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    Song Lyrics by Kazuya_UK

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    Matrimelee Lyrics Guide - by tsukaesugi, Kazuya_UK
    Version 0.4
    Version History:
    0.4 - Added lyrics for the "Wonderful Internet" song.
    0.3 - Added lyrics for the "Overclock Excitement" song, also added stage
    descriptions for each song.
    0.2 - Added lyrics for "No Money Ranger".
    0.1 - First version of the guide, most songs translated into English.
    Latest version of this guide always available from:
    www.neogeoforlife.com - Kazuya's Neo Geo Reviews
    tsukaesugi: tsukaesugi@yahoo.com - www.neo-geo.com
    Kazuya_UK: kazuya@neogeoforlife.com
    About this guide:
    After buying the MVS cart of Matrimelee and also picking up the soundtrack
    CD from www.ncsx.com, I was left wondering what many of the songs were actually
    about. Although I understood the basics, because I only have the most basic
    knowledge of Japanese I didn't understand them fully. So, I decided it would be
    a good idea to get some sort of lyric translations guide online as I figured
    a lot of other people would be interested.
    Anyways, none of the translations in this guide were done by me (Kazuya_UK).
    They were all done by tsukaesugi, a great member from the neo-geo.com forums. I
    just supplied him with scans of the lyric sheets from my Matrimelee OST CD, and
    then I threw them all together into this text file and wrote the stage
    descriptons :). Many, MANY thanks go out to tsukaesugi for putting the hours
    into doing these and for sending them to me!
    Each song is listed with its Japanese and English title, with the original
    Japanese lyrics first, and then the English translation:
    1. Let's Go, Necromancer!
    2. Seishun No Kaku Gei
    3. Shinobi Ai Goketsuji
    4. Hyakkan
    5. Chisana Shiawase
    6. Kanenaijaa Muichimon Hayato
    7. Tokimeki Oubaakurokku
    1. Let's Go, Necromancer!
    Yabeno Hikomaro, Kotohime, with the Boushu Dancers
    Stage Description:
    This is an EXCELLENT stage, set in a gloomy looking forest. It features some VERY
    catchy "eurobeat" music, sung by some Monks in the background, and has a chorus
    that is sung by a girl who is standing at the top of the screen. Sometimes when I
    play on this stage I actually let the fight go on a bit longer just so I can hear
    more of the song, I like it that much. It is probably the best looking stage in
    the game as well.
    Stage Used by: Chinnen
    Japanese Lyrics:
    Akuryou taisan! Akuryou taisan!
    Onryou, mononokai, komatta toki wa
    Douman! Seiman! Douman! Seiman!
    Sugu ni yobimashou onmyouji! Rettsu gou!
    Shishinai ho kono yo ni miren
    Nokoseshi wa chimimouryo
    Narihateru sono ashikichi o
    Kiyomeru ga onmyo no michi
    Hito no yo ni umareshi aku o
    Yami niheto houmure yo
    Akuryou taisan! Akuryou taisan!
    Yokai, ayakashi, komatta toki wa
    Douman! Seiman! Douman! Seiman!
    Tasukete moraou onmyoji! rettsu gou!
    English Translation:
    Spirit Begone! Spirit Begone!
    If you have problems with ghosts and ill omens...
    Bless Us! Amen! Bless Us! Amen!
    Hurry and call the Necromancer!
    Let's go!
    Undead souls still attached to this World,
    Evil spirits that were never human,
    Who cleans their tainted blood?
    That is the duty of the Necromancer!
    Who travels through the darkness,
    to bury the evil that infests our world?
    Spirit Begone! Spirit Begone!
    If you have problems with monsters and deceit...
    Bless Us! Amen! Bless Us! Amen!
    Please please help us Necromancer!
    Let's go!
    -there is no direct translation for "onmyouji". Onmyou refers to the yin and
    yang, and ji is another word for teacher, but onmyouji has more connotations
    than simply 'teacher of yin and yang'. The meaning is closer to sorceror, or
    diviner. I chose 'necromancer' because it fit the theme of the song and the
    stage background the best, 'exorcist' would have also worked
    "douman", "seiman", are words that a Buddhist priest chants while praying
    "onryou" means 'unquiet, or restless spirit'
    "chimimouryou" literally means 'evil spirits of the mountains and rivers'
    "youkai" means 'supernatural creatures'
    2. Seishun No Kaku Gei
    Za Geimaazu
    Fighting Games for Young People
    The Gamers
    Stage Description:
    Set inside the main arena. Some kids in the background sing a song about video
    games, while some other guys are playing on an arcade machine. Some of the guys
    are wearing T-Shirts with the letters "MSX" written on them. For those that don't
    know, "MSX" was a famous computer system in Japan. It's nothing to do with Metal
    Slug X as some people think :-)
    Stage used by: White
    Japanese Lyrics
    Geisen ikou yo he hei he-i!
    Kakugei shiyou yo ie ie ie-i!
    Taisen sureba oretachi minna nakama sa tomodachi sa
    Komottenaide sa omote he deyou yo
    Nayande koto mo wasuresasete kureru yo
    Kimi no sono kitaerareta ude o
    Aitsura ni misetsukete yarou
    Geisen ikou yo he hei he-i!
    Kakugei shiyou yo ie ie ie-i!
    Taisen sureba oretachi minna nakama sa tomodachi sa
    Chouhitsu kuratta karatte sa kuyokuyo suru na yo
    Omae nara raifu 1 dotto sa areba katteiru sa
    Gaado bakari shite zenzen shikakete konai koitsu ni sa
    Misete yaru yo, omae no ano suupaaconnbo o you
    English Lyrics:
    Let's go to the game center, Hey hey hey!
    Let's play a fighting game, Yay yay yay!
    If we fight each other, we'll all become better friends!
    By getting out of your bedroom, and coming outside for once
    You'll be able to forget all your troubles and worries
    You've got a well trained arm,
    Show everyone how well you use it when you play
    Let's go to the game center, Hey hey hey!
    Let's play a fighting game, Yay yay yay!
    If we fight each other, we'll all become better friends!
    Did your opponent hit you with a special attack?
    Don't worry, you can win even with only a sliver of your life bar left
    Is your opponent only blocking, and not putting up a fight?
    Show them what you've got, hit them with a super combo
    3. Shinobi Ai Goketsuji
    Hide to Kei
    Ninja Love, Goketsuji Style
    Hide and Kei
    Stage Description:
    This stage is set inside a karaoke bar and features a song being sung by a man and
    woman in the background. Nice background, although I can imagine that many people
    would find the music annoying... again, I kinda like it though, as it fits in very
    well with the stage.
    Stage used by: Kanji, Saizo
    Japanese Lyrics:
    Gonen ni ichido no kono taikai de
    Toushu o kimeru to iukeredo
    Sonna koto nante dodemo ii no
    Anata ni aeru sore dake de ii
    Subayaku natta ne omae no ugoki
    Tsuyoku natta ne anata no kobushi
    Kotoba dake dewa tsutawaranai mo aru kara
    Kachi make nanka de katarenai
    Chikara to waza no shinobi ai
    Suki yo
    Dakara tatakai tsuzukeru futari wa Goketsuji
    English Lyrics
    Once every five years, at this tournament
    The head of the family is chosen, it is said
    But that's OK, that's not why I'm here
    The only reason I'm here is to meet you
    The way you move... became so nimble
    Your fist... became so strong
    But there's something I can't tell you in words alone...
    It can't be expressed through winning or losing...
    Power and technique, it's Ninja Love
    I love you
    So we must always fight... together we are Goketsuji
    4. Hyakkan
    Megadon Kimura to Debu-Metalz
    375 Kg
    Megadon Kimura and the Debu-Metalz
    Stage Description:
    This stage is another one that is set inside the arena, and features a funny
    looking death metal band. The music here is really heavy and I like it a lot,
    but it's probably not to everyones taste. Oh, and the word "Debu" is actually
    Japanese for fatass/pig or something similar... check out the sumo guys in the
    background etc. This isn't really one of the most politically correct songs ever
    used in a game ;-)
    Stage used by: Keith, Olof
    Japanese Lyrics:
    Atsuku mo nai noni ase o kaki
    Meshi o nomu you ni kui arasu
    Shuui no ondo o age makuru
    Sonna fushigi na o- re- wa- !
    Sonna ni debu ga urayamashi nara
    Omae no sono yase hosotta karada ni
    Ore no kono aburagatta zeiniku o
    wakete yarou ka?
    English Lyrics:
    PIG! PIG! PIG! 375 Kg!
    PIG! PIG! PIG! 375 Kg!
    PIG! PIG! PIG! 375 Kg!
    PIG! PIG! PIG! 375 Kg!
    It's not hot, but I'm still sweaty
    I wolf down food so quick, it's like I drink it
    The air around me is all steamy
    What a mysterious creature I am!
    PIG! PIG! PIG! 375 Kg!
    PIG! PIG! PIG!
    If your that jealous of my bulk
    You thin little stick man
    Do you want me to give you a
    Oily chunk of my fat?
    PIG! PIG! PIG! 375 Kg!
    -A kan is an old fashioned unit of measurement for weight. One kan equals about
    3.75 kg. Hyakkan means 100 kan, or about 375 kg.
    5. Chisana Shiawase
    Urami Masuyo
    It's the Little Things that Make Me Happy
    Urami Masuyo
    Stage Description:
    This stage is set inside the main arena. A girl sitting in a suspended chair
    (that follows you around) plays the guitar and sings a slow song about... French
    Fries. Keep an eye on the video screen in the background, as the girls face when
    her beloved food gets taken away from her is priceless :)
    Stage used by: Clara, Anny
    Japanese Lyrics:
    Sabishii toki ni itsumo tachi yoru sabireta resutoran
    Kinen seki no katasumi de kyo mo hitori dake
    Kogoe de dasu chumon wa itsumo no hambaagu
    Dakedo hontou ni tabetai no wa tsukeawase no furaido poteto
    Daisuki na mono wa saigo made nokoshite oku
    Sore na no ni sore na no ni
    Anata no shinjirarenai hitokoto
    [Kore o osageitashimasu ne.]
    Chisana shiawase ubawanaide yo sagesumuyoni hoho emi nagara
    Chisana shiawase ubatta anata ishou uramimasu
    English Lyrics:
    Whenever I'm feeling blue I drop in at this rundown restaurant
    The non-smoking section is where I sit, today I'm all by myself, yet again
    In a small voice I make my order: the hamburger steak set, it's what I always get
    But what I really want to eat though, are the fries that come with it
    I love them the most, so I save them for last
    And yet today... and yet today
    You tell me something unbelievable...
    [I'll just clear this plate away for you ma'am]
    Don't steal my little bit of happiness. You mock me even as you smile
    You, who stole my little bit of happiness, I'll curse your name forever
    6. Kanenaijaa
    Muichimon Hayato
    No Money Ranger
    Hayato Muichimon
    Stage Description:
    This stage is set in the main arena. An old guy standing in the background sings
    the song while every now and then he breaks some boards that pop up out of the
    floor, all in time with the music/lyrics (he breaks them when he sings the
    "DAN DA DAN" bit).
    Stage used by: Reiji
    Japanese Lyrics:
    [I]Nagai fukeiki, DAN DA DAN! (DAN DA DAN)
    Totsuzen risutora, GAN GA GAN! (GAN GA GAN)
    Suzume no nami da no taishokukin de
    Kono seikatsu dekiru no ka
    Kyou mo kayouze baagen seiru
    Deru ka hissatsu shitsugyou hoken
    Okane nai kedo, shakkin aru zou!! (Dame jaan!)
    Haraenu roun o kaesu tame ni
    Kazoku no heiwa o mamoru tame ni
    Ikuzou! (Ou!) Warera no (Yaa!)
    Bimbo Ningen Kanenaijaa
    Kanenaijaa Muichimon Hayato wa bimbo ningen de aru. Aku no kigyou senryaku
    risutora ni yotte bimbo ni sareta kare wa, sarakin kara kazoku o mamoru tame
    ni kyou mo tatakau no da.
    English Lyrics:
    In a deep recession... DAN DA DAN! (DAN DA DAN)
    Suddenly laid off... GAN GA GAN (GAN GA GAN)
    How the hell am I supposed to live on this pittance of a severance pay?!
    Today I'm at the bargain sale again,
    Can I pull off my super power unemployment insurance?
    I ain't got no money of my own, but I do have cash from loans!!(What? That's no good!)
    In order to pay back my growing debts
    In order to protect my family's peace of mind
    Here I go! (Ohh!) Our very own... (Yaay!)
    No Money Ranger
    The No Money Ranger, Hayato Muichimon, is a very poor man. Made poor by the efforts
    of an evil company and their restructuring strategy, he fights for the peace of mind
    of his family, using the power of high interest loans.
    -this song is a parody of Japanese superheroes like 'Masked Rider' or 'Power Rangers'.
    The name 'Kanenaijaa' is a pun, it means 'I ain't got no money', but it sounds like
    the word 'ranger'
    -'Hayato' is a real first name, but 'Muichimon' is a joke last name. It literally
    translates as 'a person who spent all their money'
    7. Tokimeki Oubaakurokku
    Akihabara Sannin Musume
    Overclock Excitement
    Akihabara Sannin Musume
    Stage Description:
    This stage is set inside a computer store and has 3 girls in the background singing
    a *very* catchy song about overclocking a PC (!) - this one gets stuck in my head
    for a long time whenever I hear it! There's quite a lot going on in the background,
    with people talking on the phone and shopping etc... although I have no idea why the
    characters picked a computer store to fight in :-)
    Stage used by: Buntaro, Shintaro
    Japanese Lyrics:
    Kyou mo ryukku seotte Akihabara (Rettsu Gou!)
    Paatsuya asari ni uchidori (Waku waku!)
    Shuyaku no CPU wa daiji dakeredo (Demo saa)
    Yappari kaname wa mazabou yo (Da yo nee)
    Asobi kokoro no nai you na
    BIOS nante kyomi nai wa
    Kyuukyoku no penchi o mireru you na
    Kyokugen no hayasa made chousen shitai kara (Suitchi oon!)
    RA RA RA Oubaakurokku (IEI!) Netsubousou (FUU!)
    Arara reikyaku hitsuyou ne (Maji de?)
    RA RA RA Oubaakurokku (IEI!) Netsubousou (FUU!)
    Urusai no wa kirai dakara seion fan ni shichau waa ne!
    (Yappari keisu wa arumi de nai to ne)
    (Tte iuka kono haadodisuku chou atsui yo)
    (Aan, mata furiizu shita, ante warusugi)
    (Demo teikaku wa yappari yadana)
    English Lyrics:
    Going to Akihabara again with my knapsack on my back (Let's go!)
    Hunting for PC parts shops in all the backstreets (How exciting!)
    Although the CPU is the star of the show (But...)
    What I really need is a motherboard (You said it!)
    I've got no interest in BIOS
    It never wants to come out to play
    I'm looking for the best pair of pliers I can find
    Cause I wanna tune my PC to the fastest it can go
    RA RA RA Overclock (YAY!) Overheat (BOO!)
    Hey hey hey, looks like you need a cooling system (Really?)
    RA RA RA Overclock (YAY!) Overheat (BOO!)
    I really hate a noisy PC, so I'm gonna hafta buy a silent fan
    (I'm tellin' ya, You need an aluminum case)
    (Yeah but this hard disk is really hot)
    (Oh no! My PC froze again. Its stability sucks)
    (Look at these specs... terrible!)
    -Akihabara is the electronics district of Tokyo. 'Morning Musume' is a famous
    Japanese all-girl singing group. The name of the singers for this song, 'Akihabara
    Sannin Musume', is a cross between the two. It literally means 'Akihabara's three
    daughters' or 'three daughters in Akihabara'
    -the Japanese word 'otaku' roughly translates as 'geek'. For awhile it was common
    for all of the otaku who went to Akihabara to wear the same kind of clothes: this
    was known as the 'Akihabara uniform'. It consisted of a white dress shirt tucked
    into stonewashed jeans, white sneakers, and a big knapsack, hence the line in the
    song about the knapsack
    Subarashiki Intaanetto
    Hikarino Michiko
    How Wonderful! The Internet!
    Michiko Hikarino
    Stage Description:
    Another arena stage. A girl standing in the background sings about how "wonderful"
    the internet is (Subarasiki Intaanetuto in Japanese literally means "wonderful
    internet"). Kind of a strange song, but I like it. The only one bad thing that I can
    say about this stage is that Noise Factory dropped the ball here slightly as a few
    parts of the song sound a bit distorted/garbled. Thankfully you don't notice it too
    much while fighting, but you can hear it a lot if you pause the game and just listen.
    It's a shame it is like this, but it doesn't affect the game too much.
    Stage Used by: Ume, Tane
    Japanese Lyrics:
    IT no Kakumei no, okina nami ga
    Watashi no machi ni mo, yattekita
    Hitoribotchi no, sabishii toki mo
    Kurriku hitotsu de, hirogaru sekai
    Kao mo shiranai, ano hito to
    Kyou mo dashimasho, iimeiru
    AAAA-A Subarashiki Intaanetto
    Atta koto mo nai hito o suki ni naru nante
    arienai to omotta kedo
    Doushitatte iu no kono mune no tokimeki wa?
    Kore wa nani? Kore wa Intaanetto na no?
    Hikari faibaa ga, harimegurasare
    Kousoku tsuushin, mou sugu ne
    Shizumaerikaeru, kodokuna yoru mo
    Kurikku hitotsu de, atsumaru nakama
    Namae mo shiranai, ano hito to
    Kyou mo tanoshiku, chatto shiyou
    AAAA-A Subarashiki Intaanetto
    English Lyrics:
    A huge wave finally brought
    The IT revolution to my town
    When I'm sad and lonely
    My world expands with just one click
    There's a man I've never seen
    I'll send him e-mail again today
    Ahh! How wonderful the Internet is!
    I can't believe I'd fall in love
    Someone I've never met
    What should I call this feeling in my heart?
    What could this be? Is this the Internet?
    Soon, the Information Superhighway
    Will be all mapped out by Fiber Optics
    Even on a silent, lonely night
    My friends arrive with just one click
    There's a man who's name I don't know,
    I'll have fun chatting with him again today
    Ahh! How wonderful the Internet is!
    -the name of the singer, 'Hikarino Michiko' is another pun. The Japanese characters it
    is written in are normal, but the pronunciation sounds like 'Hikari no Michi Ko' which
    means 'Fiber Optics Girl', or 'Child of Fiber Optics'
    Rest of the songs to be translated soon!
    If you are looking for a moves list/combo guide for Matrimelee, please go to my
    site for an in depth FAQ with pictures!

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