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Reviewed: 08/15/02 | Updated: 08/15/02

How good is this game??

Gameplay - This is the most important part of the game: ''This game is alot of fun'', I kinda dub this an arcade action adventure/RPG (it has most of the elements). I have had hours of fun Just running thru mazes, finding hidden treasure, killing goblins, skeletons, ninjas, dragons (you name it). Collecting money to buy better weapons/armor ECT. the only place were gameplay looses some points the control, the handling is ok but has it has flaws with some of the jumps and some of the awkward movements. It's no fun to land on a pit of spikes due to bad jumping, or trying to duck under a dragon or jump over a guardian and not make it these with inaccurate movements. Score: 8/10

Story - Nothing spectacular your standard 3 dragons descend on earth, they wreak havoc, enslave everyone and take over the world, you assume the role of our valiant hero who's going to save us all, free the people from bondage, rescue the fair princess and restore light and order for all (kinda cheesy IMO LOL).
Score: 4/10

Audio/Video - For it's time the graphics were excellent, now they are somewhat dated when you compare them to what current technology dictates is standard for graphics (Note: I am basing this review comparing it to the peers of it's time, not todays standards). Sounds nice little midi sound track, it sets an excellent feel/tone for the game (EG: when you fight a dragon the music changes from dungeon to villain dragon ''fear me!!'' LOL. There are one or two minor sound glitches none than I can really think of off the top of my head (nothing spectacular even for its time). Score: 7/10.

Re-playability - This game can be played until you have blisters, black and blues, and calluses on your hands (or at least until you wear out the controller). I don't think that you would have a problem with replaying this over and over it has a great fun factor and hours seem to disappear while enjoying the game. I think I have unofficially maintained being in love with this game for about 16 years (first played it when I was 9).
Score: 8/10

Overall - This was a great game for its time and still maintains a high standard just for the simple fact that it is fun. This is what the foundation of games like ghosts n Goblins came from Score: 9/10

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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