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    FAQ/Walkthrough by ASchultz

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    Miner 2049er FAQ/Walkthrough (old Apple game)
    Version 1.0.0
    by Andrew Schultz(schultza@earthlink.net)
    This FAQ is copyright Andrew Schultz 2000.  Please do not reproduce 
    without my consent.  This FAQ was produced as part of my effort to 
    provide documentation on solving Apple games, and it seems this game 
    sorely needed it--everyone who remembers this remembers first how 
    impossible it seemed.  If you ask permission(please refer to me by name) 
    I will probably allow you to use it.
    Miner 2049er is copyright Micro Fun[puns on this are kinda easy], Mike 
    Livesay, and Bill Hogue, 1982.  This FAQ is not associated with these 
    entities in any way.
    **AD SPACE**
    My home page:
    My Apple games page:
    My prospective (bad pun here, I know) Miner 2049er HTML walkthrough 
    http://www.geocities.com/SoHo/Exhibit/2762/2049er/miner.htm which may 
    not be as updated as this.  It's largely a cut-and-paste onto Netscape 
    Composer from this document, but it has graphics.
    I decided to write this game because it was virtually impossible to 
    solve with three guys and although it was probably too challenging for 
    casual fun, it got a hold of me, and I'd read/heard that other people 
    found it interesting too.  As I couldn't find any Miner 2049er FAQs I 
    decided to give it a whirl.
    The basic plot is as follows:  You control Bounty Bob, who must cover 
    all the horizontally striped platforms in an area(they become solid when 
    you do) and avoid monsters unless you have just eaten an apple(sort of 
    like a power up pill in PacMan)...he can jump up or to the left/right 
    but if he falls too far or jumps down too far he will die.  He can fall 
    as far down in a chute as it goes without getting hurt.
      You can use the joystick to move around although the game somewhat 
    bizarrely has you set it beforehand(some strange feature of old Apple 
    joysticks where you thought the joystick was centered but it wasn't) and 
    says "Move joystick left and hit button," etc.
      Oh yes--the mystifying level 8 requires the space bar to start the 
    hydraulic lift and the joystick button to stop it.
      If you run the ApplePC emulator and use the default setting of the 
    keyboard(quantized) for the joystick, that means the following[for keys 
    on the number pad]:
        Holding down "4" will make Bob go west.
        Holding down "7" will make Bob go west/north until he can no longer 
    go that way.  Then he'll try to go north/west.
        In other words, you can actually simulate a joystick even if you 
    only have a mouse.  This makes the game a LOT easier and with some 
    practice you can do some quick turn-and-jumps which become critical at 
    later levels.
        Similar results for other keys on the number pad.  Hit "0" to jump.  
    This is a nice control when you get used to it and eliminates the need 
    for futzing with a joystick port.
        To "align" the game, hold down 4 and click 0 when it asks you to go 
    left, 6 for right, 2 for down 8 for up, and just hit 0 for centering.
        So much of this game requires an immediate stop or great timing that 
    a mouse CAN'T work and a joystick is tricky to move back into place.
    10 points for each unit you walk across.
    100 points for each monster you "eat" when you are under the influence 
    of the apple.
    200 points for each apple you eat.
    Bonus points(factor of 100) for winning a level.  For level [x] you 
    start out with [2500 + 500x] bonus points.
    1000 points for each ton of TNT you have when you put yourself in the 
    cannon and shoot on level 10.  If you have 18 tons of TNT then you will 
    score 18000 with that shot, but you'll die, too.
    Total points for walking over each level(you usually get all monsters in 
    the course of going through the level):
    Level 1--1580 for walking over + 5*200 for each apple + 4*100 for each 
    monster = 2980 total
    Level 2--1240 for walking over + 7*200 for each apple + 5*100 for each 
    monster = 3120 total
    Level 3--1060 for walking over + 5*200 for each apple + 5*100 for each 
    monster = 2560 total
    Level 4--1510 for walking over + 5*200 for each apple + 5*100 for each 
    monster = 3010 total
    Level 5--1270 for walking over + 4*200 for each apple + 4*100 for each 
    monster = 2470 total
    Level 6--760 for walking over + 4*200 for each apple + 4*100 for each 
    monster = 1960 total
    Level 7--950 for walking over(no monsters) = 950 total
    Level 8--1090 for walking over + 3*200 for each apple + 3*100 for each 
    monster = 1990 total
    Level 9--900 for walking over + 5*200 for each apple + 5*100 for each 
    monster = 2400 total
    Level 10--820 for walking over + 12000 minimum for TNT used(2 to each of 
    levels 3, 2, 1) = 12820 total.  Note:  You can leave the right bottom 
    part of the level untouched until the end, allowing you to get 6 tons of 
    TNT AFTER using the 12 tons to take out the monsters, making your total 
    18820.  But the safest and most efficient way results in 12820 points.
    Generally, since getting through a level can be so frustrating, I 
    recommend doing the hardest part first.  That way, if you lose out 
    there, you don't feel like you've wasted so much time getting close.  
    It's comparatively rarer to mess up on something easy--although it might 
    feel worse at the same time.
        You can cover the area over a chute without falling through.  If you 
    are to its left walk right until you have covered its left half.  Then 
    jump to the other side and go left, but stop before you're halfway over 
    the chute(that's when you fall)...there you go!
        Remember that, if you jump, you can often touch the monster on a 
    platform above you.
        Much of the walkthroughs do not cover the details, i.e. how to touch 
    ALL the squares, mostly because although it may be physically tricky it 
    is not much trouble to conceptualize.  It's worth it to learn how to get 
    to the edge of a small platform without falling off, but there's no good 
    way to describe it.  So my walkthrough assumes you will be able to touch 
    all the squares as you go along.
    1.  This is not too bad.  After eating the apple make sure you have 
    covered the bottom.  Then run right, get the apple, and nail the 
    monster.  after completing the bottom row jump onto the next one.  Take 
    the up stairs on the left and jump left three units from the edge.  
    You'll land on the two-unit platform.  Drop down from there to wipe out 
    the other monster.  Then go right at the second-top platform, then left 
    and when you grab the apple go up and to the right.  You'll just need to 
    be careful you don't do something silly and fall before you finish this 
    2.  This level is not too bad either.  I'd start off by immediately 
    going left.  Then I'd go back right to knock out the second monster.  
    Climb up the ladder, jump left, and climb to the top.  Time the run 
    across so you nail the monsters and drop down the right-hand shaft.  The 
    rest is easier without those pesky monsters.  From the bottom ladder, go 
    up and right, then go up that ladder.  Jump left and then walk until you 
    are almost at the middle of the chute.  Turn back and give yourself 
    space to jump left twice.  Do so.  Then go up and sweep the second-top 
    level.  This is a good place to practice not falling down the chute and 
    covering the squares above it anyway.  This level isn't impossible, but 
    there are a lot more jumps to deal with, and the monsters are less 
    3.  Another level that is eminently doable.  In fact, there are two ways 
    to get to the walkways by the elevator shaft.  You can jump or use the 
    elevator.  To use the elevator type the numbers 1-4 when you are in it.
      ELEVATOR:  enter it and push 4.  Wait for it to get up there, go left, 
    take out the monster, then run right.  Don't worry about hitting all the 
    squares since you can always go back.  Drop down to the right after you 
    get the apple and after taking out the monster fill everything else in.  
    At the bottom, jump left, then jump left and up, jump left over the 
    elevator gap, and drop down left.  Time your jump to get the apple 
    before you touch the monster, and then turn around and jump right and 
    climb up.  With the final monster out of commission you are free to tie 
    up loose ends.  Once you have, go back to the elevator, push 3, and walk 
    over the final platforms.
      NO ELEVATOR:  Climb up the stairs, jump UL, jump L, drop L, jump L to 
    get the apple(time it right, again) and jump right and climb up the 
    stairs.  Avoid the monster at the top until you get the apple, then wipe 
    him out and jump across the gap.  Wipe the other monster out and then 
    fall down right.  Clear that area out and go back to the left side, one 
    platform down.  You can jump right onto the left elevator ledge, but 
    just don't do it right from the edge.  Jump to the other side of the gap 
    and you're done.
      For the next three levels I will indicate which way you should jump 
    from a platform with U being up, D being down, and L/R being left/right.  
    I can't think of any other way to do it.  These aren't well-checked but 
    they are what I remember and look reasonable from the game printout I 
    4.  First go left and up and complete the platform there, knocking out 
    the monster.  Now all jump sequences will start from the lowest 
      a.  UR, UR, L(drop down), L(drop down)
      b.  UL, UL, UR, UR, UL, U(jump in place), L, UR(turn quickly and 
    jump), UR(knock out monster), DL(jump off the edge to get the upper left 
    platform), R, drop down to the left twice, drop to the right, UR, UR, 
    UL, U, U, U, UR, UR, drop right, up, jump right, jump right to get 
    apple, clear out the top(do it immediately.  Get everything else after 
    you wipe the two monsters out), from the left, jump to the apple, UR, 
    LR(jump from the left edge), d, jump right, jump right, drop, drop 
    right(nail the monster), drop left, jump up, UL, and you should be done 
    with the level.
    5.  All directions start fromn the lowest block.
      a.  UL, UL, drop down.
      b.  UR, UL, L, UL, UL, U, U, UR, jump to knock out monster if you 
    didn't already.  Drop right, drop left, drop right, jump up, juml UL, 
    jump up, UL, L.  U, U, U, U, U(time this so the monster is running away 
    from you when you get to the top) and jump over the chutes to get the 
    apple.  Remember you can cover all the chutes without falling in but it 
    requires some footwork.  However, for now I'd recommend just getting the 
    apples and killing the monsters and dropping down later.  Whether or not 
    you do mistakenly drop down, get on the moving platform, jump DR to get 
    the monster, R, U, drop left, drop right, drop left, drop right.
      c.  UR, jump on moving platform, jump up to platform on the right 
    side, UL, UL, U, U, L and back to the top.  Go all the way left, drop 
    right, drop left, drop right, and jump up.  This last part may be 
    finishable on your second trip, which would make things a lot easier.
    6.  UR, UR, UR and beware of the trap door(wait 'til last), U, UR, R, L, 
    U, get on platform, go to the far left, up the ladder, etc, get on the 
    platform, U at the low platform to the left, UL, R, UR, drop right, UL, 
    drop right, drop onto moving platform, go right.  Clear the lower part 
    out(avoid the monster above) and jump up again, uver the monster, and 
    jump to get the apple.  Jump back across to get rid of the monster, then 
    jump back, L, L, and now I forget if you jump DR from the left edge or 
    drop.  But go back to the chute when the moving platform's under it, R, 
    R.  You're done.
    7.  This is relatively pedantic, and what's even better is that there 
    are few easy ways to die off the bat.  I'd go for the bottom left first 
    and the bottom right last, making sure to avoid the trap door.  Other 
    than that, the main task is to avoid falling off the down escalator(if 
    you go to the top of the up escalator, you just fall to the next step 
    with no damage!)  You will probably miss a ledge a couple of times 
    because you wind up on the one above it, but it is not fatal.  Finally, 
    a situation where imperfect timing isn't.
    8.  The part it took me the longest to figure out in this level was the 
    platform in the middle.  I actually gave up for a while until I noticed 
    the Colecovision manual for the game.  The way to operate the hydraulic 
    lift(which is apparently what it is) is as follows:  Jump onto it.  Push 
    the space bar.  Move it up or down--you can't go left or right.  When 
    you're done hit the joystick button you used for jumping.  Now the most 
    subtle menaces are the two slides that may catch you off-guard and put 
    you in a hole where you can't solve the level since the hydraulic lift 
    will be far above you as a result.  You'll need to tread over them with 
    care.  You have a lot of ways(i.e. order of positions to move the 
    hydraulic lift) to solve this level, but below is a straightforward one.
      You might as well clean out the right side first.  Jump over the 
    slide.  Don't worry too much about covering it all because that can be 
    done in the end.  Then jump on the lift and go all the way up.  Climb 
    the stairs and then wait for the monster above the second stairs to go 
    to the right.  Get the apple and take out that monster and his pal to 
    the right.  Go back down to the second level of the structure and get 
    the apple--be sure to cover *at least* everything except the slide.  
    Then go to the upper left, down, and before you get the apple beware 
    that the next section requires timing.
      Jump onto the lift.  Go down until you are parallel with the platform 
    containing the monster.  Run after him, and you should get him as he is 
    about to change back.  Jump over the slide and cover all the ground.  
    Jump back on the lift, go down, and clear out the left.  Jump back on, 
    go all the way up, and fall down the slide(of course, if you've covered 
    the top two parts of the slide, you don't have to.  But the slide is 
    fun!) before clearing out the small last platform.
    9.  This may be one of the easiest.  There are five platform levels--I 
    would start at the bottom and work my way up so as to avoid monsters as 
    I go down the slides.  You can simply walk off the platform to the right 
    and the small platform you are on will begin moving.  It will stop when 
    you jump so be sure to be close to the edge when you do.  On or at the 
    leftmost "squasher" at the bottom should be sufficient.  Go left(being 
    sure not to fall off) and jump.  You'll get the apple and can knock out 
    the monster pretty easily.  You might even try to jump to take out the 
    monster above, but one thing you will NEED to do is to cover all the 
    territory to the right of the slide, jump, and touch the square to the 
    left of the slide.  Then your mission is accomplished, except for 
    getting past the squashers.
    For the squashers, the rule is this:  1)the leftmost one goes down first 
    and 2)the other three go down before it goes down again.  So if the 
    leftmost goes down, sneak under it.  If the next-leftmost goes down 
    again, sneak under it.  Regardless of how the next two go down you can 
    get through--you may have to wait.  If the next-rightmost goes down it 
    may be a bit awkward, but if you wait your turn you shouldn't have a 
    problem making it.  You'll die if the squashers touch you.
      Repeat this five times and be sure to cover all of the platforms on 
    the right, and you are done!
        Note:  As a bit of a safety net if you fall off the bottom small 
    moving platform you can still make it to the right.  Just don't try it 
    when you're higher up.
    10.  This level is a nuisance and can require intricate planning.  I 
    believe the monsters move at different paces so **WHEN** you complete 
    something can be important.  First of all, you don't have any apples, so 
    you'll have to jump over a lot of them.  This is done by falling into 
    the cannon, moving it left or right, and pressing jump to shoot yourself 
    upwards.  You can pick up TNT in denominations of 1, 2, and 3, but you 
    can never unload it--how many levels up you go depends on the TNT you 
    have, which is displayed on the left.  More than three tons of TNT will 
    cause you to hit the top of the screen and die.  You can also miss a 
    platform(which is bad, and not just because of the sound effects you may 
    be stuck hearing) or touch a monster(as bad as usual,) so patience is a 
    virtue here.  In fact, you may even touch a monster on the level above 
    where you wish to land.  Caveat Cannonfodder.
    The trickiest monster to get by is in the lower left.  You'll need to 
    fire yourself to the very right-hand side of it(always try to land as 
    "inside" as possible) and inch over to the left so you have covered 
    three units.  Then inch back right to the edge, turn left, and jump.  
    The timing here is very tough and you'll lose a few guys in the 
    meantime.  But once you get this, the others are a lot easier.
    The second one I like to get is the monster in the middle left.  I load 
    up with a 2-bagger of TNT(you can jump from the ground) and up goes Bob 
    in the cannon(which kindly resets its position) and be sure to time 
    jumps so you don't touch the guy above.  You also want to get to the 
    left of the chute without stepping on it so you may have to jump a 
    couple of times.  And when you go down the slide, PLEASE be careful that 
    you don't a)hit the monster on your level with your hat and b)hit the 
    monster below.  An ounce of patience....now you can clean up the 3rd 
    level on the left pretty easily(just watch out on the slides down) and 
    you are off to the right-hand side.  Again, you'll need to time your 
    jumps and blast-offs a bit, but each part is the same--jump over 
    monster, jump to other side of the slide, go down the slide.  The right 
    is a bit easier since it is straight down and the monsters have more 
    room to roam.  On completion of this, you are rewarded with----THE 
    RELATIVE EASE OF REPLAYING LEVEL 1!  How unfair it is that they pulled 
    this.  You should get something cool for winning such a hard game, and 
    while the journey is interesting, this is a low blow.
    (11.)  The Colecovision manual seems to indicate that you get to pick up 
    uranium for fun on level 11.  I've never gotten there, don't have a 
    ColecoVision, etc. so I wouldn't know for sure, but it's a much nicer 
    way to end things.
    If, on level 1, you touch each square except the one on the far left, 
    then fall down from the top so as to hit it, you COMPLETE THE LEVEL and 
    don't die.  This does not happen in a similar situation for Miner 2049er 
    II--the square doesn't become solid, and you just die.
    On level 10, if you jump into the cannon from the bottom, instead of 
    falling, you'll get stuck.
    You can gobble an apple and touch the monster at the same time--you'll 
    get 200+100 points but die.
    On the Apple, to start at any one level, push # when the computer asks 
    "one or two players" and the level number(type 0 for 10).
    The disk file image on ftp://ftp.apple.asimov.net has things fixed so 
    you get infinite lives, which come in extremely handy.  Not only that, 
    but if you have an emulator, it's very easy to use the Save State and 
    Load State options for saving your progress midway through a level.
    *****************END OF FAQ PROPER********************
    ftp://ftp.apple.asimov.net for the original copy.  classicgaming.com for 
    the backup when asimov.net went down for repairs.  Al Amaloo at 
    vgstrategies.about.com and gamewinners.com for the advice about starting 
    at a certain level.
    1.0.0 Got through level 8(12/17/2000) and re-sent the FAQ(12/21/2000)
    0.5.0 Sent to gamefaqs.com 10/10/2000 with all but level 8 done

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