Is Devil Jin A Hybrid between devil and angel?

  1. Is Devil Jin A Hybrid between devil and angel?

    many people leads to theories that the Kazama family afilliates with the entity known as Angel from tekken 2. jun Kazama and asuka kazama is known for this, because of their power to repel the devil gene.. many fans leads to these theories, because of the strange events in the tekken games. here some these events..

    1. jun was "propelled by a mystic force beyond her control". some say that this could have been Angel.
    1- Angel is a female. Why would Kazuya's goodness be of the form of a woman (sexism! lol)?

    2- Angel is supposed to be a nemesis of Devil and is its polar opposite. Kazama blood is shown to have the power to cancel out Devil influence hence they are one and the same. Shown in TTT, T4 and T5.

    3- Jun was the chosen one.

    4- the fact that their prologues are identical at the end of the day. Jun is to "exorcise" the Devil from Kazuya while Angel is "vying over his soul". Both of them are actually the same thing said in different ways when we think about it.

    5- In the second last scene of the Tekken2 intro, we see Kazuya standing staring at the city from the high-rise building. His eyes are blood red like how they are when he is under Devil's influence. Behind him, Angel is standing with her arms around him protectively. Devil is shown to be internally existing in Kazuya (blood red eyes) but Angel is shown as an external influence (standing behind him with). Why would this be if they both are supposed to be "parts" of him. Clearly Angel is NOT a part of him but an outside being...Jun.

    6- The fact that Angel is shown in the T2 intro as an illusion further solidifies the fact that she is a representation of Jun rather than an independent entity herself.

    7- In Jun's TTT ending, she touches Jin and wipes away his Devil influence (just like Asuka does to Jin in her T5 ending). In Angel's TTT ending, she touches Kazuya and wipes away his Devil influence. Heck they even smile the same way! Obvious and clear hint!
    Lots of people support the "Devil was the Mystic force" theory because of his TTT ending where he is shown gently lifting a dead/unconscious Jun and flying away. Obviously these people forget the fact that the Kazama's cancel out Devil's influence. It is shown more than once (TTT Jun ending, T5 Asuka ending). Even in T4 when Devil is trying to merge with the part of him in Jin, the Kazama blood stops it from happening...keep in mind that the blood stopped this from happening even though the host of the body, Jin, was unconscious. Obviously Kazama blood has a "natural" response to Devil and it takes place without a conscious effort on the part of the person. This is also shown in Asuka's ending where she changes Jin back to his normal self even thought she is clearly doing it without realizing what she is doing.

    In Devil's TTT, he is obviously supposed to be a representation of Kazuya. By the time he came in contact with her his traces should have been wiped out completely making Kazuya take owner ship of his body back from Devil (its a split personality thing as explained here). However, since Devil and Kazuya are one and the same, Kazuya doesn't change to his normal self as is the case with Jin, the same way Kazuya doesn't become Devil EVERY TIME he is under Devil's control (Kazuya T4 ending for example). We see Kazuya gently lift up an unconscious Jun and fly away with her safely in his arms.
    I have more details but,... there is a disscussion on relating to this. go to Devil jin disscussion page and read it and tell me your opinion... or answer.. I do have way more details..

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  1. I thought tekken tag tournament was non canon? so its story doesnt matter... idk thats what i think.

    User Info: edalchemy

    edalchemy - 8 years ago 0 0
  2. I would say no, because TTT was non canon,the kazama blood thing isnt true (heihachi's story says they are special chains to keep the devil within or something like that),and it probably would've been stated already, and there would be a fight inside Jin.

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  3. I yes its true, it doesn't matter if the story TTT is non canon, it doesn't change the fact that the kazamas are special, asuka story is true she made the devil gene go away which is the kazama blood. In tekken 4 devil kazuya stated that the kazamas have special blood in they family line. There's a comic book called tekken forever, its the story of TTT, read it and know the truth about angel and jun trust me.

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  4. Yea, its true. Like people have said before, Kazuya says in Tekken 4, "Is it because of the Kazama blood?" when he, under the influence of Devil, tries to merge with Jin. Thats why he has to kill him in order to regain his power. Devil Jin is a hybrid between both because he has the Kazama blood, which repels the devil, but he has the devil gene, which has the special chains to keep it within, and due to the fact that the devil gene is being repelled by the Kazama blood, but the devil gene is bound to Jin, he doesnt completely transform into devil, and what proves that he is not completely under the influence of devil is what Jin says in his Tekken 4 ending, "You have my mother to thank, Jun Kazama." which means he has her blood, which stops the devil gene from killing Heihachi.

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