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"On earth, anyone can hear you scream. AVP = A game of legendary proportions!"

''Alien VS Predator'' combines enemies from the two blockbuster Twentieth Century Fox films entitled Alien and Predator. This is the first title to ever combine elements from two separate, non-related films into a single game.

This game is extremely fun, and number #1 on my ''scrolling fighter'' top 10 list. ''Alien VS. Predator'' is very accurate to the movie(s) which were produced, and has been considered to be made into a major motion picture production (till this day) by Fox. Choose either a Marine or a Predator (Their race is actually called ''Yautja'') as you fight your way through the various stages wiping out the aliens as you go. The controls are simple: Auxiliary Weapon (Gun), Attack, Jump/Charge and different combinations can be pulled off to create more maneuvers. The game's difficulty is perfect enough to give you a great challenge for good replayability.

Players To Choose From:
The game has four selectable player characters to choose from:
Lt. Linn Kurosawa
Major Dutch Schaefer
Predator Warrior
Predator Hunter

Extra Note:
Major Dutch Schaefer is actually a familiar face from the 1st ''Predator'' movie. Arnold Schwarzenegger was Dutch Schaefer, which a lot of people fail to remember. In this video game he is reborn as an ''android'' -- half human/half machine. His voice in the video game is meant to emulate Arnold's trademark accent as well!

The Predators [Warrior/Hunter] have two different staff weapons [P. Spear / Naginata] and a nice arsenal of moves like the ''double disc throw'' and ''twirling spear attack'' while the two humans [Linn/Schaefer] mostly use raw ability. Schaefer uses an arm cannon for his special firing attack, and Linn uses a futuristic automatic pistol for hers. Also, Linn the female character has a Katana sword which when used she can do a spinning slash attack to keep hordes of aliens at bay and she can shoot an energy blast out of her hands (Similar to Ryu's ''Haduken'' in SF). Schaefer can execute an ''electrified 360 uppercut'' to clear a path for himself as well. When firing your built-in special weapon too much it will ''over heat,'' while Linn's weapon must ''reload.'' You will have to wait for their weapons to recharge unless 1 of the 4 characters pick up a special ''Super Magazine'' which gives you unlimited firing ability for 9 seconds.

During game play you can find various weaponry scattered in certain locations. Here is a small list: Grenade Launcher, Pulse Rifle (with actual ''Aliens'' movie sound effects), Flame Thrower (This one's notorious), Knife, Metal Pipe (Meant for Schaefer of course), Smart Gun (The large automatic machine gun the Marines use in ''Aliens''), Hand Grenades, and the Predator ''Blade'' Disc (from Predator 2) which when thrown slices through opponents and returns to your hand.

Bad guys consist of various types of Aliens including corrupt military guys:

Egg Chamber / Face Huggers
Chest Buster

Royal Guard(s)
Razor Claws
Power Loader
Mad Predator(s) -- These bad boys can use the ''invisibility'' technique!
Alien Queen -- Which you will fight on two encounters.

The story begins with an electronic ''grid'' pattern of the USA West Coast appearing on screen, which quickly shifts the next scene to San Drad, California where an apparent infestation of Aliens have taken over the entire area for miles. The grid returns with ''Emergency: Evacuate All Facilities: Quarantine The City!'' Outside the city we see two human people with cybernetic enhancements firing at the Aliens but they do not have enough fire power to wipe out all of them -- ''WHOOSH!'' a spark of energy soars over our two heroes heads and explodes, wiping out the fleet of Alien baddies as a set of Predators suddenly appear. Apparently, this was supposed to be hunting season for them and they were out to collect some human trophies (gulp) but they find no honor in hunting the weak, so they decide to help our human heroes and put their differences aside to kill ''worthy game'' and defeat the ultimate prey: THE ALIEN QUEEN! YAY! The hunt begins!

The graphics are very colorful and the backgrounds are also pretty advanced considering this game was made in 1994 by Capcom. Characters are very well drawn (American/Anime style) and movement is also a plus -- for example when you take your hands away from the controls for a few seconds, the Predator turns his head from side to side as if he's looking around and his dreadlocks swoop around realistically. Also, when you have run out of lives a countdown screen appears with an alien staring directly at the player and hissing wildly (if you die as a human) where if you are a Predator, you will see his suicide detonation device counting down in Yautja numbering set to explode under 30 seconds. (Just like the movie) Better put that quarter in! The sound effects are amazing to say the least from the moment you drop your quarter in and hear ''Time to hunt'' to the accurate alien screams/predator yelling/weapon sounds/vehicles/etc. You will definitely be suprised by this one. The music is nicely done and fits the eerie mood of the video game, although it seems repetitive at times. One other note I should include: Do NOT confuse this title with the SNES version ''Aliens VS Predator'' -- That game is inferior in every aspect compared to the arcade-only release ''Alien VS Predator.''

Unlike most scrolling fighters, this game has great replayability! When beating the game with different characters on 1 player mode, your character will say different things about the situation, etc., whenever one of them talks. I remembered playing this game at a local candy store and liked it so much I bought an arcade cabinet and paid $115.00 for the game itself on eBay years later! Believe me, this is one very popular arcade title!

Ending Note:
Capcom did a lot of research on the movies and it pays off in ''Alien VS Predator.'' Fans of the movies and novels should NOT miss playing this game.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 09/23/01, Updated 09/23/01

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