+P,K-->d+P-->D/F+K
      -damage: 11.25+25+10+23=69.25 pts
      -characters: Jacky-Pai
      -stance: open
      -tips: Make sure you slide the down on the joystick to the d/f position and
             hold it there in order to do the sidekick, or the ground stomp will
             come out.
       This combo is more for variety, still it's pretty good to get out here and
       there, and looks pretty cool.
      -inputs: f+P,K-->f+P,u/b+K
      -damage: 11.25+25+15+50=101.25 pts!
      -characters: Lion-Pai
      -stance: closed
      -tips: Just do the inputs as soon as possible.
       If you aren't so good with your combos, always go for this whenever you
       face the light characters because it does so much damage for such an easy
     8)Elbow-knee,guard-cancelled jab punch,kickflip
      -inputs: f+P,K-->P,G-->u/b+K
      -damage: 11.25+25+10+60=106.25 pts!
      -characters: Lion-Pai
      -stance: closed
      -tips: You can instead do the high kickflip, and then you won't have to guard-
             cancel the punch, but then you lose about 10 pts in damage.  Make sure
             to wait until the opponent is in the same horizontal lining as your
             punch before doing the punch and kickflip as soon as possible.
       A very powerful combo, enough said.   
     9)Elbow-knee,2 punches,elbow-kickflip
      -inputs: f+P,K-->F+P,P,f+P,u/b+K
      -damage: 11.25+25+10+10+15+60=131.25 pts!
      -characters: Lion-Pai
      -stance: closed
      -tips: Hold forward right as the knee connects, so that you're as close as
             possible to ensure that the punch combo will connect.
       This is the flashiest you're going to get with the elbow-knee stagger
       combos, and a TON of damage!  Just slightly off-center and I managed to
       ring-out Sarah using this!
     10)Elbow-knee,jumping kick,backheel sweep
       -inputs: f+P,K-->f,f+K-->f,f,f+K
       -damage: 11.25+25+30+30=96.25 pts
       -characters: Sarah-Pai
       -stance: any(but usually easier in open stance)
       -tips: Start tapping in the jumping kick command as you connect the knee, and
              tap in the backheel sweep command as you're doing the jumping kick.
        If you skip the backheel sweep, I believe you can do the combo on characters
        up to Jeffry(damage BTW will be 66.25 pts).
     11)Elbow-knee,low punch,super dashing elbow
       -inputs: f+P,K-->d+P-->f,f,f+P
       -damage: 11.25+25+10+30=76.25 pts
       -characters: Kage-Pai
       -stance: open
       -tips: Make sure to start tapping the forward motion during the low punch.
        This combo is more for variety, but good to mix in here and there.
     12)Elbow-knee,low punch,elbow-knee
       -inputs: f+P,K-->d+P-->f+P,K
       -damage: 11.25+25+10+15+25=86.25 pts
       -characters: Lion-Pai
       -stance: open
       -tips: Nothing really, just make sure you do the 2nd elbow as soon as you
              recover from the low punch.
     13)Elbow-knee,low punch,low kick
       -inputs: f+P,K-->d+P-->d+K
       -damage: 11.25+25+10+10=56.25 pts
       -characters: Akira-Pai
       -stance: open
       -tips: Nothing really, just make sure you try to do the low kick as soon as
              the low punch connects.
        Not really a damaging combo, but still looks cool, feel free to try this
        if you're winning or feel like blowing a stagger combo.
     14)Elbow-knee,double jumping kicks
       -inputs: f+P,K-->f,F+K,K
       -damage: 11.25+25+30+30=96.25 pts
       -characters: Sarah-Pai
       -stance: open
       -tips: Key in the commands as soon as possible, and make sure you're as
              close as possible!  I have done this combo, but you need to hit as
              early as you can in order for that crucial 2nd jump kick to combo!
              Also keep holding the 2nd forward when you do the jumping kicks,
              that seems to help making you closer to the opponent so there's
              a higher chance of the 2nd kick connecting.
        Another nice phat combo that does almost as much damage as the 1st, and
        pushes the opponent very far back.  However, it is very hard to get down, but
        I have done this on Sarah and Pai(although not consistently, very rarely
        actually), so I know it works, but you need to really get it down.
     15)Elbow,super dashing elbow,backheel sweep
       -inputs: f+P-->f,f,f+P-->f,f,f+K
       -damage: 11.25+30+30=71.25 pts
       -characters: any
       -stance: any
       -tips: Start tapping in the dashing elbow as the opponent is staggering,
              and tap in the sweep as the opponent is getting knocked down.
       -inputs: f+P-->f+P,u/b+K
       -damage: 11.25+15+50=76.25 pts
       -characters: any
       -stance: any
       -tips: This combo may be escapable.
     Super dashing elbow stagger combos
     1)Super dashing elbow,punch-kick,backheel sweep
      -inputs: f,f,f+P-->F+P,K-->f,f,f+K
      -damage: 15+10+30+30=85 pts
      -characters: any
      -stance: any
      -tips: Keep holding down forward right after the elbow until you do the punch
             kick combo so that when you do the punch it gets extra range.  Key
             in the sweep as soon as possible.
       The most reliable of your dashing elbow stagger combos, keep this in mind
       the most.
     2)Super dashing elbow,2 punches,elbow-kickflip
      -inputs: f,f,f+P-->F+P,P,f+P,u/b+K
      -damage: 15+10+10+15+60=110 pts!
      -characters: any
      -stance: any
      -tips: Just keep holding forward as soon as that super dashing elbow connects,
             and keep holding it until you start doing the punch combo.
       A very phat combo, just make sure you're close enough, or it won't work.
       Against the female characters, if you time a backheel sweep to come out right
       as you recover from the kickflip, it will combo, uping the damage to 140
     3)Super dashing elbow,kickflip
      -inputs: f,f,f+P-->u/b+K
      -damage: 15+60=75 pts
      -characters: any
      -stance: open
      -tips: This combo may be escapable if the opponent mashes hard enough.
             Otherwise, just do the kickflip as soon as possible so that it will
       If you time a backheel sweep to come out right as you recover from the
       kickflip, it will combo on the female characters, making the combo worth
       105 points!
     4)Super dashing elbow,super dashing elbow,backheel sweep
      -inputs: f,f,f+P-->f,f,f+P-->f,f,f+K
      -damage: 15+30+30=75 pts
      -characters: any
      -stance: any
      -tips: Keep tapping forward as the opponent is staggering so you can throw
             out the dashing elbow just as you recover, and keep tapping forward so
             that when they get knocked down, you can do the sweep as soon as
       Cheesy, but a good solid combo to know for the beginner.
     **Juggle combos**
     Now here's the fun part, combos here enable you to inflict the maximum amount
     of damage on the opponent, and there are quite a lot of possibilities here to
     consider, here are some launchers.
      the all-purpose juggle combo starter, if you MC with the knee, you float the
      opponent very high for you to combo them, and against some light characters,
      you may not even need a MC to connect with some attacks
      a variant to the knee, MCing will not launch the opponent very high(the ideal
      way to connect the elbow-knee for juggle combo purposes is as a stagger), but
      against the more lighter characters, you can still connect a little something
      before they land besides the backheel sweep, however, I will not list any
      specific combos because the elbow-knee stagger combos will work fine
     -Super dashing elbow
      a definite juggle combo starter, because you will end up using this a lot,
      and everytime you manage to MC the opponent, you can tag on something quick
      for comboing
      if you MC with this, it will juggle the opponent much the same way like the
      super dashing elbow, so this makes it a legit juggle starter, but you won't
      use this as much, since it doesn't place Dural right on top of the opponent
      like the super dashing elbow
     -Back thrust
      due to the fast recovery, if you manage to MC the opponent, you can do
      something quick and damaging to juggle the opponent
     -Jumping kick
      if you MC the opponent, they will fly very high up, the bad part about the
      jumping kick is that it tends to knock the opponent farther back than the
      other juggle combo starters, but you can still add stuff, so it's not
      completely worthless
     -Reverse body check
      it doesn't really juggle the opponent, but it sets up some combo initiative
      given that the opponent has his/her back to you
     -Ten foot toss
      the ultimate setup throw, some very powerful combos that are very fun to
      get out as well as watch can be done following this throw, just remember,
      because Dural doesn't have Kage's 8-frame punch, you can't exactly do his
      exact combos, you need to deviate a bit
     -Rising knee
      most of the time, if you connect the rising knee on most characters, they are
      only vulnerable to a backheel sweep or stomping pounce, however, if you MC
      against some of the most lighter characters of the game, you can actually juggle
     That said, let's look at some good juggle combos for Dural to use(keep in mind
     that if an opponent is MC'd, they take 150% damage for the attack that MC'd
     Knee juggle combos
     1)Knee,guard-cancelled jab punch,kickflip
      -inputs: f+K-->P,G-->u/b+K
      -damage: 52.5+10+60=122.5 pts!
      -characters: Jeffry-Pai
      -stance: closed
      -tips: You can instead do the high kickflip, and then you won't have to guard-
             cancel the punch, but then you lose about 10 pts in damage.  Make sure
             to wait until the opponent is in the same horizontal lining as your
             punch before punching and kickflip as soon as possible.
       This is a very effective knee juggle combo, because it will work on everyone,
       and does a lot of damage.
     2)Knee,double jumping kicks
      -inputs: f+K-->f,F+K,K
      -damage: 52.5+30+30=112.5 pts!
      -characters: Jeffry-Pai
      -stance: open
      -tips: Start tapping in the jumping kick command as you are landing from the
             knee.  It helps if you hold down the 2nd forward when doing the
             jumping kicks making them get more range, which increases the chance
             of getting that 2nd kick in.
       This is the Akira power float combo from Joji's Akira FAQ.  Insane damage
       and very easy to do(unlike Akira).  I believe it works better in open
       stance, and unlike the elbow-knee variant, the double jumping kicks easily
       connect as long as you start the combo as close as possible.
      -inputs: f+K-->f+P,u/b+K
      -damage: 52.5+15+50=117.5 pts!
      -characters: Jeffry-Pai
      -stance: closed
      -tips: Just do the commands as soon as possible.
       The relative of the elbow-knee stagger combo.  Again, if you're a beginner,
       a fairly good combo to learn, does a ton of damage for such an easy combo.
     4)Knee,2 punches,elbow-kickflip
      -inputs: f+K-->F+P,P,f+P,u/b+K
      -damage: 52.5+10+10+15+60=147.5 pts!
      -characters: Jeffry-Pai
      -stance: closed
      -tips: Keep holding forward right as the knee connects, giving your punch
             extra range.
       Sick damage, expect to push your opponent very far with this combo!
     5)Knee,jumping kick,backheel sweep
      -inputs: f+K-->f,f+K-->f,f,f+K
      -damage: 52.5+30+30=112.5 pts!
      -characters: Kage-Pai
      -stance: any(easier in open stance though)
      -tips: Start tapping out the jumping kick as the opponent is getting hit by
             the knee, and start tapping out the sweep command as the opponent is
             getting hit by the jumping kick.
       Easier than the elbow-knee stagger combo variant, because the opponent gets
       knocked higher.
      -inputs: f+K-->f+K-->u/b+K
      -damage: 52.5+40+60=152.5 pts!
      -characters: Shun-Pai
      -stance: open
      -tips: Do the 2nd knee as soon as you touch the ground, and do the kickflip as
             soon as you recover from the 2nd knee.
       Such a ludicrously powerful combo.
     7)Knee,knee,2 punches,elbow-kickflip
      -inputs: f+K-->f+K-->F+P,P,f+P,u/b+K
      -damage: 52.5+40+10+10+15+60=187.5 pts!
      -characters: Sarah-Pai
      -stance: open
      -tips: Just make sure to do the 2nd knee as soon as you land from the 1st, then
             immediately hold down the forward motion, and right when you land start
             the punch combo.
       Such an insanely powerful combo, too bad it works only on the female characters,
       but it should be obvious why.
     Super dashing elbow juggle combos
     1)Super dashing elbow,kickflip
      -inputs: f,f,f+P-->u/b+K
      -damage: 45+60=105 pts!
      -characters: Jeffry-Pai
      -stance: closed
      -tips: Just do the kickflip as soon as you recover.
       Way too easy of a combo and does way too much damage.
     2)Super dashing elbow,guard-cancelled jab punch,kickflip
      -inputs: f,f,f+P-->P,G-->u/b+K
      -damage: 45+10+60=115 pts!
      -characters: Jeffry-Pai
      -stance: closed
      -tips: You can instead do the high kickflip, and then you won't have to guard-
             cancel the punch, but then you lose about 10 pts in damage.  Make sure
             to wait until the opponent is in the same horizontal lining as your
             punch before punching and kickflip as soon as possible.
       Basically, the original SDE,kickflip combo with a punch added for more damage
       and flash, if you are fairly good at guard-cancelling, that you can do it
       automatically, always do this combo over the 1st one mentioned.
     3)Super dashing elbow,elbow-kickflip
      -inputs: f,f,f+P-->f+P,u/b+K
      -damage: 45+15+50=110 pts!
      -characters: Jeffry-Pai
      -stance: closed
      -tips: Just do the elbow-kickflip as soon as you recover.
       Again, a sick combo that requires that the super dashing elbow MCs.
     4)Super dashing elbow,2 punches,elbow-kickflip
      -inputs: f,f,f+P-->F+P,P,f+P,u/b+K
      -damage: 45+10+10+15+60=140 pts!
      -characters: Jeffry-Pai
      -stance: closed
      -tips: Keep holding forward as the super dashing elbow knocks them into the
             air, giving your punch more range.
       Sick damage and distance.
     5)Super dashing elbow,low punch,rising knee
      -inputs: f,f,f+P-->d+P-->d/f,f+K
      -damage: 45+10+40=95 pts
      -characters: Jeffry-Pai
      -stance: open
      -tips: You can slide the joystick from d to f and tap K for the 2nd rising knee
             instead of having to tap d/f,f and press K.
       A very reliable juggle combo if you are in open stance, since it works on so
       many characters.
     6)Super dashing elbow,double jumping kicks
      -inputs: f,f,f+P-->f,F+K,K
      -damage: 45+30+30=105 pts!
      -characters: Lion-Pai
      -stance: open
      -tips: Start tapping out the jumping kick command just as you are hitting
             the opponent.  The 2nd jumping kick is very hard to get out, but
             it's very possible.
       A very powerful combo, it rapes the heck outta opponents.
     Sidekick juggle combos
      -inputs: d/f+K-->u/b+K
      -damage: 34.5+60=94.5 pts
      -characters: Jeffry-Pai
      -stance: open
      -tips: Make sure you're pretty close to start with.
     2)Sidekick,guard-cancelled jab punch,kickflip
      -inputs: d/f+K-->P,G-->u/b+K
      -damage: 34.5+10+60=104.5 pts!
      -characters: Akira-Pai
      -stance: open
      -tips: You can instead do the high kickflip, and then you won't have to guard-
             cancel the punch, but then you lose about 10 pts in damage.  Make sure
             to wait until the opponent is in the same horizontal lining as your
             punch before punching and kickflip as soon as possible.
       Basically combo #1 with an extra punch added.  Does slightly more damage and
       slightly more flashier at the cost that it will not work on the heavier
       characters in the game.
      -inputs: d/f+K-->f+P,u/b+K
      -damage: 34.5+15+50=99.5 pts
      -characters: Akira-Pai
      -stance: closed
      -tips: Make sure you're pretty close to start the combo, or the elbow will
     4)Sidekick,2 punches,elbow-kickflip
      -inputs: d/f+K-->F+P,P,f+P,u/b+K
      -damage: 34.5+10+10+15+60=129.5 pts!
      -characters: Akira-Pai
      -stance: open
      -tips: Keep holding forward after the sidekick so the punch gets extra range.
             Make sure you are pretty close to start the entire combo, or the punch
             is going to whiff.
       Insane damage, that's all I'm gonna say.
     5)Sidekick,low punch,rising knee
      -inputs: d/f+K-->d+P-->d/f,f+K
      -damage: 34.5+10+40=84.5 pts
      -characters: Akira-Pai
      -stance: open
      -tips: You can slide the joystick from d to f and tap K for the 2nd rising knee
             instead of having to tap d/f,f and press K.
       A cool combo you can do if you are in open stance, mainly for variety though,
       cause you do better damage or have more reliable sidekick combos than this.
     Back thrust juggle combos
     1)Back thrust,elbow-kickflip
      -inputs: b+K+G-->f+P,u/b+K
      -damage: 45+15+50=110 pts!
      -characters: Jeffry-Pai
      -stance: open
      -tips: Just make sure you do the inputs as soon as possible.
     2)Back thrust,2 punches,elbow-kickflip
      -inputs: b+K+G-->F+P,P,f+P,u/b+K
      -damage: 45+10+10+15+60=140 pts!
      -characters: Akira-Pai
      -stance: open
      -tips: Make sure you keep holding forward so that the punch gets extra range.
     Jumping kick juggle combos
     1)Jumping kick,scissor kicks
      -inputs: f,f+K-->u/f+K,K
      -damage: 45+16+10=71 pts
      -characters: Jeffry-Pai
      -stance: any
      -tips: Just do the scissor kicks as soon as you recover from the jumping kick.
     2)Jumping kick,super dashing elbow
      -inputs: f,f+K-->f,f,f+P
      -damage: 45+30=75 pts
      -characters: Akira-Pai
      -stance: closed
      -tips: Start tapping in the super dashing elbow as you are hitting with the
             jumping kick.
     Reverse body check combos
     1)Reverse body check,sidekick
      -inputs: b,d/f+P+K-->d/f+K
      -damage: 40+28.75=68.75 pts
      -characters: any
      -stance: any
      -tips: Make sure the key in the sidekick right as Dural is beginning to turn
             around, or keep mashing d/f+K during the combo.
       A staple combo whenever you connect the reverse body check, the sidekick
       is 100% unavoidable, so always go for it.  Reverse body check,sidekick
       should be thought of as one move.
     2)Reverse body check,sidekick,super dashing elbow
      -inputs: b,d/f+P+K-->d/f+K-->f,f,f+P
      -damage: 40+34.5+30=104.5 pts!
      -characters: any
      -stance: any
      -tips: Make sure to key in the sidekick right as Dural is beginning to turn
             around, or keep mashing d/f+K during the combo.  Keep tapping forward
             during the sidekick so that when the sidekick MCs(it needs to), you
             can just press P and get the super dashing elbow.
       Should your sidekick from the above combo MC, then you can tag on
       a super dashing elbow and up that damage so that you take off half a
       lifebar.  A very powerful and cool combo.
     3)Reverse body check,sidekick,backheel sweep
      -inputs: b,d/f+P+K-->d/f+K-->f,f,f+K
      -damage: 40+34.5+30=104.5 pts!
      -characters: any
      -stance: any
      -tips: Make sure to key in the sidekick right as Dural is beginning to turn
             around, or keep mashing d/f+K during the combo.  Keep tapping forward
             during the sidekick so that when the sidekick MCs(it needs to), you
             can just press K and get the backheel sweep.
       A variation of combo #2, again requires a MC on the sidekick.
     Ten foot toss juggle combos (now here's the fun part! ;D)
     1)Ten foot toss,stomping pounce
      -inputs: b+P-->b,b-->u+P
      -damage: 40+40=80 pts
      -characters: any
      -stance: any
      -tips: TFT them, backdash, then execute the pounce.
       The most basic of the TFT combos, it is fairly easy for the beginner
       to pick up and does good damage.  Some people consider this cheap, but it's not
       like other people can't ream out 80+ points of damage in one combo.
     2)Ten foot toss,backheel sweep
      -inputs: b+P-->f,f-->f,f,f+K
      -damage: 40+30=70 pts
      -characters: any
      -stance: any
      -tips: Toss them, dash forward, then wait until they fall more than halfway
             then do the sweep so that you sweep them just as they touch the ground
             and bounce slightly up.
       Another fairly easy TFT combo for the beginner.
     3)Ten foot toss,flying kick
      -inputs: b+P-->b,b-->f,f+all
      -damage: 40+40=80 pts
      -characters: any
      -stance: any
      -tips: Toss the opponent, backdash and about 1/4 to 1/8 of a second later,
             guard cancel then immediately execute the flying kick.  The heavier the
             opponent, the sooner the flying kick must be done.
       To be honest, this is a fairly hard combo to get out, because you want to hit
       your opponent just as they touch the ground.  It's hard to get down, but it's
       pretty cool once you do.  Read Tan Wu Meng's Kage FAQ if you want more info
       on this combo.
     4)Ten foot toss,rising knee,backheel sweep
      -inputs: b+P-->d/f,D/F,f+K-->f,f,f+K
      -damage: 40+30=70 pts
      -characters: any
      -stance: any
      -tips: Toss the opponent, buffer in a forward crouch dash just as Dural is
             beginning to recover from the throw, then slide the joystick forward
             and press kick after you dash a short distance.  Do the sweep as you
       Another good combo for the intermediate player to pick up, you will typically
       go for this if you muck up your TFT-knee combos.
     5)Ten foot toss,triple kick,dashing bodycheck
      -inputs: b+P-->f,f+K+G-->b,f,F+P+K
      -damage: 10+10+10+30=60 pts
      -characters: Jeffry-Pai
      -stance: any
      -tips: Be finished with the triple kick commands just as Dural puts her 2nd
             foot down from the throw.  You should hit the opponent extremely early
             (like slightly above your height), and should have enough time to
             do a bodycheck just as you land(start the commands just as Dural is
             beginning to triple kick the opponent).
       A flashy combo.  Just remember to go for the deep bodycheck so that you do the
       most damage.
     6)Ten foot toss,2 punches,straight kick,backheel sweep
      -inputs: b+P-->f,f-->F+P,P,K-->f,f,f+K
      -damage: 10+10+30+30=80 pts
      -characters: Jeffry-Pai
      -stance: any
      -tips: Dash forward right as you recover from the throw.  Wait until the
             opponent has passed halfway down the screen, then do the combo.
             Immediately do the sweep as you are starting to kick them.
       The CPU Dural combo.
     7)Ten foot toss,elbow-kickflip
      -inputs: b+P-->f,f-->f+P,u/b+K
      -damage: 15+50=65 pts
      -characters: any
      -stance: any
      -tips: Dash forward right as you recover from the throw.  Wait a few
             milliseconds, then do the rest of the combo.
       One of the more reliable TFT combos because it can be done on everyone.  It's
       not hard either, a good combo for the beginner.
     8)Ten foot toss,triple kick,elbow-kickflip
      -inputs: b+P-->f,f+K+G-->f+P,u/b+K
      -damage: 10+10+10+15+50=95 pts
      -characters: Jeffry-Pai
      -stance: any
      -tips: Be finished with the triple kick commands just as Dural puts her 2nd
             foot down from the throw.  You should hit the opponent extremely early
             (like slightly above your height), and should have enough time to
             do the elbow-kickflip just as you land.
       This TFT combo will work on pretty much everyone and it does a lot of damage,
       besides looking very flashy.  The downside is that it doesn't push the opponent
       that far though, if you want to do that, use the 2-punches,elbow-kickflip combo.
     9)Ten foot toss,2 punches,elbow-kickflip
      -inputs: b+P-->f,f-->F+P,P,f+P,u/b+K
      -damage: 10+10+15+60=95 pts
      -characters: any
      -stance: any
      -tips: Dash forward right as you recover from the throw.  Wait until the
             opponent has passed halfway down the screen, then do the combo.  Just
             remember to get the timing down; the main part of this combo where you can
             flub is if you do the combo too far, the 2 punches will hit and so will
             the kickflip, but the elbow will miss.  And of course, do it too late, and
             the entire combo misses.  In addition, you want to try to nail the attacks
             right in the victim's head; it appears that if you do the hits in the
             opponent's back, the combo seems to do less damage even if all the hits
       This the best TFT combo for intermediate Dural players.  It is very reliable to
       get out, pushes them back well and does a lot of damage.  It's not that hard to
       get down either.
     10)Ten foot toss,guard-cancelled jab punch,2 punches,elbow-kickflip
       -inputs: b+P-->f,f-->P,F,G-->F+P,P,f+P,u/b+K
       -damage: 10+10+10+15+60=105 pts!
       -characters: any
       -stance: any
       -tips: Dash forward right as you recover from the throw.  Wait until the
              opponent has passed halfway down the screen(slightly above your punching
              range), then press P,F,G in that order.  Keep holding the forward.  The
              opponent's fall should get slowed down, then they should be at level
              punching height, so just continue with the rest of the combo.  You might
              want to pause a little after doing the guard-cancelled jab punch before
              continuing with the combo; the opponent tends to fly slightly upward as
              they get hit, so you need to wait until they get into the same vertical
              lining as your punch, or the combo screws up; the lighter the character,
              the longer time you want to delay(against Jeffry, don't even pause).  Just
              remember to get the timing down; the main part of this combo where you can
              flub is if you do the combo too far, the 2 punches will hit and so will
              the kickflip, but the elbow will miss.  And of course, do it too late, and
              the entire combo misses.  In addition, you want to try to nail the attacks
              right in the victim's head; it appears that if you do the hits in the
              opponent's back, the combo seems to do less damage even if all the hits
        This is Dural's bread and butter TFT combo.  I'd probably label it as the
        DTFToD, or Dural Ten Foot Toss of Doom.  There are more powerful combos, but
        they either involve senbon punches(which is not easy to time to perfection if
        you are anything save for an expert or master), or they will not work on every
        character.  Anyways, as for this combo, it will work on everyone(even Dural
        if you do it right), and its power rivals Wolf's Giant Swing throw.  The ring
        out power of this combo is also very good, rivaling Kage's TFTKoD combo(I
        managed to ring out Sarah slightly outside of half of the ring).  This combo
        is not even that hard to get out, and since you are playing Dural on the
        PC or Saturn, people float longer in the air than the arcade, making a PG
        possible in place of a PKG(although you probably need a PKG against Dural).
     11)Ten foot toss,3 senbon punches,2 punches,elbow-kickflip
       -inputs: b+P-->f,f-->P,F,K,G-->F+P,K,G-->F+P,K,G-->F+P,P,f+P,u/b+K
       -damage: 10+10+10+10+10+15+60=125 pts!
       -characters: Jeffry-Pai
       -stance: any
       -tips: Dash forward right as you recover from the throw.  Wait until the
              opponent has passed halfway down the screen(slightly above your punching
              range), then press P,F,K,G in that order.  Keep holding the forward.  Then
              just key in the rest of the combo as soon as possible.  Just remember to
              get the timing down; this combo is tough due to the multiple senbon
              punches, it's easy to begin rushing the commands and thus do a PG in place
              of a PKG.  In addition, you want to try to nail the attacks right in the
              victim's head; it appears that if you do the hits in the opponent's back,
              the combo seems to do less damage even if all the hits connect.
        This is a theoretical combo, because I am not very adept at senbon punching.
        However, I know this is possible because Kage can do TFT,triple swipe,PPPK as a
        combo, one of his swipes comes out at 14 frames, and Dural has a 10 frame punch.
        If you can do this consistently, this is the best combo Dural can do.  Very
        powerful, and pushes them insanely far back.
     12)Ten foot toss,rising knee,2 punches,elbow-kickflip
       -inputs: b+P-->d/f,D/F,f+K-->F+P,P,f+P,u/b+K
       -damage: 40+10+10+15+60=135 pts!
       -characters: Akira-Shun
       -stance: any
       -tips: Timing must be very precise, because Dural doesn't have an 8-frame
              punch and her rising knee is Sarah's thus it hits the opponent later
              on the throw, so she is going at a stricter timing than Kage.  If you
              are practicing the combo, practice on Akira or Jacky, because unlike
              Kage's related TFT combo, heavier characters are easier victims for
              this combo(against Shun, you need to have the rising knee dead on, or
              he falls just a hair width out of your punching range).  Basically,
              buffer in a crouch dash right after the TFT so you crouch dash forward
              just as you come out, then after a certain distance, slide the joystick
              forward and hit kick.  Lighter characters require a longer distance and
              require that you hit lower on their body(around the neck area).  Continue
              holding forward until you land, then do the canned combo when they fall
              to punching height.  If you want more detail on the timing, read Tan Wu
              Meng's Kage FAQ(although I speculate that since Dural has Sarah's rising
              knee, the timing might be a bit earlier).  Again, I can't stress it,
              this combo must be precise in timing, dead-on totally.
        Sick.  Total sickness.  This combo is TOTAL flash, does some really sick
        damage, and pushes the opponent insanely far, you won't believe it(I managed to
        ring out Jacky from about close to halfway across the ring).  I'm gonna
        nickname it the DTFTKoD(Dural Ten Foot Toss Knee of Doom).  Total props to you
        if you can get this combo out dead-on everytime.
     13)Ten foot toss,triple kick,back thrust,jumping kick,scissor kicks
       -inputs: b+P-->f,f+K+G-->b+K+G-->f,f+K-->u/f+K,K
       -damage: 10+10+10+30+30+16+10=116 pts!
       -characters: Jeffry-Wolf
       -stance: any
       -tips: For beginners, practice this combo on Jeffry.  Anyways, for the combo,
              toss the opponent, then right away do the triple kick so that Dural does
              it just as she comes out of the TFT.  Then time the back thrust so that it
              hits the opponent just as they touch the ground.  From there, it's just
              doing the attacks as soon as possible.  All the hits after the triple kick
              will hit the opponent as he touches the ground resulting in him sort of
              bouncing this way and that as you combo him.
        I bet you're wondering how I managed to do such a powerful and flashy combo,
        or how I managed to discover it at all. ;D  Basically, there's a playback
        movie included in the VF2PC game where Dural is doing this phat combo on
        Jeffry.  So I gave it a try and I have to admit, it really does work!  Tons
        of damage, and this is probably the flashiest Dural is going to get!  It's a
        tough combo, but if you can get it down, major props to you.  If you can get it
        down consistently, I would go for it all the time against Jeffry and Wolf(since
        these two have so few combo possibilities for Dural).  Only downside to this combo
        is that it doesn't push the opponent very far back.  I will call it the DTFTToD
        (Dural Ten Foot Toss Triple(Kick) of Doom).
     14)Ten foot toss,rising knee,back thrust,jumping kick,scissor kicks
       -inputs: b+P-->d/f,D/F,f+K-->b+K+G-->f,f+K-->u/f+K,K
       -damage: 40+30+30+16+10=126 pts!
       -characters: Jeffry-Wolf
       -stance: any
       -tips: Timing must be very precise, because Dural doesn't have an 8-frame
              punch and her rising knee is Sarah's thus it hits the opponent later
              on the throw, so she is going at a stricter timing than Kage.  Basically,
              buffer in a crouch dash right after the TFT so you crouch dash forward
              just as you come out, then delay just slightly and slide the joystick
              forward and hit kick.  Then time the back thrust so that it hits the
              opponent just as they touch the ground.  From there, it's just doing the
              attacks as soon as possible.  All the hits after the knee will hit the
              opponent as he touches the ground resulting in him sort of bouncing this
              way and that as you combo him.
        You thought you couldn't get a more powerful and flashy combo than the #11
        special?  Think again!  A TON of damage and total flash!  Again, if you can get
        this out on Jeffry and Wolf, go for it!  A very powerful combo(again), but not
        that much ring-out distance(once again).
     Rising knee juggle combos
     1)Rising knee,2 punches,elbow-kickflip
      -inputs: FC,d/f,f+K-->F+P,P,f+P,u/b+K
      -damage: 60+10+10+15+60=155 pts!
      -characters: Lion-Pai
      -stance: any
      -tips: Keep holding forward as you rising knee the opponent so that the followup
             punch will combo.
       Insane damage, it's rare that you will MC with the rising knee, so when you do,
       make sure you ream out as much as you can and push them insanely far back!
     2)Rising knee,low punch,rising knee
      -inputs: FC,d/f,f+K-->d+P-->d/f,f+K
      -damage: 60+10+40=110 pts!
      -characters: Shun-Pai
      -stance: open
      -tips: You can slide the joystick from d to f and tap K for the 2nd rising knee
             instead of having to tap d/f,f and press K.
       Insane damage once again, if you can MC the opponent with the rising knee and
       are in open stance, you should really go for this combo.
     3)Rising knee,low punch,sidekick
      -inputs: FC,d/f,f+K-->d+P-->D/F+K
      -damage: 60+10+23=93 pts
      -characters: Shun-Pai
      -stance: open
      -tips: Make sure you slide the down on the joystick to the d/f position and
             hold it there in order to do the sidekick, or the ground stomp will
             come out.
       This combo is more for variety, still it's pretty good to get out here and
       there, and looks pretty cool.
     |  4    SSS  TTT RRR   AAA  TTT  SSS |
     | 44   SS  S  T  R  R A   A  T  SS  S|
     |4 4     SS   T  RRR  AAAAA  T    SS |
     |4444  S  SS  T  R  R A   A  T  S  SS|
     |  4 o  SSS   T  R  R A   A  T   SSS |
     A.General Strategy
     As you probably already guessed, Dural is meant to be played in a style that
     combines all the characters together, because she has a lot of good attacks from
     each of the characters.  So just meld them together to produce what Dural should
     Defense is basically removing the initiative from your opponent.  That said, here
     are some of Dural's choices that are BEST suited for that purpose.  Keep in mind
     it is quite hard to play effective defense if you just sit around.  The way to
     effective defense is to continuously move around and to not look vulnerable.
     1)--> Crouch dash
       A crouch dash backwards is one of the best defenses available in VF2.  This
       gets you out of the range of your opponent's attacks while leaving yourself
       invulnerable to high attacks.  The only thing to worry about here then are
       mid attacks and low attacks.  However, since you're moving backward, there is
       a small chance that the attacks will whiff, and when they do, dash back in
       and punish them.
     2)--> Jab punch
       The jab is the safest attack you can throw out and one of your fastest.  If you
       anticipate attacks well enough, you can do a guard-cancelled standing punch and
       it returns initiative to you.  Because of the speed, you have really good
       priority.  If you can do the senbon punch, then that's even better, because
       then if you touch the opponent at ALL, you regain initiative, enough initiative
       to close the gap with a dash and throw.
     3)--> Low punch/Punch reversal/Low reversal
       This is one of your main counters to high throws, because it instantly gets
       you into a crouch.  To top it off, if the opponent tries to low punch yourself,
       you reverse them, and if they try a senbon punch or jab punch of their own,
       you reverse that too.  Just too good.  This is rather safe to just throw out
       as long as you know you will touch the opponent, good for harassing, and sure
       to beat out a lot of attacks.
     4)--> Heel thrust
       One of your best midrange attacks, especially for countering as well as beating
       out attacks at that range.  It comes out very quickly too.  Anticipate an
       attack at midrange and then countering with this is very effective.
     5)--> Sidekick
       An alternative to the heel thrust, because it comes out slightly slower, but
       is safe if blocked.  In addition, if you hit a croucher, you stagger them.
       Again, a good option at midrange for countering and beating out attacks.
     6)--> Super dashing elbow
       This is an incredible attack, because it has quite a lot of range, enabling
       you to stay out of throwing range, yet be able to attack the opponent.  The
       way to use this attack is at midrange, for keeping them from attacking you.
     7)--> Kickflip
       One of your main attacks used to beat out other attacks.  Takes some anticipation
       and mind games, but has quite some priority and does a lot of damage.  Use it
       to counter slow attacks or attacks with a long recovery.
     8)--> Dashing body check
       If you are point-blank, use this instead of the kickflip.  It does a lot more
       damage.  Basically, your other attack used to beat other attacks, it does a
       ton of damage and is good to use to counter slow attacks or attacks with
       long recovery.  One of the best places to use this are in canned combos where
       the recovery of one attack combined with the startup of another attack ensures
       you that you will interrupt their attack(i.e. between the sidekick and elbow
       in Jacky's elbow-sidekick combo).  Anticipate, and BOOM! make them pay.
     9)--> Reversals
       Takes some mind games, but yes, always remember your reversals, they don't
       fail you.  The high reversal is best used against standing jabs, as well as
       the various palm/fist attacks at high/mid level, and against a lot of kicks.
       Best way to set this up is by having the opponent try to close the distance
       between the two of you when he's on offense(i.e. Lau).  Your mid reversal is
       used against elbows and sidekicks.  Most of the time, people will try to go
       for these attacks when you are crouching, so that they can stagger you, so
       you know how to set those reversals up.  And the low reversal, well, that
       sets up when you know the opponent will try to low punch you to avoid a throw
       from you.
     Offense is basically keeping the initiative with you, usually with constant
     attack.  Offense is where Dural shines, because she gets about a million things
     she can do on her opponent.  IMO what helps her offense the most is that many
     of her attacks have similar motions, so you have an increased chance of hitting
     the opponent.  This is known as option select.
     1)Jab punch/Senbon punch/High reversal/Ten foot toss
       Ok, if you know how to do the senbon punch, then this option is G,[b+P,K,G],
       repeat bracketed section.  If you can't do the senbon punch, this is done by
       G,[b+P,G].  This is a sick option select.  First of all, senbon punching is
       incredible at closing in, if you touch the opponent at all, you gain initiative,
       enough to dash and throw.  If you see the opponent duck, then you can immediately
       throw a mid-level attack and stagger them.  In addition, because the high
       reversal command is inside here, if the opponent tries to attack you back with
       a high attack, they get reversed.  And to top it all off, the ten foot toss
       command is in there too, so if you get close enough and do this and the opponent
       wasn't doing anything, they get thrown, and then you can combo them.  Total
       sickness(on a side note, you can close in with G,[d/b+P,K,G] if you want, then
       you'll reverse mid attacks instead, but you won't be able to throw the opponent,
       and you still have to worry about low attacks).  But even if you can't do the
       senbon punch close-in, G,[b+P,G] is still a good offensive tool to know, because
       you'll be able to option select too.  The only thing to worry about are low
       attacks, which you should be able to see coming, and then switch to a mid-level
       attack to stagger them.  If you want to throw/jab/high-mid reverse, always go for
       G,[b+P,G], G,[b+P,K,G], or G,[d/b+P,K,G], these techniques are very powerful,
       and they won't fail you, they are all excellant tools for your offense.
     2)Super dashing elbow/Jumping clothesline
       Another sick option select, it follows much like Sarah offensive strategy.
       The clothesline throw has sick range due to the built-in dash.  The only way
       to avoid high throws is to duck, and that becomes a problem, because the dashing
       elbow hits middle and staggers crouchers.  The fact that doing f,f,f+P lets
       the computer choose which one is best for the situation is just sick.  Against
       turtlers, this totally destroys them, because they either get thrown, or combo'd.
       In addition, the super dashing elbow starts a total flowchart much like the
       jab punch.  Basically, offensively, after the super dashing elbow, get ready to
       either reverse, bodycheck, throw, or poke some more(usually with low punch, jab
       or another super dashing elbow).  Go for the throw or more poking against the
       more turtlish people.  Against offensive people, get ready to reverse them, or
       hit them back.  Speaking of which, super dashing elbow,bodycheck deserves some
       explaination.  Although it is a poor juggle combo(save for a very rare
       circumstance), it is a totally deadly trap.  The bodycheck buffered after a
       dashing elbow seems to come out much faster.  Combine that with the opponent's
       want to try to beat out your initiative after a blocked super dashing elbow
       and you can easily see how you can get a free 50% damage on them right there,
       especially if you notice the opponent constantly trying for slow attacks after
       the dashing elbow.  So basically, this again is a very sick tactic for Dural
       to know, so use it well.
     3)Jumping clothesline/Elbow-X
       Jumping clothesline is done by f,f+P, and opponents can avoid that by ducking,
       but that means they can be staggered by the elbow, but suppose the opponent
       blocked the elbow at high level(with careful machi play)?  Well, then you can
       delay the knee followup and juggle them with a combo!  This tactic doesn't
       deserve that much explaination, after all, VF2 Sarah users do this all the
       time.  Just remember that the knee can be delayed up to 1/2 a second, but only
       if you keep holding forward.
     4)Grasping mind/Elbow-X
       Yet another option select.  Grasping mind is a very good throw because it
       pushes the opponent very far, and suppose the opponent ducked that?  Well, the
       elbow will come out.  Suppose they block the elbow?  You can delay the knee.
       Enough said.
     5)Reaping throw/Elbow-X
       And yet ANOTHER option select.  Reaping throw basically has the elbow command
       in the motions, and you can delay the knee if the elbow gets blocked, enough
     6)Crouch dash/Crucifix piledriver
       Crouch dashing is a very important way to get in and out of VF2.  The
       Crucifix piledriver has a built in command of the crouch dash, so you can
       delay hitting the buttons a bit thus giving your throw a bit more range,
       making it all the more deadly.  Imagine ducking your opponent's jab from
       afar to throw them!  Crouch dashing is also useful all its own because it
       avoids high attacks and leaves you only with low and mid attacks to worry
       about(which are taken care of with your reversals).
     7)Low punch/Low reversal/Punch reversal
       Yet another option-select.  The low punch is excellant for pecking at the
       opponent and setting up your next attack.  If they try to attack back, well,
       you know what the reversals are going to do, right?
     8)Low punch/Backfall suplex
       By doing d+P+G to throw up close, if the opponent tries to throw you, you
       will low punch to avoid their throw.  If you are out of range for the throw,
       you also do a low punch, which is safe.  And if the opponent tries to turtle,
       the throw catches them.  Just beware of people who are late on pressing P+G
       themselves, which will result in them reversing your throw.
       One of your main attacks used to interrupt the opponent if you detect their
       attacks well enough.
     10)Dashing body check
        Another one of your main attacks used to interrupt the opponent if you detect
        their attacks well enough.  One of the best places to throw this out is
        after a blocked super dashing elbow(read the super dashing elbow/jumping
        clothesline section).  Generally good for slow-recovery attacks and
        slow-startup attacks.  And remember to do the deep bodycheck to increase
        the chances of doing the full damage.
     11)Reverse body check
        This is one of the main throws you want to go for as Dural, because not
        only can you combo afterwards, but it sets up some flowcharting afterwards.
     12)Giant Swing
        I don't think I need to explain why you need to go for this throw, high damage,
        high distance covered behind you, what else do you need?  It gets kinda boring
        when you start winning only with these(which is just too easy), which is why
        I don't use this as much and usually use the TFT in place of it.
     13)Delayed elbow-knee
        If you keep holding forward, you can delay the knee by up to 1/2 second.  This
        means you can trick them into attacking you, and then interrupt them and combo
        A good option at midrange because it is safe to get blocked, and of course
        if it interrupts or staggers, that's good.
     15)Tombstone/Triple knee bash
        These are low throws to be used if you detect the opponent crouching after a
        barrage of attacks.  Just remember you need to be close up for them to connect.
        I don't think I need to explain.  To use reversals offensively, simply stick
        them in after pokes and set them up with pokes in such a way that the opponent
        wants to strike back a certain way(reversals after a super dashing elbow or
        jab punch are both good).
     Here are some miscellaneous strategies that won't fit in the other sections that
     I think you should know.
     Guard cancelling:
     Basically, the way the machine of VF2 works is that once the command of a canned
     combo is done, the machine will look for the next followup input for a certain
     time and then if anything similar to the input is done, the computer will
     execute the input.  If after a while nothing is pressed, the computer will
     do nothing.  This can become quite annoying at times.  For instance, suppose
     you want to do a sidekick after your elbow staggers the opponent.  Because of
     the potential to do a knee, you'd need to wait a certain time until the possibility
     of a knee coming out disappears before doing the sidekick(which obviously doesn't
     play to your advantage considering how by that time the opponent must have
     recovered from the stagger).  By simply pushing guard after the elbow, you can
     instantly execute the sidekick after the elbow's recovery and it will come out.
     This is very important to learn, because execution time is very important, and if
     you don't have it down, you will lose.  So remember to guard cancel if you aren't
     going for canned followups.  You can also cancel dashes and crouch dashes, so
     that you can avoid attacks in time or make your dashes more useful.
     I kinda already covered this before.  Basically, there's the major counter and
     then the minor counter.  Major countering is hitting an opponent out of the
     execution phase of their attack.  You should hear a very high and loud sound
     when this occurs.  The opponent will get stunned for a very long time, or
     in the case of knockdown attacks, they get knocked higher into the air.  Major
     countering is very important to keep in mind, because most of the time, if you
     want to get out power combos, you need to hit the opponent out of the execution
     phase of their attacks.  Yomi plays a very good role in here.  Also remember
     that major countering does 50% more damage than it would normally do.  Minor
     countering is hitting the opponent out of the recovery of their attack.  Basically,
     while it isn't as flashy as major countering, it plays a huge role in your
     game, because it gives you the oppurtunity to punish attacks that would go
     away empty-handed(like a blocked elbow from Kage).  In addition, it rewards
     you for 25% extra damage for doing so.  Throwing as minor counter is also
     quite possible, and also will award you with 25% extra damage(imagine a minor
     counter Giant swing, ouch!).
     Struggling out of staggers:
     Very important to learn, because most likely you'll get caught in a couple
     of staggers in a good round, and if you're not good at getting out, you could
     be eating some major damage.  Just remember that mashing will reduce your
     stagger time.  Most of the time, punch-kick followup combos will be guarenteed,
     and a few other things, but slow attacks like bodychecks and kickflips aren't,
     but a lot of that depends on how well you mash.  Just remember that any input
     whether that's a joystick direction or a button pressed contributes to mashing.
     The best way is to hold down the guard button while you swirl the joystick and
     tap the punch and kick buttons rapidly.  However, if you want to escape a throw,
     it might be advisable to instead rapidly tap d+P+G or G,d+P, so while you
     escape slower, you instantly do a low punch as you come out.  In addition, you
     can struggle out of stumble throws such as Akira/Pai/Lau's b,d+P+G, the various
     guard breaks of Akira, and Akira's single palm, so keep that in mind.
     Crouch dashing:
     See the general moves section if you want to know how to crouch dash.  Basically,
     crouch dashing is very important in this game with any character.  Only middle
     and low attacks can hit you during the dash(as opposed to the regular dash where
     throws and various high attacks could hit you).  Very important for dashing in
     or getting out.  And EXTREMELY useful against someone who uses the senbon punch
     to close in.  There are many uses for this type of dash, one of the main ones
     is to duck high attacks while closing in/moving out.  And because your crucifix
     piledriver has the command in the inputs, you can delay the throw, resulting in
     a very effective and far throw.
     Option select:
     This is basically the ability to do 2 or more things at the same time and then
     getting the best scenario possible.  I've already slightly explained the tactic
     in the defense and offense sections, so I'll go more into depth here.  Dural is
     broken because of this.  Since so many move commands are blurred together with
     her, it's insanely easy to use option select to your advantage.  Here are just
     some of them:
     G,b+P,K,G   Senbon punch/High reversal/Ten foot toss
                 If you touch them, you have advantage.  If they try to touch you,
                 you reverse them.  If they turtle, they get thrown.
     G,d/b+P,K,G Senbon punch/Mid reversal
                 If you touch them, you have advantage.  If they try to touch you,
                 you reverse them.
     G,d+P       Low punch/Low reversal/Punch reversal
                 The low punch is fast enough to beat a lot of stuff and avoid
                 high throws.  Opponents who try to low punch themselves or senbon
                 punch to close in will end up being reversed.
     f,f,f+P     Super dashing elbow/Jumping clothesline
                 Opponents who try to duck will end up being staggered.  Opponents
                 who stand will be thrown(from pretty far too).  And opponents who
                 carefully stand so the super dashing elbow touches them when they
                 block still don't have it easy because the super dashing elbow is
     f,f+P       Jumping clothesline/Elbow
                 Opponents who stand get thrown from afar.  Opponents who crouch
                 will get staggered.  Opponents who manage to carefully block the
                 elbow will have to face the possibility of a delayed knee, so
                 their counterattacking possibilities become limited.
     d/b,f+P     Grasping mind/Elbow
                 Opponents who stand get thrown.  Opponents who crouch get staggered,
                 and even if they block the elbow, they face the possibility of a
                 delayed knee, limiting their counterattacking possibilities.
     b,f+P       Reaping throw/Elbow
                 Opponents who stand get thrown.  Opponents who crouch get staggered,
                 and even if they block the elbow, they face the possibility of a
                 delayed knee, limiting their counterattacking possibilities.
     d+P+G       Low punch/Backfall suplex
                 Opponents who stand still get thrown.  Opponents who crouch end up
                 being low punched.  Opponents who try to throw end up whiffing and
                 Dural punches them.
     This is the style of totally defensive play, moving around, waiting for the
     opponent to make the first move, and then reacting appropriately.  Dural is
     quite capable of doing this.  What you need to know are her more fast attacks
     to interrupt the opponent if they poke around, and her slow powerful attacks
     for the more slower attacks for huge damage.  You can also use her reversals,
     but you have to tempt them to do various attacks that you want for this to
     succeed.  I believe machi play is sort of active turtling, so remember machi
     is not the same as setting yourself down and blocking everything, it's
     continously dashing/crouch dashing around while you wait for your break.
     This is the style of mind-reading the opponent.  While this is physically
     impossible for any human to do, there is something called conditioning, where
     you create certain scenarios so you get the proper response you want.  This is
     a must learn if you want to ever land your reversals and power hits.  Your jab
     punch, super dashing elbow, and low punch all set up good flowcharts that can
     lead to you getting the response you want, so fool around with those.  For
     instance, suppose your opponent is fond of trying to avoid high throws by
     low punching a lot.  Now suppose he sees that you are fond of going for a high
     throw after a blocked super dashing elbow.  Just get the super dashing elbow
     blocked, and then do the G,d+P command.  Or suppose your opponent tries going
     for the elbow a lot whenever he seems someone crouching, dashing or not.  So
     just crouch dash in, he'll probably do an elbow, you do the mid reversal.  Of
     course being that you're doing the crouch dash, if he all of a sudden gets
     scared of you doing a mid reversal and decides to block thinking a blocked
     punch is better than a reverse, then do the special mid/reversal/senbon punch
     command, then dash up and throw him.  Just fool around and practice, and you'll
     see how to apply yomi.
     This is one of the most powerful offensive tactics known.  Many scrubs think this
     style of play is cheap, but it's not, it takes a ton of skill to totally kill
     someone from okizeme alone.  Basically, it's when you knock the opponent down,
     then pressure them when they get up to knock them back down.  Basically, you're
     going to expect 3 things when your opponent gets up in VF2; low sweep, rising kick,
     or just a normal get-up(of course, expect a kip, roll to the side or back).  What
     you want to do is get yourself just slightly out of the range of the rising kick
     and then crouch down so that you can block the sweep.  Once your opponent gets
     up, you should go for the super dashing elbow/jumping clothesline tactic to
     either punish them for whiffing their rising attack, or after you see that they
     have fully gotten up.  Just beware of them doing the invincible get-up.
     Senbon punch:
     I kinda already covered this before, do a punch-kick combo, but cancel the
     kick before it completely comes out(you need to wait until the punch is actually
     retracted to cancel the kick, or it'll be a regular punch).  That's the senbon
     punch, a punch that has 0 recovery time.  If you can't do this, that's ok, but
     if you are serious about playing VF2 extremely well, maybe you might want to get
     this under consideration.  DO NOT try to infinite combo your opponent to death
     using the senbon punch(it is quite possible, and since about 80% of the characters
     can do it, it is frankly quite cheap, but even then, even if it were legit, it
     would make games so boring, so don't).  However, you can use it for a couple of
     extremely effective purposes:
     juggle combos- the senbon punch is infamous in making combos do about a huge
     amount of damage more than they would normally do since they have no recovery.
     For instance, Akira can tag about 8 of these suckers in plus a modified double
     palm after he MC's Pai(ouch!), or Kage can MC Pai with a rising knee, and then
     do about 10 of these things, then add a backheel sweep(100% combo, ack!).  Now,
     since I can't get the senbon punch down consistently, I can't tell you specific
     combos that involve this, but surely if you can do the senbon punch consistently,
     you can do about 1-3 of these things after you TFT the opponent, and then go
     into Dural's P,P,f+P,u/b+K combo for more that 50% damage.
     closing in- I've already given some elaboration on this, and the senbon punch is
     extremely effective for closing in.  Due to the speed, if the opponent tries
     to interrupt you, they will get interrupted(most likely), and then you gain
     total initiative.  If they try to crouch, due to the recovery, you can instantly
     stop and throw a mid attack to stagger them.  And of course, if they get hit or
     have to block the punch, you again gain initiative.
     setting up throws- most of the time, it's hard as heck to throw good opponents.
     That's where the senbon punch comes in.  If you touch the opponent, blocking or
     not, because of the huge advantage in frames(about 14 frames, give or take),
     that is enough to dash in(the time it takes to dash is enough for the opponent
     to just about recover, making them open to throws) and throw them.  You can also
     stick this in stagger combos and then throw them, turning staggers into powerful
     setups for throws.  Confused?  Look at a simple scenario.  Suppose you face a
     scrub Sarah player.  You're doing P,G in an attempt to close in.  The Sarah
     player does the shin slicer, which you block low, then immediately do a super
     dashing elbow.  The Sarah player staggers, so you do a senbon punch, putting
     her in a stun while you're ready to move, then dash forward(Sarah should have
     finished the stun animation by now) and TFT her, dash then do a DTFToD combo,
     taking off 50% life and floating her about more than halfway across the
     ring.  In the same vein, suppose you were a bit slow on keying the senbon punch
     so that the Sarah player struggled out of the super dashing elbow and blocked
     your senbon punch.  Due to the huge advantage in block stun, you could still
     dash forward and then TFT her.  That's the power of the senbon punch setting up
     throws; you stagger the opponent or interrupt their attack or get them blocking
     at punch range, and suddenly the opponent is ripe for a DTFTKoD.  Scary, and
     definitely worth learning well.
     flowcharts- basically, use this in place of the P,G for starting flowcharts, and
     you're good.  Due to the 0 recovery, it become much more easier to gain initiative
     and keep it that way.
     Iaigeri kick:
     This is basically a standing kick that's cancelled on exactly the 12th frame of
     animation.  What results is a kick that has 0 recovery time.  There's not much use
     for this(because it doesn't come out as fast as the jab punch), but if you can do
     it, your juggle combos can get quite nasty.  Although I can't do it constantly, if
     you can get the iaigeri kick down, you can do stuff like MC with your super dashing
     elbow, then add on 2 iaigeri kicks and then a bodycheck or a kickflip.
     Rising attacks:
     As for rising attacks(attacks you can do getting up), I haven't really delved into
     what Dural does after certain things, but I will say that anything you input into
     the computer much like the stagger contributes to making yourself get up faster,
     which obviously is a good idea since you don't want to get hit by pounces.  That
     said, because you don't want to throw out rising attacks by accident(all rising
     attacks have recovery if blocked, although they outprioritize everything), only
     rotate the joystick and tap the punches and guards.  As for your rising attacks,
     your sweep(d+K) hits low and your rising kick(K) hits middle.
     Invincible get-up:
     This was discovered in Japan and helps even out the inequalities of okizeme.
     Once you get knocked down and are in the face up,feet towards the opponent
     position, don't press anything until you are completely still on the ground, then
     hold down until you get up into a crouching position.  Once you enter the
     crouching position, you are invincible for about 0.3-0.4 seconds, which if your
     opponent doesn't know about, could spell disaster for him.  Remember this, and
     against the more aggressive opponents, go for this occasionally.
     What to do if you've got your back to the opponent:
     Run.  ^_^  No seriously, most attacks to your back do minor counter to major
     counter damage, and there is no way to block when you've got your back to the
     opponent.  Some characters have fast turnarounds(Sarah's sweep), and Dural can
     use P,K,G to turn around sometimes(it is comparable with Kage's which isn't a
     bad thing), but it is still risky and you are better off just running away then
     cancelling your run with G, and then safely turning around by tapping f.
     Ok, it's useless to sum up Dural's style of play with a few flowcharts like so
     many people are so fond of doing, but I'll put a general offensive flowchart
     (I like to call it the "duh" flowchart) so beginners who read this know exactly
     how to play offensively.
     Using a high level fast poke(like senbon punch or guard cancelled jab punch):
     If opponent standing blocks-->1.Poke again(use mid-level poke or do another high
                                                poke if the opponent remains standing)
                                   2.Throw(might have to add a dash)
                                   3.Reverse(assuming you know they try blocking and
                                             then striking)
                                   4.Counterstrike(use a powerhit if you know they will
                                                   hit back with a slow attack)
                                   5.Low punch(conditions them to remember your low
                                   6.Dash/crouch dash(gets them wary of more poking,
                                                      remember to guard cancel)
     If opponent gets hit-->1.Poke again
                            2.Combo(assuming you poked with jab punch)
                            3.Throw as they come out of hit stun
                            4.Low punch
                            5.Counterstrike(you have some inititative, so if the
                                            opponent tries hitting back, for sure
                                            you're going to beat them out with a
                            6.Dash/crouch dash(again, remember to guard cancel, this
                                               gets them vary of more poking)
     If opponent ducks-->1.Low throw
                         2.Low punch
                         3.Middle-level attack(super dashing elbow,elbow and sidekick
                                               are all good options)
                         4.Counterstrike(it's MUCH harder than the other two, since
                                         the opponent has initiative, so throwing
                                         out a bodycheck afterward isn't that good of
                                         an idea, but if you're sure the opponent is
                                         trying some really slow attack, go for it)
                         5.Dash/crouch dash
     If opponent attempts to strike back-->1.Jab punch/senbon punch
                                           2.Reverse(takes some anticipation)
                                           3.Low punch(counters high attacks)
                                           4.Crouch dash(this will avoid high attacks,
                                                         setting them up for throws)
                                           5.Counterstrike(try a bodycheck if you
                                                           know they're trying a slow
     Using a mid-level fast poke(like super dashing elbow, elbow or sidekick):
     If opponent standing blocks-->1.Poke again(use mid-level poke or do a high
                                                poke if the opponent remains standing)
                                   2.Throw(might have to add a dash)
                                   3.Reverse(assuming you know they try blocking and
                                             then striking)
                                   4.Counterstrike(use a powerhit if you know they will
                                                   hit back with a slow attack)
                                   5.Low punch(conditions them to remember your low
                                   6.Dash/crouch dash(gets them wary of more poking,
                                                      remember to guard cancel)
     If opponent gets hit-->1.Poke again
                            2.Combo(assuming you MC'd them)
                            3.Throw as they come out of hit stun
                            4.Low punch
                            5.Counterstrike(you have some inititative, so if the
                                            opponent tries hitting back, for sure
                                            you're going to beat them out with a
                            6.Dash/crouch dash(again, remember to guard cancel, this
                                               gets them vary of more poking)
     If opponent staggers-->1.Senbon punch,dash,throw
                            3.Dash,throw(for the beginner if you can't do the senbon
                                         punch,throw option)
     If opponent attempts to strike back-->1.Jab punch/senbon punch
                                           2.Reverse(takes some anticipation)
                                           3.Low punch(counters high attacks)
                                           4.Crouch dash(this will avoid high attacks,
                                                         setting them up for throws)
                                           5.Counterstrike(try a bodycheck if you
                                                           know they're trying a slow
     Using a low level fast poke(like low punch):
     If opponent crouch blocks-->1.Poke again(use mid-level poke or do another low
                                              poke if the opponent remains crouching)
                                 2.Low throw(might have to add a dash)
                                 3.Reverse(assuming you know they try blocking and
                                           then striking)
                                 4.Counterstrike(use a powerhit if you know they will
                                                 hit back with a slow attack)
                                 5.Dash/crouch dash(gets them wary of more poking,
                                                    remember to guard cancel)
     If opponent gets hit standing-->1.Poke again
                                     2.Throw as they come out of hit stun
                                     3.Low punch
                                     4.Counterstrike(you have some inititative, so if
                                                     the opponent tries hitting back,
                                                     for sure you're going to beat
                                                     them out with a powerhit)
                                     5.Dash/crouch dash(again, remember to guard
                                                        cancel, this gets them vary
                                                        of more poking)
     If opponent gets hit crouching-->1.Low throw
                                      2.Low punch
                                      3.Middle-level attack(super dashing elbow,
                                                            elbow and sidekick are
                                                            all good options)
                                      4.Dash/crouch dash
     If opponent attempts to strike back-->1.Jab punch/senbon punch
                                           2.Reverse(takes some anticipation)
                                           3.Low punch(counters high attacks)
                                           4.Crouch dash(this will avoid high attacks,
                                                         setting them up for throws)
                                           5.Counterstrike(try a bodycheck if you
                                                           know they're trying a slow
     B.Computer Strategy
     *a.General Tactic*
     Having trouble against the computer?  Well, for the first time in history, it is
     revealed here the most foolproof method of beating the computer on any difficulty
     level, and that is...dash back, wait til the opponent dashes forward, then dash
     forward, and do the high throw of your choice!  Ooooohhh!!!(sense the sarcasm
     all along, folks?)  No, but seriously, the computer doesn't require much to beat,
     usually the computer will always dash forward after you dash back, so then you
     dash forward and then either TFT and then combo them all the way back to ringout,
     or Giant Swing them, and if they aren't yet out of the ring, once the opponent
     gets up, pressure them with a couple of super dashing elbows and jab punches as
     well as low punches out of the ring.  Now if you want to get a real challenge
     against the computer, just pretend you're playing against a real opponent and
     treat them that way.  Usually the opponent gets more difficult as you progress
     through the levels, at the beginning, Lau and Sarah barely do anything against
     you, so they are perfect for combo practice.  From about Kage onward though,
     things start getting tough, and that's when you need to start relying on throws
     a lot in order to win(unless if you're that good at anticipating the computer).
     By the time you get around to dealing with Akira and Dural, if you are able to
     win against them by strikes alone, I'll be pretty impressed.  I will say this
     though; since you are playing underwater against Dural, things can get pretty
     interesting.  What I like to do against her is TFT, then dash up and then do
     a deep bodycheck on her as she falls down(usually takes out about close to
     50% damage).  Looks pretty cool.  All I'm gonna say is that against the opponents
     that come later in the game, you can't really turtle around, or you get thrown
     like crazy, you need to pressure them.
     Now if you think playing normally is boring, you can try the expert mode(where
     the computer learns from you and then tries to beat you using that information)
     or ranking mode(where you need to beat the game in a certain amount of time as
     well as get a certain amount of different attacks to connect on the computer in
     order to get a high rank).  The expert mode gets kinda interesting though.
     Played enough, the computer will learn not to let itself be thrown by you, but
     then it does some weird things to avoid that(like a hopping overhead hammer
     towards you, which is how I managed to do a MC super dashing elbow, point blank
     bodycheck combo with Akira on CPU Sarah, which btw, took off 80% of her life,
     ouch).  However it does learn from you and then tries to prevent itself from
     being beat by you that way.  Give it a try.  Then there's the ranking mode.
     It's really not that hard, you basically need to beat the game in a certain
     amount of time as well as do almost all your special attacks and throws up to
     4 times each on the computer.  Again, give it a try if you think you are bored.
     You just get a congratulations screen with Dural in it.  Depending on which Dural
     you used, you'll get a different screen.  However, you don't get that special
     cinema that occurs when you beat Dural with another character on difficult.
     This is probably cause you're Dural, heh heh.  BTW, Sega never really concentrated
     on the storyline of their VF games and thus maybe this is why you don't get a
     character specific ending(maybe things will change if Yu Suzuki decides to make
     Virtua Fighter 5, sigh).
     C.Vs. Challengers Strategy
     This is where I actually dive into how to beat your human opponents.  Enough said,
     you're Dural, that already is a huge advantage going for you.
     Hands down, the best offensive opponent in the game.  With the ability to do at
     least 70% damage in one combo on any character except Dural, the ability to push
     opponents back very far, and the ability to maintain initiative with many fast
     uncounterable palm strikes, it's no wonder why things can get pretty hard against
     a good Lau opponent.  Tons of painful guessing games and uncertainty when you
     play against Lau, especially since he's on top of you the entire time, and one
     wrong guess equals pain.  That said, his main weakness is that he has trouble
     returning initiative back to him once he loses it and finds the opponent
     pressuring him.  Add to that Dural's ability to reverse many of his attacks like
     Akira and the ability to pressure just as well, on top of Dural's insanely huge
     weight, and Lau will get knocked over pretty soon.  Lau still has the ability
     to push you back very quickly though, he might not be able to get out multiple
     modified lifting palms in a combo on you, but he can still do around 45% damage
     on you in a combo if he feels like it(MC Lifting Palm,PPPSweep still connects
     against Dural if I am correct).  The key to beating him is learning how to
     struggle out of his elbow staggers so he can't follow up with his upward palm or
     lifting palm, beating his lifting palm-punch sequence without getting MC'd,
     and avoiding his heelkick.  Lau can also throw you, and he has pretty solid
     throws.  Lau players don't use a lot of his attacks, but the ones they use are
     very good, so just learn how to deal with them.  Amongst the more commonly used
     Modified lifting palm-
     guard cancelled punch: The core of Lau's powerhouse strength.  This simple string
                            is very quick, and has the same recovery as his punch.
                            Due to the lifting punch, the attack hits middle, forcing
                            a crouching opponent up to block the punch.  He can do
                            this over and over, forcing you back slowly, and if you
                            try to interrupt the lifting palm and fail, you get
                            interrupted and lose about 45% life.  In order to beat
                            this, you need to carefully reverse him or senbon punch
                            to beat him out, but be careful, like I said, you could
                            get beat out.  Another option is to crouch dash backward
                            and then try to heelkick him out.  You could try the
                            leg tackle if you put enough distance between him and
                            you first.
     Elbow(or basically
     any mid attack he
     has that staggers): Beware staggers.  If Lau staggers you, you can bet he's
                         going for the lifting palm or the upward palm, both which
                         juggle you and enable him to again combo you.  It is generally
                         worth your while to struggle like crazy.  All he can do in
                         this case is tag on the punch-kick combo and pounce you.  BTW,
                         a blocked elbow is a prime oppurtunity to punish him.  You
                         can't do that with the sidekick though(and don't get interrupted
                         by the sidekick, that juggles you and sets up his juggle combos
                         again).  Lure him to try a elbow by crouching, then reverse.
     Sliding tackle: This is Lau's low attack, which comes out quickly and recovers
                     quickly(but not quick enough to enable you to stagger him with your
                     super dashing elbow).  Beware of it, and be ready to block low
                     or crouch dash backwards to avoid it.
     Heelkick: This is probably Lau's best defensive measure.  The attack is just
               about as good as Kage's, except it is uncounterable.  Beware of Lau
               crouching or going into a crouch dash to initiate this attack, and be
               ready to stagger him when you see that he does.
     Stumble throw: There's nothing much else you can do about Lau's other throws, the
                    best thing is to try to avoid getting thrown in the first place.
                    However, with this throw, there's a chance.  Be ready to struggle
                    like crazy to avoid followup combos.  But don't get so intent on
                    struggling that he waits til you finish struggling and then throws
                    you again.
     P+G throw: If escaped, Dural cartwheels over Lau, exposing his back.  Immediately
                go for a deep bodycheck.
     So again, to reiterate about how to defeat Lau: take the initiative away from Lau,
     then pressure him.  Lau has problems taking the initiative away from his opponents
     once they start putting the pressure on him, and that's what you need to do in
     order to win this match.  TFT combo the bastard.
     Sarah is a very straightforward character; granted she's not the most balanced,
     but it's pretty easy to figure out how to play her and what not to do.  She's
     very fast, has a lot of range with her kicks(definitely one of the best
     characters to play machi style with), can tag a light pounce onto nearly
     any knockdown, can delay her elbow-knee combo, can combo very well(although
     to say that she can match Akira/Kage/Lau is a misstatement), and her
     jumping clothesline throw has huge range and if you duck that you could get
     elbowed.  She also has one of the fastest punches in the game(although its
     range is very limited), and has some of the best turn-toward attacks in the
     game, which is easily accessed via the shun-puri.  That said, Sarah has a
     huge number of weaknesses, it's basically she's weak, has very little
     effective low level attacks, and that she is the 2nd lightest character in
     the game, plus has incredibly poor variety(note that having poor variety
     like Lau and Jacky isn't bad, but Sarah has almost no mind games at all).
     Sarah's main weaknesses are that she simply can't confuse you that well,
     and she is just way too light, making your power combos way too easy to
     do on her.  Stagger elbow-knee,elbow-kickflip, stagger elbow-knee,jumping
     kick,backheel sweep, as well as stagger elbow-knee,2 punches,elbow-kickflip
     all work insanely well against her.  Also remember that most of her attacks
     can be countered if blocked.
     Elbow-knee: The main weapon to beware of in the case of an aggressive Sarah.
                 The elbow can be delayed.  The elbow if it staggers you, will
                 make the knee strike juggle you higher than usual.  That said,
                 if the Sarah player just does the elbow and it's blocked, you
                 can punish her.  The knee if blocked is very quick in recovery;
                 you must punish her quickly.
     Knee: You need to beware of this main cause if it MCs, it does extra damage
           on you, and Sarah can connect her heavy pounce.  If you block it,
           then bodycheck the lights outta her.
     Kickflip: Fast, high priority, high damage, pounce guarenteed afterward.
               Nothing else to say, it is a kickflip after all.  If you block it,
               immediately go for a throw or a super dashing elbow; Sarah has
               the fastest kickflip in the game.
     Punt kick-side kick: Sarah's other main weapon.  It has huge range, comes out
                          very quickly, and a pounce can be done afterward.  Her
                          best midrange attack.  That said, you can reverse it,
                          and if totally blocked, you can punish her.
     Jumping clothesline: Probably Sarah's best offensive strategy; the reason
                          is simple; you either get staggered or thrown.  The
                          cool part though is that you can do this too.  The
                          best way to counter this is to try a crouch dash
                          backward into a heel thrust or sidekick.
     Punch-kick: Sarah has the fastest punch, tied with Kage and Pai in speed.
                 If it connects, expect to lose 70 points of damage(she can add
                 her pounce).  Just something to beware of.  Her punch is actually
                 quite short-ranged, so keep that in mind.
     Punch-sidekick: Another attack to beware of against Sarah, the sidekick is
                     very fast in startup and recovery and can stagger, so don't
                     automatically block low after a turnaround backfist or a
     Shun-puri: Sarah's instant turnaround, which enables her to use her sweep,
                one of the game's best low attacks in startup, recovery, and the
                fact that a pounce is guarenteed, and if it does counter, a
                combo can be done.  In addition, her backfist will float the
                opponent, enabling a juggle combo.  If you are quick about
                putting pressure on Sarah when she starts crouch dashing to
                turn away, you might be able to MC her with a deep bodycheck for
                huge damage.
     P+G throw: If escaped, Dural shrugs off of Sarah, leaving her back exposed.
                She can then run around in a circle to your back, so beware of
                that.  If she doesn't, then deep bodycheck her.
     There are probably more attacks you need to beware of, but as you can see,
     Sarah is a pretty straightforward character; if you are far away, she either
     tries to punt kick you, side hook kick you, or jump clothesline you.  If
     you are up close, she tries to elbow you, jump clothesline you, or kickflip
     you.  And she will mix that up with the occasional shun-puri to use her
     sweep.  The key to beating her is simply learn what's what.  Try to remain
     standing; she has very little low attacks to hit you effectively(if she
     tries her shin slicer, hit, miss or blocked she's vulnerable to a powerful
     stagger combo).  And take advantage of every combo oppurtunity you get; Sarah
     is very light, many of your combo exhibitions will connect on her, doing huge
     damage and pushing her very far out of the ring.
     Shun is the most unorthodox character in the game; all I can say about how
     to play against a Shun player is learn how he's predictable; most of Shun's
     attacks are either weak, slow to startup, or slow to recover.  The main
     strength of Shun is his unpredictability.  To be honest, I have no idea how
     Shun is played, all I know is that you shouldn't let him get the oppurtunity to
     P+G throw you or do his 2-handed push; both get him drunk, making him
     stronger and giving him more attacks to use.  I also know that he can duck your
     elbow since he's so short, so be sure to remember that.  Remember; find where he's
     predictable.  If he does an attack that automatically puts him on the ground,
     don't immediately do a ground attack; he can rise unexpectedly quick.  His
     cartwheel kick leaves him vulnerable if blocked.  Oh yeah, watch out for his
     dodges(you can senbon punch to realign yourself with him if you know how)
     and their various followups.  And look out for his d/b+K,K; the first attack
     is low-level.  So to reiterate; Shun can't use a specific set of attacks; he
     needs to use everything in order to beat you.  Find where he's being predictable
     and punish him.  Consult a VF movelist and find out which attacks hit which
     level and familiarize yourself with them.
     Pai is the most beginner-friendly character in this game.  But ignoring
     that, she is really quite a force, being the fastest character, being
     insanely small, having good combobility, having good throws, and possessing
     reversals.  You need to capitalize on the fact that Pai is very weak and
     the most light character in the entire game and TFT her or combo her to your
     delight.  That said, it is going to be hard to strike her because she
     has reversals to take away many of your high and mid level attacks.
     Sidekick: This is uncounterable, and of course it staggers.  If this occurs,
               struggle, because Pai is probably going for the downward chop.
               Also has quite some range.
     Downward chop: Also uncounterable, and if it connects during a stagger,
                    expect to be juggled.
     Reversals: Pai has high and mid reversals.  Because of this, she can take out
                your jab punch and super dashing elbow, as well as various other
                attacks.  This is definitely something you want to beware of.  This
                doesn't mean you just stick to low attacks, but it definitely means
                you need to mix up your attacks and hit levels so it becomes much
                harder to get reversed.
     DDT: Do you find it weird that Pai, a small chinese girl does a pro-wrestling
          attack in combat?  I do.  Ignoring that, this is Pai's best throw.
          It does quite some damage and reverses the ring.  Expect this throw
          to be used a lot, especially since Pai is weak and so will throw a lot
          to conpensate for this.
     Stumble throw of Doom: This is Pai's rolled combo; she basically does the
                            stumble throw, then follows up with the PPPK string.
                            Only the 3rd P and the K will connect, but it still
                            hurts, taking out 92 points of damage.  Try to struggle
                            though; you might get out before she pulls the combo
                            on you.  But again, beware throws.
     Cartwheel: This is Pai's low throw.  She will cartwheel over you leaving
                you vulnerable to attacks from behind, but she really doesn't have
                that much of an advantage.  Just make it a habit to immediately
                run away when you see this.
     I'm sure there's more attacks to beware of, but mainly expect a barrage of
     jab punches mixed in with low punches, reversals, throws and sidekicks
     against Pai players.  To beat her, carefully look for oppurtunities to combo
     her, and when they come, take them and use them; Pai is light, so she will
     eat more punishment and get knocked further away from the ring.
     Lion has the fastest mobility in the game, and is the best distance opponent.
     He is also the smallest opponent, and in fact can duck elbows if he doesn't
     block, which can lead to a major pain.  His sidekicks are also the fastest
     in the game.  Also has quite a variety of dodges to complement his already
     excellant mobility.  And his pounces are relatively quick.  Fights against
     good Lion opponents can often be quite annoying because Lion is slightly
     scrub-friendly, so he doesn't even need to do things that correctly.  That
     said, he is not without his weaknesses.  He is light, weak, almost all of
     his attacks are counterable, and none of his attacks will switch sides with
     the opponent(making it insanely hard for him to regain momentum when you've
     pushed him to the edge of the ring).  He is also definitely NOT a combo-based
     fighter at all.  Lion is a distance fighter quite frankly, and if he's played
     any other way, he will lose.  The key to winning against him is NOT to let
     him get in and out of your range poking at you.  You need to apply pressure
     and keep applying it, pushing him back towards the edge of the ring.  If you
     can senbon punch, do it to realign yourself with him when he dodges.  Keep
     in mind some of your mid-level attacks will miss him if he crouches(I believe
     your elbow and maybe your sidekick will miss as well as possibly your
     heel thrust, but your super dashing elbow will always hit, so that's a plus).
     Some attacks to keep in mind:
     Double low kicks: Nothing spells scrub Lion more than the overuse of this
                       attack.  If you see your Lion opponent doing this over
                       and over, block, super dashing elbow him, then senbon punch
                       into TFT combos or Giant Swing, or just go for your
                       typical dashing elbow combos.  This is a fun fight.
     Spin forward mid-kick
     and spin forward sweep: Here's two moves that look insanely alike yet hit at
                             totally different levels(mid and low).  The way to
                             tell them apart is to listen at what Lion yells during
                             the start.  As far as I remember, Lion yells "Ng!" for
                             any low attack, and "Hui!" for any middle attack, or
                             I could've switched those two, but that's basically the
                             two things he yells.  Once you get used to them, you
                             can just block on reaction and punish him as he's
     Single low kick: Basically the first d+K in the canned d+K,K combo.  He can
                      delay the followup into the high kick or the low kick.  Just
                      be ready to block the right way or counter immediately.
     Double hop kicks: This is the u+K,K canned combo, the main reason why this is
                       deadly is because the 2nd K can be delayed, but of course, if
                       you block it, punish him.
     Lunging fist: This is Lion's longest attack, and he yells something right before
                   he does it, so get used to hearing it so you can block and throw
     Elbow: Lion's elbow is SLOOOWW.  Block it and counter.  It's not even good for
            conventional staggering unlike other people in the game.
     Knee: Much like his elbow, Lion's knee is worthless because it's much slower
           than other knees and recovers much slower.  Useless for comboing.  Block
           and counter.
     There are a lot of things to beware of against a Lion player, most of his attacks
     are quite confusing much like Shun's.  Unlike him though, a lot of the times Lion
     yells something right before he does an attack, which immediately will tell you
     what level he's aiming to hit you at.  Remember to lure him to hit you then
     block and counter.  And to reiterate, keep pressuring him towards the edge of
     the ring and combo him if you get the chance; he's light and he has no effective
     way to reverse the ring to avoid ringout.
     Jeffry is definitely an excellant character.  He has an excellant arsenal of
     throws, good juggle combos, good pokes, good range, and good mobility.  Due
     to his weight, it will also be harder to combo him compared to the others.  His
     only weaknesses are his lack of speed and that he is not a beginner's character
     at all.  Obviously the way to take advantage of Jeffry is to find weaknesses
     connected to his lack of speed.  You want to overwhelm him with your faster
     array of attacks.
     Dashing elbow-uppercut: Definitely one of Jeffry's best attacks.  The dashing
                             elbow by itself is uncounterable, and the uppercut
                             can be delayed to catch you.  Beware of guard cancelled
                             followups from the elbow, such as his crucifix piledriver.
     Uppercut: Whether it's the standing canned 2-hit type, or the crouching version,
               this is Jeffry's best juggle combo starter.  Now, given that you're
               Dural, he can't really combo you, but he can still go for a light
               pounce.  Beware of him delaying the 2nd hit of the standing version.
               And the crouching version comes out faster.  Anyways, this is one of
               his faster attacks, so you need to trick him into pulling it out
               when you're blocking, then counter.
     Knee: Jeffry's other main juggle combo starter, beware of this too, cause he will
           use it to beat out a lot of attacks, then follow up with a pounce.  Keep
           in mind it's semi-slow and if you block it, you can go for a counter.
     Toe kick-X: Basically Jeffry can either go for the hammer or the Toe kick of
                 Doom after this attack.  Both aren't guarenteed, but the fact that
                 the attacks could be delayed leads to some problems.  The best solution
                 is to crouch dash backwards; you will avoid both attacks.  As for
                 the toe kick, it's rather slow, so if you block it, immediately go
                 for your counter.
     Elbow-hammer: Again, Jeffry can delay the followup hammer, so that's something
                   to beware of, and of course, you block, you counter.
     Axe kick: One of his longer-reaching attacks, it will beat a lot of attacks at
               mid range if done properly, however it starts up kinda slow, so be
               ready to block and counter.
     Crucifix Piledriver: Jeffry's best throw, because it not only does the most
                          damage for him, but it has a built-in crouch dash.  Always
                          beware crouch dashing Jeffrys, and watch out for other
                          followups, such as maybe him low throwing you when you
                          crouch dash to avoid the crucifix piledriver.
     Backbreaker: His other best throw, because of the built-in dash.  However, if
                  he whiffs, he ends up doing his butt attack, which is a prime
                  time for a MC bodycheck.  If you managed to hit him with a low
                  punch in an attempt to avoid this throw, you will end up MCing
                  his butt attack, ending up with his back towards you.  Quickly
                  run forward and do an elbow-kickflip.
     Powerbomb: Jeffry can low throw, so don't leave yourself too vulnerable or
                caught whiffing a low punch.  That said, that's all I can really
                give you on help against low throws.
     b+P+G throw: Always key in b+P+G to counter Jeffry's throw, so that you counter
                  both his Body press and Fireman's carry throws.  If you reverse
                  the body press, you will end up right behind Jeffry, so immediately
                  so for the bodycheck.  If you reverse the fireman's carry, both
                  of you have your backs away so you need to press your luck and
                  turn around first.
     Pounces: If Jeffry misses either of his pounces, he is left vulnerable for
              a darn long time.  Quickly stomp on him before he gets up.
     The way to winning like I said is to find weaknesses that are tied to Jeffry's
     lack of speed.  Poke, poke, poke to win.  Pressure plays a high role here.  And
     when you do decide to combo, you're not going to get a lot a variety, since
     Jeffry's so heavy.  Make sure it's either the canned combo variety, or TFT him
     and go for the 2 power combos that only work on him and Wolf. ;)
     Kage IMO, is the 2nd best non-Dural character in the game.  He is the most
     well-rounded character, and has no real weakness.  He can play at any range
     and defensively as well as offensively.  He is also known for his above-average
     speed and arguably the best punch(he has the longest range of those people who
     have an 8-frame punch).  But probably what he most known for is his ability to
     ring out.  His pressuring game is very good when it comes to pushing the opponent
     back, and his TFT combos will not only push people insanely far back, but do
     about 50% life per combo if the opponent really knows what he's doing.  In
     addition, he has the best "regular" elbow, and can turn any stagger into a
     prime TFT oppurtunity.  The good thing is that because of Dural's weight it is
     impossible for Kage to do his TFT-Rising Knee combos, and even the triple swipe
     PPPK TFT combo won't really work that well.  So his ability to do massive
     damage on you is lessened(but you still need to beware, because he can still
     do PK,sweep after an elbow stagger), but he can still ring you out well and
     pressure you well if he wants to.  This is one of the toughest fights, but just
     remember that Kage needs to play a well-rounded game to succeed, he is decent
     in every aspect of the game, but has no really outstanding trait(save for his
     Senbon punch: If you haven't seen this move used by a veteran Kage player, you
                   don't know the massive potential behind it.  This is the best
                   jab punch in the entire game, its speed is unmatched, and its
                   priority beats out nearly anything.  Kage players will use this
                   to close in, making it very scary.  The best bets are either to
                   reverse(G,d+P or G,b+P,K,G) or to crouch dash backwards and try
                   a heel thrust.  But when you do that, watch out for that sidekick
                   or elbow(be prepared to do a mid reversal).  And like I covered
                   before in the senbon punch section, if he touches you at all, it
                   becomes a HUGE throw oppurtunity.  Stay calm, if you don't and
                   panic, it's over.
     Elbow: As stated before, Kage has the best regular elbow.  It comes out the
            fastest, has the longest range, and has the fastest recovery.  Kage will
            use this as his main offensive weapon against crouching opponents.  Once
            they stagger, they will either eat major punishment from a followup
            PKsweep combo, or eat a senbon punch linked to a TFT combo.  The good
            thing is Dural can reverse the elbow, which takes some of the steam off,
            but then Kage might bait you to try the reversal then on reaction crouch
            dash and TFT you.  But beware of this attack whenever you crouch.  If
            you do block it, remember that Kage is vulnerable, so immediately counter.
     Sidekick: Kage also has an excellant sidekick, which is one of his best midrange
               attacks, being that it's uncounterable, and will stagger the opponent
               too.  On MC, he can combo you.  He won't use it as much as the elbow,
               but still expect this to come out if you're midrange and crouching.
               Best bet is to reverse it, because you can't punch-kick combo it
               as a counter.
     Heel thrust: You have this too; this is Kage's best midrange weapon; it is
                  fast, does very good damage(and more is guarenteed if he goes
                  for his sweep), has very good range and is irreversable.  Beware of
                  him using this for a counter or to beat you out at midrange.  The good
                  thing is if you block it, he's left vulnerable, and you can punish
     Back thrust: It hits high, so if you duck it, punish him.  It also starts out slow,
                  but the main reason why you need to beware this attack is that it has
                  zero recovery.  If it MCs, you can bet you're going to eat more
                  punishment.  The best thing is to beat him right out; after all, it has
                  a pretty slow startup.
     Kickflip: Do I need to explain?  One of his best counterattacks, due to the insane
               speed and damage.  You should always beware this attack.  However, the
               recovery is terrible, so if you block it, he's all yours for the reaming.
     Turn-away slide: This is the only low level turning away attack, and it is
                      unreversable.  It also has a semi-slow startup.  However, it is
                      very effective, because it has very little recovery time and reaches
                      pretty far, he can use this to keep you blocking low more often(which
                      increases the risk of you crouching into an elbow), and if he does
                      connect the attack, a turn-toward slide kick is guarenteed,
                      resulting in a good 36 points of damage(give or take).  That said,
                      if you block the attack, remember that he has his back towards you,
                      and that he either needs to runaway, or turn-around, so immediately
                      do a deep bodycheck.  And BTW, if you block the TT-slide kick, it
                      has a slow recovery, so do as you wish.
     Backheel sweep: Slow recovery and startup.  However, this is almost his pounce,
                     because almost any knockdown=an extra 30 points of damage from this
                     attack.  If the Kage player does do this outside of a knockdown,
                     feel free to MC with a deep bodycheck.
     Corkscrew kick: This is something to beware of when near the edge of the ring because
                     it pushes the opponent pretty far.  However, outside of that, it hits
                     middle, has a terrible recovery and has a bad startup.  The main
                     reason why you need to beware this is compared to the flying kick,
                     the two look pretty similar, and could cost you some hits.  Just
                     remember this starts out with Kage running towards Dural.  Block the
                     attack and give Kage a nice TFT combo or deep bodycheck.
     Flying kick: This attack is often confused with the corkscrew kick because they both
                  start with Kage quickly advancing on the opponent.  However, this attack
                  starts with Kage ROLLING towards the opponent.  This attack hits low,
                  so block low, and Kage will fly right over you and end up with his back
                  towards you, so run up and do what you want(do the torso takedown if
                  you want style points, or the deep bodycheck for damage).  That said,
                  this attack has a pretty bad startup and recovery.  However, the
                  initial animation of Kage rolling enables him to roll under many attacks,
                  even some mid and low level attacks, so beware.
     Reversal: Kage possesses a high level punch reversal.  This can take out your jab
               punch.  If he whiffs, he does a low punch.  Avoid becoming too predictable
               with high leveled punch attacks.  However, this attack won't take out your
               mid leveled pokes, so that's a good thing.  Just avoid becoming too
               predictable with the jab punch.
     Ten foot toss: The #1 reason why Kage is feared.  The cool part is that against Dural,
                    about 90% of his power followups are negated.  Still, beware of setups
                    to this throw(like senbon punching, staggering, whiffed attacks),
                    because Kage can still push you pretty far back with this throw.  That
                    said, if the Kage player really knows the triple swipe,PPPK combo,
                    expect to take 50% damage and get pushed very far back.  You need to
                    play hard to make sure you don't get thrown.
     Pounces: Kage's pounces are just like yours(or maybe, Dural's pounces are modeled
              after Kage's).  So the knee pounce is worthless and if you dodge it, deep
              bodycheck him.  In fact, if you dodge his pounces at all, and he's wide
              open, don't pass up that deep bodycheck.  This is one of the greatest
              places to equalize the match.
     Because Kage is really so well-rounded, the weaknesses you find are often from the
     player akin to a particular method of play.  Kage is a player who simply can't get
     predictable, because he's not the best at everything, so once you see a similar
     pattern he goes for(like always sidekicking at midrange), punish him.  Remember that
     Dural can actually do almost everything Kage can do(most of his more powerful
     weapons are in Dural's possession) save for having an 8-frame jab punch, so you
     can play like Kage.  TFT combo him whenever you can.
     Jacky is definitely one of the best characters in this game(I think he's the
     3rd best in this game right behind Kage).  The main reason is all his canned
     strings are excellant.  Jacky is in fact, not a combo character.  The reason why
     his canned strings make or break Jacky is because they can all be delayed on the
     2nd hit.  Jacky is the master of traps.  When playing against a good Jacky player,
     typical thinking goes like this, "Wait, I blocked this attack, now's my
     oppurtunity, wait no, it could be a trap!"  Jacky is designed that often you
     don't know whether he was on purposely delaying his attacks or accidently making
     mistakes.  If you guess wrong, you eat an MC kickflip and followup pounce, losing
     about 70% of your life.  It definitely takes all the skill you need to beat a
     great Jacky player, and sometimes even just an average Jacky player, because he
     is also one of the easiest to learn characters, and most players who use him
     concentrate on about 4-7 core attacks.  That said, this game isn't hopeless.
     Almost all of Jacky's attacks leave him vulnerable if blocked, and once you get
     the chance, punish him.  Also, Jacky is a character who must play close-in in
     order to do well.  If you put him on defense, he doesn't have a lot of good
     measures to regain initiative.  So this game will be about keeping him from
     going offensive and trying to catch you in his traps.
     Jab punch: The jab punch for Jacky starts one of his most confusing strings.
                He can delay the followup sweep(and even if he doesn't, you'll be so
                surprised when the jab punch hit that you automatically block high and
                get hit by that low sweep).  Or if the punch hit, he could go for
                the P,P,f+P,K combo and pounce, doing huge damage.  Of course, he
                could also delay the heelkick there.  Or he could just do the atypical
                punch-kick combo and pounce.  I don't what else to say other than
                practice and learn the followups.  Oh yeah, if you ever see scrubs
                doing P,P,f+P over and over, punish them, because those fights are
                so easy(another trademark scrub tactic that is done with Jacky is
                the K,K combo over and over, and the shin slicer, both can be blocked
                and countered, the shin slicer you don't even need to block to
                counter).  I think it's rather safe to say that for the jab punch and
                its followups, block high for the 1st hit, then low, then high, then
                high.  The low block should avoid the sweep(but watch our for the
                up close punch-sidekick combo because it hits middle), then the rest
                should block the elbow and heelkick.  But then, he could do a guard-
                cancelled jab punch and go into a mid-level attack, like the elbow-
                heelkick or kickflip and then pounce afterward, so always blocking
                low after the jab punch doesn't solve anything.  Like I said before,
                the best way to beat the jab punch and its followups is practice
                and anticipation.
     Low backfist: Arguably Jacky's best attack.  It is irreversable, comes out fast,
                   hits low, and on MC he can combo into his kickflip.  It is also
                   uncounterable, so often, people eat Jacky's low backfist,kickflip
                   trap cause they thought the opponent was trying for the sweep
                   followup.  And like said, he can link this into the sweep, so he
                   can actually delay the sweep followup(often a downfall for many).
                   Your best bet is to interrupt him.  This is risky, but it's
                   probably your best bet against this attack(even if you want to
                   block both the kickflip and sweep, what if he decides to throw
                   you?).  That said, if you are pretty sure he's going for either
                   the kickflip or sweep, if you block both, you can punish him.
     Elbow: Jacky can use this attack to stop you if you crouch.  He can also link
            it into the heelkick and the light pounce for a guarenteed combo.  But
            why it's so powerful is because he of course can delay the followup.
            That said, block either the elbow or heelkick and Jacky's vulnerable.
     Beat knuckle: Yep, one of the attacks that people who detest Jacky hate.  It
                   is very fast and often catches people by surprise.  Also does
                   quite some damage and allows a pounce.  However, people who
                   totally abuse this attack are most definitely scrubs.  The
                   recovery time is just too slow for you to run up and combo him
                   to death.  In addition, Dural can reverse it using either the
                   punch reversal or the high reversal.  Supposedly the properties
                   of the attack change when Jacky has different stances(in closed
                   it recovers slowly, but comes out quickly and in open stance,
                   SUPPOSEDLY it comes out slowly, but recovers quickly), so keep
                   his stance in mind cause it may affect how you deal with him.
     Punt kick: Jacky's best midrange attack.  It has quite some range, does quite
                some damage, and if he connects it, he can go for a pounce.  It
                also comes out pretty quickly.  Of course, block it, and he's yours
                for the taking.
     Knee: Jacky's main juggle combo starter.  Get hit by this, and expect to eat
           that power kickflip and a pounce.  Ouch.  That said, it has a semi-slow
           startup, and if you block it, he's vulnerable.
     Kickflip: Jacky's main counterattack.  Get hit by this, and expect the match
               to be over(he can connect a light pounce afterward), especially if
               he MCs.  It does some pretty sick damage and comes out very quickly.
               He can even connect the special guard-cancel version after an elbow
               stagger, making it come out with nearly any delay.  And expect this
               to come out in traps whenever you start getting the momentum.  Just
               remember not to get overconfident whenever you think you've gotten
               what you think the Jacky player is doing in his traps, because you
               just might end up eating MC kickflip and light pounce.  That said,
               if you block this, DO NOT hesitate in running forward to TFT combo
               him; openings for Jacky players are so few, so take them whenever
               you can and kill him.
     Crescent kick: It is slow and recovers slow.  The main reason why you want to
                    beware this is because he can delay the followup sweep.  Whenever
                    the crescent kick comes out, don't hesitate in doing the deep
                    bodycheck so that you avoid that dreaded followup sweep.
     Trip & hammer: Jacky's best throw(not his jumping clothesline, he's not Sarah
                    you know).  It does a LOT of damage especially when he adds the
                    guarenteed ground kick afterward.  Nothing else to say except
                    you don't want to turtle a lot for the sake of this one attack.
     Jacky doesn't use a lot of his attacks, but the few attacks that he uses will
     confuse you like heck.  Remember that when you think you've found an opening
     in his attacks, punish him, he is vulnerable after almost ALL of his attacks.
     The way to beat Jacky is to put him on the defensive and pressure him.  Jacky
     is very much a character who is designed to fight up close and use offensive
     traps to get his opponents.  Remember three things to beating him; put him
     on the defensive, figure out his traps, and punish with the TFT combo whenever
     you can.  Take advantage of every combo oppurtunity you can get to even the
     Wolf plays very similar to Jeffry, so he poses about the same threat.  He has
     great range, is very powerful and heavy, and has a very high variety of throws,
     all which do pretty insane damage.  He is still slow, but a bit faster than
     Jeffry, so he has a better time against quick people.  He also has a better time
     against people up close in his face.  But in general, the same principles apply
     to stopping him; swarm over him and take advantage of his slow speed.
     Elbow drop: This attack comes out very quickly and at max range will interrupt
                 many attacks, like your elbows.  The way to beat this is to block
                 and counter.
     Ballet kick: Due to the fact that this interrupts a whole slew of attacks and
                  is uncounterable if blocked or whiffed(just barely), this is probably
                  Wolf's best attack.  Wolf will use this attack at about sidekick
                  range.  This is a darn tough attack to beat.  The best way to beat
                  it is to not give Wolf the chance to use it, or to trick him to
                  whiff it, when he whiffs, you can just barely counter.
     Body blow: Wolf's 2nd best attack, next to the ballet kick, because it also
                overrides a lot of attacks, and is almost uncounterable, just barely
                punch-kick counterable.  The best way to beat this attack, is like I
                said, to block and punch-kick combo.
     Shoulder ram: An attack with a semi-slow startup and recovery.  Block it and
     Sliding tackle: Hits low, comes out quickly, gives Wolf a free pounce.  Definitely
                     something to beware, but it is very slow in recovery, giving you
                     a free low throw or stagger into high throw or combo.
     Upward slap: Comes out very quickly, beats out a lot of attacks and is technically
                  uncounterable if blocked.  Get it to whiff in order to punish Wolf.
     Knee: Wolf's main juggle starter.  If you get MCd by one of these, expect something
           else and then a pounce.  If you do block the knee, then counter.
     Uppercut: Wolf's secondary juggle starter.  Much like Jeffry, they come out
               faster and on MC also float the opponent.  They also don't leave him
               as vulnerable as the knee if blocked.  But Dural can reverse them, or
               block and counter.
     Reversal: Wolf's reversal stops sidekicks.  But it really doesn't matter against
               Dural; you have the elbow at close range, and the super dashing elbow
               for midrange.  Keep in mind a backwards crouch dashing Wolf is
               probably trying to get you to hit him with the sidekick(since the
               elbow obviously misses), so either surprise him with a dashing elbow,
               or dash forward and elbow.
     Giant Swing: Well, I had to get to it sometime; this is Wolf's most powerful
                  throw, and does 50% besides pushing the opponent very far back.
                  A definitely good argument to not stay too vulnerable to high
                  throws.  NEVER forget that your opponent can do this, or you will
                  get nailed by it, even when Wolf is playing the game without using
                  this attack at all, because you'll know he's trying to make you
                  forget it.
     Ghostbuster: Wolf's piledriver, probably another throw to beware of, because
                  of the built-in crouch dash option.  Anytime you see crouch dashing
                  Wolfs, immediately whip out the super dashing elbow.
     Body slam: Wolf's 3rd best high throw, because it is very easy to execute.  Beware
                of it, especially considering how it shares the same command as the
                body blow.
     Low throws: Wolf has a variety of low throws that he can use on you if you end
                 up vulnerable in crouching position, so don't ever leave yourself
                 whiffing a low punch.
     P+G throw: If you reverse this throw, Wolf is at your mercy.  His back is totally
                vulnerable to a deep bodycheck.
     Remember, the key to fighting Wolf is to bog him down with your faster attacks.
     Keep in mind that while Wolf is slow, he has many excellant attacks for
     interrupting your attacks.  And try not to give him throw oppurtunities.  Of
     course, remember to seize all throw oppurtunities of your own.  Using that
     senbon punch will help set him up for your TFT combos.  Remember; pressure.
     Akira is IMO the best regular character in this game(Dural is more of a "boss").
     He has the ability to pressure very well at midrange to point blank range,
     possesses very powerful attacks, combos and throws, has the ability to maintain
     initiative, and can take it from his opponents and turn it into his intiative
     via his reversals, and possesses guard breaks.  In addition, many of his attacks
     are pretty fast, and Akira is very good at ringing out.  His only weaknesses
     are that he can't play extremely long range(although he can play a good midrange
     game), and that he is arguably tied with Shun as being the hardest character
     to master in the game.  Plus, aside from his dashing elbows and sidekicks, most
     of Akira's attacks leave him vulnerable if blocked.  Go up against a really good
     Akira player, and you'll see why he's so good.  In addition, many of the staple
     combos that good Akira players use aren't really juggle combos, which makes that
     even worse for you as Dural, because that means you're just good as combo bait
     as other people.  The best way to play against a good Akira is to play at every
     angle of the game; although Dural excels at long ranged fighting better than
     Akira, you still can't do it the entire game.  I believe occasionally pressure
     Akira inward, then back slightly out to ward him off of you with your reversals
     and heel thrusts, bodychecks, super dashing elbows, and kickflips.  But overall,
     remember, don't get predictable, that's the worse thing you could do, Akira
     can punish you like you wouldn't believe(only people who come close are Lau
     and Kage).
     Senbon punch: Face a good Akira, and you'll see him close in with this punch
                   much like Kage.  Akira has the 2nd fastest punch in the entire
                   game.  Until Kage though, he can tap b or d/b right before he
                   does the punch(much like you), doubling his senbon punches as
                   high and mid reversals.  And of course, you block, that's enough
                   initiative for him to throw you or stagger you then combo you.
                   Like Kage, you can either try crouch dashing back, and either
                   heel thrust, reverse, bodycheck, you get the idea, but you need
                   to do it correctly, or you get staggered or juggled or worse,
     Dashing elbow: Normal or super, this is probably Akira's best weapon.  It is
                    insanely quick startup, and if blocked, he is safe from
                    counterattack.  If it hits you crouching, you stagger, and you
                    eat some major punishment.  If it interrupts, you float and
                    probably eat some punishment too.  And the super version covers
                    a lot of range, making it very hard for you to throw him while
                    he can still attack you.  However, therein lies one of the biggest
                    weaknesses of this attack; while safe if blocked, Akira loses
                    initiative by about 4 frames, thus if he keeps doing dashing
                    elbows all over the place, just punch-kick combo and sweep.
                    Plus, even if he connects on you this attack all the time, this
                    attack doesn't that much damage, so he can't rely just on this
                    attack to defeat you.  That said, it is still one of his most
                    effective pokes, so expect to see these a lot in games.  And
                    like yourself, expect him to followup afterward.  Ok, ways to
                    defeat the dashing elbow are either get him to whiff it, MC him
                    with a bodycheck, or reverse it.
     Dashing palm: If you block this at point-blank range, the attack is uncounterable.
                   This is also one of Akira's main offensive weapons, because it
                   comes out almost as fast as the dashing elbows, except they do more
                   damage.  And the worse case scenario; if you are crouching when this
                   hits you, you go flying backward on your butt in a stagger, and
                   worse of all, unlike other staggers, in this one, throws WILL COMBO.
                   Generally, struggling like mad afterward will escape all things he
                   can do on you, but watch out for him waiting for you to finish
                   struggling and then catching you by surprise by throwing.  As for
                   beating the actual attack, you can either reverse it with the high
                   reversal, or the punch reversal.  Or you can hope to be lucky and
                   block then throw, or interrupt him.
     Double palm: An attack to note of because a good Akira will use the modified
                  version of this attack in juggle combos for good damage.  It is
                  also unreversible and does quite some damage if it connects.  That
                  said, it comes out slightly slower, and recovers much more slower
                  than the dashing palm, so if you block it, well, you know what to do.
     Bodycheck: Akira's power move.  It's pretty much the bodycheck that yours is
                based on.  Thus, try not to punish Akira with anything too slow, and
                never forget the dashing elbow,bodycheck trap.  If you do forget about
                it up close, then say goodbye to 70% life.  In addition, much like your
                bodycheck, it has an initial animation that suggests that it may be
                able to duck high attacks momentarily, so watch out for that.  Ways to
                defeat it: either block and counter, or throw while it is going on.
                Due to a bug in the game, this is probably the only case where you
                can throw during the startup of an attack ANYWHERE on the screen.
                Watch for Akiras who do deep bodychecks, which make the attack gain
                a bit more range, making it easier to get that full 80 pts of damage.
     Knee: Only people who have this attack's bizarre move commands down will use this.
           It is essentially the hopping knee strike that others have.  You don't
           really have anything to worry about since you're Dural, so even if it MCs
           against you, he has no good followups except to try for a ground punch.
     Jumping kicks: Akira's other juggle starter, or power attack.  If he goes for
                    the single kick version after a guard break, it would float
                    opponents extremely high, however since you're Dural, you don't
                    even really get off the ground, so nothing to fear.  However,
                    if he does the double jumping kicks, expect to lose a lot of
                    life.  Ways to counter them, well, they essentially have a slower
                    startup than a knee, and the recovery is either tied with the
                    knee in Sarah's elbow-knee combo(the single jump kick), or
                    a regular knee(the double jumping kicks), so just immediately go
                    for your counters.
     Reversals: Akira has the best reversals in the entire game.  He basically has
                a reversal for every occasion.  Akira can reverse almost all of your
                key attacks, the super dashing elbow, elbow, sidekick, punch, low
                punch, just to name the ones you probably will use a lot.  However,
                he can't reverse everything, your heel thrust, rising knee, bodycheck
                and kickflips(just to name a couple of key attacks) can't be reversed.
                The key is to mix up your attacks and hit levels and do not get
                predictable, or you will get baited at every turn.  Keep in mind that
                you too can reverse about 90% of Akira's core arsenal, so it's kinda
     Grasping mind: One of the main throws to beware of from Akira.  Its power is
                    good, its ring out power is very good, and on top of that, if you
                    duck it, an elbow will come out, which means there is a chance
                    that it will stagger you, setting you up for punishment.  Of
                    course, also expect this to come out if you get staggered by the
                    dashing palm.  I can't really help you on how to deal with
                    throws, except to not get thrown, but don't get abusive with
                    those low punches(you should know why), however, you might want
                    to try ducking, then immediately standing up to block the elbow,
                    then counter.
     In-close ram: The cousin to the grasping mind, it essentially fulfills the
                   same purpose, doing huge damage, and pushing the opponent back
                   far.  However, it has quite a long command, so unless if Akira
                   put you on your butt with the dashing palm, you don't have to
                   worry too much about this throw.
     Reverse bodycheck: Your throw is modeled after this attack, and like yours,
                        you probably know there's a lot of guessing games going
                        on after this attack, as well as the painful, guarenteed
                        sidekick followup that awaits.  If you get hit by the
                        reverse bodycheck, watch the followups that Akira
                        does and you'll know whether he's done his homework or
                        is stupid.  If he tries to dash forward and attack, he's
                        obviously not cued into what to do after the RBC; try
                        a senbon punch to turn around or runaway.  Now if he
                        always does a sidekick afterward and waits to see what
                        happens, he knows about what to do, and you're facing an
                        uphill battle.  In this case, do not immediately try to
                        run away; the sidekick is guarenteed(and already dishes
                        out a ton of damage by itself), and if it hits you, the
                        super dashing elbow is guarenteed.  If it isn't(i.e. the
                        sidekick hit normally), but he still attempts it, you
                        can either run away, or turn around with a senbon punch
                        and interrupt him.  But be careful trying to turn
                        around after the sidekick; get it wrong, and if you
                        get interrupted with the SDE, he will followup with
                        a low punch and double palm, turning this into a powerful
                        70% combo.  So to reiterate, if you get hit by the
                        throw, take the sidekick hit, then immediately run away.
     Break guards: I'm referring to Akira's b+P+G,d+P+G(known as the trip throws),
                   the f+P+G(break stance), and the b,d+P+G stumble throw.  The
                   d/b+P+G surprise exchange is also a break guard, but it's a
                   special case, I'm discussing it later.  Anyways, concerning these
                   break guards, they are throws that basically do either very
                   little or no damage at all, but put you in a stun giving Akira
                   a chance to hit you.  However, there's no guarenteed followup
                   (even the break stance,punch-kick combo wasn't truly guarenteed,
                   even the computer can block it).  If you hold guard and swirl
                   the joystick as well as tap the punch and kick buttons rapidly,
                   you should escape whatever followup Akira wanted to try on you.
                   However, don't dismiss the notion that these setup throws are
                   thus worthless; he can use them to setup another throw if he
                   sees you struggling like mad to avoid followups, like run up
                   and catch you by surprise by doing a throw that actually does
                   damage.  Just keep that in mind.
     Surprise exchange: Arguably Akira's best throw(or break guard, whatever you want
                        to call it), unlike the other break guards, he can take out
                        more than half of your life with combos following the surprise
                        exchange.  Putting your back to him, he has many followups to
                        try from.  First of all, if it's a scrub you're against, the
                        double jumping kicks and bodycheck are both not good followups,
                        simply running away as soon as you are being thrown will
                        avoid both.  Now, the double palm if executed with a half
                        circle motion backward then forward and punch will be
                        guarenteed, but you should still run away, you can avoid
                        taking the full damage that way.  In addition, if the Akira
                        player gets lazy, it may miss, and then you can quickly
                        turn around with a senbon punch and hopefully lie still in
                        range to hit him.  The super dashing elbow and deep
                        bodycheck are both guarenteed, but again, running away will
                        help lessen the damage.  However, the most dangerous case
                        is the Akira player who does the Taiwan Backbreaker.  What
                        is this?  After the surprise exchange, Akira will crouch
                        dash at you and do a dashing palm.  Due to the crouch dash,
                        it will be impossible to run away from the attack, making
                        it do its full damage.  Opponents who do run away or try
                        to interrupt Akira get themselves shot across the ring,
                        and Akira can even connect a super dashing elbow after that,
                        resulting in a major 70% combo.  You can defeat the Taiwan
                        Backbreaker by rolling away, which will avoid the dashing
                        palm, but the super dashing elbow and deep bodycheck will
                        both in those cases connect while you're rolling for MC
                        damage.  Overall, it seems like there is a 50/50 guess
                        after this break guard, and in either case if you guess
                        wrong, you're going to lose at least 50% life, which sucks.
     Stun Palm of Doom: Akira's best throw.  Total style and damage, this is
                        a powerful 3-hit combo that takes off 50% life from you,
                        and even leaves you with your back turned and feet toward
                        him so he can even try a pounce.  There's nothing much
                        to say; if Akira decides to go for all 3 hits and can do
                        the throw-combo consistently as well as turn staggers and
                        senbon punch touches on you into prime throw oppurtunities,
                        you are facing a total uphill battle.  However, if he
                        only does the 1st 2 hits, you are left at a position
                        much like the one presented after getting thrown by the
                        reverse body check; read that section for what he may try
                        after you.  And if he can only do the 1st hit, there's a
                        slight chance that you might even be able to hit him before
                        he recovers, so be ready.
     Pounce: Akira has arguably the worst pounce in the game; the hit range is small,
             and the damage is weak.  The speed is also very slow.  If you see him
             constantly going for this, always rise up with a rising kick.  Most
             likely though if Akira really knows that he's doing, he'll only go for
             the ground punch, which leaves him at a better positioning.
     Like I said, I really believe Akira is the best character in this game.  You
     are facing an uphill battle.  It's not impossible, but definitely hard.  The
     best way to play is to mix it up well, play at varying distances, and NEVER,
     NEVER get predictable.  Look for that oppurtunity to land that DTFTKoD combo.
     Well, it's basically you vs. you.  Hopefully, you read up this FAQ, practiced the
     DTFToD and learned what attacks Dural possessed, because I can't really help you;
     if I wanted to tell you how to beat Dural with Dural, I might as well just double
     the size of this FAQ.  Just remember; mix it up, remember your DTFToD, and never
     get predictable.  Good luck!
     |777777  RRR   EEE  V     V III  SSS  III  OOO   N  N  SSS |
     |   77   R  R  E    V     V  I  SS  S  I  O   O  NN N SS  S|
     |   7    RRR   EEE   V   V   I    SS   I  O   O  N NN  SSS |
     |  7     R  R  E      V V    I  S  SS  I  O   O  N  N S  SS|
     | 7    o R  R  EEE     V    III  SSS  III  OOO   N  N  SSS |
     Version 0.1 November 5, 2000.
     Started writing this FAQ.  Added intro and credits.
     Version 0.2 November 10, 2000.
     Added General Moves.
     Version 0.3 November 23, 2001.
     After a LOOONG time, I decided I shouldn't let this FAQ collect dust, so I'm
     picking it up again.  Touched up on the special attacks.
     Version 0.4 November 26, 2001.
     Some more FAQ revising.
     Version 0.5 November 27, 2001.
     Added all the moves.
     Version 0.6 November 28, 2001.
     Began working on the combos.
     Version 0.7 December 1, 2001.
     Finished the general strats section.
     Version 0.8 December 3, 2001.
     More character specifics.
     Version 0.9 December 4, 2001.
     Added more elaboration to some of the combos.  Added more character specifics.
     Version 1.0 December 5, 2001.
     Added more character specifics.
     Version 1.1 December 10, 2001.
     Finished the character specifics.
     |  888   III N  N    CCC  L    OOO   SSS  III N  N  GGG |
     | 8   8   I  NN N   C   C L   O   O SS  S  I  NN N G    |
     |  888    I  N NN   C     L   O   O   SS   I  N NN G  GG|
     | 8   8   I  N  N   C   C L   O   O S  SS  I  N  N G   G|
     |  888 o III N  N    CCC  LLL  OOO   SSS  III N  N  GGG |
     Wondering why this FAQ so late in-coming(after all, there's not many people who
     play VF in the US, and those who do are either playing VF4, or playing VF3tb on
     the Dreamcast)?
     -Well, it's basically like I said somewhere in the FAQ(I think it was the
     revisions) that I had let this FAQ collect dust too long, but since I'm always
     still a VF fanatic, and since no one had written a Dural FAQ for any VF game so
     far, I decided to give it a try.  It's obviously not perfect, but if someone
     read it and emailed me back, that'd be nice.  If anyone reads it at all and
     gains some insight on the game, that's also makes me happy.
     To those of you who want to e-mail me.
     -I need feedback, plain and simple!  Please do that!  Anything's helpful, from
     criticisms(if you're polite about it) to tips, I'll accept it!  And of course,
     bring on the combos!  If you contribute a combo, I'll put it in and give you
     Odds and ends:
     In the rare case that you read down here, I will tell you some of the game's
     rare stuff.  I got a lot of this stuff from VF.com from Rich Williams.  Others
     I got from the various faqs from Gamefaqs.com
     Alternative outfit
     (version 2.0/2.1, arcade/Saturn/PC, from Gamefaqs.com):
     Simply hold up during the character selection screen to choose the alternative
     outfit of your character.
     Slow mo replay
     (version 2.0/2.1, arcade/Saturn/PC, from VF.com):
     Hold down P+K+G just before the replay begins.  Only works once/match, and can't
     be cancelled.  On the PC version, the slow-mo replays can be done any round as
     long as the replays are 3 seconds long.
     Cancel replay
     (version 2.0/2.1, arcade/Saturn/PC, from VF.com):
     Simply press start as the replay is occuring.
     Choose winning taunts
     (version 2.0/2.1, arcade/Saturn/PC, from Gamefaqs.com):
     Before the replay ends, the victor can choose which winning taunt to do by
     holding down either P, K, or G.  If the victor achieves an "excellant," and
     doesn't press anything, he/she will do a special taunt.  Sarah and Jacky both
     have 2 extra taunts can only be heard in special circumstances.
     VF1 BGM
     (version 2.0/2.1, arcade/Saturn/PC, from Gamefaqs.com):
     By holding down start(P+K+G for the PC) at the beginning of a match right
     before the round begins, depending on which side of the machine you are doing
     this on you can select the remixed versions of Jacky or Sarah's VF1 background
     Expert mode
     (version 2.0/2.1, arcade/Saturn/PC, from VF.com):
     During the character select screen, tap u,u,d,d,l,l,r,r.  Sarah should say
     "Yahoo!"  Then choose a character and begin.  For Saturn and PC, you don't have
     to do that, just access the expert mode from the game selection screen.
     Ranking mode
     (version 2.0/2.1, arcade/Saturn/PC, from Gamefaqs.com):
     Holding down P+K+G while putting in the money then press start.  For Saturn or
     PC, just choose the ranking mode from the game selection screen.
     Alternative viewpoints
     (version 2.0/2.1, PC, from Silent J):
     By pressing V during watch mode or during replay mode, you can cycle through
     various viewpoints such as 1st person 1P/2P, cinematic, regular, or bird's eye.
     View the credits
     (version 2.0/2.1, arcade, from VF.com):
     During attract mode hold down any start button.
     Ending credit replays
     (version 2.0/2.1, arcade/Saturn/PC, from VF.com):
     During the credit replays, tap 1P's guard to decrease the length of the
     afterimages.  Tapping 2P's guard will increase the length of the afterimages.
     The joystick can also be tapped up or down for the respective results.
     Kage's face
     (version 2.0/2.1, arcade, from VF.com):
     After 20 consecutive wins, Kage's mask comes off after he is knocked down.  In
     the Saturn or PC, this already occurs.
     Lau's hair
     (version 2.0/2.1, arcade/Saturn/PC, from VF.com):
     In Lau vs. Lau vs. mode games, the winner's hair will keep getting longer and
     longer while the loser's hair keeps getting shorter and shorter.
     Japanese joke
     (version 2.0/2.1, arcade/Saturn, from VF.com):
     The japanese posts in Kage's stage will read peas and sausage if read in a
     certain way in japanese.
     Throwing Akira out of a bodycheck
     (version 2.0, arcade/Saturn/PC, from Gamefaqs.com):
     If a throw command is keyed in by the opposing player when Akira does a bodycheck,
     Akira will be thrown out of the bodycheck's sliding animation no matter how far
     the two characters are from each other, this leads to some pretty funky animations.
     Infinite range powerbomb
     (version 2.0, arcade/Saturn/PC, from VF.com):
     In Jeffry vs. Shun fights, if Shun taps d,d to sit down, Jeffry can execute a
     powerbomb command anywhere on the ring, and he will materialize right in front of
     Shun, grab him and powerbomb him, even if Shun's back is to him.  Leads to some
     pretty funky replays.
     Copy winning taunts
     (version 2.0, arcade/Saturn/PC, from Gamefaqs.com):
     Have the losing player in a vs. game turn his/her back to the winning player and
     then have the winning player push the losing player forward until his/her front
     foot is slightly more than halfway out of the ring.  After time over, the winning
     player's taunt should push the losing player out of the ring, where they recover
     and copy the winning player's taunt.  Leads to some funny views.  You can actually
     hear Sarah and Jacky's 2 secret winning taunts if you do it right(I got Sarah to
     say her "An ameteur like you could never defeat me" quote when Shun was the
     winning character).  You might want to hold block when you use Shun in any part
     of this trick, since he slides back and forth.  And if he's the winning character,
     try having him with his back to the opponent as well to make it easier to push
     the opponent out of the ring.
     One-man throw
     (version 2.0, arcade/Saturn/PC, from VF.com):
     If both characters are close to the ring's edge, and you try to throw him/her,
     sometimes one of you steps out of the ring before the throw completes, in that
     case, whoever is left in the ring continues the throw's animations alone.
     Try having the thrower be Shun doing his Dances w/Punches throw and have him
     step out, or try having Kage do his Reaping Throw and have the opponent step
     Akira's jammed reversals
     (version 2.0, arcade/Saturn/PC, from VF.com):
     Have Akira try to reverse a high or low kick, then guard-cancel the attack just
     as the reversal animation is beginning.  Usually, Akira twitches, then
     continues with the reversal animation.  Then he will be frozen and unable to
     move.  If the opponent of Akira enters a motion as Akira is twitching, Akira
     goes in that direction.  And Akira can be thrown from the opponent on the ground
     if you hold up on the joystick(which puts Akira into the air).  This can also
     be done on the CPU Dural.  In the PC version, Akira continues with the reversal
     animation but isn't frozen afterward.
     Sky throw
     (version 2.0, arcade/Saturn/PC, from VF.com):
     Right before time over, have the character with the lower energy do a high jump,
     Just as the announcer says time over, the other character can throw the
     opponent in the air.
     Floating victory stance
     (version 2.0, arcade/Saturn/PC, from VF.com):
     Right before the replay, twirl the joystick round repeatedly.  The victory stance
     should be in the air afterwards.
     The bird
     (version 2.0, arcade/Saturn, from VF.com):
     Bring out the bird in Jacky's stage by holding D+P+K+G+Start for both players.
     The bird will fly off the rock in the background and hover over the loser.
     This works in vs. mode and against the CPU.  Against the CPU, if you brought
     out the bird, lost by RO, are still standing and have more energy, hold up and
     the bird will pick you up by the face and fly away during the continue sequence.
     If the path intersects with the ring you will be dropped back into it.  And if
     you have less energy than the CPU, the bird doesn't come out but your character
     still goes through the same animation.  If you bring out the bird against the
     CPU and lose by KO, holding up until the continue sequence ends will result
     in the loser standing up, speaking the losing quote, then tumbling down like
     an idiot.  And finally, if against the CPU you bring out the bird, lose the
     match by time over and hold up, the bird won't come out, but the same animation
     will occur.  This doesn't work in ranking mode.
     Knock the lamps over
     (version 2.0, arcade/Saturn, from VF.com):
     If Wolf stands at one corner of Kage's ring, he can use the giant swing throw
     to throw the opponent into the background torch, which dims the lighting in the
     Replay freeze
     (version 2.0, arcade/Saturn/PC, from VF.com):
     At the end of the round, after the round is called(KO,RO,TO), keep cancelling
     high kicks.  Continue until after the replay begins.  The replay may or may
     not be frozen; characters can be frozen in mid-animation, but the camera may
     still move about.  Interesting angles possible.
     Break the VF2 machine
     (version 2.0, arcade, from VF.com):
     Against CPU Dural, make sure the very last round ends in a draw(keep holding
     down and Dural won't advance), but that you still win the match.  The ending
     replays will show you facing Lau but neither of you will do anything.  Then
     start a new game.  In earlier versions of the game, this resulted in chaos,
     usually the machine will crash/freeze, other times all polygons will be gone,
     leaving only sprites to be displayed.  And sometimes you'll have floating
     afterimages during the game, other times the camera will be frozen or move
     around like crazy.
     end(no really)

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