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"An OK game that's pretty basic"

Anticipation: I didn't really expect a good gaming experience but what I got was a good game.

Graphics: They are pretty good nice detailed environments, and on the snow level there are snowflakes that fall to the ground. There is some attention paid to detail which will pull you into the experience more. But it's all average stuff you've seen before. I was especially surprised how detailed the bosses and enemies are. They have good detail which gives the enemies a slight personality. I do have a problem with the blood, oh yes the blood. It oozes and spurts through the air, unaware that children might be playing. The game looks cheap and gets some points off for unimaginative blood effects. But I guess that's the game's style so it won't hurt the game to bad.

Graphics: 7/10 its kind of detailed yet, kind of not.

Game play: Basic stuff here, but that's not always a bad thing. You can choose from one out of three toads. The fast one, the big brute and the in-the-middle type (you can play with friends they can be the other two). There are 2 buttons and a joystick. The 2 buttons are punch and jump. Then there is a joystick that just moves your player around. Use all three buttons in unison with each other and pull off some special moves. There are some objects you can pick up off the ground, like a huge pipe with concrete at the end that you use to smash your enemies with. There is also a gun you can pick-up and blast at other enemies. These are some pretty basic game play mechanics that I know I have seen before. Although, you're special moves are interesting and very creative. You can grow a huge boot and kick the enemy off the screen! Or, your character can magically grow drills out of his hands and mows the enemy down. The game play seems to flow, but it becomes increasingly difficult to control your character. He runs everywhere out of control, it adds some difficulty and also some frustration. I bet you would get the hang of it.

Game play: 7/10 I've see this somewhere before but overall not bad.

Story: You play as Rash, Zitz and Pimple (very classy names). You're out to get the bad-girl queen. Boring. But who cares you don't really need a story here.

Story: 4/10 Move along.

Replayability: The game costs a quarter, not bad! These days it's impossible to find a game that's only a quarter. Go ahead play it with yourself or a bunch of friends! It's just fun and satisfying to bash the enemies over and over again. Eventually you will get bored because this game is hard! That's not usually a good thing for the arcade because you want to get far and you're plucking in quarters as you die so fast. Make sure you play with a friend on this one.

Replayability: 8/10 Fun to play, way to hard though.

Sound: Not bad, you can hear your enemy's shrieks of pain as you smash their hopeless brains with a huge concrete pole. The soundtrack is ok, but it seems a little dated. They even gave the 3 toads some catch phrases to yell out during the game. But they repeat the same sounds over and over.

Sound: 7/10 Awesome sounds, but they repeat to much

Overall: I didn't mind throwing in quarters brainlessly into this game. Because, I was having a fun time laughing at all the funny enemies. This game has 90s' written all over it.


Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 07/20/04

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