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"An early Capcom game not many people know of. Is it any good?"

Back in the pre-Street Fighter II days, where 2D platformers were the most popular games in the arcades, I had my first experience with arcade games. In a place that had classic games such as Moon Patrol, Bubble Bobble, and Rygar, I found one that kind of looked like Castlevania, due to its darky aspect. Black Tiger featured a guy with an armor, a whip-like weapon and some daggers he threw at enemies, fighting in a medieval environment. This game is kind of fun, but it gets boring because of lack of variety. Now onto the Breakdown.

Story: Nothing innovative at all. If I'm not mistaken, three dragons attacked a kingdom and you must kill them in order to save everyone.

Graphics: The graphics in this game are pretty good for the time it was released (1987). Your little guy was greatly animated, but the way he walked was kind of jerky, because he moved his legs really fast! The enemies are pretty animated as well, being my favorite one the Spinning Scul (It was supposed to be Spinning Skull - Engrish!). Most of the backgrounds are poor, though. Sometimes they consist of one solid black color . The bosses are relatively big and detailed. Overall, pretty good. (7/10)

Sounds: MIDI-like music that usually fits the mood of each stage (although I find stage 2's BG is pretty annoying). As for the FX, nothing brilliant. Mostly blips and blops. (6/10)

Control: Good, but tricky sometimes. Jumping is a little confusing, sometimes to reach high platforms you have to press the joystick up, press the jump button and then up-right?? Also, you can't change your direction while jumping. Other than that, it's all right. (7/10)

Gameplay: Average monster-bashing/treasure-finding adventure. It does provide some fun, but some cheap bosses may make you go home crying. The stage 7 boss is SUPER-CHEAP. You can't fight him with your normal armor, because you'll always die. Plus he has that annoying ''direction loss'' attack, that changes the directions of your controller. Awful. Fortunately, you can buy new stuff from an old man. Whenever you find an statue of an old man, touch him and he'll live again. Then, he'll a) Give you some coins; b) Sell you some nifty items like new weapons and armor; c) Give you some useless advice (''Spinning Scul can't be destroyed''. Eh...); d) Give you his gratitude, which is useless as well. During the last stages you'll probably get bored of killing the same old skeletons, gargoyles and ogres over and over again. (6/10)

Replay? Hmmm... No, due to lack of variety in gameplay. Also, there are about 8 levels or so, and once you beat the game, there isn’t a reason for you to play through it again. (3/10)

Overall: Black Tiger can be fun, despite some cheap bosses and cheesy jumps. I personally think it's more fun than the frustratingly difficult Ghosts'n'Gobblins, also from Capcom. Besides, BL served as inspiration for other Capcom games, like Knights of the Round and Magic Sword. BL is enjoyable -- for a short period of time, but it is enjoyable. (6/10 - not an average)

[Date of the review: 04-08-2000]
[Last updated: 12-30-2000]

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 01/03/01, Updated 01/03/01

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