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    History FAQ by Wally Domey

    Version: 1.4 | Updated: 01/08/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Power Instinct series History Faq / New Power Instinct-Matrimelee 
    Mini-Faq, Version 1.4
    (c) 2004, Wally Domey (wallydomey@hotmail.com).  All rights 
    This document is Copyright 2004, Wally Domey and is protected by US 
    Copyright Law, and the Berne Copyright Convention of 1976.  You may not 
    use this for profitable purposes. Any reproduction of this document 
    without my permission is illegal and strictly prohibited.  Do not post 
    this FAQ without my permission.  This is my work, not yours.
    Power Instinct and all related characters (c) 1993-1994-1995-1997-2003, 
    Atlus, Noise Factory, Playmore.
    1) Revision History
    2) Introduction
    3) History
      3.1) Gouketsuji Ichizoku / Power Instinct
      3.2) Gouketsuji Ichizoku II / Power Instinct II
      3.3) Gouketsuji Ichizoku Gaiden-Saikyo Retsuden / Power Instinct II-      
           The Ultimate Violent Legend
      3.4) Groove On Fight
      3.5) Shin Gouketsuji Ichizoku-Matrimelee / New Power Instinct-
    4) Author Notes
    5) Credits
    Version 1.4 (2004/01/05)
    a) Finally, I decided to change my Preview Faq of Matrimelee into a
       Mini-Faq.  So, I had a lot of infos about the game and some moves for
       all the characters.  Also, I forgot to thank Chris Harback for giving
       me the right to use some infos from his great Power Instinct 2-The
       Slightly Ultimate Violent Legend faq for the PSX.
    Version 1.3 (2003/04/28)
    a) For this version of the faq, I make some little corrections on the
       Move List for New Power Instinct-Matrimelee and on the infos I found so
    Version 1.2 (2003/04/16)
    a) For my first revision, not many thinks were change.  The only changes
       concern New Power Instinct-Matrimelee.  First of all, the final boss
       of the game is a little princess name Sissy, and I don't know if she's
       from Austria?  I'm just kidding...  I don't know much about her at 
       this moment.
    b) The names of some characters were changed.  Motaro is known as 
       Buntaro, and Oroff is now called Olof.  Popura's name was change
       again.  They called her Clara in this game.  And White Buffalo is only
       named White.  The spelling of some other names has change too
       (Annie/Anny, Otane/Tane, Oume/Ume, Pochi/Poochy and Thin Nen/Chinnen).
    c) It's official, Jimmy Lewis, Lynn Baker, Mr. Jones and Patrick Elias from
       Rage of the Dragons are available in this game.  So, I added their moves
       in the New Power Instinct section.
    Version 1.1 (2003/03/22)
    a) For the release of New Power Instinct-Matrimelee, I decided to 
       write a faq about the history of the Power Instinct series.  My major 
       issues in this faq concern the story of the previous game (Power 
       Instinct I & II, Power Instinct II-The Ultimate Violent Legend and 
       Groove on Fight), a little look at the characters who run accross the 
       series, and a preview of the newest sequel from Noise Factory.  Any 
       help on these will be appreciated.
    Are you ready for your next battle NeoGeo fans?  A new fighting game has 
    been release in arcade and on the NeoGeo home system for some times now.
    Noise Factory, the creators of the very good game "Rage of the Dragons",
    produced a new chapter in the great Gouketsuji Ichizoku / Power Instinct
    series, formerly created by Atlus.  This sequel, titled Shin Gouketsuji
    Ichizoku-Matrimelee / New Power Instinct-Matrimelee, it's the fifth games
    in the series.
    So, you will find in this work the history of the Power Instinct series 
    and the complete roster for all the games, plus a mini-faq of the next 
    game, New Power Instinct-Matrimelee.
    3) HISTORY
    3.1) Gouketsuji Ichizoku / Power Instinct (1993)
    Comments :
    In early 1993, the company known as Atlus decided to jump in the fighting 
    game genre and released the first Power Instinct.  The fighting games 
    were very popular at this time and PI became a surprise arcade smash.  
    The game have to fight his way against other very popular fighting game 
    like Super Street Fighter II (Capcom), Mortal Kombat II (Midway) and the 
    first Samurai Shodown (SNK) and it does very well.  Donít forget that 
    this game bring an hilarious aspect to the genre.  Who donít remember the 
    most popular grandmas in the history of fighting game, Oume and Otane, 
    and their memorable Flying Denture special move.  
    The game has eight characters  to choose from; two Bonus stages; and some 
    new additions in the fighting game categorie like the Double Jump and the 
    possibility for one character, your favorite grandma, to steal her 
    opponent life force to become young again.  Approximately two years after 
    its release in arcade, Atlus brings the game to the home systems like the 
    Super Famicom/Super Nes and the MegaDrive/Genesis.
    Story :
    The Gouketsu clan . . .  Every 500 years, a hand-to-hand combat 
    tournament is held to determine who is the strongest fighter.  The 
    fighter is then chosen to become the leader of the Gouketsu clan.   
    Anyone who is a descendant of the Gouketsu clan may enter.  Their present 
    leader, Gouketsu Oume, has defended her reign for 60 years.  To all 
    entrants, an attendent named Kuroko is assigned to take care of all their 
    needs.  Once again, their present leader, 78 years old Oume, will attempt 
    to defend her title.  However, this time Oume's younger sister Otane, who 
    ran away from home years ago, has also entered the Tournament!
    Characters :
    - Name : Angela Belti
    - Description : A very tall and muscular Italian woman.  She was a 
      professionnal wrestler for some years, but she mysteriously disappears 
      after she follow her former lover in Japan.  Now, Angela is back and 
      she's ready to fight.
    - Special Moves : Whip Attack, Thunder Wall, Body Charge, Kick Breaker
    - Name : Annie Hamilton
    - Description : A young and passionate English woman, who believes in 
      the virtue of nature.  She try to protect all forms of life and she 
      acquire her power from her environment.
    - Special Moves : Photon Burst, Golden Swan, Rainbow Sweep, Annie 
    - Name : Gouketsu Otane (old) / Gouketsu Otane (young)
    - Description : The younger of the Gouketsu sisters, Otane leaves her 
      family several years ago.  After she trained herself severely, sheís 
      finally back, and her ultimate goal his to take control of the 
      Gouketsu clan and pick her sister crown.  She have great power which 
      one its to regain her youth by absorbing the life force of her 
    - Special Moves : Flying Denture Attack, Multiple Comets Shoot, Rising 
      Face Attack, Transformation, Drill Kick / Heart Bomb, Rainbow Wall
    - Name : Keith Wayne
    - Description : Once a time, he was a member of a street gang.  the 
      leader was also his only friend.  But the unrivaled love of his father 
      gave him the strenght and the courage to quit this kind of life.  This 
      character looks a lot like Cody of the Final Fight series (from 
    - Special Moves : Lightning Wave, Knuckle Bomber, Spiral Kick, Rolling 
    - Name : Reiji Oyama
    - Description : This martial arts champion, a guy who never stop to 
      train himself, is straightforward and honest.  He enters the 
      tournament to find the ultimate way of battle and to find some peace.  
      For several peoples, the best character in the game.  Of course!  Heís 
      a Ryu wannabe! 
    - Special Moves : Thunder Globe, Flying Dragon Upper, Thunder Kick, 
      Flying Thunder Kick
    - Name : Saizo Hattori
    - Description : A solitary man who train himself in the ninjutsu way.  
      He act strangely and try to hide is real personality.  Itís like if 
      heís surround by an halo of sadness, mystery and darkness.  The 
      fastest character in this game, and maybe in the fighting game 
    - Special Moves : Dragon Breath Shot, Dragon Bomb Flash, Tsunami Slash, 
      Shadow Slicer
    - Name : Thin Nen
    - Description : A violent individual with obscure desires.  This 
      religious man studied ancient rituals to gain mystic powers.  He will 
      do everything he can to get what he wants.  Heís afraid of nothing.
    - Special Moves : Oro Ball Wave, Freeze Curse Card, Striking Energy 
      Fist, Blade Kick
    - Name : White Buffalo
    - Description : An american native who tried to protect the rights of 
      his people at all cost.  Heís a man of few words and he treasures his 
      way of life : to keep the simpliest of things.  He tried to make one 
      with the world.  My favorite characters in this game and a very good 
      mix of strenght and speed.
    - Special Moves : Arrow Shot, Rushing Tackle, Raging Buffalo, Flying 
      Elbow Heat
    - Name (Final Boss) : Gouketsu Oume (old) / Gouketsu Oume (young)
    - Description : Oume is a little bit older than her sister.  After 
      several years of training and meditation, she gets an unconquerable 
      spirit.  Sheís almost superhuman.  This old woman, both mysterious and 
      secretive, rules her clan with an iron hand.  Like her sister, she can 
      also regain her youth.  Without a doubt, one of the strongest boss in 
      the history of fighting games.
    - Special Moves : Super Flying Denture Attack, Super Multiple Comets 
      Shoot, Super Rising Face Attack, Super Transformation, Super Drill 
      Kick / Super Heart Bomb, Super Rainbow Wall
    3.2) Gouketsuji Ichizoku II / Power Instinct II (1994)
    Comments :
    After the success of Power Instinct in arcades in 1993, the developpers 
    thinks of some ideas for a sequel and the game was produced.  In 1994, 
    Power Instinct II was release in arcades, exactly a year after the first 
    one.  Probably that many North American players never saw or heard about 
    this game because it was not release on a large scale in this part of the 
    globe.  And thatís very sad because PI2 was and its still a great 
    The fighting engine its the same as Power Instinct, if you except the 
    addition of an Endurance Meter.  When this meter is full, you have the 
    pleasure to throw a Super Special Move to your opponent.  Talking about 
    characters, the fighters from the previous game are back, plus five brand 
    new for a total of fourtheen.  About the new ones, the idea of 
    transformable characters, like Gouketsu Oume & Otane, make a long way in 
    this game.  From the five new fighters, three can change into alter 
    egos : Kanji Kokuin, Kintaro Kokuin and Kurara Hanakouji.  Finally, any 
    new moves were gave to the old crew, excepting the Super Special Moves.
    Story :
    The Gouketsu clan is the third richest family in Japan, with vast 
    possessions worldwide. An unusual method is used to determine who of the 
    vast number of family members will lead the family : every ten years, a 
    tournament is held.  To win the right to be the leader, the goal is to 
    defeat the entire family, including the current clan leader.
    In 1992, Gouketsu Oume, leader of the clan for 50 years, was defeated by 
    her sister Otane, who had run away from home years ago.  Otane then 
    replaced her sister as head of the clan.  However, in 1995, Otane went 
    missing.  As a result, a new tournament is being held.  All of the 
    previous tournament's competitors have returned, along with five new 
    As it turns out, Otane was kidnapped by her older sister Osima, who 
    bribed the Kurokos to throw Otane into the ocean.  Osima then opened the 
    new tournament, figuring that she could easily defeat all comers.  Otane 
    survived though, and returns to challenge you after you have defeated 
    Returning Characters :
    - Name : Angela Belti
    - New Special Moves : Angela Special (Super Special Move)
    - Name : Annie Hamilton
    - New Special Moves : Cosmic Warp (Super Special Move)
    - Name : Gouketsu Oume (old) / Gouketsu Oume (young)
    - New Special Moves : Multiple Face Attack (Super Special Move)
    - Name : Keith Wayne
    - New Special Moves : Rolling Bomb Wave (Super Special Move)
    - Name : Reiji Oyama
    - New Special Moves : Flying Dragon Rush (Super Special Move)
    - Name : Saizo Hattori
    - New Special Moves : Flaming Bomb Surge (Super Special Move)
    - Name : Thin Nen
    - New Special Moves : Turn of Fate (Super Special Move)
    - Name : White Buffalo
    - New Special Moves : God Tomahawk (Super Special Move)
    - Name (Final Boss) : Gouketsu Otane (old) / Gouketsu Otane (young)
    - New Special Moves : Spirit Charge, Super Multiple Face Attack (Super 
      Special Move)
    New Characters :
    - Name : Gouketsu Osima
    - Description : Osima is the elder of the Gouketsu sisters.  After 
      attempting to the life of her younger sister Otane, she organize a new 
      tournament to prove to every fighters that sheís the true ruler of the 
      clan and the only one who can do the job right.  Osima is another 
      quick and effective character in this game.
    - Special Moves : Heaven Ball Spread, Expending Heaven Ball, Ponytail 
      Slap, Shouha, Screw Kick Upper, Aura Blast (Super Special Move)
    - Name : Kanji Kokuin (strong form) / Kanji Kokuin (weak form)
    - Background : A muscular old man using some dirty and stinky techniques 
      to achieve his plan.  Kanji is another transformable character, but 
      instead of changing himself into a stronger form, he become weaker.  
      After using a particular technique (the Kanji Combo Rush), the strong 
      and fast Kanji turn into a weak and frail grandpa.
    - Special Moves : Atomic Punch, Breath Spin, Loincloth Snap, Energy Foot 
      Lunge, Kanji Combo Rush (Super Special Move) / Libido Attack, 
      Transformation, Headbutt Launch
    - Name : Kintaro Kokuin / Pochi
    - Description : A little brat who seems to coming out of the prehistoric 
      age.  But donít be fool by his height and his funny look, because 
      Kintaro is an animal lover and if he needs help, fish and bear can 
      give him a hand.  He also possess the power to transform himself into 
      the super dog-like hero Pochi.
    - Special Moves : Tantrum Storm, Axe Swing, Rising Carp, Transformation, 
      Little Bear Run, Great Bear Leap (Super Special Move) / Doggy Dive, 
      Bone Throw
    - Name : Kurara Hanakouji / Super Kurara
    - Description : The young Kurara looks like a cute and ordinary little 
      girl, but sheís in fact some sort of witch.  She gets her power from 
      the wand sheís always train with her.  But she can also change herself 
      into the ultra cool roller skating babe Super Kurara.
    - Special Moves : Baton Throw, Hammer Blow, Transformation, Ribbon 
      Twirl, Starlight Elevation (Super Special Move) / Wave Fist, Sweep 
    - Name : Sahad Asran
    - Background : A deadly arabian fighter who gets great power after he 
      discover Aladinís magic lamp in the desert.  With the lamp in his 
      possession, he can call the Djinn, a spirit who satisfied all his 
      wishes, to help him during battles.  Without a doubt, Sahad Asran is 
      my favorite character in the series thus far.
    - Special Moves : Dagger Throw, Sabre Throw, Flame Breath, Burning 
      Arabian Fist, Djinn Lift, Sabre Chop (Super Special Move)
    3.3) Gouketsuji Ichizoku Gaiden-Saikyo Retsuden / Power Instinct II- 
         The Ultimate Violent Legend (1995)
    Comments :
    After the huge success Gouketsuji Ichizoku II receive in JAPAN, Atlus 
    decided to release an update version of the game in 1995.  Titled 
    Gouketsuji Ichizoku Gaiden-Saikyo Retsuden (Power Instinct II-The 
    Ultimate Violent Legend), the game its a little bit more than a update.  
    It seems that the developers at Atlus was inspired  by one of the latest 
    SNK game and a very popular one at this time : The King of Fighters í94.  
    In fact, Atlus taked the idea of the team battle mode of KoF and insert 
    it in the Power Instinct series.  However, they change the formula to a 
    Two vs Two mode instead of a Three vs Three.  But in general, the 
    gameplay its identical to the previous title.  
    About the characters, they pull off the other personalities of Kintaro 
    and Kurara, Pochi and Super Kurara, and they became distinct characters 
    with a lot of new moves.  Kintaro (with a new alter ego of some sort) and 
    Kurara gets some new moves too, to compensate for the lost of their 
    counterparts.  Atlus also added two new characters to the roster : Kuroko 
    the Referee, and a new final boss (selectable via a code), CHUCK.
    In the first month of 1996, a version of this game was made to the 
    japanese Playsation (PSX).  Titled Gouketsuji Ichizoku II-Chottodake 
    Saikyo Retsuden (Power Instinct II-The Slightly Ultimate Violent 
    Legend), I add the great pleasure to bought this game and I like it a 
    lot.  Of course, due to the poor 2D processing power of the PSX, the game 
    was not perfect.  The backgrounds were average, because the amazing and 
    numerous parallax of the arcade game was reduced to one layer or none, 
    and they were a little bit flat.  But the characters are well animated 
    and detailed in general.  I recommend this game to all the fighting games 
    maniacs out there.
    Story :
    The story was the same as Power Instinct II.  In fact, I think itís the 
    Alternate Characters :
    - Name : Kintaro Kokuin / Devil Kintaro
    - Description : This time, the young Kintaro has a new alter ego.  Now, 
      the boy can transform himself into the little Devil Kintaro.  But itís 
      impossible to compare this ęother personalityĽ to Pochi.  They are not 
      from the same league.  He also get a new special move to compensate 
      for the lost of Pochi.
    - New Special Moves : Jumping Bear / Flaming Jab, Flaming Dive
    - Name : Kurara Hanakouji
    - Description : Like Kintaro, Kurara lost the possibility to transform 
      herself into Super Kurara.  She receive a new Super Special Move 
    - New Special Moves : Doll Hurricane (Super Special Move)
    - Name : Pochi
    - Description : The doggy-like hero is now a selectable character from 
      the start.  He also get an all new set of Special moves.  In my 
      opinion, Pochi is one of the best character in this sequel.
    - Special Moves : Ear Slap, Doggy Dive, Swan Dive, Doggy Dash, Bone Dig, 
      Bomb Dig, Pochi Special (Super Special Move)
    - Name : Super Kurara
    - Description : Like Pochi, sheís also a new selectable character from 
      the start, with a complete set of moves.  Another very good character 
      in the game.
    - Special Moves : Wave Fist, Sweep Wave, Starlight Kick Flash, Super Gut 
      Punch Show (Super Special Move)
    New Characters :
    - Name (Final Boss) : Chuck
    - Background : Chuck is the new boss of Power Instinct.  Heís the 
      perfect parody of the Shotokan and Kyokugen fighters like Ryu, Ken, 
      Ryo or Robert.  In fact, heís a lot like Dan Hibiki, but only better.  
      Much better!!!
    - Special Moves : Low & High Laser, Ki Charge, Flying Gale Kick, Circle 
      Kick Cutter, Chuck Revenge (Super Special Move)
    - Name : Kuroko
    - Background : It seems that Kuroko was tired of watching all the 
      battles in the background.  So he decided to join the party.  And what 
      a decision this was, because Kuroko can go the all way.  In fact, the 
      little referee is a welcome and enjoyable addition to the roster.
    - Special Moves : Fan Throw, Iron Ball Smash, Fan Uppercut, Rolling Fan 
      Dive, Mega Kuroko Bazooka (Super Special Move)
    3.4) Groove on Fight (1997)
    Comments :
    Two years passed since a new Power Instinct game saw the light of day.  
    In 1997, Atlus decided to release Groove on Fight, a new Team vs Team 
    game, but more in the way of X-Men vs Street Fighters (the first game of 
    Capcomís VS series and the only one release at this moment).  This game 
    was made on Segaís ST-V Titans board (the equivalent of the Saturn in 
    arcades).  The overall look of the game is completely different if you 
    compare it to the previous games.  In fact, the different character 
    designs were draw by the well-known japanese artist Murata.  The Atlusí 
    programmers does a marvelous job when they reproduced his work in the 
    game.  The characters are great and well done; the animation its smooth 
    and the different backgrounds are strange and filled with multiple 
    details and parallax.  The only complaint I heard was about the use of 
    the colors in some backgrounds.  Some colors doesnít fit at all and itís 
    difficult to see what is going on.  And of course, the game keeps its 
    good sense of humor, a well-known particularity to the Power Instinct 
    Now, lets talk about the gameplay, because itís very different from the 
    previous games.  Like I said before, this is a Tag Team game in the way 
    of the VS series from Capcom.  The button layout is not the same, because 
    it have six buttons (3 punches + 3 kicks of sort) instead of four (2 
    punches + 2 kicks).  The third punch itís not the strongest punch, but an 
    overhead attack, and the third kick itís like a dashing attack. To tag 
    your teammate, you must press Weak Punch + Weak Kick, but he must be 
    behind you (in the background) if you want this to work.  For a Teammate 
    Attack, press Weak Punch + Weak Kick when your partner is behind your 
    opponent (in the background).  Donít forget that your partner moves a lot 
    in the background, so you must keep watching him.  For a Repel / Parrying 
    (like Last Blade or SF3), press Strong Punch + Strong Kick.  Also, this 
    game contains Attack Cancel, Double Jump, Pursuit Attack, Unblockable 
    Attack, Reversal (to move behind your opponent), Dual Attack (a super 
    combo done by your teammates), Shadow Moves (performing a Special Move 
    when you dash), Special Toss (you can toss a downed character at your 
    opponent), and of course, Super Special Moves.
    Finally, the character roster its also very different.  Only two fighters 
    are from the other games in the series : Gouketsu Oume & Otane (acting as 
    one character) and Popura (I think sheís Kurara from PI2).  Keith Wayne 
    is also back, but in the form of his brother Chris.  They have the same 
    set of moves in general.  The other characters are totally new to the 
    series.  Three characters (Bristol Weller, Bristol-D and Damian Shade) 
    are hidden in the game.  Talking of Damian Shade, him and Rudolph 
    Gartheimer seems to be the first homosexual couple in the history of 
    fighting game.  You just have to see the drawing of their victory quotes 
    to believe it!
    The game was release on the japanese Saturn some years ago.  To be 
    honest, I never played it, but I heard that the ęframeyĽ animation its 
    not like the arcade game and the loading time its atrocious.  I tried to 
    order the game from an import retailer in 2000, but Iím still waiting the 
    CD.  A PSX version was planed, but I think the idea was cancelled.  
    However, the PSX canít handle a game like this anyway...
    Story :
    I have absolutely no idea at this time, but I know that the story takes 
    place some years after Power Instinct II...
    Characters :
    - Name (Final Bosses) : Bristol Weller / Bristol-D
    - Background : The only thing I know about Bristol Weller itís that heís 
      the final boss of the game.  Bristol-D, the vampiric version of Bristol 
      Weller, comes from the boss body after his defeat.  This two characters 
      are hidden in the game and become available if you achieve some goals.
    - Special Moves : No Mercy! Forever!, Sonic Boost, Mach Flight, Axe 
      Streak, Public Execution (Super Special Move) / Flying Kamikaze, 
      Wounds from Golgotha, Demon Talon, Demonic Stun Rings, Evil Monkey, 
      The 7th Plane Fly (Super Special Move)
    - Name : Chris Wayne
    - Description : Chris is the younger brother of Keith Wayne from the 
      other Power Instinct games.  He looks like his elder and possess some 
      of his moves, plus original ones.  If youíre a good Keith player, I 
      donít think you will have problem to use him properly.
    - Special Moves : Overdrive, Lightning Wave, Head Slasher, Spiral Kick, 
      Rolling Cannon, Lightning Stunner (Super Special Move)
    - Name : Damian Shade
    - Description : A very feminine guy with long blond hair who loves 
      roses.  You probably get the picture!  In fact, Damian is the 
      ępartnerĽ of Rudolph Gartheimer, and I think he become selectable if 
      you finish the game with the big guy.
    - Special Moves : Wandering Upper, Rosebud Toss, Damianís Way, Awesome 
      Body Check, Teamer Back-Up (Super Special Move)
    - Name : Falco
    - Description : An old adventurer with a patch on his right eye.  This 
      guy is a gambler and he use game cards to fight.  Iím still working on 
    - Special Moves : Bluff Shuffle, Double Card, Card Trick Genius, Face or 
      Back, Diving Cane Trip, Lucky Slots, Flying Cane Attack, Poker Royal 
      Flush (Super Special Move)
    - Name : Gouketsu Oume & Gouketsu Otane
    - Description : In this game, the two sisters fights together and act as 
      one character.  They are bind to each other by the back.  They have 
      all their moves from their previous incarnations and a few new ones.
    - Special Moves : Multiple Comets Shoot, Flying Denture Attack, Rising 
      Face Attack, Biting Denture Trap, Statue Drop, Energy Request, Drill 
      Kick, Angry Mob (Super Special Move)
    - Name : Hizumi Yukinoue
    - Description : Hizumi replace Saizo as the new ninja character, and 
      like his predecessor, heís a very fast character.  Iím still working 
      on him...
    - Special Moves : Shockwave, Aerial Explosives, Ninja Confusion, Triple 
      Exploding Jack, Flaming Pinwheel, Teleport, Double Rising Blade (Super 
      Special Move)
    - Name : Larry Light
    - Description : Larry is a skinny and quick fighter who appears to be
      the new hero of the series. Iím still working on him...
    - Special Moves : Light Blast, Impact Connection, Driving Dribble, Max 
      Gunner, Historical Moment (Super Special Move)
    - Name : Max Ax Dax (M.A.D.)
    - Description : A mad scientist with a twisted mind, M.A.D. wears a 
      special lab coat.  And this piece of clothes hides many secrets and 
      tricks.  Iím still working on him...
    - Special Moves : Fall Down!, Come Here!, Donít Attack!, Max Drill, 
      Original One, Mighty Sparkler, Giant Butterfly Net, Back Off!, Go 
      Away!, Donít Jump!, Single Leech, Leech Barrage (Super Special Move)
    - Name : Popura Hanakouji
    - Description : Iím not sure about this, but I think that Popura and 
      Kurara (from Power Instinct II) are the same character, because they 
      look the same and they use some of the same moves.  Or they are simply 
      sieblings?  However, Popura gets a lot of new moves in this game.  But 
      on the negative side, she canít transform herself into Super Kurara 
    - Special Moves : Jellyfish Bazooka, Popura Special, Teddy Bear Relief, 
      Teddy Bear Teleport, Cupidon, Pogo Stick, Ribbon Twirl, Kuru Kuru 
      Candy, Tulip Chomp (Super Special Move)
    - Name : Remi
    - Background : It seems that Remi is another little magic user, just 
      like Popura.  Iím still working on her...
    - Special Moves : Effervescent Strike, Scythe Rage, Knife Rider, Horn 
      Whiplash, Little Witch, Triangle Razor, Requiem (Super Special Move)
    - Name : Rudolph Gartheimer
    - Background : Gartheimer is the enforcer of the game.  He hide his 
      face with a leather mask; he wears aristocratic clothes, and he use
      two iron ball to inflict damage to his opponent.  And of course, heís
      the ępartnerĽ of the hidden character Damian Shade.
    - Special Moves : Rapid Ball, Gain Control, Body Breaker, Heavy Tread, 
      Iron Mine, Grind Rush, Heavy Solid, Iron Bomber (Super Special Move)
    - Name : Sujiroku Tenginbashi
    - Description : Sujiroku is a very tall guy.  He wears a ceremonial beast
      mask and he fights with two wooden sticks.  Iím still working on him...
    - Special Moves : Brutality, Cherry Blossom, Electric Dream, Triple 
      Bites, Straight Light, Bomb Attachment, Feather Drop, Snowball, Human 
      Sky Rocket (Super Special Move)
    - Name : Solis R8000
    - Background : A very sexy synthetic female humanoid.  Sheís a member of 
      a police department.  Iím still working on her...
    - Special Moves : Stun Bullet, Platinum Soar Crystal, Nitro Charge, 
      Absolute Beating, Generator Smasher, Melody Multiplier (Super Special 
    3.5) Shin Gouketsuji Ichizoku-Matrimelee / New Power Instinct-Matrimelee
    Comments :
    Like many other fans, I was convinced that the Power Instinct series was 
    buried.  I was so wrong!  After making a non-official sequel to Technosí 
    Double Dragon series, Noise Factory, the developers of Rage of the 
    Dragons, decided to produce a new sequel to the Power Instinct franchise. 
    Indeed, Noise Factory (a company from the Playmore/SNK-NeoGeo group), in 
    collaboration with Atlus, has developing the game on the old NeoGeo 
    system (AES and MVS).
    At this time, the game its available both in arcade and on the NeoGeo
    system.  The game looks a lot like Rage of the Dragons, the first attempt
    of Noise Factory in the fighting genre.  It will also use a similar
    engine.  The cast of characters (20 in all) come directly from the first
    three games (PI, PI2 and PI2-The Ultimate Violent Legend); from Rage of
    the Dragons, plus five all new fighters.  Here is all the thing you can
    find in this game :
    - The roster is make up of 11 returning characters (Anny Hamilton,
      Chinnen, Clara, Gouketsu Otane, Gouketsu Oume, Kanji Kokuin, Keith
      Wayne, Poochy, Reiji Oyama, Saizo Hattori, White); 4 hidden characters
      from Rage of the Dragons (Jimmy Lewis, Lynn Baker, Mr.Jones, Patrick
      Elias) and 5 new characters (Buntaro, Hikaru, Olof, Shintaro and the
      final boss Sissy).
    - The button layout looks a lot like other NeoGeo fighters (A : Weak 
      Punch, B : Weak Kick, C : Strong Punch, D : Strong Kick, A+B : Roll, 
      C+D : Unblockable Attack, etc).
    - If you use some Special Attacks when your characters is dashing, the
      move will become a Shadow Special Attack (just like Groove on Fight)
      and it will make more hits and damage to the opponent.
    - You can use a Launching Attack by pressing Dn+CD.  After that, itís 
      possible to make massive aerial combos.
    - If you press BC during a fight, you can force the referee known as
      Kuroko to place himself between you and your opponent.  If Kuroko is
      in front of you, you can grab him and use him as a shield by pressing
      BC again, or just throw him at your opponent if you're doing an
      Unblockable Attack (press CD).  If he's behind you, you can also throw
      him if you press BC an other time.  If you only press BC when is far
      from you, the referee will return in the background.
    - At the bottom of the screen, each players have a Stress Meter (a Super 
      Meter of sort).  You fill up this meter when youíre blocking different
      kinds of attacks or when the attacks hurts you.  You can also fill up
      the meter quickly if you're taunting the opponent.  When the meter is
      full, you gain one Stress Meter stock, and your character will scream
      and he will be surrounded with a blue flame.  This flame can hurt the
      opponent.  You can store three stocks in all.  You can use the stocks
      for Counter Attacks, Desperation Attacks (Super Special Moves), Super
      Desperation Attacks (more damaging Super Special Moves) and Hidden
      Desperation Attacks (for some characters only).  The Counter Attacks
      and the Desperation Attacks use one stock; the Super Desperation Attacks
      use two stocks, and the Hidden Desperation Attacks use three stocks in
    - Like I said above, each character possess a Counter Attack by pressing
      CD when blocking, but that technique use one Stress Meter stock.
    - If two opponents use a Taunt at the same time, a TV monitor will
      appears in the middle of the screen.  The letters A,B,C, and D,
      corresponding to the 4 buttons, will be randomly shown on the monitor.
      The first fighter to press the corresponding button appearing on the TV
      automatically hits the opponent for extra damage.
    - The game looks more refined compare to Rage of the Dragons.  The
      characters are well drawn and the animation its very good.
    - The backgrounds known are an electronic store, a stadium with a huge
      screen in the back and different animations depending of the character
      you fight against (dancers, singers, death metal band, aliens, etc),a
      practically empty bar, a gloomy forest with priest, and a secret room
      (only against the RotD characters).
    - Almost all of the musics in the game features real singing and not
      repeated music samples.
    - The characters' artwork were made by Murata, the same artist who worked
      on Groove on Fight (Power Instinct 3 if you prefer).
    Story :
    The story turns around a young princess, Sissy, and the awesome treasure
    she offers to the winner of the tournament.  Also, the goal of the
    tournament its to found true happiness.
    Basic Moves:
    Up : Up				QCF : Quarter Circle Forward
    Uf : Up-Forward			HCF : Half Circle Forward
    Fd : Forward			QCB : Quarter Circle Back
    Df : Down-Forward		HCB : Half Circle Back
    Dn : Down			DP : Fd,Dn,Df (Dragon Punch motion)
    Db : Down-Back
    Bk : Back
    Ub : Up-Back
    A button : Weak Punch		C button : Strong Punch
    B button : Weak Kick		D button : Strong Kick
    Start button : Taunt
    Fd,Fd : Dash
    Bk,Bk : Retreat
    Fd+C (near the opponent) : Throw or Hold
    Fd+AB (A+B) : Forward Roll
    Bk+AB (A+B) : Backward Roll
    CD (C+D) : Unblockable Attack
    CD (C+D when blocking) : Counter Attack
    Dn+CD : Launching Attack
    BC (B+C) : Bring the referee into action/Return him in the background
    BC (when the referee is in front of you) : Human shield
    BC (when the referee is behind you) : Human projectile
    CD (when the referee is in front of you) : Human projectile
    DA (before move's name) : Desperation Attack (cost one stock)
    SDA (before move's name) : Super Desperation Attack (cost two stocks)
    HDA (before move's name) : Hidden Desperation Attack (cost three stocks) 
    Characters Moves :
    - Name : Anny Hamilton
    - Comments : Sheís very different compare to her previous appearance.  
      Sheís acting more like a sexy femme fatale.  And it seems that she 
      keeps her bag of old moves.
    Golden Swan : QCF+Punch
    Photon Burst : (air) QCF+Punch
    Rainbow Sweep : DP+Punch
    Anny Dynamic : Press and hold D button for 3 seconds, then release
    Anny Dynamic Burner : Press and hold D button for 6 seconds, then release
    DA Cosmic Warp : (near) HCB,HCB+C
    SDA Angel Ring : Bk,Fd+A, then Db,Dn,Df+C
    - Name : Buntaro
    - Comments : I think this guy is the big brother of Shintaro.  You can use
      him the same way when you're playing with Kim Kaphwan of the Fatal fury
      and KoF series.  Iím still working on him...
    Self-Confidence : HCB+Punch (counter)
    Bird of Prey : (air) QCF+Kick
    Sharp Talon : (from Bird of Prey) QCF+B
    Ground Talon: (from Sharp Talon) QCF+D
    Violent Crescent : DP+Kick
    Mach Slide : HCB+Kick
    Bird Crash : Dn,Dn+Kick (repeat three times)
    DA Violence for Violence : QCB,HCF+D
    SDA Terminal Crash : Hold Bk, then press D,B,D,B in rapid succession
    - Name : Chinnen
    - Comments : Chinnen is another character who looks exactly the same 
      (except for his name) and who probably be played in the same way too.
      A good thing for the fan of this warrior.
    Striking Energy Fist : Fd,Bk,Fd+Punch
    Freeze Curse Card : HCF+AC
    Oro Ball Wave : HCB+Punch (can be done in the air)
    Blade Kick : HCF+Kick
    DA Turn of Fate : Press and hold A, then B, then C
    SDA Vengeful Priest : QCF,HCB+B
    HDA Crumbling Temple : (during Stress scream) Bk,Df,Uf,Db,Ub,Fd+D
    - Name : Clara
    - Comments :  The young witch is also back.  But her name changed
      again.  However, Iím 90% sure that Clara, Popura and Kurara are the
      same and unique character, because they give her some of Kuraraís and
      Popura's old moves like the Hammer Blow, the Ribbon Twirl and the Doll
      Hurricane.  But she canít transform herself into Super Kurara though.
    Magic Staff : QCF+Punch
    Hammer Blow : QCB+Punch
    Ribbon Twirl : QCB+Kick (can be done in the air)
    Starlight Elevation : Fd,HCF+BD
    DA Ultimate Spell : QCF,QCF+C
    SDA Doll Hurricane : HCF,Df,Dn+C, then tap C near the opponent
    - Name : Gouketsu Tane
    - Comments : The old grandma seems to be the same as their previous 
      incarnations, but sheís get a few new moves!
    Flying Denture Ark : Hold Bk, then Fd+Punch
    Spirit Charge : (near) HCB+Punch
    Ugly Face Attack : Hold Bk, then Fd+Kick
    Rising Drill : Hold Dn, then Up+Kick
    DA Super Ugly Face : QCF,QCF+C
    SDA Gates of Hell : Bk,QCB,Fd+C
    - Name : Gouketsu Ume
    - Comments : Just like her sister, but the joystick motion for her 
      Special Moves are different...
    Flying Denture Attack : QCF+Punch
    Multiple Comets Shoot : HCB+Punch
    Rising Face Attack : DP+Punch
    Diving Drill : (Air) QCF+Kick
    DA Pillar of Death : QCF,QCF+any Button
    SDA Ghostly Leech : HCF,HCF+AC
    HDA Pillar of Destruction : QCF,QCF,QCF+C
    - Name : Hikaru
    - Comments : A new female character using a cane to fight.  I heard that 
      sheís a tormented young woman from a rich family.  Iím still working
      on her...
    Leap Crush : HCB+Punch
    Cane Circle : DP+Punch
    Flying Needle : (Air) QCB+Kick
    Sweep Run : HCB+B
    Rolling Sweep : HCB+D
    Iron Cane : DP+Kick (counter)
    DA Justice Circle : QCB,HCF + AC (can be done in the air)
    SDA Iron Cane Duel : Tap Dn, then QCF+D
    - Name : James "Jimmy" Lewis
    - Comments: After an appearance in Rage of the Dragons, Jimmy is back!
      And this time, he wants the Gouketsuji clan title.  At first glance,
      he seems to be the same in looks, and his moves are the same as RotD
      too, exception of some followups to his Heat Hurricane.
    Red Rage : QCF+Punch
    Sho Ryu Dan : DP+Punch
    Heat Hurricane : HCB+Punch
    Heat Straight : (from Heat Hurricane with C) QCF+C
    Heat Elbow : (from Heat Hurricane with C) QCB+C
    Heat Upper : (from Heat Hurricane with C) DP+C
    Cannon Kick : QCB+Kick
    DA Gun Blow : HCB,Fd+A
    SDA Super Gun Blow : HCB,Fd+C
    - Name : Kanji Kokuin
    - Comments : Kanji canít turn himself into a strong and muscled guy 
      anymore.  But on the other hand, he still have the Atomic Punch
      (Atomic Stick now), the Loincloth Snap and a new version of the Kanji
      Combo Rush.
    Pogo Sick : Fd+Punch
    Head Cracker : (from Pogo Stick) Press Punch
    Bouncing Old Man : (from Pogo Stick) Press Kick
    Atomic Stick : Tap Punch repeatedly
    Libido Attack : HCB+Punch
    Rocket Skull : Fd,HCF+Punch
    Loincloth Snap : HCF+Kick
    DA New Kanji Combo Rush : Hold Bk, then Fd+BD
    SDA Restore to Life : Press BD,B,B,D in rapid succession
    - Name : Keith Wayne
    - Comments :  In this sequel, Keith looks much older and more confident.  
      He gain some maturity.  However, he lost his head-band, but he keeps 
      his moves.
    Lightning Wave : QCB+Punch
    Knuckle Bomber : Hold Bk, then Fd+Punch
    Spiral Kick : QCF+Kick (repeat three times)
    Flying Spiral Kick : (air) QCF+Kick
    Rolling Cannon : QCB+Kick
    DA Rolling Bomb Wave : QCB,HCF+C
    SDA Tidal Wave Bomb : QCF,QCF+C
    - Name : Lynn Baker
    - Comments : After an appearance in Rage of the Dragons, Lynn is also
      back in another fighting tournament.  She's seems the same in looks, 
      and her moves are the same as RotD too.
    Enretsu Ken : HCB+Punch
    Ko Ryu Sho Zan : QCF+Punch
    Ryu en Hou : DP+Punch
    Karasu Kyaku : (from Ryu en Hou) QCF+Kick
    Kyaku Binta : (from Karasu Kyaku) Dn+Kick
    Ko Ryu Kyaku : Dn,Up+Kick
    DA Tobi Ryu : QCB,HCF+B
    SDA Shin Tobi Ryu : QCB,HCF+D
    - Name : Mr.Jones
    - Comments : After an appearance in Rage of the Dragons, Mr.Jones is
      also back in another fighting tournament.  He's seems the same in
      looks, and his moves are the same as RotD too, exception of the 
      "King Kang" Super Desperation Attack.
    Gaudy Punch : Tap Punch repeatedly
    Funky Impact : QCF+Punch (autoguard)
    Retro Knuckle : QCB+Punch
    Arc Fliegen : QCB+Kick
    DA Groove Master : QCB,QCB+B
    SDA King Kang : HCF+BD
    - Name : Olof
    - Comments :  This other new fighter work for a criminal organisation, 
      and he looks very dangerous.  He's only using his feet in battle,
      if you except one move : "the Rotting Fist" Super Desperation Attack.
      Iím still working on him...
    Purple Sulphur : QCF+Punch
    Falling Purple Sulphur : QCF+B
    Rising Purple Sulphur: QCF+D
    Foot Sting : QCB+Kick
    Flying Foot Sting : (air) QCB+Kick
    Dense Sulphur : (from Flying Foot Sting) QCB+Kick
    Acid Rain : DP+Kick
    DA Crazy Plague : QCF,HCB+D
    SDA Final Disease : Bk,QCB,Fd+A (raise the Stock Meter)
    SDA Rotting Fist : Bk,QCB,Fd+C
    - Name : Patrick Elias
    - Comments : Like Jimmy, Lynn and Mr.Jones, Elias is also back in
      another fighting tournament.  He's seems the same in looks, and his
      moves are the same as RotD too.
    Holy Flare : QCF+Punch
    Magnus : QCB+Punch
    Sinful : (near) DP+Punch
    Hell or Heaven : HCF+Kick
    DA Maximum Delirium : HCB,Fd+A
    SDA Super Maximum Delirium : HCB,Fd+C
    - Name : Poochy
    - Comments :  Your favorite super doggy his back with a vengeance.
      And it seems he train himself a lot because he looks more developed.  
      Finally, in the memory of Kintaro, he receive the Great Bear Assault
      Desperation Attack.
    Flabby Ear Slap : QCF+A
    Flabby Ear Poppy : QCF+C
    Heavy Dig : QCB+Punch
    Ferocious Charge : QCF+Kick
    Doggy Dive : QCB+Kick
    Sky Dive : (air) QCB+Kick
    DA Great Bear Assault : Press and hold A, then B, then C
    SDA Giant Cyclone : Fd,Bk,Fd,Bk,Fd,Bk,Fd,Bk,Fd
    SDA Giant Cyclone II : (during Stress scream) Fd,Bk,Fd,Bk,Fd,Bk,Fd,Bk,Fd
    - Name : Reiji Oyama
    - Comments : Reiji, one of the best character of this series and an old 
      time favorite, looks exactly the same.  He never change since his 
      first appearance.  And he have the same set of moves, plus some others
      like the devastating Giant Tiger Roar.
    Fire Globe : QCF+Punch
    Flying Dragon Upper : DP+Punch
    Thunder Kick : Press Kick repeatedly
    Double Lightning : (air) QCB+Kick
    Martial Trick : (near) HCB+D
    DA Great Dragon Rush : HCB,Fd+C
    DA Dragon Tail : (from Great Dragon Rush) DP+C 
    SDA Giant Tiger Roar : QCF,QCF+C
    - Name : Saizo Hattori
    - Comments : In this sequel, Saizo lost his iron helmet and he looks 
      younger.  But for the rest, heís the same character, if youíre not 
      considering the addition of the Shadow Crawler Super Desperation Move.
    Dragon Breath Shot : QCF+Punch
    Dragon Bomb Flash : QCB+Punch
    Tsunami Slash : (air) QCB+Punch
    Shadow Bomb : QCB+B
    Blue Shadow Slicer : HCF+Kick
    DA Flaming Bomb Surge : QCF,HCB+C (can be done in the air)
    SDA Shadow Crawler : Db,Dn,Df,Db,Dn,Df+D
    - Name : Shintaro
    - Comments : This guy is one of the new characters.  I think heís the 
      younger brother of another new fighter, Buntaro.  This fighter looks
      a lot like Kyo Kusanagi of the KoF series.  Iím still working on
    Triple Crown : QCF+Punch (repeat three times)
    Hammer Drop : HCB+Punch 
    Roadblock : Fd,Df,Dn+Punch (autoguard)
    Bicycle Ride : DP+Kick
    DA Lucky Novice : QCF,QCF+C
    SDA No Remorse : Hold Bk, then press C,A,C,A in rapid succession
    HDA Bitter End : (near) Fd,QCF,Bk + C
    - Name : Sissy (Final Boss)
    - Comments : Sissy is a little princess and the organizer of this
      year tournament.  She's also the final boss of the game.  And don't
      be fool by her tiny look, because she's one tough opponent to beat.
      Beware her "Abubo the Djinn" Special Move.
    Abubo the Djinn : QCF+Punch
    Sword in the Box : DP+Punch
    Frogger : QCF+Kick
    Booby Trap : QCB+Kick
    DA Exploding Treasure : QCB,HCF+A
    SDA Amazing Weird Weapon : QCB,HCF+C
    - Name : White
    - Comments : For my great pleasure, White (Buffalo) is back and he
      looks the same.  He receive a couple of new moves, one of which its
      the Totem of Ashes Super Special.
    Arrow Shot : QCF+Punch
    Flaming Elbow : (air) QCB+Punch
    Rushing Tackle : Hold Bk, then Fd+Punch
    Tomahawk Chop : (from Rushing Tackle) DP+Punch
    Raging Buffalo : Hold Bk, then Fd+Kick
    DA Totem of Ashes : QCF,HCB+C
    SDA Tribute to the Elders : (near) HCB,HCB+C
    Miscellaneous :
    - To play as the hidden RotD characters, at the Characters Selection
      Screen, tap Up four times, Down three times, Left two times ans Right
      once.  If you make this correctly, Elias, Jimmy, Lynn and Mr.Jones
      will appears in the center of the screen.  In fact, this motion its
      the same has the RotD code for playing with Abubo. 
    - To play as Sissy, after you choose any character at the Characters
      Selection Screen, press and hold the ABCD button until the VS screen
      appears.  If you make this correctly, Sissy become your fighter.
    - I probably make some mistakes about the names and the details 
      concerning the characters.  My japanese itís not so good you know.  I 
      receive some infos from a Italian fan, Silvio Martini, about the Power 
      Instinct series, but I don't know if they are all corrects and 
    - The details about Power Instinct I, II are from my experience with the
    - The details about PI2-The Ultimate Violent Legend are from my
      experience with the game, and from Chris Harback, an other fan of the
      Power Instinct series.  Take a look to his faq about the PSX version of
      PI2-The Slightly Ultimate Violent Legend if you didnít do it already
      (available on GameFaqs).  Thanks Chris!  
    - The details for Groove on Fight are from my own and from my friends BRO, 
      FRK and Mocs.  Thanks guys!
    - The infos about Matrimelee are from my experience with the game, and
      from the Noise Factory site (www.noise.co.jp), the Playmore site
      (www.playmore.co.jp), the Neo-Arcadia site (www.neo-arcadia.com), and
      the Kazuya/NeoGeoforLife site (www.neogeoforlife.com).  Take a look a
      this site if you didnít do it already.
    - If you have some infos about all this games and you want to contribute 
      to this faq, youíre welcome.  Contact me to wallydomey@hotmail.com 
      and you will be credited for your work.  Thanks!
    5) CREDITS
    - To Atlus of Japan for the creation of the Power Instinct series.  
    - To Noise Factory for making a sequel to this series. Thanks!
    - To Sun Amusement for the distribution of all the new AES games and for 
      their partnership to the Playmore family.  Thanks!
    - To Playmore for all their work and for keeping the spirit of SNK 
      alive.  Thanks!
    - To all the staff of Neo-Arcadia, SpekSNK, MMCafe, Kazuya/NeoGeoforLife 
      and company for all the infos they gives to us , NeoGeo fans.  Thanks!
    - To Chris Harback for his great PSX faq and the great work he makes
      about PI2-The Slightly Ultimate Violent Legend.  Thanks for your help
    - To Silvio Martini for all the great details he gave to me.  Thanks!
    - To my friends BRO, FRK and Mocs for their help on this faq.  Thanks a 
      lot guys!
    - To all the staff of GameFaqs for publishing my work and for all the 
      efforts they invested on this video games site.  Thanks to you!
    - To you for reading this faq.  Thanks a lot!
    Copyright (c) Wally Domey 2004.  Reproduction and translation of this 
    document without my permission is strickly forbidden.
    All names and marks are proprieties of their respective owners.
    All right reserved.

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