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    Game Script by MrDurp

    Updated: 08/04/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Game:  Alien vs. Predator
    Platform:  Arcade
    Author:  Andrew Rae
    Contact:  sprinter_h-at-hotmail-dot-com
    This is a script of the game.  If there is
    anything wrong or missing, do not hesitate
    to bring it to my inbox.
    7-4-04: I have recently discovered that there is additional
    dialog when using more than one player.  Whoever would like to
    give me a hand with these is welcome to it.
    Dialog of an unspecified character, always in the cinema
    scenes, is noted by 'UD:'.
    --\ /-----------\                      /-----------\ /--
      | |           |       Scene 1        |           | |
      | |           |                      |           | |
      | |           |                      |           | |
      | |           |                      |           | |
      | |           |   City of Despair    |           | |
    --/ \-----------/                      \-----------/ \--
    *Linn Kurosawa and Dutch Schaefer are being chased
    down a street by aliens, making futile attempts to
    gun them down.*
    UD: Eat this!  You scum bags!
    *As a beam falls from out of the sky*
    UD: We're surrounded!
    *The beam causes a giant explosion and destroys all
    the aliens.  Dutch and Linn turn to find...*
    *Some Predators appear before them.*
    UD: *As Predators phase in* Come with me if you want to
    *The newly-formed team chooses their leader(s).*
    *Some aliens break through a fence shortly after.*
    Warrior:  There's too many of them!  Withdraw.
    Dutch:  They just keep coming!  We have to fall back!
    Linn:  This is more than we can handle here!  Drop back!
    Hunter:  We can't fight them all at once.  Withdraw!
    *They swat away a large horde of aliens, but can't seem to
    succeed in dispatching all of them.*
    Warrior:  Too many enemies at once!
    Dutch:  This is more than we can deal with now!
    Linn:  It looks hopeless!
    Hunter:  This is more than we can deal with now!
    *The group ducks into a nearby warehouse.*
    Warrior:  They didn't follow us in.  Why?
    Dutch:  We got lucky.  We've escaped them for now.
    Linn:  We should be safe in here for a while.
    Hunter:  That was too easy.
    *One of them flicks the light switch...only to find a large
    alien, Chrysalis, in the corner.  It is guarded by two
    Warrior:  It's a trap!
    Dutch:  Blast!  Luck running true to form!!
    Linn:  They set us up!!
    Hunter:  We're cornered.
    *The Chrysalis is quickly destroyed.*
    *The group enters an elevator, going down.*
    Dutch:  We can escape from the city using the sewers.
    Keep an eye out for those slimebags!
    --\ /-----------\                      /-----------\ /--
      | |           |       Scene 2        |           | |
      | |           |                      |           | |
      | |           |                      |           | |
      | |           |                      |           | |
      | |           | War in the Underpass |           | |
    --/ \-----------/                      \-----------/ \--
    *Entering an underground hallway*
    Warrior:  It's too quiet here.  What...?!
    Dutch:  Strange... Better check the ceiling.
    Linn:  Wait a minute!  Something's wrong!
    Hunter:  They're close.  I feel it.
    *One of them jumps up to a catwalk, where some Stalkers
    are waiting.*
    Warrior:  At last, worthy game!  They're here.  They're coming.
    Dutch:  What the...!?  They're dropping down on us!
    Linn: !!!!!  Ambush!  They're dropping down!
    Hunter:  At last, worthy game!  As I expected!
    *The Stalkers jump down, but are destroyed along with many
    others, up to the elevator at the end of this hall.*
    *They walk onto the elevator, but nothing happens.*
    Warrior:  It's malfunctioned.
    Dutch:  We're stuck.  It's wrecked.
    Linn: We're not moving.  What's wrong?!
    Hunter:  Is it broken?
    *Walking up to the left controller.*
    Warrior:  .....
    Dutch:  I know how to handle this.
    Linn: Can it be fixed?
    Hunter:  .....
    *One strikes the controller.  The elevator moves.*
    Warrior:  We're moving.
    Dutch:  See?  American know-how.
    Linn:  if it fails, force it!
    Hunter:  Impressive.
    *A few aliens attack, but get brushed away.  Soon after,
    the elevator stalls.*
    Warrior:  Again?  Give the other controller a try.
    Dutch:  Blast!  It's stuck again!!  Wait!  I thought there
    was a back up here.
    Linn: Stuck again!!  Great construction!  Give it a good
    shot.  It'll work again.
    Hunter:  Stalled again!  Does anything work on this planet?!
    Smash the other controller if you have to!
    *They strike the right controller, or it strikes itself
    if you let it sit there.*
    *A Royal Guard is joined by other aliens in landing on
    the elevator.  They, of course, aren't there long.*
    *The door on the right just happens to open when the
    last alien falls.*
    *More aliens...then it's on through the next door.*
    *The group enters the room to find dead, and partly-eaten
    Infectoids on the floor.  One, Kevin, is still alive...*
    *To the Warrior*
    Kevin:  Get out of here, now!  It's not an ordinary alien.
    Its speed is incredible...
    Warrior:  These humans were destroyed instantly.
    *To Dutch*
    Kevin:  Schaefer?  Clear out!  It's coming!!  Keep clear of
    the claws!
    Dutch:  Kevin's unit.  I'll avange you Kevin!
    *To Linn*
    Kevin:  Linn...?  I'm finished...it's over.  Linn... Get out
    while you can!
    Linn:  I'll destroy that monster no matter what!  
    *To the Hunter*
    Kevin:  Destroy that monster, please... It wiped us out in
    Hunter:  It's mutated, more powerful than before.
    *They think about it...*
    Warrior:  Something's coming.  It's close.
    Dutch:  Why was he the only survivor?
    Linn:  Why would they keep Kevin alive?  This must be a
    Hunter:  They're coming.  I know it.  Get back!
    *A trap, indeed.  Part of the ceiling breaks away to let in...
    this level's boss, Razor Claws.  It proves to be no match
    for the hunters.*
    *Everyone makes their way outside.*
    Warrior:  These aliens all come from one hive.  So if we
    destroy the nest...
    Dutch:  Okay, let's do it now while we still have time!
    We'll use the APC!
    --\ /-----------\                      /-----------\ /--
      | |           |       Scene 3        |           | |
      | |           |                      |           | |
      | |           |                      |           | |
      | |           |                      |           | |
      | |           |    Forced Assault    |           | |
    --/ \-----------/                      \-----------/ \--
    *Those who are to gun down the aliens are on top of the 
    Warrior:  We'll head straight to the alien nest!  The gun
    won't overheat now.  Shoot them all!
    Dutch:  Their numbers keep increasing.  Let's get to that 
    nest!  The gun can stay cool here.  Fire at will!
    Linn:  Let's smash that nest!  Magazines at max.  Mow
    them down!
    Hunter:  There are countless aliens up ahead.  Gun at max
    cooling.  Fire away!
    *The aliens are fired at as directed.  The largest of
    the swarm, Arachnoid, is no exception.*
    *The APC makes it safely to the destination.*
    --\ /-----------\                      /-----------\ /--
      | |           |       Scene 4        |           | |
      | |           |                      |           | |
      | |           |                      |           | |
      | |           |                      |           | |
      | |           |  Assault on a Queen  |           | |
    --/ \-----------/                      \-----------/ \--
    *The team arrives at the nest:  A heavily colonized alley.*
    Warrior:  This is the nest.
    Dutch:  This is it huh.  Well let's do it!
    Linn: So this is the nest.  We have to destroy it now!
    Hunter:  The honor of hunting the Queen-mother is mine!
    *Some aliens die...*
    *Then some Infectoids are found, littering the ground*
    Warrior:  Was this thing human?  Cocoons!
    Dutch:  No, they're alive!  Blast!  Al I can do is end their
    Linn: Poor wretches.  They can't be saved!  Prepare
    yourself Queen!  Soon I'll have your head!
    Hunter:  This must be their central food storage.  Cocoons!
    *The Chest Busters escape from their hosts and attack,
    but die like the pitiful things they are, along with more
    *Some Infectoids also approch, begging for death.  Their
    wishes are granted, like it or not.  Those that don't get
    destroyed quickly enough leave their Chest Busters to
    *Some stairs lead down into a subway...where at the bottom
    lie some dead soldiers.*
    Warrior:  There humans were soldiers.  What are they doing
    here?  The hunt must continue!
    Dutch:  They're a bio-war unit.  Why are they here?  I smell
    danger.  But let's keep going!
    Linn: A bio-war unit here?  The Queen is our primary target!
    Hunter:  Soldier humans?  Already hunted.  There's a big group
    coming.  I feel it.
    *The fight leads across a bridge, through a hallway, and to 
    the Alien Queen and her many Egg Chambers.  The chambers get
    blasted and then the Queen gets checkmated!*
    *Everyone regroups.*
    Dutch:  We did it!  I don't believe it!
    Linn:  Their egg generator has finally been destroyed!
    Warrior:  There are still many left to hunt.
    Hunter:  The rest are minor, unworthy of hunting.
    --\ /-----------\                      /-----------\ /--
      | |           |       Scene 5        |           | |
      | |           |                      |           | |
      | |           |                      |           | |
      | |           |                      |           | |
      | |           |       Secrets        |           | |
    --/ \-----------/                      \-----------/ \--
    *After walking out of a building, there is a sight on the
    Dutch:  That drop ship seems to be in trouble.
    *A drop ship in the distance crashes in a forest.*
    UD:  Look!  It's a drop ship, and she's coming down!
    UD:  I wonder what they are transporting?
    UD:  We should check it out.
    UD:  Okay, let's roll.
    *Walking onward*
    Warrior:  Strange.  I wonder what they were trasnporting...?
    Dutch:  The army had already pulled out.  It can't be
    Linn:  There can't be any other military units besides
    Hunter:  Smell that chemical?  Had it leaked from the ship?
    *Some Privates and Sergeants make their attempt to take
    out the alien hunters, but they fail.*
    *Shortly after entering the forest, the group hides by
    some trees to watch some goings-on...*
    Warrior:  Take cover!
    Dutch:  Someone's there!
    Linn:  Is someone there...?  Let's hide and see what
    Hunter:  Strange...
    *They find the troop's Admiral and a Private in a Power
    Loader from Aliens, or the forklift suit as I like to 
    refer to it.  the Private is incinerating some aliens...!!?*
    Admiral:  Destroy all escaped aliens from the crash site!
    Private:  Affirmative!/Aye sir!
    *Noticing the broken capsule.*
    Warrior:  What is that capsule?
    Dutch:  Look at the markings on that!
    Linn:  Look!  That capsule.  It's a...
    Hunter:  What is that capsule?
    *Reading the side of the capsule.*
    Warrior:  A bio-war project.
    Dutch:  The army is trying to make weapons out of the
    Linn:  This whole setup was a bio-war project!
    Hunter:  Using prey for soldiers?  Madness!
    Admiral:  That seems to be all of them.  Let's head back
    to the ship now.
    Private:  Yes sir!
    *The hunters fight onward, past some more units.  They
    meet the Admiral at the crash site.*
    *To the Warrior*
    Warrior:  The prey can't be controlled by you humans!
    Admiral:  What do you know?  You know nothing!
    Warrior:  I will hunt you all down!
    Admiral:  Your hunt ends now!  With your death!
    *To Dutch*
    Dutch: Don't you care how many people died because of them?
    Admiral: You dare question my judgement on this operation?
    Dutch:  The army is supposed to protect people!
    Admiral:  Feel the power of my army!
    *To Linn*
    Linn:  What will you do with the aliens!?
    Admiral:  I've created the most powerful weapons in the
    Linn:  Don't you realize the city's been destroyed?
    Admiral:  One city is not important.  Face your
    *To the Hunter*
    Hunter:  Human, you will never control the prey.
    Admiral:  Ha!  You're no match against my aliens!
    Hunter:  My people are the greatest hunters in the galaxy!
    Admiral:  Try and get past this!
    *The familiar Power Loader breaks into the scene, but gets
    Warrior:  We have to stop them!
    Dutch:  Of course!  They don't know what they're dealing with!
    Warrior:  Then let us hunt!
    --\ /-----------\                      /-----------\ /--
      | |           |       Scene 6        |           | |
      | |           |                      |           | |
      | |           |                      |           | |
      | |           |                      |           | |
      | |           | Nightmare in the Lab |           | |
    --/ \-----------/                      \-----------/ \--
    *The APC is at full speed.*
    Warrior:  Let's rush him!
    Dutch:  Let's go!
    Linn: Here we go!
    Hunter: Attack them!
    *It rams through a concrete wall and into the ground floor.*
    *Some more troops, including Corporals, meet their doom.*
    Warrior:  Search the upper floors!
    Dutch:  They're not here.  Use the elevator.
    Linn:  Nothing important here.  Let's take the elevator.
    Hunter:  The lab is upstairs.
    *They break through the door and into the elevator.  It
    accelerates out of control, and the only way to stop it
    is by breaking the control box.  Otherwise, the elevator
    will crash at the top.*
    Warrior:  It won't stop!
    Dutch:  We have a problem here!
    Linn:  We'll crash!
    Hunter:  It's out of control!
    *The team manages to break the control box quickly enough
    to stop safely at the top.*
    *Through the door is where all the capsules are kept.  More
    troops are pushed away.*
    *After going through the broken door, they are about to go
    through the next one when some of the troops are flung over
    by some force...*
    *To the Warrior*
    Private:  It's terrible!
    Warrior:  Something's happened back there!
    *To Dutch*
    Private:  Help us!
    Dutch:  Something's going on back there.  Let's check it out!
    *To Linn*
    Private: They've escaped!
    Linn: Something's gone down.  Let's take a look!
    *To the Hunter*
    Private: The aliens, they've...
    Hunter:  I heard a scream back there!
    *The team returns to the capsule room to find the aliens have
    broken free!*
    Warrior:  The prey is loose!
    Dutch:  The aliens have escaped!
    Linn:  What!  Those aliens were alive!
    Hunter:  The prey has escaped.
    *The escapees are executed, and then it's onward through the
    next door, another hallway, and ANOTHER door...*
    *Behind it is another elevator.  It starts going up.*
    Predator:  They moved the prey with this lift.
    Dutch:  They must have moved them with this lift.
    Linn:  With this lift they carried the aliens to the ship.
    Hunter:  Our tribe is near.  I feel it.
    *Some familiar beams are launched at the team.  A figure
    drops onto the elevator...it's a Predator!*
    Warrior: You!!  [Insert predator dialect here]  Alright! 
    [More dialect]  I'll hunt you!
    Dutch:  Is this predator working with the army?
    Linn:  Is this predator our enemy?
    Hunter:  [Even more dialect]  I'll hunt you!
    *The Mad Predator attacks, but learns just who the better
    hunter is...*
    *On the boarding bridge at the top.*
    Linn: Looks like we're heading to the army docking port.
    Dutch: They must be transporting the aliens into orbit!
    *The Predators investigate their relative.  There is a
    Chest Buster emerging from him.*
    Warrior:  He was parasitized by the aliens!  Your miltary
    is using my tribe to develop their weapons!
    --\ /-----------\                      /-----------\ /--
      | |           |       Scene 7        |           | |
      | |           |                      |           | |
      | |           |                      |           | |
      | |           |                      |           | |
      | |           |      Hunt's End      |           | |
    --/ \-----------/                      \-----------/ \--
    *Moving along the bridge.*
    Warrior:  The real enemy is up ahead.  I must hunt them.
    Dutch:  They've gone mad...we must stop them!
    Linn:  We must stop them before this spreads the country!
    Hunter:  I'll make you pay for what you've done to my friend!
    *On the way, some old enemies are met, including Chrysalis,
    Razor Claws, and a couple Power Loaders.  They must also
    deal with wall lasers.*
    *Almost to the ship.*
    Warrior:  Soldiers are still fighting for a lost cause...
    Dutch:  These aren't soldiers.  They're vermin.
    Linn:  These soldiers don't realize they've been abandoned!
    Hunter:  These army robots are useless.
    *More foes run their course, and the hunters are now at the
    ship's door.*
    Warrior:  This is their ship.  They must not escape!
    Dutch:  Let's end this war now!
    Linn:  I won't let you escape!
    Hunter:  Finally they can run no further!
    *They enter and the ship lifts off.*
    UD:  We're lifting off.  I wonder if we'll get back.
    UD:  We'll make it.  Just got take care of a little
    *It's a long fight to the control room, with troops and
    Chest Busters a plenty, but they make it.*
    *Upon entering, the Admiral fires at the group leader with
    his pistol.  He misses, of course.*
    *To the Warrior*
    Admiral:  Why do you resist us?
    Warrior:  My kind hunt the strongest prey!
    Admiral:  Who cares about the aliens?!
    *To Dutch*
    Admiral: Why fight against us?  You're one of us!
    Dutch:  The aliens are dangerous!!  They could destroy humanity!
    Admiral:  A few humans are irrelevant.
    *To Linn*
    Admiral:  Drop your weapon and join us!
    Linn:  Forget it!  Your madness ends here and now!
    Admiral:  Do you believe you got all the aliens on earth?
    *To the Hunter*
    Admiral:  Why are you trying to stop us?
    Hunter:  The hunt brings me honor.
    Admiral:  Do you think you destroyed all the aliens on earth?
    *To everyone*
    Admiral:  I have thousands more back at the base!  You can't
    fight them all!  Give up while you can!
    *He walks over to the controls and a bunch of troops come after
    our heroes.  But when will they learn...*
    *The Admiral notices his troops have been decimated.*
    Admiral:  Curse you!!
    *Noticing something above them.*
    Warrior:  What ?
    Dutch:  Look out!
    Linn:  No!!
    Hunter:  Beware!
    *The Alien Queen's tail swoops down and impales the Admiral.
    Then she rips him in half with her inner jaws.*
    Admiral: Yeeaarrgg!!
    *The Alien Queen then drops into the room.*
    Warrior:  She survived and came after us.  Come then!  You are
    the ultimate prey.
    Dutch:  She lived and followed us here!  Let's rock!
    Linn:  I can't believe she's still alive!  We must defeat her
    Hunter:  She's enraged, more powerful than ever.  Time to prove
    my hunt mastery.
    *The long and grueling showdown begins!  But as you can guess, 
    the Alien Queen learns the hard way who the better species really 
    *Everyone regroups once again.*
    Warrior:  Time to go home.  This hunt is done!
    Dutch:  Hurry!  Get to the escape pod!
    *The Predators walk away*
    Linn:  Go on!!  I'll catch you in a minute!
    Hunter:  Quickly!  This ship is crashing!
    *Linn and Dutch walk to the controls.*
    UD: Where have you been!?
    UD: I've reprogrammed the ship's flight computer.
    UD: She's set to crash and detonate on impact!
    UD: That ship's big enough to take out the whole base!
    *As the ship falls back to earth.*
    UD: That should nail them all in one shot!
    *The ship crashes and makes a large mushroom cloud where
    it landed.*
    UD: Wow!  We made it!
    UD: My sensors show no remaining aliens on Earth.
    UD: Then our hunt is over...
    *Back on earth, the Predators have handed Dutch a wrist
    UD: Here, take this.
    UD: You fought well.
    UD: Wait!
    UD: Why did you help us?
    *The Predators set their laser sights on the humans.*
    UD: You will know.
    *Two of the Predators teleport away.*
    UD: See you soon.
    *The last one joins them.*
    *The Predators' ship lifts off and disappears into the sky.*
    Linn: I guess they don't allow poaching.  What will we do?
    Dutch: We'll fight them!  They'll be back next hunting season....
    Against the prospect that the aliens will spread all over
    North America with lightning speed, all of them were
    miraculously annihilated due to explosion of the nuclear
    fusion furnace caused by crash of the space ship.
    But it is very likely that the conglomerate "Wayland Yutani"
    plots to use Aliens for their commercial purpose again...
    The End
    Alien and Predator are (c) 20th Century Fox.
    Alien vs. Predator and all therein is (c) 1994 Capcom.
    Game transcribed by Andrew Rae.

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