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    Clara by Crazy Li

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 09/04/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Power Instinct: Matrimelee
    Character Guide for Clara
    Version 1.2
    (The latest version of this guide can always be found at gamefaqs.com)
                               -= Table of Contents =-
    I.    Introduction
    II.   Bio
    III.  Controls
    IV.   Movelist
    V.    Combos
    VI.   Strategy
    VII.  Errors
    VIII. Closing
                                -= I. Introduction =-
    Hello and welcome to my Clara character guide! I really like the Power Instinct
    series and general so I decided to make a guide on the most recent addition.
    This is a goofy game that can be pretty hard to get used to, but once you get
    the hang of it, it's as easy as any other fighting game. I'm here to help you
    get the basics of playing down. I'll begin with Clara, as she's my favorite in
    the game, and 2nd on my all-time fighting game characters list. So if you love
    using her as well, you'll want to read on.
                                      -= II. Bio =-
    Name:           Clara Hanakouji
    Age:            14
    Blood Type:     B
    Height:         1.52 m (5'0")
    Weight:         Undisclosed
    Fighting Style: Magic
    Clara, as most of the girls in this game, enters the tournament to win the hand
    of the prince. Little does she know what she's in store for at the end...
    (sorry for the crappy bio, but I couldn't find much information on her)
                                   -= III. Controls =-
    f = Foward
    b = Back
    d = Down
    u = Up
    df = Down-foward
    db = Down-back
    uf = Up-foward
    ub = Up-back
    qcf = Quarter Circle Foward(d,df,f)
    qbc = Quater Circle Back(d,db,b)
    hcf = Half Circle Foward(b,db,d,df,f)
    hcb = Half Circle Back(f,df,d,db,b)
    A = Weak Punch
    B = Weak Kick
    C = Strong Punch
    D = Strong Kick
    Start = Taunt
    f/b + C = Throw(must be close)
    AB = Roll Foward
    f/b + AB = Roll Foward or Back
    CD = Super Strike(press while blocking to counterattack)
    BC = Call ref to foreground/Send ref to background
                                  -= IV. Movelist =-
    Command Moves:
    f + A
    This makes Clara extend her wand foward with a hard strike.
    In air, d + B
    This will make Clara drop straight down on the enemy.
    Dream Mind Boomerang - qcf + A/C
    Clara takes her wand and throws it at the enemy like a projectile. The A
    version is slower.
    This is your basic projectile. Don't overuse it, but use it to catch a person
    when they're off-guard.
    Rating: 5/10
    Dream Turn Attack - qcb + B/D
    Clara spins around in a whirlwind. This move can be done in the air. While she
    does the ground version, she can move left or right and it can hit up to 7
    This is an interesting little move... I use it a lot. The ground version can
    be used to catch falling opponents, and the air version can be used to knock
    them out of the air. But be careful, because the priority isn't real great.
    Most jumping attacks can hit you while in it. If you want to counter a jumper,
    double jump so that you're above the opponent and you'll have better chances.
    If the opponent is above you, it's easy to be knocked out of it.
    Rating: 6/10
    Hammer Attack - qcb + A/C
    Clara transforms her wand into a giant hammer and swings it at the ground. The
    D version adds a shockwave after it hits the ground. The shockwave must be
    blocked low.
    This is probably Clara's most useful move. The hammer itself is really the only
    thing she has as an anti-air. It's decent at swatting away jump-ins, but not
    the best of anti-air moves. The shockwave on the D version, however can be used
    in a number of ways. If your timing is good, you can hit your opponent out of
    the air, and they'll fall on the shockwave. Also, you can strike the hammer
    while they're on the ground, and it'll hit them as soon as they stand. Another
    thing to try is using her hammer during a rage explosion, and the shockwave
    should hit right after the invicibility from it ends.
    Rating: 7/10
    Miracle Death Kiss - f,hcf + BD
    Clara blows a kiss that sends out a slow-moving heart which if it hits, will
    freeze your opponent in place momentarily.
    This move isn't something you want to use a lot. It can hold the person still
    so you can do her Starlight Evelation... but that's not something incredibly
    worthwhile as it is. Also, Clara doesn't have any huge combos to take advantage
    of the opponent being helpless. If she had a powerful DM to strike with, this
    would have been more useful.
    Rating: 3/10
    Stress Shot:
    Starlight Evelation - qcf,qcf + C
    Clara points her wand foward and casts a spell that turns the enemy into either
    a pig or a duck(randomly selected).
    This move is very nice against the computer or inexperienced players. You can
    just beat up on them without getting hit back. However, anyone with a good
    ammount of experience knows to run away. They might even hit you back. The duck
    is harder to catch than the pig, since the pig can't jump. I recommend anyone
    who wants to use this move a lot practice chasing down the animals and beating
    on them. This isn't as easy to do as you would think if you're up against a
    smart opponent. Also, the best time to do this is either at the end of a combo
    or after an opponent has been knocked away and you catch them with it as they
    are falling.
    Rating: 4/10
    One-shot Secret Principle:
    Doll Hurricane - hcf,df + C to send out rabbit and C again to make it eat
    Clara spins around and casts a spell sending out a small rabbit doll along the
    ground. When C is hit again, the doll grows and gobbles up the enemy, chewing
    on them for a bit before spitting them out and running off. This move is both
    unblockable, and highly damaging.
    This is the move you want to do. I don't advise wasting your stocks on her
    Starlight Evelation, because this is more effective and easier to hit with.
    The fact that it's unblockable makes it hard to avoid. I've seen people try to
    jump over it, and end up just jumping right into the mouth of the rabbit. The
    only sure way to avoid it is to double jump. Work on your timing and try to
    use it in situations where your opponent doesn't have time to double jump.
    Rating: 9/10
                                   -= V. Combos =-
    This section probably won't be to heavy, since I'm not big on combos. But a lot
    of people like them, so here they are...
    Simple 9-hit combo: A, C, qcb + D, hold f
    Clara does 2 hits and then goes into her Dream Turn Attack. Make sure to hold
    foward after the qcb + D, or she might spin away instead of into the opponent.
    (notes: you can probably tag on another quick standing A or a jumping attack
    before it to add an extra hit)
    Starlight Evelation combo: A, A, C qcf,qcf + C (requires one stock)
    There's a simple way to make sure that her Starlight Evelation will connect
    so that you don't waste the stock.
    You can also chain other moves after a standing A,C or A,A,C... like her Dream
    Mind Boomerang. Another thing to do is lead in with a jumping C before hitting
    Anyone who spends more time than me figuring out combos(which is probably just
    about anyone >.>;) can feel free to submit some to me.
                                   -= VI. Strategy =-
    Now it's the section you've all been waiting for... How the heck do I use this
    little girl???
    Move around a lot. Clara is a speed-based character, so you have to keep moving
    with her to be succesful. If you try to just slowly walk in and fight like you
    would with a grappler, you won't stand a chance. She has to hit and not be hit.
    Jump and double jump often. Make use of the aerial verion of her Dream Turn
    Attack while jumping. Never let up, an aggressive game is good. If you knock
    them out of the air, throw a slow A version of the Dream Mind Boomerang to
    put pressure on them as soon as they get back up. Try to use her projectiles to
    keep opponents away. Don't forget to make use of the shockwave on the D version
    of her Hammer Attack. Don't be afraid to abuse her crouching D. It can be handy
    to use after blocking an attack or if you miss the aerial Dream Turn Attack and
    end up landing right beside them.
    What about the final boss? Well, you're in luck... Clara is the character I
    find easiest to defeat Sissy with. The same basic strategy will work no matter
    what your difficulty setting is.
    She doesn't jump a whole lot, but if she ever does make sure you catch her with
    a Dream Mind Boomerang on her landing if she's far, or with a Dream Turn Attack
    if she's close. 
    Double jump in a lot. Most of your hits off her will come from this. If you
    double jump, her Abubo-in-a-box can't touch you, and you can either attack her
    on the jump and continue into a combo, or land beside her and do a crouching D. 
    Do NOT use Clara's Starlight Evelation! It's pretty hard to get this move on
    Sissy and it'll just end up being a waste of a stock. Save the stock to get to
    her Doll Hurricane. Sissy is a sucker for this move, and if you time it well,
    you'll more than likely catch her with it. A good time would be at the end of
    one of her rage explosions. She won't have time to double jump it this way.
    Use her Hammer Attack everytime Sissy goes into rage explosion. If you do it
    during the middle of it, she will ALWAYS get hit with the shockwave.
    When Sissy comes towards you and starts trying to attack with melee moves, just
    block them low and do a crouching D as soon as she stops.(but her recovery time
    is insanely low, so on higher levels, she'll probably be fast enough to block)
    If Sissy has 2 stocks, try to wait back and get her to use her transformation
    ray. It's unblockable, so you don't want to get caught off guard by this move.
    You want to be ready to jump over it. I recommend double jumping as soon as she
    pulls out the gun, and attacking her before she recovers. You can then lead
    that attack into a combo.
    Overall, you just have to be patient. If you rush in, she'll probably counter
    whatever you do. You have to wait for an opening and then take it.
                                -= VII. Errors =-
    In the English version, before Clara fights Keith, the dialouge shows as:
    Keith: So, you're hoping to hook up with the prince, eh?
    Clara: Of course. I'm a prince!
    Now, Clara's line here baffled me for a while. It makes no sense at all. So, I
    decided to look at the game with the text set to Japanese, to find the true
    line. Unfortunely, I suck at reading kanji, so I was unable to decipher the
    whole thing. But from what I COULD read, I could easily tell that there was a
    mistranslation. Clara's supposed to be saying something like: "It's obvious,
    because the prince is (and then some word I can't read)!" If anyone knows what
    that one character I'm missing means,(it's the one after "ouji") please tell me
    so I can make complete sense out of the sentence.
                               -= VIII. Closing =-
    In closing, I'd like to thank you for taking the time to read this guide. I've
    worked hard on it, and I hope that it helps you in some way.
    If you have any questions, comments, or anything to add to this guide, please
    feel free to contact me by one of the means listed below:
    AIM: crazyli825(use more than anything else)
    email/MSN: crazyli825@hotmail.com
    yahoo: crazyli825(rarely use)
    ICQ: 300954336(rarely use)

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