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"This is pretty much to Capcom as what the Simpsons, X-Men and more were like to Konami during the early 90's."

Capcom's Alien Vs. Predator, a exceptionally well-made 2D ''Beat'em Up'' side-scroller game for the Arcade in the early 1990's. However while Konami was making 2D license games of the same genre back then and while this game wasn't better then them all it was pretty darn close on that. So in another words if this game was made to compete with Konami on such concepts lets just say this was a GREAT try. (Well to put it extremely mildly.) And as for the premise of this game is as while its not seemingly exactly like the movie series but don't worry its not like their just using the names to draw attention.

Well for starters lets go into Gameplay shall we? Good, now since this is a Capcom 2-D action sidescroller one would probably make a bad joke like ''Well when Final Fight and Fox Studioes love eachover very much''. But don't worry this unique entry in the genre will most certainly NOT seem like someone's estranged lovechild. Of course one reason why is that unlike Final Fight the fighting here is 85% weapon-based. All 4 characters could fight bare-handed if their weapons get knocked off (however one of them namely Lt. Linn Kurosawa usually fights with a quick barrage of kicks until she slashes her oppoenents with her katana). There is a very good variety of all sorts of projectile & non-projectile weapons that all 4 characters can use.

The uniqueness of the gameplay in this can be both a blessing and a curse. While it definitely does add replay value & variety into the gameplay HOWEVER learning it while trying not to get killed by the Alien Mothers' goons can be a bit troublesome at first. But don't worry it shouldn't take you TOO long to get the hang of it and while the human characters Lt. Linn Kurosawa and Maj. D. Schaffer are VERY different from eachover and anyone else playable however the two types of Predator you can play as which are Hunter & Warrior are not that different to one another. So in another words either one of the Predators might be more recomendable to play as than the humans when it comes to beginners and/or those whom prefer more balanced characters. However visual-wise the Predators have little difference which is understandable while Linn Kurosawa is the known ''cute young Japanese woman'' character design while D. Schaffer is a big musuclar man with a blonde crew-cut hairdo whom is also a cyborg. (OK I can understand why Capcom doesn't use the Predators more often though I kinda wonder why they didn't use these two more often in their future titles.) The absense of the movie series' known humans and the presence of these two characters are the only REAL difference between this game and the movies. Then again this game is all about the Aliens and those Samurai-like Predators so all is good.

The graphics are very genuinely good, the Aliens & the Predators look like what their suppose to look like quite well. The playable humans were done in a ''Anime'' style of sorts (it might not seem like it for D. Schaffer but you can easily see it for Linn Kurosawa). Not only are the backgrounds looking good but this game also has some very nicely done cinematics that move its storyline along.

One other great thing about this game is this. While its a 2D side-scrooling brawler based on the Aliens movies from Capcom. Don't worry you don't need to be really a fan of any of its source materials and/or genres. While fans are probably going to get the most enjoyment lets just say it doesn't alienate the more casual gamers out there.

Unfortunately one problem is that the chances of finding this game at your local arcade are not high. While THAT is most likely not the least bit surprising however unlike most of Konami's brawlers this one did hit the consoles however something went wrong here. Instead of making the ports themselves they got Activision to do it and how do I put this as nicely as possible... They have generally bombed horribly with the gamer populous. They may not've been given the same hatred as the utterly infamous Pac-Man port for the Atari 2600 but the reputations these ports had are not all that much better. Any other flaws to mention? Well other than the rather sub-par audio well then not much to be said really.

Overall this is a absolutely classic gem of a game that most definitely earned its praise over the years. Ever since the debut of Street Fighter II the arcade industry got a very good (though albeit temporary) recovery from its previous losses. And during the early 90's was one of the best times of quality games in the industry and needless to say this game is a fine example why it was like that.

+ A terrific blend of the ''Aliens'' & ''Predator'' series
+ Solid control with great gameplay that differentiates itself from 2-D ''Beat'em up'' games like Final Fight aside from being in the same genre
+ Well-done graphics
+ Nicely diverse playable characters
+ This game has quite the universal appeal & balanced challenge so its not just for big fans
- The gameplay can be a bit hard to get used to at first
- Its not easy to find at arcades and none of its ports were truly... ''accurate''
- Average-at-best Audio

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 02/26/04

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