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    FAQ/Walkthrough by red soul

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        _____  ___  ___   _     ____  ____  _   _
       |  _  ||   || _ \ | |   / __ \/  __\| | / /
       | |_| | | | || \ \| |   ||  ||| |   | |/ /
       |  _  | | | ||_/ /| |   ||  ||| |   |   /
       | | | | | | |   \ | |__ ||__||| |__ | | \
       |_| |_||___||_|\_\|____/\____/\____/|_|\_\
    Airlock FAQ/WAlkthrough by red soul
    Made originally for the American Atari 2600 version
    You can contact me via e-mail at: numandina@gmail.com
    Airlock is a simple platformer game where you control
    a captain trying to escape his sinking submarine. There
    are ten decks to go up before you get out and each deck
    has an out of control torpedo doing laps between the two
    ends that you'll need to avoid. Not only that, but there
    are little platforms on each deck that you need to jump over
    to pass, and the decks are all locked and you need two keys
    to open the next. Once you go up these ten decks, the game
    will be completed, and you do the same with the second
    Left/Right: Move the captain left/right.
    Fire: Jump.
    You'll need to jump in order to first gain control of the character.
    After you do that, go right and take the yellow key, then left
    to take the purple key to unlock the elevator of the first deck.
    You'll need to take two key from each deck to unlock the elevator
    that leads to the next. 
    There are some platforms on the ground of each deck that you should
    jump over to pass. In the first five decks there are two platforms
    per deck, one on each side, each consisting of one square. Jumping
    over these will be a bit tricky at first because you need to make
    the jump a little bit before the platform itself.
    In the last five decks, there are four square platforms, two on each
    side paired pretty close to one another. Passing these will be
    harder than the previous platforms but the way to do it is jump over
    the first platform as usual, then walk back a little, and jump over
    the second. After some practice it becomes easier.
    On each deck there is a torpedo flying from one side to the other.
    You'll need to jump over these to continue and make sure they don't
    hit you. Decks 1-3 and 6-8 have slow moving torpedos and should be
    easy to avoid. Decks 4 and 9 have a slow moving torpedo when it's
    moving from the right to the left, but become super fast when they 
    move from the left to right. Decks 5 and 10 are the same as 4 and 9
    except that they move slowly when they are going from left to right
    and when they move fast it's much slower than in decks 4 and 9.
    Since you're in a sinking submarine, you'll need to make haste and
    go as fast as possible. There is a timer at the top but this is
    trivial and shouldn't be of any true indication to the water level.
    At the first 5 decks you'll need to be very fast in order to
    escape the rising water level. If you get hit by a torpedo then
    you'll be stunned for a second or two and this in the first five
    decks will guarantee death. In the latter five decks water rises
    very slowly and you have a lot of time to move in. Just make sure
    you quickly jump over the platforms and don't get hit by torpedos
    much. One you go up the final deck's elevator, you will have finished
    the game.
    Move like a ballerina!
    Jumping is faster than running, so pushing a direction and firing will
    move your character much faster than simply running in that direction.
    You'll need a bit of experience and some timing and planning ahead to
    full use this, but it will surely save you a lot of time.
    Leap for the keys!
    Instead of taking the keys by standing still, jumping to it, and going
    your way, it's easier to "leap" (jump while moving in a direction) to
    get the key. It should be attempted for every yellow key but it's very
    hard to do it for the purple keys. It is possible though with much
    practice and will definitely save tons time.
    Don't let torpedos trick you!
    The torpedos in decks 4,5,9,10 will only go faster from one side to the
    other, that being left to right for decks 4 and 9, and right to left for
    decks 5 and 10. As soon as the torpedos reach the end of a deck it will
    come back at a slower speed, so don't expect it to come back fast and let
    it fool you!
    Glitch your way through platforms!
    Jumping over the platforms is a pain since you have to time it perfectly
    and from a certain distance before the platform. If you fail at jumping
    over a certain platform then you will get "stuck", keep pressing fire
    and moving right and left and sometimes you will "warp" through the 
    platform and reach the other side. With practice you can intentionally
    use this to move past platforms much faster, without even jumping!
    Keep practicing!
    You know with practice and training, you can master this game fully
    and exploit all of its mechanics to survive the game, complete it in
    record times, and most importantly have fun.
    If you want this on your site, ask me first. Airlock is copyright
    Data Age, the Atari 2600 is copyright Atari, and this document is 
    copyright red soul.
    Thanks to God for everything.
    Thanks to Data Age for making the game.
    Thanks to Atari for making the Atari 2600.
    Thanks to CJayC for making GameFAQs.
    Thanks to me for writing this.
    Thanks to you for reading it.

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