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"I have to take on a entire alien army with just a pistol? Works for me!"

Capcom, you just gotta love em, They scare the crap out of us with Resident Evil, allowed us to beat each other brains out with Street Fighter, did the impossible by hooking up and crossing over with Marvel Comics (well techniclly that a fighter too. But you see where am going with this). But in truth we never would have given their reputation if not for their earliest genre, beat-em-ups. Starting from from Final Fight and moving on down the line. Cap has giving us the greatest gaming experience with game that allow you to adventure and kick ass at the same time. One game that really put them over the top was the sci-fi fanbased movie craze, Alien vs Preadator. Granted there have been many versions of this hopeful crossover that will one day be a feature film. But whne it come to Cap, qualitiy and excellence have never been better told.

Skinny: (''Hoo-wee thats a lot of aliens'')
Told through the into, the game starts in the near future where aliens have almost wipe out all of mankind. Two soldiers are sent down to deal with the problem only to be hopelessly outnumbered, still they're ready to go down fighting. This is eluded however when a big flash takes out the aliens in one fell swoop. In there place is something much worse, Predators, who are on hunting season. However seeing how the aliens have taken out half of their game they decide to hunt them instead. The soldiers team up with them and thus our story begins.

Play Dials: (''Got hands, got fingers. Good cause you only need two'')
Hey its a beat-em up do you really want complaciated
controls? Anywho there are only three buttons here. Jump, punch, and shoot (considering you have ammo or energy on ya). Using them togeter creates comboes which takes out a screen full of enemies. Very useful but only wisely as in others of this genre it take a little of you life when used.

Eye Candy: ('' ''Yuck'' pretty sums it up'')
From cities streets to buildings to nests and so on. The graphics are far out. The character are drawn in a ''anime'' style which makes em look a little cartoony but oterwise human like. The aliens are the real stars of the show however the one in the Game Over screen the best of the bunch (shows you how far i've gotten in this game). Whoever designed thoses gruesome beasts have my complaments. They look great.

Core: (''Huggers,guards, and Queens. Oh my!'')
If you thought Final Fight was a enemy screen filler, you ain't seen nothing yet. These nasties come in all shapes and sizes, you even have to take on humans too and they come at you faster then you can take a group out. Granted to be far Capcom only allowed two baddies to attack at the time but still the numbers are overwheming and their pushover neither. Some of them minor one in boss sizes! And speaking of the bosses, don't get me started. They bigger, nastier, and have some loooooooonnnnnng lifebars. Of course your not without your own arsenal. Each charcter (Two Marine soldiers one female, the other a cyborg from the first Predator movie and the two Predators themselves) has their own streght and weaknesses as well as some backup weapons (laser cannons, pistols, staffs and swords). Theres also tons of junk laying around ready to be used at the ready. The games also a three player deal so bring some friends to join the fun while you salughter the aliens left and right. Trust me it'll make the game a lot easier.

Noise: (''The hunt has begun''-one of the Predators)
Some tense music here are there. Nothing memerable but suits the game nonetheless. Sound effect rock though with expolsions and gunfire. I thinks theres soem voice sample in there though am not sure it was too muted for me to make out.

Overall: Rocks, rocks, ROCKS. A great beat-em-up from a great company though largely mislook due to the CGI games of today. Still it a classic in my eyes and worht any gamers time and money (heck it cheap now, 25 cents to plays) give it whirl if you can find it. You won't be dissappointed.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 05/05/03, Updated 05/05/03

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