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    FAQ/Walkthrough by quiquer

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 10/12/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    VV    VV 
    VV   VV      NNN    N          TTTTTTTT
     VV  VV  EEE NNN   N  DD    EE    T           AAA
      VV VV EE   NN N  N  D D  EE     T  TTTTTT  AA AA
      VVVV   EE   N  N N  D  D  EE    T    T     AA AA
       VV   EE    NN  NN  D D  EE     T    T     AAAAA
             EEEE  NN  N  DD    EEEE  T    T     AA AA
                                           T     AA AA
    "You ain't leavin' this town alive."!
    VENDETTA (Crime Fighters 2) GUIDE
    V.1.1, last updated: October'04
    Written by Quiquer -enaris@mixmail.com-
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for 
    personal,private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise 
    distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide
    on any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly 
    prohibited, and a violation of copyright.
    2.- STORY
    3.- COMMANDS
    5.- WEAPONS
    6.- ENEMIES
    9.- FAQ
    10.- CREDITS
    Welcome to my first guide published here in Gamefaqs. Is not the first 
    guide/walkthrough I've done, though is the first I do in english. I did 
    it because I found strange that a so good game didn't have any txt here
    available to read. Why a guide? Well, the game has a lot of weapons, tricks,
    hidden secrets and special movements available, and I think they should be
    known so people can get all the juice this beauty has to offer.
    1.1 - added strategy for FAUST, now all the bosses have one strategy to 
    his defeat.
    1.01 - molotov cocktails added to weapons
    1.0 - all important (and initial) sections finished
    0.9b - guide almost concluded
    0.8b - a major advance, lot of sections finished
    0.5b - added some levels to the walkthrough
    0.4b - Main core of the faq
    2.- STORY
    Well, about the story... ummm.... same as ever. A rival (and of course: bad 
    and trouble making in the city) gang has stolen the nice looking gal of the 
    game and we have to smash their ugly faces so the babe can be returned to us. 
    You don't need more to increase your testosterone, do you? ;)
    3.- COMMANDS
    Our four friends have 2 kinds of moves, being almost the same in the first 
    group and varying a little/a lot in the second deppending of which one we 
    have chosen.
    P - Punch
    K - Kick
     Punch attack: P
     Kick attack: K
     Knee (grab) attack: forward (when close) + K (*3)
     Throw enemy backwards: (when close) + P
     Kicks to feet: when lying down, K / P
     Quick recover: when lying down, move all directions quickly
    When enemy is grabbed:
     back + punch: throw backwards, hitting enemies on the way
     Attack from rear (grab): forward (when close to the enemy's back) +P
                              (*3 if we are not Hawk)
     Smashing the fallen enemy: K when we are on them (repeteadly)
     Special standing move: P+K without moving
     Special forward/back move: P+K moving forwards/backwards.
    When enemy is grabbed:
     back + punch: throw backwards, hitting enemies on the way
     Inmobilize enemy (grab): P (when close to the enemy's back)
    Some things to keep in mind:
    - the only bosses that you will be able to grab are Ohsugi, Kruel Kurt and
    Buzzsaw Bravado
    - when doing the attack from rear, Hawk is the only one that can kill 
    almost any enemy with just that one hit
    - of course, it is REALLY HARD to do the attack from rear to final enemies,
    however it is not impossible :-)
    - while Boomer and Blood do a long forward attack with his special forward
    move, Sledge and Hawk do instead a ground-air move (maybe better to 
    dismount motorcyclers)
    - the inmobilizer grab allows you to grab an enemy from behind, so your
    partner will be able to hit him/her until that enemy is completely KO. Be
    careful, though, as you will be completely defenceless against other 
    enemies in the screen in that position...
    Please note that the differences when choosing any of the gang is not only 
    visual, as you may expect, but affects playability too. They have all the 
    same stamina, they move at the same velocity around the scenario, the real 
    differences comes when doing specific moves.
    Fun fact: the characters here are based in RL characters/sportists from USA. 
    So, Blood would be in Mike Tyson (although he doesn't bite any ear as a 
    special command!!), Hawk is Hulk Hogan, Boomer is Van Damme, and Sledge 
    would be Mr.T... 
    BLOOD -> Blood red shirt. The ex-boxer.
     Good: like Boomer, one of the fastest in attacking around. Good special 
     Bad: nothing really destacable
    HAWK -> Blue shirt. Damn, the ressemblance this guy has with the real Hulk 
    Hogan isn't only in the aspect, some of his moves even seem of the WWF :-) 
    Former Professional wrestler.
     Good: Strongest of the group. What implies he has the strongest moves when 
    he attacks an enemy from the rear, or when he hits enemies on the floor. 
     Bad: a bad Special forward, like Sledge... try to avoid its use. Really 
    slow when he attacks enemies on the floor.
    BOOMER -> Yellow bananna shirt. Martial Arts.
     Good: like Blood, one of the fastest in attacking around.
     Bad: nothing really destacable
    SLEDGE-> A punk-bearded guy with a bad attitude. Ex-military convict.
     Good: fastest beatin'up enemies on the floor.
     Bad: bizarre looking Special forward.
    5.- WEAPONS
    Some of them are in wooden crates, and/or are carried by certain enemies. 
    A few notes:
    - If it isn't told, the normal use of the item is pushing the 'punch' button. 
    All the items have a limited number of uses, meaning that you can open your 
    way with specials and kicks, so the item is longer with you all the way.
    - When you go to the next stage, you'll lose your item, so if you are 
    fighting a boss don't doubt in using all of it against him.
    - some items even cannot be carried to other subareas in the stage (plant 
    pots, iron bins, buckets, and wooden crates). Maybe dynamites too. You will 
    be noticed because before autowalk to the next subarea, your character will 
    throw the item away.
    And now, the precious objects that will relax knuckles and feet of your 
    fighters ;-)
    Spiked club-> great to kick a bunch of guys out with just one hit. It has 
    about the same power of a mere Special, but with a little more range. 
    Iron Chain-> a nice weapon, it gives the same damage as the spiked club, 
    with the addition you can use it too to hurt fallen enemies. 
    Knife-> despised by some, the knife hits in series of two hits, so is the 
    only weapon that needs to be used repeteadly to be really effective. A bad 
    weapon maybe, being a good alternative just for your fists.
    Whip-> works like a spiked club, with a lot more range. Great to knock down 
    a lot of enemies with just one hit.
    Dynamite-> Don't just stare at a dynamite when your enemies throw it at you: 
    return it to them!! When you do, the dynamite will instantly explossion when 
    it falls to the floor. 
    Wooden Crates-> they are a one use item, just pick and throw. It doesn't hurt 
    very much but think of it as an alternative way to crash them and pick its 
    Iron bins/Wheels-> now, this is a really nice throwable weapon. Like the 
    crates, they will throw down your enemies, but instead of crashing when 
    impacting they will roll forwards until they stop with a scenario or exit 
    from the screen. They are great when confronting a lot of guys in front of 
    you, giving a nice bunch of hits.
    Plant Pot-> a item with two ways of using it. You can pick it up in the normal 
    way to throw it, or you can simply hit it with a kick from the floor. Both 
    ways will destroy it, however with the second, the pot will travel forward 
    longer, hitting the enemies on its way.
    Bucket-> Hah! This is a really humouristic 'weapon'... if it can be named like 
    that. Like the plant pot it can be thrown or kicked out, destroying itself in 
    the proccess. However when done right with a fine timing the bucket will trap 
    your enemy's head, blinding him! if you begin to hit him, he will lose the 
    bucket when he goes to the floor, nice to do some loud laughs.
    Molotov Cocktail-> frankly, I don't like this item. If well thrown can damage
    your enemy even three times (if he recovers fast), but its best use comes 
    against the dogs in the docks (read walkthrough for more info). Be careful
    and don't use against very close enemies, unless they're dogs.
    Brick-> a one time use item that will insta kill almost any normal enemy in 
    the game! Use it wisely.
    Bottle-> another insta kill item. Use it as if it were a club.
    Shotgun-> well, well. This is THE weapon. Don't waste its ammunition madly; 
    its bullets serve to insta kill almost any normal enemy in the game! The only 
    enemies that will resist one shot are the hockey masked guys and fat wrestling 
    dudes. To the final enemies, as you may expect, are not of big use: a shot 
    will drain them only one energy bar.
    Rocker (the one with red pants): the 'cannon fodder' of the Dead End gang. He 
    appears in almost all the levels as you may expect. He's not hard to beat, but 
    this is no Final Fight, and Konami is not Capcom: even if he's belong to the 
    weakest, he can return you the hits if you try with him the usual mass frontal 
    kicks and punches, so even when you are in a rush don't think of him as a 
    'final-fight-dumb-dude' or you may get some marks in the face... think of him 
    like the "tutorial dude" to confront the rest of the enemies in Vendetta ;D
     Best Tactic: any except massive frontal normal attacks (read above). 
    Club dude: well, not a dude (at least for us!) of course, as he will try to 
    smash our head. He has the bad habit of hitting us on the floor if we fall. As 
    they has a heavy club in their hands they hit slow, use that to your advantage.
     Best tactic: if you are gonna be close to him, you can both punch/kick him, or 
    grab him and let him bit your knee/knukles. Frontal normal attacks are great 
    against him (if the rocker isn't around, of course) when you gain the distance. 
    Hockey masked looking dude: they seem strong, and are strong. Of course they 
    are dumb too and have a pattern easy to guess when they are in your way. 
     Best tactic: same as rocker. Try to grab the wooden boxes before he does it.
     Trick: if they managed to throw you and are gonna charge after, DON'T MOVE/HIT 
    YOUR BUTTONS TO RAISE QUICKER, or you will be hit with his charge for sure. 
    Wait until they run above you! That wont quit you any of your energy bars. 
    Brownish jacket rocker: same as standard rocker, except that when he connects 
    his punches he hits you hard and quick. Don't underestimate him!
     Best tactic: same as standard Rocker.
    Blond punkie: these junkies like to use their knifes, and are easy to dispatch. 
    Not a serious problem. However when you go further in the game they will gain 
    some AI and begin to throw you knifes and dynamites that are easily avoided, 
    just keep an eye on them when that happens. 
     Best tactic: like the rocker, not a serious threat...
    Redhaired punkie: fights almost like the blond one, except for some moves that 
    make em different. The redhaired punkie doesn't throw knifes/dynamites, and are 
    quicker in close distances. 
     Best tactic: same as standard Rocker.
    Fat dudes: they have a sort of wrestling mask on, and fight like wrestlers in 
    some ways. When they throw you they'll jump to squash that little body of 
    yours, so recover quickly so that doesn't happens.
     Best tactic: same as standard Rocker. Try to grab the iron cans before he does 
    Tall raincoatted guy: under that gabardine he has some gifts for you. Ever he 
    makes the move to open it, is that he's gonna throw the cocktail molotovs: go 
    far from him when that happens. There are just a few of them in the game, but 
    can be certainly dangerous.
     Best tactic: same as hockey masked looking dude. Oh, and don't kick them a lot 
    when they are on the floor, they can overreact a bit :p
    Karate stud: a blondie that has seen too many kungfu movies. 
     Best tactic: they begin to be a pain in the ass when they appear with some 
    friends. Try to smash them with your rear moves, when they raise from a fall 
    and are regaining their breath.
    Prostitute: this nasty girl will whip you if you try a frontal attack, so try 
    to avoid her until you are right on her face, then they won't be a problem.
    Shotgun guy: really dangerous! Not for the fact that they have a powerful 
    weapon in their hands (they don't quit so much energy as you may expect), but 
    because they can hit you from distances.
     Best tactic: NEVER walk to him horizontally if you don't want to bit a bullet. 
    Try to grab him, but be careful!
    - as almost all the street beat'em ups, don't run forward madly if you don't 
    wanna be overwhelmed with a lot of thugs. Kill the ones already in the screen 
    and after, advance.
    - remember that when playing more players, more and sturdier enemies will 
    appear. If you are not gonna cooperate well you will be easily dispatched. The 
    difficulty increases a lot when playing more than one person, so if you are a 
    maniac perfectionist... play alone!!! :P 
    - use your enemies as a weapon: pick them up and throw'em against the deadlier 
    - there's a way of easy 'killing' any non-boss enemy! sometimes you have one 
    area when you can walk forward a good lot of steps. You can grab your enemy, 
    throw him to the left of the screen, advance until he's outta it and he will 
    appear no longer!!! or you can do standing specials to your enemy being him 
    on the left, until he's out of the screen... of course he will not count to 
    your 'death score points' (the number above your energy bar) but keeping that 
    in mind, is really nice to know that you can have a quick way to get free of 
    annoying enemies.
    - when attacking fallen enemies, calculate how many hits you can inflict before 
    that enemy can be a menace for you when he arises, so you can have a good 
    balance of 'hit and move' to be safer.
    - all the bosses have tactics for you to use. Try to find them, or just read 
    the walkthrough.
    - also, don't desperate with any enemy... if a specific kind of enemy is too 
    annoying for you, just 'special' it, move, and repeat, until hes dead.
    What? A walkthrought to a beat'em up? Are you nuts?
    Well, of course I know nobody is gonna get lost when trying to find their path 
    to the end of the level! But this lil walkthrough can help you a lot if you 
    desire to perfect your technique, and be the envy of your friends when playing 
    this game. 
    So, if you don't wanna to be SERIOUS SPOILED, don't read ahead!! just do it if 
    you have finished the game one or two times and wanna know some tactics to do 
    it better, faster, and of course, without introducing one credit after 
    I managed to finish the game with only a credit and the 2 lives you are given, 
    so yes, it is possible to finish it with a single (the initial) credit.
    Stage One: entering the Dead End City
     Description: at the beginning you get sparmed with a lot of enemies, however 
    this doesn't happen frequently, and fortunately they are a weaker variation of 
    their standard types so they fall faster than usual. After defeating the first 
    hockey-looking dude and some of his friends, you begin to have encounters with 
    the standard dudes (I mean, with their usual energy). Just a bunch of rockers 
    and club dudes, until you reach the truck, with the first...
     Boss: BUZZSAW BRAVADO. As you may expect he's the dumber of the bosses, 
    however don't be so confident if you don't have a plan further that just 
    throwing him a massive quantity of kicks and punches. Just remember these 
    - using the Special (the one you don't have to move your controller) move of 
    your character with the rockers that will jump into the truck with throw'em 
    away to the road, an easy death for those bad guys! 
    - when Bravado falls to the ground you have time to do three floor attacks if 
    you are Boomer, Blood or Sledge, and one with Hawk. And then, if you don't 
    wanna be hit when he raises, move away. Knock him to the ground, and repeat.
    Having this in mind, he shouldn't pose a problem when you get the method.
    Stage Two: construction site
     Description: when appearing in this stage you'll see inmediately two wooden 
    crates. One of them has our loved shotgun (muackkk!!). If you administer 
    nicely your bullets, you should be able to carry it to the mid-stage boss. 
    After him you will have a short path until you reach the dangerous Missing
    Link, the real boss of this scenario.
     Mid-Stage Boss: JOE OHSUGI. There's only one mid-stage boss in Vendetta, and 
    he's Ohsugi. As a mid-stage boss he shouldn't be a problem for you, he hardly 
    will knock you to the floor. Just punish him hard and quick. Sometimes he will
    try to gain distance to use his far range attacks, don't let him to do it.
     Boss: MISSING LINK. Until you have a method of attack against ML, you'll 
    surely be killed more than once. There's a nice method against him, althought 
    for some odd reason doesn't work well with Hulk Hog... Hawk. The method is 
    series of 3 kicks against ML all the time. Move to him, 3 kicks, wait for him 
    to raise, 3 kicks again. Repeat until his end. When he is gonna jump over you, 
    you can either run away, or "standing special" him when he's gonna do the first 
    jump (may sound risky, but is a safe method if you know how to do it). 
     *Trip*: if you are good in the last section of this stage, when the lift has 
    gone down, the first wooden crate you will see has a chicken. You could bring 
    it ahead and crash it close to the place ML appears, so you have that extra 
    energy if things go bad.
    Stage Three: night streets
    Description: You will some new faces here, like the prostitute or the tall
    raincoatted guy. The street lamps can fall down, killing your enemies in 
    their way if you hit them a couple of times, so it's another quick way to
    some nice quick killing spree. You will meet in your way a lot of iron tins,
    so get a profit using them well. After the third prostitute in this area,
    you will enter in the casino and fight two enemies (maybe three or more, if
    you are playing with friends). You have two meal wooden crates hidden in 
    front of the billiard pool. Thrown the crates right ahead, close to the area
    where the final bosses are gonna appear.
    Boss: THE RUDE BROS. 'Revenge...is...SWEET!' defeating these two is 
    seriously difficult if you haven't a chicken close, that's why you should 
    have thrown here the previous wooden crates. The best method to defeat these
    freaks is killing the little one before, without being in the attack line of
    the big. Do Specials all the while and don't stand in the same place too 
    much time, and you'll survive this.
    By the way... the little brother is grabbable, I have managed to do it just
    a few times, but is really funny the way he moves when grabbed!! :-P
    Stage Four: the waterfront
    A really short scenario that is all straight-forwarded. Just appearing, you'll
    see a shotgun guy trying to do you some nasty holes. A dog will appear when
    you try to advance a few inches. A killing trip is that, sometimes, if you 
    manage to hit the dog in the air with the molotov cocktail in the screen, you
    may be able to kill him with just that hit. Maybe a bug? Well, try to get 
    that precious shotgun, and with it you should be able to reach the final boss.
    BOSS: KRUEL KURT. This guy is easier than you think. Just try to grab him with
    the knee grab, ever. When he goes to the right to call an assistant (you'll 
    know because you can't land any attack on him), just go to his side: if the
    assistant is a molotov attacker, he will land the cocktail in the face of 
    Kurt (just move away when the cocktel is thrown , so it doesn't hurt you too).
    Try to adivinate when he's gonna crash is anchor against the floor, and when
    hes gonna spin himself just move away until he stops spinning. If you are
    patient (patience here is basical), you'll kill him easily without losing any
    life bar.
    Stage Five: the slump
    Description: with the third stage, this is the longest scenario of all. If you
    have managed to reach here, you should be able to deal with anybody. Just some
    very important tips:
    - you will confront two shotgun assasins, that is, two nice shotguns to have.
    - when you go up on the mid-stage lift, DON'T MOVE!!! some flowerpots will fall,
    hitting all in their way. Use the shotgun if you have it, or standing specials
    against enemies when they approach, so they fall from the lift.
    - after the lift... after you get the second shotgun, try to save at least three
    of its bullets, because you will reach one tricky place with three iron bins put
    together. In each of them there is a punk that will throw molotovs once you go
    close enough. Instead of it, empty your bullets on those nasty iron tins, so 
    their hideout breaks away.
    Boss: FAUST. This fat pimp, as you may guess, has some dirty tricks. If he 
    manages to throw you away, he will move close to you, and when you raise, he'll
    launch an unstoppable fist against you that will drain 4 of your life bars. And
    he will call two times for an assistant. I suggest you kill his helpers as soon
    as possible, and quick in series of 2 hits, moving away right after they land,
    so he can't do his nasty blocking. You have two chicken crates in the screen, 
    and two iron bins to throw when you want, so feel free to kick his awful butt.
    By the way: keep an eye on his energy bar. When it reaches THREE, he will run
    towards the right side of the screen, don't let him go away!!!! He will pick
    a tommy gun and will begin to shoot around! Just before he begins to do it, 
    he'll stand there a mere second; be at his side throwing punches madly. If you
    are lucky when the invincibility of his standing pose fades off your punches 
    will reach him. After he bits the dust one or two times he will run cowardly to
    the left side, again, don't let that fat bastard run away! He will repeat
    the same proccess, so repeat it you too: punch, punch, punch! Hopefully the 
    last punches will impact that fatty face of him, and you will sing your 
    *Addition:* I've found a nice strategy to beat the crap out of Faust (until he
    begins to use his tommy gun). Just try to corner him against one of the 
    screen borders (if possible, best to the right) and special him all the time.
    Even if he guards against your first attack he shouldn't be able to cover 
    against the second, because he hasn't place to move back either. So stand 
    special him without mercy.
    Stage... Extra stage!!: outskirsts of the dead end city (again)
    Description: Somebody will feel scammed with this, when you thought all had 
    finished... a 'bonus' stage with ALL the bosses (including Ohsugi, the midboss 
    from 2nd stage) appears!! we can divide this stage in three clear areas that 
    graphically happens in the first bridge area we cross in the beginning of the 
    game. In each area we will battle two bosses aproximately.
    First area: Buzzsaw Bravado & Missing link. Well, if you had problems with 
    Missing Link... here's with a partner! As Bravado is a very eluctive guy, I 
    suggest you center in Missing Link, going from above to bottom and from bottom 
    to above when Bravado gets too close. ML will, instead, go constantly to you, 
    so he'll be the center of your kicks. When he cries and is above to jump, 
    prepare to do your standing special at the beginning of his first jump so he 
    shuts that dirty mouth of him.  If you think you'll be not able to do that, do 
    an escape maneuver to avoid his first and third jump. Kicks, kicks, kicks, and
    then Bravado will be alone and easy to you. Don't doubt in using those nice 
    iron tins to do some bonus damage to these freaks. Oh, and try to avoid all the 
    damage you can, so you can carry the wooden crate to the next area, with the 
    chicken in it... it will become REALLY handy there.
    Second area: Ohsugi & The rude brothers. Noooo!! Not that damn dwarf akain!!! 
    this is really a tough battle that will put all your habilities on the ropes. 
    Are you prepared for it? Obviously, the little critter should be the first to 
    be your target, but I know... this is easily said than done. That's why you 
    should try to carry here the chicken from the previous bosses, so with it and 
    the one is in the boxes here you can have a nice energy airbag.
    Third area: and now, for something really different (Copyright by Monty Python) 
    hehe :p well I guess you already know which one are the bosses you'll have now. 
    Yeah you got it; the baldie from 4th stage and that fat pimp from the 5th. And 
    the goddamn pimp will call some SERIOUS non-boss enemies here to aid them. I 
    know this area can be really chaotic often, and these two move at a decent 
    pace, so no serious advice here except that you keep always an eye on the 
    boxes (weapons and energy). I'm writing this cuz both bosses can do severe 
    damage in a very short period of time. So I suggest that when you have about 
    half bar of life, go picking the meal :)
    Enjoy the ending, the credits, and... oh man what is this? yipee we can start 
    again with our remaining lives! with a seriously increased difficulty, 
    however. Is your decission if you still want to continue ;)
    Q: Who's the best / your preferred fighter?
    A: Without a doubt, Boomer. Not only because I think martial artists are way 
    cooler than boxers or wrestlers ;-) but he's maybe the better to survive. All 
    his personal moves are rather good and quick, and he hasn't serious flaws. 
    Blood is a fine alternative, too, great when you are two playing. I'd 
    recommend Sledge or Hawk only to experienced players that want an advanced 
    Q: (low level Spoiler) Hey. I can't find the gay dudes you talk in Stage 3! 
    My life is ruined without their presence! And where are the sex junkie dogs 
    from stage five?
    A: Some arcades don't have these curious characters. In fact the ones that 
    were designed to Europe and America, for obvious moral motives. The arcades 
    that have all the original ingredients are the ones designed for Asia. By the 
    way, the fact you don't live in Asia doesn't mind that there aren't asian 
    versions in your arcade store, luckily... I played with a Vendetta arcade 
    that was an asian one in Barcelona (Spain) the place where I was born :-)
    Q: I found a Vendetta arcade but allows only two players, why is that? 
    A: Like some other arcades from Konami, there are versions for two players, 
    and others that allow 4 players simultaneously. I've never played a Vendetta 
    game with 4 players, but I guess must be really chaotic...
    Q: this game is not the half as good you are talking...
    A: Wha... what?? you are joking right?? uh... well, seriously, this is always 
    a personal view, but I'm not alone in this. Vendetta has its own  legion of 
    fans, as Final Fight or the Streets of Rage saga from Genesis/MegaDrive may 
    have. The whys: an unique playability, enemies really original and not the 
    usual dumb ones (sorry Capcom, but you should learn from Konami in this!), 
    ENERGY?!??), great background music and FXs, and A LOT of attacks with only 
    two buttons... I really love this game! ;-)
    Q: but it's too hard!
    A: if anyone tells you this, then tells this other thing: THIS IS NOT FINAL 
    FIGHT. When we think in street beat'em ups, is easy to think in the model that 
    Capcom has created, and thats almost always just standing in a strategic place 
    throwing punches at a lightning velocity so the enemies cannot hit us easily. 
    Vendetta is more than that, if you try to just punch your enemy again and 
    again you will begin to receive punches too. You need more strategy, and 
    change your method every time you confront a different kind of enemy. 
    Q: I luv this game, give me more similar tittles.
    A: Try Sunset Riders and Cowboys of Boo Mesa, that have a similar gameplay,
    same humoristic touches, and are from Konami too.
    Q: What about the first part of the game: Crime Fighters?
    A: Bleurgh!! Don't ever mention that garbage. For my humble opinion, it was
    just a bad clone of Double Dragon. Of course it is still curious to see how
    some enemies from Vendetta were introduced there before (the prostitute, the
    gay dogs/dudes, even Buzzsaw Bravado was there too), and it had also nice
    humouristic touches, but it has a zero in playability. It had an extra stage
    too with all the bosses in a pack that is great to give you some serious
    hysteria attacks ;-) seriously: it is like comparing Street Fighter 1 and
    Street Fighter 2, very few things in common, and playability isn't in it.
    Q: I don't see any email in your faq and I would like to contact you.
    A: Until I reach the non-beta version of this faq (that is, I finish the main
    sections) I won't put any email, as it is an unfinished text and I know it
    WILL have some mistakes. 
    (ADDITION: as I have finished the guide now, and is open to more additions,
    you can email me with any doubt/advice/trick you can find. The email is in 
    the top of the faq.)
    Thanks to my friends, and people, who waited for me so many times in front 
    of the Vendetta arcade waiting for their turn ;-)
    Thanks to Psychic-5 from IRC-Hispano (my partner in the 2p mode when playing
    Thanks to my inner circle that has had a serious patience with me, as a hard
    gamer I have been so many times
    ...and thanks to Konami, the creators of, for me, the best street beat'em up 
    made ever!

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