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    A L I E N 
     the arcade game
     (tm)capcom 1994
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    2.19.2001, v 1.00
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    I - I N T R O D U C T I O N
    Alien vs. Predator, the biggest battle of two movie creatures
    since Godzilla vs. King Kong. How did it begin? Well, the 
    original Alien movie was released in 1980 (followed up by 
    three sequels) and original Predator movie was released in 1985.
    "Alien" was the movie that made Sigourney Weaver a star. It was 
    about a spaceship and its crew, who are taken out one by one by 
    a dangerous stowaway -- a big, bad alien. "Predator" was a
    similar movie -- except it took place in the present and in a
    South American Jungle. In it, an elite commando unit (part of
    which is the Terminator himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger) is taken
    out by a mysterious alien hunter. 
    But it really all began with the release of Predator 2. Near the
    end of the movie, the Predator retreats to his spaceship. In a
    case is an impressive trophy collection -- including the head
    of an alien, inserted by producers as a joke. But sci-fi fans
    everywhere were abuzz about this development, and rumors about
    an Alien vs. Predator movie started and spread like wildfire.
    Years after there has been comic books, beta scripts and yes,
    video games, but no movie. One of the better things to come
    out of this mayhem is Alien vs. Predator the arcade game, by
    Capcom, released in 1994. And it is that great game that this
    faq addresses. Though there's another BETTER faq that covers
    the moves more in depth, I just HAD to do a faq on this game.
    II - S T O R Y
    Sometime in the not-so-distant future, earth is being overrun
    by an alien invasion. In the American state of California, the 
    Colonial Marines try to combat the alien invasion. In the thick
    of the action are Maj Schaefer and Lt. Kurosawa. Cornered by a
    massive group of aliens, the situation looks bad. The two are
    resolved to fight this onslaught to the end though.
    But just when the fight looks to be over, a beam of light 
    appears. With a flash, an entire group of aliens is reduced
    to nothing. As the dust settles, a light crackle of electricity
    sounds and three creatures appear out of thin air. The one
    in the center beckons the marines to come with them. Realizing
    they have no choice if they want to get out alive, Kurosawa
    and Schaefer join their mysterious new companions. Are they
    friend or foe? And will they being able to stop the alien
    III - G A M E P L A Y
    Alien vs. Predator is a beat'em up in the vain of other classic
    Capcom fighters - Final Fight, Captain Commando and Knights of
    the Round to name a few. So is plays like most every other
    beat'em up, but with some differences.
    Attack Combos:
    As expected in every beat'em up, each character has his/her
    own attack combo, used by pressing the Attack button repeatedly.
    These combos may change depending on whether or not you have
    a weapon (see primary weapons)
    Primary Weapons: 
    Each character has a primary weapon, except for Major Dutch
    Schaefer. Your character always has these weapons, unless he/she
    is hit hard and drops the weapon. 
    When you drop your weapon, you have limited time to pick it up
    until it disappears. If you don't retrieve it in time, you have
    to wait to find the weapon in a barrel or similar container to
    get it back. You will automatically get a new weapon when you
    lose a life.
    You may only carry one weapon at a time with one extra gun 
    (see secondary weapons). If your character picks up another
    character's weapon, your character can only throw that weapon
    at an enemy. 
    Secondary Weapons:
    Secondary weapons are weapons you pick up. You find them in
    barrels and other containers as you go along. You can also take
    them from your opponents. 
    You can carry both your primary and a secondary weapon at the 
    same time, but if you pick up your primary weapon while holding
    a secondary one, you'll drop the secondary weapon and have to 
    pick it up.
    List of Secondary Weapons
    Predator Disc: This sharp disc can be make mincemeat out of 
    enemies, and like a boomerang, it returns to its thrower.
    Knife: Relatively weak, but plentiful.
    Pulse Gun: Shoots rapid fire energy rounds.
    Smartgun: Has limited ammo, but never overheats.
    Flamethrower: Extra tasty, or crispy-fried alien?
    Pipe: Major Dutch Schaefer can swing the pipe, but other
    characters just throw it.
    Grenade Launcher: Propels grenades at horders of
    Grenades: Able to take out a whole cluter of enemies at once.
    Every character in the game carries a gun. The Colonial Marines
    have regular guns, while the Predators have shoulder-mounted
    laser cannons. Press and hold the gun button to use them, along
    with a stick direction to aim.
    You can't fire an enemies on a different plane as you 
    (i.e. on top or bottom of you), but you will take out any 
    enemies near you and in the general direction that you fire, 
    regardless of the plane they're on.
    Each gun has unlimited ammo, but is prone to overheating or
    reload times. Major Schaefer's smartgun and the Predators' 
    lasers are prone to overheating, while Linn's pistol must be
    reloaded periodically.
    The meter on the bottom of the screen under your character's
    life meter measures the temperature/ammo of your gun. When 
    the meter is empty the gun cannot be used until it is full
    again. Major Schaefer's and the Predators' guns cool while 
    not being used, but Linn can only reload when her clip/meter
    has been emptied.
    Super magazines can be found on occasion. These special 
    magazines maximize your gun's cooling, or in Linn's case give
    you unlimited ammo for a little while. You are given one
    super magazine every time you continue.
    Back Attacks:
    If an enemy hits you from behind while you're attacking other
    enemies, you'll automatically counterattack the other
    enemy. Each character has his/her own back attacks.
    Special Attacks:
    Like every other beat'em up, each character is AVP has a 
    special attack that hits all the enemies near him/her. This
    attack drains a bit of health each time it hits an enemy
    or enemies. (See heroes for each character's special attack)
    The special attack is activated by pressing jump and attack
    or gun at the same time.
    IV - H E R O E S
    The Colonel Marines are an elite military group that must defend
    the earth from the alien menace.
    Major D. Schaefer
    Major Dutch Schaefer is a cyborg created to battle the alien
    menace. After he lost his right arm in the second alien war, he
    had it replaced by a smartgun. While he is slow and nowhere near
    as skilled as the other characters, he is extremely powerful and
    has a deadly arsenal of moves.
    Gun: Smartgun Arm
    Weapon: None (can swing pipe)
    Special: Super Spinfist
    Charging Punch       -- jump, attack
    Jumping Uppercut     -- down, up+attack
    Piledriver           -- grab, jump, attack
    Charge               -- jump
    Metal First Barrage  -- grab, attack repeatedly
    Ground Slam          -- grab, attack+direction
    Smartgun Air Assault -- down, up+attack, attack/gun+direction
    Lt. Linn Kurosawa
    Lieutenant of the 13th Division of the Colonial Marine Corps,
    Linn is a cyborg endowed with superior strength and agility. 
    She is highly skilled in the martial arts and is especially
    proficient with the samurai sword. What she lacks in power
    she more than makes up for in speed and skill.
    Gun: Standard issue pistol
    Weapon: Samurai Sword
    Special: Samurai Sword Spin
    Rising Kick    -- down, up+attack
    Energy Blast   -- charge attack for about 2 seconds, release
    Air Throw      -- jump, press attack when enemy is close
    Sword Slash    -- toward, toward
    Off-enemy kick -- jump, attack, attack(after hit)
    The Predators are a tribe of hunters from another planet. Their
    existence is mysterious to mankind, but it is known that they
    travel the galaxy searching for game to hunt. They value honor 
    and the thrill of the hunt. Using their advanced technology, 
    they search for the ultimate prey.
    The Predator Warrior is a sage veteran of the hunt and an 
    honorable warrior. He is not very powerful, but is quite
    speedy and very skillful.
    Weapon:  Predator Spear
    Special: Spear Twirl
    Slide            -- down-towards+attack
    Piledriving slam -- grab, jump, attack
    Flying kick      -- jump, down+attack
    Punch Barrage    -- grab, attack repeatedly
    Dashing Punch    -- grab, attack
    Air Combo        -- jump, attack, attack repeatedly(after hit)
    The Predator Hunter is an up young hunter. He wants to learn
    from the best and hopes to someday become a great hunter. The
    hunter is powerful and relatively speedy, but lacks skill.
    Weapon:  Razor Staff
    Special: Multi Razor Disc Attack
    Punch Barrage   -- grab, attack repeatedly
    Air Barrage     -- jump, down+attack, attack
    Rising Uppercut -- down, up+attack
    Air Slam        -- grab, jump, attack
    Slide           -- down-towards+attack
    Dashing Punch   -- grab, attack
    Sweep           -- jump, attack
    V - V I L L A I N S
    These mysterious creatures from another planet DO NOT come in
    peace. That's why it's your job to make sure they go in pieces.
    They deceptively smart, acid-blooded creatures have only two 
    directives: colonize and kill. 
    Legend has it took just one of these things to wipe out an entire 
    spaceship crew. Nevertheless, efforts have been made to try to 
    research these aliens to see what benefit, medicinal or otherwise 
    they may provide to humanity.
    These aliens are cannon fodder to the Colonial Marines. Not very
    tough to beat, but exceedingly vicious and dangerous in numbers.
    Their ranks include the crawling arachnoids and the vicious
    hunters. Beware, some of them squirt caustic acid blood.
    A huge, dangerous alien with a tough shell for skin. Beware his
    rolling attack and neutralize this threat with some good combos.
    These little things grow and live off of host bodies. Once their
    host body is no longer suitable, they burst through the chest
    cavity and are a threat to all around them. While small and weak,
    they are fast and become an annoyance. They also have limited
    control over their host bodies, so be careful.
    Despite their name, these things are not cuddly little creatures
    that you want to hug. These things spurt out of pods and try to
    jump and stick to your face, perhaps to lay an egg on you. Fast
    and more annoying than the chestbusters.
    Royal Guard
    These huge aliens are born warriors and are bound to protect the
    queen. They tend to squirt acid blood at their opponents.
    Big and mean, this momma's got a chip on her shoulder. She's as
    good at breaking as she is at breeding and she's looking to
    break anyone who would harm her children. What surprises does
    she have in store for those that oppose her reign?
    These hired guns of the military also fight off the alien menace.
    But whose side are they really on?
    The Ranks
    The troops, from privates to sergeants are easy to dispatch. Most
    carry knives, smartguns and pulseguns, so be careful. 
    Yellow Power Loader
    The power loader may be slow, but its operator can use its great
    strength to his advantage. The loader has one major attack - the
    spinning claw charge. While easy to avoid, it deals major damage
    if the operator can connect with it. Remember - one of these
    things helped kill an alien once.
    Green Power Loader
    This power loader can't take as many hits as its yellow
    counterpart, but it does have one extra attack: the flamethrower.
    The mysterious leader of these hired mercenaries is short, round
    fellow. What does he intend to do with the aliens?
    VI - M I S C E L L A N Y
    -> See the "Coming Soon" Capcom screen in the intro? Nice touch.
    -> Also in the intro - the "Street Fighter" big screen.
    -> Linn Kurosawa looks oddly like Cammy for Super Street Fighter II.
       Linn is cuter though. :)
    -> Notice how when Major Schaefer faces from right to left, the cyber
       arm switches arms? Ah, the limitations of good 'ol 2D sprites.
    VII - K U D O S
    Kudos go too...
    -> Dave for Final Burn. Yeah, I know that everyone else is sucking
    up to him, no doubt looking for more CPS2 support and he's received
    everything from death threats to marriage proposals, but I'd just
    like to say thanks for helping bring back to some old memories. The
    worst part will having to delete those roms -- what roms?
    -> Capcom for making such great beat'em ups. Sure, they've gone to
    making an absurd amount of sequels to their crazy crossover series,
    and that lousy SF Alpha series, but they're still a source of 
    quality games. Maybe I'll get to play Power Stone one of these days.
    -> Everybody who worked hard to get those CPS2 roms decrypted. Now
    I don't pretend to know anything about arcade boards, but I know
    that some hard work went into that.

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