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Reviewed: 11/14/00 | Updated: 11/14/00

Not as good as prequel

1986 sequel of 1983 hit game ''Mappy''. Mappy was hopping on pogo stick this time around instead of chasing after Nya-mco and his little gang. Unfortunately, though this game was sequel of mega hit Mappy, it didn't get noticed by general gamers too much. This one was obviously off point for Namco. In it's own way, it is fairly decent game. But due to its plain game play, it did not get much exposure.

Very simple game and quite fun once you get into it. Since it is product of Namco after all, structure of game is present of course. Solid game play goes without saying.

You just hop around on your pogo stick, busting up balloons in the field. (Somewhat similar to bonus stage of original Mappy.) You can only hop around in designated area, and there are Nya-mco and his gang hopping around as well. But they only hop around in fixed order. Like waves, they swarm on both X and Y axis crossing each others over sometimes. Your objective is to avoid them and bust all the balloons. As promised matter of Namco, this game also require you to master one technique. Basically you hop to one direction and while you are in mid-air, put your joy-stick to opposite direction and you are momentary in the air. Some stages can not be cleared without using this at appropriate timing. But all in all, this was far too easy and didn't have enough appeal to keep its players to come back and play it again.

It's a shame this game didn't too well, but it sure was nice to see good old Mappy and his nemesis Nya-mco and his gang. (Even Nya-mco's Ancestor-infinite pattern play prevention character-was present.) But Namco was declining around this time (or rather other companies were catching up to Namco,) and it might have been just course of time and event that this game wasn't noticed.

Very solid. Besides it doesn't really have to be hair pin accurate to play this game. Really simple and really easy to get used to.

Tiny characters. Because they used very small amount of dots to compose each characters, it does not look good. Looks like Atari level. (Not that bad actually.) This was game that gave you impression of ''Tiny''. Considering it is Mappy after all and being ''Cute'' is one of trade mark of Namco, so effect of tiny character might have contributed to that area, but it did more harm than good. Made game very small as result of that. Points in this game was also very small. I remember this game actually used first digit of your score and points you can get was like 5pts. 10pts. 12pts. of sort. In comparison to games like ''Motos'' or ''BaRaDuKe'' which were released at around same time(1986), it looked like game from few years back.

This was one of pleasing factors that heavy gamers actually liked in this game. Main theme of this game was reprised version of one song from Namco's second music album. It was unused VGM and original scores of Namco sound team. When I first heard tune for Hopping Mappy, I was overwhelmed that they were actually using one of those songs. A lot of my friends caught on it too. It was very sweet of Namco to invite gamers to, sort of like, private joke.

This is well adjusted game. But it is also too plain and too simple. Too bad second Mappy could not carry the torch for first one. You'll play it, then you probably won't play no more. This is that kind of game. But it became rare game because of it as well. Finding game board for this one would be like treasure hunt since very little of them were distributed to begin with. I don't recall any home conversion of this game, but they might had been at may-be Nes or TurboGraphix16 sort of direction.(Could be rumor.) If not, I'm sure somebody emulated it for Mame anyway probably....

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

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