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Reviewed: 10/03/02 | Updated: 10/03/02


During the early 90's, Capcom introduced the awesome pierce of hardware known as CPS1 board. Captain Commando is one of the games that run on the classic board. This game was originated from Japan and eventually made its way to North America. While relatively unknown to all but the hardcore beat-em-up gamers, it is still a cult favourite. It's hard too see why it's still in the back of many arcades.

First and foremost, it must be mentioned that there are 2 versions of this game. This is the 2 player cabinet and the 4 player cabinet. The 4 player version has a fixed player on each controller. The 2 player edition allows the player to select their character when the credit is inserted.

There are 4 different characters, Ninja Mummy, Captain Commando, Commando Ninja and Commando Baby. There are 8 different stages in this game.

Game play - 9 - The controls are excellent. They are up to par with games like Punisher and Final Fight. There is a combo system and each character has his set of unique moves.

Many of the bosses are very tough and require a fair bit of skill/money to take down. They aren't too hard like in some games but present a fair challenge to the players.

Story - 8 - Must save the Universe from the evil professor with black sunglasses. He seems to have an army of ninjas, monsters and ruffians. There seems to be some type of story in this game but it isn't really explained. Does it matter?

Audio/Video - 10 - The music is awesome. Sounds in the game vary widely. They don't use the same sounds for all characters. The Mummy Commando even sounds a bit like Guy. The game runs at a smooth 30 frames per second. The special moves and combos are typical Capcom top notch.

The enemies can be cut in half or charred to ashes if the player uses their special attacks. These animations are worth looking at.

The stage backgrounds are high quality. The circus stage is complete with the tents, rings and a wacky atmosphere. The Japan stage is filled with samurai and even a kabuki warrior.

Replayability - 10 - Completing this game is certainly no challenge if you pump many credits in the machine. The replayability is in attempting to get as far as possible with a single credit. Nothing is more fun than kicking some serious butt with 3 of your friends.

Clean out your pockets and feed the machine. This retro game deserves a chance. If you ever see it in the dimly lit ''oldies'' section of the arcade, give it a test. You will not be disappointed!

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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