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    Chun-Li by Surllio

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    Chun Li Character Faq
    Version 1.01
    Updated Feb. 25, 2009
    Faq by Robert S. Evans
    Surllio@hotmail.com [Surllio (at) hotmail (dot) com]
    1:  Intro
    	1.1: Terminology and Controls
    	1.2: Street Fighter IV Systems
    2:  The Basics
    	2.1: Basic Moves
    	2.2: Unique Moves
    	2.3: Special Moves
    	2.4: Super and Ultra
    3:  Gameplay
    	3.1: General Strategies
    	3.2: Combos
    	3.3: More In-Depth
    		3.3A: On The Ground
    		3.3B: Wake Up Game
    		3.3C: Anti-Air Game
    4:  Match-Ups
    	4.1: vs. Abel
    	4.2: vs. Akuma
    	4.3: vs. Balrog
    	4.4: vs. Blanka
    	4.5: vs. C. Viper
    	4.6: vs. Cammy
    	4.7: vs. Chun Li
    	4.8: vs. Dan
    	4.9: vs. Dhalsim
    	4.A: vs. E. Honda
    	4.B: vs. El Fuerte
    	4.C: vs. Fei Long
    	4.D: vs. Gen
    	4.E: vs. Gouken
    	4.F: vs. Guile
    	4.G: vs. Ken
    	4.H: vs. M. Bison
    	4.I: vs. Rose
    	4.J: vs. Rufus
    	4.K: vs. Ryu
    	4.L: vs. Sagat
    	4.M: vs. Sakura
    	4.N: vs. Seth
    	4.O: vs. Vega
    	4.P: vs. Zangief
    5:  Frame Data
    6:  Credits and Legal
    Version History
    1.00: Feb. 25 2009 - FAQ Posted.
    1.01: Feb. 27 2009 - Minor Tweeks and edits.  Fixed some spellings, some
    double words, and reworded a few things.  Went a little deeper into the 
    strategy and tips section.  Added where it should only be found at the bottom
    with legal.
    1.10: March 3, 2009 - Big update.  Added more indepth strategies to the 
    gameplay section.  I also added the Zangief Match up to the Matchups section, 
    though it is the only one there currently.  All these sections are rather 
    1.11: March 5, 2009 - Changed up the terminology section to make it a little 
    easier to understand.  Cleaned up the basic moves section as well.  It should
    be less jumbled now and a little easier to understand.  Some language tweeks
    to get the FAQ following the # System a little better.
    1.  Intro
    Welcome to my Character Faq on Chun Li for Street Fighter IV.  This is mostly 
    based on the console version.  This is also my first FAQ, though I've assisted
    on several in the past.
    Like all faqs, this is a living body of work.  What is posted is not final.
    I will be updating it when I can.  If you find a problem with my work, you can
    find my e-mail at the top of the faq.
    1.1: Terminology and Controls
    Fighting games have their own unquie dialog that can be spoken.  There are two
    forms of this dialog that is spoken, but they mean roughly the same thing.
    This faq uses the # system.
    The # system.  The # system (number) is the assigning of numbers to the 
    directions of the pad/stick.  If you were to look down at it, the numbers 
    would look something like this:
    7  8  9		Up Back    Up       Up Forward
    4  5  6    =	Back       Neutral  Forward
    1  2  3         Down Back  Down     Down Forward
    So, if I were to say 236, I'm saying rotate in a quarter circle motion.  This
    is assumed that 6 is forward and 4 is backwards.  This is the first player
    Some moves require that you charge a direction for a second or two.  This is 
    called a charge.  This will be represented by a (C) after the number input.
    A charge move will look like this:  4(C)6.  That move is Charge back (4) then
    forward after the charge.  A charge is usually about two seconds, though the
    time is actually a little over 1 and a half seconds.  When you get the hang of
    charge moves, you learn the timing.
    5 is there to indicate Neutral, or standing.  This is inputing a command while
    not pressing a direction.  So, 5+attack is attacking while the controller is
    in neutral position.
    Each attack has its own designation as well.
    LP = Light Punch (also called Weak Punch)
    MP = Medium Punch
    HP = Heavy Punch (also called Fierce Punch)
    LK = Light Kick (also called Weak Kick)
    MK = Medium Kick
    HK = Heavy Kick (also called Fierce Kick or Roundhouse)
    K = Any Kick
    P = Any Punch
    AP = All Punches
    AK = All Kicks
    So, 236+P now reads quarter circle forward and any punch button.  This is also
    known as your basic fireball motion.
    Some basics to remember are:
    66 = Forward Dash (Forward, forward)
    44 = Back Dash  (Back, Back)
    236 = Quarter Circle Forward (Fireball Forward)
    214 = Quarter Circle Backward (Fireball Backward)
    623 = Forward roll to down forward (Dragon Punch Forward)
    421 = Backward roll to down back (Dragon Punch Backward)
    41236 = Half Circle Forward  (Back to forward going down)
    63214 = Half Circle Backward  (Forward to back going down)
    28 = Down then Up
    These are the basics of understanding most fighting games.  
    There are also terms that are needed to be known.
    Block: This the action of blocking an attack.  Unless a move is unblockable it
    can be blocked.  Holding 4 will block mid height and overhead attacks.  This
    is referred to as a standing blocking.  Holding 1 will block mid height and
    low attacks.  This is a crouching block.  Low attacks will always beat a
    a standing block.  Overhead attacks will always beat a crouching block.
    Jumping.  Pressing 7, 8, or 9 will cause a character to jump.  7 jumps back.
    8 goes straight up.  9 goes forward.  You can attack from a jump, and even 
    throw with some characters.  You cannot block while jumping.  Jump moves are
    notated with a J. before the move.  Jumping LP will look like J.LP.
    Quick Recovery:  This allows you to get up faster from a knockdown.  Input 2
    on your pad or stick and any two attack buttons.  This will cause you to get
    up much faster.
    Frames:  This is the number of frames each move or action takes.  Most games
    in a fighting game come down to a battle of frames. The game moves in frames
    per second, and each action takes X number of frames to start (known as 
    startup frames), X number of frames to execute (known as active frames), and
    X number of frames to get the character back to a normal state (known as
    recovery frames).  The less frames a move takes in each step, the more likely
    the move is to beat out another move.  The more frames it takes, the more
    likely it is to be interrupted, or the longer you are vulnerable on miss.
    There are suppose to be 60 frames per second.  Online lag and bad signals to
    TVs can hinder this.
    Wiff:  A wiff is a miss.  If you miss your move, you wiff.  Most moves can be
    punished on wiff, though some are safe.  It is important to learn which ones
    are which.
    Safe:  Some moves are safe.  These are moves that generally can not be as
    easily punished on wiff, and are not punishable on block.
    Close Range:  Standing next to the opponent, no distance.  Notated by C.
    before an attack.  Close LP will look like C.LP.
    Crouching:  Holding 2 (down) on a controler will cause a character to crouch.
    A character and block and and attack while in crouching state.  While crouched
    all attacks are considered low and all blocks are considered low.  Overhead
    attacks will break a crouching block.  Crouching moves are notated with a Cr.
    before the attack.  Crouching LP will be Cr.LP.
    Throws:  Throws are moves that can be done by pressing either 4 or 6 and both
    LP and LK.  Throw inputs will look like this:  4 or 6 LP+LK.  Some throws can
    be done in air.  Throws are incredibly quick, interrupt most moves, and often
    will help create space.  Throws can be escaped by pressing LP and LK at the 
    moment grab is being initiated.
    Spacing:  Spacing is a fighting game term used to refer to distance.  Each 
    character has a distance at which they are most effective, and the goal is to
    keep you opponent at your ideal spacing.  Characters that rush want in close, 
    while characters who are defensive want to keep their distance.  Fireballs and
    throws are good ways to manage spacing.
    Super Meter:  The long bar broken into 4 sections at the bottom of the screen.
    This fills up with each move you do, the damage delt, and the damage taken.
    When a single section is full, you can do an EX move.  When the whole bar is
    full, a Super Move can be preformed.
    Revenge Meter:  The round bar next to the Super Meter.  This meter only fills
    fills when you take damage.  Once it reaches the halfway point, an Ultra Move
    can be preformed.  Ultra Moves are like supers, but require all three of the 
    attack button to perform.  The meter can fill all the way up, but you only get
    one Ultra even if it is full.  The more full the revenge bar, the more damage
    the Ultra move deals.
    1.2:  Street Figher IV Systems
    Street Fighter IV has its own unique systems that it brings to the table.
    ~EX Moves~
    Ex Moves are moves that are done by pressing two attack buttons instead of one
    to execute the move.  It can be any two attacks, as the EX Move should be the
    same reguardless of which buttons are pressed.
    EX Moves has special properties over their normal Special Move counter parts.
    Often times it is more damage, extra hits, faster starter times, different 
    movement properties, or any combination of what is listed.
    A good example would be Chun Li's Spinning Bird Kick (2(C)8+K).  Her LK one
    has a 13 frame start up and 5 hits, her MK has 14 frame start up and 7 hits, 
    and her HK one has 22 Frame start up and 9 hits.  All version of the regular
    move forward upon launch.  Her EX Spinning Bird Kick has only a 6 frame start
    up.  While it only has 5 hits, the move is stationary, making it great for
    corner tactics, and on hit, the last one slings the opponent, creating space.
    Each EX move takes 1 EX bar (1/4 of the Super Meter.)
    ~Focus Attacks~
    Focus Attacks are new the the Street Fighter Universe.  These moves create a
    whole new level of strategy to the game.  In this FAQ they will be notated by
    A Focus Attack can be performed by pressing MP and MK at the same time.  The
    longer you hold the attack, the properties of it change.
    All Focus Attacks have armor.  What this means is that the first attack made
    against you while you are preforming a focus attack will do nothing.  The
    second attack will still hit, provided the focus attack doesn't go off first.
    There are three levels of Focus Attacks.  The higher the level, the more 
    damage the attack deals.
    Level 1 is a quick little hit that forces the opponent backwards.
    Level 2 takes a little longer, but can be comboed upon hit.
    Level 3 takes the longest, is unblockable it not interrupted, and causes
    crumple stun.
    Level 3 cause crumple stun.  This causes the opponent to fall slowly to
    the ground.  While they are following, attacks can still land and the opponent
    can do nothing to block or avoid these.  This leads the way to combos and 
    setups.  However, you only have the time frame which they are crumpling to hit
    them with anything.  Ultra moves will always hit a crumpling opponent.
    If a Focus Attack absorbs a hit, there is a little bit of life lost, but you
    regain that life back over time, provide you are not hit.
    You revenge meter still fills up while doing focus attacks.
    ~Focus Canceling~
    Some special and normal attacks can be "Focus Canceled" by pressing and
    holding the MP + MK buttons as a special or normal move connects. This can be 
    used to combo a special attack into a Focus Attack with some characters.
    However, you can then take this one stage further by dashing forward or 
    backward when holding the MP + MK buttons. Doing so costs two sections (50%) of 
    your Super meter.
    Dash Canceling a Focus Attack has NO cost.
    (Focus Canceling was pulled from the Shoryuken Wiki)
    2:  The Basics
    2.1:  Basic Moves
    Standing Light Punch (5+LP):
    A fast little swat of her low hand.  Great on Block or Hit, good for set up 
    and poking.
    Standing Close Light Punch (5C.+LP):  
    Another fast poke but Chun Li needs to be standing really close to them to 
    preform.  She hits them with a solidly quick elbow.
    Crouching Light Punch (2+LP):  
    A quick little straight hand given into the opponent.  Pretty safe, goes into 
    LK.  Can be mixed in with her bread and butter combo.
    Jumping Light Punch (8+LP):  
    She jumps up and throws a quick little poke by throwing both hands out in both
    directions.  Slow startup.
    Angled Jumping Light Punch (7 or 9+LP):  
    When angling a jump forward or back, she balls up her fist and comes down on 
    the opponent.  Faster then her normal 8+LP.
    Standing Light Kick (5+LK):  
    A straight, weak kick to the mid section of the opponent.  Fairly quick, 
    generally pretty safe.
    Standing Close Light Kick (5C.+LK):  
    Chun Li light taps them with her back leg, crossing it behind her front for 
    the hit.  Faster than her normal LK.
    Crouching Light Kick (2+LK):  
    A short, quick little sweep.  Great for combos.  Incredible priority.  Awesome 
    poke.  Get it in when you can.
    Jumping Light Kick (8+LK):  
    Throws a leg straight up.  Quick start, long active.  Good for catching 
    jumpers who like their big moves.
    Angled Jumping Light Kick (7 or 9+LK):  
    A straight out kick while falling from the air.  Fast start up time.
    Standing Medium Punch (5+MP):  She drives a straight right into their gut.  
    Long start up but short active time.
    Standing Close Medium Punch (5C.+MP):  A two hit slapping action.  She shows 
    them who is boss.  Faster start than her normal MP, but not nearly as safe on 
    block.  If the first hits, the second does as well.
    Crouching Medium Punch (2+MP):  She spins around on her knees and comes back 
    with a hard chop to the knees.  Overall slow move with negative frames on 
    block.  Not very good unless in a combo.
    Jumping Medium Punch (8+MP):  
    She brings in an open back hand while jumping straight up.  Overall better 
    than her J.LP as it is faster with better damage.
    Angled Jumping Medium Punch (7 or 9+MP):  
    Closed fist back hand brought on while moving through the air. Relatively  a 
    quick move.
    Standing Medium Kick (5+MK):  
    She spins on her heel and hits them with the front of her boot.  It hits high,
    and doesn't always connect against a standing opponent.  Will catch them in 
    jump though.  Fairly quick, good on hit, not as much on block.
    Standing Close Medium Kick (5C.+MK):  
    A three hit kick with decent damage and great stun.  If blocked can be 
    punished it can be punished from its somewhat lengthy recovery time.
    Jumping Medium Kick (8+MK):  
    Same a J.LK, but with a different leg.  One frame longer start up, but one 
    less active frame.  Better damage and stun with good hit stun.
    Angled Jumping Medium Kick (7 or 9+MK):  
    A soaring straight kick from her strong leg.  Great damage, still in the quick
    Standing Heavy Punch (5+HP):  
    Lunges forward and rams a fist into their midsection.  Slow but powerful. If 
    blocked dash back to try to get away.
    Standing Close Heavy Punch (5C.+HP):  
    She takes both hands and gives a violent little midsection push.  Quick move 
    but it doesn't do well if blocked, leaving you open for too long.
    Crouching Heavy Punch (2+HP):  
    She takes both hands and delivers two hits to her opponent.  Both hits are 
    fairly quick, though the start up time is a little slow.  Good for a follow up
    hit.  Not to bad on block, but not great.
    Jumping Heavy Punch (8+HP):  
    While in the air she spins with her hands held out chopping at what gets in 
    her path.  Counts as 2 hits.  Pretty quick, overall a good move.
    Angled Jumping Heavy Punch (7 or 9+HP):  
    She brings the pain with a hard fisted hit down into her opponent for good 
    damage.  Decent start up, long active.  Good move if you can find the chance 
    to jump in.
    Standing Heavy Kick (5+HK):  
    A slow, powerful roundhouse.  On block its bad, but its good for catching an 
    opponent off guard.  It can also catch someone as they start their jump.
    Standing Close Heavy Punch (5C.+HK):  
    Brings her knee to their chin in a pretty fast move.  Not as fast as her 
    weaker kicks, but still better than her regular standing HK.  Not too bad on 
    Crouching Heavy Kick (2+HK):  
    Lifting herself up with her hands, she rams both of her feet into the knees 
    and ankles of her opponents.  Causes knock down so good for finishing a string
    of moves or getting an opponent off guard.  A little slow but not all that 
    bad.  Its range is quite impressive.  Great for spacing and space control.
    Jumping Heavy Kick (8+HK):  
    Does the splits in the air.  Fairly quick with a long active time.  Good Anti
    Air if you can anticipate the jump.
    Angled Jumping Heavy Kick (7 or 9+HK):  
    Brings down her heel hard into the opponent.  Good damage and an overall 
    rather quick move.  Faster than her MK version.  Can lead to good combos on 
    hit.  Probably one of the best jump in attacks in the game.
    Koshuto(6 or 5+LP+LK):  
    Standard forward throw.  Grabs them, trips them, throws them to the ground.
    Kirinshu (4+LP+LK):  
    The back throw.  Pops them in the chin, rolls around behind them to give them
    a friendly elbow in the back, before bringing her leg up to smack them hard in
    the back of the head.  Creates space.
    2.2:  Unique Moves
    Wall Jump:  
    When jumping back towards a wall, 9 will cause her to put her foot on the wall
    and spring foward.  Great for cross ups, but be careful with it. Try to catch 
    them doing a move so that you can capitalize.
    Air Throw:  
    Not every character has an Air Throw.  Chun Li does.  In the air, near 
    the opponent, hit LP+LK to throw them back to the ground.
    Yosokyaku:  2+MK in the air.  
    Also known as her foot stomp.  Can be performed three times in sequence.  Good
    follow up for air hits if you land first to get the second jump off.  Also a 
    good overhead for getting crouchers if done properly.
    Kakukyakuraku:  3+HK.  
    Great crossup move if you're stuck in crouch block.  When an opening comes, 
    input the move.  She flips over them and brings a hard straight kick while 
    coming down.  You can be hit during this, so be careful.
    Rear Spin Kick:  3+LK.  
    Cute little move were you can take someone who is in rush mode and back them 
    off for a second.  She does a small flip in place, and if they are close 
    enough, she connects with a light hit.  Again, good for rush players.
    Kakusenshu:  6+MK.  
    Does a spinning straight kick.  Long start up but not too horrible on block.  
    Decent damage and good stun.
    Kintekishu:  4+MK.  
    Alright move, but what it leads to is better than it is.  Overall a slow 
    starting kick and medium damage.  On block its not safe, but on hit it leads 
    Tenkukyaku:  During Kintekishu, MK.  
    The follow up to Kintekishu.  Still not a wonderful choice, but its a follow 
    up and comes in pretty quick if the firsthits.  But this leads to...
    Tenshyokyaku:  During Tenkukyaku, 28+MK.  
    If Tenkukyaku hits, then you follow up with this.  Chun Li launches them into 
    the air and follows up with four to five spinning kicks that knock the 
    opponent away and down.  The full set does great damage, but it is relying on 
    hit to be good.
    Target Combo:  During an Angled Jump (7 or 9), HP,HP.  
    You have to hit these fast, but what you get is a two hit wonder that actually
    lets you fall faster if done right.  If you time it right, can be followed by 
    three foot stomps (2+MK in air) if you get the second jump off.  Not something
    to try if they are standing, but it can pay off.
    2.3 Special Moves
    A note here.  If the move can be triggered as an EX move, it will have an (EX)
    after the input command.  If it has Armor break properties, it will have an 
    (AB) after the (EX).  Same for the next section on Supers and Ultras.
    Hyakuretsukyaku:  K rapidly.  (EX)
    Also known as Lightning Kicks.  Chun Li creates a wall with her feet.  If 
    activated on the opponent, it hits multiple times, pushing them back.  If 
    activated away, will cause a charging opponent to stop.  You can be fireballed
    while you are in this move.  All three versions are generally safe, though the
    MK and HK are a few frames slower on start up.  You can generally get 3 to 4 
    hits with these before the opponent is pushed out of range.
    Kikoken:  4(C)6+P  (EX)
    Chun Li's Version of a fireball.  The weaker the version, the farther it goes,
    but the stronger the version, the faster it moves and the bigger it is.  The
    fact this is a charge move hurts it a bit as you can't get into fireball
    battles.  However, its good for provoking an opponent to jump or jump in.
    This is mostly a set up or follow up move.
    Hazanshu:  63214+K  (EX)
    This move is actually really good.  A carry over from 3rd Strike.  She flips, 
    closes distance, and hits with an overhead.  The start up for the move is slow
    in all versions, but the move itself in incredibly fast with just 2 active 
    frames.  Mostly safe on block.  However, each version has a different range, 
    so it is good to understand them so you don't use the wrong one.  Overshooting
    an opponent is a bad thing.  Great for dealing with crouchers and surprise 
    Spinning Bird Kick:  2(C)8+K  (EX)(AB)
    A signiture move.  Chun Li uses her incredible leg strength to turn herself
    upside down and spin.  All versions move forward execpt the EX ones.  This 
    breaks armor as well.  Used alone it is punishable, however, being that its a
    charge move, you can bring it out in a combo.  It has a long lead in most of
    the time, but offers plenty of hits.  She generally lands a bit away from them
    but that doesn't alway mean she is safe.
    2.4:  Super and Ultra Moves.
    Super Combo:
    Senretsukyaku: 4(C)646+K
    Jumping in, she does an hard back straight kick, followed by a barrage of
    kicks into the opponent, followed by another hard back straight.  Does 8 hits
    in total for pretty good damage.  What makes her super good is that fact that
    you can charge it.  This means from a combo where you crouch you can unleash
    it for even more damage and a great finish.  Like most supers, its got almost
    no start up at all, but she does have to lunge into them.
    Ultra Combo:
    Hosenka:  4(C)646+AK  (AB)
    Its a beautiful thing when this baby hits.  Its damage is based entirely on
    your Revenge Gauge.  A flurry of kicks, before she knocks them up, then kicks
    them one final time before decending downwards with a twirl.  Just like her
    Senretsukyaku, its charged so you can use it to finish out combos if you are
    charging during moves.  Do not attempt this move without hitting first or 
    unless you are certain you will hit, as her jump in has a 6 frame leadin.
    Other characters with faster supers or ultras CAN interrupt it.
    The Ultra may have a slow start up for an ultra, but the initial rush in can
    pass through fireballs.  It can even pass through Ryu's Ultra.  However, it 
    cannot pass though Dhalsim's Ultra.  It CAN but it depends on where you are
    when you start your ultra.
    3.  Gameplay
    Chun Li is an interesting character and always has been.  I've been playing
    her since the days of Street Fighter II and have yet to master her.
    To watch her played well is a thing of beauty.  She has the tools needed to 
    deal with most every character, but often times she is lacking something.
    This doesn't mean she is a bad character.  Quite the opposite, she is a very 
    good character in the hands of a skilled player.
    3.1:  General Strategies and Tips
    Chun Li is mostly a defensive character.  A character who utilizes timing and
    windows of opportunity to bring her opponents down.  She is a fearful fighter
    when she is crouching as every one of her moves and most of her combos can be 
    started from her cross legged, arms out crouch.
    Pokes.  Pokes are great.  MP, Cr.MP, Cr.MK are all great pokes.  MP is the 
    most universal of them all, giving good range, decent speed, and wonderful
    priority.  Chun Li has the advantage of having a long range and insanely good
    poke game.  Her range with them means that she can keep them where she wants
    them to be.
    Cr.LK -> Cr.LK -> Cr.LK -> EX Hyakuretsukyaku.  This is your staple.  Learn
    it above all else.
    Cr.HK and C.HK are wonderful, powerful moves to follow up with.  Throwing
    them out wildly though will get you punished.
    Your special moves are mostly for set up.  LP Kikoken can be used to walk
    behind, giving you ample options.  Hazanshu is a great distance closer and
    a powerful surprise tactic.  Hyakuretsukyaku (lightning legs) is good for 
    pushing and keeping people back.  Spinning Bird Kick is too slow to be used
    on its own, but it is great when used in combos.
    EX Hyakuretsukyaku (Lightning Legs) are your best friend.
    For general play, your best weapons are your MKs.  Most of them are fast and 
    safe on block.  Her HKs are good, but it should not be used heavily.  Most of
    the time it is too slow to do well against faster characters.
    Use her LKs and LPs for set ups.  They may be weak, but focusing on just the 
    heavies for damage will get you into more trouble than they are worth most of
    the time.
    Know your weaknesses and strengths.  Chun Li's Strengths are a deep mix-up 
    game and high priority normals.  She has good range with her pokes and a tools
    for everything.  Know them and know them well.  Her weaknesses are a severe
    lack of an anti-air game, low vitality meaning she loses life quickly, and
    she is extremely vulnerable to certain attacks.  Know you counters to these
    and try to keep the opponent away from them.
    Remember that you must know your zones.  Learn your ranges, learn how far each
    move travels in comparision to another.  You cannot do well if you over shoot 
    or find yourself outside of you favorable range.
    While Chun Li excells in the air, she isn't perfect there.  Her jump is a
    a little on the floaty side, making it to where you have to know your jump a
    little better than your opponent.  You also have a problem with the fact that
    you have very little anti-air yourself.  Don't underestimate your air throw, 
    but be careful against characters with one too.  Her Standing HK is good, but
    not perfect.  J.HK is beautiful.  3+LK is nice, causing knockdown on counter.
    Chun Li can fight up close, but that isn't her best area.  Just at the edge of
    her kick range is her optimal range.  From there you can find a way to get in.
    If you stick close, most other characters are going to eat you alive.  It is
    important to remember you want them to come to you.
    Fireballers can be tricky, but the goal is to bait them.  Fireball characters 
    like Ken, Ryu, and Sagat want you to jump in.  While you have a lot of great
    weapons on jump, it isn't safe.  Especially against them.  The trick is to 
    make them think you are jumping in.  Land at you optimal range, then keep with
    the straight up jumps or back jumps.  If you jump in when they want you to, 
    you will be punished.  Jump the fireball and give them a quick peck with a low
    MK.  Try to force them to uppercut early where you can capitalize with your
    air manuvers.
    Crouching characters are fun to play against as you have plenty of weapons
    to deal with them.  Don't get greedy though.  Your Hazanshu (63214+k) is good
    for catching a croucher unaware because of its speed.  Also, your wonderful
    Kakukyakuraku (3+HK) is good for crossing them up and throwing off their back
    The rule of thumb is that if you can, get them in the air.  While some other
    characters like Cammy you don't want to do this with, most of the time you are
    better than them in the air.
    Do not rely on your specials.  Your normals and Uniques are good enough for
    just about anything.  Specials and Supers should be used in Combos.  Only if
    you are certain of a hit do you use a Super or Ultra.
    3.2: Combos
    I must give thanks here to the people at Shoryuken.  These combos are provided
    by their forums (especially Azrael who posted most of these) and their Wiki.
    If I have these incorrect (as I'm having to convert them to the language of
    this FAQ) then please let me know.
    Combos that need more than one line will be tabed over on the second line.
    ~Bread And Butter Combos:
    Cr.LK -> Cr.LK -> Cr.LK -> EX Hyakuretsukyaku
    Cr.LP -> Cr.LP, Cr.LK, Cr.MK, C.MP, LP, HP (only against certain characters), 
    	C.HP, C.HK [end]
    Cr.LK -> Cr.LP, Cr.LK [end]
    Cr.MK -> Cr.LP, Cr.LK [end]
    HP Kikouken -> Cr.HK [end]
    HK Hasanshu -> Cr.LP, Cr.LK (only on counter), EX Hyakuretsukyaku (only on 
    	counter hit)  [end]
    LK Hyakuretsukyaku -> Cr.LP, LP (only on standing opponents) [end]
    Cr.MK -> Cr.MK, MP, C.HP (only on counter hit), C.HK (only on counter) [end]
    HP -> MP, Cr.HK (only on counter)
    ~Combos Using Links
    Cr.LK -> Cr.LP -> Cr.MK -> HP Kikouken
    Cr.LK -> Cr.LP -> C.LP -> LP -> HP (only against standing opponents)
    C.HK -> LK Hyakuretsukyaku -> LP -> HP (only against standing opponents)
    HK Hasanshu -> Cr.LP/Cr.LK -> EX Hyakuretsukyaku (only if hasanshu hits)
    FA Crumple Stun -> Forward Dash -> LK Hyakuretsukyaku -> Cr.LP -> Cr.MK -> 
    	EX Hyakuretsukyaku
    ~Combos That Don't Use Meter
    J.HP, HP (2 hit, airborne opponent) -> Land -> Head Stomp x 3
    ~Combos With Super or Ultra
    TenshoKyaku Target Combo -> Super or Ultra (usually only done in the corner).
    	(Super or ultra should be activated as they about get to her head)
    J.HP, HP -> Super or Ultra (works on both grounded or airborne opponents)
    EX Hyakuretsukyaku -> Ultra (Charge while in EX Legs animation, as soon as the
    	EX Legs finishes, do ultra)
    Hasanshu -> Super (no cancel)
    Jump-in Attack -> Cr.HP (1st hit only) -> MK Spinning Bird Kick -> Super
    Jump-in Attack -> Cr.HP (both hits) -> Super (no cancel)
    Jump-in Attack -> Cr.LK -> Cr.LP -> Cr.LP -> Super (no cancel)
    Jump-in Attack -> Cr.MK -> Super (no cancel)
    Jump-in Attack -> Cr.MK / C.HK -> LK Hyakuretsukyaku -> Super (no cancel)
    Jump-in Attack -> Cr.HP (1st hit only) / C.HP / C.HK -> EX Kikouken xx 
    	FA(Dash cancel forward)-> 4+MK -> MK -> 28+MK -> Ultra 
    3.3: More In-Depth
    What follows are some of the things needed for deeper play.  Stuff one needs
    to understand and must learn to execute.  These are strategies, things to play
    with in match ups.  Stuff to make second nature.  No strategy is sound, as 
    winning comes up to your ability to anticipate, react, and execute what you
    read and learn.
    3.3A: On The Ground
    When both you and your opponent are on the ground is where Chun Li excells.
    With one of the best poking games, an easy and good Bread and Butter Combo, as
    well as her assortment of combos and trick tactics, she is a force to be
    feared in the right hands.
    Your poke game is your strongest asset.  Never forget that.  Standing MP is 
    what is usually her best poke.  It has great range, hits mid, and can be 
    canceled into Hazanshu (63214+K) or Kikoken (1(C)6+P).  Standing HK is a good 
    one too.  It has phenominal range.  It can keep characters like Zangief and
    Abel, who rely on getting close at bay.  It can also pick people out of the
    air at the start of their jump if you can predict it.  Her other pokes include
    standing HP, and of course, her Cr.HK.  Her sweep covers a great deal of 
    area, and while slow, causes knockdown.
    However, all of these can be Focus Attacked.  But, if you can deal with them
    if you find that your opponent is Focus Attack happy.
    Your options include:
    -Dashing EX Hyakuretsukyaku.  This comes out and hits fast. It also scores a 
    knockdown for you to go into wake up game.
    -Standing MP is a great option as it can be canceled as I stated above.  This
    means that even if they absorb, you have a follow up on the way.
    -Throwing always beats a FA.
    -If you are charging with the meter for it, Ultra.
    -If you are close enough, you could always Cr.HP.  It has two hits, and on FAs
    the second is a counter.
    Be wary of Hazanshu to close distance.  As good as it is, it also is bait for
    a Focus Attack.
    Never forget that your Bread And Butter combo starts off with her Cr.LK.  The
    fact that her Cr.LK has a good range and is very fast means you should take 
    every single opportunity to utilize it, but remember not to get careless.
    FADC is a powerful tool.  Focus Attack Dash Cancel forward closes distance,
    will eat a poke, and allows you plenty to follow up with.  FADC backwards if
    you need to get away.
    A very viable tactic to use against certain characters is whats called a walk
    behind Kikoken.  Chun Li's LP Kikoken (1(c)6+LP) is incredibly slow, but has a
    long travel distance.  If you throw it, you can walk in right behind it as you
    actually move faster than the fireball.  You don't want to over step it though
    as being behind it gives you a tactical advantage.
    Walking behind the Kikoken forces actions by the opponent.  You are closing 
    the gap between the two of you, with an attack already in front of you.  You
    are also limiting their options and forcing them to play into you.  This is 
    not a wise idea against some characters, but most of them are being forced 
    into a situation that you are controlling.  Their reaction is what determines
    your response.
    If they block normal, go in with Cr.LK to start your combos.  Or any Cr. move
    for that matter.
    If they block low, Hazanshu should hit provided you haven't stepped too far.
    If they jump, you have your odd but useful Anti-Air options.
    If they take it, you combo into it.
    If they FA it, you have plenty of options as you are close enough to poke them
    out of the attack.
    If they FADC into you, you still have the poke advantage, but you have to be a
    little faster to get it off.
    No matter what, it is a generally safe option.  Forcing someone to do what
    they weren't anticipating to do is always playing the game into your hands.
    3.3B: Wake-Up Game
    Of course, what I'm referring to when I say wake up game is what to do when 
    you knock an opponent down.  Chun Li has one of the most fun wake up game 
    Her options include:
    -J with 2+MK
    -Do Nothing
    -Focus Attacks
    All these are viable options.  Especially the Do Nothing.  The key to thing
    to remember about fighting games in general is it all comes to mind games.
    If you can get into the opponent's mind, you can control the match.  Nothing
    works better at this than doing a few things on wake up followed by doing
    absolutely nothing on the next knock down.
    Throwing on wake up is always fun too.  Its quick, generally can beat out 
    whatever it is that the opponent is doing.
    Cr.LK leads to a lot of combos.  Its fast and has high priority.
    Hazanshu is just one of her overall better special moves.  Its use on wake up
    is great because its an overhead.  Given that you are at a distance, most of 
    the opponents will attempt to either duck block on get up or see what it is
    you are doing.  Hazanshu is incredibly fast after it starts, meaning unless 
    they predict it, they have little time to actually react to it.
    Jumping in with 2+MK for a foot stomp is a wonderful tactic as well.  Its fun
    to do and leads to great cross ups.  With certain characters you have to be 
    very careful.  Anyone with an uppercut who sees it coming, if fast enough, 
    can make you regret the decision.
    Never forget the beauty of a well timed Focus Attack on wake up.
    The key to a good wake up game is NEVER get predictable.  Chun Li has enough 
    of a wake up game that she becomes difficult to predict unless you, the player
    makes her predictable.  Mix up what you do, but don't be afraid to do that
    same thing twice in a row.  Never be reliant on one over the other.
    3.3C:  Anti-Air Game
    Anti-Air is what a character can do to defend against those who love to jump 
    in and attempt to start combos or big moves.  
    The problem is that Chun Li has not dedicated Anti-Air options.  She has moves
    that she can use, but they are very situation specific.  This gives her a wide
    range of options, all of which are viable only if the situation calls for it.
    One of your best options for anti-air is an EX Spinning Bird Kick.  It comes
    out faster than its normal SBKs, and has higher priority.  It also does great 
    damage and, depending on where you are, can create space if the match up calls
    for it.  However, it suffers two major flaws.
    The first of which is if the Jump in attack is a deep on, where they are 
    actually going to go over you rather than on top of you.  If the opponent is 
    going for the cross up, EX SBK will likely be late, or give them time to get
    in the block.  A blocked/wiffed EX SBK is dangerous and you will take damage
    as a result.
    The second is anything that comes down at a sharp angle.  You WILL lose this.
    Akuma's dive kick, El Fuerte's Elbow, Vega's Jumping HP, Balrog's Jumping HP, 
    and Rufus's Dive kick are good examples of this.  Also, C.Viper's Burning heel
    will beat you out more often than not, so include that there too.
    You have other options as well.
    Her standard J.HK is good for its range.  If you can get off the ground fast
    enough, they will eat boot.
    Never forget that you do have an air throw.  Like all throws, it has crazy 
    priority and is very reliable.  If you know the jump is coming, try to meet
    them in the air.
    Rear Spin Kick (3+LK) is good if they are coming in right on top of you.
    MK from range is nice if they jump in from a distance.  This is more for when
    they think they are playing mind games.  Seeing that Chun Li isn't charging is
    going to make them get careless.  This is a mistake you can capitalize on with
    a basic standing MK.  Will pull them right out of the air.
    Standing HP is a beautiful one.  If you get the far one, it will catch them
    from afar.  If they are coming down on top of you, the close one is the double
    palm that does great.  Against Balrog, these are good tools.
    Cr.HP.  Making Chun Li have a smaller hit box is a good tactic, and the fact 
    that the first hit of this has an upward angle makes it a very viable option
    if the situation calls for it.
    The key thing to remember is that all of Chun Li's options are specific to who
    you are playing against and what they are doing.  This is why her Anti-Air 
    game is a mixed bag.  It has options, but they are far to specific.  Your best
    best is to just know your match ups and work from there.
    4.  Matchups
    Chun Li has to play each character differently based on that character's given
    strengths and weaknesses.  Some of them she will have an easier time with than
    others.  What follows is a break down of her match ups via each character.
    4.P:  Vs. Zangief
    The match up against Zangief is not an easy one.  He is a hard player to fight
    against because of his abilities, his vitality, and the fact that you can't
    stay in close for too long.  Its an uphill battle, and the odds are generally
    against you, but you have the tools to win this on.
    The key to this match up is distance.  You have to keep him away, keep the 
    spacing proper, and utilize it as best as you can.  Standing HK is probably
    your strongest tool here.  It forces him back and keeps him well at bay.  It
    can also hit him through the final hits of his Lariat.
    If he starts to get in close, switch to standing MP, but be very careful.  At
    mid range he becomes more of a threat so the idea is to back him up.  If you
    are jumping straight up, you can almost always punish him with a HK from the
    air.  Especially if he is trying to jump.  This is safer than standing MP
    because he can buffer his spinning pile driver through your poke.
    Always be watchful of his Brandishing Flat, or the green backfist as it is
    known.  On block its punishable, but do not get greedy.  That last thing you
    need is to eat a Spinning Pile Driver because you tried to get more than a 
    hit or two in.
    Hazanshu (63214+k) is good here to get around his low pokes, but spacing is
    everything.  Remember, I told you to learn your ranges.  This is where that
    pays off.  You want only the edge of the heel to hit.  Zoning is everything,
    and overshooting your intended range will get you eaten alive.
    If you happen to get in close, throw and get the hell out.  You can throw
    through the EX Brandishing Flat, but that is risky.  Its safer to block it.
    If Gief is on the ground, then you might beable to throw him for a loop by
    dashing in.  Don't try to exploit this, as the player will adapt.  However, 
    it is a wonderful mind game to just dash in and throw.  Gief players are far
    too use to their opponents running away, and you dashing in might confuse
    them for a little bit.  Just keep it in mind.
    You will need to be highly defensive in this match up as well.  Gief has you
    a little out ranged here, but you have the speed advantage.  If you block him,
    you can punish him on most occassions.
    If you have revenge meter and her wiffs Lariat, punish him with a ultra.
    Keep in mind that his sweeps have a HUGE recovery time.  Use this time to get
    in a counter sweep.  This opens up wake up game, but again, do not get too
    If he manages to knock you down and gets in, back dash on wake up.  It is
    your only truly safe bet here as he is likely buffering for a Pile Driver.
    5.  Frame Data
    Posting Frame Data is a lot of writing.  However, I can give you a link to the
    place where I gather all of my data on Chun Li's frames.  From what I can tell
    there are no errors in the Data.
    For all of her frame data, go to
    6.  Credits and Legal
    Thanks to Everyone at Shoryuken.com for their forums and Wiki.  Most of the 
    information here has been gathered from those sources.  Also for having a
    wonderful site.
    A special thanks to Azrael of the ShoRyuKen Forums for posting the combo 
    listings.  It took some rewriting but I am certain I got them correct for the 
    language of the faq.  If the forums weren't acting up I would have asked for 
    permission sooner.
    Thanks to Capcom for continuing to make wonderful fighting games and for not
    abandoning the Street Fighter franchise for VS. games.
    Thanks to GameFaqs for having an awesome site.
    Thanks to Randy and Regis, my friends who were also my test dummies for 
    practice.  Its ok, I'm the same for them.
    This may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other 
    web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
    violation of copyright.
    This FAQ should only be found on the following sites:
    Copyright 2009 Robert S. Evans

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