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Captain Commando is not a very imaginative game, by any means. It involves a very overused plot line (some evil overlord who needs to be stopped), a very overused setting (a nondescript, futuristic city), and a very overused idea for a main character (a guy in a bionic suit which has special powers.)

...Like this is a classic.

Captain Commando has a very weak plot, as stated above. Then again, most games of this caliber do. The game's plot involves the Commandos, four guys who are kind of like intergalactic cops. Their leader is Captain Commando, a guy with a bionic suit that allows him to do all sorts of stuff. There's Ginzu (called Sho in Japan), a stereotypical ninja who cuts enemies up with his swords. Then you have Mack the Knife (called Jennety in Japan), an alien mummy-like character. When he uses his trademark knives to kill an enemy, said enemy's flesh disintegrates horribly, leaving bones behind. Finally, there's Baby Head (called Hoover in Japan), a two-year old baby who is so intelligent that he designed his own robotic suit that he uses to fight. They have tracked down an alien criminal known as Scumocide and chased him down to Earth, and now they've got to stop him...and that's about it.

Captain Commando, however, does feature well-drawn and colorful graphics. The animations of the characters are very smooth and fluid, and the backgrounds are quite detailed. The level backgrounds are arguably the best looking parts of the game. As for the characters, you don't have all that many, but what you do have is pretty good. You've got standard grunt-looking guys, big strong looking dudes, and of course girls in revealing outfits.The bosses, however, fail to be particularly memorable. I mean, I could have sworn I fought the same boss twice in two levels...

Oh yeah, let's not forget- the game is loaded to the brim with graphic violence. If you kill an enemy with a sharp weapon, he or she will be sliced in two. If you kill an enemy as Mack, they'll melt horrifically into a pile of orange goo and a skeleton, as said before...and if you set an enemy on fire, they'll be engulfed in flames, and if that kills them, they'll be turned into a pile of ashes. Graphic violence. Gotta love it.

The sounds and music, however, are decent. I remember really liking the music, especially in the Japan-esque area. But other than that, there's not much else I can really remember that stands out. Perhaps the digitized voices...Captain Commando does sound completely different in this game than his much later appearance in Marvel Vs. Capcom...

But that's not the real reason why I believe Captain Commando to be a mediocre game. The real problem with the game is its gameplay.

Captain Commando, like just about every beat-em-up in its time period, is extremely repetitive. The game sends a wave of enemies at you, and you beat them down. It sends another at you, and guess what, you beat them down again. Repeat ad nauseum. It might start out fun, but once you're about halfway through the second level it's gotten old. In other words, it gets old REALLY quick. Not to mention that, at its later stages, the game is mind-numbingly difficult. When you've got 25 enemies hitting you from all sides, it tends to drain your lifebar really quickly. You only get three lives on one credit, so be prepared to go through a lot of credits. I distinctly remember going through at least 15 credits on the final boss because of the ludicrous damage he did with every attack. Maybe I just suck...but maybe it's just not worth it.

Captain Commando doesn't do anything that any other beat-em-up game on the market doesn't, and it's precisely for this reason that I wouldn't go through it again unless someone offered me a very large sum of money. Buy or rent...well, seeing as you can't rent arcade games to the best of my knowledge, and arcade games are prohibitively expensive, you kind of can't buy it unless you're an arcade owner and you can afford to pay for which case you shouldn't buy it, either.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 11/06/06

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