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Reviewed: 01/02/07

Commando, involved again...

As the sun rises over Metro City, it reveals a city riddled with death, corruption, and despair. It’s been years since Mayor Haggar, Cody Travers, and Guy went on citywide crusade of justice, smiting down the evil Mad Gear gang and restoring some semblance of peace and prosperity to the citizens. However, such peace was short-lived. As the heroes’ exploits faded from memory, Metro City descended back into anarchy. After forty years since the event of Final Fight, the place has gone a full circle and returned to a state of urban Hell. Crime is running rampant once again; armies of mutant freaks wreaking havoc, androids are blasting everything in sight, and even all the ninjas have turned evil! In the midst of all the chaos, some new evil organization has stepped forward to continue the work of Mad Gear and ensure that the citizens of Metro City will be terrorized for years to come…

At least, not if Captain Commando has anything to say about it!

That’s right, boys and girls. Now that the mighty heroes of Final Fight are slowly rotting away in some retirement home, it’s up to Captain Commando to step in and save the city from damnation. He’s got all the right punches and kicks that you’d expect of Metro City’s savior. Unlike his predecessors, however, this guy comes packing a cybernetic suit of steel, allowing him to summon electricity and fire it along the ground. But if he isn’t badass enough for you, you can choose among three other brawlers, each with their own playing style and strategy. There’s Mack the Knife, an undead mummy that wields knives, Ginzu the Cliched Ninja Guy, and Baby Head, a super-intelligent toddler that pilots a robotic killing machine. With this unusual cast of combatants at your disposal, it’s up to you to save Metro City’s future.

Okay, so they’re not as badass as Mayor Haggar and his buddies. Deal with it.

Once you’ve chosen your character, he’ll be dropped into the urban slums of Metro City’s downtown district. Hoodlums are everywhere; You’ll get swarmed by a bunch of fire-breathing dwarves, vixens with spark plugs, and even spandex-clad KKK practitioners. Though you’re greatly outnumbered, don’t worry; our heroes are more than capable enough of taking them all down. Punches and kicks aside, each character has his own special move to augment his attacks; Captain Commando can summon lightning, Mack can spin around and slash whatever gets in his way, and Ginzu and Baby Head can use throwing starts and missiles respectively. As you fight your way through the crowds of freaks and mutants, you’ll find plenty of items strewn across the ground. You’ll be able to mount enemy mechs and use them to smash through roving bands of enemies, blow everything up with grenade launchers, use a laser to zap holes through baddies’ stomachs, and even mow your foes down with a automatic rifle. Needless to say, the broken beer bottles and lead pipes from Final Fight are a thing of the past.

As the battle rages onward, you’ll stumble through Metro City’s new-age locales. You’ll get to stop a bank robbery in progress, fight your way an entire dojo of ninja assassins, take the center ring at the circus, and even go on a not-so epic jetski chase across the city’s polluted bay. Much of Metro City has been updated with futuristic skyscrapers, sliding door panels, streets that are remarkably well maintained. However, this potentially serious atmosphere is disrupted by al the harpoon-wielding fish monsters, Mick Jagger wannabes, and whatever else the game throws at you. All of the characters are depicted with some fairly good details; you can practically see the sunlight gleaming off Captain Commando’s armor and hear Baby Head squeal with delight as he dismembers some random hooligan. You can see the blood splash with every connected hit, and even see your enemies get chopped neatly in half by Ginzu’s katana. It’s a far cry from the gritty realm of Final Fight fame, but it still works well.

Captain Commando deserves far more attention than it was given. Though the game is fairly short and easy for a beat’em up, it’s still got plenty charm. Captain Commando and his band of wacky heroes may not be quite as awesome as the brawlers of old, but their fighting techniques and special moves do them justice. The game boasts a decent variety of weapons and some freakish new enemies to annihilate. If anything else, it provides a new look into the Metro City that older gamers have come to know and love. This game is no Final Fight, but it definitely something worthwhile.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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