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    FAQ/Move List by ThePatrick

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                                        TEKKEN 5
                              Translations  and Moves List
                                           by Patrick Coffman
                                           a.k.a. "ThePatrick,"
                                                  "MAX," etc.
    LAST UPDATE:  2/22/2005
    NOTE:  This FAQ is copyrighted to me and me alone.  The moves listed inside
    are, of course, in the game and could be noted by anyone, so writing them
    down is not copyrighted by me.  In fact, the shorthand used here is common
    in Tekken circles and was developed, I believe, by Catlord.  What I would not
    like to see is unauthorized copying, reproduction, or displaying of this FAQ's
      The emphasis of this FAQ is on translations, so moves may be noted incor-
    rectly.  The translations are not 100% accurate yet, either, and the vocals
    listings and such are incomplete.  Also, languages other than Japanese and
    English are misrepresented in this FAQ, most notably Portuguese, Chinese, and
    Korean.  In the future, I will make updates with these completed.  Apologies
    in advance.
      Wow, it's been a month.  Many, many moves are still wrong.  The names are
    all there, at least!  The game is already supposed to be out in America, or
    at least, shipping very soon.  Unfortunately for people like me, the Japanese
    version isn't out for another month!  Oh, well....
      In this update, I added Heihachi and his moveset (since I just found out
    that he was added), and a few vocals.  Many things are still incorrect, and
    there is still much work to be done.  Will I do it?  Probably not, until I
    have a copy of the home version to work with....  I don't have the time to
    get to arcades enough.  I finally had one of my cards demoted the other day,
    and it was quite discouraging.  It was the sort of loss where I knew everything
    I was doing wrong, but realized what to do a second later.  Just rusty, I
    I.  Introduction
    Ia. Why?
    Ib. Quick FAQ
    Ic. How to Use This FAQ
    Id-1.  Legend
    Id-2.  How to Find It
    Id-3.  Tekken 101
    Id-4.  How to Pronounce Japanese
    II.  Characters
    IIa.  Baek Doo San
    IIb.  Chang, Julia
    IIc.  Devil Jin
    IId.  Feng Wei
    IIe.  Fox, Steve
    IIf.  Fury, Bryan
    IIg.  Ganryuu
    IIh.  Hwoarang
    IIi.  Irvin, Bruce
    IIj.  Jack-5
    IIk.  Kazama Asuka
    IIl.  Kazama Jin
    IIm.  King
    IIn.  Kuma / Panda
    IIo.  Law, Marshall
    IIp.  Lee Chaolan
    IIq.  Lei Wulong
    IIr.  Ling Xiaoyu
    IIs.  Marduk, Craig
    IIt.  Mishima Heihachi
    IIu.  Mishima Jimpachi
    IIv.  Mishima Kazuya
    IIw.  Mokujin
    IIx.  Monteiro, Christie / Gordo, Eddie
    IIy.  Phoenix, Paul
    IIz.  Raven
    IIaa. Roger Jr.
    IIab. Wang Jinrei
    IIac. Williams, Anna
    IIad. Williams, Nina
    IIae. Yoshimitsu
    III.  Stay Tuned
    Ia. WHY?
    Well, it's time for another Tekken.  Time to start going to the arcade again.
    I've always been a huge fan of the series, and I can do all the combos, and
    practice like mad, but of course, I still get schooled by all the masters.
      Of course, the guys I play show up on tournament lists, but still, it feels
    pretty sad to get schooled all the time.
      One thing I've noticed is that Tekken 5 doesn't appear to have many FAQs
    this time around.  I mean, there's Catlord's, but...there's always Catlord's.
    His moveslists are generally the best, and I'll be employing a notation
    system that, word on the street has it, was developed by him.
      The reason I'm writing this FAQ is that the American move names are all so
    amazingly different.  Sometimes when I talk to people about the game, they
    get all mixed up about what I mean.  Many of the American move names are
    pretty bad, too.  I mean, the game's already goofy enough--we don't need weird
    names like "Three Ring Circus" or "Laser Scraper" sneaking in there.
      The Japanese also have faster access to the official moves lists.  With this
    installment, if they get a Tekken ID card, they can use their phones to access
    Tekken-Net and view moves lists, reportedly.  Unfortunately, you cannot access
    it over the regular net; you must use a phone.
      I guess there will be tons of moves lists soon, which will all have the
    frame rates and whatnot on them, and I'll probably start getting letters like
    "Why do you bother making moves lists????" like I always do with all of the
    FAQs I ever write.  Oh well.  If you're interested in the Japanese language
    or culture, this FAQ will try and expound on that as much as possible.  Hope-
    fully, some people will at least learn how to pronounce the characters' names,
    too.  I am a professional translator, so I figured I could throw it together
    for those who would like to see my take on it all.
      If you don't care about the Japanese language or its effect on this game,
    then, well, you may be better off reading other moves lists as this will not
    be 100% accurate. I might point out, however, that this game is made by
    Japanese people.  So, the Japanese names could be called the "real" moves.
      Enough rambling....
    Ib.  QUICK FAQ
    Q:  Why aren't all the characters there?
    A:  Because they weren't all released at the time this was last updated.
        So far, we've yet to see if a final update with Jimpachi...I doubt he'll be
        there, but I'll leave it at that, just in case.  There will be a separate
        FAQ for the home version, which I believe will have Jimpachi.
    Q:  Why is (so-and-so)'s name spelled weird?
    A:  Sorry; I tend to write things out strange.  Since it's from Japanese
        generally, and it's not written in the Roman alphabet, there is no 100%
        correct way to write it out.  For the sake of students of the Japanese
        language, I use sort-of a Hepburn-style of Romanization that shows which
        vowels are "elongated."  That's why names like "Ganryuu" show up.  Also,
        the letter "n" is pronounced like an "m" (sort of) in front of a "p" or
        "b" or "m."  That's why I'll write words like "Jimpachi" when it's usually
        spelled out "Jinpachi."
        Confused?  Well, sorry.  I'll elaborate more in the section "How to Pro-
        nounce Japanese, Korean, and Chinese."
    Q:  Why aren't all the vocals in there?
    A:  The only arcade near me has the volume turned very, very low, and the
        rest of the arcade is noisier than a night club.  Seriously, the times
        I've had the place to myself, the attract modes of the other games are
        so loud that I still have to press my ear to the speaker to hear anything. 
        If anyone has samples of the entrance and victory poses, I'd certainly
        like to hear them.
    Q:  What does "Tekken" mean?
        "Fists," especially "tightly-clenched fists."  Literally, it means "iron
        fist," which is where the name of the tournaments comes from.  However,
        "tekken" is a common expression in Japanese and is different from the
        "iron fist" that is used in English to mean "a strict reign."
    Q:  What are the Japanese ranking names for the cards?
    A:  At first, you're a "Nyuumonsei," a "beginner" or a newly-enrolled student.
        Then, you'll be promoted to "9th Kyuu" (just another word for "class" or
        "rank.")  You'll then have to work your way up to 1st Kyuu, then you'll
        be "1st Dan."  "Dan" is another word for "rank" or "class" or "grade."  Go
        up to 5th Dan, and you may be promoted to "Shihan" ("instructor").  From
        there, you can be promoted to "Kaiden," which means "initiator" or "master."
        Then, "Kentatsu," "fist master."  Then, "Kengou," or "fist hero."
        After that comes "Kensei," or "fist saint."  Then, "Shuura," which is a
        shortened way of saying "Ashura," or Asura, a Buddhist deity of war.  Then,
        "Fuujin," a god of storms, whose name means "Wind God," and then, "Raijin,"
        another storm god whose name means "Thunder God."  These are the two that
        the uppercuts used by the Mishimas and Jin are named after.  After that is
        currently just a rumor, but I believe it will be "Shinken," or "Fist God,"
        because that is the title Feng Wei aspires to, and possibly the source of
        Jimpachi's power.
    Q:  Your translations don't match the official Namco ones.  Whassup with that?
    A:  They're my translations.  Usually, I haven't even seen the American ones.
        If it turns out with different syntax, there is usually a reason.  I
        usually try to convey things fairly close to the Japanese text, so if it
        turns out different, they've usually taken some liberties with the text.
    Q:  Why do you ramble so much?
    A:  As I said before, this FAQ isn't simply a moves list; I'm also attempting
        to shed some light on the language used in the game--particularly the
        Japanese (it is a Japanese game, after all).  I must apologise to the
        Korean and Chinese audiences.  I speak only a little of those languages,
        and so, if I don't do them justice, I am sorry.  Then again, the Japanese
        makers of this game don't do them much justice, either (just look at what
        they've done to the Chinese names).
    Q:  I hate you and your lousy FAQ.  Should I write you?
    A:  As always, I guess, if you really wanna tell me off, go ahead and mail
        me, but I probably won't respond.  Also, if you keep mailing me, I might
        wonder why you bothered looking at the FAQ at all.  Jeez, go outside and
        run around, or something.  There are much better ways to spend your energy
        than sitting around and getting all bent out of shape that some guy wrote
        something about Jin that conflicts with your fanfic, or whatever.
    Id-1.  LEGEND
    1=Left Punch 2=Right Punch       ub=up/back    u=up       uf=up/forward
                                     b=back        N=neutral  f=forward
    4=Left Kick  3=Right Kick        db=down/back  d=down     df=down/forward
    UB=press and hold up/back  U=press and hold up   UF=press and hold up/forward
    B=press and hold back      N=neutral             F=press and hold forward
    DB=press and hold downback D=press and hold down DF=press and hold down/forward
    1+2=Both Punches    '+'=press at the same time   '~'=press so quickly, they
    3+4=Both Kicks      ','=press sequentially           two almost bleed together
    '()'=hold the button down    '>'=you can delay the next button a bit
    ':'="Just frame"; try and press the button right at the time the first hit
        makes contact.  You generally only have 1-3 frames or so to do this in,
        and the game is run at 60 frames per second.  So, it's a timing thing.
    '*'=New move.
    '#'=Command has changed for this move.
    '@'=Official name has changed for this move.
    '?'=I'm not 100% sure this is the official name.
    'h'=Hits high; can be ducked under or blocked standing.
    'm'=Hits mid; must be blocked standing.
    's'=Is a "special mid;" can be blocked standing or crouching.
    'l'=Hits low; must be blocked low.
    'x'=Doesn't hit; is not an attack.
    '!'=Cannot be blocked.
    'ch'=When move is a counter hit; must interrupt opponent's attack animation.
    'fc'=When fully crouched.
    'wr'=While rising from a crouched position.
    'ss'=Side stepping
    'bt'=Back turned; with back facing opponent
    'qct'=Quarter circle towards; d,df,f in a fluid motion
    'qcb'=Quarter circle back; d,db,b in a fluid motion
    'hct'=Half circle towards; b,db,d,df,f in a fluid motion
    'hcb'=Half circle back; f,df,d,db,b in a fluid motion
    '360'=spin the stick; rotate a full circle around
    'back'=With opponent's back before you.
    'right side'=With opponet's right side before you.
    'left side'=With opponent's left side before you.
    'ducking foe'=Against a ducking opponent.
    '_'=Or; you can do either the first one or the second one for the same effect.
    '^'=During the move before it.  This is for combo throws, generally.  If there
        are more moves listed below it, also with a ^, then those moves will all
        be done during the first part.  I will truncate again when it's for the
        secondary throw.  For example:
     ^ B
     ^ C
     ^ ^ D
     ^ ^ E
     ^ F
    In this chart, B, C, and F are all things you do from A.  D and E can only
    be done from C.
    Id-2.  HOW TO FIND IT
    Each section and subsection of this FAQ will have its heading written in all
    caps.  Each major subsection will be written with dashes above and below it.
    If you are looking for a particular section, you use the "Find" feature, usually
    found in the "Edit" option.  Then, type in whatever text you want to find.
    If you want to jump to a certain character, simply use Find and look for their
    name in all caps, and make sure that you make it "match case."  This should
    jump to the character.  The same can be done for any subsection; that's why I
    write them in all caps.
    Id-3.  TEKKEN 101
    If you haven't ever played Tekken before, you can still find this FAQ pretty
    informative, if just for the transliterations and translations.  If you want
    to learn, there are plenty of resources available to you.  The best site out
    there is Tekken Zaibatsu, run by Castel.  I don't want to list its IP address
    straight because I don't want to link there without authorization, but it is
    just one word and it is a dot com.
      So, since there are so many better references out there, I won't bother with
    the super-lengthy, in-depth analysis that most FAQs would.  I can offer a bit
    of advice to those of you who haven't played Tekken too much, but play many
    other fighters.  
      First off, this is a 3d game, so it's much more about strings
    and mixing in mids ("overheads" to you 2d-ers), sidestepping, etc, than in
    trying to sneak in your special moves or throw them out to try and zone your
    opponent, as you would in, say Guilty Gear, Street Fighter, the King of
    Fighters, or whatever.  
      Secondly, the reversals are a bit easier to do than Virtua Fighter, so you
    won't have to spend so much time practicing as you would with, say, Vanessa.
      Lastly, Tekken is more a game of "states" than other 3d games.  Most other
    games only have one or two "while rising" moves, but with Tekken, every time
    you get up from a crouch, your moves become while rising's.  You use crouch-
    dashes only with characters who have them, unlike VF, and they make it so you
    can do only certain moves out of them.  It may seem like you have to commit
    to your moves a bit more, but it actually works out to be addictive and fun.
    People generally get routines of parts of strings, sidesteps, crouching, etc,
    all thrown together to try and trap you into mix-ups, and in Tekken, these
    routines can be quite lengthy and confusing.  In a way, Tekken is more like
    a boxing game than other fighting games.
    I've heard some pretty strange pronounciations, and usually, I don't care too
    much.  When people try to "correct" me to say it the wrong way is when I get
    annoyed.  If you care--and if you're still reading this FAQ, I hope that means
    that you do--I've written down some guidelines on how to pronounce Japanese
    The Japanese do not have an "alphabet," technically.  Each character they write
    represents a "syllable" (tho' not technically a syllable either, but I'll give
    that a rest).  In other words, they don't write down a consonant, then a vowel;
    they say a sound that generally is a consonant plus a sound.  First, I'll give
    you a run-down on how the separate vowels and consonants are pronounced, then,
    I'll list the different sounds the language uses.
    a="ah"  This sound is a bit more in the back of the throat sometimes, kind of
            like the "aw" in "awe," but it can also be an almost nasal "ah" like
            someone from the northeast might say, especially in the Osaka dialect,
            used by Asuka.
    i="ee"  NOTE:  If the "i" comes between voiceless consonants or when it comes
            at the end of a word after a voiceless consonant, then it will have
            no voice, either, and it will just be quickly whispered.  This makes
            it sound like it vanished completely sometimes.
    u="ooh" NOTE:  Just like "i."  If it comes between voiceless consonants or
            ends the word after a voiceless consonant, it sort-of vanishes away.
            You actually say it, but don't voice it.  I know, a voiceless vowel
            doesn't exist, but...oh, well.
    e="eh"  Sometimes, people say that the Japanese say "ye."  This is not entirely
            true, it is a bit more in the front of the mouth than in English.
    o="oh"  Make sure you don't throw in extra vowels; many English-speakers will
            say "eoh" or "ow-uh" and that's just weird.
    k="k"  Note that it is "aspirated;" there should be a puff of air with it like
           when we say the letter "p."
    ky="ky"  Start with "k", then add a "y" (like in "you.")  The sound "kyu," for
           example, sounds just like when you say "The Letter Q."  It is not, in
           other words, "ki" like in "kite," and it is not "key."
    s="s"  It is said that this is a bit "harder" of an "s" than in the English
    z="z"  (voiced "s")
    j="j"  The English "j", not the linguistical [j] or German "j," which are more
           like a "y" in English.
    t="t"  Note that English speakers tend to automatically aspirate the "t," like
           a "p."  In Japanese, it isn't aspirated too much.  Sometimes, when
           English speakers hear Japanese, they mix up the "t"'s and "k"'s.  This
           is because of the aspiration.
    ts="ts"  This is like at the end of the word "let's."  It is not like the start
             of the word "tusk."  Sometimes, people have trouble with this, but it
             really isn't that hard.
    d="d"  (voiced "t")
    n="n"  This is only at the beginning of a "syllable."  The "n" sound also
           exists by itself; I'll list it at the very end.
    h="h"  This is a bit more "throaty;" a bit "harder" than the English "h."
           Note that, occasionally, an "h" will come by itself after a vowel,
           typically "o."  This Just makes the sound last longer, and actually
           should be written with another "o" or a "u," but sometimes, the
           standard spelling calls for an "h" (like in Noh theater).
    f="f (kind of)"  Imagine you're saying an "f," but you're not really touching
           your teeth to your bottom lip.  It's almost like you're just puckering
           your lips some and blowing.
    hy="hy" This is like the "hyuk" sound; the sound "hyu" sounds like the name
           Hugh.  It is not "high" nor is it "hee."
    by="by" Again, this is not "bee," nor is it the word "by."  It is the sound
           "b" plus the sound "y."  "Byu," for instance, is just like the first
           sound in "beauty."
    py="py" Again, this is not "pea," nor is it "pie."  This will be the "p" sound
           followed by a "y."  "Pyu" sounds like the first sound in "pupil."
    m="m"  Only at the beginning of a "syllable."  It can also be a slightly
           different sound by itself, as a variant of the "n" sound by itself.
           I'll explain later.
    my="my"  Start with "m," then put a "y" afterwards like from the word "you."
           In other words, it is not like in the word "my" nor in the word "me."
    r=(no equivalent)  This sound is actually a flick against the boney bridge
           on the roof of the mouth found right behind the teeth.  It sounds like
           an r, mostly like an r from a Romance language or something.  Sometimes,
           it can sound more like an l than an r.  It is almost a cross of the
           two.  This is a hard one for people who aren't native Japanese to get.
    ry=(no equivalent)  You put the Japanese "r" sound together with the "y" that
           is in words like "yes" or "you."  In other words, it is NOT "rye" or
           "ree."  This is the hardest sound for people who don't speak Japanese
           to get.
    w="w"  Note that in modern Japanese, people do not generally so the "w" sound
           in the "wo" syllable.  Old-schoolers, especially those from before
           World War II, might, but that's kind of rare nowadays.
    n="n (the French one)"  This is the only consonant that stands alone in
           Japanese.  It is a nasal n, and so the voice goes through the nose
           rather than through the lips, so much.  It can, therefore, sound like
           a vowel to people sometimes, and some students of Japanese get confused
           when they hear it in the middle of a word.  When it is in the middle,
           I shall denote it as such:  "n'."  For example:  "shin'ou" has this
           nasal "n" inserted between "shi" and "ou;" it is not "shi" + "nou," but
           "shi" + "n" + "ou."
    m=(no equivalent)  This is the nasal "n" with your lips closed; a nasal "m,"
           if you will, and it occurs when the "n" sound comes before a consonant
           that you say with your lips closed like "p" or "b" or "m."
    Now, here's the deal about the vowels.  You'll see vowels thrown together a
    lot.  First, say the first vowel, then, say the second one.  So:
    ao="ao" or "ow"
    ai="ai" or "eye"
    ei="ei" or "'ey" (from "hey")
    ee=(long "e"; usually sounds like the stressed syllable to the untrained ear)
    ou=(long "o"; usually sounds like the stressed syllable to untrained ear)
    oo=(same thing)
    uu=(long "u"; sounds like the stressed syllable to untrained ear)
    You may be asking yourself, "what does he mean, 'long'?"  Well, unlike English,
    where the short and long sounds are completely different, this means that you
    must hold the sound a bit longer.  You won't be understood if you say the
    vowels too short or too long.  Each syllable should take just about the same
    amount of time to say.  They also "stop" consonants by doubling them.  Just
    as the vowels, you take twice the time to say it.  When it's not the "s" sound,
    it sounds like you stop saying stuff.  In other words, when you say "gekkei,"
    you don't say "kuh-kei" or anything, you say "gek" and sort of hold it, then
    say "ei."  Get it?  Oh well, don't worry about it too much, if you aren't
    interested in Japanese.
    Here are all the sounds used in Japanese (excluding when they pronounce foreign
    a  ka  sa  ta  na  ha  ra  ya  wa   n (m)
    i  ki  shi chi ni  hi  ri
    u  ku  su  tsu nu  fu  ru  yu  (wi) (not used after 1945)
    e  ke  se  te  ne  he  re      (we) (not used after 1945)
    o  ko  so  to  no  ho  ro  yo  (wo)
       kya sha cha nya hya rya
       kyu shu chu nyu hyu ryu
       kyo sho cho nyo hyo ryo
       ga  za  da      ba  pa
       gi  ji  ji      bi  pi
       gu  zu  zu      bu  pu
       ge  ze  de      be  pe
       go  zo  do      bo  po
       gya ja  ja      bya pya
       gyu ju  ju      byu pyu
       gyo jo  jo      byo pyo
    Note that there is no "si."  There is no "ti."  There is no "tu."  There is
    no "hu."  Similarly, all their corresponding "voiced" sounds are "ji" and
    some of them repeat.
    One final note about Japanese:  the thing that most English speakers get
    horribly wrong is that they try to accent the words.  Since their syllables
    all use the same meter, and aren't generally drawn out, there really is not
    much of an accent to almost all Japanese words.  When a vowel is long, it
    can sound like that syllable was stressed.  Of course, some words do get
    accented slightly, but it is actually quite rare.
    Pronouncing Japanese isn't very hard, actually.  Once you see it written out
    and hear it, you can get the hang of it quite fast.
    Name:  Baeg Du San  "Baek"="White"; "Du"="Head;" "San"="Mountain.
      (NOTE:  Should be "Baek Du San,")
    Fighting Style:  Tae Kwon Do
    Nationality:  Korean
    Age:  48
    Official Namco Japanese story:
    Baeg Du San is a master of Tae Kwon Do, and Hwarang's teacher.
    A few years ago, returning from a visit to another land to teach Tae Kwon Do,
    Baek was attacked by someone and was knocked unconscious.
    When he regained consciousness, he found out that, according to the commander
    of the army hospital he found himself in, he had been in a coma for a year.
    Afterwards, while he was with the army to teach them, he was asked by the
    base's commander to write Hwarang, who had deserted the army, to say he was
    alright and to ask him to return to the army.  And so, the two met again after
    two years.
    Then, two months later, in order to test Hwarang's prgoress, he again entered
    the stage of the King of Iron Fist Tournaments.
    Notes on Baeg Du San:
    In Korean, the "b" sound is an unaspirated "p," so that's where the confusion
    with the whole "Peku Tou San" stuff comes from (that's the way the announcer
    said his name in Tekken 2).  Baeg Du San is actually a mountain in Korea,
    near the border of North Korea and China, commonly spelled "Paek Tu San" in
    English.  It is similar to Japan's Fujisan (Mt. Fuji) in that indigenous
    religions show great respect for mountains in both Korea and Japan.  The
    name "Baeg" (also spelled "Paek" or "Pak" or "Baek") is a common last name
    in Korean--not as common as Kim or Lee, but there are many examples of people
    with that name.
    I have heard his vocals, but have yet to transcribe them.
    MOVES LIST: (NOTE:  This list is still a work in progress and may have errors)
    NAME                   COMMAND                              ESCAPE
    Hammerhead Throw        1+3_f+1+3                             1
    Blue Shark Throw        2+4_f+2+4                             2
    Starboard Side Throw    right side:  any throw command        2
    Port Side Throw         left side:  any throw command         1
    Triple Pain             back:  any throw command            (none)
    Cobra Bite Throw        f,F+2                                 2
    Swordfish Throw         DB+1+3                               1+2
    Ball Breaker            f+2+3                                1+2
    Normal Moves:
    NAME                   COMMAND             HIT AREA         NOTES
    One, Two Punch -        1,2,3,3,4,4,4        hhhhhml
    Lever Smash*            f+2                  m
    Back Knuckle*           b,B+2                h
    Maelstrom*              3,3,4,4,4            hhhml
    Trident Rush*           f+3,3,2              hlm
    Twister*                f,f,N,3              h              ~f -> Flamingo
                                                                ~b -> Cancel
    Double Claymore*        df+3,4               mm             1st hit:
                                                                ~f_~b -> Flamingo
    Sit Low*                db+3                 l
    Trick Maelstrom*        u,N,3,3,4,4,4        mhhml
    Heel Fall*              4,4                  hm
    Dark Halberd*           db+4                 l
    Jaw Shaker*             ub_uf+4              m              Jumping move
    Destruction*            u+4,4                hh             Jumping move
    Skull Crush*            f+1+2,4              mm
    Last Needle*            b,B+3+4              !
    Knee Javelin*           wr3,4,4,4            hhml
    Javelin*                wr_df+4,4,4          mml
    Double Jab              1,1                  hh              
    One, Two Punch          1,2                  hh 
    One, Two Punch -        1,2,3~f_b_u_d        hhx             
      Flamingo Move                                             -> Flamingo
    One, Two Punch -        1,2,3,3,3,4          hhhhmh
      Butterfly Kick
    One, Two Punch -        1,2,3,3,3,D+4        hhhhml
      Butterfly Needle
    One, Two Punch -        1,2,3,4,3            hhlm
      Wing Blade@
    One, Two Punch -        1,2,3,3,4,4,3        hhhhhmm       last hit:
      Black Widow                                              ~f_~b -> Flamingo
    Stealth Needle          b+1                  m
    Back Knuckle Combo      2,2                  hh             
    Bottle Cutter           b+2                  h
    Bone Stinger            uf+2                 m             Jumping move
    Butterfly Kick          3,3,3,4              hhmh
    Butterfly Needle        3,3,3,D+4            hhml
    Break Blade             3,4,3                hlm
    Black Widow             3,3,4,4,3            hhhmm         last hit:
                                                               ~f_~b -> Flamingo
    Hidari Kakato Otoshi    f,F+3                m              
    "Left Heel Drop," literally.
    Killing Blade           run_f,f,F+3          m             Jumping move
    Wing Blade              f,N,d,DF+3           m
    Snake Blade             d+3,3,3              llm
    Snake Kick              d+3,3,d+3            lll
    Flamingo                b+3                  x             -> Flamingo
    Trick Butterfly Kick    uf,N,3,3,3,4         mhmh           
    Trick Black Widow       uf,N,3,3,4,4,3       mhhmm          
                                                               last hit:
                                                               ~f_~b -> Flamingo
    Hunting Hawk            uf+3,4,3             mmm           Jumping move
    Trick Smash             uf,N,3,4             mh
    Sliding Blade           uf,N,3,D+4,3         mlm
    Heel Knife              F+4,3                mm            last hit:
                                                               ~f_~b -> Flamingo
    Hammer Heel             f,F+4                m
    Baeg Rush               d+4,3,3,3            lmmm          last hit:
                                                               ~f_~b -> Flamingo
    Baeg Rush Needle        d+4,3,3,D+f          lmml
    Heel Lance              b+4                  m
    Parrying                b+1+2                x             Parries high punches
                                                               ~f_~b -> Flamingo
    Flashing Halberd        3+4                  hh            Jump move
                                                               ~f_~b -> Flamingo
    Heel Explosion          db+3+4               !             ~b,B -> Cancel ->
    Whip Needle             wr3,3,4              hml
    Heat Destruction        wr3,4,4,3            hhmm          last hit:
                                                               ~f_~b -> Flamingo
    Albatross               wr_df+f,f,3          mmm           last hit:
                                                               ~f_~b -> Flamingo
    Lace Hammer             ss1                  m
    Blind Middle Kick       ss4                  m              
    Flamingo Moves:
    NAME                   COMMAND             HIT AREA        NOTES
    Flamingo Maelstrom*     3,4,4,4              mhml
    Flamingo Needle*        f+3                  m
    Crimson Lance*          f+4                  h
    Flamingo Move           F_B_D_U              x             -> Flamingo
    Flamingo Wave Needle    3,3,4                mml
    Flamingo Destruction    3,4,4,3              mhmm          last hit:
                                                               ~f_~b -> Flamingo
    Mach Needle             d+3                  l
    Heel Hammer             b+3                  m
    4,3,4,3,3,3,3,3,4,3            hhlmmmhmlm
    4,3,3,4,3,3,3,4,3,3            hhhlmmmlm!
    Name:  Julia Chang
    Fighting Style:  Xinyi Liuhe Quan (a Chinese martial art based on Baji Quan)
      ("Will of the Mind Six Fists," based upon "Eight Extremities Fist")
    Nationality:  American
    Age:  20
    Official Namco Japanese story:
    Julia Chang continues her studies to try and revive the lost forests.
    Unable to recapture her research data in The King of Iron Fist Tournament 4,
    she returns to her home country while unconscious, and started groping blindly
    for a for a new avenues of research.  However, as she had nowhere else to go
    with the problem, her stolen research data kept crossing her mind.
    Just then, a mysterious letter with "Dear Julia" on it in foreign writing
    reached Julia, announcing the start of The King of Iron Fist Tournament 5.
    For the sake of reviving the forests, Julia resolved to once again enter the
    Notes on Julia:
    Xinyi Liuhe Quan ("syin" or "shin," not "zin," btw, and "chwan," not "kwan"),
    may not exist, but Baji Quan sure does.  It is the official martial art of a
    few characters in Japanese games, and referred to often by its Japanese
    pronunciation "Hakkyokuken."  Most notably, it is the art of Yuuki Akira of
    Virtua Fighter fame.  She only bears a couple of Baji Quan-esque moves, such
    as a few elbows, however.  Furthermore, she has many professional wrestling
    moves, for some reason or other.
    Entrance:  Spirits, give me strength.
    Victory:  Thank you, spirits.
    MOVES LIST: (this is still a work in progress and may have errors)
    NAME                    COMMAND                              ESCAPE
    Calf Branding*           crouching foe: d+1+3                  1
    Buldogging Headlock*     crouching foe: d+2+4                  2
    Death Ballet Bomb        1+3_f+1+3                             1
    Side Buster              2+4_f+2+4                             2
      This is just a sidewalk slam.
    Julia Rana?              right side: any throw command         2
      Like a hurricane rana?
    Bulldogging Headlock     left side: any throw command          1
      This is a running bulldog.
    German Suplex            back: any throw command             (None)
    Calf Branding            2+4~B                                 2
    Mad Axe                  qcb,F+2                              1+2
    See-Saw Whip#            d,db+1+3                              1
    Front Suplex#            df+1+3                                1
    Full Nelson Suplex       DF+1+2                               1+2
    Japanese Ocean Cyclone   fc,db,d,DB+1+2                       1+2
    Normal Moves:
    NAME                   COMMAND             HIT AREA         NOTES
    Kainshou*               df+1                 m
      "Mist's Shadow Palm"
    Shipposhouken -         d,DF+1,3_4           mx             -> Spinning Step
      "Quick Step Palm - Spinning Step"
    Reverse One, Two*       2,1                  hh
    Hitsudan Renshin*       d+2,3                sm
      "Knee-Thrusting Advances"
    Shisuntai*              d+3                  l
      "Stopping Inch-Short Kick"  Literally, "Stop Inch Thigh."
    Hitsudan*               df+3                 m
      "Knee Thrust"
    Shunho*                 f+3                  x              Jumping move
      "Instant Step"
    Senshippo*              f+3~1                h
      "Arrow Quick Step"
    Shun'ho Hakkei*         f+3,2                m
      "Instant Step Powerful Thrust"
    Kyoshuu*                f+3,4                l
      "Feinted Kick"  "Kyo" literally means "empty," like a lie.
    Kyouten Shoutai*        f,F+3                m
      "Heavens-Shaking Thrusting Leg"  Again, literally, a thigh.
    Soukikyaku*             uf+4,3               mm             Jumping move
      "Double Rising Kick"
    Hachimon Tonkou*        1+2,4,b,f+1+2        mhm
      "Eight Gates Armor"
    Taikyokuha*             f,F+1+2              h
      "Great Heavy Bundle"  Literally, "Big Extreme Bundle."
    Tenshinho*              3+4 or u+3+4         x              -> Spinning Step
      "Spinning Step"
    Kongou Hakufuchuu*      wr2,2,1+2            mmm
      "Herculean Spirit Elbow"  "Kongou" is also translated as "diamond."
    Urashippo Renchuu*      ss2,1                m
      "Reverse Quick Step Elbows"
    Renkantentai*           ss3+4                mm
      "Double Circular Spinning Legs"
    Tsuutenhou              1~1,1                hmm
      "Thrusting Heaven's Cannon"
    Tsuutenreppa            1~1,2                hmm
      "Thrusting Heaven Violent Smash"
    Soukyuutai              1~1,4,3              hmlh
      "Spear Leg Bow"
    Renken                  1,2                  hm
      "Successive Punches"
    Renken Daitenhousui     1,2,1                hmm
      "Successive Punches, Great, Catching, Destructive Strike"
    Renken Joudankyaku      1,2,4                hmh
      "Successive Punches, High Kick"
    Renken Gedankyaku       1,2,3                hml
      "Successive Punches, Low Kick"
    Tenhou                  f+1                  m
      "Heaven's Cannon"
    Hougeki@                f+1~2                m
      "Destructive Violence"
    Koshinchuu              f,F+1                m
      "Tiger's Body Elbow"
    Koshinrenkou            f,F+1>4              mm
      "Tiger's Body Combination Attack"
    Shipposhouken           d,DF+1               m
      "Quick Step Palm"
    Shipporenchuu           d,DF+1,2             mm
      "Quick Step Combination Elbow"
    Haimendori              2~b                  h               Only upon hit
      "Getting to the Back"
    Soushou                 2~b,1+2              hh              Only upon hit
      "Double Palm"
    Housui                  df+2                 m
      "Destructive Strike"
    Daitenhousui            df+2,1               mm
      "Great, Catching, Destructive Strike"
    Housui Joudankyaku      df+2,4               mh
      "Destructive Strike, High Kick"
    Housui Gedankyaku       df+2,3               ml
      "Destructive Strike, Low Kick"
    Sweep Kick              db+3                 l
    Senshingousou Rentai    b+3,f                ll
      "Flashing Back Sweep Combination Kicks"
    Jinkyaku Zensou Juujiha 4,4,1                hlm
      "Fast Kick, Forward Sweep, Cross Strike"
    Jinkyaku Zensou Rentai  4,4,4                hlh
      "Fast Kick, Forward Sweep, Combination Kick"
    Jinkyaku Zensou Sentai  4,4,D+4              hll
      "Fast Kick, Forward Sweep, Fan Kick"
    Zensoutai               d+4                  l
      "Forward Sweeping Kick"
    Zensou Juujiha          d+4,1                lm
      "Forward Sweep, Cross Strike"
    Zensou Rentai           d+4,4                lh
      "Forward Sweep, Combination Kick"
    Zensou Sentai           d+4,D+4              ll
      "Forward Sweep, Fan Kick"
    Kouran Hihouchuu        df+4,2>b,F+1         mmm
      "Burning Scarlet Queen's Destructive Elbow"
    Rigou Tentai            b+4                  l
      "Homeland Heavenly Kick"
    Umbei Nichigetsuha      f+1+2                m
      "Quiet Clouds' Sun and Moon Strike"
    Totsu Soushou           b+1+2                m
      "Thrusting Double Palm"
    Resshintou              uf+3+4               m              Jumping move.
      "Ground-Shaking Stomp"  Literally, "violently shaking jump."
    Soukyuutai              1+4,3                mlh
      "Spear Bow Kick"
    Zesshou Tsuutenhou      F+1+4                !              ~B -> cancel
      "Thrusting Heaven's Cannon to Bring About the End"
    Shoutai Tsuutenhou      2+3,1                smm
      "Heavy Kick, Thrusting Heaven's Cannon"
    Chouhatsu               2+3+4                x
    Zansui                  wr2                  m
      "Severing Strike"
    Zansui Tsuutenhou       wr2,1,1              mmm
      "Severing Strike, Thrusting Heaven's Cannon"
    Zansui Soukyuutai       wr2,1,4,3            mmlh
      "Severing Strike, Spear Bow Kick"
    Zangeki Rakuchuu        wr2,2_wr2,(2)        mm
      "Severing Attack, Falling Elbow"
    Zansui Zensou Juumonha  wr2,4,1              mlm
      "Severing Strike, Forward Sweep, Cross Strike"
    Zansui Zensou Rentai    wr2,4,4              mlh
      "Severing Strike, Forward Sweep, Combination Kick"
    Zansui Zensou Sentai    wr2,4,D+4            mll
      "Severing Strike, Forward Sweep, Fan Kick"
    Soukuuhou               wr4                  m
      "Spear Air Cannon"
    Shippo Houchuu          fc DF+2_f,f,F+2      m
      "Quick Step Destructive Elbow
    Kousoutai               fc DF+4              l
      "Back Sweep Kick"
    Senkyuutai              fc DF+4,3            lm
      "Piercing Bow Kick"
    Spinning Step Moves:
    NAME                   COMMAND             HIT AREA         NOTES
    Souda*                  1                    h
      "Sweeping Strike"
    Hougeki*                2                    m
      "Destructive Attack"
    Tenshin Katai Tetsu-    3,1                  mm
      "Spinning Hanging Kick, Iron-Mountain Shoulders"  NOTE:  "Kou" literally
       means "to lean upon."
    Jinkyaku Zensou Juujiha 4,4,1                hlm
      "Fast Kick, Forward Sweep, Cross Strike"
    Jinkyaku Zensou Rentai  4,4,4                hlh
      "Fast Kick, Forward Sweep, Combination Kick"
    Jinkyaku Zensou Sentai  4,4,D+4              hll
      "Fast Kick, Forward Swep, Combination Kick
    2,1,1,2,3,3,3,4,4,1            hmmmlhmhlm
    2,1,1,2,3,4,2,3,2,1            hmmmlhmlmm
    2,1,1,2,3,4,2,1,4,3            hmmmlhmmlh
    Name:  Devil Jin
    Fighting Style:  Unknown
    Nationality:  None
    Age:  Unknown
    Official Namco Japanese story:
    This is Kazama Jin, taken over by his Devil blood.
    Mishima Jimpachi's resurrection from where he had been sealed for so long was
    completed when the inner sanctum was destroyed.  As if by response to his
    power, the Devil blood within Jin became active.
    Two months have passed since then.
    Completely taking invading Jin's spirit, a wicked, evil being has fully
    Notes on Devil Jin:
    Well, I don't have too much to say, except that it seems like he is just Jin
    from Tekken Tag Tournament or Tekken 3 with a couple of laser moves.
    Entrance:  Kyoufu o oshiete yarou!
      "I shall show you the meaning of 'fear!'"
    MOVES LIST:  (* are moves that have been added to Jin's Tekken Tag movelist)
    NAME                   COMMAND                              ESCAPE
    Tsumujigeri             1+3_f+1+3                             1
      "Circling Kick"
    Ikazuchi                2+4_f+2+4                             2
    Ryougata Hineri         right side: any throw                 2
      "Both Shoulder Twist-Down"  (A Judo / Sumo move)
    Tembin Nage             left side: any throw                  1
      "Tembin Throw" (a "tembin" is one of those poles you place across your
      shoulders to carry stuff)
    Dougaeshi               back: any throw                     (none)
      "Jerking the Body About"  In Judo and Sumo, it seems that when someone
      twists their foe one way, then back again, it is a "kaeshi."
    Choubachiki             f,F+1+2                              1+2
      "Super Head Butt"
    Shirayama               DF+2+3                                2
      "White Mountain"
    Yagurakuzushi           qcb+1+3                               1
      "Toppling the Tower"
    Ultimate Tackle         fc_db_f,N,d,DF+1+2                    2
    Uderashigi Juujigatame  tackle, mounted punches: 1+2         1+2,2,2,2,2
      "Arm-Crushing Cross Clutch"
    Jou, Chuudan Kaeshiwaza b+1+3_b+2+4                          f+1+3_f+2+4
      "High and Mid Reversal"                                    Reversal.
    Normal Moves:
    NAME                   COMMAND             HIT AREA         NOTES
    Heaven's Door*          f,N,d,DF+1,UF        m (throw)
    Gokusotsu Uchi*         df+2,1               mm
      "Hell Death Strike"
    Gokusotsu Barai*        df+2,2               ml
      "Hell Death Sweep"
    Mezu Rasen*             f,f+3,1,4            mhm
      "Horse-Head Spiral"  "Mezu" is a horse-headed demon, called a soldier of
    Gozu Sempuu*            f,f+3,1,3            mhl
      "Bull-Head Whirlwind"  "Gozzu" is a bull-headed demon, called a soldier of
    Toukatsu Senkuu*        f,N,d,DF+3           l
      "Toukwatsu Flashing Sky"  It is said that those who enter the hell of
      "Toukwatsu" are forced to fight each other, and though they die, they are
      reincarnated in this hell to fight again the next day.
    Kyoukansenkuu*          f,N,d,df+3           m
      "Shouting Flashing Sky"
    Sara Kudaki*            d+3                  l
      "Plate Smashing"
    Raikouha*               1+2                  !
      "Lightning Crimson Wave"
    Roku Dou*               b+1+2                x
      "Six Paths"  These are the six ways that you are distracted from attaining
      divine redemption.
    Roku Dou Kigan*         b+1+2 tapped buttons m
      "Six Paths Devils"
    Roku Dou Kigan*         b+(1+2)              m
      "Six Paths Devils"
    Raikou Shouha*          ub_u_uf+1+2          !
      "Lightning Crimson Rising Wave"
    Hikuu*                  3+4                  x
    Nehan*                  3+4,1+2              !
      "Nirvana"  In other words, death.
    Nehan Okuri*            3+4,f+1+2            !
      "Nirvana Dispatch"
    Zanshutou*              ss2                  h
      "Beheading Sword"
    Raikou Zamba*           df+1+2               l
      "Lightning Crimson Severing Wave"
    One, Two Punch          1>2                  hh
    Oninaki Renken          1>2>2                hhh
      "Weeping Oni Combination Punches"  This means that it is so strong that it
      would make an oni weep.  An oni is a great, ogre-like, mythical creature.
    Senkou Rekken           1,1>2                hhm
      "Flashing Violent Punches"
    Kifuumon                1,2,4                hhm
      "Oni Wind Gate"
    One, Two, Shirasagi     1,2,4~1+4,2,4        hhshhm
      "One, Two, Snowy Heron Frolicking Dance"
    One, Two, Shirasagi     1,2,4~1+4,2,D+4
      "One, Two, Snowy Heron Low Kick"
    Kasumigeri              4                    h
      "Hazy Kick"
    Oni Kubiotoshi          F+3                  m
      "Oni Neck Drop"
    Mukurouchi              db+1                 m
      "Striking the Corpse"
    Nimon Soukyaku          1,2,3,4              hhmm
      "Second Gate Double Kicks"
    Nimon Soukyaku: Kai     1,2,3,f+4            hhmm
      "Second Gate Double Kicks:  Modified"
    Hakauchi - Fuujin Step  b+1,DF               mx
      "Loud, Disruptive Strike - Wind Spirit Step"
    Oni Shourou             b+4                  m
      "Oni Belfry"
    Haganewari              f+2                  m
      "Steel Splitter"
    Shikkou                 f+4                  m
      "Steel Knee"
    Haganewari - Shikkou    f+2,4                mm
      "Steel Splitter - Steel Knee"
    Uragobushi - Side High  b+2,3                hm
      "Back Fist - Side High Kick"
    Kakatogiri              df+4,4               mm
      "Slicing Heel"
    Oni Hachimon            df+1_f+1+2>2         mm
      "Oni Eight Gates"
    Shiun Nidangeri         d+3+4                sh
      "Purple Clouds Double Kick"
    Mukurowari              UB_U_UF+2+4          m               Jumping move.
      "Corpse Splitter"
    Kishin Metsuretsu       b+1+4                !
      "Demon God Destruction"
    Shin Kishin Metsuretsu  B+1+4                !
      "True Demon God Destruction"
    Hasai Geri              4~3                  m
      "Smashing Kick"
    Rasen Gemma Kyaku       u_uf+4,4,4,4         hllm
      "Spiral Demon Kicks"
    Shirasagi Asobimai      1+4,2,4              shhm
      "Snowy Heron Frolicking Dance"
    Shirasagi Gedankyaku    1+4,2,D+4            shhl
      "Snowy Heron Low Kick"
    Onigoroshi              ss2                  m
      "Oni Killer"  This is used when something's really strong, like a strong
      drink or something, as in "It'll knock you off your feet!"  So, it's a nice
    Dounuki                 f,F+2                m
      "Body Piercer"
    Majinken                b,F+2                m
      "Demon God Punch"
    Rasetsumon: Ichi        b,F+2,1,2            mmm
      "Rakshasa Gate: 1"  "Rasetsu" is a demon derived from the Indian Rakshasa,
      and is said to be a very fast, fanged, black demon with red hair.
    Rasetsumon: Ni          b,F+2,1,d+2          mmm
      "Rakshasa Gate: 2"  see above
    Fuujinken               f,N,d,DF+2           h
      "Wind Spirit Punch"                                        
    Saisoku Fuujinken       f,N,d~DF+2           h               The "d~DF" must be
      "Fastest Wind Spirit Punch"  a.k.a. "electric."            very fast.
    Raijinken               f,N,d,DF+1           m
      "Thunder Spirit Punch"
    Raijinken Chuudankyaku  f,N,d,DF+1,3         mm
      "Thunder Spirit Punch, Mid Kick"
    Raijinken Gedankyaku    f,N,d,DF+1,4         ml
      "Thunder Spirit Punch, Low Kick"
    Narakubarai             f,n,d,DF+4,4         lm
      "Hell Sweep"
    Hayai Tsuki             wr2                  m
      "Quick Thrust"
    Soukaku                 wr1,2                mm
      "Double Horn"
    Kakato Otoshi           wr4,4                mm
      "Heel Drop"
    Kuuzankyaku             run_f,f,F+3          m
      "Air-Cutting Kick"
    3,2,4,3,1+4,2,2,1,2              hhmhlhhmmm
    3,2,4,3,1+4,2,1                  hhmhlhmm
    b+2,4,4,4,4,2,1+4,2,1,4          hhhlmmlhhmm
    b+2,4,4,4,4,2,1+4,2,d+3+4        hhhlmmlhhsh
    f,f,N,2,1,2,2,3,4,4,1,2,1        hhhhmmlhmm
    f,f,N,2,1,2,2,3,4,4,3,2,1        hhhhmmllm!
    f,f,N,2,1,4,4,2,4,3,2,1          hhmmsmlm!
    IId.  FENG WEI
    Name:  Feng Wei ("Feng"--"Gallop," but also, "Disdain."  "Wei"--"Dignity.")
    Fighting Style:  Chinese Martial Arts
    Nationality:  Chinese
    Age:  26
    Official Namco Japanese story:
    Mastering Chinese martial arts, Feng Wei aims to be the strongest fighter in
    the world.
    Allowed to train under a master of Chinese martial arts who was called "Shen
    Quan," when he grew to an adult, he had proven himself the strongest among
    his piers.
    However, he lusted for too much power, and had matches against people of other
    styles, which was forbidden.  In the end, he killed his master, Shen Quan,
    when he was trying to stop him.
    After that, he heard that he would need the "Shen Quan Great Skill Scrolls"
    the Mishimas had stolen in order for him to awaken the complete "Shen Quan,"
    so he decided to enter The King of Iron Fist Tournament.
    Notes on Feng Wei:
    His teacher's name is "Shen Quan" (pronounced like 'shun chwan'), and means
    something like "Spirit Fist" or "God Fist" or "Divine Fist."  He wants to become
    the God of Fists.  "Shen Quan" is pronounced "Shinken" to the Japanese, and
    is the same "jinken" in the words "Fuujinken" and "Raijinken."  Presumably, the
    Thunder Spirit Punch and Wind Spirit Punch that the Mishimas are so famous for
    were somehow derived from these scrolls.  Did Jimpachi steal these scrolls?
    Many of Feng Wei's moves are standard for Japanese representations of Chinese
    martial arts in video games, so he's probably just some kind of potpourri of
    Chinese stuff.  The Shaolin monks are the ones who aren't allowed to "cross
    hands" with those practicing other styles, but he certainly doesn't do Shaolin
    Kung Fu.  Actually, much of his style is reminiscent of the tigers in Bloody
    Roar, but he is, of course, much cooler than them.
    I have yet to hear them.
    MOVES LIST: (again, this is a work in progress and is incomplete)
    NAME                   COMMAND                              ESCAPE
    Goutenshou              1+3_f+1+3                             1
      "Great Divine Palms" ("Hao Tian Zhang")
    Jakou Shouha            2+4_f+2+4                             2
      "Snake Bites, Palm Strike" ("She Yao Zhang Ba")
    Danjin Kuubu            right side: any throw                 2
      "Soft-Cutting Air Dance" ("Tuan Tong Kong Wu")
    Hougekiha               left side: any throw                  1
      "Destructive Violent Strike" ("Beng Ji Ba")
    Kaitou Houchuu          back: any throw                     (None)
      "Head Spinning Grapple, Elbow" ("Hui Tou Bao Zhou")
    Konrontsui              DF+1+2                               1+2
      "Kunlun Fall"   Kunlun is a legendary Chinese mountain. ("Kunlun Zhui")
    Houchuu or Tamben       b+1+3_b+2+4                          f+1+3_f+2+4
      "Grappling Elbow" or "Single Whip."                        Punch reversal.
      ("Hui Tou" or "Dan Bian")
    Unshu                   f+3+4                                Reverses punches in
      "Cloud Hands" ("Yun Shou")                                 a string only,
    Normal Moves:
    NAME                   COMMAND             HIT AREA         NOTES
    Renken Shousui          1,1                  hm
      "Punch, Follwed by Powerful Strike" ("Lian Quan Chong Zhu")
    Shikka Rendan           1,2,2                hhh            ~B -> bt
      "Blazing Lotus Blasts" ("Ji Huo Lian Dan")
    Renkan Shoutai          1,3                  hh
      "Dispatch, Followed by Powerful Kick" ("Lian Hai Chong Tui")
    Bakumenshou             b+1                  h
      "Face-Striking Palm" ("Pu Mian Zhang")
    Shouha                  df+1                 m
      "Palm Strike" ("Mian Ba")
    Senjin Shoukinda        db+1,2               mm
      "Spinning Line Lesser Prisoner Strike" ("Xuan Zhen Xiao Qin Da")
    Tamben                  b,F+1                m
      "Simple Whip" ("Dan Bian")
    Youshouha               ub_u_uf+1            m              Jumping move.
      "Soaring Hawk Strike" ("Ying Xiang Ba")
    Rensui Soushou          2~2                  mh
      "Successive Strong Sweeping Strikes" ("Lian Zhu Sao Chong")
    Ryoudanha               2~1                  m
      "Slicing Strike with Both Hands" ("Shuang Duan Ba")
    Nyuukan Gokusunha       f+2,1,2              mmm
      "Circular Invasive Prison Close Strikes" ("Ru Huan Yue Cun Ba")
    Sousui                  f,F+2                m
      "Sweeping Strike" ("Sao Chui")
    Hakkeshou               df+2,2               mm
      "Thrusting Powerful Palms" ("Fa Hong Mian")
    Fukko Renkyaku          b+2,3,4,1            mlmm
      "Crouching Tiger Combination Kicks" ("Fu Hu Lian Cu") The word "kyaku" does
      not exist in Chinese. 
    Soudarakushuu           d+2                  l
      "Blue Snake Falling Attack" ("Cang She Luo Xi") 
    Sempuu Rensui           db+2,2,2             llm            2nd attack:
      "Whirlwind Combination Strikes" ("Xuan Feng Lian Chui")   ~B -> Cancel
    Rakushuu Houda          UF+2                 m
      "Falling Attack, Destructive Strike" ("Luo Xi Beng Da")
    Sempuu Chihaikyaku      3~4,3                ml
      "Whirwind, Ground Back Kick" (Xuan Feng Shuang Bei Cu") The word "kyaku"
      does not exist in Chinese.
    Kobi Souchuuha          f+3,2                hm
      "Tiger's Tail Twin Elbow Strikes" ("Hu Yi Shuang Zhou Ba")
    Funha                   f,F+3                m
      "Burning Strike" ("Fen Ba")
    Resshuukyaku            run_f,f,F+3          m              Jumping move.
      "Rending Kick" ("Lie Cu") The word "kyaku" does not exist in Chinese; the
      word "cu" does, and is the "shuu" in "Resshuukyaku."
    Sokutekitai             df+3                 m
      "Side Kick"
    Tessa                   db+3                 l
      "Hairpin Stagger" ("Die Chai")
    Tenshin Shousui         b+3,1                hm
      "Spinning Power Strike" ("Zhuan Shen Chong Chui")
    Ressenkyaku             ub_u_uf+3            h              Jumping move.
      "Rending, Twirling Kick" ("Lie Xuan Cu")  The word "kyaku" does not exist in
    Ukyaku Soushuuha        f+4,3                hm
      "Right Kick, Talon Kick Strike" ("You Cu Zhao Cu Po")
    Rigoutentai             f+4,b                h              -> bt
      "Homeland Spin Kick" ("Li He Zhuan Tui")
    Ukyaku Rakushuuha       f+4,4                hl
      "Right Kick, Falling Attack" ("You Cu Luo Cu Po")
    Renkantai               f,F+4,3              mm
      "Circular Kick Combination" ("Lian Huan Tui")
    Tantai                  df+4                 m
      "Launched Kick" ("Dan Tui")
    Gousoutai               db+4                 l
      "Strong Sweep Kick" ("Gang Sao Tui")
    Sokufukutai             b+4                  m
      "Side Stomach Kick" ("Ce Fu Tui")
    Hitenkyaku              ub_u_uf+4            m              Jumping move.
      "Flying Heaven's Kick" ("Fei Tian Cu")  The word "kyaku" doesn't exist in
    Kaichuu                 1+2                  m              Parries h,m punches.
      "Trick Elbow" ("Guai Zhou")
    Tenryuu Gouhazan        f+1+2                h              -> bt
      "Spinning Killing Strong, Slow Strike" ("Xuan Liu Gang Po Zan")
    Kouga Rakushuu          db+1+2,2             ml
      "Crossing Teeth, Falling Attack" ("Jiao Ya Luo Xi")
    Gokusunkou              b+1+2                m
      "Prison Close Shoulder"  "Kou" literally means "to lean upon."
      ("Yue Cun Kao")
    Unshu                   f+3+4                x              -> Cloud Hands
      "Cloud Hands"  ("Yun Shou")                               Parries h,m punches.
    Kyoho                   b+3+4                x              -> Feint Step
      "Feint Step"  "Kyo" means empty, like a lie. ("Xu Bu")
    Kobokushou              f,F+1+2              m              Parries h,m punches.
      "Tiger-Striking Palms" ("Hu Pu Zhang")
    Tenshou                 ub+1+2               !
      "Heaven's Palms" ("Tian Zhang")
    Rakushuuha              fc DF+1              l
      "Falling Attacking Strike" ("Luo Cu Ba")
    Shippo Rendan           wr1,2>1              mmm
      "Quick Step Lotus Blast" ("Ji Bu Lian Dan")
    Kongou Tousui           wr2                  m
      "Strong Pound"  "Kongou" also means "diamond." ("Jin Gang Dao Chui")
    Senkyuutai              wr4                  m
      "Piercing Bow Kick" ("Chuan Gong Tui")
    Hanshou                 ss2                  h              -> bt
      "Opposing Palm" ("Fan Zhang")
    Zensoutai               ss4                  l
      "Forward Sweep Kick" ("Qian Sao Tui")
    Dakai                   ss1+2                m
      "Breaking Strike" ("Da Kai")
    Funha                   bt3                  m
      "Burning Strike" ("Fen Ba")
    Haishin Gousoutai       bt d+3               l
      "Back-Turned Strong Sweep Strike" ("Bei Shen Gang Sao Tui")
    Haishin Souchuu         bt1+2                m
      "Back-Turned Double Elbow" ("Bei Shen Shuang Zhou")
    Toushinkyaku            downed foe: d+4      l              When opp. is down
      "Fallen Tremor Kick" ("Dao Zhen Cu")  The word "kyaku" does not exist in
    Zan'ei                  qct                  x              -> Trace
      "Trace"  (as in "remains," or "evidence.") ("Can Ying")
    Cloud Hands or Feint Step Moves:
    NAME                   COMMAND             HIT AREA         NOTES
    Houko Kizan             1                    m
      "Grappling Tiger Retruning to the Mountain" ("Bao Hu Gui Shan")
    Fuuretsuken             2                    h
      "Wind-Rending Punch" ("Feng Lie Quan")
    Katsufukushuu           3                    h
      "Crouching Scorpion Kick" ("Xie Fu Cu")
    Rigoutai                4                    h
      "Homeland Kick" ("Li He Tui")
    Trace Moves:
    NAME                   COMMAND             HIT AREA         NOTES
    Shichisunkou            1                    l
      "Seven-Inch Shoulders"  "Kou" literally means "to lean against."
      ("Qi Cun Kao")
    Houda                   2                    m
      "Destructive Strike" ("Beng Da")
    Soukyuutai              3                    mhhh
      "Blue Bow Kicks" ("Cang Gong Tui")
    f+1,1,2,1,3,4,2,2,2,2              hmmmlmllmm
    f+1,1,2,1,3,4,2,4,3,1+2            hmmmlmlhmh
    IIe.  FOX, STEVE
    Name:  Steve Fox
    Fighting Style:  Boxing
    Nationality:  British
    Age:  21
    Official Namco Japanese story:
    Steve Fox is a genius boxer who has dreams of becoming the world champion.
    He entered The King of Iron Fist Tournament 4 to show himself to the world and
    to solve the mystery of his origins.  Discovering the secret of his past with
    the help of Leui Moulung (Lei Wulong), he believes that he must prevent another
    person being created like he was.  At the same time, he develops a great anger
    towards the Mishima Corporation.
    It was at this time that he found out about the start of the King of Iron Fist
    Tournament 5.
    Again heading for the World Champion title, Steve immediately decides to enter
    the tournament.
    Notes on Steve Fox:
    In case you didn't know, Steve is Nina's son.  Somehow, he was created using
    the DNA of Nina Williams when she was in cryogenic sleep.
    I have yet to hear them.
    NAME                   COMMAND                              ESCAPE
    Tornado Throw           1+3_f+1+3                             1
    Hammer Throw            2+4_f+2+4                             2
    Haraigoshi              right side: any throw                 2
      "Sweeping Hip"
    Choke Slam              left side: any throw                  1
    Parabellum Throw        back: any throw                     (None)
    Position Change*        Sway: 1+2                            1+2
    Swordfish Throw         f,F+1+2                              1+2
    Eagle Elbow             qcb+2+4                               2
    Griffon Throw           Flicker: b+1+2                       1+2
    Parrying                2~f                                 Parries h,m punches.
    Parrying Uppercut       2~f,1                               Must parry punch.
    Normal Moves:  NOTE:  Any move with a % in the NOTES means you can press
    -------------         3 for Weaving Left, 4 for Weaving Right, b+3_b+4_b+3+4
                          for Sway or f+3_f+4_f+3+4 for Ducking at the end of the
    NAME                   COMMAND             HIT AREA         NOTES
    Knee Bolt Blow*         d+1                  l
    Quick Hook Pressure*    b+1,2                hl
    Awl Shooter*            uf+1                 m              Jumping move.
    Tuck In Body*           f+2                  m
    Tuck In Left Hook*      f+2,1                ml
    Tuck In Vertical Edge*  f+2,1~2              mh
    Feint Right Body*       f+2~2                m
    Tuck In Feint One, Two* F+2~1                hh
    Dash Straight*          f,F+2                h
    Eraser Blow*            run_f,f,F+2          m              Jumping move.
    Double Right Uppercut*  df+2,2               mm
    Jolt*                   b+2                  h              Parries h,m punches.
    Sky High*               uf+2                 m              Jumping move.
    Dirty Smash*            db+3,2               lh
    Jump In Stomping*       uf+3                 l
    Jump In Dirty*          uf+3,2               lh
    Tuck Kick*              uf+4                 m
    Double Jab              1,1                  hh             % (see note above)
    Jab - Body Blow         1,f+1                hm             ~B -> Flicker
    Lightning Combination   1,1,2                hhh
    Double Jab - Body Blow  1,1,f+1              hhm            ~B -> Flicker
    One, Two                1,2                  hh             % (see note above)
    One, Two, Three         1,2,1                hhh            % (see note above)
    One, Two, Three -       1,2,1,B              hhhx           -> Flicker
      Flicker Stance                                            
    British Edge Combo      1,2,1,2              hhhm           % (see note above)
    British Edge Combo,     1,2,1,d+2            hhhl
    Uppercut                df+1                 m              % (see note above)
    Uppercut, Straight      df+1,2               mh             % (cancels 2nd hit)
    Feint Left Hook Combo   df+1,2~1             mh
    Feint Left Hook Combo - df+1,2~1~B           mhx            -> Flicker
      Flicker Stance
    Vertical Edge Combo     df+1,2~2             mm
    Feint One, Two Combo    df+1,2~1+2           mhh
    Smash#                  qct+1                m              ~B -> Flicker
    Quick Hook#             b+1                  h              ~B -> Flicker
    Right Straight - Left   2,1                  hh             % (see note above)
    Right Straight - Left   2,1,B                hhx            -> Flicker
      Hook - Flicker Stance
    Quick British Edge      2,1,2                hhh            % (see note above)
    Quick British Edge      2,1,d+2              hhl
      Combow, Low@
    Right Straight - Right  2,2                  hm
    One, One, Two           2,1+2                hhh
    Draconic Hammer#        f,f,N,2              h
    Right Uppercut          df+2                 m              % (see note above)
    Eagle Claw Combo 1      D+2,1,2              lmh
    Eagle Claw Combo 2      d+2~1,f+2            mh
    Feint Claw              d+2~1,2              mm              
    Hellfire                qcb,F+2              !
    Cutting Hook            db+2_fc2             l
    Stomping                db+3                 l
    Quick Chopping Right    qcb+1+2              m
    Heartbreak Shot         f+1+2                m
    Sonic Fang              df+1+2               mm
    Quick Turn              3+4                  x
    Quick Turn - Left       3+4~U                x
    Quick Turn - Right      3+4~D                x
    Turn Punch              3+4~U_3+4~D,1        m
    Turn Cutting Hook       3+4~U_3+4~D,1,d+1    ml
    Turn Punch              3+4,2                m
    Turn Cutting Hook       3+4,d+2              l
    Eagle Claw              wr1,2                mm
    Plus One@#              downed foe: d+1+2    l
    Flicker Stance          b+1+2 or 1+2         x              -> Flicker
    Weaving Left            3                    x              -> Weaving Left
    Weaving Right           4                    x              -> Weaving Right
    Ducking                 f+3_f+4_f+3+4        x              -> Ducking
    Long Ducking            f+3_f+4_f+3+4,f      x              -> Long Ducking
    Sway                    b+3_b+4_b+3+4        x              -> Sway
    Flicker Moves:
    NAME                   COMMAND             HIT AREA         NOTES
    Spitfire Combination    1,1,1,2              hhhm           Hits 1-3, B for
                                                                -> Flicker
    Fokker Tempest Combo    1,f+1                hm
    Chopping Right          2                    m
    Bristol Lancer          b+2_b+(2)            h
    Weaving Left Moves:
    NAME                   COMMAND             HIT AREA         NOTES
    Variant Combination     1,1                  mm
    Left Body - Flicker     1,B                  mx             -> Flicker
    Short Shoulder Attack   2                    m
    Dempsey Roll            4,F                  x
    Endless Roll@           4,F+1,2,1,2,....     mmmm....
    Weaving Right Moves:
    NAME                   COMMAND             HIT AREA         NOTES
    Short Shoulder Attack   1                    m
    Flashing Screw@         2                    m
    Dempsey Roll            3,F                  x
    Endless Roll@           3,F+2,1,2,1....      m....
    Ducking Moves:
    NAME                   COMMAND             HIT AREA         NOTES
    Gazelle Punch           1                    m
    Seahawk Uppercut        2                    m
    Sea Eagle Hook          f+2                  h
    Sea Eagle Hook          f+(2)                h              ~b -> Sway
                                                                ~f -> Ducking
                                                                ~d_~u -> Weaving
    Parabellum Combination  1+2,1,2,1,2,1,2,1,2,1 (m x 10)
    Long Ducking Moves:
    NAME                   COMMAND             HIT AREA         NOTES
    Gazelle Punch:  Rage*   1                    m
    Seahawk Upper:  Rage*   2                    m
    Sea Eagle Hook:  Rage*  f+2                  m
    Parabellum Combination  1+2,1,2,1,2,1,2,1,2,1 (m x 10)
    Sway Moves:
    NAME                   COMMAND             HIT AREA         NOTES
    Chopping Left           1                    m
    Trident Hook            2                    m
    10-Strings:  (Notes:  These are all new)
    f+2,1,1,1,2,1,1,2,1,2          hhmmmhhlmm
    f+2,1,1,1,2,1,1,2,1,b+2        hhmmmhhlm!
    f+2,1,1,1,2,1,1,3,2,3+4        hhmmmhhlmx
    Name:  Bryan Fury
    Fighting Style:  Kickboxing
    Nationality:  American
    Age: 31
    Official Namco Japanese story:
    Bryan Fury is a replicant created by Dr. Abel.
    In order to gain a completely mechanical body, he leaves everything in the hands
    of Dr. Bosconovich and enters a deep sleep.  However, when he came back to his
    senses, he was still in his original body.  According to Dr. Bosconovich, he
    had too many black boxes within his body, and they had to perform an emergency
    operation to install an immortal engine within him.
    "An immortal engine...?  Fuh, hah, hah, hah, hah!  This is great.  This is
    really great!"  Raising a shout of joy, he broke past Bosconovich, sending him
    flying outside, and began walking away.  Some of the Manji Party, sensing
    something was wrong, came to stop Bryan, but he defeated them all, and left
    the hidden homeland of the Manji Clan behind him.
    A few days later, Bryan learned that The King of Iron Fist Tournament was again
    going to start, and so, to test the ability of his immortal engine, he decided
    to enter the tournament.
    Notes on Bryan Fury:
    Despite the announcer in Tekken 4 pronouncing his name "Bryan Furry," it is,
    in fact, supposed to be "Fury" (as in "the furies" or "furious.")
    I haven't heard him say anything yet.
    MOVES LIST: (as with the others, it may be incorrect)
    NAME                   COMMAND                              ESCAPE
    DDT                     1+3_f+1+3                             1
    Bryan Crusher           2+4_f+2+4                             2
    Knee Blast              right side: any throw                 2
    Freefall                left side: any throw                  1
    Hammer Throw            back: any throw                     (None)
    Snake Mixer*            f,F+1+2                              1+2
    Death Messenger         fc df,d,DF+1+2                       1+2
    Parrying                b+1+2                                Parries h,m punches
    Parrying?               b+1+2,2                              After successful
    Normal Moves:
    NAME                   COMMAND             HIT AREA         NOTES
    One, Two, Smash*        1,2,1                hhm
    One, Two, High Kick*    1,2,4                hhh
    Punch Kick Combo*       1,3                  hm
    Elbow Slash*            d+2                  m
    Jet Uppercut*           f,B+2                h
    Riot Anaconda*          3,3,4                mhm
    Anaconda Bites*         3,3,2                mhh
    Sweeper Kick*           db+3                 l
    Low, Stomach Combo*     d+3,2                lm
    Stopping - Hide         b+3,f_df             lx
    Stopping - Double       b+3,1+2              hm
    MPK Combo (Mid Punch    d+3+4,2,3            lhm
    One, Two, Low Kick      1,2,3                hhl
    Snake Combination       1,4>2>1>2            hhhhh
    Snake Combination       1,4,2~1>2            hhhh
    Snake Combo - Side Step 1,4>2~1~u_d          hhhx
    Atomic Combination (A)  1,4>2>4              hhhm
    Atomic Combination (B)  1,4>2>1>4            hhhhm
    Atomic Combination (B)  1,4,2~1>4            hhhm
    Southern Cross Combo    1,4,3                hhm
    Southern Cross Plus One 1,4,3,3              hhmh
    Left Body Blow          df+1                 m
    Lightning Blow          DF+1>1>1>1           mmmm
    Body Blow               2 during Lightning   m
    Double Body Blow        DF+1,2               mm
    Chopping Elbow#         b+1                  m
    Gatling Smash           b+1~2:1:2:1:2:1:2:   (m x 10)
    Stomach Combination     f+2,1,4              hmm
    Mach Punch              f,F+2                h
    Right Body Blow         df+2                 m
    Stomach Blow            d_db+2               m
    Right Back Knuckle      b+2                  h
    Double Back Knuckle     b+2>1                hh
    Feint Knuckle?          b+2~1                x
    Feint Knuckle - Side    b+2~1~u_d            x
    Mach Combination        b+2>1>2              hhh
    Mach Combination        b+2~1,2              h
    Slash Combination (A)   b+2,4                hm
    Slash Combination (B)   b+2>1,4              hhm
    Slash Combination (B)   b+2~1,4              m
    Gatling Combination     3,2,1,4              mmml
    Gatling Plus One        3,2,1,2              mmmm
    Quick Savate            3,3                  mh
      A "savate" (fr., "sahVAHT" (+aspiration on the "t") is a kind of kick used in
    Stomach Knee            f+3                  m
    Slicer                  ff+3_ff+(3)          m
    Snake Slash             run 3_f,f,F+3        m                Jumping move.
    Snake Edge              df+3                 l
    Quick Left Low Kick     3+3                  l
    Stopping                b+3                  m
    Stopping Feint Straight b+3,2                hh
    Stopping Triple Punch   b+3,2,1,2            hhmm
    Freeze Combination      b+3,2,1,4            hhml
    Stopping Feint Knee     b+3,4                hm
    Sniper Savate           u_uf+3               m                Jumping move.
    Sniper Savate Combo     4,3,4_f+4,3,4        hmh
    Mach Kick               f,F+4                h
    Leg Slash               df+4                 m
    Quick Low Kick          d+4                  l
    Knee Break              b+4                  m
    Flying Kneel Kick       b,B+4                h                Jumping move.
    Flying Heel             u_uf+4               h                Jumping move.
    Snake Fang              1+2_d+1+2_fc1+2      mm
    Sok Klab                F+1+2                h
      "Reverse Elbow"
    Back Spin Middle Kick   3+4                  m
    Side Low                d+3+4                l
    Jump Side Kick          u_uf+3+4             m
    Graviton Hammer         b+1+4                !
    Quick Graviton Hammer   f+1+4                !
    Chouhatsu               1+3+4                !                Cancelable.
    Neo Stomach             1+3+4, f+2,1,4,2,1,  !hmmhhmh         Last 3 hits only
      Combination#            4,2                                 come out if the
                                                                  one before them
                                                                  hits.  You have 7
                                                                  seconds after
    Lift Uppercut           wr1                  m
    Body Uppercut           wr2                  m
    Atomic Blow             wr2,b_f              m, throw         Only if wr2 hits
    Knee Crush              wr3                  m
    Double Knee Crush       wr3,4                mm
    Short Uppercut          wr1+2                m
    Tornado Kick            wr3+4                h
    Devil Claw              ss1                  h
    Phantom Claw            ss1~2                m
    Side Hammer             ss2                  h
    Sway                    qcb                  x
    Sway & Smash            qcb+2                h
    Special Step            qct                  x
    b+3,4,1,2,1,4,2,1,4,2          hmmmhhhhmh
    b+3,4,1,2,1,4,3,3              hmmmhhmh
    b+3,4,1,2,1,4,2,4              hmmmhhhm
    Name:  Ganryuu  ("Gan"--"Boulder," "Ryuu"--"Dragon")
    Fighting Style:  Sumo
    Nationality:  Japanese
    Age:  55
    Official Namco Japanese story:
    Ganryuu is a sekitori who once basked in the limelight as the youngest
    Oozeki in history.
    These days, even the moment in his past where he was rejected by Michelle
    Chang has become a fond memory.  Ganryuu opened a Sumo heya in Hawaii.
    One day, while watching a video of The King of Iron Fist Tournament 4,
    he caught a glimpse of Julia Chan, who seemed almost exactly like Michelle
    in her youth, he shamefully became smitten in that one glance.
    Just then, news came flying in that The King of Iron Fist Tournament 5
    was to take place.
    "Ohh, what chance!  If I were to win the tournament and get her the
    'Reforestation Program,' I'm sure that Julia'll just fall head o'er heels
    for me!"
    And so, Ganryuu, 55, decided to enter the tournament.
    Notes on Ganryuu:
    An "oozeki" (also spelled "ozeki," but it is a "long" "o" sound) is the
    highest rank in sumo, besides yokozuna.  Yokozuna can never be demoted and
    are allowed to wear the ceremonial "tsuna" (a Shinto-based, sacred rope
    that they tie around their waist like a belt).  They also carry the entire
    pride and sacerdotal duties of sumo on their backs, and are living symbols
    of Japan's pride.
    Until the Meiji era, yokozuna were not officially called "yokozuna;" they
    were always simply listed as oozeki who were depicted wearing the ceremonial
    rope.  From this, we know that oozeki is almost as important as yokozuna,
    and so, being an oozeki means you're pretty much one of the top guns of
    the sport.
    Sumo is not simply a sport; it is a religious and ceremonial perfomrance.
    However, you just can't get away from how goofy it is to have two big guys
    with barely anything on slugging it out.  That's partly why it has lost
    popularity--well, that and many Japanese are trying to shun their national
    pride in favor of trying to Westernize their culture, reportedly (though
    that isn't 100% true, but we won't get into that here).  It's also why
    characters like Ganryuu, E.Honda, Taka'arashi, and Hinako are always kind-
    of joke characters.
    A "heya" (yes, Japanese students, lit. "room") is sort-of a "stable," as
    in professional wrestling.  You don't just go sign up to take part in
    sumo, or get represented by a manager, or anything.  You become more like
    a squire to a heya and follow their guidance, pretty much signing your
    private and professional life over to the oyakata ("boss").  A sekitori
    is representing his heya, so it's almost like a team or fraternity, except
    that you don't get traded between heya like you do in team sports.
    He would have a lot of trouble opening a heya in Hawaii nowadays, I'm
    sure.  First off, it couldn't be one for "Grand Sumo" (Oozumou, the one
    televised in Japan), because there are no foreign heya there.  Secondly,
    it's just not popular there anymore.  There have been no Hawaiian rikishi
    (another name for Sumo wrestlers) for a while now, in spite of them having
    produced two fine yokozuna (Akebono and Musashimaru).
    Incidentally, among the fastest to rise to oozeki status in real sumo are
    the super-popular yokozuna (now retired) Takanohana, and the present,
    Mongolian yokozuna Asashouryuu, who some say will be one of the greatest
    yokozuna of history.
    During many moves, entrances, and victory poses:  Dosukoi!
      "Dosukoi" is a sound that rikishi supposedly say, similar to the "hiya"
      that martial arts fighters are supposed to say traditionally in English.
      It possibly derives from "dosun to ko," meaning "come at me!" or "let's
      just slam into each other!"  The only time I have ever heard a real rikishi
      use it was when the now-retired Daishi sang "jingu" (a kind of folk song)
      about Sumo.
    During a few moves and two victory poses:  Totta!
      "Gotcha!"  BTW, if you haven't seen his victory pose where he leaps forward
      saying this, and the camera pans to his face, you should.
    NAME                   COMMAND                              ESCAPE
    Tsukaminage*            1+3_f+1+3                             1
      "Grappling Throw"  A real "kimarite" (winning move) in sumo.
    Yobimodoshi*            2+4_f+2+4                             2
      "Calling Back"  A real "kimarite" (winning move) in sumo.
    Sotokomata              right side: any throw                 2
      "Outer Small Thigh"  A real "kimarite" (winning move) in sumo.
    Uwatenage               left side: any throw                  1
      "Upper Arm Throw"  One of the most common kimarite in sumo.
    Sakasa Otoshi           back: any throw                     (None)
      "Back Drop"  A real "kimarite" (winning move) in sumo.
    Okuridashi*             back: f+1+3_f+2+4                   (None)
      "Pushing Out from Behind"  A very common kimarite in sumo.
    Tsuridashi*             f,F+1+4                              1+2
      "Carrying Out"  A dangerous and powerful kimarite.
    Agito Kudaki            f,F+2+3                              1+2
      "Jaw Breaker"  Some say it is a real kimarite, but I don't think it
      officially is.
    Hassou Tobi             b+1+3_b+2+4                          revereses h,m
      "Eight-Ship Jump"  This is a real move in sumo, and quite a site to behold.
      The rikishi literally jumps over the opponent at the onset of the match,
      the "deashi" or "tachiai," when both rikishi come charging in at each other.
      They use the wrong kanji for it here, however....
    Hassou Tobi -           b+1+3_b+2+4, 1+2                     only on successful
      Okuridashi Nage                                            reversal
      "Eight-Ship Jump - Rear Push-Out Throw"
    ??? (Shumokuzori?)      f+2 versus air opponent?           (None)
    From Kumite Tsukami:
    NAME                   COMMAND                              ESCAPE
    Kumite Tsukami*         f,F+2                               m must hit
      "Hand Clutch" aka "clinch"                                properly
    Harima Nage*             ^ 1                                  1
      "Harima Throw"  "Harima" is an old name for an area in Japan.  This is
      a real kimarite, again.
    Soto Musou*              ^ 2                                  2
      "Unrivalled Outside"  This is another real kimarite.
    Soto Tasukizori*         ^ 3                                  3
      "Outer Tangling Bending"  This is another real kimarite.
    Shumokuzori*             ^ 4                                  4
      "Bell Hammer Stretch"  A rare kimarite.
    Gokuraku Ucchari*        ^ 1+2                               1+2
      "Paradise Neglect"  An "ucchari" is a real kimarite, and pretty much
      means "you caught him sleeping."  It is when the opponent has you at
      the edge of the circle you are allowed to stand in (at the tawara), and
      is pushing you out, but somehow, you manage to suddenly heave them back
      and over you before you are forced out.
    Tsuri Otoshi*            ^ 3+4                               3+4
      "Hanging Drop"  A very manly way to defeat your opponent in sumo; you
      must pick them up and then drop them.  Asashouryuu, the current yokozuna,
      does this often, but it is bad for your back and can result in injury
      to the victim, so it is a very risky move.
    Normal Moves:
    NAME                   COMMAND             HIT AREA         NOTES
    Kumite Tsukami*         f,F+2                m              If hits right,
      "Hand Clutch" aka "clinch"                                is a grapple
    Denshamichi Combo*      df+1>4>1             mmh
      "Train Tracks Combo"
    Gandanha*               d+1                  m
      "Boulder-Splitting Wave"
    Tsubushi Hanshou*       ub_u_uf+1            m              Jumping move.
      "Crushing Half-Palm"
    Daruma Otoshi*          f+2                  s              Jumping move.
      "Dharma Drop"  Dharma is the semi-mythical founder of Zen Buddhism, and
      is depicted, thanks to stories, as a round, armless and legless ball.
    Nekodamashi*            f+2~1                h
      "Cat's Trick"
    Hari Komabarai*         db+2                 l
      "Waving Top Spin" ("top" as in the toy)
    Modori Jakibumi*        3,4,4                hhm
      "Returning Wicked Stomp"
    Hyakki Yagyou*          3,4,3,4... or        hhhh...
      "Hundred Oni          4,3,4,3...
      Wandering at Night"
    Kata O Namigeri*        f+3                  l
      "Single Manly Wave Kick"
    Jakibumi*               4,4                  hm
      "Wicked Stomp"
    Denshamichi*            df+4,1               mh
      "Train Tracks"
    Morote Hammer - Morote  1+2,1+2              mm
      "Double-Hand Hammer, Double-Hand Thrust"
    Morote Hammer - Gokuaku 1+2,b+1+2            m!             ~d -> Matawari
      "Double-Hand Hammer, Most Evil Haymaker"
    Morote Hammer - Gokuaku 1+2,b+1+2,2          mh
      "Double-Hand Hammer, Most Evil Slap"  I once saw, in a bout between
      sekiwake (a rank below oozeki), Kotomitsuki give Takanowaka such a mean
      harite that it made him stagger forward, rolled his eyes in his head, and
      knocked him out flat.  So, it is very possible to be slapped unconscious
      by one of these guys.
    Teppou Randa*           df+1+2,1             mmm
      "Iron-Pole Strike Flurry"  They strike a pole many times in practice.
    Kachiwari Zugai*        b+1+2                h
      "Splitting Skull"
    Osu Press*              uf+1+2               m
      "Osu Press" ("Osu" is just a grunting noise fighters make, or a greeting)
    Dynamite Sekitori Kick* f,f+3+4              m
      "Dynamite Sekitori Kick" (a "sekitori" is a sumo wrestler who has reached
      the Juuryou or Makuuchi [highest] divisions of Grand Sumo.)
    Tsukiage Uppercut*      wr2                  m
      "Upwards-Thrusting Uppercut"
    Unari Jizou*            back-turned 1+2      m
      "Crying Jizou"  "Jizou" is a Bodhisattva, usually with big eyebrows,
      who was popular in the Heian (or "aristocratic") era.  This is the cry
      as in "to cry out," not "to weep."
    Shiranuigata*           Matawari f           x              Parries h,m
      "Shiranui Style"  There are two types of "dohyouiri"      punches
      ("ring entrances," ceremonial dances done by yokozuna) that have been
      used since the Meiji Era (1868 or so), the "Unryuu" and "Shiranui"
      styles, named for the yokozuna who supposedly did them in the Edo
      Period (Japan's "Middle Ages"), tho' they are thought now to have
      somehow switched names.  The Unryuugata is used by most yokozuna because
      the Shiranuigata has gotten a bad name and is considered unlucky now.
      The last two yokozuna to use the Shiranuigata won no tournaments since
      they became yokozuna and were forced into retirement.
    Unryuugata*             Matawari u_d         x
      "Unryuu Style" (see "Shiranuigata")
    Emma Tsuppari           f+1,2,1,2,1,2,1,2    hhhhhhhh
      "Yama-raja Thrusting   or f+2,1,2,1,2,1,2,1
      Slaps"  Yama-raja (Emma to Japanese) is the lord of death in Buddhism,
      who rewards the good and punishes the evil-doers.
    Ganryuu Combo#          b+1,1,1              hhm            ~D -> Sit
    Kachiage                b,db,d,DF+1          m
      "Upwards Thrust"
    Tsukiage Uppercut       df+2                 m               .
      "Upwards-Thrusting Uppercut"
    Tsukiage Uppercut -     df+2,1,2,1,2,1,2,1,2 mhhhhhhhh
      Emma Tsuppari
      "Upwards-Thrusting Uppercut - Yama-raja Thrusting Slaps"
    Kabuki Harite           d+2,2,2...           lll...
      "Kabuki Slaps"  If you don't know at all, somehow, kabuki is a form of
      theater from Japan.
    Shiomaki                b+2                  m
      "Covering in Salt"  Before entering the dohyou (ceremonial mound that sumo
      is practiced upon), in the upper division, the rikishi throw salt, a hold-
      over from Shinto or Shugendou traditions in which salt is used to purify.
    Megaton Tsuppari        b,db,d,DF+2          m
      "Megaton Thrusting Slap"
    Ketaguri                df+3                 l
      "Trip"  This is a real move in sumo.
    Shiko Quake             d+4                  m
      "Powerful Quake"  "Shiko" is the traditional stomp that rikishi do when
      entering the dohyou to face each other.  The word "shiko" both means manly
      or tough and also can mean brutish or stupid.  There is debate on which one
      it means; if the rikishi are just being modest or not.  I tend to think that
      the "stupid" meaning was given later, as Japanese tend to use facetious
      self-lauding to be humble, and I believe that for sumo, it means "strong."
      Also, the characters can be either the one I was ranting about or the ones
      used here, which means "Square Hips," obviously referring to the stance
      taken after the stomp when they squat down.
    Buchikamashi            f+1+2                m
    Sabaori Scissors        f,F+1+2              m
      "Mackerel-Fold Scissors"  The "sabaori" is a technique in sumo in which you
      grapple the opponent's belt with both hands and thrust your chin onto their
    Okuridashi              d+1+2                m
      "Pushing Out"  A real sumo kimarite.
    Okuridashinage          back: d+1+2          m
      "Push-Out Throw"  A real sumo kimarite
    Gokuaku Kamashi#        db+1+2               !
      "Most Evil Haymaker"
    Gokuaku Kamashi -       db+1+2,d             x              -> Matawari
      "Most Evil Haymaker - Spreading the Thighs"
    Sonobasuwari            d+3+4                x              -> Sit
      "Sitting Down Right There"
    Hip Press               uf+3+4               m              -> Sit
    Kaminari Harite         df+2+3               l
      "Lightning Slap"
    Sumou Rush - Joudan     fc 1,1,1,2,1         llmmh
      "Sumo Rush - High"
    Sumou Rush - Chuudan    fc 1,1,1,2,df+1      llmmm
      "Sumo Rush - Mid"
    Sumou Rush - Gedan      fc 1,1,1,2,d+1       llmml
      "Sumo Rush - Low"
    Nodowa Combo - Hidari   fc df+1,2,1          mmm
      "Throat Grasp Combo - Left"  He doesn't do "nodowa" here, really.  The
      proper way to do a "nodowa" is to slam press your palm against the opponent's
    Nodowa Combo - Migi     fc df+2,1,2          mmm
      "Throat Grasp Combo - Right" (see "Nodowa Combo - Hidari")
    Chabutai Gaeshi         fc 1+2               m
      "Turning Over the Table"  One of those low tables that the Japanese use;
      a traditional Japanese house has no chairs; you sit on the floor.
    Moroteburi - Morote     wr1+2,1+2            mm
      "Double-Hand Swing - Double-Hand Uppercut"
    Otoko Harite            wr1                  h
      "Manly Slap"
    Spring Hammer Punch     face-up downed 1+2   m
    Otoko Tsuppari          Sit 2
      "Manly Thrusting Slap"
    Otoko Gedambarai        Sit 1                l
      "Manly Low Sweep"
    Matawari                Sit d                x
      "Spreading the Thighs"  They do this stretch as part of practice.  It
      seems quite hard to do.
    Name:  Hwarang ("Hwa"--"Flower", "Rang"--"Son; Man.")
      (NOTE:  His name would generally be written "Hwarang" in Roman letters.)
    Fighting Style:  Tae Kwon Do
    Nationality:  Korean
    Age:  21
    Official Namco Japanese story:
    Hwarang is a genius Tae Kwon Do practitioner who sees Kazama Jin as a rival.
    At the close of the King of Iron Fist Tournament 4, Hwarang was captured by
    the Korean Army, and never realized his hopes of fighting Jin.
    After that, he was led to the Korean Embassy, where he heard something that
    he just couldn't believe from a man who identified himself as the ambassador.
    "You've been pardoned of this incident, so we won't press the issue.  We have
    a message addressed to you from the army.  Please read it."
    Looking over the letter, Hwarang suddenly stood up.
    "No way--!  Hey, you!  This is for real, right?!"
    A few days later, Hwarang hurried back to Korea with the letter in his hand.
    Two months later, with his service finished, nothing will get in his way.
    Hwarang, having gained his freedom, sets his sights on defeating Kazama Jin!
    Notes on Hwarang:
    As I said before, the "Hwo" in "Hwoarang" probably shouldn't even be there.
    The Japanese pronunciation is supposed to be "Faran," and the characters are
    always written out in English as  "hwa" and "rang," at least in all the
    examples I can find.  Furthermore, the word "hwarang" exists in Korean and
    referred to a young man of wealthy prominence in the old days (Silla dynasty,
    specifically), who was a leader of youth groups.  These were generally con-
    sidered to be warriors who helped to spread Buddhism and Confucianism through
    ancient Korea, as well as to help unify the realms.  The Hwarangdo (as the
    Hwarang and their followers collectively are called) seem to have been a way
    to socialize the youth of ancient Korea.  As such, historians debate what
    exactly they did and how they interacted.  There is really much more to it
    than I can put here, but perhaps, it is not worth getting into as that would
    take up way more room than I already have.
    I have yet to hear them.
    MOVES LIST: (NOTE:  rff = "Right Foot Forward," lff = "Left Foot Forward,"
    -----------  LFlamingo = "Left Flamingo," and RFlamingo = "Right Flamingo.")
    NAME                   COMMAND                              ESCAPE
    Hawk Wind               1+3_f+1+3                             1
    Suprise Thunder Heel    2+4_f+2+4                             2
    Death Pressure          right side: any throw                 2
    Storm Bringer           left side: any throw                  1
    Pain Killer             back: any throw                     (None)
    Overhead Strike*        air foe: df+3+4                     (None)
    Demon Heel              qcb+3                                 1
    Swordfish Throw         d,DB+1+3                             1+2
    Cobra Bite Throw        f,F+2                                 2
    Ball Breaker            F+2+3                                1+2
    Earth Rock              rff 1+3_2+4                          1+2
    Normal Moves: (can be done in both Left Foot Forward and Right Foot Forward)
    NAME                   COMMAND             HIT AREA         NOTES
    Side Kick Combo         df+3,4               mm
    Smash Low & Right High  d+3,4                lh             -> RFlamingo
                                                                ~F -> lff
    Hunting Hawk            uf+3,4,3             mmh            Jumping move.
    Firecracker             d+4,4                lh
    Cut Low                 db+4                 l
    Cut Low & Quick Round   db+4,4               lh
    Body Blow               df+1+2               m
    Left Foot Forward Moves:
    NAME                   COMMAND             HIT AREA         NOTES
    Left Kick Combo - Left  3,3,3,f              hmx            -> LFlamingo  
    Blaster Kick Combo*     df+3,3               mh
    Sweeping*               db+3                 l
    Migi Kakegeri -         f+4,b                h
      "Left Hook Kick - Left Stance"
    Cut Low - Right         db+4,f               l              -> RFlamingo
    Double Thrust*          b,B+4,3              hm
    Triple Spin Kick*       b,B+4,4,4            hhh
    Scorpion Side Kick -    u+4                  m              -> RFlamingo
      Right Flamingo*
    Air Raid*               uf+4,4,4             hml            -> rff
                                                                1st, 2nd or 3rd hit:
                                                                ~F -> RFlamingo
    Spinning Scythe - Axe   f,N,d,DF+3+4,3       mm
    Overhead Strike*        df+3+4               m              Throws air opponents
    Bloody Gillotine*       u+3+4                m
    Round Kick*             uf+3+4               h
    Eruption - Left         ss3,3                mh             -> LFlamingo
      Flamingo*                                                 ~B -> lff
    Sharp Claymore*         ss4                  l              -> rff
    Double Jab              1,1                  hh
    Double Jab, Low Kick    1,1,3                hhl
    Double Jab, Low Kick    1,1,3,3              hhlh
      & High Kick
    One, Two Punch          1,2                  hh
    One, Two Left Flamingo  1,2,3                hhx            -> LFlamingo
    One, Two Side Kick      1,2,f+3              hhm
    One, Two Right Flamingo 1,2,4                hhx            -> RFlamingo
    One, Two, Round Kick    1,2,f+4              hhh
    Right Jab, Left         2,3                  hx             -> LFlamingo
    Right Jab, Side Kick    2,f+3                hm
    Right Jab, Right        2,4                  hx             -> RFlamingo
    Right Jab, Round Kick   2,f+4                hh
    Bottle Cut              b+2                  h
    Bone Stinger            uf+2                 h              Jumping move.
    Left Kick Combo         3,3,3,3              hmmh
    Left Kick Combo -       3,3,4                hmh            -> RFlamingo
      Migi Kakegeri                                             ~F -> lff
      "Left Kick Combo - Right Hook Kick"
    Left Kick Combo -       3,3,4,4              hmhm           -> rff
      Migi Kakegeri - Migi Chuudangeri
      "Left Kick Combo - Right Hook Kick - Right Mid Kick"
    Left Kick Combo -       3,3,3,4              hmmh           -> RFlamingo
      Migi Kakegeri                                             ~F -> lff
      "Left Kick Combo - Right Hook Kick"
    Left Kick Combo -       3,3,3,4,4            hmmhm          -> rff
      Migi Kakegeri - Migi Chuudangeri
      "Left Kick Combo - Right Hook Kick - Right Mid Kick"
    Left Kick Combo Low     3,3,d+3              hml
    Left Kick Combo Low -   3,3,d+3,4            hmlh           -> RFlamingo
      Migi Kakegeri                                             ~F -> lff
      "Left Kick Combow Low - Right Hook Kick"
    Left Kick Combo Low -   3,3,d+3,4,4          hmlhm          -> rff
      Migi Kakegeri - Migi Chuudangeri
      "Left Kick Combow Low - Right Hook Kick - Right Mid Kick"
    Air Fang                3~4                  ml             Jumping move.
    Left Flamingo Feint     f,N,d,df+3_f+3       x              -> LFlamingo
    Step In Side Kick       f,N,d,df+3_f+3~3     m
    Kaiten Kakato Otoshi -  f,F+3                m              -> rff
      "Spinning Heel Drop - Right Stance"
    Killing Blade           run_f,f,F+3          m              Jumping move.
    Left Plasma Blade       b+3                  m
    Tobiyokogeri - Left     ub_u+3               h              -> LFlamingo
      Flamingo                                                  Jumping move.
      "Jumping Side Kick - Left Flamingo"
    Right, Left Kick -      4,3                  hm             -> rff
      Right Stance
    Right, Left Kick -      4,F+3                hm             -> lff
      Left Stance
    Right Kick Combo        4,4,4,4              hhhm
    Right Kick Combo -      4,4                  hh
      Left Stance
    Right Kick Combo -      4,F+4                hh             -> rff
      Right Stance
    Right Kick Combo -      4,4,4                hhh            -> RFlamingo
      Right Flamingo
    Right Kick Combo -      4,4,B+4              hhh
      Left Stance
    Right Kick Combo -      4,4,F+4              hhh            -> rff
      Right Stance
    Right Kick Combo Low    4,4,4,3              hhhl
    Migikakegeri - Right    f+4                  h              -> RFlamingo
      "Right Hook Kick - Right Flamingo"
    Migikakegeri - Chuudan  f+4,4                hm             -> rff
      "Right Hook Kick - Mid Right Kick"
    Right Flamingo Feint    f,N+4                x              -> RFlamingo
    Rising Blade            f,N,d,DF+4           m
    Saisoku Rising Blade    f,N,DF+4             m              Must hit DF and 4 at
      "Fastest Rising Blade"  This is very difficult to do.     the same time.
    Migi Hangetsugeri -     b+4                  h              -> rff
      "Right Half-Moon Kick - Right Stance"
    Escape Kick             ub+4                 m
    Stance Change - Back    1+2                  x              -> rff bt
    Pushing                 f+1+2                m
    Stance Change           3+4                  x              -> rff
    Low Kick                d+3+4                l
    Heel Explosion          db+3+4               !              ~b,B -> Cancel into
    Burst Heel              wr3                  m               .
    Kakato Otoshi           wr4,4                mm
      "Heel Drop"
    Plasma Blade            bt4                  m              -> rff
    Left Foot Back Turned - bt1+2                x              -> rff
      Stance Change
    Right Foot Forward Moves:
    NAME                   COMMAND             HIT AREA         NOTES
    Volcanon - Right        3,4                  mh             -> RFlamingo
    Volcanon - Right Stance*3,F+4                mh             -> rff
    Rolling Right Kick -    3~4,f_b              h              -> RFlamingo
    Hunting Heel*           f,F+3                m              -> lff
    Spinning Scythe - Axe   4,3                  mm             -> lff
    Jab, Straight           1,1                  hm             -> lff
    Lightning Blow          2,1,1                hhm            -> lff
    Right Punch Kick Combo  2,3                  hh
    Right Riverse Kicks     2,4,4                hhh            -> lff
                                                                f_u_b_d -> RFlamingo
    Chainsaw Heel Combo     2,3,3                hhm             
                                                                2nd hit:
                                                                f_u_b_d -> RFlamingo
    Right Jab & Spin Kick   2,b+3                hm
    Rolling Right Kick      3~4                  h              -> lff
    Set Up - Left Flamingo  f+3                  h              -> LFlamingo
                                                                ~B -> bt lff
    Heel Knife              f+3,4                hl             -> lff
    Double Screw#           db+3,3               lh             -> lff
    Hidari Hangetsugeri     b+3                  h              -> lff
      "Left Half-Moon Kick"
    Chainsaw Heel           4,3                  hm             1st hit:
                                                                f_u_b_d -> RFlamingo
    Right Reverse Kick      4,4                  hh             -> lff
                                                                1st hit:
                                                                f_u_b_d -> RFlamingo
    Right Flamingo Feint    f+4                  x              -> RFlamingo
    Plasma Blade            f+4~4                m
    Cutback                 f,F+4,3              mh
    Right Side Kick         df+4                 m              f_u_b_d -> RFlamingo
    Spin Kick               b+4                  m
    Stance Change - Back    1+2                  x              -> bt rff
    Stance Change           3+4                  x              -> lff
    Plasma Blade            bt3                  m              -> lff
    Back Turned - Stance    bt1+2                x              -> bt lff
    Left Flamingo Moves:
    NAME                   COMMAND             HIT AREA         NOTES
    Flamingo Kick Combo -   3,3~F                mx             -> LFlamingo
      Left Flamingo*
    Flamingo Hunting Hawk*  uf3,4,3              mmm            Jumping move.
    Left Jab                1                    h              -> lff
    Right Back Blow         2                    m              -> rff
    Flamingo Kick Combo     3,3,3                mmh            -> lff
    Flamingo Kick Combo -   3,3,4                mmh            -> RFlamingo
      Right Hook Kick                                           ~F -> lff
    Flamingo Kick Combo -   3,3,4,4              mmhh           -> lff
      Right Hook Kick - Right Mid Kick
    Flamingo Side Kick      3,4                  mm             -> lff
    Quick Left Kick Combo   f+3                  hh             -> LFlamingo
    Flamingo Left Heel      df+3                 m              -> rff
    Flamingo Left Low Kick  db+3                 l              -> lff
    Flamingo Left Low       db+3,4               lh             -> RFlamingo
      & Right High
    Flamingo Left Axle      b+3                  m              -> lff
    Flamingo Right Savate   4                    h              -> RFlamingo
      A "savate" (fr., "sahVAHT"--with aspirated "t") is a kind of kick used in
    Flamingo Right Sweep    db+4                 l              -> lff
    Right Heel Lance        b+4                  m              -> rff
    Flamingo Change         3+4                  x              -> RFlamingo
    Killing Hawk            1+4                  !              ~b,B -> Cancel to
    Left Flamingo Movement  f_u_d_b              x              -> LFlamingo
    Right Flamingo Moves:
    NAME                   COMMAND             HIT AREA         NOTES
    Lightning Blow*         2,1,1                hhm            -> lff
    Right Punch Kick Combo* 2,4                  hh             -> lff
                                                                f_b_d_u -> RFlamingo
    Chainsaw Heel Combo*    2,4,3                hhm            -> lff
    Right Reverse Kick      2,4,4                hhh            -> lff
      Combo                                                     f_b_d_u -> RFlamingo
    Right Jab & Spin Kick*  2,b+4                hm
    Left Back Blow          1                    m              -> lff
    Right Jab               2                    h              -> rff
    Flamingo Left Savate    3                    h              -> LFlamingo
      A "savate" (Fr., "sahVAHT"--aspirated "t") is a kind of kick used in kick-
    Flamingo Right Low Kick db+4                 l              -> rff
    Flamingo Left Sweep     db+3                 l              -> lff
    Left Heel Lance         b+3                  m              -> lff
    Quick Right Kick Combo  f+4                  hh             -> RFlamingo
    Flamingo Right Heel     df+4                 m              -> lff
    Flamingo Right Axle     b+4                  h              -> rff
    Flamingo Right Side     4                    m              -> rff
    Right Flamingo Movement f_u_b_d              x              -> RFlamingo
    LFlamingo 2,1,3,4,3,3,4,4,4,3   mhhlmmlhmh
    RFlamingo 1,1,3,4,3,3,4,4,4,3   mhhlmmlhmh
    Name:  Bruce Irvin
    Fighting Style:  Kickboxing
    Nationality:  American
    Age:  53
    Official Namco Japanese Story:
    Bruce Irvin is very experienced, because he was a member of Kazuya's private
    Twenty-one years ago, when Kazuya lost to Heihachi, Bruce left the private
    army behind him.  After that, he transferred to the army of a neighboring
    country, and at present, he works as an instructor of the survival arts.
    One day, Bruce heard that Kazuya, who he had thought dead, appeared in The
    King of Iron Fist Tournament 4, and also that Kazuya had died and the Mishima
    Corporation was starting up The King of Iron Fist Tournament 5.
    After walking through so many battlefields, Bruce naturally sensed that some-
    thing was not right with the tournament, but at the same time, anticipation
    boiled within him and made him shiver with excitement.
    "I guess it has been pretty dull.  Guess I'll see if the Mishima Corporation
    wants to play."
    Notes on Bruce Irvin:
    Bruce had a pretty ridiculous story in Tekken 2, but this time, it should be
    alright.  The literal translation of the second-to-the-last line is:  "After
    walking through so many battlefields, Bruce's skin has become sensitive to
    the stench deep within the tournament...."  Just in case you get nit-picky.
    Entrance:  I'm your worst nightmare.
    NAME                   COMMAND                              ESCAPE
    Ti Khao Trong           1+3_f+1+3                             1
      "Striking Knee Kick"  I don't think this is an official Muay Thai move.
    Ti Kaw Korn             2+4_f+2+4                             2
      "Striking Reverse Knee"  I don't think this is an official Muay Thai move. 
    Face Break Blow         right side: any throw                 2
    Head Break Blow         left side: any throw                  1
    Back Fling              back: any throw                     (None)
    Knee Hell: (throw combos)
    NAME                   COMMAND                              ESCAPE
    Shoumen Migihizageri    f,N,d,df+1+2+4                       1+2
      "Frontal Left Knee"
    Kubinage                during Soumen Migihizageri 1+2,       1
      "Neck Throw"            1+2,1+2
      (A judo / sumo move)
    Hidari Yokohizageri     during Soumen Migihizageri 3,         2
      "Right Side Knee"       1+2+3 (a)  or 4,1+2+4 (b)                    
    Mawashi Migihizageri    during Hidari Yokohizageri 1,3,       if (a), 1;
      "Turning Right Knee"    1+2+4                               if (b), 2
    Shinkuu Tobi Hizageri   during Mawashi Migihizageri, 2,     (None)
       "Pure Jumping Knee"    4,1,1+2+3
       "Shinkuu" has been translated as "vacuum."  It means "purely empty,"
       or "true emptiness," loosely, and seems to mean "pure" in fighting games.
    Kubizumou: (throw combos)
    NAME                   COMMAND                              ESCAPE
    Kubizumou               f,N,d,df+2+3                          2?
      "Head Wrestling"  This is also known as "the Clinch."
    Charang Bo?             during Kubizumou, 3+4,3+4             2?
      Supposedly, this means the same thing as "Kubizumou," but in Thai.  I can
      find no such reference in Muay Thai books.  It pops up in a few games' moves
      lists, and is also the name of a comic book series (and its main character).
    Charang Bo Rush?        during Kubizumou, 4,3,4,1+2+4         1?
      See note above.
    Normal Moves:
    NAME                   COMMAND             HIT AREA         NOTES
    Rolling Cutter*         f,F+1                h?
    Jumping Elbow*          uf+1                 h              Jumping move.
    Quick Northern Lights*  2,3                  hm
    Ti Sok Rang*            df+2                 m?
      "Striking Elbow Armlet"
    Vulcan Combination*     3,2,1,2              mhmh?
    Shutter Kick*           3,3                  hm?
    Bruce Needle*           f+3                  m?
    Bruce Fang*             d+3,4                lh?
    Cobra Sword*            4,f                  m?
    Prominence Combination* f+4,3,4              hhh?
    Trident Middle*         df+4                 m
    Trident Low*            d+4                  l
    Bullet Combination*     df+3+4,3,3,3         mhmh?
    Elbow Impact*           f,N,d,DF+2           h?
    Ducking Low - Left*     f,N,d,DF+3           l
    Ducking Knee Launcher*  f,N,d,DF,uf+3+4      m
    Ducking Low - Right*    fc df,d,df+2         l
    Double Tomahawk*        wr2,1                mm?
    Cyclone Kick*           ss3                  m?
    One, Two                1,2                  hh              .
    One, Two, Middle Kick   1,2,4                hhm
    One, Two, High Kick     1,2,f+4              hhh
    Norther Lights Combo    1,2,3                hhm
    One, Two, Low Kick      1,2,d+4              hhl
    One, Two, Low Kick,     1,2,d+4,3            hhlh
    Southern Cross Combo    1,4,3                hhm
    Triple Ti Sok           f+1,2,1              hhm
      "Triple Striking Elbow"
    Double Face Breaker     df+1,2               mm
    Backhand Blow           b+1                  h
    Straight - Middle Kick  2,4                  hm              .
    Straight - High Kick    2,f+4                hh              .
    Straight - Low Kick -   2,d+4,3              hlh             .
    Cross Straight          f,F+2                h
    Cross Counter           f,F+2                h              Counters opponent's
      This is the signature move of Yabuki Jou (Joe), the       h punch.
      main character in one of the biggest comic book / animation serieses not
      brought to America from Japan, Ashita no Joe ("Tomorrow" Joe).
    Gatling Combination     3,2,1,4              mmml
    Sclicer                 f,F+3                m
    Sniper Slash            run 3_f,f,F+3        m              Jumping move.
    Stopping                b+3                  h
    Leg Bazooka             f,F+4                h
    Sway High Kick          db+4                 h
    Triple Knee combo       b+4,3,4              mmm
    Double Knee & Low Kick  b+4,3,d+4            mml
    Knee Launcher           b,F+4                m
    Bruce Tornado           b,b+4                l
    Sledge Hammer           1+2                  m              Jumping move.
    Sok Klab                f+1+2                h
      "Reverse Elbow"
    Backflip                b,b,N,3+4            x
    Feint Leg Bazooka       b,b,N,3+4,4          xh
    Sidewinder              b+2+3                !
    Quick Tornado Uppercut  fc df,d,DF+1         m
    Cyclone Tornado         df+3,1               lm
    Ti Sok Bon              ss1                  m
      "Striking Elbow Spin?"
    Right Middle & Left     ss4,1                mh
    Double Middle Kick      ss4,4                mm
    1,1,2,1,4,3,4,3,2,1            hhmhhhlmh?
    1,1,2,1,4,3,4,3,4,3            hhmhhhlml?
    IIj.  JACK-5
    Name:  Jack-5
    Fighting Style:  Heavy-Hitter
    Nationality:  Unknown
    Age:  0
    Official Namco Japanese story:
    Jack-5 is a heavy, mechanical soldier without a soul to love.
    Two years ago, Jane, a physicist trying to sneak into the Mishima Laboratory
    with Gun Jack, was fired upon by the Tekken Force guards with machine guns.
    Gun Jack covered Jane and shielded her, and...stopped moving.
    The next day, an airship hired by the G Corporation was spotted, and and took
    Jane, who had given up on life, to the G Robot Laboratory, where she completed
    Jack-4.  She started making Jack-5 based upon their combat data.  And so, as a
    test run to tweak the new machine, they chose The King of Iron Fist Tournament
    5, which they had just found out about.
    Notes on Jack-5:
    He's mostly a mix of Jack-2, Gun Jack, and Prototype Jack from Tekken Tag
    Tournament.  One might be enough, I dunno.  If they have Ganryuu in it, then
    there will still be three Jack-type characters (Jack-5, Ganryuu, and Kuma).  I
    think that the Jack characters get underestimated a lot, and if you can get a
    few routines scraped together, you can find yourself schooling people used to
    beating down scrubs with the standard characters at times.
    So far, I've only heard him making mechanical whines and whirrs and such.
    NAME                   COMMAND                              ESCAPE
    Cyclone Throw           1+3_f+1+3                             1
    Pivot Gun - Dynamic     2+4_f+2+4                             2
    Hanging Neck Throw      right side: any throw                 2
    Side Lift Throw         left side: any throw                  1
    Spiral Crush            back: 1+3                           (None)
    Death Shoot             back: 2+4                           (None)
    Pyramid Driver          qct+1                                 1
    Catapult Throw          df+2+4                                2
    Catapult Throw Plus     df,DF+2+4                             2
    Punishment Drop         uf+1+2                               1+2
    Punishment Megaton      cancel Punishment Drop with d,DF+2    b
    Piledriver              db,F+1+2                             1+2
    Slapping Down           DB+2+3                                2
    Gun Bomb                crouching foe: d+1+3                  1
    Gun Bomb                crouching foe: d+2+4                  2
    Hell Press              df+1+3 clean hit                    (None)
    Face Basher             during Hell Press, 1+2              (None)
    Normal Moves: (I have noted ones that no Jack had before)
    NAME                   COMMAND             HIT AREA         NOTES
    Jab - Sledge Hammer*    1,1                  mh
    Jab - Stun Hook*        1,2                  hh
    Rocket Uppercut*        f,F+2                m
    Anchor Shovel*          db+2                 l
    Stun Hook*              b,F+2                h
    Reactor Elbow*          ub_u_uf+2            m              Jumping move.
    Sudden Elbow*           f+4~1,2              m              Cancels unblockable
    Big Boot*               db+4                 l
    Titan Dive*             df+3+4               m
    Sit & Hip Press*        d+3+4,3+4            xm
    Double Hip Press*       uf+3+4,3+4           mm
    Toe Smash?*             wr4                  mm
    Machine Gun Elbow       f+1                  m
    Sledge Hammer           f,F+1                m
    Upper Rush Left         df+1,2,1,2           mmmm
    Upper Rush Right - High DF+2,1,2,f+1         mmmh
    Upper Rush Right - Mid  DF+2,1,2,df+1        mmmm
    Upper Rush Right - Low  DF+2,1,2,d+1         mmml
    Machine Gun Knuckle     db+1,1,1,2           sssm
    Diamond Cutter#         b+1                  m
    Straight - Elbow -      2,1,2                hmm
    Megaton Sweep           b,db,d,DF+2          l
    Exploder                hct,DF+1             m
    Megaton Punch           b,db,d,DF+1          2
    Gigaton Punch           hct,360 (1-4 times)  m or !
    Semaphore Chop#         run2_f,f,F+2         m
    Pivot Gun - Assault     b+2                  m
    Grenade Stomp           f,F+3                m
    Cossack Combo           DB+3,4,3,4,3,4       llllll
    Darkness Cutter         f+4~1                !
    Double Hammer           1+2_wr1+2,1+2        mm
    Scissors Megaton        f+1+2,df+2           mm
    Scissors Meltdown       f+1+2,1+2            ml
    Yumbo                   df+1+2               ll
      Yumbo is the name of a power shovel company, and has become the name of that
      product colloquially, like how Kleenex is to tissues.
    Bravo Knuckles          d+1+2                m
    Pivot Gun               b+1+2                hhhhh
    Dive Bomber             3+4 (up to 5 times)  !
    Atomic Shoulder Tackle  f+3+4 or fc df+3+4   m
    Head Sliding            f,F+3+4              m              Don't use this move
    Hip Press               uf+3+4               m
    Blood Fan               during Hip Press,    llll
                            1,2,1,2 or 2,1,2,1,2
    Hammer Rush - High      fc_d+1,1,1,2,f+1     slmmh
    Hammer Rush - Mid       fc_d+1,1,1,2,df+1    slmmm
    Hammer Rush - High      fc_d+1,1,1,2,d+1     slmml
    Megaton Strike          fc_d+1,2             sm
    Swing Right Knuckle -   fc df+2,f+1          mh
    Swing Right Knuckle -   fc df+2,DF+1,2       mmm
    Swing Right Knuckle -   fc df+2,d+1          ml
    Wild Swing              fc df+1,2,1,2        mmmh
    Machine Gun Knuckle     fc db1,1,1,2         lllm
      Prototype Jack
    Meltdown                fc df+1+2            l
    Quick Hammer Rush -     crawling f, 1,2,f+1  mml
    Quick Hammer Rush - Mid crawling f, 1,2,df+1 mmm
    Quick Hammer Rush - Low crawling f, 1,2,d+1  mml
    Swing Left Knuckle -    crawling f, 1,f+1    mh
    Swing Left Knuckle -    crawling f, 1,DF+2,1 mmm
    Swing Left Knuckle -    crawling f, 1,d+1    mml
    Violence Uppercut       wr1                  m
    Discharger              ss1                  m
    Pivot Gun Snipe         ss2                  h
    Barrel Jacket Hammer    ss1+2                h
    Hell Press              df+1+3               m
    d+2,1,1,1,2,1,2,1,1+2,1+2     sllmmhmmmm
    d+2,1,1,1,,1+2   sllmmhmmlm
    uf+1,1,4,3,4,1,2,1,1+2,1+2    mmlllmmmmm
    uf+1,1,4,3,4,1,2,1,d+1+2,1+2  mmlllmmmlm
    Name:  Kazama Asuka  ("Kaze"-"Wind," "Ma"-"Area," "Asuka"-"Flying Bird"--two
      characters with an irregular reading, normally "tobu" and "tori.")
    Fighting Style:  Kazama-Style Ancient Fighting Arts (Kazama-Ryuu Koubujutsu)
    Nationality:  Japanese
    Age:  17
    Official Namco Japanese story:
    Asuka, who has been taught Kazama-style Ancient Fighting Arts by her father
    since before she can remember, has gotten the name "that meddlesome girl who's
    quick to fight" around her hometown of Osaka, because she naturally fights for
    justice, and whenever she sees trouble, she'll leap into the fray.
    One day, when she went home, she saw some of the students from her dojo looking
    downcast.  When she asked what was wrong, she learned that a Chinese-looking
    man had come to the dojo and defeated her father, and they had to take him to
    the hospital.
    A few days later, she learned from the Hong Kong police who were looking into
    the matter that the man was participating in The King of Iron Fist Tournament,
    and so, she decided to enter herself into the tournament.
    Notes on Kazama Asuka:
    How was that first sentence in her story for a run-on?  The Japanese do that
    quite frequently, actually.  Anyway, Asuka is Jin's cousin in some way; not
    his sister.  Her mother was not Jun.
    Nonetheless, she is more or less the Jun of this game.  She has all of Jun's
    moves plus a few add-ons.
    VOCALS:  Note:  She uses the Osaka dialect, which sounds a bit rougher and
    -------  more wild than the Tokyo one.  It is said that the ideal couple would
             have a girl from the Kansai (Osaka area) and the man should be from
             the Kantou (Tokyo area).
    Entrance:  Tekagen wa shiran de!
      "I won't even think of going easy on you!"
    Entrance:  Atattetara itee n ya de!
      "It's gonna hurt, when I hit ya!"
    Victory:  Tsugi ya!  Tsugi, tsugi!
      "Next!  Bring it on!"  (literally "next, next, next")
    Victory:  Mikake taoshi ya na...!
      "You're all show...!" or "You looked so tough, but you're so weak--!"
    Victory:  Anta, yowai wa.
      "You're pretty weak--you know that?"
    Victory:  Kyou wa kongurai de ii to suru de!
      "That'll do for today!"
    NAME                   COMMAND                              ESCAPE
    Aikinage                1+3_f+1+3                             1
      "Throw with One's Spirit In It"  Or, "Aikido Throw"
    Katanuki                2+4_f+2+4                             2
      "Bracing Form"
    Kumogarami              right side: any throw                 2
      "Spider's Grasp"
    Kazaguruma              left side: any throw                  1
    Juuji Seotoshi          back: any throw                     (None)
      "Cross Back Drop"
    Hikite Nyuudou          db+1+2                               1+2
      "Art of Getting the Catching Hand In"
    Hakuzan                 df+2+3                               1+2
      "White Mountain"  (also Baishan or Baeg Du San, a mt. between Korea & China)
    Ouka                    b+1+2                                1+2
      "Cherry Blossom"  If you didn't know, a cherry blossom is a very important
      symbol in Japan, especially in old Japan.  The samurai themselves were
      likened to the falling Cherry Blossom leaves, which fall without even the
      slightest of breezes, and seem to fall unexpectedly during the hanami
      season.  They say that life is like that, especially for the samurai; the
      cherry blossom represents death in battle.
    Sakasa Rindou           fc df,d,DF+1+2                       1+2
      "Reversed Gentian"  A "Rindou" is a kind of flower; a gentian.
    Mikagami                b+1+3_b+2+4                          f+1+3_f+2+4
      "Reflection on the Water"  In Buddhism, a mirror represents a clear mind;
      perfect thought.  In Japan, there is a famous scene of Shugendo lore (a
      religion that mixed both Buddhist and Shintou indigenous ideals and involved
      mountain perigrenations) in which En no Gyouja (possibly mythical founder of
      Shugendo) is said to have stood at the top of a mountain and seen the lake
      off to one side as the mirror shield of a mountain deity (kami).  It has
      been said that his mind was like this reflection on the lake.
    Normal Moves:
    NAME                   COMMAND             HIT AREA         NOTES
    Sourenkei               1,2                  hm
      "Spear Combination Strike"
    Sourenonikubi           1,2,3_(3)            hmm            ~b -> Cancel
      "Spear Combination Oni's Head"  Presumably, they mean an attack that would
      defeat an oni.
    Sourenshoutai           1,2,4                hmm
      "Spear Combination Heavy Kick"
    Suiren Shitageri        1,3                  hl
      "Green Combination Low Kick"
    Suiren Kariashi         1,4                  hl             -> Kariashi Combo
      "Green Combination Slicing Kick"                          ~d -> fc
    Suirenkei               1,1                  hm             -> Kasumishouken
      "Green Combination Strike"
    Kasumishou Ken          f+1                  m              -> Kasumishouken
      "Mist Palm Fist"
    Sumire                  b+1                  l
      "Violet"  (Either the flower or the color)
    Sumirekari              b+1 (counter hit)    l
      "Violet Cutting"
    Araragi                 df+1,2               mh
      "Stupa"  A stupa is the grave of a Buddhist ascetic saint.
    Shouda                  2                    m
      "Rising Strike"
    Onigoroshi              f+2                  m              ~d -> cancel
      "Oni Killer"  This is used when something's really strong, such as a drink;
      something like "it'll knock you off your feet!"
    Fumikomi Shouda         df+2                 m
      "Step-In Rising Strike"
    Unjakutsui              d+2                  m
      "Cloud Sparrow Hammer"
    Sousoushou              db+2                 m
      "Blue Spear Palm"
    Entsui                  b+2                  m
      "Swallow Hammer"  (The bird, of course)
    Entsui - Unshouken      b+2,1                mm             -> Kasumishouken
      "Swallow Hammer - Cloud Palm Fist"
    Entsui - Shinkuu        b+2,4                ml             -> Kariashi 2nd hit
      Kariashi                                                  ~D -> fc
      "Swallow Hammer - Pure Cutting Kick"
    Entsui - Saika          b+2,1+2              mh
      "Swallow Hammer - Ink Flower"
    Kasumishouda            f,F+2                m
      "Mist Palm Strike"
    Kasoutai                3                    l
      "Low Spear Kick"
    Onikubiotoshi           f+3_f+(3)            m              ~B -> cancel
      "Falling the Oni's Head"  Means "taking the oni's head."
    Minazuki                df+3                 m
      "Sixth Lunar Month"
    Shigure Tsubame         db+3                 l
      "Autumn Shower Swallow" (the bird)
    Ryuushageri             b+3                  m
      "Dragon Wheel Kick"
    Ryuushageri Onigoroshi  b+3,2                mm
      "Dragon Wheel Kick - Oni Killer"
    Ryuushageri Kariashi    b+3,4                ml             -> Kariashi combo
      "Dragon Wheel Kick - Cutting Kick"                        ~D -> fc
    Minamo Sumashi          3~4                  l
      "Purifying the Surface of the Water"
    Iwato                   ub_u_uf+3            m
      "Stone Well"
    Kasumigeri              f+4                  h
      "Mist Kick"
    Shinkuu Kariashi        db+4                 l              -> Kariashi combo
      "Pure Cutting Kick"
    Senba                   b+4                  m
      "Piercing Wing"
    Shiwasa                 f,F+4                m
      "Twelfth Lunar Month"
    Tenkuu                  ub_u_uf+4            m              Jumping move.
      "Sky" or "Heavens"
    Akkei                   1+2                  m
      "Pressing Strike"
    Misogiharai             f+1+2                h
      "Misogi Sweep"  A misogi is a Shinto purification right in which one sits
      under falling water.
    Angenrou                df+1+2               mm             Parries lows
      "Dark Illusory Tower"
    Ryuu Untsui             3+4                  mm
      "Falling, Flowing Clouds"
    Shiun Nidangeri         d+3+4                hh
      "Purple Clouds Double Kick"
    Shirasagi Asobimai      1+4,2,4              lhhm
      "Snowy Heron Frolicking Dance"
    Shirasagi Gedankyaku    1+4,2,d+4            lhhl
      "Snowy Heron Frolicking Dance"
    Taizan Shirasagi        1+4,2,1              lhhh           -> combos from 1
      "Taishan Snowy Heron"  Taishan is a mountain in China, and also just a word
      for a high mountain.
    Koushuutai              2+3                  h              Parries h,m punches
      "Back Kick Leg"
    Miyabi                  fc DF+2              l
    Ryuu'un Nidangeri       fc3+4,3              mmmm
      "Flowing Clouds Double Kick"
    Ryuu'un Nidangeri?      fc3+4,D              mm             -> fc
      "Flowing Clouds Double Kick" (canceled to crouch)
    Shikei                  wr1                  m
      "Purple Strike"
    Yoshino                 wr2                  m
      Yoshino is a famous mountain in Japan.
    Kagetsu                 wr3                  m              ~d -> fc
      "Fragrant Moon."  Kagetsu is a Japanese family name, and also the name of a
      railroad line that runs through Kyushu (the southern island).
    Tornado Kick            wr f+3               m
    Tsubaki                 ss4                  h
      A tsubaki is a kind of camellia (a flower).
    Kasumi Shouken Combos:
    NAME                   COMMAND             HIT AREA         NOTES
    Suiren Shoutai          3                    m
      "Green Combination Striking Kick"
    Suiren Shoutai - Suikei 3,1                  mh             -> combos from 1
      "Green Combination Striking Kicks - Strike"
    Suiren Shiun            4                    lh
      "Green Combination Purple Clouds"
    Suirensumashi           d+4                  l
      "Green Combination Purification"
    Kariashi Combos:
    NAME                   COMMAND             HIT AREA         NOTES
    Kariashi Ryuu'untsui    3                    mm             ~d -> fc
      "Cutting Kick, Falling, Falling Clouds"
    Kariashi Shirasagi      1+4,2,4              lhhm
      "Cutting Kick, Snowy Heron Frolicking Dance"
    Kariashi Shirasagi      1+4,2,d+4            lhhl
      "Cutting Kick, Snowy Heron, Low Kick"
    Taizan Shirasagi        1+4,2,1              lhhh
      "Taishan Snowy Heron"  Taishan is a mountain in China; also any high mountain.
    Kariashi                4                    l              ~d -> fc
      "Cutting Kick"                                            ,1+4 -> Shirasagi
                                                                Asobimai moves
    Kariashi Ryuu'untsui    4,3                  lmm            ~d -> fc
      "Cutting Kick, Falling, Flowing Clouds"
    Suikei Kariashi         4,4                  ll             ~d -> fc
      "Green Strike, Cutting Kick"                              ,1+4 -> Shirasagi
                                                                Asobimai moves
    Kariashi Ryuu'untsui    4,4,3                llmm           ~d -> fc
      "Cutting Kick, Falling, Flowing Clouds"
    wr2,1,1,1,2,1,4,3,3+4          mhmmmlmlmm
    wr2,1,1,1,2,1+4,1,3+4          mhmmmlhhlh
    wr2,1,1,3                      mhmm
    Name:  Kazama Jin ("Kaze"--"wind"; "Ma"--"area"--"Jin"--"Benevolence."  "Jin"
      is one of the five Confucian values)
    Fighting Style:  Karate
    Nationality:  Japan
    Age:  21
    Official Namco Japanese story:
    Jin is the fated child born from Kazama Jun and Mishima Kazuya.
    After the mortal battles with Kazuya and Mishima Heihachi, Jin flew from the
    inner sanctum, but he felt a wicked presence and lost consciousness.
    Not long after, regaining his consciousness to the sound of someone's voice,
    Jin saw rough mountain woods that looked like a tornado or something had torn
    through them....
    ....  There was no doubt that this was his own work while he had gone berserk.
    Afterwords, Jin, having returned to Yakushima, cried out as though having a
    nightmare.  He felt that the Devil in his blood was getting stronger.
    "If it continues to invade my spirit so, I won't have much time before I lose
    myself completely," Jin thought, and started a journey to nowhere in particular
    to eradicate his wicked master...as if he was being led by fate....
    Notes on Jin:
    Jin is named after his great grandfather, Jimpachi (it's the same "Jin," but
    before the "p," it's pronounced "Jim").  Yakushima is an island in the Kago-
    shima prefecture of Kyushu (the "southern" island of Japan) with a national
    park.  It is famous for its forest.  Remember (if you know the story), Jin is
    supposed to be in tune with nature thanks to his mother.
    It is, ironically, the same Jimpachi who is calling to him and making him turn
    into the Devil, apparently.
    Entrance:  Koi.
      "Come at me."
    Entrance:  Yatsu wa mateiru....
      "He's waiting...."
    Entrance:  Jama sunna!
      "Stay out of my way!"
    Win Pose:  Mishima no chi wa...ore ga tatsu.
      "I...will destroy the Mishima blood!"
    Win Pose:  Yuruse....
      "Forgive me...."
    When hit:  Shine!
    NAME                   COMMAND                              ESCAPE
    Tsumujigeri             1+3_f+1+3                             1
      "Whirlwind Kick"
    Ikazuchi                2+4_f+2+4                             2
    Ryoukata Hineri         right side: any throw                 2
      "Twisting Both Shoulders"
    Tembin Nage             left side: any throw                  1
      "Tembin Throw"  A "tembin" is one of those poles you put over your shoulders
      to carry stuff.
    Utsuri Goshi            back: any throw                     (None)
      "Switching Hips"
    Katagatame Nodowa       uf+1+2                               1+2
      "Shoulder Grapple Neck Clutch Drop"
    Yagura Kuzushi          qcb+1+3                               1
      "Toppling the Tower"
    Jou, Chuudan Kaeshiwaza b+1+2~f,F,b+1+2_2+4                 f+1+3_f+2+4
      "High, Mid Reversal"
    Normal Moves:
    NAME                   COMMAND             HIT AREA         NOTES
    Chokuzuki - Hidari      1,d+3                hl
      "Straight Thrust - Left Low Kick"
    Zanshin - Ni*           b+1                  x              -> Zanshin 2
      "Lingering Mind - 2"                                      f -> dash
                                                                DF -> crouch dash
    Tenshouzettou*          db+2>2>3             mhm
      "Turning Palm Destroying Sword"
    Ragou*                  b,f+2>1>2            mhm
      "Rahu"  "Rahu" is the name of an Asura King (a fierce, warrior-god-like being
      in Buddhist sutras).  Also, there is a heavenly body named for Rahu in Vedic
      astrology, which causes solar eclipses and is sometimes assumed to be a good
      luck omen, but sometimes described as a very bad omen.
    Sake Chuudanzuki*       uf+2                 m              Jumping move.
      "Side-Stepping Mid Thrust"
    Hidari Joudan Ushiro    db+3                 h
      Mawashigeri - Ni*
      "Left High Back Spin Kick - 2"
    Seiichuusen Midarezuki* 1+2                  mmmm
      "Straight Thrust Punch Flurry"
    Chokuzuki - Gyakuzuki   1>2                  hh
      "Straight Thrust - Reverse Thrust"
    Chokuzuki - Gyakuzuki   1>2,3                hhm
      Uchimawashi Kakatootoshi
      "Straight Thrust - Reverse Thrust - Spinning-Inside Heel Drop"
    Kazamaryuu Gorengeki    1,3,2,1,3            hhmml          ~d -> Zanshin
      "Kazama-Style Five-Strike Combination"
    Chokuzuki - Tategeri -  1,3~3,3              hmm
      Hidari Sokutou
      "Straight Thrust - Lengthwise Kick - Left Sword Kick"
    Hidari Chuudan          df+1>4               mm
      Chokuzuki - Chuudan Mae Mawashigeri
      "Left Mid Straight Thrust - Mid Forward-Spinning Kick"
    Hidari Chuudan          df+1,4~4             ml
      Chokuzuki - Gedan Mae Mawashigeri
      "Left Mid Straight Thrust - Low Forward-Spinning Kick"
    Mukuro Uchi             d+1                  m
      "Corpse Striking"
    Gyakuzuki - Hidari      2,1,4                hmm
      Chuudan Chokuzuki - Chuudan Mae Mawashigeri
      "Reverse Thrust - Left Mid Straight Thrust - Mid Forward Spinning Kick"
    Gyakuzuki - Hidari      2,1,3~3              hml
      Chuudan Chokuzuki - Gedan Mae Mawashigeri
      "Reverse Thrust - Left Mid Straight Thrust - Low Forward Spinning Kick"
    Gyakuzuki - Joudan      2,4                  hh
      Ushiro Mawashigeri
      "Reverse Thrust - High Back-Spnning Kick"
    Migi Hijiuchi           f+2                  h
      "Right Elbow Strike"
    Dounuki                 f,F+2                m
      "Piercing the Body"
    Migi Mawashizuki        f,N,d,DF+2           h
      "Right Spinning Thrust"
    Saisoku Migi            f,N,d~DF+2           h              d~DF+2 must be very
      Mawashizuki                                               fast
      "Fastest Right Spinning Thrust"  Called "electric" in America
    Fumikomi Migi Gedan     f,N,d,DF+4           l
      "Step-In Right Low Spin Kick"
    Fumikomi Migi Gedan     f,N,d,DF+4,3+4       lm
      Mawashigeri - Doumawashi Kaitengeri
      "Step-In Right Low Spin Kick - Hip-Turning Swivel Kick"
    Migi Tsukiage           df+2                 m
      "Right Rising Thrust"
    Migi Uraken - Hidari    b+2,3                hm             ~d+1+2 -> Zanshin
      Chuudan Mae Mawashigeri                                   (only if it hits)
      "Right Backfist - Left Mid Forward-Spinning Kick"
    Hidari Chuudan          f+3                  m              ~d+1+2 -> Zanshin
      Mawashigeri                                               (only if it hits)
      "Left Mid Forward-Spinning Kick"
    Tategeri                f+3~3                m
      "Lengthwise Kick"
    Tategeri - Hidari       f+3~3,3              mm             ~d+1+2 -> Zanshin
      Sokutou                                                   (only if it hits)
      "Lengthwise Kick - Left Sword Kick"
    Hidari Kakato Otoshi    f,F+3                m
      "Left Heel Drop"
    Kazamaryuu Rokurengeki  f,F+3,1,3,2,1,4      mhhmml         ~d+1+2 -> Zanshin
      "Kazama-Style Six-Strike Combination"                     (only if it hits)
    Kuuzankyaku             run_f,f,F+3          m              Jumping move.
      "Air-Slicing Kick"
    Hidari Sokutou          df+3                 m              ~d+1+2 -> Zanshin
      "Left Sword Kick"                                         (only if it hits)
    Hidari Kansetsugeri -   d+3,3                lm
      Hidari Sokutou
      "Left Indirect Kick - Left Sword Kick"
    Hidari Uchi             b+3,4                hl
      Mawashigeri - Migi Gedan Mawashigeri
      "Left Inward-Spinning Kick - Right Low Spinning Kick"
    Doumawashi Kaitengeri   4~3                  m              Jumping move.
      "Hip-Spinning Swivel Kick"
    Migi Chuudan Maegeri    f+4                  m              ~d+1+2 -> Zanshin
      "Right Mid Forward Kick"                                  (only if it hits)
    Migi Sokutou            df+4                 m              ~d+1+2 -> Zanshin
      "Right Sword Kick"
    Migi Gedan Ushiro       d+4                  l
      "Right Low Back-Spinning Kick"
    Migi Gedan Mawashigeri  db+4                 l
      "Right Low Spin Kick"
    Ushirogeri              b+4                  m
      "Back Kick"
    Sanchindachi            b+1+2                x              -> charged state
      "Sanchindachi" is a basic form of karate, and means literally "three fight
      standing."  The pronunciation is irregular, possibly from Korean "Samjeong"
      or Chinese "Sanzhang," or even something from colloquial Okinawan dialects.
      "Karate" has two different kanji (Chinese character) compounds, and thus
      two different meanings:  "empty hand," and "foreign hand" (usually, that
      "Kara" meant "Korea" or "China).
    Chokuzuki               ub+1+2               !              ~b,B -> cancel
      "Straight Thrust"
    Tobi Nidangeri          d+3+4                sh             Jumping move.
      "Jumping Double Kick"
    Zanshin                 1+3+4                x              Just a taunt.
      "Lingering Mind"
    Oni Hachimon            wr1>2                mm             ~f,F -> dash
      "Oni Eight Gates"
    Hidari Joudan Ushiro    wr3                  h
      "Left High Back-Spinning Kick"
    Oizuki                  wr2                  m
      "Pursuant Thrust"
    Uke Nagashi             b+1+3_b+2+4          x              Parries h,m attacks
      "Taking and Flowing"
    Zanshin 2:
    NAME                   COMMAND             HIT AREA         NOTES
    Hidari Mawashizuki*     1                    m
      "Left Spinning Thrust"
    Suigetsu Totsu*         2                    m
      "Moon Reflected in the Water Thrust"  The moon, constantly moving in the
      heavens, represents the passage of time, which is a reminder of our inevitable
    Oni Kubiotoshi*         3                    h
      "Oni Neck Drop"
    Migi Gedan Ushiro       4                    l
      Mawashigeri - Ni*
      "Right Low Back-Spinning Kick 2"
    f+2,3,3,3,2,1,2,3,4,2          hlmhmmmhlm
    IIm.  KING
    Name:  King
    Fighting Style:  Wrestling
    Nationality:  Mexican
    Age:  30
    Official Namco Japanese story:
    King is the masked wrestler who has inherited the souls of two kings.
    After defeating his the person who killed his teacher in The King of Iron Fist
    Tournament 4, Craig Marduk, King went to the hospital to finish the job, but
    he realised how foolish is vengeance, so he left the hospital behind him.
    A while after returning home, he heard that Marduk, wearing the Black Jaguar
    Mask, challenged him to a grudge mask.
    "I can't let him get away with shaming my master's name any further."
    And so it came to be that the grudge match between King and Marduk would take
    place in The King of Iron Fist Tournament 5.
    Notes on King:
    This is really King II; it isn't the original King from Tekken or Tekken 2, if
    you didn't know.
    All I've heard are growls and such.  He may have vocals I don't know yet.
    NAME                   COMMAND                              ESCAPE
    Swinging DDT            1+3_f+1+3                             1
    Brain Buster            2+4_f+2+4                             2
    Knee Crusher            right side: any throw                 2
    Argentine Backbreaker   left side: any throw                  1
    Half Boston Crab        back: 1+3                           (None)
    Cobra Twist             back: 2+4                           (None)
    Stretch Buster          back: b,F+1+2                       (None)
    Jaguar Driver           qct+1                                 1
    Boston Crab              ^ 1+2,3,4,1+2                       1+2
    Archlock Face Buster     ^ 1+2,1+2                            2
    Tombstone Piledriver    db,F+2                                2
    Rock Bottom             fc db,d,DB+1+2                       1+2
    Muscle Buster           qcb+1+2                              1+2
      This is the signature move of Kinnikuman (known here as "Ultimate Muscle"),
      a popular wrestling comic book and television series in Japan.  He calls it
      the "Kinniku Buster," tho'.  "Kinniku" means "muscle."
    Figure Four Leg Drop    db+1+2                               1+2
                                                                 3+4 -> Reversal
    Ultimate Tackle         DB_D+1+2                              2
    Udehishigi Juujigatame  mounted 1+2                          1+2,2,2,2,2
      "Arm-Crushing Cross Clutch"
    Rage Wind                ^ 3+4                              (None)
    Hiza Juujigatame        mounted 3+4                          1+2,1,1,1,1
      "Knee Cross Clutch"
    Kaze Special             ^ 1+2                              (None)
      "Wind Special"  This must be someone's signature move that I don't know.
    Frankensteiner          df+3+4                              Must hit correctly
    Coconut Crush           df+2+3                                2
    M Driver                2+4,B                                 2
      This must also be someone's signature move that I don't know.
    Shining Wizard          run_f,f,F+2+4                        1+2
      This is Mutou Keiji's signature move.
    Jumping Power Bomb      crouching foe: d+1+3                  1
    Viagra Driver*          crouching foe: d+2+4                  2
    Kuuchuu Hiza            air foe: 1+3_f+1+3                  (None)?
      "Aerial Knee Cross Clutch"
    Kuuchuu Dragon Screw*   air foe: 2+4_f+2+4                  (None)?
    Running Jaguar Bomb*    f,hct+1                             (None)?
    Running Jaguar Bomb*    air foe: f,f,F+2+4                  (None)?
    Double Achilles Kengo*  air foe: d+1+3_d+2+4                (None)?
      "Double Achilles Tendon Lock"
    Flapjack*                ^ 1+2,1+2                            1
    Giant Swing*             ^ 2,1,3,4                            2
    Strangler Hold*         face-up downed foe, near head:       1_2
    Giant Swing:            face-up downed foe, near feet:        1
    Golden Headbutt         face-up downed foe, near legs:        1
    Figure Four Leg Lock    face-up downed foe, near legs:        2
    Korogasu                face-up downed foe, near side:       1_2
      "Rolling over"        db+1+3_db+2+4                        Leaves foe face-
                                                                 down downed
    Surfboard Stretch       face-down downed foe, near head:     1_2
    Half Boston Crab        face-down downed foe, near feet:     1_2
    Camel Clutch            face-down downed foe, near left:     1_2
    Yumiyagatame            face-down downed foe, near right:    1_2
      "Bow & Arrow Clutch"  db+1+3_db+2+4
    Rope Nage               b+1+2                                1+2
      "Rope Throw"  This is called an "Irish Whip" in American wrestling.
    Rope Nage - Hikimodoshi b+1+2,1+3                             1
      "Rope Throw - Pulling Back"
    Rope Nage - Nagetobashi b+1+2,2+4                             2
      "Rope Throw - Tossing Away"
    Rope Nage - Tatakitsuke b+1+2,3+4                            3+4
      "Rope Throw - Beating"
    Rope Nage - Kouhoutori  b+1+2,1+2                            1+2
      "Rope Throw - Getting Behind"
    Jaguar Backbreaker      f,f,N+2 (counter),1+2                1+2
    Jumping Powerbomb       f,f,N+2 (counter),1+2,u,d,3+4        3+4
    Standing Achilles Hold  f,N,d,DF+2+3                          2
    Indian Death Lock        ^ 1+2,1,3,1+2                       1+2
    Romero Special           ^ ^ 1,3,4,1+2,3+4                  (None)
    S.T.F.                   ^ 1,2,3,1+2                          1
      "Step-Over, Toe-Hold Facelock"
    Scorpion Death Lock      ^ 1+2,3,2,1+3                        2
    Arm Breaker             f,N,d,DF+1+4                          1
    Triple Arm Breaker       ^ 1+2,1+2                            1
    Kawazu Otoshi            ^ 1+2,4,2+4                          2
      "Toad Drop"  Called "Russian Leg Sweep" in America
    Stranglehold             ^ ^ 4,3,4,3+4,1+2                   1+2
    Chicken Wing Facelock    ^ 2,1,1+2+3                         1+2
    Dragon Sleeper           ^ ^ 2,1,3,1+2+4,1+2+4                1
    Rolling Cradle           ^ ^ 1+3,3+4,2+4,1+2,1+2+3            2
      Called "Rolling Death Cradle" in Lucha Libre and American pro wrestling
    Arm Whip*               b+1+3                               Parries h,m 2's
    Kaiten Achilles Kengo   b+2+4 (vs. opponent's h,m 3)        Kick reversal
    Dragon Screw            b+2+4 (vs. opponent's h,m 4)        Kick reversal
    Dragon Screw - Figure   b+2+4:3+4                           Kick reversal,
      Four Leg Lock                                             2 breaks throw
    Mexican Magma Drive:
    NAME                   COMMAND                              ESCAPE
    Cobra Clutch*           3+4,1+4,2+3                          1_2
    Nageppanashi Half        ^ 2+4,1+2,1+2                        1
      "Throw-Breaking Half Nelson"
    Doujime Sleeper*         ^ 3+4,3+4,1+2                        2
      "Body-Strangling Sleeper"
    Triple Knuckle*          ^ ^ 1,2,1+2                          1
    Stretch Muffler*         ^ ^ 3,4,1+2,3+4                      2
    Cobra Twist*             ^ 1,4,2,3                          (None)
    Jouchaku Rakkashiki      ^ ^ 2,1,1+2_2,1,3+4                 1_2
      Reverse DDT
      "High Straight Falling-Style Reverse DDT"
    Samurai Drop*            ^ ^ ^ 2,3,1,1+2                     1+2
    Reverse Gory Special     ^ ^ ^ 1+2,1,2,1+2+3_1+2,1,2,1+2+4   1_2
    Hang Drop*               ^ ^ ^ ^ 3+4,1+2                    (None)
    Sol Naciente*            ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ 1+2,4,1+2,1+2+3           1+2
      "Rising Sun"
    Burning Hammer*          ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ 1+2,3,4,1+3_1+2,3,4,2+4   1_2
    Screwdriver*             ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ 2+4,3+4,1+3,1+2,1+2+3_  1_2
    Wonderful Mexican Combo:
    NAME                   COMMAND                              ESCAPE
    Reverse Arm Clutch      f,DF+1+3                              1              
      Slam (A)
    Reverse Arm Clutch      f,DF+2+4                              2
      Slam (B)                                                  (Both A&B start it)
    Backdrop                 ^ 2,1,1+2                          A: 1  B: 2
    Cannonball Buster        ^ ^ 2,2,1+2                          2
                                                                -> Cannonball Buster
                                                                of Bellwood Special
    German Suplex            ^ 3+4,1+2                            1
    Powerbomb                ^ ^ 1,2,3+4                        (None)
    Giant Swing              ^ ^ 2,1,3,4                          1
    Muscle Buster            ^ ^ 3,1,2,3+4,1+2+3+4                2
    Bellwood Special Combo:
    NAME                   COMMAND                              ESCAPE
    Reverse Gorey Special   f,DF+1+2                             1+2
    Reverse Gorey Special   crouching foe: df,DF+1+3_2+4         1_2
      Bomb                                                      (Both start combo)
    Cannonball Buster       ^ or Backdrop, 2,2,1+2                2
    Cannonball Buster       ss to side 2+4                       1_2
                                                                (Both continue
    Powerbomb               ^ 1,2,3+4                             1
    Giant Swing             ^ ^ 2,1,3,4                           1
    Muscle Buster           ^ ^ 3,1,2,3+4,1+2+3+4                 2
    Manhattan Drop          ^ 3+4,1+2,1+2+4                       2
    Doctor Bomb             ^ ^ 1,2,3+4,1+2                     (None)
    Giant Swing             ^ ^ ^ 2,1,3,4                         1
    Muscle Buster           ^ ^ ^ 3,1,2,3+4,1+2+3+4               2
    Normal Moves:
    NAME                   COMMAND             HIT AREA         NOTES
    Sprint Hook*            b+1                  h
    Rolling Elbow*          f,F+2                m
    Clothesline Combo*      f,F+2,1              mh
    Toe Kick*               f+3                  m
    Toe Kick - DDT*         f+3:1+2              m throw        No escape
    Flying Needle Kick*     uf+3                 m
    Sit Smash*              db+3                 l
    Jaguar Step*            3+4                  x
    Jaguar Step - Elbow*    3+4,2                xm
    Jaguar Step - High*     3+4,4                xh
    Jaguar Step - Mid*      3+4,df+4             xm
    Muscle Impact*          f+1+4                m
    Body Smash*             fc DF+2              m
    Shoutei Uppercut -      1,2,1,2+4            hhm throw      2 escapes throw
      Taikuu Brainbuster*
      "Butt of the Palm, Uppercut - Aerial Hanging Brainbuster"
    Shoutei Uppercut -      1,2,1,d+2+4          hhm fc throw   2 escapes throw
      Viagra Buster*
      "Butt of the Palm, Uppercut - Viagra Buster"
    Rolling Sovate*         f+4                  m              Jumping move.
    Shoutei                 1,2                  hh
      "Butt of the Palm"
    Shoutei - Kawazu Otoshi 1,2,1+3              hh throw       2 escapes throw
      "Butt of the Palm - Toad Drop"  aka "Russian Leg Sweep"
    Shoutei - Viagra Driver 1,2,d+2+4            hh fc throw    2 escapes throw
      "Butt of the Palm - Viagra Driver"
    Shoutei Uppercut        1,2,1                hhm
      "Butt of the Palm, Uppercut"
    Jaguar Straight         f,F+1                h
    Elbow Hook              df+1,2               mm
    Left Straight - Right   fc_d+1,N+2           sm
    Minomo Chop#            ub+1                 h
      "Horizontal Chop"
    Right Straight - Left   2,1                  hm
    Ground Smash            f,f,N+2              l
    Smash Hook              df+2                 m               
    Arrow Elbow             b+2                  h
    Arrow Straight          b+(2)                h
    Arrow Straight -        b+(2),d+2+4          h fc throw     2 escapes throw
      Viagra Driver
    Mid Kick - Enzui        df+3,4                              1st must hit or
      "Mid Kick - Medulla Oblongata"  This is a popular move    be guarded
      in professional wrestling called the "Medulla Oblongata Cutter" ("Enzuigiri")
    Thrust Kick             b+3                  h
    Jail Kick               f,F+4                m
    Jail Kick - DDT         f,F+4 counter        m throw        No escape
    Jumping Knee            f,N,d,DF+4           m
    Low Kick                df+4                 l               
    Low Drop Kick           db+4                 l
    893 K                   b+4                  h
    Brutal Cyclone          1+2,1                mm             1st hit alone leaves
                                                                you back-turned
    Shadow Lariat           f+1+2                h
    Jaguar Impact           f+(1+2)              ! (high)
    Flying Cross Chop       f,F+1+2              m
    Guard Kuzushi           f,F,N+1+2            m              No damage
      "Guard Breaker"
    Black Bomb              f,N,d,DF+1+2         m
    Flashing Elbow          d+1+2                m
      aka "Corporate Elbow" or "The People's Elbow"
    Knuckle Bomb            uf+1+2               m
    Super Knuckle Bomb      uf+(1+2)             !
    Drop Kick               f+3+4_f,F+3+4        m              Jumping move.
    Satellite Drop Kick     f,f,F+3+4            m              Jumping move.
    Frankensteiner          df+3+4               s              outside throw range
    Alley Kicks             run 4_d+3+4_fc DF+4, lll
    Alley Kicks             run 4_d+3+4_fc DF+4, lllll
                            4,4,4,4 (counter)
    Spinning Smash          during Alley Kicks 2 m
    Neck Cut Kick#          uf+3+4               h              Jumping move.
    Moonsault Body Press    1+4_back-turned 1+4  !
    Shoulder Tackle         f+2+3                m
    Diving Body Press       f,F+2+3              m
    Elbow Drop              ub_u_uf+2+4          m
    Leg Breaker             fc DF+1              l
    Dynamite Uppercut#      wr2                  m
    Kachiage Elbow          wr1+2                m
      "Rising Smashing Elbow"  This is a common move in sumo and pro wrestling.
    Uppercut                ss2                  m
    Leg Lariat              ss3+4                h
    Kyuushogeri             back-turned 3        m
      "Kick to the Vitals"
    Kyuushogeri - Stunner   back-turned 3:1+2    m throw        No escape
      "Kick to the Vitals - Stunner"  Yes, it's the Stone Cold Stunner
    Turn Lariat             back-turned 1+2      ! (high)
    1,2,1,1,2,4,4,4,1,3            hhmmhlllmm
    1,2,1,1,3,3,4,4,1,3            hhmmhmllmm
    1,2,1,1,3,3,4,3,2,1            hhmmhmlll throw (1+2 will escape)
    f+2,1,1,2,4,4,4,1,3            hmmhlllmm
    f+2,1,1,3,3,4,4,1,3            hmmhmllmm
    f+2,1,1,3,3,4,3,2,1            hmmhmlll throw (1+2 will escape)
    IIn.  KUMA / PANDA
    Name:  Kuma ("Bear" in Japanese)
    Fighting Style:  Heihachi-Ryuu Kumashinken: Kai (Heihachi-Style True Bear
      Fist Plus)
    Nationality:  Unknown
    Age:  10
    Official Namco Japanese story:
    Kuma is Mishima Heihachi's loyal pet.
    He finally proved himself by defeating Paul in The King of Iron Fist Tournament
    4.  However, his joy was not long-lived; Heihachi died.  For some time, Kuma
    lived in sorrow, but when he heard that the Mishima Corporation had been thrown
    into chaos, he realised that he could prove his loyalty to Heihachi by saving
    the corporation.
    "*Grunt!*  (I'll save it!)"
    However, he reached the Mishima Corporation's base after the chaos had settled
    Kuma was driven away by the base's guards, and had no choice to to slink off
    into the mountains.
    Later, hearing that The King of Iron Fist Tournament 5 would start soon, Kuma
    decided to enter the tournament to take back the Mishima Corporation.
    Notes on Kuma:
    This is really Kuma II; Kuma (the first) died way back after Tekken 2.  How did
    he enter the tournament...?
    Name:  Panda
    Fighting Style:  Heihachi-Ryuu Kumashinken / Kai
      ("Heihachi-Style True Bear Fist Plus")
    Nationality:  Unknown  (but--wouldn't it have to be Chinese...?)
    Age:  9
    Official Japanese Namco story:
    Panda is the pet and bodyguard of Ling Xiaoyu.
    Because of the various events that took place in The King of Iron Fist Tour-
    nament 4, Ling Xiaoyu lost her happy demeanor.  Thinking that she would stake
    her life on returning this happiness to Xiaoyu from then on, she arrived at
    the conclusion that if she were to meet Kazama Jin, from whom there had been
    no news, then Xiaoyu would definitely cheer up.
    And so, using all that she remembered of him, Panda tried to look into Jin's
    whereabouts, but she couldn't find him that easily.
    And so, one day, Xiaoyu came bursting into Panda's home, looking extremely
    happy.  "Panda!  I've decided to be in The King of Iron Fist Tournament 5!  So,
    Panda, can I count on your help again?"
    Thinking she didn't quite understand why, but at least Xiaoyu had cheered up,
    Panda followed Xiaoyu.
    Just growls and grunts and stuff.
    NAME                   COMMAND                              ESCAPE
    Bear Bites              1+3_f+1+3                             1
    Bear Hug                2+4_f+2+4                             2
    Choke Slam              right side: any throw                 2
    Brute Throw             left side: any throw                  1
    Blood Sucker            back any throw                      (None)
    Bear Bachiki            f,F+1+4                              1+2
      "Bear Head-Butt"
    Cheerful Ball-Up        hcb,F+1+2                            1+2
    Normal Moves:
    NAME                   COMMAND             HIT AREA         NOTES
    Bear Stomp?*            b+1                  m
    Bear Lariat*            db+2                 m
    Kuma Shiranui*          db+3                 l
      "Bear Shiranui"  The shiranui are strange lights that are said to appear
      on the waters of the Gulf of Ariake and the Yashiro Sea in Kyushu on the
      night of the lunar eclipse, seen from Mt. Yotsuyama.  Literally, shiranui
      means "unknown fires."
    Kuma Sambouryuu*        uf+3,4,1+2           mmm            Jumping move.
      "Bear Three Treasures Dragon"  The "Three Treasures" are as such:  The
      physical form of truth, the Buddha, truth itself, the law by which we
      should live, and the practice of the truth, the priesthood.  So, the three
      treasures of Buddhism are the Buddha, the law, and the monks.  This word
      is also a way to refer to the Buddha.
    Triple Hammer*          1+2,1+2,1+2          mmm
    Trout Sweep*            fc1 or Hip Press 1   l
                            or Hunting Hip 1
    Trout Smash*            fc2 or Hip Press 2   m
                            or Hunting Hip 2
    Bear Vasallo?*          face-up downed 1+2   m
      Is it named after a famous swimmer or something?  I'm still not sure where
      the name comes from....
    Bear Butterfly*         face-down downed 1+2 m
    Bear Punch Combo        1,1,1                hhm
    Bear Heaven Cannon      f+1~1,1              hhm
    Uppercut Rush           DF+1,2,1,2           mmmm
    Uppercut Rush           DF+2,1,2,1,          mmmm
    Straight + Elbow +      2,1,2                hmm
    Kuma Onijinken          f,F+2                m
      "Bear Demon God Fist"
    Megaton Claw            b,db,d,DF+2          m
    Kuuzankyaku             run_f,f,F+3          m              Jumping move.
      "Air-Cutting Kick"
    Bear Knuckle            1+2                  m              ~f -> Hunting Style
    Double Hammer           1+2,1+2              mm
    Bear Scissors           f+1+2                m
    Bear Headbutt           df+1+2               m
    Terrible Claw           b+1+2                !              ~f -> Hunting Style
    Rolling Bear            b+1+2,f,df,d,db,b,   m              before it hits,
                            ub,u,UF                             b -> b roll
    Big Bear Attack         uf+1+2               m
    Hunting Style           fc3+4_face-down3+4_  x
                            f or b roll 3+4
    Sonoba Suwari           db_d_df+3+4          x              ~b -> b roll
      "Sitting down right there"                                ~f -> Forward Roll
    Bear Back Kick          b+3+4                mm
    Hip Press               uf+3+4               m              ~b -> b roll
                                                                ~f -> Forward Roll
    Salmon Hunting          b,F+3+4              m
    Salmon Hunting          b,F+(3+4)            !
    Kurenai Gaeshi          b,B+2+3+4            !
      "Crimson Blast"
    Bear Rush - High        fc1,1,1,2,f+1        llmmh
    Bear Rush - Mid         fc1,1,1,2,df+1       llmmm
    Bear Rush - Low         fc1,1,1,2,d+1        llmml
    Wild Swing              fc df+1,2,1,1        mmmh
    Quick Bear Rush - High  fc DF+2,f+1          mh
    Quick Bear Rush - Mid   fc DF+2,df+1         mm
    Quick Bear Rush - Low   fc DF+2,d+1          ml
    Bear Swing              fc DF+2,1,2          mmm
    Forward Roll            fc df+1+2            x              -> Forward Roll
                                                                ~3+4 -> Hunting
    Short Bear Rush - High  forward crawl 1,2,   mmh
    Short Bear Rush - Mid   forward crawl 1,2,   mmm
    Short Bear Rush - Low   forward crawl 1,2,   mml
    Violence Uppercut       wr1                  m
    Violence Claw           wr1,2                mm
    Double Uppercut         wr1+2                m
    Double Hammer           wr1+2,1+2            mm             ~f -> Hunting Style
    Spring Hammer Punch     face-up downed D+1+2 m
    Blood Claw              during Sonoba Suwari llll           ~b -> b roll
                            or Hip Press or Spring Press,       ~f -> Forward Roll
                            1,2,1,2 or 2,1,2,1
    Chouhatsu               1+3+4                x              A taunt.
    Hunting Style:
    NAME                   COMMAND             HIT AREA         NOTES
    Hunting Style -         3                    x              -> face-up downed
      "Hunting Style - Face-Up Lying Down"
    Bear Spear*             d+1+2                m
    Double Bear Claw        1>2                  ll             -> Hunting Style
    Bear Claw               2                    l              -> Hunting Style
    Kuma Chabutaigaeshi     1+2                  m
      "Bear Dining Table Blast"  This is the low, Japanese-style dining table;
      remember, Japanese generally sit on the floor in their houses.
    Bear Tackle             3+4                  s
    Blood Sucker            f+1+2                throw          1+2 breaks throw
    Hunting Style -         d+3+4                x              -> face-down downed
      "Hunting Style - Face-Down Lying Down"
    Hunting Style - Zenten  f,f                  x              -> Forward Roll
      "Hunting Style - Forward Roll"                            ~3+4 -> Hunting
    Hunting Style - Tachi   ub_u_uf              x              Parries l attacks
      "Hunting Style - Standing"
    Forward Roll:
    NAME                   COMMAND             HIT AREA         NOTES
    Bear Push*              1                    m?
    Bear Uppercut*          2                    m?
    Bear Sliding*           3                    l?
    Bear Knee Kick*         4                    m?
    Giant Roll              1+2                  x
    Name:  Marshall Law
    Fighting Style:  Martial Arts (um...yeah)
    Nationality:  American
    Age:  48
    Official Namco Japanese story:
    Marshall Law was once called the Legendary Dragon, and now has a different
    name, the Fighting Chef.
    He failed at opening a chain of Chinese fast food restaurants and staked its
    reopening on winning The King of Iron Fist Tournament 4, but in the end, he
    was unable to get the championship.
    And so, without the money to make it back home, Law was left in Japan, and
    worked for a major Chinese restaurant part-time to get money.
    A month or so later, he got a phone call from his wife saying that their son,
    Forest, who had run away, had caused an accident resulting in injury.
    Apparently, he had taken Paul Phoenix's bike out and rode it around, and made
    a mistake while riding it.
    Suddenly needing money for damages and doctors fees, clutching at straws, he
    again enters The King of Iron Fist Tournament.
    Notes on Law:
    Not too much to say....
    I think he does have a few, but I have to hear them again; I haven't been to
    the arcade in a few days thanks to two busy jobs....
    NAME                   COMMAND                              ESCAPE
    Rage Dragon             1+3_f+1+3                             1
    Jack Up                 2+4_f+2+4                             2,
                                                                ~D -> back turned
    Dragon Stomp            right side: any throw                 2
    Sekkan Kick             left side: any throw                  1
      "Punishment Kick"  As in, "spanking kick."
    Dragon Bite             back: any throw                     (None)
    Sekkan Punch            df+1+2                               1+2
      "Punishment Punch"
    Dragon Fall             df+1+2,1,2,1+2                       1+2
    Dragon Dive             F+2+3                                 1
    Dragon Knee             f,F+3+4                              1+2
    Rage Dragon*            during Charge Dragon 1+3              1
    Dragon Kick Rush*       during Charge Dragon 2+4              2
    Normal Moves:  (CD = Charge Dragon, CD2 = Charge Dragon 2)
    NAME                   COMMAND             HIT AREA         NOTES
    Ancient Dragon*         d+1,3                hl
    Fury Fist Rush*         qct+1,2,1,2          hhhm
    Blaze Knuckle Combo*    F+2,2,1+2 or 2,f+2,  hmm
    Dragon Strike Combo*    f,F+2>1>3            mhm
    Dragon Rush Hide*       b+2,3,d+4            mll
    Double Dragon Breath*   3,3,4                hhm
    Triple Dragon Breath*   3,3,3,4              hhhm
    Step-In Mid Kick Combo* DF+3,3,3             mlh
    Step-In Mid Kick        DF+3,3,4             mlm
    Break Low*              db+3                 l
    Dragon Round Kick*      b+3                  m              -> back turned
    Dragon Tail -           db+4,4               lm
    Hidari Renken           1,1,1,1,1            hhhhh
      "Left Combination Punches"
    One, Two Punch          1,2                  hh             ~b,f -> CD
    One, Two Knee           1,2,3                hhm
    One, Two Somersault     1,2,uf+3,4           hhxm           ~b,f -> CD
    Metsuki#                uf+1_Dragon Fang 1   h
      "Eye Poke"
    Metsuki Thrust Low#     uf+1,3_Dragon Fang   hl
    Dragon Fist Combo       2,2>1>2              hhhm           after 2nd hit,
                                                                -> back turned
    Dragon Storm            b+1>1>1              hmm            ~b,f -> CD
                                                                (first 2 hits only)
    Sunkei                  f+2~1                m
      "One-Inch Punch"
    Sit Straight Left       fc2_d+2,3            sm
    Elbow Dragon Whip       db+2,4               mm             -> back turned
                                                                ~D -> face-up downed
    Dragon Rush             b+2,3>4              mlm            ~b,f -> CD2
    Feint Mid Kick          3,f+3                hm
    High Kick Right         3>4                  hm
    Dragon Cannon           f,F+3                m              ~b,f -> CD2
    Dragon Thrash           run3_f,f,F+3         m              Jumping move.
    Step-In Mid Kick        df+3                 m
    Dragon Low              d+3                  l
    Dragon Breath           d+3,3,4              llm
    Jump Side Kick Right    ub_u_uf+3,4          hm             Jumping move.
    Fake                    UB_U_UF+3            x
    Somersault Fake         UB_U_UF+3,4          xm
    Spin Kick Combo         4,3,4                hhh            ~b,f -> CD2
    Dragon Somersault       4,u+3                hm             ~b,f -> CD2
    Faint Low Kick          f,F+4                l
    Right Mid Kick -        df+4,3               mm
      Left Somersault
    Dragon Low Left         d+4,3                lm
    Somersault Kick (big)   D,ub_u_uf+4          m              Jumping move.
    Dragon Tail             db+4                 l
    Somersault Kick (small) UB_U_UF+4 or 3+4     m              Jumping move.
    Double Somersault Kick  UB_U_UF+4,3 or 3+4,3 mm             Jumping move.
    Dragon Hammer           f+1+2                m
    Dragon Fang             db+1+2               !              ~u,u -> CD
    Charge Dragon           d+1+2                x              -> CD
    Fake Step               b+1+2                x              Parries h,m punches
                                                                -> Fake Step
    Overhead Kick           d+3+4                m              ~D -> face-up down
    Somersault Drop         D,ub_u_uf+3+4        m              Jumping move
    Sliding                 fc df,d,DF+3         l
    Sit Spin Kick           fc3,4                lm
    Low Kick Left           fc4,3                lm
    Dragon Uppercut         wr2                  m
    Side Kick               wr3                  h              -> CD2
    Front Kick Left         wr4,3                mm             1st hit:
      Somersault                                                ~b,f -> CD2
    Dragon Judgement        ss2,1,2,1            mmmm           ~b,f -> CD
                                                                (hits 1-3 only)
    Jou, Chuudan Sabaki     b+2+3                Parries h,m    ~b,f -> CD
      "High, Mid Parry"
    Blind Elbow Combo*      back-turned 2,2      mm
    Riverse Blow*           back-turned d+4      l
    Dragon Back Blow        back-turned 1        h              turns foe backwards
    Jump Side Kick Right    back-turned ub_u     mm
      Somersault             _uf+3,4
    Charge Dragon or Charge Dragon 2:
    NAME                   COMMAND             HIT AREA         NOTES
    Dragon Ride*            3+4                  h
    Charge Blaze Knuckle    2,f+2,1+2            hhh
    Charge Knuckle          1                    h
    Charge Blow             f+1                  m
    Charge Knuckle Combo    1,f+1                hm
    Charge Dragon Knuckle   2,f+2,2              hmh
    Charge Claw             2~1                  m
    Charge Dragon Fist      2,2>1>1              hhhm
    Charge Dragon Cannon    3                    m              ~b,f -> CD2
    Charge Dragon Rush      4,3                  lm
    Charge Dragon 2 -       b,f                  x
      Charge Dragon
    Fake Step:
    NAME                   COMMAND             HIT AREA         NOTES
    Dragon Ride*            3+4                  h
    Fake Step Knuckle       1                    h
    Fake Step Blow          f+1                  m
    Fake Step Knuckle Combo 1,f+1                hm
    Fake Step Dragon        2,1,2,1              mmmm           ~b,f -> CD
      Judgement                                                 (hits 1-3 only)
    Fake Step Cannon        3                    m              ~b,f -> CD
    Trap Left Blow          successful parry 1   h
    Trap Right Blow         successful parry 2   h
    Trap Left Side Kick     successful parry 3   m
    Trap Right Low Kick     successful parry 4   l
    df+1,2,2,1,3,3,3,4,3,4         mhmhhlhhhm
    df+1,3,2,2,3,d+3,3,4,4,4       mlmhmlmhlm
    df+1,3,2,2,3,3,3,4,3,4         mlmhhlhhhm
    df+1,3,2,2,3,d+3,3,3,4,4       mlmhmlmllm
    Name:  Lee Chaolang  ("Lee" [or "Li"]--"Plum," a common surname, "Chao"--
      "Exceeding, Above, Super-" "Lang"--"Wolf.")
    Fighting Style:  Martial Arts (um...yeah)
    Nationality:  Japanese
    Age:  48
    Official Namco Japanese story:
    Lee Chaolang is Mishima Heihachi's foster child, and Mishima Kazuya's rival.
    In order to defeat Heihachi, he hid his true form and entered The King of Iron
    Fist Tournament 4, but shocked by the appearance of Kazuya, who was thought to
    be dead, as his opponent, Lee lost to him.
    Later, he planned to seize the Mishima Corporation, which had been thrown into
    chaos by Heihachi's death, but when he heard someone had taken the seat at the
    top of the Corporation, he was exasperated.
    "What??  Let me guess--Kazuya?  He's getting in my way as usual...."
    And so, one month later, when he heard that The King of Iron Fist Tournament
    5 was starting up, Lee instantly decided to enter the tournament.
    "Kazuya...I'll clear up this hatred of so many years.  And so, this time, I'll
    show you--I'll take the whole Mishima Corporation!"
    Notes on Lee:
    Not too much to say....
    VOCALS:  Note:  He no longer speaks English sans accent.  It sounds Chinese,
    -------  though he is said to have been raised in Japan.
    Entrance:  Come on.
    NAME                   COMMAND                              ESCAPE
    Neck Fracture           1+3_f+1+3                             1
    Wu Tip                  2+4_f+2+4                             2
    Lee Stunner             right side: any throw                 2
    Lee Harassment          left side: any throw                  1
    Face Crusher            back: any throw                     (None)
    Knee Drive              f,F+3+4                              1+2
    Scan Kick Throw         Hitman Style 3                      Can be guarded
    Mist Illusion*          b+1+2 or Hitman Style 1+2           Reverses h,m attacks
    Normal Moves:
    NAME                   COMMAND             HIT AREA         NOTES
    One, Two Punch -        1,2,2,3              hhmh           ~4 -> Hitman Style
      Revolution Zwei*
      If you didn't know, "zwei" ("tsvai" "ai" as in "eye") is "2" in German.
    Cross Straight -        2,2,3                hmh            ~4 -> Hitman Style
      Revolution Zwei*
    Revolution Zwei*        f+2,3                mh             ~4 -> Hitman Style
    Acid Storm*             f+3,3,3,3,3,4        mmhhhh         ~3 -> Hitman Style
    Empress Shot*?          f,F+3                m
    Spinning Somersault*    4,3,4                hhm
    Deadly Slash*           f,F+4                h
    Lee Kick - Spinning     d+4,N,4,3,4          lhhm
    One, Two Punch          1,2                  hh
    One, Two Punch - Mist   1,2,f,N              hhx            -> Mist Step
    One, Two, Mid           1,2,4                hhm            ~3 -> Hitman Style
    One, Two, Mid Hold*     1,2,(4) short        hhm            ~3 -> Hitman Style
    One, Two, Mid Max*      1,2,(4) full         hhm
    Triple Fang             b+1,1,2              hmh
    Triple Fang - Hitman    b+1,1,3+4            hm             -> Hitman Style
    Triple Fang Cancel -    b+1,1~f,N            hx             -> Mist Step
      Mist Step
    Hammer Kick Combo       3,3                  hm              
    Shredder Kick Combo     run3_f,f,N,3,4,4     mmh
    Shredder Kick Combo     run3_f,f,N,3,4,f+4   mmm
    Shredder Kick Combo     run3_f,f,N,3,4,d+4   mml
    Lee Left Mid Kick       df+3                 m
    Silver Low              d+3                  l              ~4 -> Hitman Style
    Bump Kick               db+3                 l
    Mist Kick               b+3                  m              ~4 -> Hitman Style
    Mist Wolf Combo         b+3,3                mh
    Trap Kick               b+3~3                h
    Mist Trap               b+3~3:4              Throw          Even when guarded
    Quick Silver Sting      uf+3                 h
    Fake#                   D,UB_U_UF+3          x              ~3+4 -> Hitman Style
    Lee Somersault          4,u+3                hm
    Spinning Hammer         4,3,3                hhm             
    Machine Gun Kick        4,4,4                hhh
    Silver Whip             f+4                  h
    Front Kick              df+4                 m               
                                                                ~3 -> Hitman Style
    Lee Kick - Spinning     d+4,N,4,3,3          lhhm            
    Lee Kick - Lee          d+4,N,4,u+3          lhm
    Lee Kick - Machine Gun  d+4,N,4,4,4          lhhh
    Lee Kick - Silver       d+4,4~3              l! (high)      Must be very fast
    Laser's Edge Kick Combo D+4,4,4,4            lllm           ~3 -> Hitman Style
    Somersault Kick (Big)   D,UB_U_UF+4          m              Jumping move.
    Somersault Kick (Small) D,ub_u_uf+4          m              Jumping move.
                                                                ~3 -> Hitman Style
    Somersault Drop         D,UB_U_UF+3+4        mm             Jumping move.
                                                                -> face-up downed
    Silver Heel             b+4                  m              ~3 -> Hitman Style
    Lee Cutter              b,B+4                h              ~3 -> Hitman Style
    Silver Knee             uf+4                 m              Jumping move.
    Hammer Touch            db+1+2               !              ~u,u -> Cancel
    Lee Sliding             f,f,N+3+4            l
    Sliding                 fc df,d,DF+3         l
    Silver Cyclone          d+3+4                ! (high)       ~3+4 -> Hitman Style
    Flick Flack             b,b,N,3+4            x              -> Hitman Style
    Silver Sting            uf+3+4               m              Jumping move.
    Silver Tail             fc df+4              l
    Infinity Kick Combo     wr3,3,d+3,N,3,3....  mmlmm....
    Infinity Kick Mid       wr3,3,df+3           mmm
    Infinity Kick Low       wr3,3,D+3,3,3,d+3... mmlmml....
    Infinity Kick (Heel     wr3,3,d+3,3,3,u+3... mmlmmm....
    Rear Cross Punch        ss2                  h              ~f,N -> Mist Step
    Lee Screw Right         left ss 4            h              ~3 -> Hitman Style
    Lee Screw Left          right ss 3           h              ~4 -> Hitman Style
    Mist Step               f,N                  x
    Sway                    f,N,b,N              x
    Code Red Low            f,N,b,N,4            l
    Hitman Style            3+4                  x              -> Hitman Style
    Hitman Style:
    NAME                   COMMAND             HIT AREA         NOTES
    Silver Rush*            uf+3                 m
    Mist Illusion*          1+2                  Reversal       Reverses h,m attacks
    Mist Step*              f,N                  x              -> Mist Step
    Flicker Jab             1                    h              -> Hitman Style
    Flicker Jab Rush        1,1,1,1              hhhh           -> Hitman Style
    Flicker Jab Cancel -    1,f,N                x              -> Mist Step
      Mist Step
    Beriev Kick             1~4                  m              ~3 -> Hitman Style
      "Beriev" is an aircraft company in Russia.
    Scatter Blow            2                    m
    Scan Kick               3                    h
    Sheep Slicer            4                    l
    df1,2,2,1,3,3,3,4,3,4          mhmhhlhhhm
    Name:  Leui Moulung  ("Leui"--"Thunder," "Mou"--"Martial; Fighting," "Lung"--
      "Dragon") (Cantonese readings)
    Fighting Style:  Various Martial Arts Based upon Wuxing
    Nationality:  Chinese
    Age:  47
    Official Namco Japanese story:
    Leui Moulung is the international detective from Hong Kong who has been called
    the "Super Policeman."
    Rounding up most of the Sindicate members in The King of Iron Fist Tournament
    4, he regains his popularity as the Super Policeman.
    At that time, incidents of ruining dojos were cropping up all over China.  Leui
    took interest in this and starts investigating it himself.  Since many of the
    victims were masters that Leui knew personally, he put his all into arresting
    the criminal, but after a time, that criminal stopped showing up anymore, and
    the investigation was at a dead end.
    A message finally reached Leui that the same sort of incident was starting to
    occur in Japan.
    Believing strongly that the next target for that criminal was The King of Iron
    Fist Tournament 5, Leui enters the tournament again to arrest that man.
    Notes on Leui Moulung:
    He's an obvious parody of, or possibly hommage to, Jackie Chan (of "Supercop"
    fame).  They should put in clones of Yuen Biao and Sammo Hung.  Oh, well.
    Anyway, I guess the reason why he uses all the animal styles is because of the
    film "Snake in the Eagle's Shadow" (one of Chan's first starring roles in a
    feature release).  That's all that I can think of.  Well, that, and tons of
    Hong Kong kung fu films have all sorts of animal styles in them.
    Jackie's nickname is "Sing Lung" or "Cheng Long" (depending on if you read it
    in Cantonese or Mandarin), so that's where the whole "Moulung / Wulong" thing
    comes from.  Also, "Wulong" pronounced by the Japanese is "Uuron" (they have
    no "wu," nor "tones" like Chinese does), which is the same way they pronounce
    Oolong tea.  In Mandarin, Oolong is "Wulong" with different tones, but I'm 
    sure they were going for that pun.  If pronounced the Cantonese way, it isn't
    a pun anymore; the "Wu" in Oolong tea is still pronounced "Wu" in Cantonese,
    while the "Wu" in his name is pronounced "Mou."
    ENTRANCE:  Let's go!
    ENTRANCE:  Come on!
    There are plenty more I haven't heard yet....
    MOVES LIST:  Note:  "-M" means the Mandarin reading, "-C" means the Cantonese,
    -----------  but these are not written in good Chinese....
    NAME                   COMMAND                              ESCAPE
    Hikuukyaku              1+3_f+1+3                             1
      "Flying Aerial Kick" ("Feng Kong Cu"-M, "Feng Hung Chuk"-C)  The character
      "kyaku" doesn't exist in Chinese.
    Erijime                 2+4_f+2+4                             2
      "Tightening the Collar"
    Senkou Rambukyaku       right side: any throw                 2
      "Flash Flurry Kicks" ("Shan Guang Luan Wu Cu"-M "Sim Gwong Lyun Mou Chuk"-C)
      The character "kyaku" doesn't exist in Chinese.
    Kaishintou              left side: any throw                  1
      "Revolving Fall" ("Hui Shen Dao"-M, "Wui San Dou"-C)
    Haishin Rambugeki       back: any throw                     (None)
      "Back Flurry Attacks" ("Bei Shen Luan Wu Ji"-M, "Bui San Lyun Mou Gik"-C)
    Haraitaoshi             f,F+1+2                              1+2
      "Sweeping and Knocking Over"
    Tourakuchuu             UF+1+2                               1+2
      "Falling Elbow" ("Dao Luo Zhou"-M, "Dou Lok Jau"-C)
    Heisui                  Snake 1+3 or Dragon 1               1, 1+2 -> Drunk
      "Jar Drunk" ("Ping Zui"-M, "Ping Jeui"-C)
    Normal Moves:
    NAME                   COMMAND             HIT AREA         NOTES
    Kouryuushou*            f,F+2                m
      "Biting Dragon Palm" ("Yao Long Zhang"-M, "Ngaau Lung Jeung"-C)
    Shouryuukyaku*          f,F+3                m              ~B -> Back-turned
      "Rising, Flowing Kick" ("Sheng Liu Cu"-M, "Sing Lau Chuk"-C)  The character
      "kyaku" doesn't exist in Chinese.
    Shouryuu Renkyaku*      f,F+3,4              ml
      "Rising, Flowing Kick Combinatin" ("Sheng Liu Lian Cu"-M, "Sin Lau Lin
      Chuk"-C)  The character "kyaku" doesn't exist in Chinese.
    Bashousempuu*           f,F+4,3+4            hh
      "Banana Whirlwind" ("Ba Jiao Xuan Feng"-M, "Ba Jiu Syun Fung"-C)
    Low Kick*               D+4                                 ~D -> Snake
    Byakko Ga*              df+1+2               m              ~F -> Tiger
      "White Tiger's Fang" ("Bai Hu Ya"-M, "Baak Fu Nga"-C)  The "Byakko" is one
      of the four Celestial Beasts--the White Tiger, Red Phoenix, Black Leviathan,
      and Blue Dragon.
    Gyoutai*                ss4                  m
      "Face-Up Kick" ("Yang Tui"-M, "Yeung Teui"-C)
    Jatotsu Sougeki         1,1                  hh             ~F -> Snake
      "Double Snake Thrust Attacks" ("She Tu Shuang Ji"-M, "Se Dat Seung Gik"-C)
    One, Two Punch          1,2                  hh
    Ryuusei Gedankyaku      f,N,1>2>1>2>3        mmmml
      "Dragon's Roar Low Kick" ("Long Sheng Xia Duan Cu"-M, "Lung Sing Ha Dyun 
      Chuk"-C) The word "kyaku" does not exist in Chinese.
    Ryuusei Chuudankyaku    f,N,1>2>1>2>4        mmmmm
      "Dragon's Roar Mid Kick" ("Long Sheng Zhong Duan Cu"-M, "Lung Sing Jung
      Dyun Chuk"-C) The word "kyaku" does not exist in Chinese.
    Ryuusei - Hebinokamae   f,N,1,d_u            m              -> Snake
      "Dragon's Roar - Snake Stance" ("Long Sheng"-M, "Lung Sing"-C)
    Ryuusei - Ryuunokamae   f,N,1,2,d_u          mm             -> Dragon
      "Dragon's Roar - Dragon Stance" ("Long Sheng"-M, "Lung Sing"-C)
    Ryuusei - Hyounokamae   f,N,1,2,1,d_u        mmm            -> Panther
      "Dragon's Roar - Panther Stance" ("Long Sheng"-M, "Lung Sing"-C)
    Ryuusei - Toranokamae   f,N,1>2>1>2,d_u      mmmm           -> Tiger
      "Dragon's Roar - Tiger Stance" ("Long Sheng"-M, "Lung Sing"-C)
    Ryuusei - Tsurunokamae  f,N,1>2>1>2>4,d_u    mmmmm          -> Crane
      "Dragon's Roar - Crane Stance" ("Long Sheng"-M, "Lung Sing"-C)
    Suikogeki               b,B+1                h              ~f -> Drunken
      "Drunken Tiger Attack" ("Zui Hu Ji"-M, "Jeui Fu Gik"-C)
    Embiraku                ub_uf+2              m              Jumping move.
      "Swallow's Tail Fall" ("Yan Wei Luo"-M, "Yin Yi Lok"-C)
    Sousouga                f,N,2,1,2,1          hhmm
      "Dominating Claws and Fangs" ("Zong Zhua Ya"-M, "Jung Jaau Nga"-C)
    Kyokankyaku             3,3                  hl             -> Back-turned
      "Trick Circle Kicks" ("Xu Huan Cu"-M, "Heui Waan Chuk"-C)  The character
      "kyaku" does not exist in Chinese.
    Sempuukyaku             3~4_f+3~4            m              ~D -> face-up downed
      "Whirlwind Kick" ("Xuan Feng Cu"-M, "Syun Fung Chuk"-C)     (feet towards foe)
    Sempuurenkyaku          3~4_f+3~4,U          mmm            ~D -> face-up downed
      "Whirwlind Kick Combo" ("Xuan Feng Lian Cu"-M, "Syun Fung   (feet towards foe)
      Lin Chuk"-C)
    Youshingeki             f,N,3,4              hm
      "Tremor Attack" ("Yao Zhen Ji"-M, "Yiu Jan Gik"-C)
    Kosonzan                f,N,3,D+4            hl
      "Crouching Tiger Mountain" ("Hu Dun Shan"-M, "Fu Deun Saan"-C)
    Raikou Choukyaku        run_f,f,F+3          m              Jumping move
      "Flashing Lightning Jumping Kick" ("Lei Guang Tiao Cu"-M, "Leui Gwong 
      Tiu Chuk"-C)
    Kakuyoku Hishoukyaku    ub_u_uf+3            m              -> Crane
      "Crane's Wing Flying Kick" ("He Yi Fei Xiang Cu"-M, "Hok Ai Fei Cheung
    Koryuutai               4~3                  m              -> face-down downed
      "Arching, Flowing Kick" ("Hu Liu Tui"-M, "Wu Lau Teui"-C)   (feet towards foe)
    Kenzanrenkyaku          4~4,3,3              llm            1st, 2nd hit:
      "Swirling Slow Kicks" ("Juan Zan Lian Cu"-M, "Gyun Jaam   -> face-up downed
      Lin Chuk"-C)                                                (feet towards foe)
                                                                3rd hit:
                                                                -> face-down downed
                                                                  (feet towards foe)
    Kousou Embu             db+4,4               lh             1st hit:
      "Backwards Sweeping Swallow Dance" (the bird)             ~D_U -> Snake
      ("Hou Sao Yan Wu"-M, "Hau Sou Yin Mou"-C)
    Rouga Jatotsu Rengeki   f,N,4,1,2,2,2        hmmhl          4th hit:
      "Wolf's Fang Snake Stab Attacks Combo"                    ~F -> Dragon
      ("Lang Ya She Tu Lian Ji"-M, "Long Nga Se Dat Lin Gik"-C) 5th hit: 
                                                                ~F -> Panther
    Rouga Jatotsu Renkou    f,N,4,1,2,2,4,3,3    hmmmllm        -> face-down downed
      "Wolf's Fang Snake Stab Assault Combo"                    (feet towards foe)
      ("Lang Ya She Tu Lian Gong"-M, "Long Nga Se Dat Lin Gung"-C)
    Rouga Youshingeki       f,N,4,1,2,3,4        hmmhm
      "Wolf's Fang Tremor Attack" ("Lang Ya Yiao Zhen Ji"-M, "Long Nga Yiu
      Jan Gik"-C)
    Rouga Kosonzan          f,N,4,1,2,3,d+4      hmmhl
      "Wolf's Fang Crouching Tiger Mountain" ("Lang Ya Hu Dun Shan"-M, "Long Nga
      Fu Deun Saan"-C)
    Raikou Gedankyaku       f+4,2,1>2>3          hmmml
      "Lightning Flashing Low Kick" ("Lei Gang Xia Duan Cu"-M, "Leui Gong Ha
      Dyan Chuk"-C) The word "kyaku" does not exist in Chinese.
    Raikou Chuudankyaku     f+4,2,1>2>4          hmmmm          ~U_D -> Crane
      "Lightning Flashing Mid Kick" ("Lei Gang Zhong Duan Cu"-M, "Leui Gong Jung
      Dyan Chuk"-C)
    Touraku                 b+4                  m              ~F -> Crane
      "Sword Falling" ("Dao Luo"-M, "Dou Lok"-C)
    Tenshin Ren'hou         1+2~1                hh             -> back turned
      "Spinning Combination Cannon" ("Zhuan Shen Lian Pao"-M, "Jyun San
      Lin Baau"-C)
    Tenshin Houtsui"        1+2~2                hm
      "Spinning Destructive Falling" ("Zhuan Shen Beng Duo"-M, "Jyun San
      Bong Do"-C)
    Jasouken                f+1+2                hh             ~F -> Crane
      "Snake Double Fist" ("She Shuang Quan"-M, "Se Seung Kyun"-C) ~D_U -> Panther
    Utsufuse ni Neru        D+1+2                x              -> face-down downed
      "Lying on Your Stomach"                                   (head towards foe)
    Sekitou                 b+1+2                m
      "Stone Head" ("Shi Tou"-M, "Sek Tau"-C)
    Suiho                   f+3+4                x              -> Drunken
      "Drunken Step" ("Zui Bu"-M, "Jeui Bou"-C)                 Parries h,m punches
    Neru                    d+3+4 or fc3+4       x              -> face-up downed
      "Lie Down"                                                (head towards foe)
    Se o Mukeru             b+3+4                x              -> back turned
      "Show Your Back"
    Tenshinrenkyaku         uf+3+4,4             mmm
      "Spinning Kick Combo" ("Zhuan Shen Lian Cu"-M, "Jyun San Lin Chuk"-C)
    Hisuichou               B+1+4                x              -> Phoenix?
      "Hisuichou"?  This has been translated as "phoenix," and appears to be some
      sort of fabulous bird.  I can't find any references to it, however, besides
      in Lei's movelist and as a Morning Musume song.
      ("Fei Shui Niao"-M, "Fei Seui Niu"-C)
    Jashouken               ss1                  h              ~F -> Tiger
      "Snake Palm Fist" ("She Zhang Quan"-M, "Se Jeung Kyun"-C) ~D_U -> Dragon
    Suirenken               ss2,2                mh             -> Drunken
      "Drunken Punch Combo"                                     1st hit:
      ("Zui Lian Quan"-M, "Jeui Lin Kyun"-C)                    ~B -> back turned
    Yokoidou - Haijinraku    ss3+4               m
      "Side Step - Back Blade Falling" ("Heng Yi Dong Bei Ren Luo"-M, "Waang Yi 
      Dung Bui Yan Lok"-C)
    Gokeiken Hebi no Kamae  ss1+4_2+3 or f+2+3   x              -> Snake
      "Five Elements Fist - Snake"
    Haishinda               back turned 1        h              -> back turned
      "Back Body Strike" ("Bei Shen Da"-M, "Bui San Da"-C)
    Haishin Kasouda         back turned d+1      l              -> back turned
      "Back Body Sweep Strike" ("Bei Shen Xia Sao Da"-M, "Bui San Ha Sou Da"-C)
    Haishin Houtsui         back turned 2        m
      "Back Body Destructive Fall" ("Bei Shen Beng Duo"-M, "Bui San Bong Do"-C)
    Haishin Embiraku        back turned uf_ub+2  m              Jumping move
      "Back Body Swallow Tail Fall" ("Bei Shen Yan Wei Luo"-M, "Bui San Yin
      Yi Lok"-C)
    Haishin Kousou Embu     back turned d+4,4    lh             1st hit:
      "Back Body Back Sweep Swallow Dance"                      ~D_U -> Snake
      ("Bei Shen Hou Sao Yan Mou"-M, "Bui San Hau Sou Yin Mou"-C)
    Haijinraku              back turned 3+4,3+4, mmm            -> back turned
      "Back Blade Drop"      3+4
      ("Bei Ren Luo"-M, "Bui Yan Lok"-C)
    Semukekara Utsufuse ni  d+1+2                x              -> face-down downed
      Neru                                                       (feet towards foe)
      "Back-Turned Lying Down on Your Stomach"
    Semukekara Aomuke ni    d+3+4                x              -> face-up downed
      Neru                                                       (feet towards foe)
      "Back-Turned Lying Facing Up"
    Chihai Renkyaku*        face-down downed,    mmm
      "Ground Back Kick       head towards foe 3+4
      Combo" ("Di Bei Lian Cu"-M, "Dei Bui Lin Chuk"-C) The word "kyaku" doesn't
      exist in Chinese.
    Gyoushin Kousouembu     face-up downed, head lh
      "Face-Up Back Sweep     towards foe 3,4
       Swallow Dance" ("Yang Mei Hou Sao Yan Mou"-M, "Yeung Mei Hau Sou Yin Mou"-C)
    Choukyuukyaku           face-up downed, head m
      "Jumping Arching Kick"  towards foe 3+4
      ("Tiao Gong Cu"-M, "Tiu Gung Chuk"-C) The word "kyaku" doesn't exist in
    Haneoki                 face-up downed, feet m
      "Leaping Up"            towards foe 3+4
    Fukushinsoutai          face-down downed,    l              -> face-up downed
      "Lying Sweep Leg"       head towards foe 3~4               (head towards foe)
      ("Fu Shen Sao Tui"-M, "Fuk San Sou Teui"-C) 
    Fukushin Koryuutai     face-down downed,    m              -> face-down downed
      "Lying Arching Kick"    feet towards foe 4~3               (feet towards foe)
      ("Fu Shen Hu Liu Tui,"-M, "Fuk San Wu Lao Teui"-C)
    Fukushinkatsu           face-down downed,    l              -> face-up downed
      "Lying Slide"           head towards foe 4~3               (feet towrads foe)
      ("Fu Shen Hua"-M, "Fuk San Waat"-C)
    Aomukekara Utsufuse ni  face-up downed D+1   x              -> face-down downed
      "Face-Up to Face-Down Roll"
    Utsufusekara Aomuke ni  face-down downed 1   x              -> face-up downed
      "Face-Down to Face-Up Roll"
    NAME                   COMMAND             HIT AREA         NOTES
    Suikorengeki*           3,2                 lm
      "Drunken Fox Attack Combination" ("Zui Hu Jeui Lian Ji"-M, "Jeui Wu
      Lin Gik"-C)
    Suikotai*               3,f                 lx
      "Drunken Fox Leg" ("Zui Hu Tui"-M, "Jeui Wu Teui"-C)
    Suikokyaku*             4                   m
      "Drunken Fox Kick" ("Zui Hu Cu"-M, "Jeui Wu Chuk"-C) The word "kyaku"
      doesn't exist in Chinese.
    Suikokyaku*             4,f                 mx
      "Drunken Fox Kick" ("Zui Hu Cu"-M, "Jeui Wu Chuk"-C) The word "kyaku"
      doesn't exist in Chinese.
    Suikogeki               1                   m               ~F -> Drunken
      "Drunken Tiger Attack" ("Zui Hu Ji"-M, "Jeui Fu Gik"-C)
    Suirenken               2,2                 mh              ~f -> Drunken
      "Drunken Fist Combo" ("Zui Lian Quan"-M, "Jeui Lin Kyun"-C) 1st hit:
                                                                ~b -> back turned
    Kyoin                   1+2                 x               Restores health
      "Trick Drink" ("Xu Yin"-M, "Heui Yam"-C)
    Suihotai                3+4                 l
      "Drunken Step Legs" ("Zui Bu Tui"-M, "Heui Bou Teui"-C)
    NAME                   COMMAND             HIT AREA         NOTES
    Yousourenkyaku          3,3,3,3              mmmm           after any hit, 4
      "Eagle Talon Combination Kicks"                           -> Hou'ou 
      ("Ying Zhua Lian Cu"-M, "Ying Jaau Lin Chuk"-C)            Sempuukyaku
                                                                or b+4 -> 
    Hou'ou Sempuukyaku      4                    !
      "Phoneix Whirlwind Kick" ("Feng Huang Xuan Feng Cu"-M, "Fung Wong
      Syun Fung Chuk"-C)
    Hisuichou - Sempuukyaku b+4                  m              ~D -> face-up downed
      "Phoenix? - Whirwind Kick"                                 (feet towards foe)
      ("Fei Shui Niao Xuan Feng Cu"-M, "Fei Seui Niu Syun Fung Chuk"-C)
    Hisuichou - Sempuu      b+4,U                mmm            ~D -> face-up downed
      Renkyaku                                                   (feet towards foe)
      "Phoenix? - Whirlwind Kick Combination"
      ("Fei Shui Niao Xuan Feng Lian Cu"-M, "Fei Seui Niu Syun Fung Lin Chuk"-C)
    Hisuichou - Hebi no     u_d+1+4_2+3          x              -> Snake
      "Phoenix? - Snake Stance"
    NAME                   COMMAND             HIT AREA         NOTES
    Jakan Resshi*           1+2                  m
      "Snake Twirling Violent Fingers" "She Juan Lie Zhi"-M, "Se Gyun Lit Ji"-C)
    Jabu                    1,1,1,1,1,1          hhhhhh         hits 2-6:
      "Snake Fighting"  Yes, it is a pun for "Jabs"             ~F -> Snake
      ("She Wu"-M, "Se Mou"-C)
    Jatotsurengeki          2,2>2                mml            after hit 1 or 2:
      "Snake Thrusting Combination Attack"                      ~F -> Snake
      ("She Tu Lian Ji"-M, "Se Dat Lin Gik"-C)                  After hit 3:
                                                                ~F -> Panther
    Jatotsu Renkou          2,2,4,3,3            mmllm          -> face-down downed
      "Snake Thrusting Combination Assault"                      (feet towards foe)
      ("She Tu Lian Gong"-M, "Se Dat Lin Gung")
    Kenzankyaku             3                    m              -> face-down downed
      "Twirling Slow Kick"                                       (feet towards foe)
      ("Juan Zan Cu"-M, "Gyun Jaam Chuk"-C) The word "kyaku" does not exist in
    Gokeiken Ryuu no Kamae  u                    x              -> Dragon
      "Five Forms Fists:  Dragon Stance"
    Gokeiken Hyou no Kamae  d                    x              -> Panther
      "Five Forms Fists:  Panther Stance"
    Neru*                   d+3+4                x              -> face-up downed
      "Lie Down"                                                 (head towards foe)
    Ryuuhou                 2                    m
      "Dragon Cannon" ("Long Pao"-M, "Lung Baau"-C)
    Ryuubi                  3,3                  hl
      "Dragon's Tail" ("Long Yi"-M, "Lung Mei"-C)
    Ryuuga Jatotsu Rengeki  3,1,2,2,2            hmmml          ~F -> Crane
      "Dragon's Fang Snake Thrust Combination Attack"
      ("Long Ya She Tu Lian Ji"-M, "Lung Nga Se Dat Lin Gik"-C)
    Ryuuga Jatotsu Renkou   3,1,2,2,4,3,3        hmmmllm        -> face-down downed
      "Dragon's Fang Snake Thrust Combination Assault"           (feet towards foe)
      ("Long Ya She Tu Lian Gong"-M, "Lung Nga Se Dat Lin Gung"-C)
    Ryuuga Rengeki          4,1,2,3              hmmh
      "Dragon's Fang Combination Attack" ("Long Ya Lian Ji"-M, "Lung Nga Lin Gik"-C)
    Ryuu no Kamae - Ryouga  4,1,2,3,4            hmmhm
      "Dragon Stance - Wolf's Fang Tremor Attack"
      ("Long Xing - Lang Ya Yiao Zhen Ji"-M, "Lung Ying - Long Nga Yiu Jin Gik"-C)
      My understanding is that the "kamae" word would not be used for "form" or
      "stance" in Chinese; it would be "Xing" or "Ying."
    Ryuu no Kamae - Ryouga  4,1,2,3,d+4          hmmhl
      "Dragon Stance - Wolf's Fang Tiger Crouching Mountain"
      ("Long Xing - Lang Ya Hu Dun Shan"-M, "Lung Ying - Long Nga Fu Deun Saan"-C)
    Ryuuga                  1+2                  m              ~F -> Tiger
      "Dragon's Fang" ("Long Ya"-M, "Lung Nga"-C)
    Gokeiken Tora no Kamae  u                    x              -> Tiger
      "Five Form Fists:  Tiger Stance"
    Gokeiken Hebi no Kamae  d                    x              -> Snake
      "Five Form Fists:  Snake Stance"
    NAME                   COMMAND             HIT AREA         NOTES
    Hyousousou              1~2                  lh
      "Panther Double Claw" ("Bao Shuang Zhua"-M, "Paau Seung Jaau"-C)
    Hyoushu                 2                    m
      "Panther's Paw" ("Bao Shou"-M, "Paau Sau"-C)
    Hyousoutai              3                    l              ~b -> Phoenix
      "Panther Sweep Kick" ("Bao Sao Tui"-M, "Paau Sou Teui"-C)
    Hyou no Kamae - Raikou  4,2,1,4,3            hmmml
      "Panther Stance - Flash Low Kick"
      ("Bao Xing - Lei Guang Xia Duan Ci"-M, "Paau Ying - Leui Gwong Ha
      Dyan Chuk"-C)  My understanding is that "kamae" would not be used for "form"
      or "stance" in Chinese, but rather the word "Xing" or "Ying" would.  The
      word "kyaku" doesn't exist in Chinese.
    Hyou no Kamae - Raikou  4,2,1,4,4            hmmmm          ~U_D -> Crane
      "Panther Stance - Flash Mid Kick"
      ("Bao Xing - Lei Guang Zhong Duan Ci"-M, "Paau Ying - Leui Gwong Jung
      Dyun Chuk"-C)  see notes above
    Gokeiken Hebi no Kamae  u                    x              -> Snake
      "Five Form Fists - Snake Stance"
    Gokeiken Tsuru no Kamae d                    x              -> Crane
      "Five Form Fists - Cran Stance"
    NAME                   COMMAND             HIT AREA         NOTES
    Saikosou                1                    m
      "Western Tiger Claw" ("Xi Hu Zhua"-M, "Sai Fu Jaau"-C)
    Kosoushou               2                    m
      "Tiger Claw Palm" ("Hu Zhua Zhang"-M, "Fu Jaau Jeung"-C)
    Kosenkyaku              3                    h
      "Tiger Spinning Kick" ("Hu Xuan Cu"-M, "Fu Syun Chuk"-C) The word "kyaku"
      doesn't exist in Chinese.
    Kosenkyaku - Ryuusei    3,1,2>1>2>3          hmmmml
      "Tiger Spinning Kick - Dragon's Roar Low Kick"
      ("Hu Xuan Cu - Long Sheng Xia Duan Cu"-M, "Fu Syun Chuk - Lung Seng Ha 
      Dyun Chuk"-C) The word "kyaku" does not exist in Chinese.
    Kosenkyaku - Ryuusei    3,1,2>1>2>4          hmmmmm
      Chuudan Kyaku"
      "Tiger Spinning Kick - Dragon's Roar Mid Kick"
      ("Hu Xuan Cu - Long Sheng Zhong Duan Cu"-M, "Fu Syun Chuk - Lung Seng Jung
      Dyun Chuk"-C) The word "kyaku" does not exist in Chinese.
    Kosoutai                4                    l
      "Tiger Sweeping Leg" ("Hu Sao Tui"-M, "Fu Sou Teui"-C)
    Gokeiken Hebi no Kamae  u                    x              -> Snake
      "Five Form Fists - Snake Stance"
    Gokeiken Ryuu no Kamae  d                    x              -> Dragon
      "Five Form Fists - Dragon Stance"
    NAME                   COMMAND             HIT AREA         NOTES
    Kakuyokuhiten*          ub_u_uf+4            m
      "Crane's Wing Flight" ("He Yi Fei Tian"-M, "Hok Yik Fei Tin"-C)
    Kakutotsu               1                    m
      "Crane Thrust" ("He Tu"-M, "Hok Dat"-C)
    Kakuyoku                2                    h
      "Crane Wing" ("He Yi"-M, "Hok Yik"-C)
    Choukaku Rengeki        3>4>2>3              mlmm
      "Jumping Crane Combination Attack" ("Tiao He Lian Ji"-M, "Tiu Hok Lin Gik"-C)
    Kakusou                 4                    l
      "Crane's Talon" ("He Zhua"-M, "Hok Jaau"-C)
    Gokeiken Hyou no Kamae  u                    x              -> Panther
      "Five Form Fists - Panther Stance"
    Gokeiken Hebi no Kamae  d                    x              -> Snake
      "Five Form Fists - Snake Stance"
    b+1,2,1,3+4,2,1,4,1,2,3        hhlmmmhmmh
    b+1,2,1,3+4,2,1,4,1,4,4        hhlmmmhmlh
    b+1,2,1,3+4,3+4,3+4,1,1,2      hhlmmmllm
    Name:  Ling Xiaoyu ("Ling"--"Pure; Virtuous; Enduring," "Xiao"--"Dawn,"
    Fighting Style:  Various Chinese martial arts based upon Ba Gua and
      Pi Gua Quan (that's "chwan," not "kwan")
    Nationality:  Chinese
    Age:  18
    Official Namco Japanese story:
    Ling Xiaoyu is a high school girl who works herself into a frenzy trying
    to save the Mishimas.
    In the previous tournament, she was saved from Heihachi's schemes by the
    head of a band of Robin Hood-like thieves, Yoshimitsu, and also had the
    history of the Mishimas explained to her by him.  And so, she naturally
    had to think that the cause of all the calamity was when Heihachi threw
    his son, Kazuya, into a deep ravine.
    And then, when she heard of Heihachi's death, Xiaoyu fell into a deep,
    oppressive funk with tears welling in her eyes, thinking "If only we could
    have that time back...."
    At that time, she met a self-proclaimed genius doctor who said that if he
    only had enough money to make his experiments a reality, he could make a
    time machine.
    Thinking that she could ride a time machine, Xiaoyu took out the invitation
    for The King of Iron Fist Tournament 5 that she had balled up and put in
    her pocket to throw away later, and became filled with resolve.
    Notes on Xiaoyu:
    Heihachi throwing Kazuya off a cliff is because of an expression in Japan
    "the lion threw the children into a deep ravine," which is obviously from 
    a story in which the lion throws the young into a ravine, and then only
    the ones who survived got raised.  Xiaoyu's story this time is a real winner.
    I mean, there's a lot of ridiculous crap going on in Tekken world, but man...
    this is pretty bad.  Gee, that would be bad if the "doctor" were tricking her, 
    hm...?  (duh)
    Entrance:  He--!  Nante tsuyosou!
      "Ahhh--!  This one looks so tough!!"
    Win Pose:  Aya--!
      "Oh, my--!"  "Aya" is a Chinese word kind of like "whoah" or even a bit like
      a swear word.  If you watch many Hong Kong films, you'll hear it a *lot*.
      Generally, you say it when something's surprising or bad.
    NAME                   COMMAND                              ESCAPE
    Youshintouha            1+3_f+1+3                             1
      "Shaking Falling Body Destruction" ("Yao Shen Dao Po")
    Ryuusuiraku             2+4_f+2+4                             2
      "Flowing Mounted Fall" ("Liu Cheng Luo")
    Ura Tsumuji             right side: any throw                 2
      "Reverse Whirlwind"
    Tsumuji                 left side: any throw                  1
    Hainen Tairaku          back: any throw                     (None)
      "Back Twisting Topple" ("Bei Nian Tui Luo")
    Kujaku Choutai          F+2~1                                1+2
      "Peacock Jumping Kick" ("Kong Que Tiao Tui")
    Hikinage                qcb+2                                 2
      "Pulling Throw"
    Raku Ryuusai            DF+2+4                                2
      "Falling Dragon Smash" ("Luo Long Sui")
    Hou'ou no Kamae kara no Phoenix: 1+3_2+4                      2
      Nage Tsukami                                              ~d -> cancel
      "Grapple From Phoenix Stance"
    Semuke kara no Nage     back turned: 1+3_2+4                 1_2
      Tsukami (1)
      "Back-Turned Grapple"
    Semuke kara no Nage     back turned: f,F+1+3_2+4             1_2
      Tsukami (2)
      "Back-Turned Grapple"
    Jou - Chuudan Sabaki    b+1+4                               Parries h,m
      "High, Mid Parry"
    Gedan Sabaki            d+1+4                               Parries l
      "Low Parry"
    Normal Moves:
    NAME                   COMMAND             HIT AREA         NOTES
    Hakurengekihou*         f,F+1,3              mh
      "White Halberd Combined Thrusts" ("Bai Lian Ji Fang")
    Dantai*                 df+3                 m
      "Thrust Leg" ("Dan Tui")
    Haihou Teishuu*         b+3                  h
      "Back Grappling Leading Kick" ("Bei Bao Ti Cu")
    Jungeri*                df+4                 m
      "Order Kick"
    Ryuusei Renkyaku*       uf+3+4               mmm            Jumping move.
      "Shooting Star Combo Kicks" ("Liu Xing Lian Cu") The word "kyaku" does not
      exist in Chinese.
    Gyaku Juujihou*         ub+3+4               m              d+1+2 ->
      "Reverse Cross Phoenix" ("Ni Shi Zi Feng")                Phoenix
    Teifukyaku*             wr3                  m
      "Leading Axe Kick" ("Ti Fu Cu") The word "kyaku" does not exist in Chinese.
    Tonkou Tentai*          wrb+3                h
      "Evasive Shielded Kick" ("Hou Jia Zhuan Tui")
    Jakurenshu              1,2                  hh
      "Sparrow Combo Punches" ("Que Lian Shou")
    Jakuren Kasuishou       1,2,1                hhm
      "Sparrow Combo Smashing Palm" ("Que Lian Jia Cui Zhang")
    Jakuren Hou - Semuke    1,d+2                hm             -> back turned
      "Sparrow Combo Cannon - Back-Turned" ("Que Lian Pao")
    Jakuren Hou             1,D+2                hm
      "Sparrow Combo Cannon" ("Que Lian Pao")
    Jakuren Tenshin         1,d+2,1+2            hmm
      "Sparrow Combo Turning Attack Wall Palm" ("Que Lian Zhuan Shen Ji Bi Zhao")
    Jouhoshouken - Semuke   df+1                 m              -> back turned
      "Upper Step Palm Punch - Back Turned" ("Xia Bu Zhao Quan")
    Jouhoshouken            DF+1                 m
      "Upper Step Palm Punch" ("Xia Bu Zhao Quan")
    Uryuu Banda             d+1                  m
      "Crow Dragon Platter Strike" ("Wu Long Pan Da")
    Uryuu Banda - Hou'ou no D+1                  m              -> Phoenix
      "Crow Dragon Platter Strike - Phoenix Stance"
    Kasuishou               db+1                 m
      "Destructive Palm" ("Jia Cui Zhao")
    Hidari Sabaki - Semuke  b+1                  m              -> back turned
      "Left Parry - Back-Turned"
    Hidari Sabaki           B+1                  m
      "Left Parry"
    Hihaishou - Semuke      u+1                  m              -> back turned
      "Queen's Back Palm - Back-Turned" ("Fei Bei Zhao")
    Hihaishou               U+1                  m
      "Queen's Back Palm" ("Fei Bei Zhao")
    Jakuyoku Haishou -      2,1                  hm             -> back turned
      "Sparrow Wing Back Palm - Back-Turned" ("Que Yi Hai Zhao")
    Jakuyoku Haishou        2,DF+1               hm
      "Sparrow Wing Back Palm" ("Que Yi Hai Zhao")
    Kaou Kasuishou          f,F+2>1              mm
      "Horizontal Additional Smashing Palm" ("Jia Heng Jia Cui Zhao")
    Chouda Karan            df+2                 mm
      "Challenging Strike Flowering Orchid" ("Tiao Da Hua Lan")
    Chouda Renshou          df+2,1
      "Challenging Strike Combination Palm" ("Tiao Da Lian Zhao")
    Migi Sabaki - Semuke    b+2                  m
      "Right Parry - Back-Turned"
    Migi Sabaki             B+2                  m
      "Right Parry"
    Katsumenkyaku           f+3                  h
      "Face-Smashing Kick" ("Kuo Mian Cu") The word "kyaku" does not exist in
    Rigoutai                f,F+3                m              -> back turned
      "Homeland Kick" ("Li He Tui")
    Soutairenkyaku          d+3,4                lh
      "Sweeping Kick Combo Kick" ("Sao Tui Lian Cu")
    Ankyaku                 db+3                 l
      "Darkness Kick" ("An Cu") The word "kyaku" does not exist in Chinese.
    Senkyaku                uf+3                 m              d+1+2 ->
      "Spinning Kick" ("Xuan Cu")                               Phoenix
      The word "kyaku" does not exist in Chinese.
    Chuuten Dankuukyaku     4~3                  m              d+1+2 ->
      "Backflip Air-Slicing Kick"                               Phoenix
      ("Zhou Zhuan Duan Kong Cu") The word "kyaku" does not exist in Chinese.
    Fushintoutai            f,F+4                m
      "Floating Copy Kick" ("Fu Shen Teng Tui")
    Toutai Chuutenkyaku     f,F+4 (guarded),4    x
      "Copy Kick Back Flip Kick" ("Teng Tui Zhou Zhuan Cu")  The word "kyaku"
      does not exist in Chinese.
    Fujinkyaku              db+4                 l
      "Axe Blade Kick" ("Fu Ren Cu") The word "kyaku" does not exist in Chinese.
    Hou'ou Sourentai        b+4                  hh             -> back turned
      "Phoenix Double Kick Combo" ("Feng Huang Shuang Lian Tui) ~B -> normal
    Kogetsusen              uf+4                 m              Jumping move
      "Crescent Moon Flash"                                     d+1+2 ->
      ("Hu Yue Shan")                                           Phoenix
    Gekihekishou            1+2                  m
      "Attack Wall Palm" ("Ji Bi Zhao")
    Sokuten Yokoidou        f+1+2                x
      "Side-Rolling Side Motion" ("Ce Zhuan Heng Yi Dong")
    Souhekishou             f,F+1+2,1+2          mm
      "Double Wall Palms" ("Shuang Bi Zhao")
    Hou'ou no Kamae         d+1+2                x              -> Phoenix
      "Phoenix Stance"
    Haiho                   b+1+2                x              -> Haiho
      "Pushing Step" ("Bai Bu")
    Zen'heki                u+1+2                mm
      "Forward Wall" ("Qian Bi")
    Zen'heki Kaou           u+1+2,2              mmm
      "Forward Wall With Sideways Motion" ("Xian Bi Jian Heng")
    Zen'heki Kaou Suishou   u+1+2,2,1            mmmm
      "Forward Wall With Sideways Smashing Palm" ("Xian Bi Jian Heng Cui Zhao")
    Hihaishouho             u+1+2,3+4            mx
      "Queen's Back Palm Step" ("Fei Beng Zhao Bu")
    Kaishin Yokoidou        3+4_d+3+4            x
      "Revolving Side Step" ("Hui Shen Heng Yi Dong")
    Zenten Yokoidou         f+3+4                x
      "Forward-Spinning Side Step" ("Xian Zhuan Heng Yi Dong")
    Tenshou Juujihou        f,F+3+4              m
      "Sky-Flying Cross Phoenix" ("Tian Xiang Shi Zi Feng")
    Se o Mukeru             b+3+4                x              -> Back turned
      "Back Turning"
    Chouhatsu Ichi          1+3+4                x
      "Taunt 1" ("Tiao Fa - Yi")
    Chouhatsu Ni            2+3+4                m              (0 Damage)
      "Taunt 2" ("Tiao Fa - Er")
    Souho Touken"           fc F+2,1             ss
      "Dividing Step Peach Fists" ("Cha Bu Tao Quan")
    Souho Touken - Semuke   fc DF+2,DF           x              -> back turned,
      Shagami                                                   fc
      "Dividing Step Peach Fist - Back-Turned Crouch" ("Cha Bu Tao Quan")
    Soutai Haishingeki      fc3,2,1>4            lhhm
      "Sweeping Kick Back-Turned Attack"
    Zensen Soutai           fc df+4,4            ll             After 1st hit:
      "Forward Spinning Sweep Kicks" ("Xian Zhuan Sao Tui")     -> Phoenix
    Shagami Furimuki        fc DB+3+4            x              -> back turned
      "Crouching Turning Around"
    Touken                  wr2_wr(2)            m              -> back turned
      "Charming Shoulder" ("Tao Jian")                          ~f -> normal
    Soukuuhou               wr4                  m
      "Blue Sky Cannon" ("Cang Kong Pao")
    Soutai                  ss4                  l
      "Sweep Kick" ("Sao Tui")
    Haishin Soushouha*      back turned f+1+2    m
      "Back-Turned Double Palm Strike" ("Bei Shen Sao Zhao Ba")
    Bakko Shajinchuu        back turned 1        m
      "Distant Mother-In-Law Fired Fast Elbow" ("Duan Gu She Xun Zhou")
    Haishingeki             back turned 2,1>3    hhm
      "Back-Turned Attacks" ("Bai Shen Ji")
    Haishin Hosaikyaku      back turned 3        m
      "Back-Turned Phoenix Edge Kick" ("Bai Shen Feng Ji Cu") The word "kyaku"
      does not exist in Chinese.
    Choukeiseki             back turned f,F+3    m
      "Jumping Kestrel Sole" ("Tiao Yao Zhuan")
    Haishin Gedankyaku      back turned d+3      l              -> back turned
      "Back-Turned Low Kick" ("Bai Shen Xia Duan Cu") The word "kyaku" does not
      exist in Chinese.
    Haishin Gedankyaku -    back turned D+3      l
      Shoumen Kamae
      "Back-Turned Low Kick - Normal Stance"
    Kobikyaku               back turned 4        l
      "Tiger's Tail Kick" ("Hu Wei Cu") The word "kyaku" doesn't exist in Chinese.
    Ankyaku                 back turned d+4      l
      "Darkness Kick" ("An Cu") The word "kyaku" doesn't exist in Chinese.
    Hou'ou no Kamae         back turned d+1+2    x              -> Phoenix
      "Phoenix Stance"
    Kouten                  back turned f+3+4    x              -> back turned
      "Backwards Roll" ("Hou Zhuan")
    Hienryuubu              back turned f,F+3+4  m              throws if hit
      "Flying Sparrow Flowing Dance" ("Fei Yan Liu Wu")         properly
    Kaishin Yokoidou        back turned 3+4      x
      "Turning Side Step"    _d+3+4_u+3+4
      ("Hui Shen Heng Yi Dao")
    NAME                   COMMAND             HIT AREA         NOTES
    Chouda Kasoushou*       d+1                  l
      "Challenging Strike Low Sweeping Palm" ("Tiao Da Xia Sao Zhao")
    Hidaritouryou           1                    m
      "Left Peach Dominion"
    Migitouryou             2                    m
      "Right Peach Dominion"
    Hou'ou Souda            2,1                  mm
      "Phoenix Double Strike" ("Feng Huang Shuang Da")
    Kasou                   3                    l
      "Low Talon" ("Xia Zhao")
    Hou'ou Rensou           ub_u_uf+3,3          ml
      "Phoenix Combination Talons" ("Feng Huang Lian Zhao")
    Hou'ou Rentai           ub_u_uf+3,4          mm
      "Phoenix Combination Kicks" ("Feng Huang Lian Tui")
    Soutai                  ub_u_uf, reaching    l
      "Sweeping Kick"       the ground, 3
      ("Sao Tui")
    Hou'ou Senkyaku         ub_u_uf,N,3          m              d+1+2 ->
      "Phoenix Spinning Kick" ("Feng Huang Xuan Cu")            Phoenix
      The word "kyaku" does not exist in Chinese.
    Chuudangeri             4                    m              ~b -> back
      "Mid Kick"                                                turned
    Ougigeri                4~3                  l
      "Folding Fan Kick"
    Ougigeri - Yokoi        4~3,u_d              lx
      "Folding Fan Kick - Sidestep"
    Zensen Soutai           f+4,4                ll             after 1st hit:
      "Forward-Spinning Sweeping Kicks" ("Qian Xuan Sao Tui")   -> Phoenix
    Toukuu Haikyaku         u+4,4                mm             after 1st hit:
      "Copy Kick - Lead Kick"                                   d+1+2 ->
      ("Teng Kong Bai Cu")  The word "kyaku" doesn't exist in   Phoenix
    Toukuu Haikyaku -       u+4,U+4              mm             -> back turned
      "Copy Kick - Lead Kick - Back-Turned"
    Hou'ou Yokutai          ub_u_uf,N,4          m
      "Phoenix Wing Kick" ("Feng Huang Yi Tui")
    Kyuuhobanchuu (Osoi)    1+2                  m
      "Arching Step Platter Elbow (Slow)" ("Gong Bu Pan Zhou")
    Kyuuhobanchuu (Hayai)   d+1+2~1+2            m
      "Arching Step Platter Elbow (Fast)" ("Gong Bu Pan Zhou")
    Kyuuhobanchuu (Chouosoi)d+1+2                m
      "Arching Step Platter Elbow (Super Slow)" ("Gong Bu Pan Zhou")
    Hou'ou Senkyuutai       3+4                  mmm
      "Phoenix Rising, Arching Kicks" ("Feng Huang Xuan Hong Tui")
    Zenten                  f+3+4                x              ~d -> Phoenix
      "Forward Roll" ("Qian Xuan")
    Se o Mukeru             b+3+4                x              -> back turned
      "Looking Backwards"
    Fuseru                  d                    x
    Jump                    ub_u_uf              x
    NAME                   COMMAND             HIT AREA         NOTES
    Kukotentai*             4                    h
      "Body Tiger Spinning Kick" ("Qu Hu Xuan Tui")
    Haiho Saiheki Cancel*   1+2,b,B              x              -> back turned
      "Pushing Step Wall-Break Cancel"
    Senretsukyaku*          3+4                  h
      "Spinning Violent Kick" ("Xuan Lie Cu") The word "kyaku" does not exist
      in Chinese.
    Haiho Moukoshou         b+1+2                m              near start of
      "Pushing Step Fierce Tiger Palm" ("Bai Bu Meng Hu Zhao")  Haiho
    Haiho Saiheki           b+1+2                !              near end of
      "Pushing Step Wall-Break" ("Bai Bu Sui Bi")               Haiho
    u+4,1,2,1+2,1,3,4,4,4,1        mhhmmhllmm
    u+4,1,2,4,4,2,1+2,2,4,2        mhhllmmlmm
    IIs.  Marduk, Craig
    Name:  Craig Marduk
    Fighting Style:  Vale Tudo
    Nationality:  Australian
    Age:  28
    Official Namco Japanese story:
    Since his debut, Craig Marduk had been proud of his undefeated record.
    Unable to accept his loss in the previous tournament to King, after leaving
    his hospital, he puts himself through a hellish hard training.  After a
    month, his body had become a wicked weapon.
    One day, he bursts into a Vale Tudo tournament wearing the Black Jaguar
    mask.  He set the remaining dueling competitors on their backs in an
    instant, and challenged King to a rematch.
    The stage for the rematch will be The King of Iron Fist Tournament 5!
    Notes on Marduk:
    Though you may be tempted to pronounce his name with an "ooh," as in
    Marduk, god of the city, his name is apparently to be pronounced more like
    "Marduck" or something--it's a "short" "u" sound.
    Entrance:  Get your cameras ready folks, 'cause this is gonna be over real 
    Entrance:  I'll break your face!
    Victory:  I'm number one!  I'm number one!
    Victory:  Don't waste my time!
    Victory:  The name's Marduk!  Don't you forget it!
    NAME                   COMMAND                              ESCAPE
    Rolling Splash          1+3_f+1+3                             1
    Knee Crusher            2+4_f+2+4                             2
    Lift Upper Throw        right side: any throw                 2
    Reverse Head Crush      left side: any throw                  1
    Back Drop               back: 1+3                           (None)
    Flying Splash           back: 2+4                           (None)
    Atomic Buster           f,F+1+2                              1+2
    Northern Lights Suplex  qct+1                                 1
                                                                ~1+2 -> Mount
    Power Slam              qct+2                                 2
                                                                ~1+2 -> Mount
    Back Breaker            qcb+1+2                              1+2
    Power Bomb              d+1+3 vs. crouching foe               1
    Ultimate Knee*          d+2+4 vs. crouching foe               2
    Jack Hammer#            f,hct+1                               1
    Kuuchuu Nage*           air foe: 1+3_2+4                    (None)
      "Aerial Throw"
    Heracles Hammer*        face-down or face-up downed foe,     1_2
                             feet or head db+1+3_db+2+4
    Reverse Knee*           face-down foe, right or left side    1_2
    Top Position*           face-up foe, right or left side      1_2
    Rolling Splash*         Crouching: 1+3                        1
    Body Slam*              Crouching: 2+4                        2
    Catch                   b+1+2                                Reverses h's
                                                                 -> Mounted
    Catch                   b+3+4                                Reverses m's
                                                                 -> Mounted
    Mounted Position: (or "Mount")
    NAME                   COMMAND                              ESCAPE
    Left Mount Punch*       1                                     1
    Side Choke*             1+3                                   1
    Right Bound Rush*       2                                     2
    Knee Bar*               2+4                                   2
    Mounted Mongolian Chop* 1+2                                  1+2
    Skull Crush*            3+4                                  1+2
    Normal Moves:
    NAME                   COMMAND             HIT AREA         NOTES
    Barrista Knuckle?*      f,F+1,2_f,F+1,(2)    mm
    Tank Elbow*             d+1                  m
    Quick Elbow Sting*      2,1                  hh
    Double Hammer Hook*     f+2,1                hh
    Hook Smash Combo*       f+2,d+1              hm
    Flash Tomahawk*         db+2                 m
    Knee Lift*              f+3                  m
    Anger Rush - Sting*     df+3,1,2,f+1         mhhh
    Anger Rush - Head*      df+3,1,2,3,1+2       mhhmh
    Anger Rush - Crouching* df+3,1,2,3+4         mhhx           -> Crouching
    Anger Rush - Body*      df+3,1,d+2           mhm
    Kong Rush*              df+3,df+1,2          mmh
    Wild Stomp*             f+4                  m
    Jump-In Middle*         ub_u_uf+4            m              Jumping move.
    Pushing*                1+2                  m
    Mongolian Chop*         uf+1+2               h
    Climbing Tackle*        f+3+4                m
    Set Up Beast*           db+3+4               x              -> Crouching
    Raid Kick*              wr3                  m
    Stun Knee*              wr4                  m
    Quick Uppercut*         wr1+2                m
    Quake Kick*             downed foe: db+4     l
    Wake-Up Hammer*         face-down downed 2   m
    Wake-Up Sweep*          face-down downd d+2  l
    One, Two Punch          1,2                  hh
    One, Two Elbow Sting    1,2,f+1              hhh
    One, Two Stomach Kick   1,2,3,1+2            hhmh
    One, Two Crouching      1,2,3+4              hhx            -> Crouching
    Jab - Body Blow         1,d+2                hm
    Swing Uppercut          df+1                 m
    Knuckle Hammer          b+1                  m
    Straight - Shoulder     2,d+1+2              mm
    Elbow Swing             f,F+2                h
    Alligator               d+2,4                mm
    Body Blow               df+2                 m
    Rolling Back Knuckle    b+2                  m
    Bicycle Kick#           run_f,f,F+3          m
    Stomach Kick            df+3                 m
    Stomach Kick Combo      df+3,1+2             mh
    Step In Low Kick        d+3                  l
    Stomach Heel            df+4                 m
    Knee Slicer             d+4                  l
    Leg Scissors#           db+4                 l
    Heel Bazooka            b+4                  h
    Salcon Punch?           f+1+2                h
      Possibly, this is "Monkey Combo Punches," as it is written "Sarukon
      Panchi" in Japan.  "Saru" means "monkey," "kon" may be from "Kombo"
    Shoulder Impact         d+1+2                m
    Head Attack Grinder?@   df+1+2               m?
    Sway Double Hammer      db+1+2               m
    Foot Stomp              ub_u_uf+3+4          m              Jumping move.
    Crouching Style         3+4                  x              -> Crouching
    Sit Break Kick          fc DF+4              l
    Craig Horn              fc 1+2               m
    Shoulder Throw          fc 1+2:b             m - throw      (No escape)
    Hell Stab               wr1                  m
    Tornado Chop            wr2                  h
    Craig Cannon            b+2+3                !              ~b -> cancel
    Rolling Hammer          ss2                  m
    NAME                   COMMAND             HIT AREA         NOTES
    Hell Stab               1                    m
    Tornado Chop            2                    h
    Raid Kick*              3                    m
    Stun Knee*              4                    m
    Switch*                 1+2,d_u              x
    Spear Tackle            1+2                  m              1+2 to break;
                                                                -> Mounted
    Switch                  d_u                  x
    2,1,3,1,2,1,4,3,1,4            hhmmhmlmmh
    2,1,3,1,2,1,2,2,3,2            hhmmhmmmlh
    Name:  Mishima Heihachi ("Mi"--"Three," "Shima"--"Islands," "Hei"--"Flat,
      Calm, Peaceful, Equal," "Hachi"--"Eight.")
    Fighting Style:  Mishima-style Fighting Karate
    Nationality:  (Japanese)
    Official Namco Japanese story:
    Mishima Heihachi was the head of the Mishima Corporation, and also the host
    of The King of Iron Fist Tournament 4.
    Just after losing to Kazama Jin in the battle at the inner sanctums of his
    fortress, he suffered a surprise attack from an unknown battalion of Jacks.
    After that, Heihachi was thrown into battle alongside Kazuya, but was
    betrayed by him, and became surrounded by the self-destructing Jack
    In the unbelievable explosion, which would have certainly left a normal
    person dead, Heihachi, with his superhuman body, survived, like a relic.
    One month later, Heihachi, hearing about someone controlling the Mishima
    Corporation and opening The King of Iron Fist Tournament 5, became fully
    recovered, displaying abnormal regenerative powers, and leapt into the
    "I don't know who you are or where you're from...but you dare you toy with
    me!  I won't give the Mishima Corporation over to anyone!!"
    Notes on Mishima Heihachi:
    So, he *is* playable, OK.  Took long enough!  As many people argued, they
    saved him for last to try and make him come out sometime near the home
    His name "Mishima" might allude to Mishima Yukio, a famous author of Japan,
    who became obsessed with being manly--particularly in dying in battle.  He
    had some erotic fixation with it.  I'm not too sure about that allusion.
    The "Hachi" in his name is the same as the "Pachi" in Jimpachi and the "Ya"
    in Kazuya.  It has been suggested that it is there to remind people of the
    deity Hachiman (or Yawata), a warlike deity in Japanese religions.
    Heihachi is the frickin' man.  I like how he just survived it somehow....
    No other explanation was necessary.
    I have heard no vocals yet in Tekken 5, because I've yet to find a machine
    that has him on it.
    NAME                   COMMAND                              ESCAPE
    Kongouotoshi            1+3_f+1+3                             1
      "Herculean Drop."  "Kongou" means "rock-hard" or "tough," and also means
      emery powder or diamonds because of that.  So, some would translate this
      "Diamond Drop."
    Hadakajime              2+4_f+2+4                             2
      "Nude Clutch"
    Dantoushu               left side:  any throw                 1
      "Beheading Hand"
    Naraku                  right side:  any throw                2
      "Hell"  "Naraku" is how the Japanese transliterated the word "Naraka," a
      name from India given to the prison evildoers endure after death.  Its
      meaning is described better as the characters "earth" and "prison," which
      are read "Jigoku."  That is the reason for more than one name for Hell in
      Japanese texts.
    Niou Kudaki             back:  any throw                    (None)
      "Destroying the Deva Kings."  The Deva Kings are deities that guard the
      Shinto shrines and the like, said to be super-tough, fierce warrior gods.
    Houchuushuu*            qct+1                                 1
      "Airial Dispatch Hands"
    Choupachiki             f,F+1+2                              1+2
      "Super Headbutt"
    Pachiki Kurabe          f,F+1+4 vs. male characters & Panda  1+2, can hit
      "Head-Butting Contest"                                     1+2 during move
                                                                 to counter with
    Normal Moves:
    NAME                   COMMAND             HIT AREA         NOTES
    Musou Shouha*           df+1,1                mh
      "Unrivalled Palm Blast"
    Kawarawari Soushou*     d+1,2                 mm
      "Tile Splitter Spear Palm"
    Niren Goushouha*        2,2~1+2               hm
      "Two Hit Strong Palm Blast"
    Niren Goushouha - Ina*  2,2~1+2~u_d           hx
      "Two Hit Strong Palm Blast - Void"  "Ina" (or, more commonly, "inashi"),
      means something like "not there," and is a common technique in sumou and
      karate and juudou and the like, meaning someone stepped out of the way.
    Geki Goushouha - Ina*   f+2~1+2~u_d           x
      "Violent Strong Palm Blast - Void"
    Eishoumon*              db+2                  l
      "Shadow Life Gate"
    Seiryuumon*             b,f+2>2>1             mmh
      "Blue Dragon Gate"
    Wanigeta*               b+3,3                 hm
      "Crocodile Clogs"  "Geta" are the clogs that Heihachi commonly wears--those
      old, Japanese-style clogs.
    Genkuukyaku*            uf+4                  m
      "Dark Skies Kick"
    Pachiki*                f+1+2                 h
    Meihouyoku*             df+1+2                m
      "Dark Phoenix Wings"
    Hanshinshou*            b,b+1+2               m
      "Destruction Spirit Palms"
    Mishimaryuu -           x                     -                -> Fuusatsujin
      Fuusatsujin no Kamae*
      "Mishima Style:  Sealing and Killing the Enemy Lines Stance"
    Fukuryuukyaku*          df+4                  l
      "Crouching Dragon Kick"
    Bankanshou*             ss2                   m
      "Most Manly Palm"
    Senkourekken            1,1,2                 hhm
      "Flashing Violent Fists"
    One, Two Punch          1,2                   hh
    Kikoku Renken           1,2,2                 hhh
      "Demon Crying Combination Fists"
    Kikoku Renshuu          1,2,4                 hhh
      "Demon Crying Combination Kick"
    Kikoku Goushouha        1,2,2~1+2             hhm
      "Demon Crying Strong Palm Blast"
    Kikoku Goushouha - Ina  1,2,2~1+2~u_2         hhx
      "Demon Crying Strong Palm Blast - Void"  "Ina" (or, more commonly, "inashi"),
      is a common term in karate, sumo, judo, and the like, and means something
      like "not there."  It refers to sidestepping.
    Tamonsatsu - Ichi       f+1,b+2,1             hmm
      "Killing Vaisravana: 1"  "Tamonten" is the reading of kanji used to describe
      the meaning of who Vaisravana is, whose name is usually written "Bishamon."
      "Bishamon" is supposed to sound something like "Vaisravana."  Vaisravana is
      a god of wealth to the Japanese and comes from Indian Buddhism.
    Tamonsatsu - Ni         f+1,b+2,4             hmm
      "Killing Vaisravana: 2"
    Raijinken               f,N,d,DF+1            m
      "Thunder Spirit Punch"  "Raijin" is a deity of storms.
    Raijinken               f,N,d,DF,1            m                (at end of dash)
      "Thunder Spirit Punch"                                       (different damage
                                                                   juggle starter)
    Saisotsu Raijinken      f,N~DF+1              m                Must be very fast
      "Fastest Thunder Spirit Punch"
    Musou Renken            df+1,2                mm
      "Unrivalled Combination Punches"
    Kawarawari              d+1                   m
      "Tile Splitter"
    Butsudanwari            b+1                   m
      "Buddhist Altar Splitter"
    Uraken Nidan            2,2                   hh
      "Double Backfists"
    Geki Goushouha          f+2~1+2               m
      "Violent Strong Palm Blast"
    Kishinken               f,F+2                 m
      "Demon God Fist"
    Kongou Soushou          qct+2                 m
      "Herculean Spear Palm"  "Kongou" means "tough."  It also means "emory powder"
      or "diamond."  So, it could also be translated "Diamond Spear Palm."
    Fuujinken               f,N,d,df+2            m
      "Wind Spirit Punch"  "Fuujin" is a deity of storms.
    Rashoumon               b+2                   m
      "Rashoumon"  This is now the name of a modern area of Kyoto.  In the Heian Era
      this was the gate in the wall to the capital.  "Ra" means silk, "shou" means 
      "life" (tho' it is also commonly written with "city" instead of "life").  It 
      also refers to the walls around a city, and was made popular by the short 
      story of Akutagawa Ryuunosuke (and the film by Kurosawa Akira) of the same 
      name, meaning all the different parts of the walls' different viewpoints on 
      the capital, and how different things are from each person's perspective.
    Gozou Kudaki            f+3                   m
      "Destroying the Vitals"
    Hidari Kakato Otoshi    f,F+3                 m
      "Left Heel Drop"
    Kuuzankyaku             f,f,F+3 or run+3      m
      "Air-Splitting Kick"
    Gekizankyaku            f,N,d,df+3            m
      "Violent Cutting Kick"
    Chizankyaku             f,N,d,DF+3            l
      "Earth-Splitting Kick"
    Ura Senkuujinkyaku      uf+3,4                mm
      "Reverse Spinning Air Blade Kicks"
    Hasaishuu               4~3                   m
      "Destructive Kick"
    Migi Kakato Otoshi      f+4                   m
      "Right Heel Drop"
    Naraku Barai            f,N,d,DF+4,4,4        lll            If "just framed,"
      "Hell Sweeps"                                              no guard penalty
    Narakubarai Kakatogiri  N,4,4 during          mm
                              Naraku Barai
      "Hell Sweeps - Hell Slice"
    Narakubarai Raijinken   1 during Naraku Barai m
      "Hell Sweeps - Thunder Spirit Punch"
    Goushouha               1+2                   m
      "Strong Palm Blast"
    Goushou Reppa           b+1+2                 m
      "Strong Palm Violent Blast"
    Kageashi                b,b,N,3+4             x
      "Shadow Step"
    Onigawara               d+1+4                 !
      "Oni Tile"  An "oni" is an ogre-like, war-mongering beast whom translators
      often call a demon, because in Chinese the word means "a malicious ghost."
    Chouhatsu               1+3+4                 x
    Kannon Kudaki           wr2                   m
      "Destroying Avalokitesvara"  "Avalokitesvara" (or "Aavalokitesvara") is a
      deity of Buddhism, whose name's meaning is transcribed as "Kannon" in Japan.
      This Bodhisattva is the deity of Amitabha's compassion, who will one day 
      rebear the world after it is destroyed, and is commonly depicted as a woman
      in Japan and China because it is said that the Chinese noblewoman, Miao-
      Shan, was transformed into this Bodhisattva upon reaching Nirvana.
    Kakatogiri              wr4,4                 mm
      "Heel Slice"
    Onigeta                 downed foe: d+4       l
      "Oni Clog"  An "oni", again, is an ogre-like, warrior beast.  A "geta" is 
      an old, wooden clog used in Japan.  Heihachi wears them often.
    Mishimaryuu - Fuusatsujin no Kamae:
    NAME                   COMMAND             HIT AREA         NOTES
    Fuusatsujin -           1                     m
      "Sealing and Killing the Enemy Troops:  Grinding Into Powder with the Fist"
    Fuusatsujin -           1,1                   mm
      "Sealing and Killing the Enemy Troops:  Exploding Apart with the Fist"
    Fuusatsujin -           2                     !
      "Sealing and Killing the Enemy Troops:  Beheading Blast"
    -----------                    /
    df+3,2,2,4,4,1,4,1,2,4         mhhllmhhmm
    df+3,2,2,4,4,1,4,1,2,1         mhhllmhhmm
    df+3,2,2,4,4,1,2,1,2,1         mhhllmhmmm
    f,f,N,2,1,2,2,3,4,4,1,2,1      hhhhmmlhmm
    Name:  Mishima Jimpachi ("Mi"--"Three," "Shima"--"Islands,"
      "Jin"--"Benevolence," "Hachi"--"Eight.")
    Fighting Style:  Unknown
    Nationality:  None
    Age:  Unknown
    Official Namco Japanese story:
    Mishima Jimpachi is the person who spent his life laying the foundations
    of the Mishima Corporation.
    When Jimpachi, once praised as "The Strongest Fighter" among the martial
    arts competitors of the world, lost to his son, Mishima Heihachi, fifty
    years ago, he lost that title and was also driven out of the seat of the
    head of the Mishima Corporation.  Then, when Heihachi, with the Corporation
    in his command, started to get it into the defense trade, Jimpachi felt
    that it was necessary to thwart Heihachi's ambitions and planned a coup
    d'etat.  However, just before he enacted his plans, he was captured, and
    sealed away in an underground prison.
    He survived by sheer will alone for such a long time that his body would
    have completely rotten away.  Then, the instant his seal had been weakened
    by tremors, letting out a cry that could not be human, he usd all of his
    strength and broke free.
    Jimpachi had been resurrected by destroying the seal of so long.  With his
    body wrapped in a wicked aura, his eyes, with a wicked smile upon them,
    gleamed, piercing and red.
    Notes on Mishima Jimpachi:
    I kind of wish that there were a "normal" version and a "Devil" version
    of Jimpachi, but the one that we get is clearly the "Devil" version, or
    whatever they're going to call him.
    Jimpachi's grave is the one in Wang Juelei's (aka "Wang Jinrei") ending
    from Tekken 2.
    The "Jin" in Jimpachi is the same as Kazama Jin's; Jin was named after
    Jimpachi.  The "hachi" ("pachi") is actually the same as in Heihachi's,
    and also, read "ya," is the same character as in "Kazuya."  Supposedly, this
    is a reference to "Hachiman," a deity of war, who may originally have been
    a local hero who was revered in Shinto as "Yawata" or "Yahata."
    Some claim that the Mishimas are named after Mishima Yukio, an author who,
    as Japanese authors are oft wont to do, committed suicide.  He was a
    bit on the odd side, you might say, and seemed to delight in masochistic
    displays.  The best thing to him was to die in battle for the emperor--
    that was how many boys were raised in WWII-era Japan.  To him, being
    martyred for a cause clearly derived some sort of sexual thrill.
    All that aside, he did have an idea of being macho and sailing and such as
    being the best a man can be, and got heavily into body-building and leading
    a pack of younger disciples around.  I think that if there is a connection
    between the Mishimas and Mishima Yukio, it could be that he sort-of
    exemplifies this insane quest for manly perfection and to be strong and
    all that.
    Entrance:  Omae kokomade tadoritsuita na....  Wagana wa Mishima Jimpachi.
      Washi no...washi no mokuteki wa, subete no hakai!
      "So, you'vemade it this far, huh...?  My name is Mishima Jimpachi.  My...
      my goal...is the destruction of all things!"
    Victory:  Shine!
    Defeated:  Ko--Kore de...yokatta...no da...
      "It's--it's better...this way...."
    I don't believe that Jimpachi will be playable in the arcade....
    I've seen him do both the Fuujinken and Raijinken Kazuya, Heihachi, and Devil
    Jin have.  In addition, he has a huge, arching, overhead punch that hits the
    ground, a forward teleport, a back teleport followed by a fireball, a move
    where he charges his energy and releases two fireballs, a mid that is like
    a throw when it hits, a mid that gains a huge stun that seems unblockable and
    whose wind-up leaves him out of harm's way, and a strange-looking, rather quick
    low attack.
    Name:  Mishima Kazuya ("Mi"--"Three," "Shima"--"Islands,"--"Kazu"--"One,"
    Fighting Style:  Mishima-ryuu Kenka Karate ("Mishima-Style Fighting
    Nationality:  None
    Age:  49
    Official Namco Japanese story:
    Mishima Kazuya is a man who has inherited the Devil blood, being Mishima
    Heihachi's son.
    At the final bout of The King of Iron Fist Tournament 4, Kazuya lost to
    Mishima Heihachi, and again to Kazama Jin in the inner sanctum.
    When he finally regained consciousness, he was surrounded by a troop of
    "Damned G Corporation...do you mean to take me out with him?!"
    Kazuya was forced by fate to fight together with Heihachi, but finding a
    space in the enemy lines, he escaped the inner sanctum.
    Completing the transformation to Devil, he flew away, with the exploding
    inner sanctum behind him.
    Hating everything that had betrayed him, in order to reap vengeance, he
    entered The King of Iron Fist Tournament 5.
    Notes on Mishima Kazuya:
    Kazuya was thrown into a deep ravine by his father (Heihachi).  This is
    sometimes called "Lion's Education," and comes from an expression "shishi
    ga wagako wo chihiro no tani ni tsukiotosu," meaning "the lion threw the
    children into a deep ravine."  The idea is that then only the ones strong
    strong enough to survive are raised.  This is sort-of the "tough love" idea, 
    perhaps, only Heihachi seems to have taken it literally.  According to
    Tekken rumors, his mother, Kazumi, died giving birth to him, and that may
    be part of what made Heihachi do it.  This has been unconfirmed officially,
    Incidentally, his name comes from the "Kazu" in "Kazumi" and the "hachi"
    (pronounced "ya" here) in "Heihachi."  In Heihachi's stage in Tekken 2,
    etched into the floor, there is a design called an "aiaigasa" ("lovey-
    dovey umbrella").  This is where a lover draws the "kasa" ("umbrella")
    character, which is one of those kanji that look like what they depict,
    and replaces the parts under the umbrella (which normally look like people)
    with the his name and his lover's name--sort of like a pair carving a heart
    into a tree and putting their initials in it.  The names inside are
    "Heihachi" and "Kazumi" (which may also be pronounced "Hitomi" or "Ichimi,"
    but the Tekken fan sites I visit in Japan most often have claimed it to
    be "Kazumi").  "Hei"--"Flat; Calm," "Hachi"--"Eight," "Kazu"--"One," and
    Some claim that the Mishimas are named after Mishima Yukio, an author who,
    as Japanese authors are oft wont to do, committed suicide.  He was a
    bit on the odd side, you might say, and seemed to delight in masochistic
    displays.  The best thing to him was to die in battle for the emperor--
    that was how many boys were raised in WWII-era Japan.  To him, being
    martyred for a cause clearly derived some sort of sexual thrill.
    All that aside, he did have an idea of being macho and sailing and such as
    being the best a man can be, and got heavily into body-building and leading
    a pack of younger disciples around.  I think that if there is a connection
    between the Mishimas and Mishima Yukio, it could be that he sort-of
    exemplifies this insane quest for manly perfection and to be strong and
    all that.
    As for the "ya" or "hachi," some say that it alludes to Hachiman, a deity of 
    war.  There are some scholars who believe that "Hachiman" was originally a 
    Shinto deity "Yahata" or "Yawata," based upon an important, local hero who was 
    killed by the state and then revered later.  Then, they say that they performed
    an exorcism and officially adopted him a Buddhist deity and pronounced his name
    the "Chinese" way (which isn't really how they pronounce it in Chinese).
    Entrance:  Omae ka.
      "So, it's you, huh?"
    Entrance:  Kisama ka.
      "Oh.  It's you."  This is a pretty arrogant, rude way to say "you."
    Victory:  Kiero.
      "Get out of my sight."
    Victory:  Hanashi ni naran na.
      "Nothing special, hm?" or "Nothing to write home about...."
    Victory:  Koko de shine!
      "Now, die!"
    NAME                   COMMAND                              ESCAPE
    Tsumujigeri             1+3_f+1+3                             1
      "Whirlwind Kicks"
    Taiotoshi               2+4_f+2+4                             2
      "Body Drop"
    Zugai Kudaki            right side:  any throw                2
      "Skull Crusher"
    Shourou Otoshi          left side:  any throw                 1
      "Toppling the Belltower"
    Seotoshi                back:  any throw                    (None)
      "Back Drop"
    Chou Pachiki            f,F+1+2                              1+2
      "Super Headbutt"
    Ultimate Tackle         fc_d+1+2                              2
    Jigokumon*              fc df,d,DF+1+2                       1+2
      "Hell's Gate"
    Normal Moves:
    NAME                   COMMAND             HIT AREA         NOTES
    Roppu Kyoushuuken*      df+1,2                mm
      "Innards Wicked Attack Fists"
    Roppu Senretsukyaku*    df+1,4                mh
      "Innards Flashing, Violent Kick"
    Shishikiri Bouchou*     db+2                  m
      "Lion-Killing Knife"
    Onigiri Bouchou         f,F+2                 m
    Majin Renshin Ouda*     b+2,4,1               mhm
      "Demon Combination Tremor Beating"
    Kyousenkyaku*           df+3                  m
      "Chest Sharp Kick"
    Chihaikyaku*            db+3                  l
      "Ground Back Kick"
    Rekkakyaku*             u_uf+3                m             Jumping move.
      "Violent Flame Kick"
    Naraku Sempuu*          f,N,d,DF+4,1          lm
      "Hell Whirlwind"
    Kiriashi Naraku Sempuu* f,N,DF+4,1            lm
      "Mist Step Hell Whirlwind"
    Rasen Gansaishuu*       fc DF+3+4             s
      "Spiral Boulder-Smashing Kick"
    Senkou Rekken           1,1,2                 hhm
      "Flashing Violent Fists"
    One, Two Punch          1,2                   hh
    Kikoku Renken           1,2,2                 hhh
      "Weeping Oni Combination Punches"
      The idea is that these are strong enough to make an oni (ogre-like
      mythical Japanese creature) cry.
    Sou'ou Taikudaki        1,2>4                 hhl
      "Double Hit Leg Smasher"
    Roppu Kudaki            df+1                  m
      "Innards Smasher"
    Roppu Kyoumeiken        df+1,f+2              mm
      "Innards Wicked Crying Fists"
    Raijinken               f,N,d,DF+1            m
      "Thunder Spirit Punch"
      "Raijin" and "Fuujin" are gods of storms.
    Raijinken Chuudankyaku  f,N,d,DF+1,3          mm
      "Thunder Spirit Punch - Mid Kick"
    Raijinken Gedankyaku    f,N,d,DF+1,4          ml
      "Thunder Spirit Punch - Low Kick"
    Fuujinken               f,N,d,DF+2            h
      "Wind Spirit Punch"
      "Raijin" and "Fuujin" are gods of storms.
    Saisoku Fuujinken       f,N,d~DF+2            h              d~DF must be
      "Fasted Wind Spirit Punch" aka "electric" in the U.S.      very fast.
    Jinretsukyaku           f,N,d,DF+3            h
      "Quick Violent Kick"
    Narakubarai             f,N,DF+4,4            ll
      "Hell Sweeps"
    Kiriashi Raijinken      f,N,DF+1              m
      "Mist Step Thunder Spirit Punch"
    Kiriashi Raijinken      f,N,DF+1,3            mm
      "Mist Step Thunder Spirit Punch - Mid Kick"
    Kiriashi Raijinken      f,N,DF+1,4            ml
      "Mist Step Thunder Spirit Punch - Low Kick"
    Kiriashi Fuujinken      f,N,DF+2              h
      "Mist Step Wind Spirit Punch"
    Kiriashi Jinretsukyaku  f,N,DF+3              h
      "Mist Step Fast Violent Kick"
    Kiriashi Narakubarai    f,N,DF+4,4            ll
      "Mist Step Hell Sweeps"
    Zugai Otoshi            b+1                   m
      "Skull Drop"
    Uraken Nidan            2,2                   hh
      "Two Backfists"
    Shinchuuzuki            f+2                   m              Parries h 2's
      "Heart Piercing Straight"
    Rasen Uraken            b,B+2                 h
      "Spinning Backfist"
    Kiengeki                df+2                  m
      "Ominous Hatred Attack"
    Hidari Maegeri - Lead   3,1                   hh
      "Left Forward Kick - Lead Jab" ("to lead;" not "leadfoot")
    Hidari Kakato Otoshi    f,F+3                 m
      "Left Heel Drop"
    Kuuzankyaku             run_f,f,F+3           m              Jumping move.
      "Air-Cutting Kick"
    Majin Resshouken        b+3,1,4,1             hhlm
      "Demon Violent Burning Fists"
    Hasaishuu               4~3                   m
      "Crushing Kick"
    Migi Kakato Otoshi      f+4                   m
      "Right Heel Drop"
    Kakatogiri              f+4>4                 mm
      "Heel Cut"
    Senretsukyaku           b+4                   h
      "Flashing Violent Kick"
    Taikudaki               db+4                  l
      "Leg Crusher"
    Rasen Shuujinkyaku      u_uf+4,4              hl
      "Spiral Assaulting Blade Kick"
    Rasen Gemmakyaku        u_uf+4,4,4,4          hllm
      "Spiral Phantom Kick"
    Majin Senshouken        f+1+2                 m
      "Demon Flashing Burning Fist"
    Majin Senshoukyoumeiken f+1+2,f+2             mm
      "Demon Flashing Burning Wicked Crying Fist"
    Majin Metsuretsu        b+1+4                 !
      "Demonic Destruction"
    Shin Majin Metsuretsu   B+1+4                 !
      "True Demonic Destruction"
    Kiriashi                f,N                   x
      "Mist Step"
    Double Uppercut         wr1,2                 mm
    Majinken                wr2                   m
      "Demon Fist"
    Kakato Otoshi           wr4,4                 mm
      "Heel Drop"
    Kaizanken               ss1+2                 h
      "Corpse-Slicing Fist"
    Shingeki                downed foe: d+4       l
      "Tremor Attack"
    f,f,N,2,1,2,2,3,4,4,1,2,1      hhhhmmlhmm
    f,f,N,2,1,2,2,3,4,4,3,2,1      hhhhmmllm!
    f,f,N,2,1,4,4,2,4,3,2,1        hhmmlmlm!
    Name:  Mokujin ("Moku"--"Wood," "Jin"--"Man")
    Fighting Style:  Mokujinken ("Mokujin Fist")
    Nationality:  Unknown
    Age:  Unknown
    Official Namco Japanese story:
    Mokujin is a dummy said to be fashioned from a 2000-year-old kashi tree.
    Two years ago, Mokujin suddenly started moving, and at the same time as
    Ogre was defeated by Kazama Jin, his life ended.
    It is said that when he was returned to his museum, Mokujin's face looked
    like it was absent-mindedly smiling.
    And now, Mokujin, sensing another with great power, began to move again.
    Will the day come when Mokujin's service is ended...?
    Notes on Mokujin:
    A kashi is a Japanese tree, often called an "evergreen oak."
    Mokujin can take on the moves of all characters save Devil Jin or Jimpachi,
    or Heihachi, if he is in the game.  However, it is random which move set
    he is assigned.
    Name:  Christie Monteiro
    Fighting Style:  Capoeira
    Nationality:  Brazilian
    Age:  19
    Official Namco Japanese story:
    Christie Monteiro is the granddaughter of a legendary capoeira master.
    Her grandfather, having been imprisoned for a long time, has been released.
    However, when Christie came to the prison to visit her grandfather, what
    she saw was an old man who, compared to the old days, had withered, and
    looked like he was going to fall over at any time.
    She immediately took him to a hospital, and was given the diagnosis from
    the doctors that her grandfather was suffering from an incurable ailment,
    and if he was left alone, he might have about a half a year or so left.
    However, if she had the researches from the Mishima Corporation, she
    might be able to find a cure.
    And so, a few days later, Christie, hearing that The King of Iron Fist
    Tournament 5, which the Mishima Corporation was hosting, was going to
    again begin, decided to enter the tournament to save her grandfather.
    Notes on Christie Monteiro:
    I don't have much to say, actually.  People have complained that Eddy's
    not in the game, or that she's just a palette swap, but to them, I say
    that she's a lot better to look at than Eddy!  Until Tekken 4, the Tekken
    women looked all weird and ugly, but Christie changed that (except for
    her weird smile in the home version's intro movie).
    Entrance:  Go easy on me!
    Entrance:  Here we go!
    Name:  Eddy Gordo
    Fighting Style:  Capoeira
    Nationality:  Brazilian
    Age:  29
    Official Namco Japanese story:
    Eddy Gordo is a man who has the Legendary Capoeira Master for a teacher.
    His master, who was held in a prison for a long time, was finally given his
    However, what Eddy saw when he went to visit the master at the prison was an
    old man who, compared to the old days, had withered away and looked like he
    could fall over at any moment.
    He immediately took him to the hospital, and was given the diagnosis by the
    doctors there that the master had an incurable ailment and most likely had
    only about half a year left.  If he had the research power of the Mishima
    Corporation, however, he might be able to find a cure.
    And so, a few days later, Eddy, hearing about the start of The King of Iron
    Fist Tournament 5, hosted by the Mishima Corporation, decided to enter the
    tournament together with Christie to save his master.
    Notes on Eddy Gordo:
    Not too much to say....
    I have yet to hear them.
    MOVES LIST:  Note:  I, unfortunately, do not speak Portuguese (well, only
    -----------  a tiny bit)  So, these names will be all messed up.
    NAME                   COMMAND                              ESCAPE
    Primavera Throw         1+3_f+1+3                             1
      "Spring Throw" (the season)
    Berawon Throw?          2+4_f+2+4                             2
    Riasu Throw?            right side: any throw                 2
    Formosa Throw           left side: any throw                  1
    Besukosso Throw?        back: any throw                     (None)
    Viraaru?                hct+1+2                              1+2
    Estreira?               df+1+2                               1+2
    Adeus*                  fc foe: d+1+3_d+2+4                  1_2
    Normal Moves:
    NAME                   COMMAND             HIT AREA         NOTES
    Mao Esquerda?*          df+1                 m              ~F -> Handstand
    Combinaco Mao?*         df+1,1               mh
    Combinaco Ornal?*       3,4                  hm
    Benrin Prada Vuquao?*   f,F+3,B+3+4          mmx            -> Handstand
    Benrin Gelambago?*      b+3,3                mmx            -> Sit
    Acrobisia?*             u+3                  m
    Combinaco Unia -        1+2,3,D              hhmx           -> Sit
      Gaguanot - Sit?*
    Macaco Do Lado - Cancel 3+4,3                mx             -> Handstand
    Gevelsao?*              f+3+4                mm
    Atlas Baso?*            back 3+4             m
    One, Two Punch          1,2                  hh
    Left Jab - Gaguanot?    1,3                  hmx            -> Handstand
                                                                ~D -> Sit
    Combo Zilal?            1,2,4                hhx            can do all
                                                                moves from
                                                                "Siral"? after
    Combinaco Fracao?       f+2,1,4              hhm
    Cotoverada?             df+2                 m
    Escara Do Moao?         b+2                  m
    Troqua E Piao?          3~4                  ll             -> Sit
                                                                ~b -> Handstand
    Troqua E Piao - Vaia?   3~4,4                lll
    Esparda - Handstand?    f+3                  mx             -> Handstand
    Benrin Prada?           f,F+3                m              ~d -> Sit
                                                                ~b -> Handstand
    Gaguanot - Handstand?   df+3                 mx             -> Handstand
                                                                ~d -> Sit
    Relambago - Sit?        d_f,F+3~3            mx             -> Sit
    Agua                    d+3~4                l
    Hastira?                db+3                 l
    Hastira E Sibata?       db+3,3               lm
    Hastira - Latelao       db+3,N,3             lmx            -> Sit
      Troqua                                                    can do all moves
                                                                from "Latelao
    Hastira Vaia?#          db+3,4               ll             ~b -> Handstand
    Combinaco Vaia?         db+3,4,4             lll
    Hastira - Vaia -        db+3,4,1+2           llm            can do all moves
      Sabesadas?                                                from "Sabesadas"
    Benrin?                 b+3                  m
    Benrin - Feint Left     b+3,f                mm
    Armada Prada?           uf+3                 m              Jump move
                                                                ~d -> Sit
    Armada Prada Biliba?    uf+3,3               mm
    Armada Prada Low Stal?  uf+3,N,3             ml
    Armada Prada Baiz       uf+3,3+4             mlx            -> Sit
    Levelseo?               4~3                  m
    Levelseo - Latereo      4~3,3                mm             -> Sit
    Levelseo Ziratria?      4~3,4                mm
    Ao Batudo?              f+4                  m              -> Handstand
    Ao Batudo - Troqua Viao?f+4,3+4              mll            -> Sit
    Jiral?                  f,F+4,B_D            x
    Jiral Auto Stal?        f,F+4                hx             -> Sit
    Jiral Baixa Stal?       f,F+4,3              lx             -> Sit
    Xaba Baixa?             df+4                 l
    Sit Spin Kick           d+4~3                l
    Armada?#                b+4                  h
    Armada - Gastira?#      b+4,3                hl             can do all moves
                                                                after "Gastira"
    Armada - Macaco Embe?#  b+4,4                hmm            ~D -> Sit
    Combinaco Macacao Embe? b+4,4,3+4            hmmm
    Dequobaso?              db+4                 h              Can repeat ad
    Dequobaso - Combaco     db+4,b+3             hmx            -> Handstand
    Xaba Jiratoria?         u_uf+4               m              Jumping move
    Combinaco Unia?         1+2                  hh
    Unia - Biliba?#         1+2~3                hm
    Combinaco Unia -        1+2,N,3              hhmx           -> Handstand
    Handstand               f+1+@                x              -> Handstand
    Balceros?               db+1+2               m
    Lead Jab                b+1+2                h
    Vasuna?                 db+3+4               !              ~b,b -> Cancel
    Lua Pierna?             b+3+4                m
    Sui Siz?                ub_u_uf+3+4          m              Jumping move
                                                                ~d -> Sit
    Lupierna?               fc f+3 or qct+3      m
    Role?                   fc DB+4              m
    Sabesadas?              fc1+2                m
    Sabesadas Cancel?       fc1+2,1              x
    Feint Sabesadas?        fc1+2,1,2            xm
    Crouch - Handstand      fc df+1+2            x              -> Handstand
    Duplo?                  fc 3+4               m              ~b -> Handstand
                                                                ~d -> Sit
    Huziral - Herambago?#   wr1,3                hmx            -> Sit
    Zireita Pinta?          wr2                  m
    Lado Stal?              wr3                  m
    Quexarda?#              wr4                  m
    Aquatar Quexo?          ss2                  m
    Laterao Troqua?         ss3                  m              ~d -> Sit
                                                                ~b -> Handstand
    Laterao Troqua - Vucao? ss3,B+3+4            mmx            -> Sit
    Baixa Troqua?           ss4                  ll             ~b -> Handstand
    Trobao?                 ss4~3                h              ~b -> Handstand
    Baixa Low Stal?#        ss4,3                ll             ~b -> Handstand
    Faisqua?                ss3+4                hm
    Special Combinaco       ss3+4,3+4,3+4,uf+3+4 hmmmm          ~b -> Handstand
      Eutori?                                                   ~d -> Sit
    Vingativa?              ss1+4                l
    NAME                   COMMAND             HIT AREA         NOTES
    Quick Jab*              f+1                  h              can do all moves
                                                                from "Front Jab"
    Left Punch              1                    m
    Left Punch - Gastira?   1,3                  mlm            can do all moves
                                                                from "Gastira"
    Right Punch             2                    m
    Right Punch - Baixa     1,4                  mll            can do all moves
      Troqua?                                                   from "Baixa"
                                                                ~B -> Handstand
    Right Punch - Baixa     2,4,3                mll
    Terha Stal?             3                    l              -> Sit
    Troqua E Piao?          3~4                  ll             -> Sit
                                                                ~B -> handstand
    Latereo Troqua?         b+3                  mx             -> Sit
                                                                can do all moves
                                                                from "Latereo
    Giratanio?              u+3_4 or d+3_4       m              ~D -> Sit
    Barafozo?               4                    sh             -> Handstand
    Barafozo - Troqua E     4,3+4                shll           -> Sit
    Vucao?                  d+3+4                mx             -> Handstand
    Handstand Sidestep      u_d                  x
    Handstand - Low Stal?   u_d,3_4              l
    Crouch                  d                    x
    Forward Crouch          DF                   x
    Back Crouch             DB                   x
    NAME                   COMMAND             HIT AREA         NOTES
    Levanta Benrin Prada?*  1,f+3                mm             can do all moves
                                                                from Benrin
    Quick Spring Kick*      f+1+3                m
    Garuda Garuanto?@       1,3                  lmx            -> Handstand
                                                                Can do all moves
                                                                from Garuanto
    Garuda Armada?@         1,4                  lh             can do all moves
                                                                from Armada
    Levanta Ebierna?@       2,3                  mmx            -> Handstand
    Levanta Ao Batudo?@     2,4                  mm             can do all moves
                                                                from Ao Batudo
    Xao - Xiba Giratoria?@  3,4                  lm
    Troqua E Aquatar?       3~4                  m
    Mehostar Avaransi?@     4,3+4                mm             can do all moves
                                                                from Avaransi
    Turao?                  4~3                  llx            -> Handstand
    Turao - Troqua E Piao?  4~3,3+4              llllx          -> Sit
    Sabesadas?              B+1+2                m
    Avaransi?               3+4                  m              ~b -> Handstand
    Avaransi - Esparda?     3+4,3                mx             -> Handstand
    Spring Kick             B+3+4                m
    Forward Roll            f                    x
    Back Roll               b                    x
    Forward Side Step       d                    x
    Back Side Step          u                    x
    4~3,4,2,4,4,3+4,3+4,3+4,db+3+4,uf+3+4          mmmhhmmmlmmmm
    4~3,4,2,4,3                                    mmmhhl
    IIy.  Phoenix, Paul
    Name:  Paul Phoenix
    Fighting Style:  Martial Arts Techniques Based Upon Judo
    Nationality:  American
    Age:  48
    Official Namco Japanese story:
    Paul Phoenix is the self-proclaimed greatest, hottest-blooded fighter in the
    "This time, I'll win--I'll show you!"
    Entering The King of Iron Fist Tournament 4 with that thought, his heart jumped
    at the appearance of Mishima Kazuya, the rival he hadn't fought since the time
    twenty years before.
    However, once again, Kuma stood before Paul.
    "A bear again?!"
    Paul started the match looking like he would win, but Kuma burned with a
    miraculous toughness, and landed a reversal.
    At that moment, Kuma's pride was all puffed up with victory.
    "Seems I've lost something important to fighters....  I've got to start all
    over from the beginning."
    Two months later, Paul stood on the stage of The King of Iron Fist Tournament
    "This time, I'll win, and I'll prove that I'm the greatest fighter in the
    Notes on Paul Phoenix:
    Too bad both outfits have that hair....
    Entrance:  Osu!
      "Osu!"  This is both a greeting between sparring fighters and sort-of a
      grunt when you throw your power into something.
    Victory:  Osu!  (see above)
    Victory:  No pain, no gain!
    NAME                   COMMAND                              ESCAPE
    Hidari Ipponzeoi Nage   1+3_f+1+3                             1
      "Left One-Arm Back-Bearing Throw"  This is a judo and sumo move.
    Udetori Gyakujuuji      1+4_f+2+4                             2
      "Arm-Grappling Reverse Cross"
    Gajoushou               2+4,B                                 2
      "Self-Purifying Palm"
    Oosotogari              right side: any throw                 2
      "Great Outer Cut"
    Udegaeshi               left side: any throw                  1
      "Arm Pushing-Pulling"
    Bisha Otoshi            back: 1+3                           (None)
      "Vaisravana Drop"  "Bishamon" to the Japanese, this is one of the Heavenly
      Kings, and to the Japanese, a deity of good fortune and wealth.
    Seotoshi                back: 2+4                           (None)
      "Back Drop"
    Ura'ate                 f,F+1+2                              1+2
      "Back Strike"
    Fuuga                   df+1+2                               1+2
      "Wind Fang"  I believe that this may be eluding to the word "fuuga" with
      slightly different kanji that means "elegance," especially that of a poem.
    Tomoenage               B+1+4                                 1
      "Tomoe Throw"  Tomoe is a certain kind of pattern that is often called
      "comma" pattern, focused on swirls and the like.  This is a judo throw.
    Ultimate Tackle         db+1+2                                2
    Yamikumojime            D+2,1,1, then 4,1,1+2                 2
      "Random Stabs - Strangle"  "Yumikumo," which means something like "taking a
      blind stab at it," is the name of the mounted punches everyone except for
      Yoshimitsu or Craig Marduk can do.
    Udehiji Juujigatame     during Yamikumo, 1+2                1+2,2,2,2,2
      "Arm-Breaking Cross Clutch"
    Kaeshiwaza              b+1+3_b+2+4                         f+1+3_f+2+4
    Normal Moves:
    NAME                   COMMAND             HIT AREA         NOTES
    Body - Sway*            df+1,b               mx             -> Ukikusa
    Tuzumiuchi*             b+2                  m
      "Beating the Drum"
    Kannuki Basami*         b+3                  m
      "Bolt Clipping"  This "bolt" is the bar that you use to lock a door.
    Tekki*                  fc DF+1+3 or qct+1+3 l              ~d -> cancel
      "Iron Knight"
    One, Two Punch          1,2                  hh
    Gyaku PDK Combo         1,4                  hl
      "Reverse Punch Down Kick Combo"
    Kawara Wari             d+1                  m
      "Tile Splitter"
    Kawara Wari Ponken      d+1>2                mm
      "Tile Splitter Destruction Punch"
    Kawara Wari Rakuyou     d+1,4,2              mlm
      "Tile Splitter Falling Leaf"
    Ura Hayate              qct+1                h
      "Reverse Gale"
    Sakehayate              b,f+1                h
      "Evasive Gale"
    Punch Kick Combo        2,3                  hh
    Punch Down Kick Combo   2,d+3                hl
    Quick Punch Kick Combo  f+2,3                hh
    Quick Punch Down Kick   4+2,d+3              hl
    Hayate                  f,F+2                m
    Hayate Hougeki          f,F+2,1              mh
      "Gale Destructive Assault"
    Bansei Ryuuhouken       f,F+2:1              mh
      "All Saints Dragon Cannon Punch"
    Hayate Tekki            f,F+2>2              ml             ~b -> cancel
      "Gale Iron Knight"
    Ponken                  qct+2                m
      "Destruction Punch"  This is a real move in certain Chinese martial arts,
      such as Baji Quan, but I've always seen it where the person thrusts both
      arms outwards, one in front, in behind, like "splitting fists" or something.
      In Mandarin, it's pronounced "Beng Quan."
    Sampouryuu - Joudan     f,F+3,4>4            mmh
      "Three Treasures Dragon - High"  The Three Treasures both represent the three
      imperial treasures of Japan and the three treasures of Buddhism, the Buddha,
      the law, and the priesthood.
    Sampouryuu - Chudan     f,F+3,4,df+4         mmm
      "Three Treasures Dragon - Mid"  (see above)
    Sampouryuu - Gedan      f,F+3,4,d+4          mml
      "Three Treasures Dragon - Low"  (see above)
    Sweep Kick              db+3                 l
    Souhitenkyaku           u_uf+3,4             mm             Jumping move.
      "Twin Flying Kicks"
    Abisegeri               f,F+4                m              Jumping move.
      "Raining Kick" or "Bombarding Kick"
    Mizoochi                df+4                 m
      "Solar Plexus"
    Rakuyou                 d+4,2                lm
      "Falling Leaf"  Usually "ochiba."
    Ryuuou Hekirekishou     d+4:2:1_1+2          lmm
      "Dragon King Thunderclap Palm"
    Masakari Uchi           f+1+2                m
      "Axe Strike"
    Tetsuzankou             d+1+2                m
      "Iron Mountain Back Strike"  "Kou" literally means "leaning against."
    Bansei Ryuuouken        b+1+2                !
      "All Saints Dragon King Punch"
    Fugaku                  f+1+4                m
      "Mt. Fuji"
    Somersault No Good      D (1 second),u+1+3+4 m
    Ukikusa                 qcb                  x              -> Ukikusa
      "Floating Weeds"
    Hazakura                fc DF+2              m
      "Cherry Blossom"
    Hazakura Ponken         fc DF+2>1            mm
      "Cherry Blossom Destruction Punch"
    Hazakura Tekki          fc DF+2>2            ml             ~b -> cancel
      "Cherry Blossom Iron Knight"
    Shingetsu               wr2                  m
      "Trembling Moon"
    Tsumuji Hayate          ss1                  h
      "Whirlwind Gale"
    Shiranui                ss3                  l
      "Shiranui"  The shiranui (lit. "Unknown Flames") are mysterious seafire
      said to be visible on the night of the lunar eclipse in the Gulf of Ariake
      and the Yashiro Sea in Kyushu visible from Mt. Yoshino.
    Ganseki Wari            downed foe: d+2      l
      "Boulder Splitter"
    NAME                   COMMAND             HIT AREA         NOTES
    Hyoushitsu              2                    m
      "Whirlwind Gale"
    Hyouga                  1                    m
      "Whirlwind Tile"
    Nigetsumuji             3                    l
      "Fleeing Whirlwind"
    Tsumujizakura           3>2                  lm
      "Whirlwind Cherry Blossom"
    Sen'ou Hougeki          3>2>1                lmm
      "Whirlwind Cherry Blossom Destruction Assault"
    Sen'ou Tekki            3>2>2                lml            ~b -> cancel
      "Whirlwind Cherry Blossim Iron Knight"
    1,2,3,2,1,2,1,4,2,1            hhmhmhhlmm
    1,2,3,1,4,2,1,4,2,1            hhmmlmhmlm
    1,2,3,1,2                      hhmmm
    IIz.  RAVEN
    Name:  Raven
    Fighting Style:  Ninjutsu
    Nationality:  Unknown
    Age:  Unknown
    Official Namco Japanese story:
    This is the rumored, most superior, cold-hearted agent, working to gather
    international intelligence, codenamed "Raven."
    Besides the X-shaped scar on his face, everything in his profile--age,
    nationality, etc.--is all unknown.  While undertaking surveillance of the
    goings-on between the Mishima Corporation and the new company, the G
    Corporation, he spies Heihachi surrounded by a team of "Jacks" blowing
    themselves up.
    After that, he heard from someone about the start of The King of Iron Fist
    Tournament.  Believing that he must search out the truth hidden deep within
    it, he infiltrates the tournament.
    Notes on Raven:
    None, really.
    Entrance:  I cannot allow you to interfere.
    Victory:  Resuming mission....
    Victory:  Rin-Byou-Tou-Sha-Kai-Jin-Retsu-Zai-Zen!
      This is a mantra they make ninja say commonly.  The Japanese took their writ-
      ing system China, and originally would compose pseudo-Chinese sentences and 
      mark them so that someone could read them in their native Japanese, since 
      their grammars vary greatly.  When written as a Japanese sentence, it is read 
      "Hei no tatakai ni nozomu mono ha kaijinretsu no ni are."  It means something 
      like "When facing a battle against enemy troops, let it be as though all 
      enemy lines have been dispersed already."  It is said that this phrase was 
      etched onto a famous sword used by Hijikata Toshizo of the Shinsengumi at the
      start of the Meiji Era.  Though he was not a ninja, somehow it has always 
      been used for ninja characters.  It may have appeared in the Banzenshuukai or
      something, though I don't think so....
      If you don't know who Hijikata or the Shinsengumi were, nor do you know what 
      the Banzenshuukai is, you should probably try and research them sometime.  I 
      could literally write books about them, and don't want to make this FAQ any 
      longer than it already is.
    NAME                   COMMAND                              ESCAPE
    Grave Digger            1+3_f+1+3                             1
    Salamander              2+4_f+2+4                             2
      A great serpent that can breathe fire.
    Dikastis                right side: any throw                 2
      The Greek God of Judgement.
    Durahan Throw           left side: any throw                  1
      A "Durahan" is a Scottish monster of ill omen that means death is coming,
      who bears his head under his arm and leads a headless horse.
    Dark Matter             back: any throw                     (None)
    Ultimate Tackle         d_fc+1+2                              2
    Curse Shoot?            DF+1+4                                1
    Vampire Touch           hcb,F+1+2                            1+2
    Back Beard?             back turned f+1+2                   Reverses h,m
    Back Beard?             back turned f+1+2,b                 Reverses h,m
    Normal Moves:
    NAME                   COMMAND             HIT AREA         NOTES
    One, Two Punch          1,2                  hh
    Gate Keeper             f+1,2                hm
    Dagger Blow             df+1                 m
    Smash Hammer            b+1                  h
    Punch Kick Combo        2,4                  hh
    Punch Down Kick Combo   2,3                  hl
    Throat Stab             f+2                  m
    Short Uppercut          df+2                 m
    Dikastis?               DF+2,3               mh
      The Greek God of Judgement?
    Assassin Sting Elbow    db+2,1               mh
    Assassin Sting          DB+2                 m
    Unicorn Tail            b+2,2,3              hmm
    Missing Ring            b+2,2,1+2            hml
    War Hound               b,B+2                ml
    Vakyrie Lance Combo     3,3,4                hhh
    Chariot                 4~3                  mm
    Hydra Bind - High       4~3,3                mmh
    Hydra Bind - Mid        4~3,4                mmm
    Gargoyle Claw           4~3,1                mml
    Reflect Mirror          f+3                  h
    Metal Boots             df+3                 h
    Low Kick                d+3                  l
    Hardeath? Heel          b+3                  m
    Flying Corpse           f,F+3                m
    Poison Needle           f,f,N,3              m
    Scythe Heel             uf+3                 m              Jumping move.
    Death Bringer - Mid     ub_u+3,3             mm
    Death Bringer - Low     ub_u+3,d+3           ml
    Sprigan Mid             ss3                  m
    Lance Kick              f+4                  m
    Gillotine Cracker       df+4,4               mm
    Basilisk Fang           d+4                  l
    Harken Kick?            db+4                 l
    Skull Crush             b+4,4                mm             -> back turned
    Skull Crush - Fake      b+4,b+4              mm
    Skull Crush - Fake Low  b+4,b+4,3            mml
    Window Spin Kick        f,F+4                h
    Vamp Knee               f,f,N,4              m              Jumping move.
    Storm Bringer           ub_u_uf+4,4          mm             Jumping move.
    Crusader                1+2                  m
    Blind Vampire           df+1+2               !
    Sommon Force            d+1+2                x
    Dead End                d+1+2,360+1+2        x!
    Slide Hammer            b+1+2,2              mm
    Slide Fencer            b+1+2,3              ml
    Sleipnir                3+4                  m
      This is the horse ridden by Odin, the Norse god.
    Blind Ghost             df+3+4               m
    Berzerker Rave          f+3+4,4,2            mlm
    Berzerker Rave - Heavy  f+3+4,f+4,2          mlm
    Berzerker Spin          f+3+4,3+4            mm
    Labyrinth               b+3+4                x              -> back turned
    Sprint Mirage           qct                  x              -> Sprint Mirage
    Body Slash              wr1                  m
    Jack Knife Elbow        wr2                  m
    Trident Kick            wr3                  m
    Main Gauche             wr4                  m
      This is a type of edged polearm weapon.
    Spinning Mid            wr f+4               m
    Demon Knee              back turned f+3      m
    Knuckle Axe             back turned 1        h
    Life Stall              back turned f+1      m
    Back Knuckle            back turned 2        h
    Gold Massacre           back turned f+2,4    mm
    Back Knuckle - Double   back turned 2,2      hm
    Demon Knee              back turned f+3      m
    Gremlins                back turned f,F+3    m
    Reverse Harken?         back turned d+3      l
    Trick Kick              back turned f+4,3    lh
    Black Crusader          back turned 1+2      m
    Gremlins Cannon         back turned 3+4      mm
    Bat Roll                back turned f+3+4    m
    Labrynth                back turned b+3+4    x
    Phantom Roll            back turned f,f,F    x
    Sprint Mirage:
    NAME                   COMMAND             HIT AREA         NOTES
    Mortal Elbow            1                    m
    Blody Buzzsaw           2                    l
    Wheel Edge              4                    m              -> back turned
    Cereberus               1+2                  mm
    Tornado Disaster        3+4                  l
    f+1,2,2,2,4,2,3,4,2,1+2                  hmmhhmmlm!
    back turned 2,2,1,2,4,2,3,4,2,1+2        hmmhhmmlm!
    IIaa. ROGER, JR.
    Name:  Roger, Jr.
    Fighting Style:  Command Wrestling
    Nationality:  None
    Age:  ?
    Official Namco Japanese story:
    Roger, Jr., is the second generation of cyber-engineered combat kangaroos.
    The fruits of the research of the Mishima Corporation's Biotechnology
    Laboratories under Mishima Kazuya's command bore the first Roger.
    After Roger (the dad) took part in The King of Iron Fist Tournament 2, he
    lived a peaceful life happily with his mate and their then-expected Roger,
    One day, however, Roger (the dad), suddenly was led away by someone, leaving
    his mate behind.
    And then, just as if it had been planned, The King of Iron Fist Tournament 5
    To find his dad's whereabouts and what had happend to him, Roger Jr. decided
    to enter the tournament, in his mom's pouch.
    Notes on Roger, Jr.:
    They neglected something, didn't they?  What's the mother's name?  I mean,
    she's really the one that you're controlling....
    Just a bunch of dolphin-like noises and stuff.
    MOVES LIST:  Obviously, the *'s are for moves that would be new to Roger's
    -----------  moves list from Tekken Tag Tournament.
    NAME                   COMMAND                              ESCAPE
    Ashibachiki*            1+3_f+1+3                             1
      "Feet Head Beating"
    Tasmanian Gatling*      2+4_f+2+4                             2
    Animal Rolling Arm Whip right side: any throw                 2
    Animal Face Crusher     left side: any throw                  1
    Seotoshi                back: any throw                     (None)
      "Back Drop"
    Giant Swing             f,hct+1                               1
    Jaguar Driver           qct+1                                 1
    Tombstone Piledriver    db,F+1+2                              2
    DDT                     db,db+1+2                            1+2
    Animal Beat*            df+3+4                              Must hit properly
    Normal Moves:
    NAME                   COMMAND             HIT AREA         NOTES
    One, Two Prima Combo*   1,2,3                hhh
    Elbow Binta*            df+1>2               mm
      "Elbow Slap"
    Dynamic Smash*          f,F+2                m
    Animal Binta*           df+2                 m
      "Animal Slap"
    Diving Low Punch*       d+2                  l
    Long De Heel?*          3~4                  mm
      I believe they are trying to say something in French, perhaps....
    Promenade*              f+3                  m
    Kurukuru Kick*          ub_u_uf+3,3          mh             Jumping move.
      "Round and Round Kick"
    Aeris Rock*             f+4,3,2              mmm
      This is a huge rock, arguably the largest in the world, found in Australia.
    Fin Kick*               df+4                 m
    Snapshot*               b+4                  l
    Rolling Torpedo*        b,B+4                m
    Kangaroo Attack*        db+1+2               m
    Rocket Stance*          b+1+2                x              -> Rocket Stance
    Spinning Smash*         d+3+4,2 or fc DF+4,  lm
    Double Spin - Castanet* 1+2,3+4              hhm
    Double Spin - Animal    1+2,u+3+4            hhl
    Castanet Kick*          3+4                  m
    Kangaroo Stomp*         ub_u_uf+3+4          m              Jumping move.
    Spring Stomp*           wr3,3                mh
    Charge Stomp*           wr3,(3)              mm
    Shrimp Kick*            back turned 3+4      m
    One, Two Punch          1,2                  hh
    One, Two, Uppercut      1,2,1                hhm
    Animal Rush & Kurukuru  f+1,2,1,2,1          hhhhm
      "Animal Rush & Round and Round Punch"
    Kurukuru Punch          f,N,1                h
      "Round and Round Punch"
    Animal Uppercut         f,N,d,DF+1           m
    Left Straight - Right   fc_d+1,N,2           sm
    Right Straight - Left   2,1                  hm
    Tail Cutter             db+3                 l
    Jail Kick               f,F+4                m
    Animal Kick Rush        db+4,3,4,3,4         mmmmm          hits 1-3: ~ub ->
                                                                Rolling Animal
                                                                hit 3 or 5: ~b ->
    Rising Toe Kick         ub_u_uf+4            m              Jumping move.
    Animal Megaton Punch#   f+1+2                m
    Flying Cross Chop       f,F+1+2              h              Jumping move
    Animal Smash            fc 1+2               m
    Animal Head Butt        df+1+2               m
    Knuckle Bomb            uf+1+2               m              Jumping move.
    Alley Kicks             d+3+4,4,4 or         lll
                            fc DF+4,4,4
    Alley Kicks (counter)   d+3+4,4,4,4,4 or     lllll          Upon counter hit
                            fc DF+4,4,4,4,4
    Drop Kick#              f+3+4                m              Jumping move.
    Drop Kick & Animal      f+3+4,3,4,3,4        mmmmm
      Kick Rush
    Satellite Drop Kick     run_f,f,F+3+4        m              Jumping move.
    Frankensteiner          df+3+4               s              If hits properly,
                                                                -> Animal Beat
    Animal Drop Kick        b+3+4                m              Jumping move.
    Animal Gigaton Punch#   b+1+4                !
    Elbow Drop              ub_u_uf+2+4          m              Jumping move.
    Dynamite Uppercut       fc DF+2              m
    Toe Smash               wr4                  m
    Animal Sweep            ss4                  l
    Rocket Stance:
    NAME                   COMMAND             HIT AREA         NOTES
    Road Runner*            f                    m
    Flying Uppercut*        1                    m
    Flying Low Kick*        3                    l
    Flying Mid Kick*        4                    m
    Flying Hip Attack*      3+4                  m
    1,2,1,4,3,3,3,4,3,2            hhmhmhlmmm
    1,2,1,4,3,3,3,3+4,2,1+2        hhmhmhmmm!
    Name:  Wang Juelei ("Wang"--"King," "Jue"--"Elm," "Lei"--"Thunder")
    Fighting Style:  Xin Yi Liu He Quan
    Nationality:  Chinese
    Age:  105
    Official Namco Japanese story:
    Wang Juelei is the Chinese authority, who still will not wither away.
    In his youth, Wang had a close foreign friend who he would drink with.  That
    friend was named Mishima Jimpachi.
    When the world first showed signs of war, he left Jimpachi's side, leaving
    him these words:  "I must destroy the Mishima family for the sake of the
    world's peace."
    ....  After that, the world became wrapped in the great fires of war, and
    told Wang that Jimpachi had died.
    Thity years or so later, along with the announcement of The King of Iron Fist
    Tournament 5, came a message saying "Your power is needed.  Come to meet me,
    Juelei."  The author...was Jimpachi!
    "There's no way!  Could Jimpachi be alive?!"
    With a letter from an old friend he was sure had died, Wang would appear in
    the tournament to see if it was true or not.
    Notes on Wang:
    Wow, he's the oldest fighter I've ever seen, save ridiculous, inhuman monster-
    types.  105??  You've got to be kidding me.  That's awesome.
    In Wang's Tekken 2 ending, the grave he offers wine to and toasts to is Jim-
    In his 2P outfit, his name is written on his back in old-style hanzi (Chinese
    Wang is Ling Xiaoyu's master.  That's why he asks her if dinner's ready or not.
    BTW, it's nice to hear that Chinese characters in a Japanese game speak Chinese
    instead of Japanese, for once....
    Victory (4):  Xiao-yu a...?  Fan, hai mei hao ma...?
      "Xiaoyu...?  Isn't the food done yet...?"
    MOVES LIST: (" ")--Mandarin name, where applicable)
    NAME                   COMMAND                              ESCAPE
    Kubinage                1+3_f+1+3                             1
      "Neck Throw"  A common sumo/judo/wrestling move.
    Kirikomi Taoshi         2+4_f+2+4                             2
      "Cutting Close Drop"
    Tetsuzankou             right side: any throw                 2
      "Iron Mountain Back Strike" ("kou"--literally "to lean against")
    Tatsumaki Taoshi        left side: any throw                  1
      "Whirlwind Topple"
    Seotoshi                back: any throw                     (None)
      "Back Drop"
    Tatsumaki Nage          df+1+3+4                            Must hit properly
      "Whirlwind Throw"
    Zangetsu                df,DF+2+4                            1+2
      "Waning Moon" ("Can Yue")
    Kaeshiwaza              b+1+3_b+2+4                         f+1+3_f+2+4
      "Attack Reversal"
    Normal Moves:
    NAME                   COMMAND             HIT AREA         NOTES
    Rengeki Shoutai*        1,4                  hh
      "Combination Attack Heavy Kick" ("Lian Ji Chong Tui")
    Shouriki*               b+1                  x              -> Xiao Li
      "Erasing Power" ("Xiao Li")                               only when parries
                                                                highs or mids
    Renken Shoutai*         2,3                  hm
      "Combination Punch Heavy Kick" ("Lian Quan Chong Tui")
    Ja Hassou*              f,F+2                m
      "Snake Splash Grass"? ("She Bo Cao")
    Yousou Tenshi*          d+2,1+2              mm
      "Hawk Twin Expanding Wings" ("Ying Shuang Zhan Chi")
    Datotsu Renken*         b+2,1                mh
      "Striking Thrusting Combination Punches" ("Da Tu Lian Quan")
    Tessa Seioukyaku*       d+3,4                lh
      "Stumbling Hairpin Well Duck Kick" ("Die Chai Jing Yang Cu") The word "kyaku"
      does not exist in Chinese.
    Teishin Kousoutai*      db+3                 l
      "Low Body Back Sweeping Kick" ("Die Chai Hou Sao Tui")
    Seioukyaku*             f,F+4                h
      "Well Duck Kick" ("Jing Yang Cu")
    Hishin Shoutai*         b+4                  m
      "Evasive Body Heavy Kick" ("Bi Shen Chong Tui")
    Enshukyaku*             ub_u_uf+4            m              Jumping move.
      "Monkey Paw Kick" ("Yuan Shou Cu") The word "kyaku" doesn't exist in Chinese.
    Souha*                  f+1+2                m
      "Double Bundle" ("Shuang Ba")
    Saikeitai*              d+1+2                m
      "Patterened Silk Chicken Kick" ("Cai Lu Tui")
    Jakei Senken*           db+1+2               m
      "Snake's Form Piercing Fist" ("She Xing Chuan Quan")
    Youshi Koushoutou*      b+1+2                m              parries h,m's
      "Sparrow Hawk's Chick Attacking Palm Lantern" ("Yao Zi Gong Zhang Deng")
    Resshinkyaku*           d+3+4                l
      "Violent Tremor Kick" ("Lie Zhen Cu") The word "kyaku" does not exist in
    Kousou Rakushuukyaku*   fc df+4,3            lm
      "Back-Sweeping Falling Attack Kick" ("Hou Sao Luo Xi Cu") The word "kyaku"
      does not exist in Chinese.
    Geimon Shihasui*        wr2,2,2              mml
      "Facing the Gate Four Bundling Pierces" ("Ying Men Si Ba Zhuang")
    Tsuutenhou              1~1,1                hmm
      "Heaven-Piercing Cannon" ("Tong Tian Pao")
    Tsuuten Tanhou#         df+1,1               mm
      "Short Heaven-Piercing Cannon" ("Tong Tian Duan Pao")
    Haimentori              2,b                  h
      "Taking the Back"
    Migishou Teida          f+2                  m
      "Right Palm Low Strike" ("You Zhang Di Da")
    Housui                  df+2                 m
      "Destructive Thrust" ("Beng Chuan")
    Daiten Housui           df+2,1               m              Only if df+2 hits
      "Great Wrapping Destructive Thrust" ("Da Chan Beng Chuan")
    Ponken                  qct+2                m
      "Destruction Punch" ("Beng Quan")
    Chouryou                db+2                 m
      "Taunting Head" ("Tiao Ling")
    Slash Kick              run_f,f,F+3          m              Jumping move.
    Shoutai                 df+3                 m
      "Heavy Kick" ("Chong Tui")
    Jinkyaku Zensou Juujiha 4,4,1                hlm
      "Quick Kick, Forward Sweep, Cross Thrust" ("Xun Cu Qian Sao Shi Zi Ba")
      The word "kyaku" doesn't exist in Chinese.
    Jinkyaku Zensou Rentai  4,4,4                hlh
      "Quick Kick, Forward Sweep, Combination Kick" ("Xun Cu Qian Sao Lian Tui")
      The word "kyaku" doesn't exist in Chinese.
    Jinkaku Zensou Sentai   4,4,d+4              hll
      "Quick Kick, Forward Sweeping Fan Kick" ("Xun Cu Qian Sao Shan Tui")
    Soutenhou               f+4                  m
      "Blue Sky Cannon" ("Cao Tian Pao")
    Zensou Juujiha          d+4,1                lm
      "Forward Sweep, Cross Thrust" ("Qian Sao Shi Zi Ba")
    Zensou Rentai           d+4,4                lh
      "Forward Sweep, Combination Kick" ("Qian Sao Lian Tui")
    Zensou Sentai           d+4,D+4              ll
      "Forward Sweep, Fan Kick" ("Qian Sao Shan Tui")
    Kosanzan - Chouryou     db+4,2               lm
      "Crouching Tiger Mountain - Taunting Head" ("Hu Dun Shan - Tiao Ling")
    Youshi Saiken           1+2                  m
      "Crane's Chick Punishment Shoulder" ("Hao Zi Cai Jian")
    Awasezuki               df+1+2               m
      "Meeting Thrust"
    Seiranken#              b,B+1+2              !
      "Blue Mountain Storm Punch" ("Qing Lan Quan")
    Resshintou              uf+3+4               m
      "Violent Tremor Jump" ("Lie Zhen Ta")
    Zesshou Tsuutenhou#     f+1+4                !              ~b -> cancel
      "Death-Summoning Heaven-Piercing Cannon" ("Jue Zhao Tong Tian Pao")
    Zansui                  wr2                  m
      "Cutting Thrust" ("Zhan Zhu")
    Soukuuhou               wr4                  m
      "Blue Sky Cannon" ("Cao Tian Pao")
    Soutai                  ss4                  l
      "Sweep Kick" ("Sao Tui")
    Noma Chinsou            ss1+2                m
      "Wild Horse Inviting Vat" ("Ye Ma Quang Cao")
    Xiao Li:
    NAME                   COMMAND             HIT AREA         NOTES
    Enshi Myousui*           1                   l
      "Sparrow Chick Strange Waters" ("Yan Zi Miao Shui")
    Dairyuukei*              2                   m
      "Great Dragon Form" ("Da Long Xing")
    Enseiryuu*               3                   m
      "Round Blue Dragon" ("Yuan Qing Long")
    Gasoutai*                4                   l
      "Fang Sweeping Kick" ("Ya Sao Tui")
    2,1,1,4,4,4,1,1+2,3,4,2        hmmhlmmlhm
    2,1,1,4,4,1,2,1,4,2            hmmhlmmmlm
    Name:  Anna Williams
    Fighting Style:  Assassin Hand-To-Hand Combat Techniques
    Nationality:  Irish
    Age:  22
    Official Namco Japanese story:
    Anna Williams has seen her sibling rivalry with Nina Williams in the past get
    bigger and bigger.
    A number of years ago, after her sister vanished, Anna spent many days with an
    empty feeling, but one phone call changed all that.  It was from her missing
    sister, Nina.
    A few days later, the two met for the first time in years, but when Nina saw
    Anna's face, without a moment's hesitation, she drew her pistol and fired.
    Anna retaliated immediately, and a for a few days after that the two had a
    huge gunfight.
    However, with neither one able to land the finishing blow, it seemed they would
    finally finish it off in The King of Iron Fist Tournament 5.
    "That damned woman!  This time--this time for sure--I'll kill her!!"
    Notes on Anna:
    Entrance:  I don't have time to play games with you.
    Entrance:  Come here, I wanna talk to you real close.
    NAME                   COMMAND                              ESCAPE
    Udegatame Emmagoroshi*  1+3_f+1+3                             1
      "Arm-Locking Yama-raja Killer"  Yama-raja ("Emma" to the Japanese) is the
      guardian of the world of the dead, who rewards the good and punishes the
    Yashagaeshi*            2+4_f+2+4                             2
      "Yaksha Twist"  A yaksha (also spelled "yaksa") is a deity from India, of
      course brought to Japan by Buddhism, who is said to guard the heavens and
      their treasures here on earth.
    Kubigari Otoshi         right side: any throw                 2
    Hasami Hijiuchi         left side: any throw                  1
      "Clipping Elbow Strike"
    Tobitsuki Zempou Kaiten back: any throw                     (None)
      "Jumping Forward Rolling Reverse Triangle Clutch"
    Kakaekomi Hijiuchi      df,DF+1                              1+2
      "Grappling Elbow Strike"
    Kubikari Nagi           uf+1+2                               1+2
      "Neck-Cutting Throw"
    Jou, Chuudan Kaeshiwaza b+1+3_b+2+4                         f+1+3_f+2+4
      "High, Mid Reversal"
    Submission Special (grappling arts)
    NAME                   COMMAND                              ESCAPE
    Shouaku                 qct+1+2                               2
    Kubikari Juujigatame     ^ 3,4,3,1+2                         1+2
      "Neck-Cutting Cross Clutch"
    Tachi Gyakuwakigatame    ^ 1,3,2,1                            1
      "Standing Reverse Side Clutch"
    Urakannuki Takahajime    ^ ^ 3,1,4,1+2,1+2                    2
      "Reverse Bar Hawk's Wing Grapple"
    Sute Gyakuwakigatame     ^ ^ 2,1,3,4,1+2                      1
      "Tossing Back Side Clutch"
    Kannuki Nage             ^ ^ 2,3,1+2,3+4,1+2                 1+2
      "Bar Throw"
    Udehishigi Tachi Juuji   ^ 1+3,4,1+2                          2
      "Arm-Crushing Standing Cross Clutch"
    Zempou Kaiten Udegarami  ^ ^ 4,3,4,3+4,1+2                    2
      "Forward Rolling Arm Wrap"
    Udehishigi Urajuujigatame^ ^ 1+2,4,3,1+2,1+2,1+2              1
      "Arm-Crushing Reverse Cross Clutch"
    Normal Moves:
    NAME                   COMMAND             HIT AREA         NOTES
    One, Two, Three &       1,2,1,4              hhhh           Can be started back
      Frost Needle*                                             turned
    Uppercut, Straight &    wr1_df+1,2,3         mhm
      Somersault Shoot*
    Uppercut, Straight &    wr1_df+1,2,4         mhh
      Slice Wind*
    Icicle Edge*            d+2                  m
    Scarlet Reverse*        db+1,1               ml
    Scarlet Spout*          db+1,4               mm
    Hailstorm*              uf+1,3,3+4           hmmmm
    Gyaku One, Two & Frost  f+2,1,4              hhh
      "Reverse One, Two & Frost Needle"
    Courtly Rainbow*        f,F+3,4,3            mmm
    Courtly Rainbow - Chaos f,F+3,4,b+3          mmmx           -> Chaos Judgement
    Twisting Rush -         df+3,1,4,2,1+2       mhhhm
      "Twisting Rush - Twin Palm Smash"
    Land Slip*              db+3                 l
    Suprise Squall*         uf+3                 m              Jumping move.
    Shooting Star*          f+4                  m              Jumping move.
    Kneel Kick - Chaos      f,F+4,b              mx             -> Chaos Judgement
    Whirlwind*              qct+4                mm
    Sepia Quake*            db+4,3               ll
    One, Two Punch          1,2                  hh             Can start from back
                                                                turned 1 or 2
    One, Two, Three         1,2,1                hhh            Can start from back
                                                                turned 1 or 2
    Spark Combo             1,2,1,d_b+4          hhhl           Can start from back
                                                                turned 1 or 2
    One, Two Punch & Left   1,2,3                hhl            Can start from back
      Low Kick                                                  turned 1 or 2
    Triple Smash            1,2,4                hhh            Can start from back
                                                                turned 1 or 2
    Gyaku PDK Combo         1,4                  hl             Can start from back
      "Reverse Punch Down Kick Combo"                           turned 1 or 2
    Uppercut Straight       wr1_df+1,2           mh
    Rave Kick               fc1_d+1,N,4          sm
    Agabate Arrow#?         d,DF+1               h
    Scarlet Rain            db+1                 m
    Cros Cutt Saw#          b+1,2,2              mhm
    Fatal Attack Combo      uf+1,3               hm
    Gyaku One, Two Punch    2,1                  hh
      "Reverse One, Two Punch"
    Quick Spark Combo       2,1,4                hhl
    Punck Kick Combo        2,3                  hh
    Punch Down Kick Combo   2,d+3                hl
    Double Smash            2,4                  hh
    Oufuku Binta            b+2,2                hh
      "Reciprocating Slaps"
    Gyaku One, Two Punch    f+2,1                hh
      "Reverse One, Two Punch"
    Quick Spark Combo       f+2,1,d_b+4          hhl
    Double Smash            f+2,4
    Executioner             f,F+2                h
    Step In Uppercut        df+2
    Lift Shot               qct2 or wr2          m
    Frozen Kick#            fc2_db+2,4           sm
    Spike Combo & Right     3,3,2                hlm
    Spike Combo & Right     3,3,4                hlh
      High Kick
    Left High & Right High  3_f+3,4              hh
    Bone Cutter             run3_f,f,F+3         m              Jumping move.
    Flash Combo             df+3,1,2             mhh
    Twisting Rush@          df+3,1,4             mhh
    Twisting Rush - Yoko    df+3,1,4,1~u_d       mhhx
      "Twisting Rush - Sidestep"
    Twisting Rush - Round   df+3,1,4,2,3         mhhhh
    Twisting Rush - Suprise df+3,1,4,2,u+3       mhhhm
    Twisting Rush - Frozen  df+3,1,4,2,4         mhhhl
    Creek Attack - Yokoidou df+3,2,d_u           hmx
      "Creek Attack - Side Step"
    Creek Attack Combo      df+3,2,1,4           mhhh
    Creek Attack & Left     df+3,2,3             mhh
      High Kick
    Creek Attack & Left     df+3,2,D+3           mhl
      Low Kick
    Rapid Storm             df+3,3,3,1           mhhh
    Rapid Kick Combo        df+3,3,3,4           mhhh
    Creek Attack & Right    df+3,2,4             mhh
      High Kick
    Left Middle Kick &      df+3,4               mh
      Right High Kick
    Sit Spin Kick & Right   fc3_d+3,2            lm
    Sit Spin Kick & High    4,3                  lh
    Kneel Kick              f,F+4                m              Jumping move.
    Lightning Screw         df+4                 l
    Right Low Kick & Back   fc4_d+4,1            lh
      Spin Chop
    Right Low Kick & Back   fc4_d+4,1~u_d        lx
      Spin Chop - Cancel Yokoidou
      "Right Low Kick & Back Spin Chop - Cancel Side Step"
    Chaos Judgement         b+4                  x              -> Chaos Judgement
    Quick Somersault Kick   UB_U_UF+4            m
    Hunting Kick Combo      uf+4,3,4             hlh
    Hunting Kick Combo -    uf+4,3,4             hlx
      Cancel Yokoidou
      "Hunding Kick Combo - Cancel Side Step"
    Soushouha               wr1+2_F+1+2_f,F+1+2  m
      "Twin Palm Smash"
    Guard Kuzushi           df+1+2               m
      "Guard Breaker"
    Bloody Scissors         d+1+2                !
    Hunting Swan            db+1+2               !              ~u,u -> cancel
    Empress Heel            d+1+2                l
    Right Hand Stab         fc f+2               m              parries h,m
    Cold Blade              fc DF+2              l
    Cat Thrust              fc f+1               m
    Somersault Kick (Small) fc ub_u_uf+4         m              Jumping move.
    Somersault Kick (Big)   fc UB_U_UF+4         m              Jumping move.
    Chaos Tail              ss2                  l
    Bloody Chaos            ss1+2                mm
    Chaos Judgement:
    NAME                   COMMAND             HIT AREA         NOTES
    Infernal Storm*         1                    h
    Infernal Avalanche*     4                    l
    Fall Down*              f                    x
    Falling Stone*          f+3                  m
    Picking Heel            4                    m
    10-Strings:  Note:  These can all three start with standing 1, wr1, or back
    -----------  turned 1 or 2.
    1,2,1,2,3,3,2,1,2,4            hhhhhlhhhh
    1,2,1,2,4,1,2,2,3+4,2          hhhhmmhhmm
    1,2,1,2,5,1,2,2,3+4,3          hhhhmmhhml
    Name:  Nina Williams
    Fighting Style:  Assassin Hand-To-Hand Fighting Arts
    Nationality:  Irish
    Age:  24
    Official Namco Japanese story:
    Nina Williams makes a living taking on assassination jobs, though she doesn't
    know her own past.
    She learned from the Syndicate's information that Steve Fox was her son, but
    Nina didn't feel anything special from that.
    Afterwards, the Syndicate was busted by Leui Moulung (Lei Wulong), and Nina,
    losing a reason to target Steve, met up with her sister, Anna Williams, for
    the first time in a number of years to try and return her memory.
    However, the instant she saw Anna's face, her memory came flooding back, and
    she fired at Anna.
    After that, in a gunfight that lasted for several days, the two failed to land
    the finishing blow, and it looked as though things would be finished in The
    King of Iron Fist Tournament 5.
    And thus raises the curtain again on their magnificent sibling rivalry.
    Notes on Nina:
    Not much to say.
    Entrance:  Time to die.
    Victory:  It was nothing.  .... Goodbye.
    NAME                   COMMAND                              ESCAPE
    Shihounage              1+3,f+1+3                             1
      "Four-Sides Throw"
    Izori                   2+4_f+2+4                             2
      "Arching Over"
    Izori Hijiotoshi        2+4_f+2+4,1,2,1                       2
      "Arching Over Elbow Drop"
    Izori Hijiotoshi         ^ 2,1,3                            (None)
      "Arching Over Elbow Drop Side Clutch"
    Hikimawashi             right side: any throw                 2
      "Pulling and Turning"
    Hiza Juujigatame        left side: any throw                  1
      "Knee Cross Clutch"
    Tobitsuki Zempou Kaiten back: any throw                     (None)
      "Jumping Forward Rolling Triangle Grapple"
    Hijiuchi Shihounage#    1+3,F_B                               1
      "Elbow Striking Four-Sides Throw"
    Ura Hadakajime#         2+4,F_B                               2
      "Back Naked Grapple"
    Kakaekomi Hijiuchi      d,DF+1                               1+2
      "Grappling Elbow Strike"
    Kubikarinage            uf+1+2                               1+2
      "Neck-Cutting Throw"
    Submission Special: (grappling arts)
    NAME                   COMMAND                              ESCAPE
    Shouaku                 qct+1+2                               2
    Kubikari Juujigatame     ^ 3,4,3,1+2                         1+2
      "Neck-Cutting Cross Clutch"
    Ude Hishigi Haragatame   ^ 2,3,4,2,2                          2
      "Arm-Breaking Stomach Grapple"
    Kubihineri Kaogatame     ^ ^ 1,3+4,1,2,1+2                    1
      "Neck-Twisting Face Clutch"
    Matasaki Udejuujigatame  ^ ^ 1,2,4,3,1+2+3                    2
      "Thigh Tearing Arm Cross Clutch"
    Tachi Gyaku Wakigatame   ^ 1,3,2,1                            1
      "Standing Reverse Side Clutch"
    Sute Gyaku Wakigatame    ^ ^ 2,1,3,4,1+2                      2
      "Tossing Reverse Side Clutch"
    Urakannuki Takahajime    ^ ^ 3,1,4,1+2,1+2                    1
      "Reverse Bar Hawk's Wing Grapple"
    Shikkyaku               qcb+1+4                               2
      "Back Step"
    Banzaigatame             ^ 2,1,1+2,1+2+3                      2
      "Eternal Life Clutch"  "Banzai" means "live forever;" as in "Viva!"
    Kubihineri Kaogatame     ^ ^ 1,3+4,1,2,1+2                    1
      "Neck-Twisting Face Clutch"
    Matasaki Udejuujigatame  ^ ^ 1,2,4,3,1+2+3                    2
      "Thigh Tearing Arm Cross Clutch"
    Tachi Gyakuwakigatame    ^ 1,3,2,1                            1
      "Standing Reverse Side Clutch"
    Sute Gyaku Wakigatame    ^ ^ 2,1,3,4,1+2                      2
      "Tossing Reverse Side Clutch"
    Urakannuki Takahajime    ^ ^ 3,1,4,1+2,1+2                    1
      "Reverse Bar Hawk's Wing Grapple"
    Udehishigi Haragatame   wr3 or b,f+3:1+2                    (None)
      "Arm-Crushing Stomach Clutch"
    Kubihineri Kaogatame     ^ 1,3+4,1,2,1+2                      1
      "Neck-Twisting Face Clutch"
    Matasaki Udejuujigatame  ^ ^ 1,2,4,3,1+2+3                    2
      "Thigh-Tearing Arm Cross Clutch"
    Kanibasami              qct+3+4                               1
      "Crab Pinch"
    Zenten Udejuujigatame    ^ 3,4,1+2                            1
      "Forward-Rolling Arm Cross Clutch"
    Achilles Kengatame       ^ 4,2,1+2                            2
      "Achilles Tendon Clutch"
    Hiza Juujigatame         ^ ^ 3,1,4,1+2                        1
      "Knee Cross Clutch"
    Zenten Achilles          ^ ^ 1,3,2+4,3+4,1+2                  2
      "Forward-Rolling Achilles Tendon Clutch"
    Tobitsuki Achilles      run_f,f,F+3                         (None)
      "Flying Achilles Tendon Clutch"
    Hiza Juujigatame         ^ 3,1,4,1+2                          1
      "Knee Cross Clutch"
    Zenten Achilles          ^ 1,3,2+4,3+4,1+2                    2
      "Forward-Rolling Achilles Tendon Clutch"
    Normal Moves:
    NAME                   COMMAND             HIT AREA         NOTES
    Punch Kick Combo -      1,4,1                hhm
      Assassin Blade*
    Punch Kick Combo -      1,4,3                hhl
      Death Blade*
    Hell Bringer*           qct+1                m
    Blaze Stinger*          uf+1                 m              Jumping move.
    Sadistic Cupid*         f,F+2                h
    Left High Kick -        3,d                  hx
      "Left High Kick - Right Side Spin"
    Left High Kick - Rasen  3,d,1+2              hm
      "Left High Kick - Spiral Twin Smash"
    Right High Kick -       4,u                  hx
      "Right High Kick - Left Side Spin"
    Right High Kick - Rasen 4,u,1+2              hm
      "Right High Kick - Spiral Twin Smash"
    Leprechaun Kick*        f+3                  hh
    Degrees Attack -        b+3,4,4              mhl
    Degrees Attack -        b+3,4,3+4            mlmm
      Am I the only person who doesn't care about Death By Degrees...?
    Double Whip*            f+4,4                hh
    Sweeper Combo - Claws*  f+4,3+4,4            hhm
    Ruinous Heel*           UB_U_UF+4            m              Jumping move.
    One, Two Punch          1>2                  hh             Can start with back
                                                                turned 1 or 2.
    Spark Combo             wr1_df1_1>2>1>4      m_m_hhl        Can start with back
                                                                turned 1 or 2.
    Triple Smash            wr1_df1_1>2>4        m_m_hhh        Can start with back
                                                                turned 1 or 2.
    One, Two & Spider Knee  wr1_df1_1>2>3        m_m_hhm        Can start with back
                                                                turned 1 or 2.
                                                                :1+2 -> Udehishiji
    Rengeki Soushouha       wr1_df+1_1>2>F+1+2   m_m_hhm
      "Combination Attacks Double Palm Smash"
    Rengeki Soushouha       wr1_df+1_1>2>1>2>    m_m_hhhhm
      "Combination Attacks   F+1+2
      Double Palm Smash"
    Kubikari Uchi           f,F+1                h
      "Kneck-Cutting Strike"
    Uppercut Straight       df+1>2               mh
    Sit Triple Combo        fc1_d+1,2,4          ssm
    Rave Kick               fc1_d+1,N,4          sm
    Killing Blade           b+1                  h
    Skull Splitter#         b,f+1                m              Jumping move.
    Reverse One, Two Punch  2,1                  hh
    Quick Spark Combo       2,1,4                hhl
    Quick Straight & Spider 2,3                  hm             :1+2 -> Udehishiji
      Knee                                                      Haragatame
    Double Smash            2>4                  hh
    Quick Rengeki Soushouha 2,f+1+2              hm
      "Quick Combination Attack Twin Palm Smash"
    Frozen Kick             fc2_d+2,4            sm
    Agito Giri              d,DF+2               m
      "Jaw Cutter"
    Side Step Stab          db+2                 m
    Oufuku Binta            b+2,2                hh
      "Reciprocating Slaps"
    Left High & Right High  3>4                  hh
    Spike Combo & Right     3,3,2                hlm
    Spike Combo & Right     3,3,4                hlh
      High Kick
    Spike Combo & Right Low 3,3,D+4              hll
    Fall Kick               f,F+3 or qct3        m
    Bone Cutter             UF+3_run3_f,f,F+3    m
    Flash Combo             df+3>1>2             mhh
    Flash Combination -     df+3,1,u_d           mx
      Cancel Yokoidou
      "Flash Combination - Cancel Side Step"
    Assault Combo           df+3>1>2>F+1+2       mhhm
    Creek Attack Combo      df+3>2>1>4           mhhl
    Creek Attack - Yokoidou df+3>2,u_d           mhx
      "Creek Attack - Side Step"
    Creek Attack & Divine   df+3>2>3             mhm
    Creek Attack & Right    df+3>3>4             mhm
      High Kick
    Creek Attack & Left     df+3>2,D+3,2         mhlm
      Low Right Uppercut
    Creek Attack & Left     df+3>2,D+3,4         mhlh
      Low Right High Kick
    Creek Rush 1            df+3>2,d+3,N,3,2     mhhlm
    Creek Rush 2            df+3,2,d+3,N,3,4     mhhlh
    Creek Rush 3            df+3,2,d+3,N,3,d+4   mhhll
    Creek Rush 4            df+3,2,d+3,N,4       mhhh
    Rapid Kick Combo        df+3>3>3>4           mhhh
    Left Mid & Right High   df+3,4               mh
    Sit Spin & Right        fc3_d+3,2            lm
    Sit Spin & Right High   fc3_d+3,N,4          lh
    Leg Break Combo         fc3_d+3,d+4          ll
    Divine Cannone          d,DB+3 or db+3+4     m
    Spider Knee             wr3 or b,f+3         m              :1+2 -> Udehishiji
    Catapult Kick           ub_u_uf+3            m              Jumping move
    Landing Kick            u,N,D+3              l
    Landing Kick & Right    u,N,D+3,2            lm
    Landing Kick & Left Mid u,N,D+3,3            lm
    Landing Kick & Right    u,N,D+3,4            lh
      High Kick
    Jamming Combo & Right   4,3,2                hlm
    Jamming Combo & Right   4,3,4                hlh
      High Kick
    Jamming Combo & Right   4,3,D+4              hll
      Low Kick
    Kneel Kick              f,F+4 or qct+4       m
    Right Low Kick & Back   fc4_d+4>1            lh
      Spin Chop
    Right Low Kick & Back   fc4_d+4>1~d_u        lx
      Spin Chop - Cancel Yokoidou
      "Right Low Kick & Back Spin Chop - Cancel Side Step"
    Leg Sweep               d,DF+4 or fc DF+4    l
    Slicer                  db+4                 l              -> face-down downed
                                                                (feet towards foe)
    Divine Cannon Combo     db+4,3               lm
    Stinger Right Heel      b+4                  h
    Hunting Kick Combo      uf+4,3,4             hlh
    Hunting Kick Combo -    uf+4,3,4~u_d         hlx
      Cancel Yokoidou
      "Hunting Kick Combo - Cancel Sidestep"
    Soushouha               wr1+2_F+1+2_f,F+1+2  m
      "Twin Palm Smash"
    Ray Hands               df+1+2               mm
    Hunting Swan            db+1+2               !              ~u,u -> cancel
    Ivory Cutter            1+4                  mm
    Devil Kiss              db,d,df,d,N,DB+2+3   ! (h)
    Help Hand               wr b+1               m
    Shake Shot              ss1                  m
    Shake Shot - Shouaku    ss1,f                mx
      "Shake Shot - Grappling Step"
    Shake Shot - Sway       ss1,b                mx
    Double Shot             ss1,2                mm
    Lift Shot               ss2                  m
    Suimengari              ss4                  l
      "Horizontal Cut"
    Rasen Souha             ss1+2                m
      "Spiral Twin Smashes"
    Empress Heel            d+1+2                l
    10-Strings:   Her first two strings can start from standing 1, wr1, df+1, or
    -----------   back turned 1 or 2.
    1,2,1,2,3,3,2,1,2,4            hhhhhlhhhh
    1,2,1,2,4,3,4,2,4,3            hhhhhllmlm
    f+2,1,2,3,3,2,1,2,4            hhhhlhhhh
    f+2,1,2,4,3,4,2,4,3            hhhhllmlm
    Name:  Yoshimitsu ("Yoshi"--"Good Fortune," "Mitsu"--"Light")
    Fighting Style:  Manji Ninjutsu Advanced Form
    Nationality:  None (Originally Japanese)
    Age:  ?
    Official Namco Japanese story:
    Yoshimitsu is the leader of the Manji Party, a clan of just thieves whose aim
    is to save the poor of the world.
    In the King of Iron Fist Tournament 4, he put a plan into action to break
    into the Mishima Corporation's underground vaults, during which he found Bryan
    Fury fallen.  Under guidance from Bosconovich, he saved Bryan.
    One day, about a month or so later, responding to an SOS from Bosconovich's
    laboratory, the sight that met his eyes was his destroyed base and the corpses
    of many Manji Party members.
    According to Dr. Bosconovich, lying in the deepest chambers, Bryan, with an
    immortal engine implanted in him, had gone on a rampage.  "Repaying a debt
    of honor with such treacherous actions...cannot be forgiven."  Yoshimitsu's
    fist trembled with anger.
    After that, Yoshimitsu, learning that Bryan would participate in The King of
    Iron Fist Tournament 5, decided to enter the tournament in order to seek
    revenge upon the murderer of his party members.
    Notes on Yoshimitsu:
    "Yoshimitsu" sounds very much like a samurai name from the Sengoku ("Warring
    States") period--though the "Yoshi" part is used constantly in modern names,
    the "Mitsu" part isn't as common (though still in use).  It is also the name
    of his sword, the "Yoshimitsuken."
    Much of his spouting of maxims and parts of Buddhist sutras are, in fact,
    meant to sound somewhat menacing, and he does look ridiculous and have these
    spooky move names, but he is clearly also meant to be a joke character, too,
    in a way.
    "Manji" is written with a swastika, because it *is* that symbol.  Originally,
    the symbol came from India, and represents spirals, spinning, and more
    importantly, life.  In Asia, it retains that meaning, but to many Westerners,
    it only holds the one Hitler gave it by rotating it slightly on its axis.  So,
    no; he's not a Nazi, and neither are the Manji Party.
    I believe that he originally was meant to be more of a "tokusatsu" hero than
    anything else.  "Tokusatsu" (Japanese for "special effects") is a certain kind
    of live-action genre of film and comics in Japan and includes such greats
    (mostly by Ishinomori Shoutarou) as Kamen Rider (who Yoshimitsu's "alien"
    look may be patterned after), Henshin Ninja Arashi, Robot Keiji K, Taiyou
    Sentai Sun Vulcan, Kikaider, Uchuu Tetsujin Kyoudain, and the Go Rangers, to
    name a few.
    It is ambiguous whether or not the Yoshimitsu in Soul Calibur and Soul Calibur
    2 is the same Yoshimitsu or if this one has inherited the identity.  It also
    doesn't matter.  Neither explanation would surprise me, nor would I take it
    Victory:  Shikisokuzekuu!
      "All is vanity!"  Some translate it "your life is in vain," and it does 
      have that meaning, and a lot more.  It literally means that "shiki," which 
      is all in this material world, is "kuu," an empty lie.  This is a line from 
      the so-called "heart" sutra, Hannya Shingyou. ("Prajna Heart Sutra")
      Also, sometimes it is translated as "Life is but a dream" or "form is
    Victory:  Jigou, jitoku.
      "You got what you asked for!"  This is a Buddhist saying, and means that
      one's own body or self takes upon the results of one's own actions (usually
      their sins).
    NAME                   COMMAND                              ESCAPE
    Ishou Saitan            1+3_f+1+3                             1
      "Plan for a Tragedy"
    Shizuku                 2+4_f+2+4                             2
      "Drop" (of water)
    Rakka Rouzeki           right side: any throw                 2
      "Falling Disorder"
    Jigoku Guruma           left side: any throw                  1
      "Hell Wheel"
    Nimpou Fuujin           back: any throw                     (None)
      "Ninja Magic Scattered Dust"
    Mitama Kezuri           qct+2 or Nimpou Youen - Ura 1+4 or   1+2
      "Spirit Shaving"      Musou 2+3
    Mitama Kaeshi           qcb,F+2 or Nimpou Youen - Ura F+1+4  1+2
      "Spirit Restoration"  Musou F+2+3
    Nimpou Yagura Otoshi    qcb+1+2                              1+2
      "Ninja Magic Toppling the Tower"
    Normal Moves:
    NAME                   COMMAND             HIT AREA         NOTES
    Gyaku One, Two*         2,1                  hh
      "Reverse One, Two"
    Takonaguri*             2,2                  hh
      "Kite Beating"
    Gokumon*                f+1+2                m
      "Hell's Gate"  "Goku" means "prison," literally, but is also part of the
      word "jigoku" ("hell").
    Onryouzuki*             b+1+2                m
      "Vengeful Ghost Thrust"
    Issen*                  b,B+1+2              !
      "One Flash"  This is a common word in samurai fiction, meaning something
      like a flash you see when someone's sword is shown for a brief moment.  In
      other words, something like "one hit kill."
    Manji Tombo*            u+1+2                x              -> Manji Tombo
      "Manji Dragonfly"  (see "Notes on Yoshimitsu" for info on "Manji")
    Tombo Gaeri*            UF+1+2,1+2           x              -> Manji Tombo
      "Dragonfly Hatching"
    Tombo Gaeri*            UF+1+2~1+2           x              -> Manji Tombo
      "Dragonfly Hatching"
    Tombogaeri*             UF+1+2,b,1+2         x              -> Manji Tombo
      "Dragonfly Return"
    Tosshou*                f+3+4                m              ~3+4 -> Manji
      "Thristing Hit"                                           Agura
    Chienji*                f+3+4~b              x
      "Blood Pyromania" Literally, "Blood Desire for Flame"
    Yatagarasu*             u+3+4                mm
      "Yatagarasu"  A yatagarasu is a great, mountain raven, said to have been
      the messenger for the gods.  Amaterasu is said to have given the first
      emperor her commands via a yatagarasu.
    Tombogaeri*             UF+3+4,1+2           x              -> Manji Tombo
      "Dragonfly Return"
    Yakubarai*              wr2                  m
      "Disaster Sweep"
    Gedoku*                 Dokumu Tame 3_4      m
    Magatama*               back turned 3        m
      "Soul of Misfortune"  This is a pun with the word "magatama" (with different
      Chinese characers), which is a sacred jewel that looks like half of the
      Yin-Yang symbol; a curved crescent thicker at one end with a hole to place
      a string through.
    Oniazami                df+1>1>1>1           mhhm
      "Oni Thistle"  An oni is a great, warlike, ogre-like creature in Japanese
    Shiden                  df+1,2               mh
      "Purple Lightning"
    Shidengiku              df+1,2,DB+2,2,2      mhmmm
      "Purple Lightning Crysanthemum"
    Zankokuken              d+1                  !
      "Cutting Crying Blade"
    Rengokuken              d+1,DB               !
      "Continuous Hell Sword"  "Goku" means "prison" literally, but is part of the
      word "Jigoku" ("Hell").
    Nimpou Manji Kazura     B+1,1,1,1,1          hhhhh          hits 1-3: can go
      "Ninja Magic Manji Vine"                                  to DB+3,3,3,3
    Manji Karin             B+1,3+4              hx             can be done during
      "Manji Flower Ring"
    Zetsumeiken             b,B+1                !
      "Death Cry Sword"
    Sempuuken               b,B+1,N,1            !              ~b -> shortens move
      "Whirlwind Sword"
    Kabutowari              b,B+1,1+2            ! (h)
      "Helmet Splitter"
    Oboroguruma             qct+1                !
      "Haze Wheel"  Or "Mist Wheel"
    Punch Kick Combo        2,3                  hh
    Punch Down Kick Combo   2,D+3                hl
    Shinden                 f+2,DB+2,2,2         hmmm
      "Thunder Tremour"
    Manji Uraken - Ichi     f+2                  h
      "Manji Backfists - One"
    Yomigake                f,F+2                m              ~D+3+4 -> Senkaku
      "Next World Charge"
    Step In Uppercut        df+2                 m
    Nimpou Manjigiku        DB+2,2,2,2,2,2       mmmmmm
      "Ninja Magic Manji Crysanthemum"
    Ballerina Kick Combo    f+3_3,3              hl             ~D -> Manji Agura
    Ballerina Kick - Hyuuga 3,d+3+4              hm
      "Ballerina Kick - Sunward Cannon"
    Inazuma                 3,4                  hm
    Hajikiwari              df+3,1               m!
      "Drawing Split"
    Sweep Kick              fc DB+3              l
    Nimpou Manjisou         DB+3,3,3,3,3,3       lllll
      "Ninja Magic Manji Mowing"
    Toubokushuu             during Nimpou        m
      "Tree-Falling Kick"    Manjisou: f+4
    Hayabusa                uf+3                 m              Jumping move.
    Sazanka                 4,4,4                lll
      "Three Scattering Petals"  As in cherry blossom petals, whose falling
      represents our death.  The cherry blossom petals, which can fall at even
      the slightest wind, poetically allude especially to the deaths of samurai.
    Hyuugahou               4~3
      "Sunward Cannon"
    Fubuki                  f,F+4
    Manji Uratobigeri       ub_u_uf+4            m              Jumping move.
      "Manji Reverse Jumping Kick"
    Jiraiba                 1+2                  m              -> Jiraiba
      "Land Mine Blade"                                         ~b -> Cancel
    Nimpou Kagerou - Ura    f,F+1+2              m              -> back turned
      "Ninja Magic Simmering - Reverse"
    Ichirimbori             d+1+2                !
      "One Wheel Dig"
    Dokugiritame            DB+1+2               x
      "Taking In Poison Mist"
    Dokugiri                Dokugiritame 1_2     !
    Hikuuken                UF+1+2               x
      "Flying Sword"
    Hikuushuuken            Hikuuken D           !
      "Flying Attack Sword"
    Kyokuushuuken           UF+1+2,b             !
      "Trick Flying Attack Sword"
    Nimpou Kagerou          f,F+3+4              m
      "Ninja Magic Simmer"
    Nimpou Kusanagi         Nimpou Kagerou 1+2   h
      "Ninja Magic Kusanagi"  The Kusanagi Sword is one of the Three Sacred
      Treasures of the imperial line of Japan.
    Manji Agura             D+3+4                x              -> Manji Agura
      "Manji Cross-Legged Sit"
    Karin                   B+3+4,3+4,3+4,3+4,   x
      "Flower Ring"          3+4,3+4
    Nimpou Manjiguruma      uf+3+4               m
      "Ninja Magic Manji Wheel"
    Dousenka                Nimpou Manjiguruma   s
      "Copper Flashing       B+1
    Kousenka                during Dousenka 3+4  m
      "Iron Flashing Flower"
    Ginsenka                during Dousenka 4    s
      "Silver Flashing Flower"
    Kinsenka                during Ginsenka DB+1 !
      "Golden Flashing Flower"
    Manjiguruma - Hyuugahou uf+3+4,3+4           mm
      "Manji Wheel - Sunward Cannon"
    Manjiguruma - Manji     uf+3+4,d+3+4         mx             -> Manji Agura
      "Manji Wheel - Manji Sitting Cross-Legged"
    Madoinashi              f,F+1+4              !
      "Without Hesitation"  "Madoi" means "being led astray," loosely.
    Goku Madoinashi         f,F+1+4,f,F          !!
      "Extremely Without Hesitation"
    Madoi                   f,F+1+4              x
    Ureinashi               d+1+4                !
    Manjichizakura          d+1+4,b+1,1,1        !!!!
      "Manji Blood Cherry Blossoms
    Yoshimitsu Blade        1+4                  !
    Ina Sempuuken           1+2+3                m
      "Denial - Whirlwind Blade"
    Tsuyubarai              fc DF+3              l
      "Dew Sweep"  Dew represents mortality or frailty.
    Kegon                   fc db,d+1 or fc df+1 !
      "Kegon"  The Kegon is a sect of Buddhism whose practicioners are said to
      chant the Prajna Heart Mantra (Hannya Shingyou), whose main theme is summed
      up in the "Shikisokuzekuu" that Yoshimitsu chants.
    Gasshou                 ss1                  m
      "Putting Palms Together"  (in prayer)
    Yashiro                 ss2                  m
      "Shinto Shrine"
    Ryuusetsu               ss4                  h              ~3+4 -> Musou
      "Falling Snow"
    Musou                   3+4                  x              -> Musou
    Manji Uraken - Ni       back turned 2        h
      "Manji Backfist - Two"
    Aomuke Down - Manji     face-up down 3+4     x              -> Manji Agura
      "Face-Up Down - Manji Sitting Crosslegged"
    NAME                   COMMAND             HIT AREA         NOTES
    Tomba Gaeri*            u+1+2                x              -> Manji Tomba
      "Dragonfly Return"
    Ruten*                  f+1+2                x
      "Perpetual Motion"
    Muguri Zugai*           f+3+4                l
      "Leaping Into the Skull"
    Jiraibabashiri          f,F_b,B              !
      "Land Mine Blade Run"
    Jiraiba Moguri          d                    x
      "Land Mine Blade Dive"
    Hane Jirai              ub_u_uf              !
      "Leaping Land Mine"
    Jiraisen                3_4                  x
      "Land Mine Swirl"
    Zugai                   1+2                  h
    Jiraihou                3+4                  m
      "Land Mine Cannon"
    Jiraiba - Manji Agura   d+3+4                x              -> Manji Agura
      "Land Mine Blade - Manji Sitting Crosslegged"
    Manji Agura or Senkaku:
    NAME                   COMMAND             HIT AREA         NOTES
    Senkaku                 during Manji Agura   x
      "Much Awakening"       N
      As in, "Much Meditation"
    Senkaku Mukuubu         B_F                  x
      "Much Awakening Skyless Dance"
    Senkaku Oboroguruma     1                    !
      "Much Awakening Haze Wheel"
    Senkaku Manjigiku       2                    m
      "Much Awakening Manji Crysanthemum"
    Senkaku Kusanagi Hou    3,3+4                hm
      "Much Awakening Kusanagi Cannon"  The Kusanagi Sword is one of the three
      Sacred Treasures.
    Senkaku Hyuugahou       4                    m
      "Much Awakening Sunward Cannon"
    Senakaku Fudou          (3+4)                x
      "Much Awakening Hovering"
    NAME                   COMMAND             HIT AREA         NOTES
    Tensei                  1+2                  !
    Kyara                   3+4                  m
      "Yew Tree"
    Musou Ureinashi         1+4                  !
      "Meditation Unfavoring"
    Manji Tombo:
    NAME                   COMMAND             HIT AREA         NOTES
    Oni Yamma*              1                    !
      "Oni Dragonfly"  An oni is an ogre-like, warlike Japanese mythical creature.
    Gin Yamma*              2                    h              -> Manji Tombo
      "Silver Dragonfly"
    Akiakane*               3                    l
      "Fall Red"
    Natsuakane*             4                    m
      "Summer Red"
    1,2,1,4,4,4,1,2,1,1            hmmhhlm!!!
    1,2,1,4,4,4,1,3+4              hmmhhlmm
    1,2,1,4,2,2,2,4,1,1            hmmhmmmm!!
    4,4,2,2,4,4,1,2,1,1            hhmhhlm!!!
    4,4,2,2,4,4,1,3+4              hhmhhlmm
    4,4,2,2,1                      hhmh!
    4,4,2,2,1~1                    hhmh!
    Things left:  
    --Moves for Jimpachi if playable.
    --Corrections to many movelists.
    --Vocals for nearly everyone.  Granted, there are not many vocals in the game.
    --Better representation of Chinese transliterations of Feng Wei, Leui Moulung,
      Ling Xiaoyu, and Wang Juelei moves, including adding their "tones."
    --Real Portuguese names for Christie Monteiro / Eddy Gordo, complete with
    --Pronunciation guides for Cantonese, Mandarin, Korean, and Portuguese.
    --Translations of PS2 stuff when PS2 version is released.  The Japanese date
      is set for 3/31/05.  The American date is reportedly 2/25/05....
    Special Thanks:
    --CJayC (as usual)  for GameFAQs and hosting my FAQ
    --Catlord  for all the FAQs I've read in previous Tekken games
    --Castel and the Tekken Zaibatsu folks  for the info
    --Everyone whom I've bored as a lousy sparring partner (sorry, I'll try and
      get better... ^^;)
    --Mr. Magic & Pookey Blow
    --and finally, of course, Edan, the Humble Magnificent

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