Review by viper9

Reviewed: 12/12/03

One of the best games for Atari 2600

Well how did they do that. They took a system with about no fun value and somehow put this truly great game with the qualities of a truly excellent game.

By far some of the best for this system. First of this game is in first person,which was revolutionary for its time.Next, this is one of the few Atari 2600 games I have seen with a sky. And best of all the sky changes from dark to light. The enemy tanks look okay but are extremely advanced for this seemingly powerless system. Also when you shoot and enemy tank, and huge explosion appears for you who are a fan of action.

Excellent. You can hear the shots of the tank go flying, the sound of a metal tank explode into a million pieces,plus the sound of your tank getting damaged. My only complaint was that the sound could get a little choppy at times but other than that the sound is extremely advanced for its time.

Fairly simple. You go around to find other enemy tanks and then destroy them. For each 12 you get you get a bonus life. But there is a little more challenge for it. The sky will get very dark and all you can see of the tanks is the muzzle flash when they fire there gun. On some times it will by very foggy providing the same type of challenge as the darkness. And very rarely it will snow, so you tank slips back and fourth along the ground making it harder to hit tanks and harder for them to hit you.

replay value:7/10
This category will differ for some people. Some of you my like to play it over and over until your head explodes and that is fine by me. Others may play it once and say ''you know, this a fun game, but you basically just do the same thing over and over'' and you can keep it somewhere until you are bored on a Friday night because you couldn't get a date and you will pop this game in and have loads of fun.

This game is one of the best for the Atari 2600 and at its time was the most advanced game of its time. If you have an Atari 2600 and don't own this game, I highly recommend that you get it. You will not regret it.

rent or buy?
I think that that is obvious!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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