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    Move List by thecrobar

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     ______                 _       
    (____  \       _   _   | |      
     ____)  ) ____| |_| |_ | | ____ 
    |  __  ( / _  |  _)  _)| |/ _  )
    | |__)  | ( | | |_| |__| ( (/ / 
    |______/ \_||_|\___)___)_|\____)
     _______                         _       
    (_______)         _             (_)      
     _____ ____ ____ | |_  ____  ___ _  ____ 
    |  ___) _  |  _ \|  _)/ _  |/___) |/ _  |
    | |  ( ( | | | | | |_( ( | |___ | ( ( | |
    |_|   \_||_|_| |_|\___)_||_(___/|_|\_||_|
    1. Introduction...(IT1)
    1. Introduction...........(IT1)
    2. Modes..................(MD2)
    3. Notation...............(NT3)
    4. Characters.............(CT4)
    5. Closing................(CS5)
    Hello, and welcome to my movelist FAQ for Battle Fantasia. The purpose 
    of this guide is to give a brief overview of the game's various modes 
    before launching in to movelists for the characters. The purpose of 
    this guide is not to give a step by step guide as to how to master each 
    of the game's characters, but to give you a list of their various moves 
    so that you might better be able to form combos and play better as 
    them. I hope you find this guide useful, and if you have any questions 
    or comments about this guide you can contact me at 
    2. Modes...(MD2)
    This section details the modes you can choose from the main menu.
    A. Arcade
    Fight Nine matches in a row against computer controlled opponents.
    B. Story
    Play through the story mode to find out the goals and plots of the 
    game's characters. Each character has two paths: one that proceeds as 
    normal and an alternate path that can be activated under special 
    circumstances. Here they are:
    Ashley: Taunt once against Coyori
    Urs: Win by drawing down the clock against Olivia
    Face: Use Texas Knee against Urs at lest five times
    Cedric: Adjust your glasses five times against Marco, QCB+Taunt
    Coyori: Throw Freed five times
    Deathbringer: Kill Watson with Final Inferno
    Dokurod: Taunt after defeating Coyori
    Donvalve: Use Hip de Don at lest once, and finish with s upper move
    Watson: Finish Cedric with Hip de Bunny
    Olivia: Hit Coyori 10 times with a D attack, and finish him with one
    Marco: Finish Olivia with Dyna Rush
    Freed: Use Magnum Jetter at least five times against Marco
    C. Vs. 2P
    Fight against another human opponent on your Xbox.
    D. Vs. CPU
    Fight against a computer controlled opponent in a battle you set up 
    according to how you want to fight.
    E. Survival
    Defeat as many enemies as possible without dying.
    F. Practice
    A Training mode where you can set the variables for your fights, like 
    having infinite MP gauges or infinite health. Great for playing around 
    and making the best combos.
    G. Time Attack
    A 13 stage time attack against all the characters in the game. Try to 
    defeat them as quickly as possible.
    H. Gallery
    A place where you can view the credits for the game or the opening 
    movie again, as well as look at any of the illustrations you've 
    unlocked for beating story mode or unlocked through regular play.
    I. Online
    Play the game on Xbox live. Hit up the message boards if you're looking 
    for a match, but it might not always be too active.
    J. Options
    Allows you to change parameters in game: controls, audio, CPU 
    difficulty, etc. It also houses the all important save function, make 
    sure to use it when you're done playing.
    3. Notation...(NT3)
    This section is used to detail the notion I will use in this guide. For 
    the most part, I've tried to preserve each of the movesets wording and 
    readings as found in the game, but some inputs cannot be done on a 
    conventional keyboard or are simply easier to read when done in 
    notation. All notations are given relative to your opponent's position
    QCF: Stands for quarter circle forward, or pressing down, diagonal down 
    forward, and then forward in rapid succession.
    FDR: Stands for forward down diagonal, pressing forward, then down, 
    then diagonal down forward in rapid succession.
    B/D, A/C, etc: A button press where either button can be performed.
    Specials Enhanced: When characters enter in to "Heat-Up mode", some of 
    them get special moves. Alternately, they may gain alterations to their 
    normal special moves in place of that. This denotes the latter.
    CBF: Stands for charge back forward, holding back for a about a half a 
    second and then pressing forward.
    CDU: Stands for charge down up, holding down for about a half a half a 
    second and then pressing up.
    HCB: Stands for half circle back, pressing forward then rotating the 
    control stick/D-pad 180 degrees backwards. In other words, press 
    forward, diagonal down forward, down, diagonal down backwards, and 
    HCF: Stands for half circle forward, pressing back then rotating the 
    control stick/D-pad 180 degrees forwards. In other words, back, 
    diagonal down backwards, down, diagonal down forwards, forward.
    QCB: Stands for quarter circle back, pressing down, diagonal down 
    backwards, and back.
    360, 720: Stands for rotation of the Controls stick/D-pad. This means 
    you will need to rotate the control device by as many degrees as 
    dictated: 360 is one rotation, 720 is two rotations, etc.
    A detail that I've added to the moves, these dictate what the move does 
    with a word. They can be found after the listings for each move.
    Projectile: Launches a projectile of some sort away from the character.
    Uppercut: Hits slightly forward and moves upwards into the air
    Dash: Character moves across the screen to hit an opponent
    Slam: Either a single powerful hit, or a single powerful hit that leads 
    into a multi-hit attack
    Aerial: Move designed to hit enemies that are jumping or airborne
    Boost: Increases stats in some way: more attack power, better defense, 
    Trap: Move that sets up a trap for other characters to move into
    Throw: Unblockable move that picks up a character and does damage
    Combo: An attack that can only be performed after doing another 
    specific attack
    Mix (Aerial Dash, Dash Uppercut, etc.): A move that mixes the 
    properties of two move types. Usually super moves.
    A. Urs...(URZ)
    Health: 4650
    Special moves:
    Bari Fire Shot: QCF+A/C (Projectile)
    Bari Fire Blade: FDR+A/C (Uppercut)
    Speed Glide: QCB+B/D (Dash)
    Sonic Tackle: QCF+B/D (Dash)
    Super Special moves:
    Full-Throttle Road Master: QCF,QCF+A/C (Dash)
    Basilisk Burst: QCF,QCF+B/D (Slam)
    Specials Enhanced
    B. Marco...(MRZ)
    Health: 2680
    Special Moves:
    Baribari beam: QCF+A (Projectile)
    Baribari cutter: QCF+C (Projectile)
    Dyna Blade: FDR+A/C (Uppercut)
    Fanged Snake Crush: QCB+B/D *hold to cancel* (Dash)
    Hell Slash: QCB+A/C (Dash)
    Super Special Moves:
    Dyna Rush: QCF,QCF+A/C (Dash)
    Final Strike: QCF,QCF+B/D (Slam)
    Heat-Up Moves:
    Char Siu Fire: QCF A/C (Slam)
    Char Siu Attack: QCF B/D (Aerial Dash)
    C. Cedric...(CDZ)
    Health: 2830
    Special Moves:
    Evangelical light: CBF+A/C (Projectile)
    Holy Devotion: CDU+B/D (Uppercut)
    Trick Devotion: CDU+A/C (Jump)
    Saint Dropkick: Hold D (Aerial)
    Super Special Moves: 
    Eternity of Regret: QCF,QCF+A/C (Projectile)
    Hammer of the Gods: QCF,QCF+B/D (Boost)
    Heat-UP Moves:
    Evangelical Light: (Enhanced)
    Holy Devotion: (Enhanced)
    Trick Devotion: (Enhanced)
    D. Ashley...(ASZ)
    Health: 3470
    Special Moves:
    Steal Your Heart: HCB+A/C (Throw)
    Lovers: HCB+B/D (Dash)
    Glance Wing: QCF+A/C (Dash)
    Judas Wing: FDR+B/D (Dive)
    Super Special Moves:
    Secret Desire: QCF,QCF+B/D (Slam)
    Loyal Heart: QCF,QCF+A/C (Dash)
    Heat-Up Moves:
    Romance Wing (up/forward): QCF+B/D (Dash)
    Air Romance Wing (horizontal): QCF+A/C *Midair* (Aerial Dash)
    Air Romance Wing (down/forward): QCF+B/C *Midair* (Aerial Dash)
    E. Olivia...(OLZ)
    Health: 3200
    Special Moves:
    Dainty Livi: QCF+A/C (Dash)
    Rote Rose: FDR+A/C (Uppercut)
    Empress Lily: QCB+B/D *midair* *hold to cancel* (Aerial)
    Shall we Dance?: HCB+A/C (Throw)
    Super Special Moves:
    Eglanteria: QCF,QCF+A/C (Dash)
    Centifolia: QCB,QCB+A/C (Slam)
    Heat-Up moves:
    Blossoming Dove (Boost)
    F. Watson...(WTZ)
    Health: 2190
    Special Moves:
    Platina Ball: QCF+A/C *level up by hitting with C attacks* (Trap)
    Torabasa Minore: QCF+B/D *level up by hitting with C attacks* (Trap)
    Tiny Drop: QCF+B/D *Midair* (Aerial)
    Falling Drop: QCB+B/D *Midair* (Shield)
    Super Special Moves:
    Torabasa Mayore: QCF,QCF+B/D (Trap)
    Alsuhail Almuhlif: QCF,QCF+A/C (Slam)
    Heat-Up Moves:
    Twinkle Dust: QCB+A/C *must be performed three times in a row to work* 
    (Projectile Slam)
    Personal Moves:
    Hip de Bunny: D+B *Midair* (Aerial Dash)
    G. Freed...(FRZ)
    Health: 4100
    Special Moves:
    Magnum Jetter: CBF+A/C (Dash)
    Phantom Dive: CBF+B/D (Dash)
    Phantom Glide: CBF+B/D Hold (Dash)
    Welcome Tempest: CDU+A/C (Dash Uppercut)
    Super Special Moves:
    Magnum Jet Landing: QCF,QCF+A/C (Dash)
    Heat My Justice: QCF,QCF+B/D (Slam)
    Heat-Up Moves:
    Special Moves Enhanced
    H. Donvalve...(DVZ)
    Health: 6580
    Special Moves:
    Don Swing: 360+A/C (Throw)
    Catapult Hammer: HCF+B *old to cancel* (Dash Throw)
    Catapult Hammer Break: During CH, A/C (Slam)
    Catapult Throw: HCF+D (Throw)
    Hip de Don: QCB+B/D (Projectile)
    Super Special Moves:
    Flying DonCake: QCF,QCF+B/D (Aerial Throw) 
    Don Don Swing: 720+A/C *increase power with added rotations* (Throw)
    Heat=Up Moves:
    Goldon Swing: F+C (Throw)
    I. Coyori...(CYZ)
    Health: 3150
    Special Moves:
    1. Tea is Ready: QCF+A/C (Dash)
    2. First Tea: During 1, press A (Combo)
    Second Tea: During 2. press F+A (Combo)
    Lukewarm Tea: During 1, press F+B (Combo)
    3. Dart Attack: During 1 or 2, hold B (Combo)
    Gratuity Please: During 1, 2, or 3, hold C (Combo)
    Bitter Tea: During 1,2, or 3, press D (Combo)
    4. Cat Windmill: FDR+B/D (Anti-air)
    Duster Attack: During 4, press down+B/D (Combo)
    Super Specials:
    Crazy Cat Dance: QCF,QCF+A/C (Dash)
    Cat Storm: QCF,QCF+B/D *repeatedly press for more damage* (Slam)
    Heat-Up moves:
    Consecutive attacks enhanced
    Personal Moves:
    Aerial Dash: FF in air
    J. Face...(FCZ)
    Health: 4440
    Special Moves:
    Texas Knee: FDR+B (Uppercut)
    Texas Knee Shot: FDR+D (Uppercut)
    1. Frontier Shot (can continue to 2,3,4): QCF+A/C *hold to cancel* 
    2. Wild Comeback (Can continue to 1,3,4): QCB+A/C *hold to cancel*
    3. Middle West: During 1 or 2, FDR+A/C (Combo)
    4. Grand West: During 1 or 2, QCF+B/D (Combo)
    (Only three of the above can be chained into a single combo)
    Super Special Moves:
    Wilderness Bazooka: QCF,QCF+A/C *A is diagonal up forward, C is strait* 
    Raging Revolver: QCF,QCF+B/D (Dash Projectile)
    Heat-Up Moves:
    Quick Draw: QCF+A/C *A is upper horizontal, C is lower horizontal* 
    Quick Draw: QCB_A/C *A is Mid Level, C is horizontal* (Projectile)
    K. Deathbringer...(DBZ)
    Health: 5500
    Special Moves:
    Warcry: QCB+B/D *Alters other moves* (Boost)
    Flame Claw: FDR+A/C *A is low, C is high* (Uppercut)
    Fire Blow: HCF+B/D *B is low, D is high* (Dash)
    Cursed Destroyer: HCB+A/C *A is high, C is low* (Dash)
    Super Special Moves:
    Final Inferno: QCB,QCB+A/C *Charge to deal more damage, full charge is 
    an instant kill* (Smash)
    Heat-Up Moves:
    Final Strike: Hit and enemy three times while Heated-up, happens 
    automatically and can't be blocked. (Smash)
    L. Odile & Dokurod...(ODZ)
    Health: 3100
    Special Moves:
    Entrelace: QCF+A/C (Projectile)
    Arabesque: QCB+A/C (Dash)
    Cabriole: QCB+B/D (Dash)
    Petite Pirouette: down+B/D in air (Aerial)
    Super Special Moves:
    Divertissement: QCB,QCB+A/C (Smash)
    Grand Pirouette: QCF.QCF+B/D in air (Aerial)
    Heat-Up Moves:
    Specials Enhanced
    5. Closing...(CLZ)
    This guide is my property, and you are only being allowed to use it. As 
    such, I must insist that you not use this guide for any personal gain 
    or profit off of it in any way. You are free to use this guide as you 
    see fit as long as it comes within those confines: you may print it, 
    make a hat out of the pages, or create some pleasant origami. I don't 
    care as long as I maintain ownership of this guide. Do not distribute 
    it without my permission, but if you would like it on your website feel 
    free to contact me at wcrobars@hotmail.com and I will more than likely 
    allow it. I hope this guide has been useful, and I thank you for 
    reading it.
    This guide, like all of my guides, is dedicated to cats. 
    Copyright Woody Crobar, March 31 2009.

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