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    Baek by MHamlin

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    Tekken 5
    Baek FAQ
    Version 1.00 completed 06/12/05
    By MHamlim
    e-mail: cmhamlin@mchsi.com
    Table of Contents
    1. Copyright Info
    2. Version History
    3. Button Conventions
    4. Move List
    5. Move Analysis
    6. Credits
    1. Copyright Info
    This document is protected by copyright, Mike Hamlin 2005. There is no illegal 
    reproduction or distribution of this document at any time or place in this or 
    any other universe. So there.
    2. Version History
    v1.00 - First version. 06/12/05
    3. Button Conventions
    Following are the common conventions that are used to refer to buttons and 
    button motions. Most Tekken players are familiar with them; if you are not, 
    check them out now or you will not understand how to do any of the moves.
    f- tap forward
    b- tap backward
    u- tap up
    d- tap down
    F- hold forward
    B- hold backward
    U- hold up
    D- hold down
    N- pad in neutral position
    /- press between arrows
    1- left punch
    2- right punch
    3- left kick
    4- right kick
    +- press buttons simultaneously
    ~- press buttons quickly
    *- hold the button down
    :- just frame, requires precise timing
    >- button press can be delayed
    _- moves are interchangeable
    =- move is an add-on to the move above with lesser indent
    QCF- Quarter Circle Forward (d,d/f,f)
    QCB- Quarter Circle Backward (d,d/b,b)
    HCF- Half Circle Forward (b,d/b,d,d/f,f)
    HCB- Half Circle Backward (f,d/f,d,d/b,b)
    SS- during sidestep
    SSR- during right sidestep
    SSL- during left sidestep
    WR- while rising from crouch
    WC- while fully crouched
    BT- back is turned
    CH- counter hit
    CL- clean hit
    Hit levels
    h- High level. Blocked by standing or avoided by ducking.
    m- Mid level. Blocked by standing. Can hit ducking opponent.
    l- Low level. Blocked by crouching.
    sm- Special mid level. Hits mid but can be blocked by ducking.
    !- Unblockable.
    4. Move List
    This list shows all of Baek's moves, how to do them, their damage, and any 
    special properties. A star in the property column indicates a special property 
    that move has; check for the move name in the property list to see that move's 
    property. The Flamingo column indicates what input is needed to cancel the 
    move into Flamingo.
    Name                     Command         Damage               Property
    Double Jab               1,1             hh/5,5
    One Two Combo            1>2             hh/5,10
     =Flamingo Step          3~B_F           -
     =Butterfly Kicks        3,3,3,4         hhmh/15,12,12,25
     =Butterfly Needle       3,3,3,d+4       hhml/15,12,12,10
     =Black Widow            3,3,4>4>3       hhmmm/15,12,15,18,17 *
     =Maelstrom              3,3,4>4>4       hhmml/15,12,15,18,15
     =Butterfly Blade        3,4>3           hlm/15,8,25
    Right Punch Backfist     2,2             hh/12,15
    Butterfly Kicks          3,3,3,4         hhmh/15,12,12,25
    Butterfly Needle         3,3,3,d+4       hhml/15,12,12,10
    Launching Rocket         3,4>3           hlm/15,8,25
    Black Widow              3,3,4>4>3       hhmmm/15,12,15,18,17 *
    Maelstrom                3,3,4>4>4       hhmml/15,12,15,18,15
    Falling Axe              4>4             hm/15,18
    Lightning Halberd        3+4             hh/10,10             *
    Body Blow                f+2             h/15
    Trident Rush             f+3,3,2         hlm/10,10,12
    Spinning Axe Combo       1+2,4           mm/18,17
    Heel Drop to Middle Kick f+4>3           mm/22,17             *
    Heel Drop to Low Kick    f+4>4           ml/22,15
    Double Claymore          d/f+3,4         mm/21,15             *
    Heel Knife Middle Kick   d/f+4,4>3       mmm/15,18,17         *
    Heel Knife Low Kick      d/f+4,4>4       mml/15,18,15
    Snake Rocket             d+3,3,3         llm/12,7,22
    Snake Kick               d+3,3,d+3       lll/12,7,7
    Baek's Rush              d+4,3,3>3       lmmm/7,10,15,25      *
    Baek's Rush Low          d+4,3,3,d+3     lmml/7,10,15,15
    Sliding Knee Snap        d/b+3           l/12
    Dark Halberd             d/b+4           l/21
    Dynamite Heel            d/b+3+4         !/40                 *
    Stealth Needle           b+1             m/17
    Bolt Cut                 b+2             m/18
    Flamingo                 b+3             -
    Heel Lance               b+4             m/15
    Destruction              u+4,3           hh/10,15
    Bone Stinger             u/f+2           m/22
    Hunting Hawk             u/f+3,4,3       mmh/15,9,12          *
    Leaping Snap Kick        u/f+4           m/18
    Trick Butterfly Kicks    u/f,N,3,3,3,4   hhmh/25,12,12,25
    Trick Butterfly Needle   u/f,N,3,3,3,f+4 hhml/25,12,12,10
    Trick Black Widow        u/f,N,3,3,4>4>3 hhmmm/25,12,15,18,17 *
    Trick Maelstrom          u/f,N,3,3,4>4>4 hhmml/25,12,15,18,15
    Hopping Double Kick      u/f,N,3,4       hh/25,20
    Rocket Lifter            u/f,N,3,d+4,3   hlm/25,8,25
    Left Heel Drop           f,f+3           m/23
    Hammer Heel              f,f+4           m/15
    Spinning Backfist        b,b+2           h/12
    Last Resort              b,b+3+4         !/60                 *
    Cyclone Launcher         f,f,N,3         h/21                 *
    Rocket Shooter           f,N,d,d/f+3     m/25
    Killing Blade            f,f,f+3         m/30
    Double High to Low Kick  WR,3,3>4        hml/12,10,10
    Eliminator               WR,3,4>4>3      hmmm/12,15,18,17     *
    Knee Javelin             WR,3,4>4>4      hmml/12,15,18,15
    Albatross                WR,4>4>3        mmm/13,16,17
    Javelin                  WR,4>4>4        mml/13,16,15
    Race Hammer              SS,1            m/17
    Reverse Middle Kick      BT,4            m/15
    Moves from Flamingo
    Name              Command   Damage           Property
    Flamingo Step     f_b_u_d   -                *
    High Low Kick     3,3>4     mml/15,15,10
    Eliminator        3,4>4>3   mmmm/15,10,18,17 *
    Maelstrom         3,4>4>4   mmml/15,10,18,15
    Flamingo Rocket   f+3       m/25
    Crimson Lance     f+4       h/30
    Flamingo Pick     d+3       l/7
    Head Crusher      b+3       m/21
    Lightning Halberd N+4       hh/10,10         *
    Snake Creep       d+4,3,d+3 lll/12,7,7       *
    Snake Blade       d+4,3,N+3 llm/12,7,22      *
    Dynamite Heel     d/b+4     !/40             *
    Name              Command Position Damage Escape Property
    Hammerhead Throw  2+4     Front    35     2
    Blue Shark Claw   1+3     Front    35     1
    Snake Revenge     2+4_1+3 Left     40     1
    Hunting Serpent   2+4_1+3 Right    40     2
    Compound Fracture 2+4_1+3 Back     50     None
    Human Cannonball  f+2+3   Front    30     1+2
    Swordfish Throw   d/b+1+3 Front    40     1+2
    Roll and Choke    f,f+2   Front    40     2
    Parry             b+1+2   -        -      -      *
    10 hit combos
    4,3,4,3,3,3,3,3,4,3- 92 damage
    4,3,3,4,3,3,3,4,3,3- 103 damage
    Move Properties
    Black Widow- ~B or ~F to cancel last hit into Flamingo.
    Lightning Halberd- ~B or ~F to end move in Flamingo. u/f+3+4 is a faster 
    version and can also be used WR.
    Heel Drop to Middle Kick- ~B or ~F to cancel last hit into Flamingo.
    Double Claymore- d/f+3,4~F_~D to end first hit in Flamingo.
    Heel Knife Middle Kick- ~B or ~F to cancel last hit into Flamingo.
    Baek's Rush- ~B or ~F to cancel last hit into Flamingo.
    Dynamite Heel- ~B to cancel into Flamingo. 30 damage when used on grounded 
    Hunting Hawk- Second hit comes out only when first connects. Third hit comes 
    out only when second hits the opponent.
    Last Resort- Unblockable but can be ducked.
    Cyclone Launcher- ~B to cancel, ~F to cancel into Flamingo.
    Eliminator- ~B or ~F to cancel last hit into Flamingo.
    Flamingo Step- Can move in any direction. N cancels Flamingo.
    Lightning Halberd (Flamingo)- Only possible when another move is cancelled 
    into Flamingo and the 3 is held down. Example: f+4,3*~B,N+4
    Snake Creep- Only possible when another move is cancelled into Flamingo and 
    the 3 is held down. Example: f+4,3*~B,N+4
    Snake Blade- Only possible when another move is cancelled into Flamingo and 
    the 3 is held down. Example: f+4,3*~B,N+4
    Dynamite Heel (Flamingo)- Only possible when another move is cancelled into 
    Flamingo and the 3 is held down. Example: f+4,3*~B,N+4 Cancel with ~B.
    Parry- Time with enemy mid or high punch. ~B to cancel into Flamingo.
    For any move beginning with WR,3 the first hit can be cancelled into Flamingo 
    with ~B or ~F.
    A note about canceling into Flamingo: Although Flamingo has its own moves 
    list, it is possible for Baek to execute any of his other moves after taking 
    one step in any direction during Flamingo. The step rule only applies you 
    enter Flamingo with b+3. If you cancel into Flamingo with a 3~B_F, you can 
    execute any move without the step.
    When doing this, moves that begin with 1 or 2 or 4 can be used just like 
    normal. Moves that begin with 3 or 3+4 can only be used when you cancel into 
    Flamingo with 3~B_F and then continue holding the 3.
    5. Move Analysis
    One Two Flamingo Step
    Command: 1,2,3~F_B
    This move causes Baek to send out a 1,2 combo and then cancel into a Flamingo. 
    This a beautiful juggle move because the two punches cause 8 damage and then 
    Baek moves forward into a Flamingo step, which prevents the airborne opponent 
    from getting too far away. Then from the Flamingo stance, you can execute 
    another move; like another 1,2,3~F. By doing that motion over and over you can 
    string up a bunch of hits. Then, when your opponent is wondering when he's 
    actually going to hit the ground, you can finish with a powerful move from 
    Flamingo, like the f+4. A good juggle combo from just about any starter is 
    this one:
    1,2,3~F 1,2,3~F 1,2,3~F 1+2,4
    It's damaging and it looks damn cool. Keep in mind, though, that using the 
    Flamingo Step in a juggle takes a lot of practice. Keep doing this motion over 
    and over in practice mode; see how rapidly you can throw out the punches. Once 
    you've got it down, you can start pulling off some wicked juggles.
    Double Claymore
    Command: d/f+3,4
    The initial kick is a little slow but this move has no guard point, meaning if 
    the first kick hits the enemy, he's guaranteed to eat the second. It has a 
    nice long range and hits mid, so it's useful approaching and then stepping 
    into an attack. Another nice thing is that the first kick stuns on CH. If this 
    happens, throw out a d/f+1 to pop the enemy up in the air right in front of 
    you. Now use the Flamingo Step motion to start a juggle.
    Cyclone Launcher
    Command: f,f,N,3
    It's a powerful juggle starter. It may seem slow a predictable because of the 
    initial spin but don't underestimate it; more often than not, you can score a 
    hit while the enemy is trying to approach you with another attack. You can 
    also cancel the move with ~B and then use a low attack, like Baek's Rush. Or, 
    you can ~F to cancel into Flamingo and then strike with another attack from 
    Trident Rush
    Command: f+3,3,2
    Another no guard point move; if the first hit connects, the rest is 
    guaranteed. Note that the first hit is high and the last one is mid. Even if 
    your opponent ducks the first hit, he will more than likely take the third. 
    And what's more is that the second is low and most human players are open to 
    low attacks, so don't abuse this move. If you blocked a punishable move, you 
    can use this to easily cause some damage to your opponent.
    Heel Knife
    Command: d/f+4,4>4_3
    This move can actually come out in a number of ways but this is the easiest 
    and fastest. The first two hits cause decent damage, hit mid, have no guard 
    point, and are perfectly safe on a block. Throw out a d/f+4,4 whenever the 
    need arises. The last hit can be mid or low, so vary your ending. Note that 
    the last hit can be delayed for a long time, so let the enemy think you're 
    done and then send out the last hit. In the case of the 3, you can also 
    Flamingo cancel, which opens up even more possibilities.
    Spinning Axe Combo
    Command: 1+2,4
    This is another one of those useful no guard point moves and it's safe on a 
    block so have no fear in using it (unless your opponent side steps). This move 
    is also useful for ending a juggle because the first hit slams the opponent 
    and the second hit will strike him on the ground.
    Baek's Rush
    Command: d+4,3,3,3
    A quick low attack followed by two mids and ending either mid or low. Once 
    again, vary the mid and low kick and your opponent will have to keep guessing. 
    Another nice thing about this move, is that it is excellent for Baek's wake up 
    game; if you hit an enemy who is trying to get up with the first hit, the next 
    two hits will always follow. You can also try this move after a crumple stun 
    for extra damage. And, of course, the mid hit can cancel into Flamingo.
    Snake Rocket
    Command: d+3,3,3
    Two low hits followed by a powerful mid hit that knocks the enemy up in the 
    air. This move has high priority as the last hit can also be low, so keep 
    mixing up the last hit in order to avoid repetition. Another good tactic is to 
    try this on the enemy if he rolling backwards to get; all three hits will get 
    Command: WR,3,4>4>3
    Baek's WR,3 moves are your key when it comes retaliating after ducking a high 
    attack or throw. WR,3,3>4 gives you a quick low attack at the end that can 
    also be delayed. If it connects, you can follow up with a d+4,3,3,d+3 for more 
    damage. WR,3,4 gives you that ever useful Heel Knife combo, so you can press 
    the attack mid and then switch to low (or stay mid if your enemy ducks). Note 
    that these moves can also come out of Flamingo so the WR,3 moves are a viable 
    choice for attack when you cancel into it.
    Dark Halberd
    Command: d/b+4
    This quick low attack causes decent damage and your opponent won't be 
    expecting it as long as you don't abuse of it. It's a little risky because 
    you'll be stuck in a mean stagger if your opponent blocks it. However, if it 
    does hit, a WR,4,4,4 is guaranteed.
    For general strategy, you'll want to press the attack quickly and mix up your 
    lows and mids. Baek has a lot of moves with good range that begin mid. By 
    stepping toward your opponent with these moves, you'll tie him up in a string 
    that end mid or low; simply pick the one your opponent is not expecting. For 
    the most part, you'll be chipping away at your opponent's health.
    However, mastering the Flamingo Step will give you awesome juggle abilities. 
    Practice the motion until you can get consistently. Some nice combos for Baek 
    f,f,N,3 1,2,3~F 1,2,3~F 1,2,3~F f+4
    f,f,N,3 1,2,3~F 1,2,3~F 1,2,3~F 1+2,4
    b+4 1,2,3~F 1 3+4
    d/f+3 (CH) d/f+1 1,2,3~F f+3
    f,N,d,d/f+3 u/f+3,4,3
    (Any launcher) 3,3,3(misses),4
    6. Credits
    The only people I can really thank right now are the folks at gamefaqs.com for 
    hosting this FAQ. Hats off to them.
    Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Corrections? Feel like contacting a random 
    person on the internet? Send anything you want, except for viruses and spam, 
    to cmhamlin@mchsi.com and I might read your message if I'm not too lazy at the 

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