As you step beyond the magic gateway, you hear the huge hall echo with the weary intonation of the wizened sorcerer: "We bless you for coming to Middle World, for you are her last hope."
His voice trembled as he continues: "Hordes of monsters from the Demon World have crossed into our dimension through a much larger portal. Our efforts to turn back this hideous invasion have met with failure. We beseech you to save our land not only out of pity. If you cannot stop the demons here and now, the next world they seek to vanquish is your own."
Welcome to THE ETERNAL DAGGER, the exciting sequel to SSI's best-selling Wizard's Crown. Your first order of battle is to search for magical weapons because your band of eight have come ill-equipped. Then you must embark on different quests to build up your abilities and solve innumerable puzzles to gather the clues you need to survive in this harsh, cruel world.
If you can defeat the invading force, you must search for the Demon Portal and find the one enchanted weapon that can seal it--The Eternal Dagger.
This wilderness-based fantasy role-playing adventure uses an improved version of the game and combat system introduced in Wizard's Crown. During combat, you can let the computer resolve each battle quickly, or you can personally direct the action with a multitude of combat options. Dungeon play has been refined and more powerful magic spells have been added.
Players of Wizard's Crown can transfer their characters to this sequel. Of course, you are always free to create new characters or use pre-generated ones.

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