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    FAQ by CChavez

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 11/27/97 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    The Don Doko Don FAQ v1.0
       by Carl Chavez.
       Created 27 November 1997.
       Last updated 27 November 1997.
       When you start a new life, you have zero power. If you throw an enemy
       and it hits the wall, it dies. The more power you have, the more walls
       you can through enemies through. At maximum power, you are able to
       throw enemies through all walls. If you have the blue hammer, your
       hammer can be thrown through walls too. In other words, it becomes a
       lot easier to kill enemies who are behind walls if your power is high.
       Blue potion
       speed up
       Red potion
       power up +1
       Poison apple
       power down to zero
       Full power
       power up to max
       Grey hammer
       hammer blows kill enemies
       Blue hammer
       hammer can be thrown
       Brown book
       Black book
       Kills every enemy
       stops time - you still die if you touch an enemy
       Written by Carl Chavez.
       Copyright © (C) 1997 Carl Chavez. This document may be freely
       distributed. This document may not be stored on any for-profit Web
       site without prior permission from Carl Chavez. EGM (Electronic Gaming
       Monthly) and the site known as COP-DN are explicitly prohibited from
       distributing this document.

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