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Reviewed: 09/27/01 | Updated: 08/13/02

Who needs an exercise bike when you've got this?!

I've come across alot of racing games, motorcycle games, boating games, a skateboarding game and even one of those water raft games. But I haven't gotten around to a game like this up until a while ago! Basing you as an alpine downhill skier, your mission is to make it through the moguls and through the slaloms as well as beating out some pretty tough opponents down a variety of hills that range from the easy to the insanely hard. While there isn't much of a back story to the game, there is the fact that you play on movable skis that go left to right on a track. It may seem pretty lame at first, but the fun of the game is actually getting into the motion and then racing down the hill while holding your control!

-Game Play 8/10-

It's pretty straight forward from the start. You take your racer down one of three different hills that all increase in difficulty and try to make it to the finish before your opponent does. While the game really doesn't deviate from that, the true challenge is using the movable skis that you're on so that you get down the hill as quickly as you can without ending up dead last! Finishing first is more or less an accomplishment factor and not really an advancement thing. Top time gets shown on the machine every few minutes afterwards, so you can at least relish in that!

-Control 9/10-

Anyone who has played Top Skater will recognize the control interface similiar to that. You get up onto the machine and set your feet into the skis which stay locked until the game is in motion. Once you're moving, the skis go wide right or wide left depending on which way you have to go and which way that you have to move. This can prove challenging as well as a heavy work out as you're using your lower back and hips to move your character down the hill! A little practice, and you'll be racing with the best of them.

-Visuals / Audio 8/10-

The visual aspect is clean and crisp with plenty of detail that flies by you at ever turn. From the swish of the snow to the bright lights in the distance, you'll find that much of your time is spent watching where the track is going, and not so much on what's detailed out for you! One of the bigger problems is the fact that there are instances of image break-up when the skiers take a hard turn into a corner. Anyway that you look at it, if you're paying attention to that, you're not really paying attention to the game!

The audio is low in terms of music, and you'll hear more of the crowd yelling and cheering as well as the announcer voice than you will with any sort of music play! Something that is rather cool, and it does stand out, is the sound of a body crunching when you smash into the side of a cavern wall at 90 mph!

-Quarter Crunching 10/10-

If you're going to play it once, it's not that bad, but if you plan on playing it several times, bring plenty of money. The last machine that I played cost a buck a credit and if you're not moving fast enough to win, then you'll be pumping out more money to play!

-Overall 8/10-

Alpine Ski is a strange game that not only let's you take the role of a downhill skier, but also allows you get the aches you'll receive from using the skis! While it's not the most visually impressive game known to man, it is a fun and rather enjoyable way to pass the time in your local arcade!

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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