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"If you Liked the Movies, you will like this!"

Alien vs. Predator is a game by Capcom from the movies Aliens 1-4, and Predator 1 and 2. I have to say I like this game because it is a street fighting type side scroller which is creative and it also is a lot of fun. Playing this game brings back the old memories of watching these movies at an early age and loving every minute. Read on to see how this game fares.


These graphics are great! The Predator and the Aliens look just like their movie counterparts. There are hordes of aliens about, and each type of alien is different. For example there are worker, soldiers, and the all deadly Queen that are nicely done. The backgrounds on the levels are mostly futuristic and are good too. Your main character Predator is put together well, and I have to say on the graphics that Capcom did an excellent job.


A lot of the music in the game sounds a lot like some of the scenes in the movie. Since it is set in future I think there are futuristic type music as well as graphics. Aliens squeal when you defeated them, your gun makes good sounds, and the sound effects are good. Some of the music is a little boring at times though, so it needs to be a little up beat to be better at times.


Like I said before, this game is a side scroller which has you as Predator. This is also cool because technically, you are playing as a bad guy because Predator was bad in his moves. Ask Arnold S. about that! He has guns, fists etc. and uses his weapons to take down the aliens roaming around. You will be reminded of games that involve fighting certain enemies like Final Fight sort of. It's a well thought up game by Capcom, and it has done a good job. The gameplay is nicely done, is straight forward and should get you started through it without any questions.


Well, the whole story is really Predator trying to take out the aliens. It seems that the Predators want to take over the Universe, but in order to do that, they must go through Aliens. It all fans out well, and it will all come together as you venture through the game.


This game can be hard at times. Most of the levels at the start are a breeze, but getting near the end will burn your quarters fast. I seem to get to one of the last levels and die every time, and I get quite mad. Practice makes perfect, and you just have to keep trying on this game for it to be easier for you.


I think you will come back for more with this game. It is very well done, and the idea of playing as a bad guy brings quarters flowing from my hand to the coin dispenser. I always enjoy playing this game, and frying those aliens! You should enjoy it too because it is very addictive.


If I had to recommend 5 side scrollers to play in an arcade, this would be one of the 5. If you do see this at a local arcade, use a buck on this game and see if you like it. I think you will enjoy how it plays, and will like it just fine without a doubt.


While it has minor flaws, this game is very good and Capcom did an excellent job. Playing as the bad guy is fun, and so is busting out on those aliens. Playing this game reminds me a lot of those movies, and playing this game will bring you closer with it. If you had either no respect, or a lot for these movies in the past, playing Alien vs. Predator at your local arcade will make you want to watch these movies again, and then play this game some more too.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 08/27/01, Updated 08/27/01

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