General FAQs

FAQ/Move List 03/05/97 SHamilton 1.6 160K
Move List 10/16/96 Derrick 1.0 28K

Character FAQs

Akira 07/13/97 Anonymous 15K
Akira JCulbert 2.0 90K
Akira SQuinlan 1.1 13K
Akira 10/22/97 SQuinlan 127K
Akira 04/30/97 SQuinlan 1.1 16K
Akira Instant Death Combo Jeff-Maru 4K
Aoi JUttayaya 19K
Jacky JUttayaya 6K
Jeffrey for Beginners 11/02/98 MTham 1.70 102K
Jeffry Move List JUttayaya 6K
Kage JCulbert 1.0 75K
Kage Move List 10/05/96 JUttayaya 9K
Lau 02/11/97 LSorensen 0.9 26K
Lau Move List 10/06/96 JUttayaya 8K
Lion Move List 10/02/96 JUttayaya 10K
Pai Move List JUttayaya 8K
Sarah JCulbert 1.2 68K
Sarah Move List JUttayaya 5K
Shun 01/29/97 LSorensen 2.0 21K
Taka CAng 2 3K
Taka JCulbert 2.0 88K
Wolf 11/01/97 JBloxman 5 110K
Wolf 07/13/97 JJoudrey 2.0 101K
Wolf Move List 10/02/96 JUttayaya 7K

In-Depth FAQs

Abbreviations Guide 01/15/03 GLC 5.00 85K
Beginner's Guide 01/19/97 AChang 1.1 22K
Freeze FAQ VYonghow 1.0 6K
Ranking Mode FAQ 06/09/97 JUttayaya 5K
Taunt FAQ DChan 7K
Throw FAQ 02/09/97 CreeD 0.6 51K
Throw Reverse Tables 08/15/97 JRoss 4K

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