In the Days of Legends, there was a young Paladin named Brandon. Brandon had Heard that the King of a Far Kingdom was Bestowing Knighthood upon those Souls who Proved themselves Worthy of the Title. Resolute upon the Goal of Knighthood, Brandon gathered a Fine Band of Nine to accompany him. He took Mages, with their Arcane Magics and Strange Potions. He called upon Swordsmen, with their Sharp Blades. With him came Rangers and even a Thief who had Reformed His Ways. Their journey took them across Fierce Deserts and Swift Rivers, through Steamy Jungles and into Caverns that Descended to the Very Heart of the Earth. On their Long and Perilous Journey, they Did Battle Nasty Trolls who carried Great Axes. Undead Zombies Plagued them and Dragons Burned Their Hides. Sorcerers Exchanged Orbs of Fire with their Wise Mage and Cast Mind Stuns on the Unwary.

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