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"Sunset Riders( Uncut)"

Sunset Riders is a great sidescroller made by Konami. This game came in three forms. The arcade version, SNES console version, and the Sega Genesis version. This review is for the arcade version.

Four cowboys,Billy,Steve,Bob,and Cormano are out to rid the West of lawbreakers. 10/10

Sunset Riders is a sidescroller fighter where you move from stage to stage shooting bad guys as one of the four cowboys mentioned above. Before each stage you will be told of the boss you are going to fight at the end of the stage with a wanted poster and their picture. The games action is mostly shooting. You have to be fast to dodge bullets because enemies are everywhere from in front of you, to windows, to hiding behind barrels. Along the way you can pick up stars walking over them or finding them on the ground. The stars can give you more than one gun. The other types of items the enemies will use in defense are bombs, arrows,and knives. The character variety is where the arcades superiority is evident over the console versions. The arcade version is uncut unlike the console versions. This means that you just don't get to shoot all male cowboys. You also get to shoot women cowgirls,and indians in one stage. Other uncut non-enemy characters include a scantily clad woman that hugs you in the house. You will notice several other things here and there. Steve has a cigarette in the intro sequence, and the bottle play when coming out of buildings is very adult like, with your character drinking first and breaking the bottle over his head. There is a pitch fork to on the ground in this game that hits you in the groin too. 10/10

Graphics are good. Each character looks hero like. The pure bred cowboys have their hats and chaps nicely done. The hats are sort of in front of their eyes to make them look brave like. They wear boots that for being a small on the screen are done well so you know what they are. You can tell those are spurs on the back your cowboys shoes. They come in two colors. The first one is a light yellow red combo. The second one is a nice blue. The other two characters carry the big guns. They don't wear hats. The one character has the style of the guy would provide backup. He wears green a outfit that is blended well so it doesn't look like a complete body suit. The outfit style is sorta like one that would be purchased cheap at an old west supply store. The last character is a Mexican. He wears a big sombrero and a blanket past neck with a design on it. It hides his most of his arms until you fire. The blanket is a nice pink with red zig zag design on it. The hat is pink as well. He wears red pants.
Guns are all nicely done. The cowboys have shiny pistols that are stylishly shaped and the other two characters have shotguns that are colored and shaped straight like but correct. On to the enemies. The first enemie is the basic cowboy. He has a mask to give him the outlaw look and he comes in different colors. The second male enemy is a knife weilder male. He comes in pink and wearing no hat. The characters style is that of thug type character. Fast and sneaky. The third male enemy is one that doesn't shoot at all. Hes fat a cowboy that has money with him. Hes nicely rounded to make it look like he can't move real fast with his money. The last male enemy is the indian. They have markings of blue on their body and face. Their skin is tan and they have long jet black hair. The indian character has a muscle style on his body to make him look like a wild warrior. The last enemy is a female cowgirl. She wears pink shorts and a blue upper shirt. She has a pink hat. She has sexy-dangerous look to to her. She has blonde hair, partly concealed by her hat.
The stages have old west movie style feel. They go from ranches to towns to moutains to forests. The stages have big bright colors for each object and background. For a 2d sidescroller, angles for objects meant to have angles are done very good. You can notice each line and shape without squinting. The last part of the graphics are the bosses. The bosses are of all sizes. Big to skinny. Some have muscles while others look out of shape or lanky. This is to show that anyone can be bad no matter what they look like. They are nicely colored with mean faces evident on them. 10/10

You have an eight way joystick for forward and backward movement and to control jumping direction. You have two buttons. One for firing and one for jumping. The upwards ledge jump can be difficult to master for beginners. Its a joystick jump combo. 9/10

Character is sound is good. Your death scream and the basic enemy does get repetitive at times but thats okay because the boss sounds make up for that. The bosses say something before and after you beat them. The voice is not muffled at all. You hear exactly what they have to say. So in other words the game doens't play just sounds that sound like words. The music is great. It a moving out of control feel to it. The music gives you feeling that the enemies have overrun this area with all their lawbreaking deeds. It also gives you one more feeling. It gives a feel of how this is going to be a tough fight. The gun sounds are good. You get a half heavy half light sound with each shot fired.

Replay Ablilty
This game is a classic sidescroller. Its the kind of sidescroller you can teach your bragging best at arcade game freind a lesson with because the game is challenging. Play when you can 10/10

Final Reccomendation
Sunset Riders is once again proof why Konami makes the best sidescrollers ever. I would reccomend this game to any avid sidescroller player.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 10/02/04

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