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    FAQ/Walkthrough by The BMC

    Version: 0.74 | Updated: 01/19/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                              P  I  T  F  A  L  L
    PITFALL, By Activision, for the Atari 2600
    Walkthrough/FAQ version 0.74
    Author: The BMC
    Created on January 19, 2001
    E-Mail: bmcbmc@mailcity.com
    1. Notes
    2. Game Information
    3. Walkthrough
    4. Tips
    5. Disclaimer
    1. NOTES
    This document will provide you with everything you need to know in order 
    to officially win the game of Pitfall. Some believe that the object is 
    to get as many points as you can in the 20 alotted minutes, without 
    losing all your lives. I was once one of them. Then I discovered that 
    the object is to find ALL the treasure in the jungle, in the 20 minutes 
    allowed. At first I thought it was impossible, and it really is quite 
    difficult. If and when you do win the game, there will not be much more 
    than one minute remaining on the clock.
    One more thing I'd like to add before I get started. This is not my 
    favorite Atari game, in fact, I think it's rather overrated. But I can 
    beat this game, and not many people can do so. I just wanted to be able 
    to win this game, but I could not find any help. So I made a numbered 
    list from 1 to 256 and wrote down all the treasures, shortcuts, and 
    traps throughout the game. This info does not do much good just sitting 
    in my notebook, so I'm doing this for anyone that's interested.
    2. Game Information
    Up: Climbs up a ladder
    Down: Climbs down a ladder, jumps off a vine
    Left: Runs to the left, jumps off a ladder to left
    Right: Runs to the right, jumps off a ladder to right
    Fire: Jumps
    Touching any of the following enemies will cause you to lose a life.
    The following will also cause you to lose a life:
    Falling down a hole
    Falling into water
    Falling/jumping into alligators mouth
    Any of the following will cause you to lose points:
    Falling into a pit: -100 points
    Touching a log: Depends on how long you touch it
    Diamond Ring: 5000 points
    Gold: 4000 points
    Silver: 3000 points
    Money Bag: 2000 points
    3. Walkthrough
    There are 256 total screens in the game. The starting screen will be 
    called #1, one screen to the left will be called #2, and so on. There 
    are 8 of each treasure scattered throughout the 256 screen. None of them 
    are underground. Going through one underground screen is like going 
    through 3 regular screens, and the only possible way to get all 36 
    treasures is to utilize the underground shortcuts.
    Here is a step-by-step procedure on how to get all the treasures. 
    Remember, we're going leftward. There is no way of knowing exactly which 
    screen we're on, other than counting, or recognizing the patterns of 
    treasure. I just post them to show progress.
    1. On the starting screen (#1), go down the ladder, and take the 
    shortcut. This will take you to screen #7.
    2. Go across 11 screens to #18. Do not take any shortcuts until there. 
    There will be Money Bag #1.
    3. Go ahead 3 more screens to #21. Take the shortcut, which will take 
    you to #30.
    4. Go back above ground, and go RIGHT 2 screens. Get Diamond Ring #1
    5. Proceed again to the left, 4 screens ahead, to #32. Make sure you 
    don't take the underground at #31, that's a trap. Remember, the second 
    one. Take this shortcut, where you'll end at screen #47.
    6. This is the first "stretch" of being above ground. In it, you will 
    come across Money Bag #2, Diamond Rings #2 and #3, and Golds #1 and #2.
    7. The screen with the second Gold is #64. Go left 6 more screens, to 
    #70. Take this shortcut.
    8. Here's an even longer stretch of being above ground. The next 
    treasures are:
    Money Bag #3
    Gold #3
    Silver #1
    Diamond Ring #4
    Gold #4
    Money Bag #4
    Silver #2
    Gold #5
    Silver #3
    Silver #4
    Silver #5 (screen #137)
    9. From screen #137, proceed left two more screens to #139, and take 
    this shortcut. It is the longest useful shortcut in the game; it takes 
    you all the way to #163.
    10. Go RIGHT 3 screens to get Money Bag #5. Then turn around and go back 
    left. This is the final long stretch of being above ground, and it's the 
    longest. This time, the treasures are in this order:
    Money Bag #6
    Gold #6
    Diamond Ring #5
    Diamond Ring #6
    Silver #6
    Money Bag #7
    Money Bag #8
    Diamond Ring #7
    Silver #7
    Silver #8
    Diamond Ring #8
    Gold #7 (screen #227)
    11. Almost there! Just one more Gold and the game is over. From screen 
    #227, go left eleven more screens to #238. Count carefully, it's easy to 
    lose track. Take this shortcut, which takes you to #244.
    12. Go left four more screens, and that's it. There's Gold #8, on screen 
    #248, and you should have them all!
    The maximum possible score is 114000. But that is extremely difficult, 
    because sometimes logs sneak up on you and take away a few points.
    4. Tips
    Unless you're going for time records, there's no need to be in a hurry. 
    Although there will be roughly 1 minute remaining for the average player 
    when it gets the last treasure, waiting for pits to close and open back 
    up, or alligators' mouths to open and close, only takes about 2 or 3 
    seconds. There is still plenty of time for several unnecessary stops.
    If you are running across a pit that opens and closes, and you feel it's 
    going to be a close call, jump for it! It could be the difference 
    between life and death.
    Now it's time for my first attempt at ASCII art:
       /                   \
      /     \     \    \    \
     a|    ¯°   ¯°   ¯°    |e
      \      b    c     d   /
    If you haven't figured it out, that's an alligator pit. Probably the 
    biggest cause of death in the game. Here are some pointers on jumping 
    across them. The 'points' are the end of the alligators' heads (not the 
    mouth), which are always safe to stand on. It is only safe to stand on 
    the mouths when they are shut.
    --One jump length is equal to the distance from 'e' to 'd', 'd' to 'c', 
    or 'c' to 'b'.
    --The jump from 'b' to 'a', or 'a' to 'b' for that matter, is not a safe 
    jump. You will land in the water, so don't do it.
    --In my opinion, the best way of doing it is (from right to left): Jump 
    from 'e' to 'd', and wait for the mouths to shut. Then jump across all 
    the way to 'a'.
    --There is enough time to jump across all three while the mouths are 
    shut. But there is very little room for error, so I recommend only 
    jumping across two at a time.
    5. Disclaimer
    This walkthrough/FAQ is designed for personal use only. It is not to be 
    used in any way, shape, or form in order to make any type of profit. It 
    is also illegal to rip off part(s) of this document, without giving 
    proper credit.
    If you would like to use this walkthrough/FAQ on a non-profit web page, 
    please contact me at bmcbmc@mailcity.com. 
    If there are any other questions or comments, direct them to 

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