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Reviewed: 09/27/01 | Updated: 09/27/01

Hunt or be Hunted....

As side scrollers continue on into the new age, sometimes you have to stop and take a look back at what was in the forefront of the beat 'em up revolution and you'll see such greats as Final Fight and Double Dragon as well as this gem, Aliens vs. Predator. Based loosely on the comic book series that has spawned several other types of games, this version of AVP puts you in control of one of three different characters, human and Predator alike!

Set during a time of Alien invasion, your mission is to make it from area to area and eradicate the endless hordes of Alien soldiers that are trying to make you dinner or into one of them! With a variety of different moves as well as several different weapons that are species specific, or generally used, you'll find a ton of options that open themselves up as the game goes on.

-Game Play 8/10-

Straight-forward beat 'em up action that stars human soliders and Predators fighting against the onslaught of Aliens that never really seems to end. The challenge difficulty here grows as the stages go on and the Bosses are damned near impossible to defeat without a little team work! Each character has their strength's and weaknesses as well as specific weapons that they can use.

While the Marine can use a machine gun, only a Predator can use a collapsable battle staff. While the Predator is slow and powerful, the Female Marine is fast and does light damage. Basically, you have to take into account the different strength's and weigh them out to see what character will do the best for the job!

-Control 8/10-

Combinations baby, combinations! AVP offers some pretty impressive combinations as long as you can learn them all. Different weapons do different things and have different ranges depending on what it is. To use all of this effectively, it takes time and practice to get what you want done and still have something left at the end. Other than that, the control is dead on and precise, although a weapon button would have been nice to have instead of an attack and jump.

-Visual / Audio 8/10-

Visually, the game does have it's fine points, such as the amount of detail put into each character as well as the different environments that you fight through. Every Alien moves with uncanny speed, and each attack is animated enough to look like it hurts. However, a problem comes in with too much action on screen, and it can become confusing on just who is hitting what and where the enemies are coming from!

The audio is quiet, but adds a little action music to an already fast paced game. While it doesn't really jump out, it does keep the pace through the stages. The sound effects ring clear with Alien hisses and Predator growls as well as the rattle of a machine gun or the explosion of a hand grenade.

-Quarter Crunching 7/10-

Really the only time that AVP forces you to spend money is during the difficult boss battles and the final battle witht he Queen Alien. Even though it may sound like a lot, about four bucks worth of quarters should get you through the game!

-Overall 8/10-

While not the most impressive action game out there, AVP offers two things that most people love about the mainstream fantasy line: Aliens and Predators. You'll find plenty of both and the amount of action found here in this title is enough to make anyone stop and try it a few times. With the specific game play and the amount of weapons and general mayhem, AVP is and should be one of the front line soldiers in side scrolling arcade beat 'em ups!

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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