My Story..... Fifty years ago, my Grandfather, a brave and bold warrior, defeated a powerful force of space pirates to secure a new world for the human race, who were fleeing from the now dead Earth. The past five decades of life on the Ring-Worlds of Triton have altered the life of the Human Race. Man is no longer a warrior; his technological advancement has bred a new fighter. Robot pilots now defend his new home. With no concept of fear and reactions a little slower than the speed of light, they are the formidable force which has prevented reprisals from the pirates; until now.
In a daring and swift surprise raid, most of these robot pilots were captured by the pirates, and are now being held on the 16 disused space research platforms on which they were forced to take refuge. The pirates are probably planning an attack on the Ring-Worlds which, now undefended, will undoubtedly fall; especially it our own robots are used against us. It is imperative that these robots are returned, or at least destroyed, otherwise the Human race will come to an end.
As the decendent of The Goldrunner; now a legendary hero, I am the only one who can take on the near impossible task of flying a single seater fighter to the platforms, surviving the pirates own substantial cyborg defence system completely unaided, and recovering as many robots as I can. Even with the latest Goldrunner II fighter this will be an extremely difficult mission, and I can only be expected to do my best. However; I must bear in mind that if my best is not good enough, the human race will die.

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