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    FAQ/Walkthrough by red soul

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        __  ___           __               ____        _ __    __         
       /  |/  /___ ______/ /____  _____   / __ )__  __(_) /___/ /__  _____
      / /|_/ / __ `/ ___/ __/ _ \/ ___/  / __  / / / / / / __  / _ \/ ___/
     / /  / / /_/ (__  ) /_/  __/ /     / /_/ / /_/ / / / /_/ /  __/ /    
    /_/  /_/\__,_/____/\__/\___/_/     /_____/\__,_/_/_/\__,_/\___/_/   
    Master Builder FAQ/Walkthrough by red soul
    Made originally for NTSC US Atari 2600 version
    You can contact me via e-mail at: numandina@gmail.com
    Master Builder deserves to be regarded as one of the greatest
    on the VCS, but unfortunately it isn't. Your objective is
    to build various buildings with different shapes and this
    premise is both fun and mind invoking. You control this guy
    and using a ladder and some bricks, shape the buildings that
    you need to raise from scratch, on top of a designated area
    on the ground. And since you have to make exact replicas of
    the desired building shapes that only show for a few seconds,
    I figured a guide is in need, hence this FAQ/walkthrough that
    I made. Hope you like it and didn't just reach here by curiousity. ^_^
    Right/Left:        Move right/left, collect bricks from deposit.
    Up:                Go up (on ladder), 
                       Finish level (on top of complete building).
    Down:              Go down (on ladder).
    Up + Left/Right:   Jump left/right (on ground).
    Fire + Right/Left: Lay a brick behind/in front of you.
    Fire + Down:       Lay a brick in front of you.
    Fire + Up:         Take a previously laid down brick.
    Move left and right by tilting the joystick, nothing special here.
    At the two sides of the screen are bricks deposits. Go to them and
    keep pushing in their direction to take some bricks. Most is 8 at 
    any given time. Jumping is easy. Just press up and a diretion and
    you'll jump higher than the cat that could kill you if touched. If
    move left or right and touch the ladder then you can push it with
    you as well. Once you completely finish the building, go top of it
    and keep holding up. Eventually a helicopter arrives and takes you
    away to the next.
    As for building itself, moving in a direction while holding fire
    will have you put down the bricks you have in a straight line behind
    you. If you move slowly while doing this, however, and move in the
    direction opposite of what you're facing, you'll lay the bricks
    down in front of you while going backwards. To pick up a brick that
    had been previously put laid down, touch it and push up and fire. Also
    if you push down and fire you will lay one brick exactly in front of
    you, but here you'll need to correctly choose which direction to face.
    Oh no, I'm scared of the threats. :-( . That's right, while you're
    building and working hard to earn your paycheck so you could put
    some food on the table for your starving kids, many obstacles will
    stand in your way. Here is an explanation of each of these.
    The Cat
    The cat moves quickly from a brick deposit to the other, all the way
    across the screen and will make you lose a life if you touch it. It 
    is only one level high and can be avoided by either jumping over it,
    climbing the ladder up one level, or simply by being at least one 
    level high on your incomplete building. Very easy to avoid and appears
    often during the first one or two minutes of each level. 
    The Dude
    The dude moves just like the cat, with just about the same speed. It
    is, however, two levels high so you can't jump over it. Furthermore,
    it will take the ladder with it to the end of the designated area in
    his direction, so if you happen to be on the ladder when he comes, 
    you'll fall and lose a life. The only way to avoid the dude is by being
    at least two levels high on the top of your incomplete building. The
    dude appears later on in the level.
    Something to note of the dude and the cat is that they alternate in
    coming from the two brick deposits. Meaning that if a cat or dude come
    from the right deposit, then the next time one of them comes will be 
    definitely from the left one, prompting you to take your bricks from the
    right deposit so as to avoid greeting one of these two threats next time
    they appear. Also they come at pretty regular intervals, so if you notice
    that some time has passed without any appearing, know that they'll show
    up pretty soon. One last thing is that the place they appear from at the
    first time (and after you die) is completely random so you'll have to be
    extra cautious at the beginning and after you lose a life.
    The Thunder
    Every once in a while the sky's colour changes and you can see two
    clouds getting closer to each other. When they collide a huge thunder
    will be heard and the highest level of your incomplete building will
    be destroyed, taking you with it if you're standing on top of it. Since 
    it takes some time for this threat to appear, given its long build
    up, you can take precautions beforehand unlike the two previous threats.
    When you hear the thunder, make sure you are not standing on top of your
    building, and after that, make sure you're on the ground again.
    Note that this doesn't happen regularly with the cat and dude threats, so
    you may find yourself with this and a previous threat at the same time or
    consecutively. The thunder will happen frequently when you're nearly done
    with your building or you stand on the top of it for a long time (hiding
    from the ground threats).
    Yes, the helicopter that will help you end the level can be a threat to
    you as well. See if you go to it before you're 100% done with the building,
    then the unhappy pilot will throw you off of it and have you fall to your doom.
    Hey that wasn't a very nice thing to do, mister. >:-(
    So make sure you only go up the helicopter when you're completely done. Any
    mistakes or missing bricks will not be tolerated by your boss. Also before
    you ride the chopper make sure you return any extra bricks you have or else
    you'll be thrown out as well. Do this by pressing fire at a deposit.
    Yes, the greatest threat of them all. In the second difficulty you will have a
    time limit to completing the level you're in. If you fail to meet the
    deadline you will lose a life and start all over. For first time players
    though, you should just stick with the default difficulty and avoid this all
    Level One (Yellow)
                  _|__|_                  (2 Bricks)  (7/2/7) [+1,-1]
                 |______|                 (4 Bricks)  (6/4/6) [+0,-0]
             ____|______|____             (4 Bricks)  (6/4/6) [+2,-2]
            |________________|            (8 Bricks)  (4/8/4) [+0,-0]
            |________________|            (8 Bricks)  (4/8/4) [+0,-0]
            |________________|            (8 Bricks)  (4/8/4) [+0,-0]
           _|________________|_           (8 Bricks)  (4/8/4) [+1,-1]
          |____________________|         (10 Bricks) (3/10/3) [+0,-0]
          |____________________|         (10 Bricks) (3/10/3) [+0,-0]
          |____________________|         (10 Bricks) (3/10/3) [+0,-0]
          |____________________|         (10 Bricks) (3/10/3) [+0,-0]
          |____________________|         (10 Bricks) (3/10/3) [+0,-0]
       ___|____________________|___      (10 Bricks) (3/10/3) [+2,-2]
      |____________________________|     (14 Bricks) (1/14/1) [+0,-0]
      |____________________________|     (14 Bricks) (1/14/1) [+0,-0]
      |____________________________|     (14 Bricks) (1/14/1) [+0,-0]
      |____________________________|     (14 Bricks) (1/14/1) [+0,-0]
     _|____________________________|_    (14 Bricks) (1/14/1) [+1,-1]
    |________________________________|   (16 Bricks) (0/16/0) [+0,-0]
    |________________________________|   (16 Bricks) (0/16/0) [+0,-0]
     ================================    [This is the designated area]
    This level is extremely easy compared to those later on and should
    serve as an introduction and a place to test out the gameplay
    mechanics. Try to do whatever you want and get used to the controls
    and all the things you can do. Also see for yourself what the threats
    are and act accordingly. Be sure to build at least two levels at the 
    start though so you could have somewhere to run to if the dude appears. 
    Also remember to gather your bricks from the deposit that last
    appeared a threat from, since it will now appear from the other.
    As for how to build a level while having spaces at the edges, first
    make sure the ladder is in the designated are in its entirety. You
    cannot have your haracter move on any level higher than the first
    level unless the ladder is inside the designated area. Then climb
    to whatever level you desire and make sure half of the ladder is in
    the desired level. Then just go to where you want to start the brick
    lineup and hold down fire while returning to your ladder to make line
    of bricks. Rinse, lather and repeat. You can, however, lay a brick in
    front of you if the ladder is halfway inside the designated area by
    pressing fire + down. You still have to have face the correct direction 
    when you do this, which is mentioned in the next paragraph.
    Another thing worthy of mention is the fact that you can only lay a
    brick down in the direction you are facing if you press fire + down.
    And since you can't change your direction unless you actually move, 
    doing this will probably be frustrating and annoying at first. Try
    to lay a couple of bricks in different direction so you could get 
    used to it try some strategies while doing it. Overall this level's
    just a trainyard for you to try out the different quirks and 
    mechanics of the game. Mess around then complete the building and
    ride the helicopter to the next level.
    Level Two (Brown)
                  |____|                  (2 Bricks)       (7/2/7)       [+0,-0]
                 _|____|_                 (2 Bricks)       (7/2/7)       [+1,-1]
               _|________|_               (4 Bricks)       (6/4/6)       [+1,-1]
              |____________|              (6 Bricks)       (5/6/5)       [+0,-0]
              |____________|              (6 Bricks)       (5/6/5)       [+0,-0]
              |____________|              (6 Bricks)       (5/6/5)       [+0,-0]
              |____________|              (6 Bricks)       (5/6/5)       [+0,-0]
              |____________|              (6 Bricks)       (5/6/5)       [+0,-0]
              |____________|              (6 Bricks)       (5/6/5)       [+0,-0]
              |____________|              (6 Bricks)       (5/6/5)       [+0,-0]
              |____________|              (6 Bricks)       (5/6/5)       [+0,-0]
              |____________|              (6 Bricks)       (5/6/5)       [+0,-0]
              |____________|              (6 Bricks)       (5/6/5)       [+0,-0]
              |____________|              (6 Bricks)       (5/6/5)       [+0,-0]
             _|____________|_             (6 Bricks)       (5/6/5)       [+1,-1]
            |________________|            (8 Bricks)       (4/8/4)       [+0,-0]
         ___|________________|___         (8 Bricks)       (4/8/4)       [+2,-2]
       _|_____ _ _ ____ _ _ _____|_      (12 Bricks)      (2/12/2)       [+1,-1]
     _|_______| |_|    |_| |_______|_    (10 Bricks) (1/4/1/1/2/1/1/4/1) [+1,-1]
    |_________|_|_|____|_|_|_________|   (12 Bricks) (0/5/1/1/2/1/1/5/0) [+0,-0]
     ================================                 [Designated area]
    This isn't hard either. Build everyhing just like you did previously, and 
    act as if the windows in the first two levels weren't there. Then once you're
    done, move in the first (ground) level to where there should be a window 
    opening and press fire + up to take the brick there and create the opening.
    Just align the ladder with the first brick in the 6th - 17th levels to make
    sure you don't take the wrong brick.
    Then leave a brick intact, and make another two spaces for the window after
    it, and another lone brick and a last space for the third window. Now the first
    level is 100% complete. After that you'll need to do the same thing for the
    second level. It will be harder and if you make a mistake by either taking the
    wrong brick or leaving the ladder and standing on the level, then the easiest
    option will be erasing every brik from there to the edge of the level, refilling
    it with bricks and retrying to make the appropriate openings.
    Remember to align the ladder as mentioned before and making sure you stay on
    the ladder at all times. If you have to change directions, then go to the ground
    level, move as you please and then go up again. And finally, you'll notice that
    the dude and thunder appear more frequently now so take things easy and always
    be prepared for whatever could happen next. Patience is the key here.
    Level Three (Green)
                   |_____________|     (7 Bricks) (8/7/1)             [+0,-0]
                   |_ ___ _ ___ _|     (7 Bricks) (8/7/1)             [+0,-0]
                   |_|   |_|   |_|     (3 Bricks) (8/1/2/1/2/1)       [+0,-0]
                   |_|___|_|___|_|     (3 Bricks) (8/1/2/1/2/1)       [+0,-0]
                   |_______ ___ _|     (7 Bricks) (8/7/1)             [+0,-0]
                   |_______|   |_|     (5 Bricks) (8/4/2/1/1)         [+0,-0]
                   |_______|___|_|     (5 Bricks) (8/4/2/1/1)         [+0,-0]
                   |_ ___ _______|     (7 Bricks) (8/7/1)             [+0,-0]
                   |_|   |_______|     (5 Bricks) (8/1/2/4/1)         [+0,-0]
                   |_|___|_______|     (5 Bricks) (8/1/2/4/1)         [+0,-0]
      _            |_ ___ _ ___ _|     (7 Bricks) (8/7/1)             [+7,-0]
     |_|_   _______|_|   |_|   |_|     (4 Bricks) (1/1/6/1/2/1/2/1/1) [+0,-13|+7,-0]
     |___|_|_ _______|___|_|___|_|     (9 Bricks) (1/2/1/5/2/1/2/1/1) [+0,-12|+3,-0]
     |_____|_|_ ___________ ___ _|    (13 Bricks) (1/3/1/10/1)        [+0,-0]
     |_______|_|_ _________|   |_|    (11 Bricks) (1/4/1/6/2/1/1)     [+0,-0]
     |_________|_|_ _______|___|_|    (11 Bricks) (1/5/1/5/2/1/1)     [+0,-0]
     |___________|_|_ ___________|    (13 Bricks) (1/6/1/7/1)         [+0,-0]
     |_____________|_|_ _________|    (13 Bricks) (1/7/1/6/1)         [+0,-0]
     |_______________|_|_ _______|    (13 Bricks) (1/8/1/5/1)         [+0,-0]
    _|_________________|_|_______|_   (13 Bricks) (1/9/1/4/1)         [+1,-1]
    Mommy help, this level's too hard. :'-( :'-( :'-(
    Just read red soul's FAQ, honey, he'll tell you what to do.
    Yay! I love you mister red soul! ^_^
    Okay listen up to complete this level quickly and easily. First thing you'll
    notice is that you won't use all of the designated space's 16 brick space,
    but instead will leave a space on each side. Then once you start playing you'll
    see that the threats appear much more frequently now so keep on the lookout for
    them. You should have practiced from the previous two levels on this.
    As for how to build the damn thing, read on. First build the first eight levels
    as if there weren't any spaces. Then go to the nineth and put that brick on the
    far left side of it. After that, face right and have the left side of the
    ladder align perfectly with the right side of the aformentioned brick. Pressing
    up + fire now will create the space needed in the left side of the eighth
    Then have the left side of the ladder align with the right side of the second
    to leftmost brick in the eighth level (keep facing right) and while being in 
    the seventh level press up +fire to remove the brick in front of you and create
    the space needed here. Keep aligning the left side of the ladder with the right
    side of the last brick to the left of the previous level (or alternatively with
    the left side of the previous space created) while facing right and in a lower
    level to remove the correct bricks with up + fire until levels 1 - 7 are 100%
    complete except for the windows on the right.
    While doing all of the above (and throughout the level, and the game in
    general) keep an extra level in the building and don't work on it. This
    will come in handy for whenever the thunder comes or when the dude is seen.
    Now let's do the window in the 5th + 6th levels. Have the left side of the 
    ladder aligned with the right side of the space in the first (ground) level
    while facing right. Then go up until you're in the 5th level, take a brick
    and another above it and just make the window. After that we'll complete the
    entire building without the windows. Use the picture in this walkthrough to
    help you calculate where the bricks should be taken and complete the whole
    building less the windows.
    When it's done, you'll need to finally create those 2x2 windows like the
    one you did before. Now since you've already done one, the others are a piece
    of cake because they're close to each other and all you have to do is move a
    space or two and take the appropriate bricks out. Once that is done you'll 
    have finished the building with ease since you've treated everything with
    organization and preperation. Use the helicopter to move to the next.
    Level Four (Red)
                        |___________|      (6 Bricks) (10/6/0)        [+0,+0]
                       _|_ _________|      (6 Bricks) (10/6/0)        [+1,+0]
                      |_| |_________|      (6 Bricks) (9/1/1/5/0)     [+0,+0]
                     _|_| |_________|      (6 Bricks) (9/1/1/5/0)     [+1,+1]
                    |___|_|_______|        (6 Bricks) (8/2/1/4/1)     [+0,+0]
                   _|_______ _ ___|        (7 Bricks) (8/7/1)         [+1,+0]
                  |_________| |___|        (7 Bricks) (7/5/1/2/1)     [+0,+0]
                 _|___ _ ___| |___|        (7 Bricks) (7/5/1/2/1)     [+1,+1]
                |_____| |___|_|_|          (6 Bricks) (6/3/1/2/1/1/2) [+0,+0]
               _|_____| |_______|          (7 Bricks) (6/3/1/4/2)     [+1,+1]
              |_______|_|_____|            (7 Bricks) (5/4/1/3/3)     [+0,+0]
             _|_______ _ _____|            (8 Bricks) (5/8/3)         [+1,+1]
            |_________| |___|              (7 Bricks) (4/5/1/2/4)     [+0,+0]
           _|___ _ ___| |___|              (7 Bricks) (4/5/1/2/4)     [+1,+1]
          |_____| |___|_|_|                (6 Bricks) (3/3/1/2/1/1/5) [+0,-0]
         _|_____| |_______|                (7 Bricks) (3/3/1/4/5)     [+1,+1]
        |_______|_|_____|                  (7 Bricks) (2/4/1/3/6)     [+0,+0]
       _|_______________|                  (8 Bricks) (2/8/6)         [+1,+1]
     _|_______________|_____________       (8 Bricks) (1/8/7)         [+1,-7]
    |_______________________________|     (16 Bricks) (0/16/0)        [+0,+0]
    *phone ring*
    Hey Paulie, I want you to do another job tonight.
    Sure boss, whaddya want me to do?
    There's this guy, see? He works at Spectravision, see?
    Yeah it's that video game company, I like their games.
    He made this game, see? And made its fourth level hard, see?
    (Must be talkin' 'bout Master Builder) >_>
    So I want ya to wack the guy, see? Make sure he sleeps with the fishes tonight
    cause I can't beat it for my little capretto, ya understand?
    Wait boss, there's a better solution.
    This better be good, Paulie.
    It is, there's this guy, red soul, and he wrote an FAQ to help in the game,
    just check it out. It's on GameFAQs.
    You're right! Forget the job, this red soul wiseguy just saved a life and a
    man's respect from his kids with his FAQ.
    First thing you'll notice in the level is that a lot of bricks have only air
    directly beneath them. Thing is, you can't place a brick unless it has
    another one underneath, so you'll need to lay a brick, then put one over
    it, and finally take out the one underneath. Because all of these bricks are
    on the right side, my strategy is filling the entire right side with bricks,
    you should "carve" the shape of the building by removing unnecessar bricks.
    Once the outline of the building is done, proceed to make the windows and
    you're done.
                        |___________|  This is what you should build at first.
                       _|_ _________|  The dots are the parts you need to "carve"
                      |_| |_________|  out once you're finished to complete the
                     _|_|4|_________|  building's outline. You'll find it very
                    |___|_|_______:.:  easy to do and the threats won't give you
                   _|_______ _ ___:.:  much trouble.
                  |_________| |___:.:
                 _|___ _ ___|5|___:.:  (Carve 1 brick)    It is easier to do this
                |_____| |___|_|_:...:  (Carve 2 bricks)   from the top of the  
               _|_____|3|_______:...:  (Carve 2 bricks)   building to its bottom.
              |_______|_|_____:.....:  (Carve 3 bricks)   The dude will surely
             _|_______ _ _____:.....:  (Carve 3 bricks)   come at you while you're
            |_________| |___:.......:  (Carve 4 bricks)   doing this so as soon as
           _|___ _ ___|2|___:.......:  (Carve 4 bricks)   he appears quickly push
          |_____| |___|_|_:.........:  (Carve 5 bricks)   left to leave the ladder
         _|_____|1|_______:.........:  (Carve 5 bricks)   and escape losing a life.
        |_______|_|_____:...........:  (Carve 6 bricks)   Then get back on the 
       _|_______________:...........:  (Carve 6 bricks)   ladder and continue until
     _|_______________:.............:  (Carve 7 bricks)   you're done.
    |_______________________________|  (Don't carve anything)
    As I've said, do that from top to bottom. That way if you take a wrong brick,
    then you can put it right back without any problems. Also when you take16 bricks
    you will be prohibited from taking any more. To overcome this, go to a deposit
    and press fire + direction to put all of your gathered bricks back. And since 
    all of this is tiring and time consuming, the thunder is no where to be found
    in this level, so don't worry about it and take things easy (one mistake can
    force you to do the whole thing all over again). Anyway once you're done
    carving, all that will be left is carving the windows and you're done!
    For doing the windows, align the ladder's left side with the edges of levels
    11 + 12 while facing right. Now go up to levels 4 - 6, taking a brick every
    time to create window number 1. To do window number 2, align the ladder's 
    left side with the left edges of levels 15 + 16 while facing right. Again,
    take three bricks out in that position from levels 6 - 8 to make the second
    Keep in the same position and raise yourself to levels 10 - 12 while taking
    bricks to create window number 3. Remember that if the dude come at you 
    while you're doing this, go LEFT. If you go right then you'll have to 
    delete a vital brick to come back to the ladder, and it would make you do
    the whole carving procedure all over again! Anyway after window 3, keep
    your character in the same position and go down to reach the ground. While
    on the ground move one step right and go up to levels 16 - 18 while taking
    out bricks to create window 4.
    Finally, get back to the ground again, move two more step right so that the
    left side of the ladder is aligned with the right side of window 4, then go
    pulling bricks from levels 12 - 14 to complete the building. If everything
    so far took you a lot of time then there is a possibility of the thunder
    appearing. If this happens then just rebuild the last one or two levels. They
    are very simple and easy. Once that is done reach the helicopter to move on
    to the final level of the game!!!
    Level Five (Pink)
    |_____________________________|     (16 Bricks)  (0/16/0)    [+0,-0|+0,-0]
    |_____________________________|     (16 Bricks)  (0/16/0)    [+0,-0|+0,-0]
    |_____________________________|     (16 Bricks)  (0/16/0)    [+0,-0|+0,-0]
    |_____________________________|     (16 Bricks)  (0/16/0)    [+0,+1|-1,+0]
    |____________|   |____________|     (14 Bricks) (0/7/2/7/0)  [-1,+1|-1,+1]
      |________|       |________|       (10 Bricks) (1/5/4/5/1)  [+0,+1|-1,-0]
      |______|           |______|        (8 Bricks) (1/4/6/4/1)  [+0,+1|-1,-0]
      |____|               |____|        (6 Bricks) (1/3/8/3/1)  [+0,-0|+0,-0]
      |____|               |____|        (6 Bricks) (1/3/8/3/1)  [+0,-0|+0,-0]
      |____|               |____|        (6 Bricks) (1/3/8/3/1)  [+0,-0|+0,-0]
      |____|               |____|        (6 Bricks) (1/3/8/3/1)  [+0,-0|+0,-0]
      |____|               |____|        (6 Bricks) (1/3/8/3/1)  [+0,-0|+0,-0]
      |____|               |____|        (6 Bricks) (1/3/8/3/1)  [+0,-0|+0,-0]
     _|____|_             _|____|_       (6 Bricks) (1/3/8/3/1)  [+1,-1|+1,-1]
    |________|           |________|     (10 Bricks) (0/5/6/5/0)  [+0,-0|+0,-0]
    |________|           |________|     (10 Bricks) (0/5/6/5/0)  [+0,-0|+0,-0]
    |________|           |________|     (10 Bricks) (0/5/6/5/0)  [+0,-0|+0,-0]
    |________|           |________|     (10 Bricks) (0/5/6/5/0)  [+0,-0|+0,-0]
    |________|           |________|     (10 Bricks) (0/5/6/5/0)  [+0,-0|+0,-0]
    |________|           |________|     (10 Bricks) (0/5/6/5/0) [+0,-11|+5,-0]
    Oh man I'm gonna friggin' slit my wrists I can't even beat an Atari game
    I fail at everything my life sucks nobody understands me, goodbye world. :'-(
    Wait Josh! red soul ha-
    I told you I'm done with these things, red soul,blue soul,whatever. I stopped 
    believing in that stuff.
    No, no I meant red soul, some dude on gamefaqs might help you out. He wrote the
    FAQ for Master Builder so you don't have to suck at everything you do now.
    Wow! Thanks red soul! Here, mom, you can continue cutting the vegetables now.
    Thank you red soul for making me believe in myself again and for giving me the
    confidence to finally achieve something in life. :-D
    Hey ever heard of Petra? No? Firgures... what? huh? You did? I can't hear you.
    Whatever. Well regardless I'm going to tell you about it. Petra is a giant
    sculpture carved from a mountain located in Jordan. It's at the end of a
    long path between these two HUGE walls where other things are carved into
    as well. Since I'm a Jordanian myself living in Jordan, I've been to it a
    couple of times and I have to say, it's cool and awe inspiring. It's also like
    less than a two hour drive from where I'm typing this right now. Do a google
    search or something to know more. (btw it is actually a city in the valleys
    and the big sculpture is its treasury)
    Anyway this last stage is just like Petra in a way. You have to fill all the
    levels with bricks, thus making a big 16x20 rectangle of bricks. Then all
    you have to do is carve the structure away. It may sound easy but that's the
    thing with this level; you know what to do, you know how to do it, but
    execution is the part that's difficult. And for that, I don't think I can be
    of much use in the FAQ. So just fill every space with bricks but make sure
    to have at least one opening in the building that you can go to in case of
    the dude appearance. You will notice that the threats appear very frequently
    in this level. Abd then carve away by using the picture in the FAQ. It can be
    pretty fun too because you won't have to go to the deposits as much since you
    will be using the taken bricks that had been put previously.
    And once you've done that you'll have completed the level, and the game. 
    Uh, congratulations!
    Q. I've completed the game. Now what?
    A. You'll loop back to the first level but with previous lives and points.
       Like New Game+.
    Q. I have any kind of comment or suggestion or request. What should I do?
    A. Do not hesitate to e-mail me. Please!
    Q. I found your FAQ highly informative and helpful.
    A. Too bad no one really gives a damn and comments like that are only
       figments of my imagination since no one will read this FAQ anyway!
    Q. So does that mean you're making all these question up?
    A. Yeah, now stop bothering me.
    Q. Wow, lame much?
    A. Shut up!
    Q. Listen, how can I count the levels in each building? It's hard.
    A. Easiest and best way is by using the ladder. See every time you push
       up you will go up one level, so use that to count the levels of your
    Q. After the thunder I see some lightning strikes or something. What does
       it do?
    A. It prevents you from placing any bricks until it's over. It only take
       a couple of seconds though so you shouldn't be bothered with it.
    Q. I've completed the building but the chopper still throws me off. What's
       the big deal? :-(
    A. Biggest possibility is that you still have some bricks carried with you.
       Go to a deposit and press fire to empty your pockets from all those
    Q. Are you a frequent masterbuilder?
    A. Hey I will not tolerate any rudeness in the FAQ!
    Q. What's the most number of bricks I can place in a level?
    A. If you mean level as in building storey/line, then 16. If you mean 
       level as in stage, then since there are twenty "levels" in a level, then
       the maximum bricks you can place in a level is 16x20 = 320 bricks.
    Q. Why are there 400 bricks in the deposit then?
    A. My guess is because it's simpler that way, since 400 is a multiple of 100.
    If you want this on your site, just ask me first. The VCS/Atari 2600 is
    copyright Atari, Master Builder is copyright Spectravision, and this document
    is copyright red soul.
    Thanks and credit to the usual for making this FAQ happen. They are:
    See ya.

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