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"One ball, seven teammates and a wicked scattershot."

Super Dodge Ball is a game that features plenty of ball throwing, head slamming action all in one game. In a slightly modified genre that you might not find with video games these days, I have yet to find another game just like this. Giving you a seven on seven playing field, you work with four offensive players on either side and three on the out of bounds portion in order to set up some pretty interesting attacks. Definitely a game worth a look if you’re into games that feature challenge and fun rolled into one package!

The Game Play

The game play works like Dodge Ball in elementary school did, only now you’re playing with teams of members that have special throws and have different strengths and weaknesses. All of these things are something that you have to exploit in order to proceed to the next round with the game play revolving around offense and defense and not just straight offense! Different teams will use different strategies that you’ll have to learn and defend against if you want to stand any sort of chance in the later stages. Even though the game is geared for advanced gamers, just about anyone can learn how to play the game with the learning curve bordering on steep without really going over the edge!

The special throws are something that you’ll have to learn in which they are nearly impossible to defend against unless your timing is correct and the rules of the game work the same way that traditional dodge ball always has. If a member of your team gets nailed by the ball, then they are effectively out and useless to your team for the rest of the match and likewise if you hit someone on the opposing team. Remember this and you’ll make your way through the game just fine up until the later stages of the game!

Controlling the game is a little difficult to get used to at first. Throwing the ball with good aim as well as catching it takes practice and time, with trial and error as your guide. You’ll find that the game controls can act a little stiff and in some cases unresponsive when attempting to do the special throws, but you’ll find that with a little work, there isn’t anything that you can’t perform! Novice gamers will probably have a little trouble with the advanced controls for the first couple of rounds, so the only thing that can be done is to practice and have plenty of patience in trying to learn what the game has to offer.

The Visuals

The visuals of Super Dodge Ball are excellent in the way that the game is presented. With two teams that on screen at any given time, you’ll find that the speed of the game is only offset by the slight image break up when the action gets intense on the screen. The special throws all have different special effects that really stand out when you launch the ball like a rocket and take out an opponent with a sickening thud and watch their spirit float up towards the sky!

Prime examples of the special effects that you see are the scatter shot, in which your player {or the opponent} throws the ball and it splits into nine smaller balls and then zooms across the screen only to slam off of an opponent’s head. Things like this really make visuals stand out and push the hardware to the limits, even if the limits aren’t all that much!

The Audio

Audio wise, the game offers you plenty of music to keep the pace of the game and make you want to keep the sound on. You’ll have the same track to listen to throughout the game, but the music is just catchy enough that you won’t mind listening to it more than once! The sound effects are also first rate, with the grunts of hit players and then the croaking sound that they make when they hit the ground reminds me of some of the things that I heard out of an old NES game, River City Ransom. Put all of these items together and you’ve got a hell of a audio track that is both pleasing and funny at the same time, coming together to really round out an impressive game!

The Verdict

Super Dodge Ball is a classic game that can be rather hard to come by. With the challenge and skill that you need in later stages and the fact that it has some humor thrown in for good measure, it’s a safe bet to play this at least once. The audio and the visuals all have some clarity to them, and the control, taking a while to learn, is dead on target once you have it down to a science!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 05/26/02, Updated 05/26/02

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