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    Lili by SyxxPac

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    Tekken 5 - Dark Resurrection - Arcade - Lili FAQ - ver 0.6
    Last updated Wednesday, May 3, 2005
    By Syxx
    Copyright 2006 - Dan Jones
    Submitted to www.tekkenzaibatsu.com and www.gamefaqs.com
    If this faq is located ANYWHERE ELSE please contact me.
    This is a FAQ for Lili, one of the three new characters in
    Tekken 5 dark Ressurection.
    I have been playing Dark Resurrection since the initial release of the test
    version at the Cyberstation at the HIP in Norridge, IL, so about 2 months
    now.  I didn't play much Tekken before the release of Tekken 5 in December
    of 2004 but since then it's taken up a lot of my time.  My main character
    in Tekken 5 was Asuka but I can play about half of the cast pretty
    comfortably.  Since the test version of the game my main character has
    quickly switched to Lili.  I like her character design and she is very
    unique when compared to the rest of the cast.
    Special thanks to Nappy who has also been playing her since the test
    version came out as well as pIchu from the tekkenzaibatsu.com forums for
    his input as well as air juggles.  Also thanks to everyone else who has put
    in input on this character... and tekkenzaibatsu for the move list
    Update 4/10, the game is now released and have been playing the heck out of
    it, which is why I haven't updated this in so long. :)
    Update 5/3, Lili is great.  I got 3rd at the last big tourney near here and
    1st at one of the locals a few towns away... go Lili.  She's awesome.
    If you feel that you have anything worthwhile to contribute as far as
    juggles, please send me an e-mail or PM on tekkenzaibatsu. I am more than
    happy to discuss this character with you or answer questions that you might
    Version List
    0.1 - bare combo faq only
    0.2 - added move list and outlined each move, added Lili's profile and top
    10 moves
    0.25 - added a glossary and added 10 strings, changed a typo and a couple
    other minor changes
    0.5 - updated move list and juggles
    0.6 - added customization information, punishment guide will be in the next
    version.  I want to put the information up on tekkenzaibatsu first so it
    can be reviewed and discussed before added into this guide.  I'll probably
    add frame data to the next version as well
    I.   Profile
    II.  Glossary
    III. Move List
    IV.  Moves/Ratings
    V.   Top 10 Moves
    VI.  Combos/Juggles
    VII. Customizations
    I. Profile
    ****Profile for Lili (Real Name - Emily)****
    Name : Lili
    Fighting style: Street Fighting
    Nationality: Monaco
    Age: 16
    Lili is the only daughter of an oil tycoon residing in Monaco—she’s a true
    daddy’s girl.
    4 years ago, while being attacked by a criminal group making profits from
    kidnappings, Lili suddenly became violent, and unexpectedly floored one of
    her attackers, it was at that moment that she first realized she took
    pleasure in defeating her opponents. However, deep down inside, Lili is a
    gentle person, she only wants to please her father, but she knows that he
    despises fighting. Troubled by her situation, she tells herself, “I don’t
    want father to hate me…but I want to continue fighting.” Her desire to
    fight couldn’t be contained, and for this reason, she uses a private jet
    to travel abroad to take part in street fights, which she enjoyed
    One day, after defeating an opponent in San Francisco, she acquired an
    invitation to martial arts tournament. Lili noticed that the sponsor of
    the tournament, the Mishima Financial Group, caused her father much
    trouble. With the assumption of the Mishima Financial Group becoming a
    useful asset to her father, she was determined to take part in the
    II. Glossary
    In order to understand the move notations and combos in this guide, you
    must be familiar with the common Tekken commands.  This is based off of the
    legend that is found on www.tekkenzaibatsu.com, but everything that you'll
    need to use this guide is listed below.
    1 - Left Punch          2 - Right Punch
    3 - Left Kick           4 - Right Kick
    Joystick Controls
    u/b - tap up and back    u - tap up             u/f - tap up and forward
    b - tap back             N - neutral            f - tap forward
    d/b - tap down and back  d - tap down           d/f - tap down and forward
    U/B - hold up and back   U - hold up            U/F - hold up and forward
    B - hold back                                   F - hold forward
    D/B - hold down and back D - hold down          D/F - hold down and forward
    qcf - quarter circle forward        qcb - quarter circle back
    hcf - half circle forward           hcf - half circle forward
    Other Notations Relevant To This Guide
    FC - full crouch animation          WS - while standing up
    SSL - side step left                SSR - side step right
    , - followed by                     ~ - immediate after
    + - at the same time                _ - or
    < - delayed input                   = - next in sequence
    ° - push and hold button            : - requires just frame input
    BT - your back is turned to the opponent
    CH - requires a counter hit
    CD - Crouch Dash, done by inputting qcf on the joystick
    l - hits low             m - hits mid           h - hits high
    L - low and grounded     M - mid and grounded   h - high and grounded
    Low hits must be blocked low, ducked or, "crushed" by jumping over them
    with certain moves.
    Mid hits must be blocked standing.  You can not duck and block these hits.
    High hits can be ducked or blocked standing.  You can also crush high hits
    by doing certain attacks.
    III. Move List
    |      Command      | Properties  |               Move Name               |
    | 1                 | h           | Jab                                   |
    | f+1               | h           | Forward Jab                           |
    | FC+1              | Sm          | Crouch Jab                            |
    | 2                 | h           | Straight                              |
    | FC+2              | Sm          | Crouch Straight                       |
    | 3                 | h           | Tip Kick                              |
    | d+3               | L           | Low Spin Kick                         |
    | FC+3              | L           | Crouch Spin Kick                      |
    | 4                 | h           | Face Kick                             |
    | d+4               | l           | Shin Kick                             |
    | FC+4              | l           | Crouch Shin Kick                      |
    | 1,2  	            | h,h         | One Two Punch                         |  	
    | 1,2,3             | h,h,L       | One Two Punch, Low Trap               |
    | 1,2,4             | h,h,m       | One Two Punch, Arch Kick              |
    | d/f+1             | m           | Diffusion Hand                        |
    | d+1,2,4           | L,h,m       | Paddling Beat                         |
    | b+1               | m           | Stone Garden                          |
    | qcf+1             | m           | Vine Slash                            |
    | WS+1              | m           | En Garde                              |
    | 1+2               | m           | Triangle Spread                       |
    | f+1+2             | m           | Slide Slap                            |
    | b+1+2             | m           | Dendorobium                           |
    | SS+1+2            | m           | Minuet                                |
    | 2,3               | h,L         | Low Trap Combo                        |
    | 2,4               | h,h         | Arch Kick Combo                       |
    | f+2,1+2           | h,m         | Pendulum Spread                       |
    | f,f+2             | m           | Aronjebra Pierce                      |
    | d/f+2             | m           | Rose Upper                            |
    | d+2,2             | m,h         | Bloody Masquerade                     |
    | d+2,2,3           | m,h,h       | Bloody Masquerade Hurricane           |
    | d+2,2,4           | m,h,m       | Bloody Masquerade Lance               |
    | b+2,1 [~b]        | h,h         | Heliotrope [BT]                       |
    | qcf+2             | m           | Shanze Strike                         |
    | WS+2              | m           | Rising Baton                          |
    | f+3               | m           | Circle Knee                           |
    | f,f+3,3+4         | m,m,m       | Alstromeria                           |
    | d/f+3             | m           | Hooking Heel                          |
    | d/b+3             | L           | Freesia Thrust                        |
    | b+3               | h           | Round Cutter                          |
    | u/f+3             | m           | Honey Hop                             |
    | SS+3              | m           | Shirin Dart                           |
    | FC,d/f+3          | L           | Horizon Slide                         |
    | (WS_qcf)+3,4      | m,M         | Honey Circle                          |
    | 3+4               | M           | Vertical Axis                         |
    | f+3+4             | M,M         | Clock Kick                            |
    | f+3+4,3           | M,M         | Delayed Clock Kick                    |
    | f+3+4,3,4         | M,M,M       | Delayed Clock Kick Return             |
    | f,f+3+4           | m           | Spine Shot                            |
    | d/f+3+4,3+4       | M,M,M       | Spinning Edge                         |
    | d+3+4             | m           | Matterhorn Cannon                     |
    | b+3+4             |             | Flip Mirror                           |
    | u/f+3+4           | m           | Wing Knee                             |
    | u/f+3+4,3+4       | m,m         | Wing Cannon                           |
    | f+4               | h           | Arch Kick                             |
    | f,f+4             | L           | Alto Rodeo                            |
    | d/f+4,4           | m,L         | Shut Up Stomp                         |
    | d/b+4             | L           | Edelweiss                             |
    | b+4 [~f]          |             | Rabbit Air [Parade Step]              |
    | b+4~3             | L           | Rabbit Tail                           |
    | b+4~4             | m           | Rabbit Spine Shot                     |
    | u/f+4,3           | M,m         | Mustang Lance                         |
    | WS+4              | m           | Rising Lance                          |
    | b+1+4             | m unblckble | Final Spine Shot                      |
    | qcf               |             | Parade Step                           |
    | BT 1+2            | m,m         | Tempest                               |
    | BT d+3,4          | L,m         | Antelope Kick                         |
    | BT 3+4            | M           | Reverse Vertical Axis                 |
    | BT d+3+4 [~f]     | L           | Flat Trip [FF]                        |
    | BT 4,3+4          | M,M,M,M     | Spinning Edge                         |
    | b+(1+3_2+4)       | Punch       | Contour Punch Counter                 |
    |                   | reversal    |                                       |
    | b,b,u/b           | m           | Wall Jump                             |
    |Throws                                                                   |
    | (1+3_f+1+3)                     | Devotion Kiss                         |
    | (2+4_f+2+4)                     | Soul Sweep                            |
    | d/f+1+2                         | Lafreshia                             |
    | Throw on the left side          | Bounce Swing                          |
    | Throw on the right side         | Snap Crush                            |
    | Throw to the back               | Judgement Signal                      |
    Lili's 10 hit strings are:
    This is the entire move list, copied from tekkenzaibatsu.com, thank you for
    all their hard work they have done in creating this list.
    IV. Moves/Ratings
    This section covers all of the moves listed above, and some additional
    moves that are not.  I have rated move from either 1 to 5 stars depending
    on it's usefulness, safety, and damage
    1,2 - H,H - (*****)
    2 jabs.
    Lili's 10 frame punisher.  I love this move so much.  Both hits are a
    natural combo.  The first hit is +1 frames on block.  For both hits it's
    even frames on block.  Even though there are two different followups to her
    jabs, most of the time it's better to just do her 1,2 jabs.
    1,2,3 - H,H,L (***  ) One Two Low Trap
    2 jabs into a low kick.
    This is a so-so offensive tool.  The third hit is delayed a lot and will
    high crush, but even on hit this move leaves you at a disadvantage.  I use
    this very rarely, I'd rather do 1,2 followed by d+4.  The thing that is
    good about this move however is it leaves Lili to her opponents left, so if
    you side step to the right after hitting this move, you can step many
    attacks afterward, and sometimes this will leave you almost directly behind
    your opponent!  If it's blocked however, expect to be launched.  The last
    hit can not be sidestepped.
    1,2,4 - H,H,M (**** ) One Two Spine Shot
    2 jabs into a jumping kick.
    A little bit better than 1,2,3.  Lili does two kick jabs into her drill
    kick.  This move can catch people off guard just because the kick is
    delayed so much but your opponent can jab between 1,2 and the 4.  It's a
    decent mixup only because they might be expecting a low and the kick comes
    out relatively fast as far as the animation.  Still, this isn't something
    that I use very often.  It knocks down on regular and counter hit.  It is
    a decent juggle ender, but I mostly end juggles on my opponent's back with
    this move.  It is safe on block.
    2,3 - H,L (***  ) Quick Low Trap
    1 jab into a low kick.
    A bit better than 1,2,3 just because the whole move is faster, but the low
    at the end is the exact same thing, and puts you at a disadvantage on hit.
    Still, it is a decent match ending move just because the low can catch
    people off guard.  It has the same properties as 1,2,3 otherwise.
    2,4 - H,H (***  ) Arch Kick Combo
    A quick jab followed by a front roundhouse kick.
    Another decent offensive tool.  It puts you at even frames on block and
    knocks down on regular and counter hit.  Both hits are high however and the
    second hit can be ducked.  This is a good move to set people up on the
    wall.  Also both hits are guaranteed on regular hit.
    1+2 - M (*****) Triangle Spread
    A double palm strike.
    I like this move a lot.  It's similar to Baeks old 1+2 in 5.0 as far as
    how it looks.  It knocks down on regular and counter hit.  Because of the
    new system however, your opponent can do a quick rollback (~b) after it
    hits.  But if they don't, take a few steps forward and you can hit all
    of d/f+3+4,3+4, BT d+3.  This move is -12 frames on block and somewhat
    punishable but it's not too bad.  This move is best used to punish people
    yourself because it comes out really fast (12 frames).  Also you can hit
    people with d+1,2, d+1,2,4 if they tech after getting hit by this move or
    if they roll back.
    3+4 or BT 3+4 - M (**** ) Vertical Axis
    A really high jump in the air.
    This is one of those moves that makes Lili unique.  She jumps up high into
    the air and either lands on her opponents head and flips them up for free
    hits or knocks them down on the ground (on CH).  If she does this from her
    backturn stance she can even get a juggle from it!  (E.G. BT 3+4, 1,2, d+3,
    3,4).  Either way, Lili's opponent is knocked on the ground.  This move
    even beats out other stomping attacks like Wang and Julia's u/f+3+4.  Also
    this move is suprisingly safe on block and crushes everything.  I don't use
    it a ton only because it may whiff but it's great if they are cornered and
    have no place to go.
    f+2, 1+2 - M (***  ) Pendulum Spread
    Quick jab followed by a double palm strike.
    This is best used as a juggle ender.  The second hit can be delayed but
    expect to be blocked and punished just about every time you do this string.
    If you use this as a juggle ender you can get your opponent onto the wall,
    even from far away.
    f+3 - M (*****) Circle Knee
    Lili spins in a circle and hits you with her knee.
    This move has gone through a major change from the beta.  It is still
    unsafe on block, however, it pushes your opponent very far back and to the
    side so I have yet to even have this move punished.  It's great for
    catching sidesteppers.  Lili is easily sidestepped so if you find your
    opponent is side stepping a lot, throw this out to keep them from doing
    that.  This does a good amount of damage for a single safe and relatively
    fast move, and it knocks down on regular and counter hit.  I love it.
    f+4 - H (***  ) Arch Kick
    Round house kick, second part of 2,4
    Lili stands on one leg and kicks with the other in a circle.  To be honest
    I haven't found much use for this move except for against the wall.  This
    move does give you +5 frames on block so it's great for setting up CHs and
    keeping the presure on.  It can be ducked however.
    f+1+2 - M (***  ) Side Slap
    To be honest, I haven't found much use for this move.  I don't suggest
    using it often.  It side steps moves but there are better options for doing
    that.  On CH you can get a juggle (f+1+2 CH, d+1,2, d+1,2,4).
    f+3+4 and f+3+4,3,4 - M,M and M,M,M,M (*****) Clock Kick and Delayed Clock
    Kick Return.
    Lili does a cartwheel.  In the second version she delays her foot and then
    does a backflip.
    This is another one of Lili's great signature moves.  First, f+3+4 is a
    good offensive tool just because of the alternate version people will be
    more likely to just block it but fear the alternate version.  I also use
    this a TON as a combo ender because it makes them land on the ground right
    in front of you!  It's similar to Christie and Eddy's f+3+4.  I really
    recommend this move.  The second version lets you delay the second hit
    and come down with her heel.  At first I thought it would be good as a
    delay move to catch people off guard.  The problem is if they try to attack
    with a jab, they will get in between the hits.  The best situation to use
    this move in is if your opponent is laying on the ground in front of you
    fearing a tech trap, because if you get f+3+4,3 off, the 4 is guaranteed.
    The entire string is about 20 percent damage, and on a grounded opponent
    it makes a huge difference.  If you mix up your wakeup game, believe me you
    will get this move off a lot more often, even if you just mix it up with f+
    3+4 and they think they can get up right away.  f+3+4 is great for setting
    up your opponent as well, and is safe on block.
    d/f+1 - M (*****) Diffusion Hand
    Quick open hand mid jab.
    This move is a great standard d/f+1 move similar to Nina's d/f+1 in many
    respects.  This move is +1 frames on block.  I use this for mind games, mix
    it up with jabs, and throw or attempt a launch after almost every time this
    hits.  It's one of Lili's best tools.  It makes people afraid to duck just
    because it comes out so fast.  This is definately one of my favorite moves.
    d/f+2 - M (*****) Rose Upper
    Lili does a spinning fist that launches you in the air.
    This is Lili's only completely safe standard launcher.  It is safe on block
    AND it launches duckers.  Ganryu is the only other character in the game
    to have a d/f+2 like this.  I love this move a lot, even though the range
    isn't THAT great, and it doesn't crush high like other character's d/f+2,
    it is another tool to make sure your opponent doesn't duck.  Against
    characters with an 8 frame jab, you will most likely be locked down after
    attempting this move, but it's safe on block.
    d/f+3 - M (**** ) Hooking Heel
    Lili lifts her knee up in the air.
    This is a safe mid that leaves your opponent in crouch.  It's great to
    use if you find that your opponent is punch parrying your jabs and d/f+1.
    Also, on counter hit you get a juggle from this move (d+1,2, d+1,2,4).
    d/f+4<4 - M,L (***  ) Shutup Stomp
    Lili lifts up her knee and then stomps into the ground.
    Another one of Lili's signature moves.  I didn't rate it that high.  It's
    not safe and just like Asuka's strings it is very easy for a decent player
    to block and even low parry.  Still, it is like Lee's lazer kicks and can
    tear through scrubs like nothing else, you can't rely on this on good
    players.  The good thing about this move is that the second hit can be
    delayed A LOT and if the first hit is a CH, this move will knock them down
    right in front of you for free oki.  If the second hit is CH it will stun
    then for a short while.  I actually mix this up with f,f+4 because it
    throws people off.  Against serious players I will not use this move unless
    they are getting up from a throw, because sometimes they will get up, and
    both hits of this move will hit AND they will have their back to you. It's
    also good if they are rolling back, because it puts them right back on the
    ground.  So, when used properly, this move can be great, but don't include
    it in your main offense.
    d/f+3+4, 3+4 - M,M,M (*****) Back Flip Spinning Edge
    Lili does two backflips.
    This move is great!  It's great for oki, setups, and combos.  I avoid the
    entire string if my opponent is standing up.  Between the first two hits,
    he can jab right through it.  However, if they are rolling back, or are
    grounded from another move (1+2, or f+2,1+2, or u/f+4,3, or d+2,2,4) you
    can get this entire string plus an additional BT d+3!  The other great
    thing about this attack is that you can combo off of d/f+3+4.  My favorite
    combo is d/f+3+4,BT d+1,WS+2, d+1,2,4.  This combo is very beautiful, and
    also very damaging.  You can hit this move off at long range so it works
    great as a whiff punisher.  Also, even if they block you are only at a -2
    frame disadvantage and the BT options are terrific.  I'll discuss her BT
    options at the end of the move list.  This is a great move to keep the
    presure on your opponent, stay in their face, and keep them guessing!
    d+1,2,4 - L,H,M (**** ) Paddling Beat
    Low then high jab, followed by a roundhouse kick.
    I can't say that I use this move all to often.  First of all, it is unsafe.
    Second of all, it is easily blocked.  There are a couple redeaming factors
    to this move.  The first two hits are very good on the wall.  The first d+1
    moves you forward slightly and is an ok low poke, and also hits a grounded
    opponent for an ok amount of damage.  It is very good for her unorthadox
    juggles off of stun moves (d+1,2, d+1,2,4 is a good combo from many
    launchers and stuns.)  It's best to just stick to just using this in
    combos, or if they are teching or rolling back from a grounded position.
    d+2<2<3 - M,H,H (***  ) Bloody Masquerade Hurricane
    Two quick jabs followed by a roundhouse kick.
    I'm not % sure if the first two hits can be delayed.  To be honest I only
    use this as a juggle ender and not so much in combos.  Your opponent can
    jab throw the second and third hit.  The only reason why I rated it so high
    is that it's an awesome juggle ender.  d+2,2 is ok by itself, even though
    it is slightly unsafe, it tracks very well.
    d+2<2<4 - M,H,M (***   ) Bloody Masquerade Lance
    Two quick jabs followed by a straight kick.
    Almost the exact same thing as Bloody Masquerade Hurricane, except it
    doesn't work quite so well in juggles.  The only time I will use this is if
    I see a wall coming and I know that the first or second hit will hit on the
    wall because this connects better than d+2,2,3 in juggles.  Also, there
    seems to be a just frame for this move, which makes all three hits connect
    on regular hit.  This was brought up to me by juliahoe on tekkenzaibatsu.
    I have only been successful in testing this a few times, but I believe it
    is there.  The 3rd hit of this string is guaranteed if the second is a
    counter hit.
    d+3+4 - M (*****) Matterhorn Canon
    Lili leans down and kicks up with both legs, shooting her opponent high
    into the air.
    More great Lili juice.  Seriously, this move is like butter.  It's ultra
    punishable on block (-18) but the damage that you get from this launcher
    is rediculous.  On top of that, she ducks down so low that not only does
    she crush highs, she avoids some mids as well.  I clearly went under Paul's
    Phoenix Smasher once with this move.  There are a ton of options afterward
    as well (see the combo section below) that there's no reason besides saftey
    not to use this move.  If you know for sure that a high is coming, this
    should be your number one option.  This also works after a low kick parry.
    d/b+3 - L (**** ) Freesia Thrust
    Lili falls down a little bit and kicks with her leg.
    This is definately one of lili's better lows.  It knocks down on hit, and
    FC, d/f+3 is a guaranteed followup.  It's also somewhat hard to read.  It
    hits grounded as well and may knock your opponent down again if you use it
    in your oki game.  This move crushes highs.  I like this move a lot, I just
    don't like how she jumps a little before hand and can be jabbed out of it.
    d/b+4 - L (***  ) Edelweiss
    Lili does a crouching spin kick.
    Another one of Lili's decent low attacks.  This also hits grounded.  On CH,
    there is a combo afterward.  This isn't one of my favorite moves because it
    is very readable.  It does crush highs though.  I use this move very
    rarely, because it is very punishable.
    b+1 - M (**** ) Stone Garden
    Lili puts one hand to her side and does a karate chop motion on her
    I thought this move was ok at first.  It doesn't have really good range.
    The three good things about this move are that it gives you a +3 frame
    advantage on block, it puts your opponent into crouching on hit and block,
    and on counter hit, you get a free juggle.  It's a super good move, but
    don't expect to use it much just because the range is so short.  Some
    frames of this move crush high attacks.
    b+2,1~b - H,H (**   ) Heliotrope
    Lili does two jabs, which can leave her in backturn.
    I honestly don't think this move is that great other than juggle filler.
    Even though you can end this move in backturn, it has too much lag when
    compared to something like d/f+3+4.  The fact that this move leaves you in
    backturn can leave you with some interesting options in juggles.  Still,
    don't be too discouraged in using this move because doing a BT mixup or a
    throw from BT can be good.
    b+3 - H (*    ) Round Cutter
    Spinning Kick.
    I don't have much to say about this move either.  I just don't use it.  If
    you need a move like this, use f+4 instead.  This move leaves you at a
    disadavange on block anyway.  Some people have used this as the second
    hit in juggles from d+3+4.
    b+4~f - Special Movement (***  ) Rabbit Air~Parade Step
    Lili jumps and spins to the right side and then does an immediate crouch
    dash if you hold forward.
    I wouldn't say that this move on it's own is incredibly useful.  It's good
    if people are trying to lock you down and you want to get out of the way,
    then turn the match around by using one of Lili's crouch dash options. This
    is a move I haven't experimented with all too much.  I seem to get jabbed
    out of it a lot.  Still, a good use for this is to use it at point blank
    range after mixing up b+4~3 because your opponent may start to duck on
    reaction, and you can hit them with b+4~f,1 instead to launch them.
    b+4~3 - L (**** ) Rabbit Tail
    Lili jumps and spins to the side, then comes in with a sweep.
    I like this move a lot.  It's a great low, and you can follow it up with
    a free WS 3 if you are close enough, or whatever oki or wakeups you want.
    You can even mix it up with b+4~4 or b+4~f into whatever mids you want to
    keep them guessing.  It has a lot of range also.  The only bad thing about
    this move other than it's not completely safe, is that sometimes it doesn't
    track well, which can leave your back to your opponent, but for Lili this
    is not necessarily a bad thing.  This move is a high crush.    If you are
    close enough you can juggle with WS+2, d+1,2,4 afterward, but because of
    the weird range, it is just better to follow up with FC,d/f+3 or another
    b+4~4 - L (***  ) Rabbit Spine Shot
    Lili jumps and spins to the side, then does a jumping drill kick.
    This move is pretty average.  Mix it up with b+4~3.  It low crushes many
    moves and like b+4~3 has bad tracking.  It knocks down on regular and
    counter hit.
    b+1+2 - M (***  ) Dendorobium 
    Lili leans back and then comes forward to knock down her opponent.
    This move is an OK way of escaping an aggressive opponent.  It is a little
    slow in it's execution, so expect to be interupted from time to time. On
    regular hit it knocks down, but on counter hit you can juggle with d+1,2,
    b+3+4 - Spcl. Mvmt. (***  ) Flip Mirror
    Lili stands in place and turns around.
    This is one of the moves that got nerfed after the first test version. She
    used to take a step back as well as turn around but now she just spins in
    place.  It's good if you need to set up back turn moves but overall I think
    that d/f+3+4 is a better option just because when she is back turn she
    can't move forward unless it's with BT 4,3+4.
    b+1+4 - Unblockable (M) (***  ) Spine Shot ff
    Lili winds up and does her jumping drill kick.
    This unblockable isn't super useful, however it is one of the better
    unblockables in the game.  First of all it comes out somewhat fast.  Second,
    it hits mid so they can not duck it.  Third, because she is jumping your
    opponent must either attempt to sidestep it or try to jab you out of it
    in the air.  I use it a decent amount.  A good way to set this up is to
    end a juggle with d/f+2, and if they tech and you throw this out, they 
    have no choice but to sidestep it, which isn't easy.
    u/f+3+4,3+4 - M,M (****) Wing Knee Cannon
    Lili jumps forward with both legs then leans down and shoots both her legs
    into the air to launch her opponent.
    This move is great for a few reasons.  First, u/f+3+4 by itself hops over
    lows and is totally safe on block.  It is also great to use in juggles.
    Second, the follow up is a high and sometimes mid crush so if you're
    opponent tries to jab right after you doing the Wing Knee part, you will
    launch them for a ton of damage.  However good players will catch on to
    this.  This is the beauty of the move.  Because if they start fearing the
    second hit, they will stand and block and you can continue your offense
    with whatever move you desire.  Also if you see them trying to jab again
    you can go back to doing the entire string.  The only bad thing about this
    move is that the second part is incredibly unsafe on block.
    u/f+4,3 - M,M (***  ) Mustang Lance 
    Lili does a jump kick followed by a standing straight kick.
    This move is good because it is a natural combo and knocks down.  It does
    a lot of damage as well.  On hit, if they don't do a quick rollback (~b)
    you can get a free d/f+3+4,3+4,BT d+3 or whatever other oki you like.  The
    first it is a low crush.  
    u/f+3 - M (*****) Honey Hop
    Lili does a hop kick.
    This is my absolute favorite move with Lili.  Even though it's not in her
    complete move list, it is an important part of her game.  This move
    crushes lows like nothing else.  It has almost phantom range and can be
    used if your opponent whiffs almost anything.  It is merely jab punishable
    and is worth the risk.  It's fast enough that if you were block something
    low that is unsafe, you can do this move right afterward rather than a WS
    move.  Also this move is guaranteed after both low punch and low kick
    parry.  Combos off this move lead to approximately 45% damage.  This move
    is also great to use against wakeup kicks, or any other wakeup moves
    your opponent has because it will fully launch them into the air.  It can
    even catch back rollers.  THIS IS HER NUMBER ONE MOVE.
    f,f+2 - M (***  ) Aronjebra Pierce 
    Lili dashes forward into and punches.
    I can't say that I use this move all too often since it used to be her qcf+
    2.  The good thing about this move is that it will stun on regular hit for
    a free juggle.  Other then that, I don't think it's that great, but I'll
    throw it out from time to time.
    f,f+3,3+4 - M,M,M (***  ) Alstromeria  
    Lili does a jump kick followed by a cartwheel in the air.
    Another move that I don't use a lot.  It's not a terrible move, it's just
    very slow and doesn't track well.  It does a lot of damage on hit but it's
    one of the easiest moves to sidestep, and it leaves Lili wide open. I would
    avoid using this attack very often, unless you are at close range.  One
    strategy I use is to mix up f,f+4 and this on wakeup, because she jumps on
    both moves, and you can trick your opponent into ducking because the start
    up for both of these moves looks about the same.  This move does a lot of
    damage as well.  So stick to using this only at close range or in a
    situation where your opponent is forced to try and block.
    f,f+4 - L (*****) Alto Rodeo
    Lili hops forward and stomps the ground.
    This is a great low move.  It doesn't knock down but it will stun Lili's
    opponent on CH.  I mix it up with f,f+3 a bit.  The only bad thing about
    this move is that it can be easily stepped and it's best to use if you're
    keeping the pressure on.  Also, on CH, if they don't break the stun you get
    a free launcher! (either u/f+3 or d/f+2).  This is her only low move that
    is not launch punishable, so use it.
    f,f+3+4 - M (***  ) Spine Shot
    Lili jumps forward with a drill kick.
    This move is alright.  It's relatively fast and knocks down.  It also
    crushes low attacks.  It gives you a massive block stun but not frame
    advantage.  I use it from time to time.
    qcf+1 - M (*****) Vine Slash
    Lili does a crouch dash into a backhand launcher.
    I like this move a lot.  It's jab punishable, but that is the only
    negative thing about it.  First, it has a lot of range, Lili's juggles off
    of this move take about 45% damage, and this move will go under highs as
    well has some mid attacks.  It's a great offensive tool and one of her
    best launchers.  You can even use this in juggles after WS 2 and d+3+4.
    This move is also referred to as CD 1.
    qcf+2 - M (**** ) Shanze Strike
    Lili does a crouch dash into a punch.
    This move is alright.  I rated it high for a couple reasons.  First, you
    can mix this up with CD 1 to keep them guessing when to punish, because
    that move is not safe, and this one totally is.  Second, it will stun on
    CH for a juggle.  This move is also referred to as CD 2.
    WS 1 - M (***  ) En Garde
    Lili does a fast rising punch.
    This move is ok, it's her second fastest WS move.  On CH you can juggle
    right afterward as well.  I don't have a lot to say about this move even
    though I use it often.
    WS 2 - M (**** ) Rising Baton
    Lili does a longer version of her d/f+2.
    This move is a great punisher for really unsafe lows.  It launches her
    opponent way into the air for at least 50% juggles.  This move is not safe
    but not horribly unsafe however.  It won't work on many lows because it is
    kind of slow, but still it has a lot of range and is a great launcher.
    Another thing you can use this move for is, if your opponent techs, and
    you catch them with this, you can hit them with d+1,2,4 afterward.
    WS 3,4 - M (***  ) Honey Circle
    Lili does a backwards cartwheel followed by a front heel drop.
    This move is OK.  It's good for punishing lows that WS 2 and u/f+3 can not.
    WS 3 has weird range, and sometimes you can do a juggle after it, sometimes
    you can not.  Most of the time, I just go for WS 3,4 rather than WS 3 then
    into a juggle because of this.  I don't use it as an offensive tool that
    much, only for punishing lows.
    WS 4 - M (**** )
    Lili does a quick kick straight into the air from a ducking position.
    This is a standard WS move.  You can also do this move by doing Parade Step
    4 or qcf+4. On CH this move knocks her opponent down, but you can get a
    free d+4 if you are fast enough.
    FC, d/f+3 - L (**** ) Horizon Slide
    Lili does a slide on the ground.
    I like this move a lot.  Even if it's not incredibly safe, it has a ton of
    range and can catch people off guard.  If you side step before it sometimes
    she will slide right through them and they can't punish it.  You can also
    juggle after this move because it trips them on counter hit.  This move
    is a high crush.  On counter hit, you get a juggle (d+1,2, d+1,2,4).
    SS 3 - M (**   ) Shirin Dart Kick
    Lili's sidesteps and does a straight kick into the air, launching her
    In my opinion, Lili's side step game is very weak.  This move is a side
    step launcher, but it comes out so slow that even if you clearly sidestep
    some moves, they may have time to recover and block it.  It's not safe on
    block either.  Still, I use this move sometimes because it's very
    rewarding, much like any of Lili's launchers.
    SS 1+2 - M (**   ) Minuet
    Lili steps to the side and punches her opponent.
    This move is complete garbage.  It comes out so slow, and has some of the
    most horrible tracking I have ever seen.  You get a juggle on CH, but there
    are better options.  Avoid using this move, and SS into another option
    BT 4,3+4 - M,M,M,M (*****) Hanged Kick Spinning Edge
    Lili does two backward cartwheels, leaving her in back turn position.
    Now here is an annoying move!  Not only is the first hit completely safe
    on block (but not the second hit) but it can run down opponents who try to
    attack through it, and it even hits grounded.  The first part is both a
    high and low crush.  I don't do the entire string very often because the
    first and second parts can be jabbed through, but even if you do just do
    the first part, you will stay in back turn for a mix-up.
    BT 1+2 - M,M (**** ) Tempest
    Lili turns around and comes down with two kick palm swipes.
    Another great move!  This move knocks down on regular and counter hit, and
    even on block leaves your opponent in a crouching position.  It comes out
    really fast, so use it in her BT mix-ups.
    BT d+3,4 - L,M (**** ) Antelope Kick
    Lili does a back turned low kick followed by another kick with her other
    leg to the chest.
    I like this move a lot, because the first part crushes highs, and the
    second hit is guaranteed on CH.  Not only that, if you are keep the
    pressure on, your opponent will be forced to block because in many cases,
    if they try to low crush the first hit, it will whiff.  This move does
    a ton of damage and knocks down.
    BT d+3+4 - L (***  ) Flat Trip                             |
    Lili does a long range sweep from back turn, and returns to back turn.
    This move is good, even though I don't use it very often because of it's
    readability.  However if it hits, it will knock down and you can get
    another one for free, or a BT d+3,4
    V. Top 10 Moves
    d/f+1 +1 on block, decent punisher, awesome presure tool, good to setup
    throws or whatever short range move's you'd like.
    1,2 10 frame jab punisher. 1 by itself is +1 on block.
    d+3+4 high and sometimes mid crush. Bad recovery but worth the risk and
    damage. Guaranteed after low kick parry.
    u/f+3 low crush, phantom range, almost 50 percent damage after launching
    with this. Jab punishable but that's about it. Guaranteed after low kick
    and punch parry.
    d/f+2 Safe, spammable launcher. Launches duckers. Guaranteed after low kick
    d/f+3+4 Great whiff punisher, leads to a great combo (BT d+1, WS2, 
    d+1,2,4). Great mixups out of backturn on block (d+3,4, u/f+4, 1+2, or even
    f+3+4,3,4 I would recommend not doing this against a standing opponent
    because they can jab in between f+3,4 and 3 but if they're on the ground
    and the 3 part hits, 4 is guarenteed. Lots of damage.
    f+3 Semi fast side kick. Hits side steppers and knocks down. Pushes back so
    it's relatively safe on block.
    1+2 12 frame punisher, knocks down, free damage if they don't quick
    rollback. Good for interupting offense.
    FC d/f+3 Good low with lots of range and good tracking but not safe. Lots
    of damage on CH.
    VI. Combos/Juggles
    All juggles have been tested and confirmed personally by me.  I have marked
    the most useful and/or damaging juggles with a *.  She has a lot of options
    for juggles, but I have not listed every possible juggle here.
    * - d/f+1, 1,2, d+2,2,3
    - d/f+1, 1,2, 1,2,4
    * - d/f+1, 1,2, f+3+4
    * - 2, b+2,1, 1, f+2,1+2
    - 1,2, b+2,1~b, BT 1+2
    * - 2, b+2,1, d+2,2,3
    * - b+2,1, 2, d+2,2,3
    * - 2, b+2,1, 1, f+2,1+2
    * - d/f+1, b+2,1, d+2,2,3
    - d/f+1, b+2,1, 1,2,4
    * - d/f+1, b+2,1, f+3+4
    - d/f+1, 1,2, d+2,2,3
    - d/f+1, 1,2, 1,2,4
    - d/f+1, 1,2, f+3+4
    - 1, b+2,1, 1, f+2,1+2
    - 1,2, b+2,1~b, BT 1+2
    - 1,2, d/f+2, 1,2,4
    * - 2, b+2,1, d+2,2,3
    * - b+2,1, 2, d+2,2,3
    d+3+4 or u/f+3+4,3+4
    * - U/F+4, 1,2, d+2,2,3
    * - U/F+4, b+2,1, d+2,2,3
    - U/F+4, 1,2, 1,2,4
    * - U/F+4, 1,2, f+3+4
    - b+3, 1,2, d+2,2,3
    - b+3, 1,2, 1,2,4
    - b+3, 1,2, f+3+4
    * - b+3, 1, 1,2, u/f+3+4,3+4
    - CD 1, 1,2, d+2,2,3
    - CD 1, 1,2, 1,2,4
    - CD 1, 1,2, f+3+4
    * - CD 2, 1,2, d+2,2,3
    CD 1
    * - d/f+1, 1,2, d+2,2,3
    - d/f+1, 1,2, 1,2,4
    * - d/f+1, 1,2, f+3+4
    * - 1, b+2,1, 1, f+2,1+2
    - 1,2, b+2,1~b, BT 1+2
    * - 2, b+2,1, d+2,2,3
    * - 2, b+2,1, 1, f+2,1+2
    - 1, qcf+1, 1, f+2,1+2
    CD 2 CH
    * - qcf+1, 1,2, 1,2,4
    * - d/f+1, 1,2, d+2,2,3
    WS 1 CH
    * - d+1,2, d+1,2,4
    * - d/b+1, WS+2, d+1,2,4
    WS 2
    * - u/f+3+4, 1,2, d+2,2,3
    - u/f+3+4, 1,2, 1,2,4
    * - u/f+3+4, 1,2, f+3+4
    - u/f+3+4, 1,2, u/f+3+4,3+4
    * - u/f+3, 1,2, d+2,2,3
    - u/f+3, 1,2, 1,2,4
    - u/f+3, 1,2, f+3+4
    - CD 1, 1,2, d+2,2,3
    - CD 1, 1,2, 1,2,4
    - CD 1, 1,2, f+3+4
    * - u/f+3+4, 1, b+2,1, u/f+3+4,3+4
    - d+2,2, 1, 1,2,4
    - u/f+3+4, b+2,1, d+2,2,3
    * - qcf+1, d/f+1, 1,2, f+2,1+2
    CD 3 or WS 3
    - 1,2, 1,2,4
    * - 1,2, d+2,2,3
    CD 4 CH or WS 4 CH
    - d+4
    SS 3
    * - d/f+1, 1,2, d+2,2,3
    - d/f+1, 1,2, 1,2,4
    * - d/f+1, 1,2, f+3+4
    * - 1, b+2,1, 1, f+2,1+2
    - 1,2, b+2,1~b, BT 1+2
    BT u/f+4
    - d/f+1, 1,2, d+2,2,3
    - d/f+1, 1,2, 1,2,4
    - d/f+1, 1,2, f+3+4
    * - BT d+1, WS 2, d+1,2,4
    - d+1,2, d+1,2,4
    - BT 1+2
    * - BT d+1, cc, 1,2, d+2,2,3
    u+4 CH
    * - 1,2, d+2,2,3
    - 1,2, 1,2,4
    * - 1,2, f+3+4
    - b+2,1, d+2,2,3
    - b+2,1, 1,2,4
    - b+2,1, f+3+4
    - 1, b+2,1, 1,2,4
    * - f+2, 1+2
    * - f+2, d+1,2,4 (techable)
    BT 3+4
    * - 1,2, d+2,2,3
    * d/f+1, 1,2, u/f+3+4,3+4
    - 1,2, 1,2,4
    d/f+3 CH
    - d+1,2, d+1,2,4
    - d/f+4,4
    - d+1,2, d/f+1, 1,2,4 (depends on range)
    * -d+1,2, d+1,2,4
    * - d/f+1, 1,2, d+2,2,3
    * - d/f+1, 1,2, f+3+4
    - d/f+1 1,2, 1,2,4
    d/b+4 CH
    - SSL, d+1,2, d+1,2,4
    * - WS 3
    * - FC, d/f+3
    * - WS 2, d+1,2,4
    - WS 2, d+1,2, 1+2
    b+1 CH
    * - d+1,2, d+1,2,4
    * - FC, d/f+3
    VII. Customizations
    Tekken Zaibatsu has done a great job of putting up images of each character's
    customizaitions.  You can view these at the link here:
    I will go over each of Lili's customizations that are available.
    *****1P Outfit, selectable with the "punch" button*****
    Head Items
    Cowgirl Hat    - 300,000G
    Bunny Ears     -  60,000G
    Prince         - 150,000G
    Dizzy          -  30,000G
    Pinned Up Hair - 150,000G
    Curls          - 200,000G
    Black Hair     -  50,000G
    Pink Hair      -  50,000G
    Face Items
    Goggle Sunglasses -  60,000G
    Mask              - 120,000G
    Goth Make Up      -  80,000G
    Upper Body Items
    Bustier - 300,000G
    Jacket  - 200,000G
    Choker -  30,000G
    Lower Body Items
    Cowgirl Pants      - 200,000G
    Punk Style         - 500,000G
    Aura               -  40,000G
    Aura Random Change -  30,000G
    *****2P Outfit, selectable with the "kick" button*****
    Head Items
    Dress Hat      - 300,000G
    Lace Hairband  - 200,000G
    Ribbon         -  30,000G
    Dizzy          -  30,000G
    Pinned Up Hair - 150,000G
    Curls          - 200,000G
    Black Hair     -  50,000G
    Pink Hair      -  50,000G
    Face Items
    Eye Patch         -  60,000G
    Red Mask          - 120,000G
    Goth Make Up      -  80,000G
    Upper Body Items
    Teddy Bear - 150,000G
    Parasol    -  60,000G
    Lower Body Items
    Shoes & Socks      - 500,000G
    Black Stockings    - 300,000G
    Aura               -  40,000G
    Aura Random Change -  30,000G
    1P/Punch Uniform Colors
    Color 1 changes her shirt except for the white part
    Color 2 changes her gloves
    Color 3 changes her pants and shoes, and some items like her jacket
    Each Color costs 10,000G
    The following colors are available but not all colors are available for 
    all parts:
    2P/Kick Uniform Colors
    Color 1 changes her bow, the trim on her gloves, and her socks, and some
    items, eg ribbon
    Color 2 changes her dress
    Color 3 changes her gloves and boots
    The following colors are available but not all colors are available for
    all parts:
    Aura will surround your character with a glow.  It is initially white if
    you purchase "Aura" as a lower body item.  This will replace any
    customizations that you have on your character, not just her lower body
    item.  You can change the color of your aura by purchasing "Aura Random
    Change."  Just like you can tell from this name, the color will be random.
    If you don't want this color you have to spend another 40,000G to buy
    another random color.  If you unequip aura and reequip it, it will return
    to it's original white color, and you must buy a "Aura Random Change" to
    give it another random color.
    Again, a picture is worth a thousand words, so you are better off looking
    on Tekken Zaibatsu's web site for images of her items before you spend your
    hard earned G!

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