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    Indiana Jones Easter Egg Guide by red soul

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    E.T.: The Extra Terrestrial Indiana Jones Easter Egg Guide
    Made by red soul for the Atari 2600 version
    You can contact me via e-mail at: numandina[at]gmail[dot]com
    The Easter Egg
    Indiana Jones makes an appearance as one of the many secrets and 
    easter eggs found in E.T.: The Extra Terrestrial for the Atari 2600. 
    To get him to appear you must first gather 7 Reeses' pieces and give
    them to Elliot. Follow that by getting all three phone pieces. After
    that you need to go to the pit containing the flower and you'll need
    to touch the flower. The flower will turn into a Yar and it will quickly
    fly away. 
    After that is done, get out of the pit and complete the game. Now start
    a new game by pressing the fire button and do all of the previous steps
    again. This time however, the flower will turn into Indiana Jones when
    you touch it. This guide explains the steps you need to take to make this
    happen and how you should take them. I hope it really helps.
    Before You Start
    Before you start choose Game 3 so that you won't be bothered
    by the annoying scientist or FBI agent.
    Getting the Reeses' Pieces
    The Reeses's pieces are scattered around and are found in nearly every 
    screen. You can even get the same Reeses' piece a second and third times
    by going to another screen and coming back or falling into a pit and
    getting out of it. 
    If you don't know what a Reeses' piece is, then it's the little dark green
    square/rectangle found in the middle of most screens. It has the same colour
    as the pits. The number of Reeses' pieces you have is found right next to 
    your energy on the left of the status bar( the one at the bottom). You need
    to gather exactly (7) Reeses' pieces for this to work.
    Calling Elliot
    Sometimes, when you're walking around, various signs appear on the upper bar.
    Pressing the fire button results in different things depending on the sign
    showing at the current time. For example, if it's an arrow to the left, then 
    pressing the fire button will result in you going directly to the screen to
    the left of the one you were in.
    Of the other signs there is one that shows a face shouting. Pressing the fire
    button when it appears will make E.T. call out for Elliot to come to you. Once
    Elliot is near you, just go to him and he'll take all of your Reeses' pieces.
    This part is done, on to the next.
    Getting the Phone Pieces
    There are three phone pieces hidden in the pits found throughout the game. To
    know whether or not a certain pit has a hidden phone piece in it you'll need
    to keep going around the screen it's in until a question mark sign appears on
    the upper bar. If you press the fire button when this sign appears then all of
    the pits that have a hidden phone piece will kind of glow. If no pits glow 
    after pressing the fire button then you should move to another screen and look
    There is one question mark sign in each screen that has pits. If you keep 
    looking around but still can't find it then you can manually go into each
    pit hoping you'd get lucky. Either way, collect the three pieces found in
    the pits throughout the screens and move on to the next assignment. Note 
    that the locations of the phone pieces are completely random.
    Finding the Flower
    In one pit there is a dying flower. Which pit the flower is in is completely
    random so the only way to find it is by manually going down each and every pit
    until you find it. It looks like a small spray of red stuff. Anyway, if you
    go near it a smily face sign appear at the upper bar. If you press the fire
    button now any other time the flower will bloom and that's it. Touching it after
    doing the previous assignments however will result into it turning into a Yar
    and quickly flying away. Once that is done, get out of pit.
    Finishing the Game
    Now you have to beat the game. You already have all the phone pieces and since
    there isn't an FBI man, you won't lose them. From here, go around the screens
    until you see a mothership sign on the upper bar. Press the fire button when
    you see this and E.T. will call home and a timer will be visible on the upper
    right corner. Now what you should do is quickly return to the first screen in
    the game( the one you landed on) and move around until you see a landing zone
    sign appear in the upper bar. Keep standing here until time runs out and will
    complete the game.
    Second Go
    After finishing the game, press the fire button to start a new one. Now as
    you did previously, give Elliot another seven Reeses' pieces and gather the
    three phone pieces again. This time however, when you do that and go to the
    flower, when you press the fire button near it it will turn into Indiana
    Jones. All that trouble is worth it now... or was it?
    Questions and Concerns
    - Can you please show me a pic of Indiana Jones in this game?
    - Go here:
    - Why does this game have so many secrets? I thought it was rushed.
    - Well, although the game was made in very short time frame, it doesn't
      necessarily mean it was "rushed". Top programmers( I think there were 
      two guys) joined forces to make this game because it was the Atari 2600's
      last chance after the failed Pac Man port. Also, this was made for a (4)
      year old system that couldn't really evolve so they had gotten used to it
      and to programming games for it in a short time.
    - I keep falling down in the same pit over and over again after evey time I
      escape from it. What should I do?
    - When escaping from a pit, as soon as the screen outside the pit appears,
      keep holding left or right and E.T. will keep his head up until you're far
      away from the pit which you came from. This works every single time.
    - Why didn't you submit this as a cheat?
    - I did a couple of times but it kept getting rejected for some reason
      (that wasn't given). Also, I though it was a little hard so I made this
      guide to give step by step directions for seeing the easter egg and help
      curious gamers around the world.
    - Could you please tell me the location of [anything in the whole game]?
    - Sorry but all the locations are random.
    - What the heck is a Yar doing in this game?
    - It's another Easter Egg.
    - Is there a certain reason why Indiana Jones and the Yar appear here?
    - Well, one of the guys who worked on this game had previously worked on
      Yar's Revenge and I think he also made an Indiana Jones game or something
      like that.
    - Can I host this on my site?
    - Sure, just as long as you credit me in full for writing it and don't make
      any money for the hosting of this guide.
    This guide may be freely distributed across the world wide web without
    previous permission from the author as long as I am credited and you don't
    make any money off of it. If you want anything or have a question feel free
    to e-mail me.
    That's it. Hope you liked the guide.

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